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The following story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental, though historical events or people may provide a starting point for this story.This story is a work of erotic fantasy intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are not at least 18 years old, are unable to separate fact/reality from fantasy, or are offended by frank descriptions of sexual conduct, stop reading and go away NOW!Some events and actions in this story are illegal, immoral, and probably fattening; some are also dangerous. DO NOT attempt to perform these acts in reality, as they will result in harm to yourself or someone else; the author accepts absolutely no responsibility for any injury resulting from your poor judgement and/or stupidity. If you choose to enact unlawful events as described in this story, you will be prosecuted if you live and the author will cheerfully assist with prosecution . . . or lynching.This story is copyrighted 2002 by Claude Raines; copy for your own use and enjoyment but do not repost without the author's express written permission.--CRNote on these stories: I find the "first time" stories very interesting so I have chosen to write several different versions of these stories. These stories do not comprise a series of sequential stories unless specifically stated to be such; instead, they are alternate stories based on some of my different fantasies going back to high school and the young women I knew then. Names have been changed . . . to protect the guilty. Enjoy the story! This post has been edited by claude_raines on Jul 21 2004, 06:58 AM
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