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After that night when Hero, for a lake of a better word, made me his bitch, the balance of dominance has shifted significantly in my home. Heíd always be waiting for me when I got home, following me into the bathroom, even so much to growl when he wanted to mate with me. At first I was afraid, and gave into his primal urges, but after awhile, I slowly found myself willingly giving my body to him, allowing him to sleep in my bed, and even as much as cooking him dinner on occasion afterwards.My social life has pretty much been outside of the house. Hero has made it clear when he wants something, usually by growling and licking at my crotch. I could only imagine what my friends would say if he did so in their presence. I really have no complaints about my sex life with Hero now. He keeps me company and protects me with his life. For that I am grateful, and I will remain loyal to him for being just as loyal to me. But enough of that, I am sure I know what everyone here is wanting to read.I frequently sit on the floor against my sofa with a pillow in my lap as I eat dinner, mindlessly watching television. It helps me relax. I had just finished my dinner and returned from the kitchen where I had just rinsed off my plate. I returned to the floor and propped the warm pillow under my knees and grabbed the remote. I had only been home for an hour or so and hadnít changed from my skirt and blouse, though my heels were slipped off at the door when I came home. I pulled my brown hair out of the tight bun and let it brush against my shoulders. I let out a content moan as I rubbed my full belly. It was then Hero, my year old rottweiler, decided to pay his bitch some attention. He lugged himself from his bowl of water, droplets getting the carpet wet as he came to me, his nose nudging my hips as his eyes almost glaring at me. I was tired from a stressful day at work, my feet hurt and my back ached. But it didnít matter to Hero, he was Ďin the mood.í He moved in front of me and growled, demanding his bitch mate with him. I could already see the tip of his crimson cock emerging from his sheath. I leaned forward, one hand scratching his ear to try and calm him down, the other reaching beneath his brown and black, muscular body, palm up until I cupped his sheath. Iíve resorted to jacking him off when either I was to sore from his previous fuckings, or if I was just too tired. This was one of those nights.Once my hand touched his sheath, and began rubbing it, he immediately began shifting his hind legs in excitement, even scooting up some so I could comfortably stroke his now hardening cock. It never stops to amaze me how hard that almost 9-inch cock gets. I would feel it grow his entire length in my hand, those juices making a rather stick mess in my palm. Thatís when things got out of hand.I had always pleasured Hero by having sex with him or jacking him off, it wasnít until tonight heíd make me pleasure him a different way. His front paws hopped off of the ground as they came to rest on the sofa cushions. That thick meat swaying inches from my face as his hind legs moved up to either side of my hips. Now Iíve never, ever sucked cock before, but Iíve tasted Heroís cum frequently after jacking him off. It was very metallic but not repulsive. His hips were thrusting, his cock jabbing at my face, desperately seeking a moist hole to sink his meat into. It was so degrading, his cock slapping his bitch in the face, precum making my skin sticky. My head shifted side to side to try and avoid his attack, but he wouldnít have it. Hind legs pushed him up further as his hips rammed that cock towards me. I finally managed a hand up between our bodies and grasped his cock. I opened my mouth and lined his thickness up with my hand. His next thrust I released my hand and his cock went between my lips!I had never thought of him to be so big until he tried to shove his entire cock into my mouth. I gagged, and tried to gasp for air. I grabbed his cock again with my hand and leaned my head back, taking in a deep breath of air before leaning forward, hold his cock this time as I took only a few inches into my mouth, his hips still thrusting at a vicious pace. I kept pushing my head forward, his thick cock pushing it back as it created a nice bobbing motion while I tasted his metallic precum and swallowed it into my belly. I was getting so wet by just sucking off my pet, which Iíve affectionately begun to call in my head, master. My hand grasped his cock, preventing what I cannot take, from entering my inexperienced mouth, the fist, which could hardly wrap around that thick cock, pounded against my now stretched and sore lips as his thrusts became more erratic and suddenly he rammed his cock hard into my mouth, so hard that it broke the grasp of my hand, that canine meat pushing deep into my throat and erupting his seed down my esophagus into my stomach. I couldnít swallow fast enough, and a lot of cum was overflowing my mouth and trickling down my neck into my blouse, covering the flesh between my breasts and even my stomach with his cum.Once he was finished cumming, and I was a sticky mess, he dismounted and trotted to his water bowl where he began to clean himself. My tongue licked my numb lips to clean off what dog semen I could, scooping the rest up with my fingers. The taste was bitter, yet Hero was happy and I was so turned on, I fingered myself in the shower as I washed his white seed off of me. Once I got out, we made love on the bed, I on my back and him on the edge. Missionary is my favorite way, ever since the first night he fucked me, to take Hero inside of me. I really hope you enjoyed my story. I will write more soon.
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