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I work for the Vet, Dr Amy Moreau. Her practice is large dogs, and she gently nudged me into intimacy with dogs. I am not complaining. She never made me do anything, but dogs and a girl's own mind can be seductive.I never felt I had a high libido but this has become an obsession. I decided to try celibacy for a while. Dr Moreau had developed what she called a plug. It fit I was ctheterized, and then the tube going thru the plug was pressed into me. A key was inserted and turned and the plug expanded, stretching the mouth of my vagina and sealing me off. It was so designed that it fit tightly ove the outer lips. I could not get a finger down inside to pry it out. Once it was locked in, it stayed. The key went onto a chain around Dr Amy's neck. She said, you wanted to try celibacy, so there it is for as long as I wish. Don't even think about getting me to let you take it out without supervision. I've been thinking. I might use this to force the last of your humanity out of you. Wouldn't you like that?Betraying me, my own voice said yes. She continued. I think there have been more doggy dicks down your throat anyway. I think you need to be overloaded on that end and maybe you will come to be a celibate bitch who is forcefully mated, only against her will. Come. get ointo the operating room and get your thngs off.I walked quickly thru the dark clinic, undressed and got up on the opeating table. Amy began an exam. Every time that she touched or tpped on the plug, I nearly exploded. It wasn't seated quite right, and every vibration was sensually stimulating. Amy discovered the problem and took away the joy. She unlocked it, twisted it around a little and it was settled in with much less sensitivity. I wondered how I had let myself get into this non human condition, and what I was seeking now. Hidden screams from within me for something bestial but undefined.I got the canine hormone shots again. I knew they would put me into a moderately high state of bitch heat, but I could handle it. I'd asked for this, to help me struggle with my obsession for animal sex. I was a mass of conflicts. I wanted the extra breasts removed, yet when this was offered, I declined, keeping my six teats. Amy attached a leash to my collar and led me to the whelping room. The beds in here were heated. She put me in a cage, that kept me on all fours, tossed me a blanket, locked the pen and turning out the lights, she left the room. I laid in the dark whispering I hate this, over and over. It didn't work. It became, I need more. deeper deeper, deeper. I tried imagining myself as a bitch. But knew there was something beyond that.The concept seemed to form. I saw myself becoming heartless. Only one desire. I was semi dreaming of visiting bars and picking up girls and seducing them to submit to the dogs I would have ready in my van. I wanted to make as many breeding bitches as I could. Then, in my dream, a handsome young man crossed the movie in my mind. YES! I turned him into a bitch too. This would be so easy, and satisfying. Satisfying for the dogs, for me and the men and women who were yearning for another step, another level to their lives. I reached down and tapped at my plug, lulling myself to sleep.In my sleeping dreams I created a world of dog slaves. You there! Wash up clean. Tonite, I am coming for you.
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