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This is a bigger story than I thought, well heres Part three. Her first full day was an interesting one, as she attempted to talk with her new neighbors, she was shocked as both the girl and woman began to relive themselves in front of her, she had expected some modesty but was informed that they were forced to be dog like by Alison and Doug, that was his name. In fact two or sometimes four bitches were walked every night no different than any owner walking their dogs. All of the girls were well groomed each had their hair secured into two side by side bows, were bathed, and had their teeth brushed weekly. There were twenty four bitches at the kennel and Julie was the newest with two more kennels to fill in on her row and she noticed another row of four kennel cages separate from the others behind the house. Each morning Alison would spray down the cages and hose the shit into the gutters. After that she or Doug would fill their bowls with food and water. After a week Julie found Alison at her kennel in the afternoon, “come on girl, we are going for a walk!” naturally Julie had no desire to crawl round the neighborhood on all fours naked but she knew it wasn’t an option anymore. Julie slowly crawled out of the cage and allowed Alison to attach her leash. Julie was still slow compared to many of the other women, but Alison knew that she needed exercise to improve her health. Also Julie needed obedience training though the advantage of Hu-bitches obviously was that they learned quickly compared to their k-9 counterparts. First Julie was taught to sit when Alison stopped walking, when Julie stopped she remained on all fours Alison tugged up on Julie’s throat and said “Sit!”. it was then that Julie realized that she was receiving obedience lessons. This continued out on the grass in font of the kennels for a little while, she learned to heel, stay, come, and fetch, all of this with only being smacked hard twice on her rear; finally, Alison called over to Doug who had been watching, “honey, she’s ready for her tail”, “oh, what one do you want?”, “the raised brown one; the short hair” Julie froze in place she didn’t like the sound of this… “Sit!, Stay!, good girl” ordered Alison where they stood, complying Julie sat and watched as Alison walked over to Doug who was now standing by the house with what looked like a tail in his hand. What Julie did not know was that the law required all Hu-bitches to ware tails in public and to be on a leash in places with a leash law all to ensure separation from human status as animals. Taking the tail from her husband Alison faced Julie and ordered her to come. Julie was scared and slowly began to walk toward her owner. “Come!” said the young woman pointing to the ground beside her in an authoritative tone. Julie sped up and sat beside Alison as instructed. Reattaching her leash Alison once more tugged on the collar but this time ordered “Tail!” in the tone of one instructing a dog, pushing Julie down to where her knees remained in contact with the ground, yet her shoulders and chest were on the ground, this of course naturally spread Julie’s butt cheeks. The tail its self was a small thin butt plug attached to the tail. It contained a cell with lubricant in it and Alison had only to squeeze the right spot to lube up the plug. Julie whimpered at the sensation of the plug sliding in, the plug was meant to be comfortable and was not large but was inflated with a built in pump to seat it in her rectum. “oh, stop whining girl, you need to get use to it” said Doug petting her. Doug did not always walk in the afternoons with his wife that often but he did on occasion and tonight he went to the back row of kennels, and opened the door to one of the cages. Bringing out another woman a twenty something brunette that Julie could tell had been at this a while. She was actually excited and smiling to go on a walk! Julie could not imagine being happy to do this. The other bitch was use to having a tail in her ass and had no problem walking, Julie was a little uncomfortable but as they got going she fell into a rhythm that helped her remain comfortable. Julie was aware that before the walk started Doug grabbed a pooper scooper. The walk went well Julie stayed up with Alison and the other bitch trotted happily alongside Doug. They walked along the sidewalks of the small suburban area for about an hour after awhile Julie began to slow and tire, the tail didn’t help the sensation of needing to poop either. Eventually they passed a house with an old woman out front doing her gardening, Alison and Doug stopped and had the two bitches sit as they talked to the old lady. The bitch with Doug began to whimper a little and he patted her head. “oh it is about that time huh girl” tugging up gently on her leash he ordered “tail” leaning on her chest; tits hanging out the bitch whimpered as Doug slid out her tail. Once it was out he told her “ok” and she sprang up and walked over to the strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk. Squatting she began to poop looking around no different than any dog on a leash. When she was done Doug matter-of-factly scooped it up. Placing her tail back in they parted ways with the old lady and began their walk home. Julie soon was in a desperate need to relive herself as well, but still desperate for some shred of privacy. It was not meant to be, the pressure was soon to great and she whimpered a little to loud. “honey stop she has to go” from Alison was the near immediate reply. Julie was straining on the balls of her feet and hands to push out a shit when the school bus pulled up. Popping out of the bus the youngsters having grown up with Hu-bitches were not at all turned off at the sight before them, they ran over and began petting the other bitch and Julie. Squatting as she was Julie was in tears with embarrassment once more. And so Julie fell into a routine that with time began to slim her out; her hair actually lost its gray also a result of the implants, and she became more and more mobile on all fours. Julie had not even thought about the reason for any of this she had always taken it as a punishment of some kind. But Julie had felt punished her whole life, she had never though that she could be truly happy because she had been told she was infertile early on in life. Now how ever she was forced to find any level of happiness she could. For the last six months of her life she had been living as a dog and had adapted. Also she was finding friends in her kennel sisters, they were walked, bathed, fed, and groomed together. Once or twice a week they would strain to whisper to one another at night. One day tied off to a tree outside a shop in town with Ginger a twenty something red head, the two began to “whisper” to one another. This was risky because if caught they would get spanked, but they were bored and did anyway. Ginger eventually brought the physically tiring conversation around to family. Julie was shocked to find out that they all already new that Alison was her stepdaughter. Next came the biggest and most troubling revelation to Julie yet. “you’ll have your first puppies this year huh” said Ginger “don’t be scared” Julie looked at Ginger funny. She didn’t understand the question at first, the ginger with her ‘paw’ pressed on Julie’s stomach. “puppies” she repeated “ I have had eight litters” an expression of horror came over Julie. She began try and leave but the leash and collar choked her already sore throat. Near panic she struggled against her leash eventually she fainted. Alison and Doug came out of the shop to find a very scared Ginger whining on her leash and Julie passed out. Julie spent the night at the vets office and was released the next day. Returning to the kennel Julie finally noticed the stretch marks on all of the women and girls in the kennel also that their tits all showed signs of use where hers did not. Then one night Julie having put it out of her mind she looked over at Tabitha (the girl) next to her and saw blood in the floor of her cage and noticed it was from between her legs. There was a lot of blood and Julie was surprised by the girls reaction. She appeared happy! Then she rattled the wire and out came Susan ( the older of her neighbors ) and she smiled for her as well ! By morning half of the kennel was bleeding, and within a day so was Julie. It was the first time in years that she had had a period, but this was different this was heat. Alison seeing the blood was overjoyed she began paying special attention to them all especially to the first timer Julie. Each day she would clean them and wash out the blood with warm water. When they went on walks they wore special diapers to catch the blood, at one stop Alison was congratulated for the up coming puppies. All of this made Julie revolt with fear at the situation that she still didn’t understand. Soon Alison began taking their temperatures which was also something Julie disdained. Then one morning snuggling in her igloo Julie was awoken by the sound of a truck coming up the drive. Looking thru her the wire of her kennel she saw a older couple get out of the truck and walk toward the house. In the back of the truck she saw a large plastic dog crate. Hearing the screen door on the front porch slam shut she looked to see the two couples walking together. Julie had assumed that there was a new girl coming to stay at the kennels, that was wrong at the point that the box started barking. Her heart moved into her stomach when she saw the large Boxer jump out of the crate and on to the lawn released by his owner. The muscles on the body of the stud were clearly defined thru his brindle coat; jumping and playing on the lawn beside the truck. “well someone is sure happy to be here isn’t he” said Doug petting him in an attempt to calm him down. “ that’s because my sweetie is going to get lucky, huh” said the older woman doting on her dog. “well lets put him up and finish the paperwork inside ok” said a cheerful Alison. The older man whistled to the dog and walked towards the four separate kennels behind the house. An hour later the two couples emerged, the women hugged and the men shook hands. “don’t worry we will take good of your baby and you’ll be a little richer for it” said Doug to which the older man asked. “when will he stud so we can be here?” “Oh, of course I forgot that you need to witness for the pedigree” said Doug slightly embarrassed that his forgetfulness looked like a lack of professional etiquette. Piping in Alison said “Tuesday say four clock”, “oh that will do; thank you” replied the older woman as she and her husband got into their truck to leave. The next morning there were a lot of sore throats from all of the whispering that had gone on that night. Julie was surprised about all the buzz in the more than six months that she had been at the kennel there had never been that much talk among the bitches. Julie learned from her more seasoned neighbor that there would be at least the four studs and that each would be a different breed of dog. True to the gossip the next day another truck arrived with another owner and their dog. This one was a Rotweiler owned by a family about the same age as Alison and Doug; the little girl seemed interested in seeing the puppies but didn’t yet understand she would have to wait. Eventually there was a Labrador Retriever and a English Pointer in the last two kennels, and it was Tuesday afternoon. Julie knew that it wouldn’t be her that Alison came for, she had over heard that much but she was still afraid. That afternoon as Alison walked down the row of kennels she was accompanied by the older woman that owned the Boxer. “how do you select a bitch?” asked the older woman, “well since you are asking for a pedigree and need to be assured that the stud inseminates only one bitch, we will find one of our younger bitches that has had a litter or two and that is defiantly strong enough to handle your dog” eventually the two women stopped at the row behind Julie’s and selected Lorie. “this is Lorie” said Alison with a smile “oh hi! Lorie!” said the old woman petting the girl on the head, “she is twenty years old and this will be her third litter” Alison said attaching a leash to Lorie’s collar. Lorie; Julie saw was for her part neutral on the subject she smiled and did not have to be dragged out as Julie expected but she was not really pleased either. Lorie was a brown haired girl that was just in her third year of life as a dog. She didn’t like it but knew there was no going back, once she was out on the lawn Alison removed her leash and let Lorie walk around a little. “some of them get into it and play with the stud, but Lorie don’t” Alison informed them “so we have to bring him over to her and have him smell her” and with that she called the boxer over to the girl and began to finger her at the girls naturally upturned pussy, placing her finger to his nose the stud became excited. Julie could see a pink sliver form under the dog then he sniffed Lorie. The girl by had been naked for almost four years now and mated twice, there was no ceremony, no romance, no getting to know anyone, and on all fours for the rest of her life her genitals would always be exposed. His tongue licked her, she spread her knees and lowered her self to her elbows, and he mounted her. Julie saw the look on Lories face as his penis entered her, while it was mostly neutral she also showed some dislike at what was happening. What Julie didn’t know was that in the last few years male dogs had been bred with larger than average knots. As he slammed the girl from behind his knot grew more than large enough to ensure a very tight fit. Soon his rhythm slowed and he rested on her back then swung his leg over and the two faced back to back. Once that was done both Lorie and the stud were attached to stakes in the lawn. “well they will be awhile lets let these two be alone” chirped Alison and with that the two couples went inside. Periodically they checked over the next half an hour to see if the male Boxers knot had gone down at all. While Lorie had a look of discomfort on her face, she had orgasmed and eventually his dick slurped out of her vagina and the two separated. With a grimace Lorie looked at the stud and the two waited for their owners to return. With cum leaking from her pussy the stud came forward and began to lick her clean. The girl gave no resistance and allowed the dog to clean her, it was obvious that she was sore, but that his tongue also felt good. When the good byes were said Julie was surprised when the dog did not return with his owners. (One or two more ought to do it)
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