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It was a spring afternoon and I had been driving for several hours and with my luck had gotten myself lost on the backroads. I stopped on the side of the road to study the map,which confused me even more. I decided to keep following the road,as it would likely lead me to something eventually. As I continued on I could see in the distance a light,so I headed towards it. The paved road ended and I found myself on a gravel road now,that light seemed no closer. I drove on,as the road made several bends and switchbacks and finnaly I came upon the spot were I had seen the light. I t was now early evening and as I pulled up to the house,I heard the dogs barkng. The porch light came on and a man came out. I got out of the car and told him I was "lost". He gave me the "once over"look and then said,"well you'd better come in". We sat and talked for some time and I explained that I was traveling through the area,heading south. I got out the map and had it on the table and asked him,"where am I?" He looked at the map and then pointed out the spot. We talked some more and I said that I'd better go and hopefully find my way back o the main road. He said,"no you'd better stay the night". I thanked him for his curtisy and got my bag from the car and he took me to the spare room. He asked if I'd had supper and I said no,so he went into the kitchen and whipped up a small meal for the both of us. After we ate,sitting back in our chairs with our glasses of wine,I asked him why he lived so far away from town? He was quiet for a couple minutes and then said that he prefered the solitude. He then added that he liked to spend the majority of his time in the nude. I looked over at him and said,"is'nt that interesting,so do I". With this "icebreaker",we looked at each other and without saying a word,both stipped off our clothes and sat there with our wine enjoying the comfort of being naked. We now started to narrow our conversation and he asked if I liked dogs? I said yes. He said that usualy he had the dogs in the room to keep him company. He got up and walked over to the door and a couple minutes later came back in with a couple beautiful big Labx dogs. He told me they would be curious about me,but not to worry,they were friendly. The dogs wandered around the room and as noted,came over to investigate me. The one,a male,came over and without hesitation,stuck his nose in between my legs and started to sniff me. This caught me off guard and I almost jumped,but did'nt. He quickly called the dog off and apolpogized. I said that it was ok,I was just caught off guard. He then said that he allowed the dogs to lick him. I then looked at him and asked,are you into beastiality? He looked at me and said "yes". I have regular sex with the dogs,they are my companions. I said that great,as I am also very keen on it as well. This then changed therest of the night for us. I told him that while I liked k9's,my interest was with horses. He said he did'nt have any. Isaid thats fine,I'd be happy playing with the dogs. We finished our drinks and he said now that I know your willing,I'll get the dogs ready. He warned me the male is very good at mounting and I should be careful. He also said that both females were close,if not in heat. This became very clear as one of them came over to me,got her nose up between my legs,then turned around and presented herself to me. Well with an "invitation"like that,I did't waste time. I got on my knees and with little effort I was up inside her. I got on top of her and started to work her. My new friend had the other female in position and was on her. When I finished,I pulled out slowly,to enjoy the feeling that much longer. The cum started to drip out and I turned around and pressed my butt up against hers and felt the cum slowly running down my butt. As I pulled away I felt the nose of the male getting into my but and licking up the ozze. My friend now had finished his female and as the male started to clean him off,he said to me,"get up on him". I was getting hard,so I approache the male and carefully dragged my cock up between his back leg. He turned his head for a miniute,then went back to licking my friend. I took the que and got up in him. As I did,my friend moved up beside the male and leaned under him. He started to suck the dog off. The male turned his head and had his nose up my friends butt. I finished and then went back in for seconds. When I did finish the second time,I went around front and I stood there as the male cleaned me off. The one female was very insistant and when she came over,I got on all fours. She had her nose under me and up my butt. Then she turned and sprayed me. I turned around and crawled on top of her and gave her a good f***ing. We carried on for some time. I presented myself to the male and he was on me and it was great. When he pulled free,I felt the cum just flow from my butt. I then sat back into the puddle of cum. The next moring I woke up to the feel of a dog licking me. We had breakfast and as we were finishing our coffee,the dogs were getting restles looking for more sex. My friend said that he'd take these ones out and bring in the other two females. When they came in they were looking to bury thier noses in between our legs,as we still had the scent of the others on us. I got down on all fours and the one female went at it. Her nose was planted in my butt and her tounge was doinng a good job. She pulled back and got between my legs and was licking my cock. I then moved forward and got part way onto a chair. The female repositioned herself and had her head now down facing my cock an was licking it with zest. She pulled out and I got down and as I did she squatted. I moved around behind her and was up on her with no problem. We spent a couple hours that moring being "studs". I finnaly had to go and my new friend provided me with the directions. He told me to stop by on the way back for some more k9 lov'n. I told him I would,as it was a pleasure being "in the dog house". blackjack53
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