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He is a sweet dog. A bit hyper, but thats not uncommon for Labs. He is mostly black with some white on the belly. I have been working with him few a couple of months now on holding things in his mouth. This night he was doing a real good job. I had my soft penis in his mouth, while I was rubbing his ears. Rubbing his ears was making him grown a bit, and it sent waves of pleasure through my body. As I got harder, I could feel his teeth lightly rubbing the base or my cock. I was deep in his muzzle, but he didn't pull away. It was hot, and wet in his mouth, and he was slightly panting, the cool air mixing with his hot breath, waifting around my cock at the sides of his mouth. And his semi rough tongue brushing the underside of my manhood. After about three minutes of this amazing pleasure, I felt myself begining to get close to climax. I was rubbing his ears faster now. He was looking up into my eyes with just a bit of a smile drawn on his lips. My cock twitched, and fired, my hot load streaming down his throat. That caught him by surprise. He swallowed the first two good shots, before pulling away, with the last three shots going on the floor. I knelt in front of him, gave him a big hug, and thanked him. I gave him some treats, and cleaned up the floor. We both wandered off to relax. The END.
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