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Really to you readers it would be an injustice to sit and write to you all about the full happenings of the whole evening. But what brought about the whole of it all was the fact i'd found out my wife was sneaking around behind my back and screwing other men. Not that i minded this at all and no jealousies except in the fact of it being done behind my back when we then had such a per say open marriage in that regard but our agreement was that neither of us would screw around behind the others back. So with the help of our very best friend whom was like that little bitch how dare her do that to you wild man as she so referred to me as.And with that being known and told now i'll get to the story without a bunch of other mumbo jumbo you really care so little to read about and if your like me skip and get to the goody parts anyway so why waste finger motions right. Anyway my wifes best friend whom i'll call lissa which is actually short for her real name and use little woman as my wifes part in this. But my wife(ex now)was a tiny petite woman barely even over 5 ft tall and weighed less than 100 lbs with tiny almost teen like breast in size and the cutest tightest roundest little butt you could ever imagine. And above all that she was and is spanish.. Well lissa and i had planned the whole ordeal weeks in advance and my little woman was then and there at lissa's house drinking and doing other things as well and i knew all to well lissa sure knew how to get a woman prepped for a good fucking and such was the case in this as well..I knew lissa was per say k9 active and had talked to her many times about it and she kept saying to me that little woman wasn't even interested in the least though she had confessed that my little woman had indeed been caught looking at lissa's huge half pitt and half rhottie with some sort of curious nature and had shivered all over while doing such indicating the thoughts were imbedded in her mind. So I had messed around long enough and then knew to show up at lissa's and get into this party and preparation of my wife for the k9 pleasure adventure I and lissa had set up so well.. Sort of that pay back snapper d dandy style as we'd say down south.. So as I had knocked and lissa opened the door i could my little woman already in the throws of being f***** up with the alcohol and other things lissa had secretly put in her drinks.And walked in in time to hear my wife sitting there drunkedly mumbling shit no one could even understand at all.. And Lissa now said well your little woman is primed and ready for some pleasure tonite as she and i alike grabbed my wife up and carried her half draggingly to the bedroom and then undressed her completely and lay her on the bed with legs and feet dangling from the side with her firm little ass on the edge of the bed and opened her small brown legs and spread them as wide as could be for the pleasure to come as Lissa left the room then returned with her huge dog named buster on a leash and already i could see his huge snout sniffing the air in a way that said he smelled pussy and he sure must have because the instant he saw my wife on the bed he made a bee line lunge to between her legs as Lissa held him back by the leash.. So Buster now sat there obediently and was looking at my wifes fully exposed pussy and then at I and Lissa alike as she bent down and said do you want some of that mexican pussy boy do you want some of it as buster now half barked out back at her and then looked at me and at my wifes pussy as he began to whimper in some sort of thing as if to say oh please please let me have it sort of way.. As my wife lay there only half stirring about and barely able to comprehend that she was about to get the absolute licking of her life by Lissa's huge male k9. Then suddenly Buster arose and just absolutely plowed his huge snout right up to my wifes openess and began to lick all the way from her beyond her tiny butt crack up and even over her pussy and clit as we saw my wife shudder her entire body and mumbled something no one understood at all as Lissa looked at me as now her buster was licking repeatedly from ass to nearly belly on my wife over and over in slow like licking movements his tongue thrashing out and covering between her legs with it's full thick flatness leaving a wet trail as he did so.While Lissa had asked me to help her hold my wifes open and up and so we grasp them under the knees and held them apart and buster went right to town then as i saw him begin to speedily lick her now swelling and opening cunt lips that were usually a thin line of wrinkled dark brown skin outside her cuntal mound and when excited they swelled to become thick and swollen as they now were doing fully and buster began to dive his now curled up tongue into her making her take his super thick dog tongue and opening her up as he did with each lick.Until her pussy was fully per say dilated to the thickness of his tongue which began to dive deeper and deeper and ever deeper into her pussy depths as my wifes body was shuddering and shaking all over and strange mumbling like moans were coming from her now open mouth and her head was moving side to side and her arms trying vainly to move and stop whatever was assaulting that tight little pussy of hers but her state of drunkedness and drugs only served for her to move them sloppily about as I watched my wife get her pussy fully eaten and licked out by her best friends dog as she shuddered in our arms and we could then hear the sloppy sounds of lapping from buster and her now orgasming pussy of which she was coming as i'd never seen her come before as her legs even shuddered in our arms.. Well Buster licked her out until i swear i know his long tongue had to be going all the damn way into her and hitting bottom in her. As her breathing became so heavy with lustfilled sounds and the mumbling moans were all combined as the wet lapping sounds continued as buster at her out good and proper. Then suddenly it was as if she went totally limp on us all so then I and Lissa dropped her dishrag limp legs back to the floor and openly off the bed and now Lissa took busters leash and pulled away from my wifes wet and now fully opened swollen cunt all wet with the evidence of what buster had done to her as Lissa now said let's turn her over and let's make her busters bitch.. So we now grabbed her and flipped her limp body over on her belly and Lissa adjusted her to be right on the edge of the bed with her tiny nicely rounded ass poking up proudly as we opened her legs as far as we could and she nearly slid off the bed in her limp state so Lissa said well now i've got a good cure for that and left the room and came back with a round ottoman and sat it in the middle of the floor and then spread a heavy towel over it and then got me to help her move my limp wife over to the ottoman and draped her belly first across it and then spread her legs wide as could be and Lissa stood back admiring her handiwork per say and said oh yes just right now for buster to mount as i watched in awe stricken silence as she put booty like things on his front paws and then led him right between my wifes opened legs as he wasted not one moment and jumped right up and mounted her then and there grasping her at the waist and hip juncture and Lissa reached out and pulled my wifes right side up and then buster really got around her waist then and did that to the left side as well as now he had her in a firm grip between his well muscled front legs and powerfully pulled her to him making her ass pull up as he began to stab at her pussy with his exposed pointy and wet and deeply red colored cock as suddenly he hit the mark and went into her pussy in one lunge a few inches as my wifes whole body shuddered then and there and he then humped and slammed forward and sank all he could into her making his sheath retreat backwards as his red hot cock entered ever deeper in my wifes now fully expanded and well stretched opened pussy to his thickness and then he began to thrust violently so violently it was rocking my wifes whole body back and forth as he gripped her and pulled her to him with each hard and fast as lightning thrust as i saw his cock stop going any deeper as a sort of rush of as if the wind was knocked out of my wife and then her head was moving around as best it could from being so pushed into the ottoman by busters beastial motions as i could see his cock slightly bend like outisde her gaping pussy that now seemed to almost be clutching at his dog cock and it was as if the nerve ending in it had went wild and her lips quivered and seemed to all but swell outwards as i watched my wife get her first ever k9 fucking.. Lissa was now beside me watching exactly as i was and said i don't guess you know the full thing of what a dogs dick really does in a woman do you and to tell you the truth i had not known one thing except that yeah i knew they got locked together when having sex with other female k9's but the full anatomy breakdown i had never known at all as Lissa said he's going to do something to her that no man on this whole earth can match and that is that he is going to drive the tip of his cock into her cervix and possibly her womb and then he will fill your little woman with the hottest seed she's ever had in that little belly of hers. As i watched transfixed and listening to Lissa's explanation and the wild sounds of my wifes muffled drunken moan and mumbling sounds as her breathing was labored and heavy as hell and as i watched i saw that his cock was now ever so slightly going deeper and deeper into my wifes pussy as her ass and body shook all over and her pussy lips and mound was now a shivering mass of clutching like action as a partial almost understandable cry of nnnmmm came from my wife as i now saw her pussy coming madly on busters red hot cock as it now sank as far it could into her depths and i saw what looked like a small ball begin to pound and pound again at her shivering and come covered lips slapping them madly and wildly as it seemed to be opening them outwards as now Lissa said he's got it in her good now and then suddenly as if it had all but popped inside my wifes pussy i saw the ball disapear inside her pussy making it all swell outwards as then buster began to madly short hump at her ass and grasp her even harder then the ball seemed to disapear leaving her cunt lips swollen as hell and come oozing from between her pussy and his short stroking cock as my wifes head seemed to come up and then drop back down on the ottoman as she was all but nearly letting out a drunken scream of sorts yet it sounded so wildly pleasurable sounding. Lissa then said to me he just shoved his knot in her pussy and she's his bitch now for sure and i could see my wifes tiny rounded butt cheeks shivering wildly as her entire body seemed to be doing likewise as her pussy was coming like crazy and Lissa now said it will swell out inside her and i can say this your woman has been f***** for sure now and said look at her lower abdomen and tell me what you see now and i could for sure beyond a doubt at all see that her lower abdomen was roundedly swollen out right at the start of her thick black pubic hair as Lissa said that's where his knot is right now inside her as we could now hear throaty groans of wild drunken lust coming from my wife as Buster was still short humping at her pussy with his cock and then suddenly he let out a beastial almost howl and whimper alike as my wifes whole body shuddered wildly and her pussy was going absolutely bezerkedly shivering and clutching at busters dog cock and then she gave out throaty groans herself as i saw his huge balls jerking up and now being told by Lissa that my wife was getting her little womb filled with red hot as hell dog come and we both could see her little belly swelling from it's normal state outwards at about her belly button down and then my wife fell limply onto the ottoman as Buster was indeed filling her womb up to capacity with his ample red hot dog come and then just as suddenly as it had began it ended with buster now somehow off her back and turned ass to ass with my limply laying out wife as Lissa sat down in front of him and seemed to be holding him there for some strange reason as she looked up at me and said it's going to be a while for them now so if you want you can leave and i'll bring your well f***** little woman home then.. So I had surely seen enough already and left and went home and waited for like over 2 hours as finally i saw the headlights of Lissa's car coming to the house from the road and stopped and then came inside and said you'll have to help me with your little woman she's still passed out and so damned f***** out by buster and i thought i'd never get him out of her pussy.. And then said wait till you see her pussy she's been like stretched way to hell out now.. And said you'll have to let her sleep on a towel tonite and let busters seed seep out of her.. Well we got her out of the car her long black hair that hung way past her butt was a heap of mangled wet hair and her clothes half heartedly put back on her as we got her inside with hearing only little grumblims of unnnn from her as we got her to the bedroom and laid out on the towel and spread out on the bed and then undressed her as i could not help at all but see that she seemed to be hugely bloated below her lower abs as Lissa said to tell you the truth that's his come stuck inside her womb and it's o.k. it just takes time to come out if they get it good like she did.. That whole long nite i could hear my wife stir about and heard loud gruntal groans all nite long from her at times and then the next morning awoke to a towel that was absolutely soaked as hell with whatever come he had shot in her womb as lissa had said it was and now that i know the all of the thing of it it damn well was just as it is said to be that it does indeed happen that way and to tell you the truth i ate my wifes pussy that nite and her pussy was still all but seemingly like wet from it all.. I hope you enjoyed my story and if all like it i may just write another..
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