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This story is part true part dream well I hope the dream will come true soon Im an 18 year old guy and work at a stable and love it, I love horses because there such beautifull animals. Anyway one day I was to go and take the welsh pony stud for a conditioning run and when I got to the stall I heard a low growning sound from inside. When I looked over the wall I saw my boss on all four under the pony with the ponies cock up his ass I burst in and yelled at him "WHAT THE f*** DUDE." He shot right to his feet just as the pony shot his load all over the ground and my boss just stared at me for a sec. "What the heck are you doing here" he said I just stared at him "Im here to take the stud for a walk what the heck do oyu think your doing you sick f***" he's was just like "listen be here tonight a 10 and I'll tell you all." I showed up at 10 and found him sitting in the stall staring at the pony again "ok so spill" I told him and he told me all, how his wife left him because he was to busy with the horses, and how he hasnt got any sex in the last 6 month. I felt bad for him and told him "Ill keep my mouth shut," I started to leave and he stopped me "aren't you going to try I saw the borner you had" I thought for a sec, what I saw did make me horny so I "said what the hell." He smiled and went over and stimulated the pony and I got up under him the ponies cock shot out guessing he knew what was going to happen, so I started to jerk him and suck on the head of his cock and he started to f*** my mouth. I like this and could feel my cock grow in my pants and got lost totally in thought, next thing I realised was I felt something long and think in my ass. It was my boss he had dropped my pants and slide his went lubed cock inside and was puming my vergin ass good and hard I could feel my hole stretching and lossening to take him. I yelled with pleasure for no one was around it was just me, my boss and the horses. Then I felt it my boss yelled and shot his hot load deep in my ass this just about sent me over the edge but I hung on. I tried to get up and he pushed me down again on all four I asked why all he did was smile and untie the pony. He brought up behind me and I knew what he was doing but before I could do anything he had the pony jump up on me and pin me on all fours, he then giuded the ponies cock into my ass and the pony need on other help he stabed his cock deep inside me with one thrust; I literaly screamed in pain and the pony start humping furiously like I was one of his mares. I hurt for a while but then felt great I start to push back to take more inside me till I reached my limit. I had about 2/3's on his 9" long and 1" thick cock inside and was loving every min of it then I felt something on my cock my boss and got under me and started to suck my cock I shot god only knows how many loads of cum into his mouth, then I felt it the ponies cock swelled and shot a huge load onf cum deep inside my ass filling me to the brim. The pony got off me and my boss suck its cock clean and I sucked my bosses clean. As we got fressed he looked at me and said "if you dont tell anyone Ill show you how good the mares can be." I smiled "sure." Then before we got into are cars he smiled at me and said "oh stop by my office and 7 tomorrow" I asked "why" because the stables dont open till ten and I start work at nine all he said was " then I have some more time to check out that ass of yours more closely" he winked at me and drove off.This is part true and part dream if you want more or have a comment email me at [EMAIL REMOVED - USE THE PRIVATE MESSAGE SYSTEM]Peace
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