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A continuation of the first gay bondage animal story, hope you like as much as the first one.It was still late winter, Ed and myself really enjoyed the bondage and sex with Fang. So it didn’t come as a surprise me when Ed invited me over to his place for a little more fun. This time he told me he had something new in mind, not thinking much about it I said I would be over in a few minutes. When I got there Ed and Fang were waiting out side for me, I said hello and Ed told me to follow him to the barn. We got inside the barn and closed the door, seeing how cold it gets the barn is heated, we took of our coats and Ed locked the barn door, just to make sure no one would bother us. As we talked about the snow and the up coming college football game we walked to one of the stables in the back, in side was a single hay bail in the middle with a large wool blanket draped over it and six eye hooks around the bail in the floor. Wow you really put some thought into it this time, why six hooks? Easy he said, two for your arms, two for your knees and the last two for your ankles. As he told me a little of what he had planed I was taking my boots and cloths off and he was getting out a good length of rope. With Ed instructing me I got down on the hay bail and he tied my arms and legs down tightly, while this is going on Fang is getting rather excited because he knows what is coming next. Ed stands back to look on while I struggle against the bonds to make sure they are tight and would not come loose. Ed pulls his pants off and kneels in front of me his dick all ready hardening. Once again I start sucking on his ever growing cock as Fang decides it is his turn and jumps on my back to push his big pit bull dick into me. After the practice Fang has gotten before he pushes into me as far as he can and begins humping away. Ed moans as I suck on his dick while Fang pounds his into my butt. Fang was humping as hard as he could drooling onto my back in the process. Before I could get Ed to cum he pulled his dick out of my mouth and sat on another hay bail. He told me he wanted screw me when Fang was done. As if on command Fang let out a grunt and pushed his knot into me and in another few thrusts I could feel his hot spunk pouring into my ass. After Fang shot his load into me he slumped over and slobbered all over my back and ass. In a little bit Fang pulled his slowly softening cock out of my ass with a wet sucking sound. Fang went to lie down in the corner and I felt Ed’s dick being pushed into me. Ed stretched me almost as wide as Fang did, though Ed could not last as long as Fang. Ed pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my ass cheeks. I was beginning to feel rather tired but Ed said he had a surprise for me and with that left. With as tight as I was tied down I couldn’t see where he went. I relaxed when I heard him coming back to the stable I was currently tied in. Before he got there I heard the clomping of hoofs on the wood flooring. Ed walked in leading his ¼ horse Grey. He told me not to worry but I all ready was worrying let’s face it even a Grey being a ¼ horse he would have a good sized dick. Ed led Grey around behind me, and I felt Grey’s hot breath on my butt. Before I could protest Grey reared up and thrust his large horse cock forward, he missed on his first try; his hoofs came down with a thud on ether side of me. My relief that he missed was short lived as I felt the mushroom shaped head of his dick pressing into my ass cheeks when he found my hole he thrust forward again pushing 5 inches of ¼ horse dick into me. Grey snorted and rocked forward pressing 4 more inches into me. Having 9 inches of Grey’s horse dick throbbing deep inside me was wonderful. Grey pumped all 9 inches of his dick into me for much longer than Fang ever could. It felt like Grey was never going to cum but it felt like I was getting reamed by Grey for longer than 20 minutes my head was spinning. Finally Grey snorted and grunted and drove 12 inches deep into me before he started pumping huge globs of sticky cum into me. Grey kept cuming into me as his cum mixed with Ed and Fang’s cum; it was so much it leaked out around his shaft dripping down my balls and hard dick. Grey pulled his monster cock out of me after what seemed like hours squirting cum over me, cum poured out of my stretched asshole. I laid there with cum smeared all over my ass and back. Ed petted Grey on the flanks and walked him back to his side of the barn. While Ed took Grey back to his pen Fang took another round on me pushing his knot deep inside before he even got his rhythm going. Fang tied his knot in me a second time that day, spraying more spunk into my stretched butt. While Fang was tied to me Ed came back and put his dick back in my mouth quickly cuming again. Fang decided he had enough and Ed put him out side. I thought Ed was going to finally untie me but no luck, he brought Grey back into the stable and told me he would be back in a while with that he closed and latched the door to the pen. I yelled after him but he just walked out leaving me and Grey.It didn’t take Grey long before he reared up again driving his dick back into me. Grey snorted and huffed as he pushed his rod into me for a second time. Ed left me there long enough for Grey to mount me twice more before he untied me. I took a while to clean all of the dried cum off of me, I walked back to his house a little stiff. It took a little while before my hole stopped throbbing. I finally looked at a clock I was tied up for at least four hours getting mounted by Fang and Grey.Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did actually doing some of it.
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