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I wasn't new to animal love when my neighbor asked me to watch his dog while he went in for reserve training. I had been sexxing my female rottweiler for over a year and wanted nothing else but her. The first day I went over and checked up on my neighbor's black lab. I fed him and watered him and tossed the ball around in the garage. When I was about to leave he was sitting in front of me and his cock was slowly slipping in and out of his sheath dribbling a little each time. I was fascinated watching the pink cock move slowly in and out. It was so slimy and sexy looking that I couldn't resist. I called him over and he rolled onto his back. I rubbed his belly and then slowly coaxed his cock from the sheath. Rubbing gently back and forth it shot much further out than before. He jumped to his feet and let me continue stroking him slowly. He started to get bigger and began humping wildly. I let him stroke my hand lubricated by his juices until his knot was full and buldging. It was no longer soft and suppple it was hard as a rock and as big as mine in length nearly 7 inches to the knot and nearly as thick. He started cumming in high pressure streams all over my hand and I released my grip on his cock. I watched him walk around slowly pumping and cumming everywhere. When he was done I gave him a treat and made sure he was happy. I went home to plan for the next day with this sexual beast.When the next morning came I was so excited I nearly forgot to feed my female rottweiler. I went over with great anticipation. I filled his bowls and played ball with him until he was rarin to go again. That pink cock sliding slowly in and out still drives me wild. I pulled of my pants and shorts and bent slowly over. Instantly the dog knew what was to happen. He ran over and began licking my cock from the side I nearly came then but he moved on and began licking my ass. Quickly he mounted and I could feel that sweet pink cock slowly hitting my anus as he began to hump. Two hard pumps and he was in. His cock stroked quickly in and nearly out each time slowly getting longer and thicker each time. I was so horny as he pumped madly. Each stroke was exctasy with his fury body on top of mine and his knot now beckoning to go in. I started to cum on the floor as he pushed in and I squeezed down on his knot. Seemingly instantly he began to cum. The feeling of that mass as it expelled his juice was to much I let my load on the floor. He kept a slow stroke until he had finished cumming. When he was done I reached back and slowly pulled him out. His cock was covered in cum and I licked it clean as we both lay on the floor satisfied. I have never felt so content as I lay there with him the rest of the morning.This was a true story. I only have a few but will gladly share more if they are liked.Thanks for reading,rotluvr
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