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My buddy Clint had this great log cabin where we had partied many times and entertained some rather sexy women in the process. We sat around and talked because it was one of those days that made you stay inside. It was cold and snowing and sitting with a buddy drinking some hard liquor telling dirty jokes and smoking cigars was far more fun the going out in the dead of winter. We remembered the night we swapped our dates and f***** them while in the same bed next to each other. I didn’t think it strange when he commented later that night that I have a nice big cock. The fact was that he did also but my interest that night centered around the slutty girls that we played with.The more we talked the more we drank and soon got rather buzzed. After a while Clint put a porno video in and we sat and watched and kept drinking. There was little doubt by the bulges in our pants that both of us were turned on by what we say. Without a word Clint unzipped his pants and removed a long thick hard on and started to stroke it. He never looked over at me, he just watched the film and took long slow strokes on that great looking cock of his until I heard him say…. “are you going to join me?”I never answered him…I just whipped out my 7 inch cock and also began jerking. I can’t remember what that video was about actually. At that point I couldn’t look at anything but that massive tool he sported in his fist. Watching him jack that thing seemed to turn me on more by the moment. It crossed my mind at that moment that perhaps I was bi. No…that couldn’t be it, it had to be the booze and the porno. Suddenly I looked up and there was Clint standing in front of me between my open knees. He was still silent and still stroking. I just stared and watched as his hand went the full length of his thick dick and his balls swayed with each stroke. Without hesitation I reached up and cupped his balls in my hand. Then Clint put his hand on the back of my head, moved closer to me and said…. “suck”. I didn’t understand it. After all I was a strong man in my mid 30s and certainly not one to take orders from anyone, none the less my buddy. But…I couldn’t help myself. I obediently opened my mouth and allow him entrance. But Clint didn’t let me simply suck him. Instead he treated me like his slut…and even called me “bitch”. His hands held the sides of my face as he forced his cock in and out of my mouth like he was screwing a woman’s pussy. The thing was…I loved it. His hard tool went deep in my throat until his balls touched my chin. I had never had a cock in my mouth and never wanted to, but this was far one of the most exciting experiences I had ever had. Clint stopped. He put his head back and stood still and said… “suck harder bitch.” I wasn’t sure what he meant but by his motionless body I assume he wanted me to do the work now. I did so without hesitation or delay. My mouth went up and down on the wonderful dick willingly as I cupped his balls in my hand. Then without warning my long time buddy exploded in my mouth. I never had time to question if I’d spit or swallow, I just drank down every ounce he gave me. Clint sat in the chair a few feet from me and I resumed jerking myself off again. He still breathed rapidly and I asked if I was going to receive the same pleasure. “Hell no” he said, don’t you get it…you’re my bitch.” I sat trying to figure out what exactly he meant when in came his Great Dane and almost as if that young 2 year old was commanded to do so, he stood in front of me. Then came more orders. “Suck Butch you bitch.” I followed my new Master’s orders without question. I sat on the floor next to the huge dog. His cock still covered by the furry coat. I touched it and a thrill went through me like a jolt. I couldn’t believe how my desire for cock was enraged. Something that I had never felt before or even thought of and I didn’t care if it was human dick or dog cock. Hell, I’d suck a horse at that point. Clint must have trained Butch some before because as soon as I wrapped my hand around his sheath and stroke a couple of times his red dog cock escaped its cover. I pulled back the sheath back as far it would go and placed my hand behind the knotted bulb at the base. Placing my lips to the pointed tip I tasted the sweet musty taste of dog for the first time in my life. And when he instantly started squirting pre-cum on my tongue, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time. The smooth slippery texture of that cock was beyond my description. I closed my eyes and have Butch a good blowjob just like I had his Master. But from the way things were materializing, it looks as though Clint had become my Master too. I was ready to do anything he wanted me to at anytime. I was in fact His submissive bi slut from that moment on. Butch was enjoying himself as his hind parts humped forward in and out of my mouth. Just like I did for our Master, I just made my mouth rounded and allowed his cock to f*** my face. I couldn’t swallow his juice fast enough and I so wanted him to cum. But Master Clint had other ideas. He pulled me by my hair and instructed me to get on all fours. “Butch is going to f*** you bitch” he informed me. I never looked up but offered a “yes Sir” in obedience to Him. Butch sniffed my ass and licked from my hanging balls to my butt hole at least a dozen times. It felt wonderful. Clint kept patting my lower back trying to get Butch to mount me. But at best all he got was the dog putting his paws around me and making some half interested thrusts that made his dog dick slide against the cheeks of my ass. He just didn’t seem to want to screw me.It became clear what Butch wanted as he came around me and laid on his back with his legs spread wide and his red dick still exposed. I looked at Master Clint and told him I was sorry that Butch’s efforts were not successful. The Master simply said, “then suck bitch.” Once again I place my mouth around that beautiful doggy cock and sucked it as if I had been a cocksucker all my life. I couldn’t believe how good that thing felt in my mouth and I did all I could to get every long thick inch into my face. Master Clint suddenly slapped my ass with his belt. The sting felt so sensual and sent erotic feelings throughout my body. He continued to whip my ass and I continued to suck his dog. Then the Master proclaimed that my ass needed fucking. I felt the head of his cock that I had just sucked at the entrance of my ass. He slipped it through the opening and stopped. It hurt like hell yet it felt like heaven. He called me bitch again and held my hips and suddenly drove himself all the way inside me. He f***** me hard and I continued to suck on Butch. The hardness of his shaft slide in and out of my virgin butt and between that and the sweet red cock I devoured made for the most amazing combination ever until both doggie and Master filled both ends with cum. I will do this again. After all I am Master Clint’s bitch.
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