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Where do I begin. I want to thank [SPAM] for the How to info. I have finally have come out of the closet. I am a real dog lover now. And, my german shepard Rufus is my first dog. I started off slow with him and tonight it finally happened.Last Friday night my husband went to go pick up the kids at his sister's house and I had about an hour before they would be back. I go into the kitchen and get some honey and I take my pants and panties off and sit down on the sofa. "Come here Rufus," I call out and he comes up to me. I pet him for a little bit and he sniff's my now wet pussy. I get up the courage and spread my legs as Rufus wanders into the kitchen. I rub the honey on my pussy. "Rufus come here boy," I call out. he comes in and I pat my leg. He smells the honey and I feel his cold wet nose touch my wet pussy. next I feel his tongue as he starts to lick me. It feels so good. His long tongue lapping at my labia. MMMMMMMMMMM I lay back and relax as he licks. It feels so good. I feel his tongue licking every cervice. My tingling clitoris jerks beneath his tongue and I squirt and then come. Rufus smells my sex hromones as he pops a doggie hard on. He jumps on my leg and grabs hold.I want to push him off. But, he is enjoying my leg so much. I feel bad to shove him. I feel his doggie cock rubbing against my leg very fast and feel his first ejaculation of precum, his humpimg slows and I feel his knot swelling against my leg then I feel his second ejaculation of dog sperm he is humping very slow. His last ejaculation is really sticky and rubbery. i looked at my watch. Rufus spent 2 and a half minutes ejaculating. And he came a half a cup it looked like. He then sat down licking his still swollen cock. I timed how long it took for his knot to unswell. 20 minutes. That means when he ties with me he will be stuck inside me for about 20 minutes. He has a good size knot to about 4 inches in diameter. Spent Rufus goes and lays down on his dog bed. 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He laps up every bit of my pussy juice making me cum. I see his doggie cock unseathing and I reach over and stroke it. he starts humping his hips. I guide him between my legs in the missionary postion. I guide his cock near my hungry pussy. I feel the head go in and then the whole dick slams inside me. He is fucking me fast.There is no stopping him now as he penetrates me deep.I put my arms around him holding all of his dog cock inside me. His fast humping makes me cum again.His balls pounding against my ass add to the sensation. I try not to be to loud. I dont want to scare him. His cock feels so good pounding back and forth inside my pussy. I can't believe I am letting a dog f*** me. I was just so pent up and horny. Rufus shoots his precum inside me. His hip movements slow way down. I hold him close as I feel the knot swelling inside me. MMMMMMMMMM I'm going to tie with him. 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