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Fucking Animal Beastiality Movie Samples How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Have Sex With A Dog Horse Sex Story
After the first night, I felt rather gloomy the next two days. The funeral was very lovely, and it was wonderful to see family I hadnít seen in years. Alas, I returned back to my Auntís farm and turned in for the day. The next morning, I woke up full of energy thanks to a great night sleep. My aunt woke me up and informed me that she was going into town for a few hours and that she saddled up Wilber for me to ride around the ranch. She mentioned that there was a creek at the edge of her property where she usually swam in during the summer.After she left, I reluctantly got up out of bed and pulled my bathing suit out of the suitcase. I took off my nightshirt and boxers and stood before the mirror to brush my long, matted hair just so enough I could put on my bikini and still look like I just hadnít gotten out of bed. Pulling a pair of jeans over my bikini bottom and slipping some socks and boots on, I went outdoors to make my way to the stables. It was a short distance and I was quickly inside to see Wilber standing there calmly ready to get some exercise. I took a few slow laps around his huge frame, admiring his strong muscles, shiny brown coat, and his massive frame. He must have been at least 15 hands. I wanted to drop on my knees right there and just get nasty with him in the stables, but I fought the urge, taking a deep breath as my breasts pushed against the rather tight bathing suit top. I could feel myself get slightly moist once I glanced under his body to see those absolutely huge globes dangling between his legs and that sheath running up his body a bit. Shaking my head, I pulled his reins from the hook and lead him out to the pasture where I mounted him and began riding into the back of the property into the forest area where I knew the creek was awaiting my arrival. It wasnít but 20 minutes and my legs were sore from riding and chafing. I would slide off of Wilber and wrap his reins around a thick tree branch. I looked at the creek, sunlight filtering in through leaves to make a lovely sparkle effect on the surface of the water. I undressed in haste, almost falling over as one of my bare feet got stuck in the paint leg. With a soft Ďoomphí I landed on the ground, my butt rather sore from the fall. I winced in a bit of pain, rubbing my ass. But once I opened them, I was greeted with the sight of Wilberís backside, those huge testicles dangling between his legs. I was fixated. For the longest time I sat there watching them jiggle and sway with his side steps. Snapping out of the trance, I was unaware of my right hand gently rubbing my clitoris. Forgetting all about the swim, I slowly got up on my feet, thumbs slipping into the waistband of my bikini bottom to pull them around my ankles so that I could step out of them. I could feel the cool breeze brush against my incredibly wet pussy as I then reached both arms behind my back to unsnap my top and allowed them to slip off my arms and fall to the ground as well. Wilber caught wind of my actions and turned his to see me walking towards him. Coming to his side, I began rubbing his rib cage and back as I slowly made it near his rear flanks and began rubbing his legs as I knelt on my knees beside him. It wasnít long before I was beneath him, sitting on the bottom of my feet as I gazed at that huge sheath. Both hands were brought up to cup either side of his brown sheath as he began stepping around me for a few seconds. I was still until he stopped, it was then I began coaxing him, and judging by the huffs and snorts, he wasnít objecting. It was only about 3-5 minutes of rubbing when I saw that his cock was slowly coming out. It wasnít hard, but rather floppy as more and more came out. And as it did, hands soon left his sheath and I hoisted it up and began stroking him. Huge globs of precum oozed from the tip and dripped to the grass beneath us. With that bulbous tip inches from my face, I licked my lips and leaned forward, my tongue pressing against that penis slit as I began pumping that cock harder, but not faster. I was quickly rewarded with the most metallic tasting cum. Pulling my head back and swallowed that clear precum into my stomach. It left a very powerful aftertaste that made me kind of queasy.Instead, that sticky fluid was used to lubricate that cock of his which now had protruded a length longer than my forearm! I managed to get out safely from underneath him as I pressed my body against his side, my naked flesh warmed by his hot horse coat. My hands were still wrapped around that cock as I pulled his tool between my legs, his wet, stick head pushing against my soaking pussy as I rubbed it against my slit, moaning as I used his body for support. God, when his precum leaked out to lubricate my pussy and his cock, it made me sot hot that I turned around and leaned my back against him now, that cock held between my legs still as I had that incredibly hot cockmeat wedged between my thighs as I whimpered with pleasure. I could feel that tip push my lips apart as I rubbed his dick against my opening. It wasnít until I pushed the underside of his slippery dick that I felt the tip push my cuntlips apart and push up inside me! I moaned in unbelievable delight as I bent over to look between my legs to see that cocktip engulfed between my lips. Wilber sensed the pleasure and pushed forward, that cock slipping more into me. I grabbed that cock as he managed to get at least 5 inches into me. He was huge, thick as my wrist, that cockhead even bigger! I held the rest of his cock as I began rocking back, his hips snapping forward.I could see those huge orbs swaying with his powerful thrusts, as I knew he was going to cum hard! I was so wet due to his precum mixing with my juices in vast amounts. I was sweating beneath him as that cock fucked my pussy and stretched me in the most sadistic pleasure I had ever experienced. My perspired covered breasts snapped with force as I yearned to cum. And once I felt him thrust harshly into me, managing to force more of himself into me, a could feel him expand and thrust once more, that cum traveling up that huge shaft to spray into my loins, setting me on fire as I could feel myself cumming with him. I grunted as I pulled him out of me while he continued to pour his seed onto my backside, my hands still grasping him and jerking that erupting member onto my body. I turned and knelt quickly, letting him empty himself onto my breasts, my head pushing forward to allow an open mouth to allow a jet of thick horse cum spray my face as that seed was eagerly swallowed. I was covered with sticky white cum, as I fell onto my back, releasing that cock as it dangled beneath him. Gazing up at the sky through the trees, I could feel his seed trickle out of my tingling pussy. After my mind was unclouded, I made my way to the creek to bathe and clean myself off. After I finished, I dressed and returned back to the stables and returned Wilber to his stall, giving each testicle and his sheath a kiss before I left and went indoors to take a much needed nap.
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