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I am new to this site and hope you will understand me and my desires.I have this one fantasie that I have had for a very long time. I have come close to having it happen. However something always goes wrong.I would like to fine a women who like me has this diesire to explore and enjoy the world and all it has to offer sexually.I want to share her with other men and women and dogs. I would love to be able to share that special feeling only two people have when they do something that they would never do alone.I have been able to eat a women after she was breed by another man. To lick her and suck her to a climax and to taste her as she pushes his cum out of her.I want to be able to eat a women as she is breeding with a dog and then to eat her as his cum flows out. Then to share this with her by way of a kiss and to let her taste the dogs cum mixed with hers.This a dream I have and would love to act uponwith a women. I am here saying this because I feel that even though there and people like me who are interetsed in this subject. You can not just go up to someone and say I want to share you witth a dog.Nor do I know where to find a women with the same interst. This is the very frist time I have told anyone about my desires.Thank you for the space
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