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Arabian Nights Part 2wonderful old beasts these 707's, antique I'll grant you but good workhorses all the same. I'd done a bit of flying in them in my past as a jobbing pilot and I'd managed to pull a couple of strings and got the right-hand seat for the journey home to England. Of course it was more than an opportunity to log a few hours P2 in this old bird that had prompted me to call in a favour or two; they were flying Sara out on this flight. Johnson, my captain on this flight, seemed a nice enough bloke. He'd handled the takeoff and I'd flown the first couple of legs, Dhahran to Cairo, Cairo to Sicily and he'd taken it from there, it was all pretty routine stuff, autopilot could have done it but it felt good to get my grubby paws on a real 'plane rather than the glass cockpit stuff I'd become used to. "I have control." "You have control captain." I replied, taking my hands off the stick. "Mind if I leave you for a few minutes, I'd like to take a check on the cargo." "No problem, bring us back a cup of tea would you. Mind that horse doesn't bite you." "I doubt that she'll do that, horses seem to like me." "If you say so, can't stand them myself, bit scared of them to tell you the truth. I have enough trouble with cats, my wife has three of the buggers." Johnson grimaced, evidently he was no animal lover. I chose not to pursue the matter and turned to the flight engineer. "Alan, what's yours?" "Tea, no sugar please." I couldn't see Sara as I made my way to her transport crate so I figured she was lying down. I'd never known a horse lie down as much as she did. Hassan told me that she was so trusting of people she seemed to prefer it to standing. I wasn't complaining though, in the weekend we'd spent together in the desert we'd lain together often, cuddling under the stars, nuzzling each other, my nakedness pressed close against her warm flanks against the chill of the desert night, her soft lips against my skin, my fingers entwined in her mane, roaming across her silken quarters, the musky scent of her sex, the taste of her as she opened herself to me under themoon, hanging low and golden in a perfect sky. I closed my eyes andbreathed deep, letting go in a long sigh. A nicker came from the crate before me, a rustle of bedding, a short snort. I smiled and walked forwards and peered over the edge. Crate was perhaps a misnomer for Sara's travelling-box, it was more like a flying loose box, roomy with ample space to lie down, shavings on the floor, water, feed; equine business class without the in-flight movie. "Hello love," I whispered. Sara looked up, her ears flicked forward, her beautiful dark eyes fixing me, trapping me within their soft gaze. She lay slightly to one side, her legs tucked neatly under herself, silken tail draped like a wedding dress' train behind her "Oh gods, you're beautiful," I heard myself whisper; somewhere inside a cynical demon cringed at the sugary sentiment but the angels told him to shut up. I couldn't help it, I felt like a teenager in love all over again. Of course then it was a little pony on a tatty allotment in a northern mill town but the feeling was the same, the soaring feeling that grips the pit of your stomach and won't let go. I reached down towards her and she bent her neck up to snuffle at my fingers. Satisfied that I was who I appeared to be she settled back once more, her tail flicked casually and she snorted gently again. It was all I could do to restrain myself from ripping of my clothes and leaping into her box; there she was, waiting, inviting me in. "I'd love to Sara," I whispered to her, "but I've got a plane to fly." She tilted her head as though she could understand my words, maybe the emotion of regret in my voice spoke to her but in a moment she was on her feet and over by my side, her fine head nuzzling at my shoulder, brushing her cheek against mine. I reached up and ran my hand down her soft, warm neck, leaning into her heat, drinking her scent, a tear formed in my eyes, "I love you Sara." She nuzzled at my back and I scritched her mane, still holding her close; together we stood, grooming each other, deepening our bond of friendship and trust. Again I became lost in her world, the feeling of strength in her neck as I ran my hand under the silvery-grey waterfall of her mane, the warm scent of horse, that indescribable, heady mixture of smokiness, hay and earth that is both calming and exhilarating all at once. I felt myself slipping away into her, becoming one with her, running across the expanse of deserts, over dunes that towered like frozen waves shimmering in the heat, dipping my head to palm fringed pools of water cool against my tongue, pressing through the bustle of the souk, my nostrils flaring at the scents of spices, coffee and sweat, bodies brushing against my sides, calves against my flanks gently guiding me through the crush of people... A sudden jarring shook me back to what passes for reality, the pilot in me reacting to the drop and surge of engine notes. Sara flicked up her hear out of my grasp and snorted. "It's OK love, probably just turbulence." I said. She relaxed once more and nuzzled me. "I'd better go though," I stroked her nose, "Best to lie down love, might get a bit bumpy." I returned back to the flight deck, coffee in hand, "Didn't have any tea," I apologised. "Everything OK?" "Few bumps over the Alps, clear air stuff, nothing serious." "Alps already?" I looked at the map and then at the VOR, tuned to Geneva. "Must have been back there longer than I thought." "I was beginning to think that horse had eaten you." With superhuman effort I managed to restrain myself from saying "Chance would be a fine thing," and smiled instead, turning my attention to the inflight checklist and doing some fuel sums. Those duties out of the way I pulled out the Jeppesen for Manston and Stanstead and pretended to study them intently although my mind was far away from thoughts of VOR holds and ILS approaches, I was with Sara once more, this time above the clouds but free from the noise and metal of the Boeing. In my dreams my head rested on her quarters, the world spread out below us as we drifted, far from the cares and rush of the people underneath us; the warmth of her presence seeping into mine, making me whole, making us one... "Peter..." Crunch. Back to reality. "Captain?" "You alright?" "Yeah sure, just thinking about something that's all. Been a long time since I put into Manston." "Well we're nearly there, be out of the Paris FIR in ten minutes. Don't worry, there's lots of runway." Doesn't time fly when you're having fun. -*-*- Despite computers promising a paperless society it's surprising how much more paper we still use. Sara's travelling documents filled a good sized loose-leaf folder and weighed about half a ton; papers for vaccinations, export licences, translations into English for the Arabic documents, breed certification, bloodline, vaccination certificates, copy of the studbook registry, passport (yes, horses have them too). It seemed to take forever but eventually, the Min of Ag satisfied that Sara wasn'tgoing to introduce the galloping horse plague into England's green andpleasant and customs happy that I didn't have five tons of hashishhidden up her bottom, papers were stamped, signed and shuffled and Icould take her home. Sara, curious but unfrightened, sniffed everything as I lead her to the trailer for the short journey home, bemused perhaps by the strange smelling damp air. Lynda, my partner who looked after my little menagerie whilst I was away (and with whom we played "husband and wife" when protocol demanded it of us) stood by the trailer's tailgate, sighing quietly. "Hands off Lynda," I chided jokingly. "Did I say a word?" she replied, "She's incredible Pete, and you say he *gave* her to you." "We've got a friend in the oil business it seems." Lynda whistled, "We get everywhere don't we. I don't suppose there's any chance that..." Sara was level with the tailgate now and bent her head to nuzzle her. "It would look as though there's every chance." It was growing dark by the time we got back to the farm in Hensden, alate autumn sunset lit the sky in soft reds and oranges, fading topurple as it gave way to encroaching night, the last rays shiningthrough the chestnuts at the edge of the west field. As we drew upSilky and Catherine trotted up and plonked their heads over the fence,sunlight turning them golden, to see who we were and Smoke and Shadow,our border collies, came rushing up, barking excitedly. "But it's somuch nicer, Yes it's so much nicer, To come home." Well sung Frank. Lynda, ever thoughtful and organised just like I'm not, hadprepared a box and a light feed for Sara before she'd come to pick us upand so I lead here there and sorted her out with water and food beforeleaving her as suddenly haynets looked far more interesting than I didto her. As I walked from her box I found myself experiencing a funnysort of sadness, a sense of loss. It puzzled me for a moment and then Irealised it was that feeling I'd had before, back in the past with thelittle pony whose name I never knew and then with Zephyr, the first marewho I could really call my own. Shit, I was in love and I couldn't bear to be out of her sight. "I'll get over it," I thought. I was very unsure about falling in love again the way I had before, most of the memories I'd had of those I'd loved before were of pain at their loss, making it hard to remember the good times together. I began to wonder, as I walked towards the field to bring the other horses in, whether His Excellency had given me a blessing or a curse in Sara. Lynda commented on my silence as we brought our horses in for the night. I put it off to tiredness after the journey and the work of the previous weeks although I got the impression she didn't believe me. Sill I stayed up for a while, giving plenty of scritches to my other girls and making sure that Pebbles the pony stallion remembered who I was. It was with two minds though that I dropped in on Sara to make sure that she was alright and ready for bed. She's finished her feed and a good proportion of the hay and I noted that she'd drunk about a quarter of her bucket, my mind noting the details and calculating how much I'd have to feed her tomorrow. She turned as I entered her stall, snorting a gentle welcome, her white tail flicked slowly sideways, ghostly like an owl's wing in the faded light. I placed a hand on her rump and scratched her, working forwards to her spine. "So, what happens now?" I asked her, although the question was really asked of myself. She moved round, swinging her haunches away and stepping the short distance to me, she breathed out, long and slow as she brought her head close to me. Almost instinctively I lowered my head to hers and breathed in deeply, taking her breath within me before breathing out through my nose as she had done; in return she scented me, a greeting, a ritual as ancient as her race, graceful and serene. We repeated our breaths, faces almost touching, the differences between us falling away into irrelevance as we became as one. Almost imperceptibly I fell into her spiritual embrace and she gathered me to her, speaking words that were not words, the language of comfort and peace, I found myself infused with hope, hope that this time it would be right, that there would be no pain and separation to wash away the joy. Deep inside I guess that I knew that life would not suddenly become a bed of roses but I knew more that I had to give this love a chance, had to let myself go, much as my demons screamed not to; not to risk the hurt would mean never truly feeling the joy of her love for me and mine for her, not to love her with everything I had would be to love something precious and that was a price I couldn't pay. Slowly I became aware of a soft nose against my cheek, Sara lipping at me, bringing me back to the world outside. I opened my eyes, only realising now that they had been closed. She turned her head, in the pale light spilling from the yard her eyes gleamed darkly at me. No blanket of stars here, no moon low on the horizon and so clear and pure that it seemed you only had to reach out to touch it, but her eyes were the same as when she looked at me in her desert homeland, speaking in the speech without tongues, asking me forward. I took the short step towards her, bridging the gap between us. My hands reached out to her neck, making contact with her warmth, slipping down the soft hairs, breathing her scent, smoke and hay and comfort. As I moved towards her, laying my cheek against her neck, the smell of warm, contented horse covering me, she placed her head over my shoulder and gathered me to her. Like that we stood for what seemed like eternity, my hands slid down to her shoulders and there they stayed unmoving, holding her as she held me. With care I opened myself to her, let her warmth and love suffuse me and on that gentle ocean of strength she floated me, casting off into the dark, still waters. At length I felt a nudge against my shoulder as Sara pushed me. I took a step back from her but in truth we did not separate, I felt that nothing could come between us now and that physical distance was a mere irrelevance. She breathed at me, long and slow, curling her top lip a little. I reached up to her nose and stroked it's velvety softness. Her tail swished in the half light of the stable and I felt rather than heard her rear hoof stamp as she pushed her face forward into my hand. I had a strong feeling, as her tail swished again, that it was not her nose that she wanted stroking. "I thought that you'd be tired?" I whispered to her. She answered with a snort. "I guess not," I smiled and stood to one side of her and put my hand to her neck, scratching the crest firmly between my fingers like a nipping stallion, working back down to her withers. Sara bent her head low, her nose pushing forward. Looking back I could see her tail rising, a white fountain in the pale light. We were united in spirit and it seemed so right, so proper, that we should once more join our bodies as we had done so far away. She had passed into my care now and she had shown her care for me, it seemed like a sacred duty for us to answer our needs of the body, and for us it was no burden at all. I moved down her side, one hand tracing the ridge of her back, along the line of her spine, the other hand I held to her flanks as I moved down her, feeling the softness of her hair, the curve and flow of her beautiful body, the silent power in the muscles of her quarters. As I drew close to her rump my hand on her back slowed and began a slow scratching by the root of her silken tail. At my bidding it rose higher and she flicked it first towards, granting me a taste of her mare's scent, and then away. Keeping the pressure on her dock I slipped my hand around the curve of her leg and firmly, so as not to startle or tickle her, up the inside of her thigh towards her velvet lips, feeling the hairs grow shorter and give way to the soft skin. I bent my head to rest on her rump so I could scent her better, breathing deep of the sharp sweetness of warm and willing mare. My exploring hand made contact with her lips and spread itself to cup the curve of the base of her vagina, lifting it slightly, savouring its heat, navigating by touch alone. With a sigh I pressed forward with my thumb, running it against the meeting place of her lips. Sara shifted her weight, leaning against me and pushing back. As she did my thumb slipped into her, the honeyed lips parting to my questing hand. Slowly I pressed inwards and upwards, feeling her little shudder through my body as I opened her, first upwards to her depths and then down back to the shallows, the walls of her sweet pussy becoming wet to my touch. I sighed and snuggled up close to her, my beautiful mare, my gentle lover. She twitched in my hand, winking as though ready for a stallion's rod, a trickle of her juices slipping from her and coating my fingers. "More?" I asked her, raising my head to look at her, at my words she flicked back her ears and raised her tail high, almost curling it over her back; definitely more. Holding the root of her tail I pressed the palm of my hand against her vagina then slipped one, the two fingers into her clasping depths, working them in and out of her burning heat. "Oh gods Sara," I whispered, "you're just so beautiful." All I wanted to do was pleasure her, her desires were my commands. I pressed another finger into her, gently in and out of her heat, working my hand into her spreading sex, slipping upwards into the heat of her passage and back down to caress her swelling lips, brushing against the little bud of her clitoris. I pushed back in again, my whole hand this time drawing the fingers together andpushing deeper into her, my hand becoming slick and wet with her juices; Sara grunted, a low sound of pleasure and squatted, bracing her hind legs to receive a stallion's weight on her quarters, her sex convulsed, her lips winking, bringing the sensitive spots up to rub on my wrist as itentered her. Carefully I withdrew and pushed into her again a littledeeper and again she winked, grasping at my arm. I leant close andbreathed deep of her scent, her beautiful scent, warm and soothing, thescent of earthy pleasures, soft hay and woodsmoke. My need grew withinme as I pleasured her and with my free hand I fumbled at the button ofmy jeans, need and hunger making me clumsy. I had a vision of myself, an awkward primate beside her equinegrace, and deep inside I felt my inner angels and demons laugh; Sara didnot care what my shape was, how I looked or what my athletic prowesswas. Those facile human concerns, the trappings of beauty that so manyof my species worried over, were of no import to her, she saw throughsuch things; we made each other happy, that was what mattered. Withungainly awkwardness I stepped from my burden of clothing to stand halfnaked beside her, my arm still slowly pleasuring her, being graspedtight and then released on every upstroke as I plundered her moltendepths. With my other hand now free of it's labours in unclothing me Ireached up to her rump and began an slot, deliberate scratching which Iknew she loved. To my delight her whole body shuddered and tensed, onlyto relax with a deep sigh from deep within her, her ears flattening backand then perking forward with a fox's alertness; my arm felt suckedinside her as she tightened her grasp, the spasm of pleasure holding herframe, dancing through her being and them gently letting go. I stopped for a moment, allowing her to breathe, my hand slipping slowly from her winking sex but moving close to her, my cock, already aroused by her pleasure, her scent, pressed against her warmth, the soft hairs of her hind leg tickling and caressing with a promise of pleasure, beckoning me to feel more, to be caressed by her silken hide, to feel the press of her silvery coat against my skin. As she settled from the peak of her pleasure she flicked her tail, the hairs stroking me, kissing with a touch as light as a summer's breeze. Slowly I dropped my head to her tail, breathing deep the heady scent of her heat, the warmth of her passion a haze of perfume around me. Tentatively I reached up once more, fingers brushing the lips of her sex; at their touch they coaxed a tiny trickle of moisture from her depths poised to hang like a pearl from the darkness of the cavern from which it sprung. With my heart pounding I leant closer, closer, kissing the jewel that hung in the moonlight, lapping up the softness of her crack, the taste exquisite, sweet and bitter, cream and new-mown hay. It was my turn to shudder now, with wild abandonment I pressed my face to her, licking deep of her honeyed lips, pressing my tongue into her depths, lappingat her beauty, drinking deep of my glorious lover. I felt her push back against me and I pressed forward in return, my hands either side of her tail which cascaded over my head in a waterfall of frozen white. My cock rubbed against her hindleg, hard and aching for release, the brushing touch of her soft hide a delightful torment of tension. Dimly I heard her harrumph, her nether lips winking, a fresh sharpness of her juices on my tongue. Harder I licked at her, driving forward even as she pushed back, becoming one with her, our pleasures shared. Again a shudder gripped her, her muscles tensing under my hands, gasping for breath I pulled back, her tail sliding across my shoulders in a silken caress.Panting in the moonlight, half naked in her stall, I looked down at my lover, tail high and arched across her back, the dark lips of her sex shining and wet, the flush of her tunnel dark pink as she winked her need.She turned her head, ears perked forward and fixed me with her soft eyes, speaking without talking in words as old as time. I nodded my assent and though it pained me I took my eyes from her beauty for a moment. Though it mattered not to me that we were horse and human the difference in our forms imposed a few minor physical inconveniences to coupling and Sara, althoughhappy in my presence, did not seem inclined to lie down. Salvation lay athand though in that day's delivery of straw bales.Our physical differences overcome I rose to her, covering her as her stallion, my cock slipping between her lips, slipping along the line of her crevice into her warmth to press into her depths. Sara sighed, content, her head dropping, snorting the ground as I found her rhythm once more, pushing slowly into her, my hands upon her soft flanks, a grasp from her strong muscles, a slow withdrawal only to press close once more. No mortal could withstand her heat for long, and with a groan of delight I spilled into her. Leaning forward I hugged her, lying on top of her hindquarters, holding her tightly as I covered her; she held me within herself. her strong muscles milking me. I breathed her name, the air misting to grey as I held her, lost in her warmth, her ocean of calm.Slowly the chill of the night crept furtively into the stable and even Sara's warmth could not dull it's touch. Reluctantly I slipped from her back and into the bonds of denim and cotton. A soft nose poked me and I looked up into her eyes, my hand stroked the line of her jaw. Wordlessly I reached forwards and wrapped my arms around her neck, her warmth and her scent surrounding me and there we stood as in turn the night gathered us both to her.the end
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