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My final duty of the day is the P.M. cleanup. Being a bitch, I do not wear clothes for this. Its handy, because sometimes after cleaning a cage, its occupant wants a midnite snack. Sometimes wants to plant his seed. Don't get me wrong. Dogs are not always full of meaty desires, but often enough. More than often enough. I push my cart down the aisle lined with cages, the lights are low and its a good time for thinking. I AM wearing some yellow green rubberised gloves, and some knee high black rubber barn boots.Those boots! Madge gave them to me the When I fell into the "chocolate" She said her back was sore. I was subbing on the farm route that day and she asked me to push a wheelbarrow full of stuff up a plank onto the manure spreader for her. Sure! A snap. Maybe it was a trap. The wheel barrow was almost to the top when my feet zipped back and my face went into the crap. Then we tumbled off the plank, me under the wheel barrow. Ever taste horse apples?The horse shower got me cleaned up, but my clothes were a loss. Madge promised to replace them, and so she has, but she had nothing for me to wear except the barn boots and a gunny sack. Yep! That's the way I drove home. 40 miles of back roads, dreading a break down.Madge has it in her head that I am supposed to help her make $10,000 to get a manure system for her barn. I was almost there when we all decided it was too dangerous, and we quit. But now she's at it again. In her eyes, I have nothing to say. The stallion is her animal, I am Dr. Moreau's animal, and the guest are paying well. The last time I was at her place, I agreed. I still had memories of my dunking. She showed me the stallion, and demonstrated that he had a small flair. But I worry. Is the flair sometimes small and sometimes lethal in the same horse?I bend down, let Victor out of his cage as I give it a swabbing. He prowls the hall, sniffing, snuffling and sneezing. My thoughts return to the horse. Madge showed me the infamous Spanish sling, to assure me it was in good condition, and told me the bids for stuffing the tool into me were up to $800, and that by a woman who, if not masked would be very well known on our local medical community. I do not know what you would call this role. I get nothing for it, but Madge did pay my tuition last year. If she only knew I could afford it. I could buy her out!I was thinking about again seeing that thick black and pink hose ascending up out of me as I backed out of the pen. The show was schelduled for Friday. Tomorrow! I backed out of Victor'sage, and found myslef to be Victor's Victim.He grabbed me and started 'talking'. Victor knew his way around. He was owned by another prominent lady of the local society. He was boarding for a couple weeks. I let my human self go as he grabbed me and pressed into me. No false starts with Victor. I felt him slide into me spreading my tender tissues. He seemed gentle, then almost tumbled me head over. But he held me. At this point I was helpless. In a couple seconds we'd be tied. I smiled and engulfed him and squeezed. In response he pressed in the lump. I pushed back and as soon as it felt lodged, I cramped down. He was filling me. I fed on it. I plugged myself afterwards as I found this a nourishment. It seemed to make me more female than just my natural human hormones, and his smell would exude thru my skin for days. By the time they began to wear off, I would have been stoked up again. It soothed me and made me feel powerful. The stallion's load left me angry and snappy. Is this where werewolf lagends arose. I really felt doggish. Now his soft furry belly was resting along my back, and I thought of his beautiful mistress. What if she knew hew as washing his spear in a pig like me?Hope you like itRose, with love
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