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Man, I had this totally freaking awsome dream this morning that I just had to share it with the rest of the class... *heh* It was hard to say where to put it, either under Fantasies or Beast Stories but since it only happened in my dreams, I suppose Fantasies is the right place since I WANT it to happen... So, any ways, the dreams goes like this...I've been talking to a woman on the internet at a perticular forum... (hmm... I wonder which one that could be....??? *heh*) and we have agreed to meet together. For the sake of arguement, let's call her Ms. D... *heh* She's bringing her male canine lover up to visit with me but wants to meet at a place that she knows in Chicago. I agree and follow the address she gives me.I'm driving around in what seems like the bad place of town. It doesn't look like a cop would come within a mile of this place for fear of getting killed. I find this old place that looks like it might have been a nice hotel once... back in the 1920's. It's a large brick building covered in soot and dirt. I'm nervous as hell but I find a quiet alley to hide my car in. I walk back up to the building and swallow nervously as I stare at the address written in my hand and confirm I'm at the right spot.I'm shaking slightly now, perhaps out of fear or maybe the cold of the Windy City is getting to me. Then, from around a corner, Ms. D steps forward leading her gorgeous and powerful looking stub black lab. I stop shaking instantly upon seeing his masculine form and it gives me comfort. Ms. D approaches and gives me a slight wink and I tell her that I'm glad that we finally met. She says that we can be together in a little bit but first she has to put on a show inside. I didn't know this was going to happen but she leading me into the front doors and into the lobby.I hate this place suddenly. It smells of stall piss and the lighting is way too dark and sleezy. I stand off about 10 feet away from Ms. D as she talks to a woman behind the front desk. The woman tells her something and she points down the hall way. Ms. D looks at me and gives me a nod to follow her.We start to go down this dark hallway with only a few dim lights to guild us. We stop suddenly at a door barely visible and she turns around to talk.She says, "Bo and I have to perform now for a crowd. Bo and you can be busy after the show. I have a room for all three of us upstair when We're done down here."I politely nod my head yeah and she opens the door to the room. She fumbles around on the wall looking for the light switch. She finds it and the lights click on. It's small, about ten feet by sixteen feet big. But, on one wall is a huge one-way mirror. For a split second as the light to the room come on, I could see a few silhouettes of people on the other side of the mirror. She whispers to me that she doesn't mind if I watch her and Bo perform if that's what I like. I swallow to clear my dry thought but can only nod my head again "yes".In the room is kind of simple. The rug looks like cheap, outdated shag carpet that someone tossed away after the 70's. The walls are covers in peeling, cracked, and tarnished wallpaper that looks awful and doesn't match the room it's in. A few odd pictures hang from the walls and a small twin bed lays in the center of the room. Ms. D takes off her coat and I'm a bit surprised to see she only has on a black teddy underneath. She strides into the room in a sexy manner leading Bo along with her. I hear soft, cheesey, 70's porn music playing in the background as she sits on the edge of the bed. She begins to pet Bo and wreastle with him gentle. He seems to know what to expect as his canine cock is starting to show already. Ms. D lays down on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. She pulls the crotch of her teddy away from her cunt to give Bo free access to lick. She lays there and moans as Bo gives her whole pussy a tongue bath. After a few minutes. She gets up and smiles to the mirror. She gives Bo a short hug as she gets down on her knees. She gives him a quick kiss on the top of the head and falls to her hand and shakes her ass in his face. Bo gives her a few licks on her clit as he jumps on her back and begins to mount her.Bo pumps feverishly into the air at Ms. D's ass. He grips her tightly around the waist and frantically makes little steps forward trying to find his mark. However, Ms. D has her ass all the weay to the ground. She sits there on her hands and knees with her rump out of the way of Bo's advancements. She's smiling and making kissy faces at the one-way mirror and put on a show for the crowd. My heart breaks as poor Bo isn't going to get his fill. He doesn't know the torment he's going to face as he continues to squirt pre out trying to find his bitch's puppy hole.I get so angry knowing Bo isn't going to be satisfied and I hear and angry voice scream out in my head..."HOW can you let this happen to this poor dog? Can't you see he's suffering? Don't you even care about him or his needs?"I can't take it anymore. My wanton desire for the masculine stud's tool overpowers my reasoning skills. I burst into the room and don't even hesitate to get on my knees before my canine master. I place my lips gentle to his red and hot member and give the tip a soft kiss. I'm rewarded with a small spurt of pre to cover my lips. I lick them hungrily and taste his sweet potion of love. I close my eyes now and don't even hear anything now. I stick out my tongue to guild that powerful cock into my mouth. He dismounts Ms' D and grabs my back with his paws. He digs his front claws into my back as he pumps away into my mouth. I open my mouth so wide to allow access to my mouth. He's spurting so much pre into my mouth that I feel it warming my throat. His red boner is starting to hit the back of my throat and I feel my gag reflex kick in. I want to vomit but I just keep trying to swallow and stuff more of his cock into my mouth. Finally, I feel his cock slide past my tonsils and into my esophagus. I'm taking long slow breaths in and out of my nose. My whole mouth is stuffed with that hard and angry red cock of his. He begins to cum inside of me and I can feel every little hot spurt rushing down into my stomach.I only get a small taste of him as he's violently departed from me. Ms. D grabs me roughly around the arm and Bo by the collar. She drags us both into a hotel room now and tosses me to the floor.What have I done now? My career is ruined. I'll never be a doctor again. People will see my face and know what I've done now. People were watching and I'm sure the whole thing was being video taped now. I just tossed away my whole life just so I could be a dog slut.Suddenly, Ms. D lifts my head up as she wraps a dog collar around my neck and attackes it together. I hear the metal clanking of tags bouncing together and I pull on the secure collar. I look around and find a mirror in the room. I look at myself and then I look at the collar. Embroidered on the nylon collar, it reads "Bo's Bitch". I smile happily at my new life before me. I look over to Bo who's sitting in the corner. I crawl over to him on my hands and knees and whimper to him. He looks at me and I begin to slowly crawl over. His tool is red, angry and sticking about half way out. I whimper again at him and he just gives me a stern look like, "you had better be good bitch or I'll bite you". I stick out my tongue and I gentle begin to clean his tool for him. He relaxes now and closes his eyes and pants as he enjoy's his new bitch's advancements. I greedily suck every morsel of his cum into my mouth as I see Ms. D pull out a cell phone from her coat pocket.I hear her dial a phone number and I hear it ring noisily. There's an answer and she begins to speak..."Hi, how's it going? Ah huh, that's good. Say, how does the schedule look for the rest of the night? No, no... that's fine. Say, can you pencil in a new act for today? No, not for me again, someone new. No, uh ahh. No, it's a guy. No. Yes. That's right, it's a guy. No... no... Yes. Oh god yes he's good. Yes, I think he's going to be a good star someday soon...."----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suddenly, I wake up. Here I am in my bed now. However, between the veils of sleep and reality, I can still feel and taste all of Bo's cum in my mouth. I haven't had the taste of dog cum in my mouth now for almost 6 years and I can still vividy taste ever morsel that Bo has to offer to his bitch.I hope you enjoy my dream as much as I did... As far as making Dotti... errr... I mean Ms. D seem like she didn't care about her stud, I'm sure in real life that she does... I just can't help it that I want to be a canine whore for her stud so baddly... Well.. time will tell what it has for me and her... only time will tell... Dr. Zoo
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