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Several moths had gone by and I had made many trips out to my friends small farm and we both had enjoyed the time with the dogs. However,as it happened I could'nt get out to make my visits for a couple months and I really missed that wonderful time of getting it on with my new k9 friends. I kept in contact with my frieend and he told me that the dogs seemed to be "missing"my visits and I told him that I was working on arranging to take time and wanted very much to make the trip out for some relaxing time. A couple more weeks went by and I finnally was free to make the trip back out to my friends place. I made a phone call to him to let hin know that I would be making a visit again in a day or so and that I was very keen on getting it on with the dogs as soon as I arrived. My friend said that he would be waiting for me and that he had a surprise for me and would show me when I ggot there. This caught my attention and I was now curious as to what to expect. I arrived at the farm and the dogs came out to greet me and I was glad to see that they had'nt forgotten me. I went into the house to say hi to my friend and to have a cup of coffee and talk with him for a while. As we sat there,several of the dogs were in the room with us,seeking our attention. I ask him about this "surprise"he had for me,as I was curious to know what it was. He said that I'd have to wait a while,at least until after a session with a couple of the dogs,as he said I looked like I was in real need of a good round of "dog love". I could'nt argue with that logic and upon finishing my coffee I started to strip off my clothes in anticipation of having some good k9 "breeding "time. A couple of the dogs came straight over and started to sniff and lick me. I felt the one male get his nose up into my butt and his tounge working it's magic. My friend,by know,had also stripped and he too was being looked after. We started to move towards the door and as I did the male pulld his nose out and we all went outside towards the kennels. I was now early in the fall,so it was'nt as warm ,but with the dogs around us we were warm enough. I walked into the kennel with several femals,who immediatly came over and started to investigate me. I recoginized the one female as one of the first females I'd worked on and she,upon giving me a once over with her nose,turned her buut to me and raised her tail. I took the que and without hesitation got down on my kees and positioned myself up agiainst her butt and got into her. As I was doing my thing,another female had her nose planted close to my butt and I felt her tounge warmly licking everything between my legs. I wondered what my friend was doing and I looked around to see were he was and there he was with the male up on him. I finished with the female and went into the pen with my friend and the male. The male was just finishing and I was waiting for him to pull out in order to have all that warm cum ooze all over me. I also wanted to immediatly mount the male k9. The male finnaly pulled free and I quickly moved up behind my friend and just as I did out came the cum. I asked him to aply some presure and it sprayed all over my back and down my leggs. He said he felt more coming and I backed up and pressed my butt up against his and the cum flowed down between our legs. I pushed my butt even tighter to his and moved back and forth to get it all over. Upon pulling apart we heard a "pop",as the cum was sticky . The male got his nose in between us and was licking both our butts I moved around behind the male and as he was still doing a cleanup job on my friend,I got positioned behind him and with little resistance I was up on him It felt so nice to be in that position. I finished and as we sat there recovering,I ask him again,what his "surprise was. He got up and said,"come with me". We walked out of the kenels,covered in cum,from our bellies to our knees. He led me over to the small barn he had and when we walked in I heard a nicker. He turned on the lights and there were two ponies a mare and gelding. He said he'd gotten them some moths ago and had been working with them. He said the mare was great and very willing to please and that the gelding just as great. We went over to them and they both were very curious about me and with all that fresh cum on us they both had thier noses down giving us a good once over. My friend said that when he got the ponies positioned in the crossties we could work on them. I asked if I could do the mare first and he said sure. Both ponies were Welsh,making the mounting of them easy. We got both of the horses positioned next to each other and started to work on them. It did'nt take long before I was up and inside the mare and when I looked over,my friend also up and in the gelding. I finished and pulled out slowly and got up tight against the mares butt and waited for the cum to drip out. I then moved over and started to rub my cock against the geldings butt and within a couple min. I was up and inside him. I looked to see were my friend was and he was beside the gelding. I pulled out and steped to the side to see what he was doing. He said to take a look and I looked under the gelding and my friend was docking with him. This looked interesting and he said I should give it a try. I aked him if I should wait until he was finished and he said no,that there was room for both of us. I went around to the other side and as I was getting hard,I positioned myself and did a "docking" . We finished and gently pulled free. I then got back up behind the gelding and mounted him some more,while my friend went over and got up into the mare. This was a treat and surprise I told him. He said I thought you'd like it. We kept up f****** the ponies for at least another hour. We thhen gave them a good brushing and fed and watered them for the night. I gave both of the ponies a big hug and rubbed my body all over both of them. The next morning I went straight out to the barn and after getting them thier feed,spent the rest of the morning mounting them both. After lunch I spent the better part of the afternoon with the dogs either mounting them or being mounted by them. to be continued.
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