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I was drinking some beers with my cousins late one Friday night here in LA. We had been relaxing in the hot afternoon sun and it got late. Had a little food then decided it was time to go home. The drive through the foothills of the San Brenadino mountains was nice with a breeze blowing on my face. Suddenly I saw lights in my rearview mirror.I pulled over and watched as a hunky cop got out of his truck. I could see the K9 on the side of the truck. The cop looked to be about 35 or so and had dark hair and a moustache. Wow. I was horned up after drinking those beers. The cop approached and looked into the vehicle. He asked for my lisence and papers. I handed them over and as I pulled my hand back, the back of my hand rubbed my cock that was showing through my shorts. I glanced up and the cop was looking at my cock! He leaned back in and told me to get out and follow him to his truck. I turned off the motor and followed. We both got into the truck and the dog began to bark in the back. I looked back and saw the largest black lab I had ever seen. I turned and looked at the cop. I could see his cock was swelling too. "What do I have to do to teach you not to speed?" I gulped. "Maybe you can service me and that'll teach you? What do you think?" I did not know what to say. I licked my lips. "You look like you might like it too much. How about you blow my dog. Now that'll teach you, huh?" The cop was totally hard now, as was I. He pushed me out of the truck and into the back area where the seats had been removed. The dog started to jump on me as soon as I entered the area. The cop climbed back into the front seat and started the truck. He leaned back and told me to take my clothes off. He drove off and down the deserted street. We drove for about 2 miles then turned onto a dirt road that just seemed to go on and on. He finally pulled over and turned the truck off. It was a warm summer night and the moon was full so I could see everything. I had taken my clothes off and I rubbed my hard cock. Precum dribbled down my cock and out of my foreskin. The cop got into the back seat again and took off his belt. He then carefully removed the rest of his clothes, but put his boots back on. He had a hairy chest and crotch. His cock stuck out stiffly and his large nuts hung low. He pulled my head down onto his cock and as I began to suck, the dog began to lick my asshole. I wimpered and swallowed as much of him as I could. He then pulled me off him and told me to suck the dog's cock. I had never thought about it, but two hot studs needed relief and the beer made my head fuzzy. I pulled the dog's sheath back and stuck his cock in my mouth. The skin was cool, but the cock was hot. How weird...I began to suck the dog's cock hard. THe dog started to buck his hips and he shoved his cock into my throat. His knot popped out of the sheath. The cop, in the meantime, was using his spit to lube up his billy club and then began to tease my ass with it. As he did, he fingered his own hairy asshole. He then took the club and began to use it on his own hole. The dog started to cum and the watery liquid spilled down my throat and down my chin. It tasted salty and not like a human man's cum, but familiar that I wanted more. The cop then pulled me around and told me that his dog was gonna fuck me now. I wanted to feel it. The cop moved around to the dog who was humping my doggy style and guided the dog's large cock into my hole. It felt so good! The dog's cock slid into my awaiting hold easily until it got to the knot. I was not sure about that, but the cop forced it in until I felt a pop and my ass fill with dog cock. I yelled out as my asshole was burning, but continued to take it. The pain did not last long and my cock begin to swell again once I began to feel the dog's cum start to fill my ass. The cop climbed in front of me and put his hairy ass in my face. I buried my face and began to eat his ass while my own ass was fucked hard by this large dog. I was on auto pilot. Not really taking the time to think about what I was doing, I was just guided by my own intuition. The cop turned around and looked at me. He smiled slyly. I smiled back. I was used by both the cop and the dog that night. I never did get a ticket, but I got a number. I still go up to see my cousins, but I leave a bit earlier now because I know I will most likely get pulled over.
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