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This is my first post ever!Please excuse my spelling, im dislexic. Abby stood alone in the dark,feeling the fresh morning brease cool her face.The Divorce had been long and bitter, but it was all over now. With enough to get by she was finaly free of the beatings, the abuse, the dark.Abby smiled at the dark sea, hope filling her brused soul.Her pale hand caressed the short grey pelt of the Vimarana at her side.Hund had been her companion for the whole thing, bought to protect her as the threats turned nasty, Frank unable to deal with his "punch bag" getting some courage at last."lets go home boy" sighed Abby,turning away fron the view and heading for the car. Hund's Brown eyes followed his mistresses trim figure for a second before following. He saw a tall willowy woman in her thirtys, long red hair falling down her back and skin so pale as to appear to glow.A fine spray of freckles bridged her snub nose and green eyes took in the world with an air of warmth.Back at the flat Abby stripped and took a bath, letting the warm water ease her tension. The it was Hunds turn, as he loved the sea and was coverd with salt and sand. Abby loved to bath her dog, soaping his fine muscular form with care and affection. Hund, not so keen on warm water as his mistress, stood still for her out of duty.Until today.Today Abby had had a great release, to much vodka in the bath and no sex for six months.Washing Hund,leaning over the edge of the bath,she started to cry great sobbing tears,and was overcome, hugging the wet dog, kneeling,crying.Hund was puzzled. Was this his fult? Abby smelt good to him as usual, with no scent of frank who he hated, so what was the problem..Hund began to lick Abby's face to reasure her,but she was inconsolable.Hund jumped from the bath and watched Abby sob,then again licked her, this time on her calf. Again, she ignored him. Hund sniffed at his mistress more intently, looking for anything unusual... and found her pussy, peeping from under the back of her bath robe. Abby was warm and damp from her bath,and Hund immidiatly began to snuffle and lick at the soft lips he had found.Abby felt the gentle nose and rough tounge in her neglected pussy, and didnt fight it. She needed loveing, and was well off of men.. it suddenly seemed just right,and she surrenderd to Hund's tounge with no more than a sigh..Her orgasm when it came renderd her speachless, pushing her sopping pussy back at the maddening licking, eyes wide and sightless..Abby didnt fight the licking, and she didnt fight the mounting, ether. When Hund hugged his mistress's waist and began to prod with his member for a place to put it, she hollowed her back and let it happen. Hund's penis was slick and hot, and soon slipped deeply up into Abby's wet pussy.Abby gasped out loud as she was filled,and again as the shaft began to swell.But still she let it go on,helpless to stop the deep fucking she needed so badly.Hund humped, and Abby came.And again and again, as nature took its coarse,swelling,knotting,jetting,leaking..When Hund finaly pulled free, Abby dragged herself to her bed and passed out. Some time during the night Hund joined her. And in the morning they did it again, just to see if it was realy that good hmmm...
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