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The Stalking of Christine Christine blew a strand of blonde hair from her face. Part ofthe strand stuck to her forehead, glued there by the sweat glisteningon her skin. She wiped her forearm across her brow in a vain attemptto move the sticky hair. All that movement accomplished was to throwsoap bubbles on her shirt. She sighed heavily and bowed her headslightly. Taking a breath, she washed the last two dishes, rinsedthem, and wiped them dry. She passed the dishtowel across herforehead, the stubborn strand of hair staying right where it was. Shedropped the towel onto the countertop and stowed the dishes in thecupboard. She turned around and leaned against the counter. Lookingover the kitchen, Christine saw that everything was tidy. The tablehad been cleared of plates, glasses, and silverware, and the stove hadbeen cleaned and the dishes all washed. A smile broke overChristine's face...until her gaze came upon the garbage can. Hershoulders slumped a bit, looking at the garbage virtually spillingover the top of the can. Taking another breath, she lifted theplastic liner from the can, tied the edges to make sure that no foodor garbage would fall out, and took the bag outside. Stepping out of the kitchen door, she walked down the twobrick steps and onto the back patio. Christine scanned the backyardin the summer starlight. The high hedges along the perimeter of herproperty stood like green battlements overlooking her lush backyard.The warm night breeze brushed across her moist face, flitting theloose strands of hair around her like a flickering golden halo. Shestuffed the full bag into a large black garbage can and closed thelid. A shiver tickled its way up her spine and she glanced over hershoulder, positive that someone was watching her. Fireflies bobbed across the darkened lawn, tiny lanterns beingcarried by the invisible spirits of the night. Their lights didlittle to illuminate the lawn but their movements were the only othermotion in the backyard besides the waving of the hedge leaves and thegrass blades. A cat cried out from beyond the hedges, followed by asingle bark of a dog. Another bark echoed through the night followedmy the humming silence of a summer night. Christine placed her handson the back of her hips and arched her back, stretching her muscles aswell as the fabric of her shirt, her large matronly chest pushing hershirt to its material limits. She exhaled and smiled slightly, then walked across the patioand back into the house. She peered through the kitchen door windowone more time, to assure herself that all was well in the backyard.The fireflies had disappeared into the night, heading off to theirrest. Taking a cue from them, Christine turned off the light in thekitchen and made her way upstairs to bed. A large dark form pushed through the hedges and looked towardsthe kitchen door. It sniffed the air and licked its lips. Paddingsoftly across the lawn, it headed towards the patio, spitting bloodyfur from its mouth as it closed in on its quarry.* * * * * Steam rose from the bathtub as the sparkling water tumbledfrom the brass faucet. Christine tested the water with her hand,submerging her hand below the level of the water and waving it beneaththe turbulent liquid. Smiling to herself, she brought her hand up andturned off the water, the last few drops of the crystal watersplashing into the tub. She laced a large bath towel through thetowel hoop on the wall, then began removing her clothes. She pulled down her light blue running shorts, stepping out ofthem and leaving them on the tub-side rug. She grabbed the sleeves ofher shirt and, lifting her arms, pulled the shirt up over her head,releasing her breasts to practically spill over the edges of her tightbrassiere. She dropped the shirt on top of the pair of shorts andwalked over to the lavatory. She brought her hand up to her hair, feeling its softnessbetween her fingers. She passed her hand over her cheek, then reacheddown for a hair clip. She pulled up the length of her hair andclipped it snugly to the top of her head, keeping it off of hershoulders. Christine unfastened her front-clip brassiere, letting herbreasts slowly fall onto her chest and the upper part of her tummy.Hanging the bra from a hook on the white porcelain-tiled wall, sheturned around and faced the tub again. She slid her pink lace pantiesdown her round soft legs and kicked them onto the pile of clothing onthe rug. She gathered up the clothing and dropped them into theclothes hamper. Stepping carefully into the tub, Christine let the risingsteam curl around her body, warming her skin and relaxing her mind.She lowered herself gingerly into the hot water, goose-pimples formingover her body. Once she sat down, she leaned back against the coolporcelain of the tub and relaxed her muscles. A soft sigh escaped herlips as the water caressed her skin and soothed her mind. The water'ssurface silently lapped at the underside of her breasts and wrappeditself around the curve of her back. She stretched her legs andspread her toes, letting the water slip between them. She passed her hand down her side and down to her hips,stopping there and slowly massaging the muscle there. She smiled andbrought her hand up across her hip to her tummy, softly rubbing theskin. A deeper purr emanated from her throat and she let her handfall down to her lush golden brown bush. The hair floated and wavedslowly beneath the hot water and her fingers passed through the goldenseaweed, finding their way to her sunken hole. She pressed herfingers against her clit and moaned. Her tongue flicked across herlips as her fingers spread her lower set of lips. She slipped herpinky inside of her meaty pussy and slowly slid it in and out, herthumb and forefinger gently kneading her hard clit. Christine shiftedher bottom and wriggled, feeling her passion rise from her crotch.She opened her mouth wide and sucked in some air, tasting the perfumeof the bathroom and the moisture of the bath. She thought aboutbringing her busy fingers up to her mouth but knew that her tastewould be diluted by the bath water. She slid her ring finger in alongwith her pinky, spreading her hole a little wider, the dampness withinher seeping out to meet the sea of the bathtub. She arched her back alittle, her large round breasts rising out of the water like twinleviathans, water falling from them in drops and sheets. She lookedat them, the large thick nipples upright and hard. Bringing up herfree hand, she cupped her right breast right below the nipple, thenlet her index finger flick across her nipple, causing a short gasp toescape her lips. A sharp full knock brought her from her lusty reverie. Hereyes flew open and her breath caught in her throat. Christine sat upand listened. She heard the water ebbing around her within the tub,drops of water falling from her body, the bottom of her breastspartially submerged under the water. Her eyes darted everywhere,seeing nothing, her mind totally focused on her hearing. Again, she heard a sound. It wasn't the same sound as before.This sound was a muffled scraping, and it was coming from somewhereoutside the house. It stopped after a second or two and Christinestood up in the tub, still listening. The next sound made her jump. A loud thick thumping soundechoed from the backyard, followed by the muffled scraping sound.Christine stepped from the tub and reached for her burgundyterry-cloth robe hanging behind the door. She slipped into the robeand wrapped it around her as she walked out the bathroom. She feltthe material cling to her body, helping her to warm herself as shewent downstairs. Tying the robe at her waist, Christine reached thebottom of the stairs and stopped, listening again. She could barelyhear a scraping, scuffling sound coming from the back patio, andheaded into the kitchen silently. The linoleum of the kitchen floor was chill beneath her bare,wet feet. A chill ran over her body, causing her to shiver. Theshiver shifted the robe on her body and her breasts began to burstthrough the top of the robe. The scuffling sound was getting loud andsteady as she approached the kitchen door. She bent down a bit,trying to keep her profile low and slowly made her way to the door.She slowly brought her face up to the window and looked out onto thepatio. The scene in the backyard was still dark. The lawn gave anillusion of serenity which was broken by the rough sounds coming fromthe far end of the patio. Peering to her left and to the edge of thepatio, Christine could see a dark form moving on the patio. Lookingcloser, she also saw the garbage can had been knocked over, its coverlying near it on the stones of the patio. The form seemed to be bentover near the garbage can, as if trying to pick up the trash. Aswishing movement of a darker shadow against a lighter shadow broughtrealization to Christine's mind, as she recognized the form of a largefurry dog rummaging through the garbage. She stood up, the corners of her mouth turned down in a scowl,and reached for the switch which turned on the exterior patio light.Flicking it on, she saw the canine intruder in more detail. It was alarge animal, with thick splotchy fur of gray and black. Its backstood taller than the round table sitting on the patio. The dog'stail waved happily back and forth, obviously enjoying its nocturnalmeal. Christine had hoped that turning the light on would startle theanimal into leaving but it must have been too involved in eating.Perhaps it had noticed the light but it was starving to the point thatit didn't care about being found out. Anyway, Christine had to getthe dog off of her patio before it made more of a mess. She unlocked the door and stepped out onto the patio. Thesound of the door opening and her stepping out didn't seem to phasethe dog at all, at least not enough to stop its feeding. She took acouple of steps towards the dog and stopped. Now that she was closer, she realized how big the dog reallywas. Its legs and back stood higher than her own waist. Its chestwas wide and powerful, the breathing regular and deep. Its testicleshung down from between its legs, exposed and as large as a pair oflarge pecans. She swallowed a lump in her throat and cried out. "Shoo!" she yelled. "Get out of here!" The dog craned its neck around, its large wide head facingher. Its dark eyes scanned her closely, sensing if a threat waspresent. Its short stubby ears stood alert on the sides of its headand its large thick tongue hung from its dark mouth. The tail stoodstraight up, then fell back down. The dog turned its head and beganeating again. "Go on," Christine yelled again. "Get out of here, you!Shoo!" This time, the dog did not move from its meal. It just stoodthere, tail hanging, eating its fill in the trash. She could stillsee its large balls hanging below it, partially obscured by its tail. Christine couldn't believe it. It wasn't stopping! It wasignoring her! Like Hell it will, she thought. Looking around, Christine spotted a broom lying against thebricks of the house. She grabbed it, took it in both hands, andstepped towards the dog again. "Hah!" she cried out. "Shoo!" She swung the broom, hittingthe dog in the back legs. A deep growl rumbled over the patio from the dog towardsChristine. She watched as the dog spun its body around to face her,the large dark head facing her again. She found that the dog wasalmost at eye level with her, and a not-so-small twinge of fearpricked at her heart. She swallowed again but stood her ground,brandishing the broom in front of her, holding it protectively betweenher and the marauding beast. Another growl escaped from between thedog's teeth, which were large yellow stones, flecked with red andblack. The growl was a deep one and louder than the first, comingfrom deep within the dog's powerful chest. Christine pushed the broom towards the animal in a defensivegesture and the dog bared its huge teeth. She could see pieces ofthings hanging from between the teeth and trails of saliva drippingdown into its dark fur. She licked her lips and pushed the broom atthe dog again. Its growl seemed to actually grow and surround her andthen the dog took a couple of steps towards her. Her eyes opened wide and her body began to shake. Why won't it leave? she thought. Still, she stood her ground, facing off with the huge dog. It stopped its forward movement and began sniffing the air.It turned its head to one side, sniffing again. She could feel itseyes upon her, watching her, waiting. Sniffing again, the animal tooka few more steps towards her, until Christine could smell its odor.It smelled of wetness, of the earth, and a more sinister smell beneathall of that. She imagined its powerful jaws crushing smaller animalsto death with one strong bite. The sound of the cat earlier jumpedinto her mind, making her spine tingle. She felt her legs get weakbut knew she had to stand her ground. It was her only hope. The night breeze blew again from her back, the loose strandsof her hair blowing along the sides of her face. She felt it passover and under her robe, making her shiver again. She saw the dogsniff the air again. Its head faced her straight again. She saw itstail drop and its tongue hang from its jaw, nostrils flared, sniffingeverything the air had to offer. Again it moved towards her but witha quicker pace this time. I have to get in the house, Christine thought. She began to step back, still holding the broom before her, asthe beast advanced upon her, sniffing the air hungrily, as if the airitself could satiate it. Her eyes met its eyes and she saw somethingin there -- a primal intellect and...something else. She didn't have time to reflect on that, though. She had toreach the kitchen door and the dog showed no sign of slowing its pace.Her mind could not focus on anything but escape but her eyes could notfocus on anything but the beast before her. Then, suddenly, there was no more time to think about escape.The dog lunged.* * * * * Christine saw the dog coming at her and held the broom tighterin her hands, holding it higher. The dog rose up on its hind legs,making itself taller than she was, and its great forepaws came to reston the broom handle. She felt the tremendous weight of the dog andits odor filled her nostrils now, its musky fur scent and its breath,reeking of garbage and other things she could not identify. Theweight of the dog was too much for her and she fell to her knees,still grasping the broom. She managed to lift her arms, keeping the dog's forelegs aboveher and away from her head and face. Gritting her teeth, she felt herstrength leaving her arms and hands. She looked directly at theunderbelly of the beast. The fur was thinner here and a bit lighterin color. The arc of its powerful chest was mere inches from her, andshe could hear its breathing within the chest cavity. The dog's ballsswayed heavily between its legs, two dark leathery nuts. She also sawits penis barely peeking from the protective sheath against its lowerabdomen. The reddened tip was pointed like a torpedo towards her. The dog growled above her and she looked up. It towered overher like a monster in a nightmare. Her arms could no longer hold upthe dog's weight and her hands released the broom, making it clatteron the patio stones, and bringing the dog face-to-face with her again.Looking into the beast's face again, Christine felt fear, cold heavyfear wrap its strong hands around her throat and squeeze. Her breathand her voice caught there and all she could do was stare. The hotstinking breath of the dog blew across her face, causing her stomachto turn. Placing her hands on the stones behind her, Christine leanedback on her arms, pulling away from the dog a bit. Her robe openedand her huge left breast came free of the garment. It swayed softlyagainst her ribcage, finally resting against the terrycloth material.She pulled herself with her arms, sliding her bottom backwards acrossthe patio. The dog took another step towards her, and then another.She tried pulling herself back again but the dog kept advancing. Itmoved closer to her, almost on top of her, forcing her down onto herback until it stood directly over her, its four paws enclosing herframe. The smell of the dog was even stronger now and she could feelits fur against her legs. The fur was thick, almost luxurious, andwarm on her legs, but it made her skin crawl, nevertheless. Its chestwas almost touching her face and she watched it expand and contractwith each breath. She kept still, fighting the urge to scream andscramble away. She could hear its claws clack softly against thestones and she knew that those claws could tear right through herdelicate white skin. The tail still hung down along with thetesticles, but now she saw that the dog's penis had grownconsiderably. It protruded from the hairy sheath like a spear, aveiny, purplish-red spear, still pointing at her. The dog's tool wasthick and round, like a plump link of sausage, and it bobbed beneaththe dog as it stood over her. Christine stretched her head back to look up at the dog. Itjust stood there, looking out into the darkness, its tongue hangingfrom its mouth. It sniffed the air again and a drop of its salivafell onto her forehead, warm and slimy. She felt her stomach jump butheld back her urge to gag. Wiggling her bottom again, she slidhead-first on her back out from under the dog. Her arms werestretched out past her head and she felt her giant right breast comefree of the robe and come to rest against her chest. She felt herlegs rub against the dog's rear legs and froze as the dog looked downat her. Again, she saw something primal in its gaze, somethingcommanding, as if this dog was accustomed to getting its way in theworld. She slid along the stones a little more but the animaladvanced with her, his hindpaws stepping on the edge of her robe andstopping her progress. Stuck in her robe, Christine let out a heavybreath, feeling her naked breasts press against her, their tenderflesh exposed to the warm air. She took a breath and tried to freeher robe from beneath the beast's great paws. As she did this, herbreasts pressed against the thick fur of the dog's chest. She felther nipples harden at the touch, the fur warm and soft against them.She could feel the dog's hard muscular chest against her big pillowybreasts, the dark fur caressing the soft white skin. The dog also reacted to their contact. Another growl rolledfrom within its chest, up its throat, and welled out from the widehead. It took another step forward, its chest rubbing over her chest,causing her breasts to ripple and roll over her ribcage. She thoughtthat the dog would push her breasts up into her face but then theyslid back down onto her chest. She felt something poke her in theleft breast. Looking around the dog's massive chest, she saw itspenis pressing into her breast. She thought she felt its member throbon her skin and she could feel that it was larger than what she firstthought. The balls did not hang down as they did before, swaying withthe dog's stride. Now they were up closer to the dog's body, tightand full. Oh my God, Christine thought. This can't be happening. She had to get into the house. Things were getting confusedhere, things were going wrong. Again, the thought that she had to dosomething flashed into her mind and, again, this thought wasinterrupted by the dog going into action. * * * * * Christine watched as the dog swung its large forepaw over herbody, stepped over her, and moved from over her. She was surprised,having half-expected the dog to attack her. She watched it turn itsbody around, facing away from her. Its tail hung down, this timehiding its testicles which were tight up against its body. She couldsee its thick red penis swaying beneath its abdomen. When the beastremoved its paw from her robe, she pulled the robe up to her andquickly wrapped it around her body again, covering her huge chest.She re-tied the rope at her waist and looked again towards the dog.She saw it turn around again and once again walk towards her. It heldits head lower this time, with its ears laid flat, looking like thebig cats which are popular on animal documentaries, stalking theirprey silently and confidently. She pulled herself back with her armsagain and tried to lift herself up to her feet, but only succeeded onslipping on the patio stones and falling onto her bottom. Her robeslid up her thighs as she tried to lift herself again but she wasn'tfast enough. The dog was at her feet now, head lower than ever,sniffing the air again, the warm breeze waving the fur across itsmuzzle. Once again, Christine brought her feet towards her, liftingher knees up, and trying to stand. By this time, the dog was over herlegs and his forelegs seemed to swipe her legs to each side, makinghis approach easier. She could feel the fur of his head passing onthe insides of her thighs and she had to spread her legs or possiblyrisk getting bitten. As she did so, she leaned back on her handsagain and the dog's snout disappeared beneath her robe. She gasped as the beast's great head forced its way past herthighs. She could feel the tips of its stubby ears on the soft skinof her inner thighs and she shivered. She felt the dog sniff again,its cold nose pressing up against her bushy crotch, causing her togasp again. Its head rose a bit, forming a large lump in the materialof her robe, its muzzle rubbing across her clit, sending a sharp shockthrough her pussy. Suddenly, she felt something hot and wet pressingagainst her crotch, completely covering her slit and the width of hermeaty vaginal lips. Oh God, she thought. It's going to eat me. And then she realized. Oh God! It's going to eat my pussy! The animal's heavy warm tongue kept licking over her pussy andshe could feel its spit covering her bush and lips. Frozenmomentarily by this realization, Christine could do nothing but sitthere wide-eyed and shocked as this huge dog licked her cunt. The dogcontinued its swabbing of her crotch with its rough tongue and shefinally felt mobility return to her body, in the form of her bottompushing her crotch up into the face of the great furry beast. Itseemed to respond by licking her eagerly, spilling more saliva ontoher pussy. She could feel its warm spit dripping down into the crackof her ass and down her asscheeks. Again, its cold nose passed acrossher now-enlarged clit, causing her to moan out loud this time, stillwatching the lump in her robe moving and making her pussy wetter. The dog pulled out from between her warm soft thighs at thesound of her moan. A disappointed sigh escaped her lips before shecould stop herself. This can't be happening! she thought again. I don't want himto stop. That thought hit her suddenly. She was thinking of the dog asa "him" now, not as an "it." The big nuts, the throbbing cock, thehungry tongue, all reminded her body of sex, of the dog's maleness.And an impressive example of maleness he was. The strong chest, thepowerful limbs, and the commanding attitude were characteristics whichChristine found attractive in men. Could this attraction beparalleled in any male specimen which demonstrated these attributes? No, she forced into her mind. No. It was the situation that was confusing her. No more than tenminutes ago she was enjoying a warm bath and feeling very relaxed andvery sensual. The tension and stress of the encounter with the dogmixed with the emotions she had been experiencing shortly before hadconfused her mind and body. She was not REALLY enjoying the dog'scunnilingus and the dog was not REALLY trying to eat her pussy. Shewas nervous from the encounter and tired from the lateness of the hourand the dog was merely curious, trying to detect if a threat waspresent. It was only because of her awkward position on the patiothat it had began sniffing and licking her crotch, not because hewanted to taste her wet cunt. NO, she screamed at herself. Not he. It. He was was a Oh my God, she thought again. Oh my God. As if sensing her confusion, the dog turned its head to theside again in that same curious gesture as before. Christine feltherself smile at the dog's expression, feeling suddenly calm aroundthe beast. She found that she wasn't afraid of "You're nothing but a hungry dog," she said aloud, making thedog turn its head to the other side. She giggled at the gesture,feeling silly that only moments ago she feared for her life because ofthe comical-looking animal before her. "And a naughty dog, too," she added, her eyes seeing thegarbage spread over her patio. She exhaled, brought her left armacross her body and placed her left palm on the patio. Twisting herbody around, she raised herself up onto her knees, steadying herselfwith her hands. She suddenly felt a great weight spread over her back as thedog's forepaws dropped over her shoulders. The combined weight of thedog and her own pounds drove the strain onto her wrists, causing asharp pain to run up her forearms. She felt the fur of its forelegsagainst her neck and shoulders and the broad muscles of its chest onher back. She could feel its body twitching and its breathing washurried, its breath loud and windy. The dog began pushing against herrear with its lower body, as if trying to move her by sliding her overthe stones. Its movements were quick and rough, not fluid and carefullike they were before. A sorrowful yelp broke from the mouth aboveher head, sounding disappointed. Then she felt the poking again. This time it was against herrear end, and the poking was fast and furious. She recognized thefeel of the poker. It was the animal's penis, but this time it wastrying to drive it against her. No, it isn't, she realized. It's trying to drive it IN me. The quick pushes against her rear by the animal was itsattempts to bury its cock inside her pussy. It wanted to mate withher and it had her in the optimal position: on her hands and knees.Doggie-style.* * * * * Christine tried to get out from under the dog even though sheknew it was hopeless. The weight of the great beast was too much forher. She was trapped beneath it and at its mercy. All she could dowas shift the combined weight of their bodies from one arm to theother in an attempt to alleviate the strain on her wrists. The dogkept up its furious humping of her backside , its penis stabbinginto her soft round asscheeks. Maybe he'll become discouraged if he can't reach my pussy, shethought. She felt the bottom of the robe pressed against the back ofher thighs and knew that it was covering her moist opening. Maybe thedog realized this too because another broken-hearted yelp came fromits mouth and the stabbing stopped. It kept its weight on hershoulders, though, the great forepaws dangling near her face, givingher a close-up view of the thick sharp claws. They were a dingy ivory color, almost completely hiddenbeneath matted dark-gray fur. The tips were slightly scratched butstrong, showing no signs of breakage. The paws themselves were aslarge as her cheeks. The black pads beneath the foot wereroughly-textured and looked very sensitive, almost spongy. The twoforelegs slid against her neck and applied a bit of pressure againsther neck and backwards against her shoulders. It was holding herdown, keeping her still so that it could try and find her soft hole.She fearfully awaited it to sink its claws into her skin to get a gripon her but the dog didn't do so, apparently satisfied that its greatstrength was enough to subdue her. Christine felt the dog move its rear legs, the claws tappingthe patio stones. She could feel the bony knob of its leg pushingagainst the back of her right thigh. It pushed harder, forcing herleg to slide outwards and spreading her thighs. She felt the beastput its leg against the inside of her thigh, keeping her from bringingher thighs together. It's trying to spread me, she thought. It's trying to widenits target. When the dog pushed her leg outwards, she had to adjust herarms so that she wouldn't fall against the patio. When she did this,the bottom of her robe caught on the animal's left hindleg while herthighs and bottom slid down a bit, exposing her soft flesh. She heardthe beast sniff again, the intake of air into its nostrils loud nearher head, and it renewed its poking vigorously. The stabbing of itsprick into her bottom didn't last long, though. The dog slid itsthick cock into her cunt after only a few thrusts, causing Christineto gasp as her meaty pussy lips were parted and her hole was forcedwide open by the beast's rigid penis. Her eyes bulged and she choked,then swallowed hard. No, she thought. No. This can't be happening! I'm a dog! She squirmed beneath the beast, trying again in vain toescape. The animal humped her from behind furiously, its penispistoning in her hole, sometimes stabbing against the walls of hervagina. The weight of the animal and the force of its thrustingthreatened to drive her down onto the patio. Her arms were taking atremendous shock each time the beast drove its cock into her and shetried flexing her arms, but she felt that she would collapse unlessher arms remained firm beneath her. The animal's grip on hertightened. Now that it had found a rhythm it wasn't going to lose it. Christine now realized that she would have to wait until thebeast was finished mating with her before she could get away from it.She tried to relax and let the animal's instinct run its course withher. She closed her eyes and tried to regulate her breathing. Sheinhaled slowly through her nostrils, filling her lungs completely,then releasing the breath slowly through her lips. She could feel theweight of her large tits hanging from her chest and her heartbeatslowing, calming her mind. The huge animal on top of her wasbreathing deeply also and she found herself falling into its breathingpattern. This helped to ease the burden of its weight on her, shediscovered. She arched her back a bit to conform to the curve of thedog's powerful chest, fitting herself close to its body with only herrobe between her and the animal's coat. The animal seemed to respond to her body's movements. Itsgrip on her shoulders lessened slightly, the mighty paws danglingagain. She could feel its tail brush her thighs periodically and shefound its touch ticklish. The dog apparently had found its rhythm andshe felt that no longer jabbing the walls of her cuntwith his...ITS...cock. She continued her breathing pattern and triedto let herself go slack, so that his...ITS, goddamnit...thrustsweren't so shocking to her body. It seemed that the weight and theforce of the animal mounting her was diminished as she relaxed andwent with the flow, so to speak. She even noticed that she wasrocking her body with the dog's motions, her breasts swaying beneathher. Christine could feel her ass ripple and shake with his...fine,HIS!...thrusting. She moaned softly, her pussy beginning to moistenconsiderably, lubricating her hot hole and allowing the dog's cock toslide in easier. She licked her lips and lowered her head, her longgolden hair falling down over her shoulders and draping over theanimal's big paws. "Mmmmmm," she murmured aloud. Christine felt the dog's chest rumble, a growl rolling aroundin the great chest cavity of the hairy beast. She raised her head andlooked up, her face beneath the head of the dog. A hot slimy line ofsaliva fell from the dog's lower jaw and splashed onto her leftshoulder, soaking into the robe. His thick tongue hung from hismouth, pink and glistening. He looked out into the night, as ifwatching for challengers to his dominance of her. At this point, hisdominance of her was complete. She was beneath him with nowhere to goand, now, with a mixture of fear and excitement, she realized shewanted him inside of her. Christine wanted this dog to fuck her, tomate with her. She was his bitch.* * * * * The dog kept jabbing his penis into her pussy, his movementsquick and savage. Christine pushed back slightly against him, tryingto get him deeper inside of her. She was very wet and slippery now,her lips wide open and her hole well-lubricated. She cried out softlyas she felt his prick jerk and spasm, shooting his juices into hercunt. Moaning, she wiggled her large matronly ass, feeling his thickfur against her bare ass-cheeks. His coat carpeted her backside,warming it. She could feel the sinewy muscles of his lower bodypressing into her soft ass. She realized that the dog was still cumming inside of her.One spurt followed another until she could feel his seed dripping outof her hole. Wow, she thought. This guy sure can cum! Smiling, she thrust herself onto his prick again, trying formore penetration. She moaned as his cock shot more of his watery cuminto her twat. She could feel her pussy getting hot and sticky. Herpussy contracted around the dog's rod, tightening her grip on him. Itseemed to get even tighter as she was brought to the brink of herorgasm. She threw her head back and called out into the night as thetsunami of her first orgasm washed over her, quaking her thighs andasscheeks. She heard the dog yelp beneath her moaning. "Yeah, baby. Cum with me." she told the animal. As her orgasm subsided, her pussy seemed to tighten even more.Her pussy relaxed from the strenuous orgasm yet still she gripped hisdick like a vise. My God, she realized. I'm not getting tighter. He's gettingbigger! And he was. The beast's cock began swelling inside of her,stretching her cunt. His thrustings became harder to bear because itseemed as if he would rip her pussy from her body. The wetness of herhole helped but it could do nothing to alleviate the full feeling shehad. His dick had grown to a thickness she had never beforeexperienced in her cunt. She purred deeply, loving this sensation.Never had a man made her feel like this! This dog was shaming everyman she had ever been with. Well, she smiled, if I had to be screwed by a dog, at least itwas a HUNG dog! Christine tried pushing herself back onto his prick again butfound that she couldn't slide up and down the shaft. When she triedpushing, it pushed the dog back. A short growl was followed by aquick bite on her shoulder. Astonished, Christine yelped, feeling thebite of the dog's teeth. Luckily, her shoulder was still protected bythe thick terry-cloth robe and the beast didn't break her skin. Buthe got his message across: You are my bitch and you are to takewhatever I give. She shuddered a bit, realizing that this wasn't likemaking love. This was an animal trying to reproduce. There were noemotions involved here, only instinct, the most basic instinct:survival through reproduction. She had been forced into the animalworld, where survival was the only thing that mattered. Now, she knewthat she had to do the same thing. She had to try and survive thisordeal, so she focused on the lusty satisfaction that his cock, hisfucking, and his cups and cups of cum were giving her. Christine grunted and grimaced, her pussy getting tighter andmore full. There was a pain beginning to grow in her cunt walls asthey were stretched beyond their normal limits. She could feel theveiny skin of his cock against the insides of her groin. His dickthrobbed and inflated within her, until they were virtually one beingjoined by their genitalia. She began to grit her teeth and grunt moreoften. This apparently excited the dog and he tried humping heragain. Christine cried out as the dog's banging dragged her kneesacross the patio stones. There was no way for his bloated cock tomove out of her pussy. The two were literally locked together in aprimal joining. She could barely feel his cock slowly going deeper inside ofher. This only caused her more pain as his sausage-like penis claimedmore of her pussy. His progress was stopped however when she felt abulge against her exposed, red clitoris. The view between her legswas almost totally blocked by her mammoth tits hanging from her chestand swaying. She tried to steady her body so that she could see pasther breasts. The bulge pressed a bit harder against her and she gazedaround her breasts to see if the beast's nuts had found their wayagainst her. She saw his balls still held high against his abdomenand she saw something else that astounded her. At the base of the animal's monster dick, pressed against herred-hot clit, was a swollen pinkish-white knob about the size of alemon. He seemed to be trying to force the knob into her cunt alsobut her pussy was already filled to capacity by his giant cock. Hereyes widened, scared at the thought of that bulge being pushed insideof her. It definitely would have torn her soft vaginal tissues. Shecouldn't imagine any woman being able to handle something of thatdiameter. She was bewitched at the sight of the huge knot of cockmeatknocking at her hole. Then, the spell was broken. The dog began to cry and yelp,his mouth opening and closing repeatedly, his tongue lolling from theside of his mouth. He gave another great thrust, knocking Christinedown and making her brace herself on her forearms. She screamed ashis huge canine cock swelled suddenly and ejected a monstrous burst ofdog cum into her twat. Her scream seemed to last for minutes, echoingfrom beyond the darkness of her lawn. Another swell was punctuated byanother jet of jism, shooting it deep into her. She choked on herspit as her pussy spasmed around the beast's pulsing pole. She couldfeel more cum spitting from his prick, but the swelling stopped, hiscock locked in her, insuring that his seed would be deposited into herwomb. She moaned from deep within her throat, laying her cheekagainst the cool surface of the patio. Her big soft tits were mashedagainst the stones, the chill of the patio making her nipplesrock-hard. Breathing hard and sweating, Christine ran her tongue alongher lips, catching the drool which had escaped her mouth. Her ass wasstill up in the air, her pussy stuck on the dog's prick. He no longerhad his paws over her shoulders. He stood on his forelegs, one oneach side of her head. She could hear his claws clicking nervously onthe stones. She opened her eyes, seeing his paws rising and falling.Her pussy didn't hurt as much anymore but she could feel how wet andfull she still was. She tried to relax and keep her body still. Ashudder ran through her body as a smaller orgasm ran through herpussy, making her tighten around the beast's cock again and making hergrimace and grunt. The dog yelped again and Christine heard the claws clickingagain. "AAAANNNNHHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!" she screamed. Pain shot through her entire abdomen and her upper legs as thedog tried to pull its cock from her twat. "No, boy," she gasped. "Stay in me, boy." But he would have none of that. He backed away from heragain, but still his cock would not disengage from her pussy lips. Hedidn't stop though and Christine found herself being dragged acrossthe stone patio by this animal. The pain was intense and sharp as hiscock pulled her around by her cunt. She tried to push herself upagainst his cock but he was moving a bit too quickly and she fell fromher arms against the patio, avoiding slamming her face into the stonesbecause of the barrier of her giant breasts. Her nipples and tits,though, were getting scraped and cut as the beast kept trying to pullout of her too-tight hole. The dog turned around by stepping over herbody with his hind legs, his cock now facing backwards from his bodybut still held fast within Christine's greedy cunt. She felt herselfbeing flipped over onto her back by the dog's movement and tried tograb onto something. Her hands grasped the legs of the round metaltable which stood on the patio and she held tight to it. She screamedagain, a tortured painful cry, as his veiny cock twisted within her,threatening to twist her pussy also, stuck as the two skin surfaceswere to each other, glued together by lust. She had to lift her leftleg off of the patio a bit as his cock corkscrewed within her hole andfinally stopped. She lowered her knee to the patio and tried to catchher breath, holding the table leg, her ass being swept by the dog'sswishing hairy tail. Christine yelled again as the dog began walking away from herand wrapped her arms around the table leg. Grimacing, she could feelher pussy being pulled out again, stuck on his swollen dick. Shechoked on spit and spread her legs as wide as she could in thisposition, hoping to help the dog pull out of her. She felt theentrance to her pussy stretch again and she screamed a shorthigh-pitched cry, as the beast's meaty dick popped out of her twat.She could hear the watery juices literally pouring from her cavernoushole and felt one last stream of cum shoot from his cock against herbig ass-cheeks. Her lower body collapsed onto the patio, her bushycrotch plopping into the puddle of lust that had cascaded from herpussy. She could feel her lush bush soaking up the hot cream. Christine laid on the stones of the patio for moments, tryingto catch her breath and relax. She felt her cunt shrink but it stillgaped open enough for her to feel the warm night breeze blow into herhole, juices running down her inner thighs. Her body shivered andshook for those moments she lay there, the stones cool against her hotskin. When she finally gathered the energy to move, she raised herhead and pushed herself up with her hands. Turning her head, shelooked behind her. She could see her ass still jiggling, the skin redand wet from the dog's fucking, bits of fur clinging to her damp skin.Her robe was bunched up at her waist, and strands of her hair and thedog's were caught in the furry material. She felt the muscles of hercalves spasming, the energy trying to release itself. Oh no! she thought, shaking her head. The dog was walking towards her again. He approached her still prone body. She hadn't the energy tomove away from it, couldn't even kick her feet at the beast. Itwalked over her and stopped as its head towered over her big ass.Christine watched as the dog lowered its head again, pushing its snoutagainst her swampy cunt. She felt its tongue lash out and begin tolap at her pussy, the hot rough surface of the dog tongue sendingflashes of pleasure through her crotch again. She moaned, her eyesrolling into her head. Loud, wet slurping and slobbering emanatedfrom between her legs as the beast lapped up the juices from her twat.Its big nose pressed against her asshole, making her jump a bit. Shefelt the tip of his tongue enter her wide-open pussy, swabbing theinside of her pinkish-red cave. Her meaty pussy lips shook andtingled at the animal's tasting. And then, the sensation was gone. A groan escaped her lipsand she looked back over her shoulders. Christine saw the dog walkingaway. Its cock hung between its legs, cum dripping from the thickhead. She watched it sway between the animal's powerful legs, a thickred piece of cockmeat, and felt her pussy ache in remembrance. Thedog rummaged through the garbage almost off-handedly, then walked awayfrom the garbage-strewn patio. She watched him stride off into thenight, his tail now obscuring the thick dick which had ravaged heronly moments ago. She felt a relief come into her mind as sherelaxed. Taking a deep breath, her huge pillowy jugs smashed betweenher chest and the patio. She could smell the dumped garbage alongwith the smell of her sweat. The musky smell of the sex which hadjust occured mingled with the thick animal smell of the dog, remindingher of his warm coat against her smooth skin and his strong bodytaking command of hers. She remembered his powerful limbsmanipulating her into the mating position as his brutal dog cocksavaged her tight human pussy. Suddenly, disappointment made hersigh, and she frowned. Christine stood on her feet, a little shaky at first. Shesteadied herself against the patio table and groaned as the combineddog/human juices dripped out of her sopping wet cunt and splashed ontothe patio. Rivulets of their lust dripped down her thighs as her robefell over her very round ass and swung slowly. She heard a rustlingfrom her hedges and then the sound died away, replaced by the hummingof the night insects. Looking at the mess on the patio, Christine sighed. Shekicked around some stray trash, frowning at the work ahead of her.Suddenly, water began to fall all around her. Looking up, she watchedas a summer rain fell from the dark sky above. The drops were coolupon her face and she licked them from her quivering lips. Thunderpealed across the heavens. Christine jumped at the sound of the thunder, splashing waterover the edge of the bathtub. She sat up and looked around, thebathwater chill against her skin now. Goose-pimples formed on herskin and she shivered. She pulled the stopper from the bottom of thetub, allowing the water to whirlpool away into oblivion. Stepping outof the tub, she reached for her robe behind the door. She wrapped herbody with the lush terry-cloth material and tied it at her waist.Walking over to the lavatory, Christine looked into the mirror. Herface was pale and there were dark circles beneath her eyes. Sheclosed her eyes and ran her fingers across the lids. Blinking themopen, she looked at herself again and sighed. It was a dream, she realized. Only a terrible dream. Well,not that terrible. A tiny smile played over her lips. She could hear the rain softly pelting the bathroom window.Walking to the window, she looked out over her back lawn. The wetnight beyond her window looked very tranquil, the raindropsilluminated by the landscaping lights of her backyard. The hedgesswayed with the wind and the rain, performing a night ballet to themusic of nature. Christine pressed her forehead against the glass,smiling. Her eyes moved down towards the patio where she saw garbagecovering the back portion of the stones. She gasped and backed away from the window, almost slipping onthe smooth tile of the bathroom floor. She felt her breathingincreasing, her chest pressing against the robe. She swallowed a lumpof fear which had suddenly formed in her throat. Shaking her head,she walked again to the mirror over the lavatory. Placing her handson the sides of the lavatory, Christine looked into the mirror onceagain. Her eyes were wide with fear and she felt herself shaking.The wind howled past the bathroom window, racing over the roof. Sheturned her head quickly at the sound of the wind, staring at thewindow. Her shoulders slumped, her eyes closed softly, and she let outa long exhalation of breath. A smile turned her lips up and sheopened her eyes again, looking at herself. You silly, silly woman, she chided herself. The wind knockedover the garbage! She opened the faucet and splashed her face with cool water.She turned off the faucet and dried her face with her robe. Lookinginto the mirror again, she said aloud, "Christine, you need to getlaid...bad!" She laughed at herself and headed out of the bathroom.As she closed the door behind her, the hem of her robe caught betweenthe door and the doorframe. She yanked on the robe, freeing it fromthe grasp of the door. As the material was forced through the crackbetween the door and the frame, a tuft of dark, lush fur fell silentlyonto the bathroom floor, witnessed only by the rain clinging to thepanes of the bathroom window.THE END
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