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This is a bizzare fantasy I had. I just wrote it and edited it in the last few hours as it came to me. I was a skunk furry, visiting a facility to undergo some new-fangled fur scanning procedure that analyzed your entire body fur for dangerous infestations. I was met at the clinic by a cute thick-maned male lion with iron-rim glasses and a cute toothy smile. He led me into a room and explained the procedure to me, I nodded without really listening, trying hard to hide the developing hardon I had for this adorable lion!Eventually I had to strip naked and was led into a sterile, metallic room. There was a door kitty corner opposite to the one we entered through, it was metallic as well and looked very sturdy. There was a single, metallic platform in the center where I was to lie down on my back. I had to have my feet locked into place at the ankles and a tight strap across my chest that also kept my arms held firmly to the side of my body. Looming overhead was a scanning device that hung down and resembled disco ball with spikes sticking out.The cute lion left and I heard the door click. The room was fairly dim and mute. There was a metallic echo when i made a small coughing sound and suddenly the spiked disco ball above began to spin. It spun faster and faster, making weird beeping and blooping sounds. Soon it stopped and I figured the procedure had ended.I waited and waited, I tried calling out softly but there was only that metallic echo. Then the metal door on the opposite side of the room opened slowly. I herd trotting sounds, like those of hooves against metal. I couldn't see exactly what it was since the door was on the opposite end of the room from where my head was. I tried to look up over my body but couldn't see much more than the rump of some creature that was roaming around now on that side of the room. It looked to be a tan color but it was dim and I couldn't tell for sure.Suddenly my left footpaw scrunched instinctively as something cool nudged against it. I could hear sniffing sounds. Some critter was sniffing all over my right footpaw. It was so bizzare that I wasn't even scared, just very confused. Plus, it sorta tickled, and, well, I like that sort of thing, no matter the source.Thats when I felt and heard the first slurp of a tongue against my soft paw pad, and I scrunched it up and tried to pull away instinctively again as a shot of intense tickles ran down my spine. But the licking continued, all over my soft foot skin and soon the nervous stimulation turned pleasurable, and I was almost giggling to myself at what an absurd predicament this was.Suddenly there came more trotting as another critter entered the room and I heard some grunting and squealing. Pigs? I had never been near pigs before, I sniffed at the air and I didn't recognize the smell but they didn't smell dangerous. The second headed for my left footpaw and began sniffing then licking. Pigs slurping on my feet? The situation was so bizzare. But I had always had soft sensitive, ticklish paws, and I loved to have them played with so this was in no way unwelcome attention, be it even from pigs!I was squirming around slightly in my bindings, being unable to even physically react gave the whole thing a very surreal, helpless affliction that only served to enhance my arousal. I could not escape the sniffing licking hogs no matter what, and more were trotting into the room, rooting about, sniffing, grunting, squealing, hooves clicking against the tiled floor. To the right of me I saw a set of hoove thrust up on to the table and a large pink snout staring me down, sniffing all over my face fur and muzzle. I was becoming lost in the moment so I licked back and he seemed to like that. We were licking at each other, it was like we were kissing, or at least making tongue contact! By this point I was barely keeping my penis sheathed and it only grew larger as I grew more aroused!It seemed the entire room was now swarming with the beasts. Suddenly the metal examining table began to lower, and the animals had free reign to explore all over me! There were snouts all over, pigs pushing and shoving, burying there noses into my thick black fur. I was so aroused, squirming as pigs nipped and snorted, drooling and slurping and rooting. It was an utterly crazy scene, my furry skunk body being examined and enjoyed by a room of curious hogs!The door opened, the other door, and the cute lion from earlier walked in, completely naked. He smirked and told me he forgot to explain this part of the procedure! He walked up and licked me on the nose and I giggled and tried to lick back, but he put a finger to my nose and shooshed me. He walked up on to the table, standing over me, and lowered his left foot into my face, rubbing it up and down my muzzle and nose. I sniffed deep enjoying his lion scented, soft-yet-leathery paws, and without hesitation began to slurp and slurp, until his footpad and even the fur between his toes were wet with my saliva. He removed that foot and lowered the other to my face, and against I performed an excellent paw slurping, my mouth filled with the flavor of lion paw, better than any ice cream! As I stared up between his toes wigginlg in my face, It seemed as if his massive beastial cock was thickening and hardening with each lick I performed until it was a beautiful, firm mass of lovely lion flesh. I'm not embarrassed to say that I was also rock hard by this point with the added bonus of pungent animal scent and beast snouts exploring all over my body.The lion stepped down from above me and scanned the room, until he found what he was looking for, went to grab it, and bring it on to the metal table with me. It was a plump, curious sow, staring at me and rooting through my neck and chest fur. The lion rubbed the piggie's snout and scratched his claws softly under her chin, and it was as though she melted like butter, so calm and serene she nearly slipped right off the table. He turned her around, and stuck her right hind hoof into my face, and instructed me to clean it, which I did. I do believe she enjoyed it, for she grunted softly and the hooves spread as I slurped up the skin back between the front and rear of her cloven hoof. Once I had throughouly bathed that appendage, he lowered her left hoof and I started again, taking her entire hoof into my muzzle as best as I could and working my tongue around each cloven toe of her hoof.Pigs all around, grunting and sniffing, licking my ticklish footpaws and poking me all over my soft furry body, a cute lion forcing me to slurp up his paws and sow hooves, it was so insane, so very insane. Then it got insane.The lion petted the sow that I had just given the foot bath to, and gave her a few belly scratches. This made her go limp again, he repositioned her and before I knew it I was met with facefull of piggy backside. Her vulva in particular was squishing against my nose and snout, such a soft and warm spot to enjoy on such a scratchy, hairy creature. I took in a deep sniff and let the pungent-yet-sweet aroma of sow genitals linger in my nasal cavities. Without second thought, I pushed forward as much as my bindings would permit, so I could also get a good tasteful sampling of sow pussy all over my tongue.So lost was I in the joy of a sow sitting on my face that when i first felt the wonderful tingle of warmth on my penis I almost gasped and sprayed skunk scent, so strong was the sudden rush of extacy. A soft lion muzzle was now engulfing me fully, sucking gently, and though I could see not but the backside of this lovely sow, I knew it was the case, as I felt a prodding, curious tongue seeking and probing around my skunk penis. I moaned in glorious bliss but it was quite muffled, being as my muzzle was buried in pig flesh!As his slurping increased, I licked more and more at that piggy. curious snouts were still exploring my body fur and mercilessly licking my ticklish footpaws. I squirmed and struggled against my bindings, my thrashing more a physical expression of ultimate bliss than for escape. And why would I escape? That warm lion muzzle, eating up my cock, so lovingly gentle yet firm. A face full of sow pussy. Beasts tickling at my paws. My breathing was heavy and my heart fluttered as almost every sensitive spot was being mercilessly exploited. One of the piggies began curiously exploring at the base of my tail, rooting at my tailhole.Then he began to lick at my tailhole. And the puzzle was complete. Overload. My vision blurred, and my body tensed. And I let out a cackled, bellowing moan. Time slowed as my penis began to fire cum so exquisitely that each fresh load was its own eternal orgasm. A volcano, a waterfall, an earthquake, a hurricane. Such forces were childs play to the unbelievable power shooting from my genitals as this moment. I felt as though I were watching from above my body, mouth agap, blank, glazed eyes staring out into the stars, the cosmos, through the very cracks in reality that quickly filled and swelled with ultimate sexual pleasures.Then blackness.I opened my eyes. No sound, no animals, no lingering smell or fluids. Just a lion with wire-rim glasses and a white scientist coat standing over me, nudging my shoulder, saying it was perfectly normal for patients to nod off a bit during the procedure. The good news was that I did not have any serious infestations in my fur. He released me, I thanked him and began to leave the clinic with a blank confused stare. As I reached for the handle to leave, the lion called to me, I turned around and he smiled wryly. "Cute paws!" He said.I blinked, my heart skipped a beat, and my tail twitched. I nodded and smirked lightly, and walked out the door.I rescheduled for another procedure the moment I got home.
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