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Passion Unleashed Hi. My name is eriel; I'm a 40 something straight woman. I date men on a regular basis, but I have had steady k9 lovers for more than 15 years. Currently, I live with Beau (a frisky 6 yr old male springer-spaniel)and Nina, a loving and still spry 9yr old chow-spitz mix. I have active vigorous and thoroughly satisfying sex several times a week with both Beau and Nina. She loves my vibrating massager and always has fantastic orgasms when I use it on her(it works well for me too!). I am very comfortable with my sexuality and zooie lifestyle; I feel I'm in control and it makes my life less complicated.Anyway the story below is how I realized my true passion.Passion UnleashedI grew up in a surburban north-central New Jersey town, and after high school I lived at home and worked locally. I was a normal kid, much the same as my school chums. Living at home was necessary, but emotionally stifling; so as soon as I could I struck out on my own and moved to Hoboken.After a series of disastrous boyfriend/roommate arrangements, I eventually found myself rooming with Regina a girl my own age with a similar background. Regina became(and still is)my closest friend. Regina was a fiesty, cleverly quirky girl that could hold her own in any situation. She didn't take crap from anybody and because of this she was always quitting or getting fired from her jobs.Out of sheer necessity, Regina started a dog walking business, and it really took off; Hoboken has a lot of workaholic yuppie types with dogs. Well it was easy work, great hours, and good pay, and I didn't hesitate to go in with her.Hoboken is a physically small town (1 mile square)and we arranged our pick-up and drop schedules and routes such that we would always meet up at the dog run at the end of the day and head back to our apartment together.Regina had arranged to keep London,a large Irish setter with us at our apartment for the weekend (his owners we're off on a ski jaunt to the Poconos). Well London caught the scent of a small pooch in my group that must have been coming into heat. He tried to mount her but she balked and fought him off. He was excited but we finally calmed everything down and dropped off all the dogs and returned with London to our apartment.He was still agitated from his encounter and was exceedingly whinny. Regina and I thought he was uneasy about being in strange settings, so we kept petting him and giving him treats and lots of attention. Eventually he calmed down (he still had appetite enough to eat about half the meat-loaf dinner I had prepared for me and Regina. After dinner Regina and I sat on our couch to watch some TV, but London was a real pest; he constantly nuzzled both of us and was really seeking our attention. He was being annoying so we both kind of purposely ignored him.Out of frustration I guess, he dropped down in front of us and started vigorously pawing and licking the tip of his penis which was visibly swollen. I looked at Regina and said "he aint homesick" and she finished my sentence with "he's horny"; and we both laughed at the coincidence.We were both still looking at London's unit when Regina asked aloud "I wonder if its like a man's? You know in size and shape. Before I could answer, she dropped down beside London and started rubbing his stomach down by his sheath. London roled on his back and pushed his pelvis towards her; this pushed his dick further out. Oh wow, she said and grabbed his sheath and started rubbing it. Regina pulled the sheath all the way back and exposed London's entire cock. I was surprised by Regina's actions but I was wide-eyed with fascination. It was about 7 inches long and about as thick as a dinner frank. Regina grabbed the shaft and said wow he's hot. I looked at her and smilingly said, you think all guys are hotties. She said, no I mean it he really is hot, feel him. I knelt down and took hold of his shaft; as I did so, I looked at Regina and said Oh my God, I'm soaking through my panties. She looked back and said so am I!Well I started to gently squeeze London's cock to see how it felt, and it really started to swell to about twice its thickness a bulge and even more of his shaft came out from the sheath.I held the shaft at its base and with this London got to feet and stood rigid. I kept squeezing him and he started to hump my hand. Regina grabbed the front part of his dick and ran her thumb over its pointy tip. Well this sent him over the edge, and he really started humping and spraying all over us. Some of the spray went on Regina's face and lips. I thought she licked it without thinking, but then she moved forward and eagerly took London's cock in her mouth. Our eyes met, and I knew she had passed a point of no return. She closed her eyes and moaned, and started rubbing herself through her clothes. I was so horny and excited I could hardly breathe, but I kept jacking London and put my other hand into my panties. My cunt was dripping wet and I started rubbing my clit furiously. I came almost immediately and from her moans and writhing I knew Regina did too. London's cock was hugely swollen and started pumping a thicker spray into her mouth. She gagged on the first spurt and let him go. His cock was huge. He continued to spray and then licked Regina's face and lips and then himself. Regina and I were flushed and spent.After a minute or so we were both not quite sure what to say or think. Regina and I were close and had had plenty of girl-girl talks but this was the first time we really ever did anything explicit in front of each other. Regina said I hope you don't think I'm weird for sucking him off. I said No,(in half jest-half truth)I was gonna do it myself but you beat me to it. We both laughed and Regina felt relieved at what I said. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and smeared me with some of London's cum;"there she said, "now you're a dog licker by proxy".In truth it was very exciting for me to be doing this, and I wanted to see what else London could do; but I wasn't sure Regina wanted to continue, so I asked sheepishly,"well what should we do now"? Regina looked down at the wet floor and quipped "I guess we should clean-up".I was disappointed and almost said okay. But before I could react, Regina stood-up and started stripping; she looked at me and commanded, com'on strip down unless you want squirty London here to goo up your sweats. I jumped to my feet and was butt naked in a flash. My pussy was dripping wet again and I sat on the edge of our hassack and called London over. He came straight on and started licking my cunt and clit in rapid repeated strokes; I started cumming immediately. With this Regina said hold off and went behind him and turned him on his back so she could rub his sheath from between his back legs. London's cock was still swollen and it really came out again as Regina started wanking him from behind. I slid down off the hassack and pushed my cunt onto London's mouth. He kept licking furiously. To hold him better I put his front legs under my arms and moved forward on my knees. His cock was right in my face and Regina said "Take it Take it". I leaned forward and she directed it into my mouth and slid the shaft towards my throat.With that London started to spurt and I gagged. Reflexively I leaned back on my knees and London squirmed out from under me. He started jumping on my shoulder and knocked me over on my side. As I started to right myself he jumped me from behind and started humping. I could feel his cock hitting my thighs and ass but he couldn't get the hole. I urged Regina to guide him in, guide him in. She grabbed his dick and slid him right into me. When he got it in he pushed in more and started humping rapid fire. His cock was big but I could feel it getting even bigger inside me. It was hot, and my cunt was pulsing on it; he filled me up. All of a sudden , I felt him push deep and my cunt stretched and clamped down around him. His huge bulge was in me, and his thrusting was no longer in and out, but more like staying inside and pushing and pulling in-out all-about. I started cumming and heard myself crying laughing and moaning all at once. My cunt was full and pulsing on a hot throbbing hard cock. It was unlike any other thing I had previously experienced. When he tried to turn around I felt we were stuck. Regina grabbed his cock and eased it out of me. We were both amazed at how big it really was.I was still throbing inside and totally drained. Regina had to hold me up to keep from falling. She asked "Are you all right? I said I'm okay; and half-laughing said "I'm weak as shit but I feel happy". She laughed and said good because I got a liitle scared; he was fucking you like an animal" Well we both laughed at that and plopped down on the couch.Regina asked how was it? You were moaning and groaning so much I came twice myself. With that I put my hand down on my cunt and smeared it with London's cum that was still dripping from me. I quickly pulled Regina down across my lap and held her down while I rubbed my cum soaked hand all around her cuntlips and clit. She was surprised by my action but she was very wet and started moaning again. I held her down and pushed my two fingers and thumb into her cunt hole and started fist fucking her wildly. She started bucking and humping back. I slipped my hand all the way in and made a fist inside her. This is how full it feels I said and started ramming her again. She came instantly and I could feel her pulsing on my hand. When she loosened up, I slipped my hand out and said Now you 've been dog fucked by proxy. Later that night and over the balance of the weekend, Regina found out for herself(twice) how it really felt.
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