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WILMAThe shapely red head swayed across the room and reached for the stone pitcher that stood on the counter. "Honestly Wilma" her friend said "haven't you had enough, for Gosh sake you can hardly walk!" The red head grabbed the handle and carefully filled her glass. "Come off of it Rubble" she slurred "Lie your any choir girl" and with that she took a large sip of the drink and then let out a long and loud belch. "Hmmmm" she giggled "sorry about that." Her friend Betty looked up towards the ceiling and then finished her own cocktail. "I suck," she said trying hard to pronounce it correctly. "Im not exactly sober myself" and with that she filled her glass from the bottle on the table and raised it, "To salute" she cried "Tussah" the redhead answered and both women downed their drinks. "You know" Wilma said in a loud whisper "Fred's not really that bad" "I mean he's an asshole most of the time but he can be sweet to me sometimes too" Betty went to sip her drink and finding it empty reached for the bottle to fill it. "Wish that dam bottle would hold still" Here I'll help you" Wilma replied and with that she reached across the table and putting both hands around it tried to keep it from moving. "Thanks Wilma old girl" the dark haired woman called out "your a reel friend, that's right a real friend." Now that the offending bottle was still Betty managed to grab it and using both hands filled her own glass and that of her very drunken auburn haired friend. Betty raised the glass to her mouth and in one large gulp managed to chug most of it, what missed dribbled down her chin and fell in-between her breasts. Wilma sipped hers and said "Honestly Rubble I can't take you anywhere?" As she watched intently the little trail that the spilled left. "I wonder what they look like?" She thought. I have never seen another women's breast before.The raven haired woman tried to answer but it seemed as if her head was awash in a dark sea and it was all she could do to keep from going under. "Humph?" Betty replied and then lost the battle and allowed her eyes to close and her head hit the table. "That's gonna leave a mark" the red head said smiling, "You always were a lightweight" and with that she drained her own glass and stood up to leave. She slowly moved over to her friend and turned her over, getting a pillow from the couch she put it under her head. When she had fallen Betty's top had come undone exposing both of her breast. "Oh! My!" Groaned Wilma. "They do look nice." "But I must be getting home or I will end up like her." With that she worked her self in the upright position.As soon as she was upright Wilma staggered backwards three feet until her shapely ass hit the counter. She stood there for a few minutes getting her bearings and then with a finger stuck out in front of her face launched herself towards the back door. She staggered across the kitchen bumping into several chairs and the table before reaching her destination. Although it was only a short distance from there to her house the drunken red head it seemed to go on forever. "You'll never make it old girl" she slurred to herself "gonna need some help" and with that she raised her fingers to her full red lips and after several sloppy tries managed to whistle. "Heeeeeer Dino" she called "come on boy, come to mommy!" She giggled as the purple dinosaur bounded across the lawns and slid to a stop in front of her. "That's a good boy" she cooed "mommy needs some help getting home." Dino sniffed his mistress and remembering the other times she had smelled like this stood up on his hind legs and allowed her to grab a hold of him as they made there way home. The ground seemed to undulate under the red heads feet and she found herself leaning more and more on the animal walking next to her. "Wilma old girl" she scolded herself "next time don't drink so much" "you can hardly walk...getting like ol Betty" As she staggered across the yard Wilma seemed to feel warmth spreading upwards from her crotch. At first she ignored it being much to busy just trying to stay upright but as it increased she also felt something rubbing there causing a most wonderful friction. The red head look down causing her to stumble, as she righted her self she saw the Dino's tail was in between her legs and was moving upwards across her red furred virgina bringing waves of heat that spread into her large full breasts. She felt her nipples tingle then harden as they press against the rough fabric of her blouse and she moaned as a small orgasm shuddered through her."Dino" she said, "what do you think your doin?" The purple dinosaur didn't stop but looked up at her quizzically. His tail moved down her leg and then as if it had a mind of its own pushed upward slowly moving her panties aside and entering the already wet and slippery hole. Wilma gasped as the tip slid quickly into her followed by more and more until she was actually being supported by it. The feeling was so remarkable that all she could do was moan, her hands moved up under her blouse and she grabbed onto her breasts pulling and twisting her eraser hard nipples as a series of small organisms racked her.Dino ran the rest of the way home, the motion causing Wilma to scream several times as she was jolted. He burst through the door in a state of total excitement dumped his mistress on to floor and jammed his head up her skirt.The smell of sex was so strong that the poor animal couldn't control himself.His long rough tongue started to lap at her slit, with each lap Wilma lost more and more control. She whimpered and groaned as she thrashed about on the floor, her legs wrapped them selves around his long sinuous neck as she tried to pull him closer as if she wanted to force his whole head up into her. For his part Dino lapped and slurped up her juices as fast as she produced them, he grew more and more excited, barking and bouncing around. Wilma was lost in an ocean of pleasure, never in her whole life had she imagined something like this. Part of her was horrified at the fact that she was allowing the family pet to do this, but that part was drowned out by the booze and hormone mixture that surged through her blood. Suddenly the feeling was gone, Wilma opened her eyes and tried to focus, she saw a dark shadow looming over her and looking down saw the most massive penis that she had ever encountered."Dino! NO! DINO! NO!" She screamed, but the dinosaur was to far gone to listen to any commands. He moved forward and placed the enormous head at the opening. "Dino pleases! No!" She whimpered as tears flowed down her cheeks. The purple animal paid no attention as he pushed into the opening stretching it wider and deeper then it had ever been before. Wilma screamed as the pain shot up through her, she cried and clung to him beating against his hard hide. It seemed forever until he was fully inside of her, she moaned again as he pulled halfway out and surged in. Time and time again he pulled out and rammed home. Wilma at first felt only pain but as she stretched and as he plunged the tingling started again and soon it was all she could do to hold on as a red-hot wave started in her toes and moved up across her entire body."OH! FUCKING! DAMM!" She screamed as she pulled his head down to her chest. Dino licked and bit at her breasts, his sandpaper like tongue made her already sensitive nipples stood up harder and longer. The heat spread upward engulfing her arms and neck and finally surged into her brain. Synapses fired, paused and misfired. An electrical storm raged throughout her skull, her body arched to an almost impossible angle and foam frothed out of her mouth. "GGGGGGGGGGGG!" She panted as the vast member dug deeper and deeper into her.Wilma's bladder let loose and urine poured out of her mixing with her other juices that puddles onto the floor. Higher and higher she soared, her body became an unconnected mass of parts each moving on its own and none of them obeying her brain. Suddenly she felt a change in the motion Dino was close to cumming was moving faster and faster. Wilma was being pushed across the floor, the rough stone scratching into her back this only adding to her sexual debauchery. She screamed once more, her yells mix in with the howl's of the purple house pet as he orgasmed, his hot seed pulsing deep inside of her triggered another massive overload to her stretched senses. Darkness overwhelmed her and she fell down a very deep hole. She banged her body against the floor each time another orgasm slammed into her. Finally darkness engulfed her. Her body and mind lost them selves an almost coma like sleep.She awoke to a ringing in her ears. She thought was just the sex and alcohol. But it was the phone. Betty was on the other end and she was asking if everything was all right? "Yes! Everything is all right." Answered Wilma. "In fact I'm more than all right." "Why don't you come over to my house tomorrow and I'll show something new and exciting?""All Right!" Chimed Betty. " It is just that I had heard Dino howling like he had chased a cat up a tree. But I'll be over after Barney and Fred leave for work, do you want me to bring anything?""Just bring the usual, we are going to have so much fun." Said Wilma. Thinking to her self 'Dino and I will supply everything else. Dino old man you and I are going to have lots of fun from now on. But right now I need to do something for you.' She moved so her head was under the dinosaur and started messaging his semihard member. It started coming back to life and she knew she had to find out what it tasted like.It wasn't the first cock she'd sucked but it was the biggest. She moved it close to her lips and flicked out her tiny tongue and licked away the small white beads of moisture seeping from it. She was able to immediately taste the male's pungency and feeling new and increasing desire rising in her feverish young belly and loins. "Fred's never tasted this good." She mused.Excitedly, she began to lick and swirl her tongue around the velvety head while Dino groaned with rapidly building excitement. Teasingly she placed her tongue-tip into his slit opening, then raising the length of it with her hand she moved her lips to the massive base to lick and taunt its visibly throbbing balls.As Wilma continued sucking on Dino's cock she was soon able to swallow it completely. "Uhmmm! This is good!' She thought. She had to position her arms around him as he jerked around so his cock would not be pulled from her lips. Then suddenly he stopped dancing and started cumming. "I have got to taste this!" So she pulled most of his cock from her mouth so that just the a few inches were still encased and sucked real hard. His hot brackish chowder overflowed her animalized sucking mouth. She swallowed all she could as Dino kept cumming and cumming inside of her hot suck mouth. Some cum sipped out around the hot shaft and ran down her cheek and onto the floor.After he was done cumming Wilma pulled the thick cock from her cum covered lips. "OH! Good you are still hard and ready to f*** again! I am so hot!" She said as she moved in front of Dino. She waved her ass and dripping cunt in front of him. "Come on Dino lets do it the way you were born to!" Wilma patted her ass to get Dino mount her Dinosaur style.“That’s it Dino f*** mommy!” She cried. As Dino stuck her with his long hard prick. “Oh yes! f*** me!” She cried. As her pet slammed all of his meaty staff deep into her.
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