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Hello everyone..this is part fantasy and partly not..mainly not..I hope you enjoy..I was attending a college at 19 to further my studies. There was no smoking area around the buildings so I started to wander down to an area that was full of trees and bushes that had a big old log that I could sit on and have my smoke in peace. It was a new college a little out of town, so was not as yet a very built up area. One day as I was sitting on the log daydreaming and smoking I began to feel a little horny, as there was no-one around (I thought) I lifted my skirt and moved my panties to one side and started to play with my pussy. It felt so nice out there in the sun with the trees moving in the wind, I felt suddenly wild and free. I lay back on the log to give myself a nice orgasm...I am very petite and I have always been turned on by shaving my sensitive.. I had a orgasm and began to relax..legs still apart..when I became aware of someone standing close by..I saw some shoes behind a bush.. You would think that I would be startled then but somehow the exhibitionist in me arose. I looked over and saw the man who tended the gardens in the college. His face was quiet and gentle and he was smiling a little at me. So I smile back.... he started to walk over to me..and asked if he could look a little closer at my pussy..I was very excited and said řes'. He gently parted my pussy lips with his big rough hands and looked at me..I was delerious with pleasure at being looked at with such obvious admiration. He asked if he could taste me and I said of course he could...he gently knelt down and started to lick me ever so gently....nothing like I'd experienced with men my own age. This seemed to go on forever as I felt so safe and relaxed..pure pleasure. He then began to play with my anus and vagina..he had such big hands..I loved to watch this time I was getting very hot. He asked me to roll over and get on all fours..the log was such a perfect height..he continued to lick and finger fuck me and my pussy was so tight and swollen I could feel my muscles pulling that big fat finger in and out of me..still in such a state of urgency to finish (although I knew by this time I would be missing my afternoon class) He began to play with my anus..just pushing in his finger a little way, this was new for me and I could not believe the pleasure it gave me. I turned around and saw he had his cock out and he was uncircumsised and big..he asked if he could try to get it in I am so petite..I begged him to.. He said wait one moment and went to his nearby truck..he got out a bottle of olive oil and it was then I first saw his black dog sitting in the back. He came back and oiled me up gently then began to slip his huge cock inside me...I thought I would die of pleasure. I was still on all fours and he also oiled my tight little asshole and was slipping his big finger deeper and deeper inside me there too. We both came with great orgasm..he stroked my back and said I needed cleaning up..all I was aware of was how my pussy was throbbing with pleasure and want more. He whistled his dog over a big black fella, the dog came over and sniffed my open pussy covered in cum and oil and began to lick me clean...I was in heaven. I had a dog lick me once before and always fantasised about it. The gardener gently rolled my onto my back and his dog continued to lick me up as if there was no tomorrow. It felt so damn good and I opened his dog licked me, the gardener began rubbing my swollen clit..what a divine feeling..I came again... This was to be and ongoing meeting..with the gardnener's dog becoming more involved...will write more of this adventure if you enjoyed...
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