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This story was on a hard drive in a second hand computer I bought so I can't take responsibility or the credits for writing it. I hope you enjoy.The Shaper Shifter part 2After I returned home I waited out the rest of the five hours until I could return to my human form. I set out right away to transform into a new animal namely a horse. It took me several gruelling hours to master this. Once I was in my new form I set out to find other horses. I especially wanted to find a stallion. Of course a lone horse on the road would attract attention, I didn't want that so I carefully stayed in amongst the trees keeping of sight. I reached Brenda's property and leaped, I cleared the fence by two feet and as I trotted toward the barn. A young stallion galloped over to meet me. We were long way from the house when we greeted each other with some neighing and smelling. He immediately began testing my fertility. I was so exited that my pussy was winking and squirting my juices. He picked up on my readiness right away and his penis began extending. The size and length of it was incredible, I could see that it was still soft. To my surprise he began to nudge and push me into a position where he could mount me. Once he had me positioned he promptly mounted me, I knew his penis hard. I felt it bouncing and poking at my ass. All the time he was trying to line us up so his penis would hit the mark. Finally he connected. I felt the initial plunge of his penis as he shoved it into my waiting snatch. He pulled back all the way to his head and pumped all the way back in and even deeper than the first time. I was amazed at the depth of my pussy and the length of his penis. I could feel it deep within my belly. He continued to pump into my pussy until he could go no deeper it felt like it was up to my neck. He continued to bounce inside of my belly. When I felt the flare at the very end of his penis and it kept growing it felt like a soccer ball it was huge, he began to pump vigorously and neigh before he began to spray his seed deep inside of me. The sheer amount of all that cum was incredible. My belly felt so full of penis and cum! He stood there so as to totally drain his penis inside of me. He slowly slipped off of me with a wet plop from his flaccid penis. I could feel his cum draining out of me as my clitoris winked un controllably. As I was enjoying the after glow I heard what sounded like another horse and I was right. It was another stallion. Once the second stallion found out what was happening they began to fight. The new stallion being older and larger won and wanted to claim his prize, namely me. He quickly got behind me and as he mounted, he started thrusting his huge penis at me. I couldn't see his penis but I knew it had to be at least the same size as the younger stallion. What I didn't know was that his erection was still growing. As he poked and jabbed his penis at my pussy. When the head of his penis finally connected with my pussy opening, I knew the member he was carrying was enormous, at least twice as thick as the young stallion's full erection. I was worried he may hurt me, but as he finally entered me and the underside of his penis rubbed over my clit, I didn't care any more. It felt so good as my snatch opened enough to let his penis enter me. His penis was so thick, he had to force it into my pussy even though I'd already had the young stallion's penis in me. He was pounding his penis into my pussy, forcing it all the way in. All the time I was pushing back into his thrusts. He kept pounding his massive penis in and out of me until he finally got it all inside me. The head of his penis flared out like a gigantic mushroom as he shot his hot seed into me. I rocked my haunches trying to get the most pleasure from his penis making it grind on my clit once he finished pumping his cum inside of me he slipped out of my pussy. I stood there in shock. It had been incredible. My pussy still stretched wide open and oozing the stallion's cum out and down my legs. Once I came out of my trance I decided to head toward the farm and perhaps see Brenda. As I was heading toward the barn and right behind, me the large stallion and following farther behind the young stallion, both hoping for another go at me, and I won't let them down. By the end of the day they will be drained. By the time I got to the barn the stallions were ready for another go so I decided what the hell and I let them mount me so the large stallion went first. His hard-on was bumping at my pussy and ass. Right away he started to push at my rump trying to find my pussy. Finally he slipped himself inside of me. His penis pushed itself deep inside of me all the way until his belly rested on my back. His penis was growing to its full size inside of my pussy causing me to orgasm over and over. My orgasms squeezed his penis, making him pump harder into my stretched out pussy, causing me to orgasm harder. Then finally he rewarded me with his seed deep in my pussy, making a delicious sucking sound as he pulled out. As I came out of my daze I saw Brenda over beside the fence watching us going at it. She quietly walked over to us and began to rub my neck. I loved her to pay attention to me and I let her know I was enjoying her attention. "Oh you have been a bad horse getting Paul and George all worked up like that." Brenda then motioned me toward the barn so I hesitantly followed her inside. Once we were inside she closed the door to keep Paul and George outside. Then brought me to the stalls where she began to brush me down this was very nice of her because I was an unknown horse to her. As she brushed I relaxed and the trapped horse cum began to trickle out of me. She saw that and began to clean me up. As she wiped it off I would get aroused and more would trickle out and the more she would wipe. I was getting hot from her flicking my clit while she wiped until I pushed back to her hand and her hand popped inside of my pussy I gushed with fluid as she pulled her hand out. "Oh my we are very horny aren't we?" But the thing that surprised me was she stuck her hand back inside of my pussy squishing all the cum out I began to rock back and forth on her arm and just as I was about to orgasm she stopped and pulled her hand out. She then took me out of the stall and backed me up to a bench which she jumped up on to and placed her foot at my pussy lips and pushed. Her foot entered me with ease after Paul and George's penis stretched me open. As she pushed I backed up farther forcing more of her leg inside of me once she was in to her knee I still wanted more so she pulled out and striped off her shorts top and underwear then placing both feet at my pussy lips with a constant push they popped inside. I orgasmed immediately. The pleasure was intense, I had to have more, so I continued to push back until I got to her knees. I pulled forward a little. Brenda must have thought I had enough. But I gave a hard shove backwards sinking her deep inside of me all the way to her thighs and pulling forward but to my pleasure she got pulled forward too far to be supported inside of me and holding onto the bench. I loved the pleasure this was giving me so I gave another push back sinking Brenda up to her waist and with a few pumps she was into her breasts. It was incredible. She was inside of me to my uterus and I could feel her breasts bumping on my ass cheeks. In this position both of us were cumming over and over again. As she moved I came, causing me to flex my pussy muscles, causing her to cum. As I came I walked forward, bringing her with me fully held by pussy and with her hour glass shape she was held there from slipping out, causing me to orgasm even more. My god this was hot and both of us were loving every second of it. Once we calmed down I had to figure out how to get her out of me so I backed up to a nice fluffy pile of hay and pushed her out she was covered in my juices. "Oh my god that was good I've never had anything like that before it was incredible," she panted. "I suppose Paul and George will want to play too Hun?" She walked over to the door and opened it wide once open the larger stallion Paul came over to me but George stayed with Brenda I watched as she led George over to her special bench and him with a hard-on already poking out of its sheath. I watched as she lay under that animal with its penis bouncing around, smacking her belly. She slowly guided it at her crotch, slowly he pushed his head prying apart her pussy lips. Paul's penis head slipped into her pussy causing a moan of pleasure to escape from Brenda's mouth. I watched as that long shaft buried itself deeper and deeper into her pussy. All the while she moaned and yelled in pleasure. As I watched her get impaled on Paul's penis, George came up behind me and pushed his penis at my ass but to my surprise it pushed my ass open and entered. Once the head was in it easily slid in all the way. Once inside, his belly was firmly pressing on my back and at first I was not getting much pleasure out of this but when his penis flared it pushed my insides in such a way that I began to feel an orgasm building. As George plundered my bowels, Brenda's pussy was being stretched as far as it could possibly go. As Paul's penis flared out ballooning her belly, I watched the sight of her belly moving up and down in unison with his penis. As I was watching Brenda my pumping on George's penis was bringing an incredible orgasm to the surface, then his penis began to squirt his seed deep within my bowels, sending me into a series of orgasms. Once we were done, George dismounted and went outside. I followed, but stopped at the door. I turned around and watched Brenda f*** him to a finish and soon she began to grind her hips and moan as horse cum poured out of her plugged up pussy. Once she finished I made a discreet exit and went home. That was to be a day I will never forget. Once home I fell into a contented sleep. That week was one that I will never forget, the frequent visits to Brenda's ranch has satisfied me like never before in my entire life it has been two weeks since my first visit and Brenda seems to be getting curious of me. Even though she hadn't seen me every time I'd shown up I'd been over there, often twice a day for two weeks needless to say she meant to see where I was coming from. On this day I had just finished with Ralph and I decided to head for home but what I did not know was that Brenda was watching and when I started to leave for home she was following me. Not knowing that she was in hot pursuit I walked right into my home and Brenda was right behind me I spun right around and stared at her. "So this is your place nice has a real homey quality mind if I sit down?" I was horrified she knew where I lived and she looked like she was getting ready to wait for my master to come home but the problem was I was the master. So I sneaked out side to change back to my real form luckily she didn't notice me leave so once out side I changed back to myself and grabbed some clothes off my cloths line. Once dressed I came inside but to my horror Brenda was gone she wasn't on the chair I left her in I frantically searched around my home and I finally came to my lab down stairs and there she was looking with intrigue into the numerous beakers and vials. So I quietly cleared my throat to gain her attention she spun around and breathing heavy she said, "Oh you startled me I was just looking for your dog I followed her here from my home down the road." "Don't worry she probably just went outside," I replied but before I could continue she interrupted. "What are all these tubes and stuff for down here?" I was dumb-founded I didn't know what to tell her I began to sweat and fidget trying to figure out what to tell her when she cut in again. "You some type of scientist or what?" "Well yes I am I'm experimenting with genetics." "Oh really and let me guess your testing on that poor dog outside aren't you scientists are all alike." It seemed that she was very concerned about animals or had something against scientists. Our discussion continued until she backed me into a corner literally and vocally until I caved in. I decided right then and there I would tell her everything I figured that at worst she would freak out and I would have to threaten to tell about her bestiality to everyone including the police and animal rights. Of course I started out slow and told her how I grew up then to my genetics research then I told her about the formula, from the look in her eyes I could see she didn't believe a thing I said. When I started to tell her about her and the horses and dogs she went from not believing to wondering how I know so much and that was when I shifted into my doggie form right in front of her. Well she looked with disbelief as I morphed then her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell straight back with a thud. When she awoke I had already shifted back to my human form for it was 6 hours later and I had her in a couch under a blanket and her first words were, "How did you do that?" We from there went in to a long discussion of how I created my formula and how I learned to change my body, she was interested needless to say and then she blurted in and shouted "I want to be like you to do what you do it has been a dream of mine since I was young." I was surprised needless to say so I asked again and again of her assurance to her request "oh yes please I beg you, I wish to share your ability" So I calmly asked her to take the night to think over her request and if she was still sure of her actions I would administer the syringe. The next morning I awoke and started my usual daily routine and when I turned around with my cereal in hand Brenda was standing right in front of me with a large grin across her face. "Holy shit scare me why don't you I take it you still want the injection then?" "Oh yes, yes I do," she giggled with glee. "Well then lets get it done so I can finish my breakfast." So she followed me down stairs and placed herself on a stool as I reached for the syringe and with a quick prick she was injected with my potion. "Well are you going to teach me how to do it." "Yes sure I will but can I finish my breakfast first" Once I finished we began her training, surprisingly she took to it like a duck to water and changed with ease. Once she changed I inspected her and I found that she became a male German shepherd dog but she startled me and began to lick my crotch so I took it that she was horny and with a glance at her new penis I was proved right. So I joined her in my doggie form and I gave her my approval by exposing my rump to her which she promptly mounted I could feel her penis bouncing around hitting my rear until she connected and pushed the head inside of my puss. Her penis was inching its way into my puss stretching me wide for itself we soon were pumping in unison causing he penis to be pulled out to the head and plunging back in seven inches to the knot each time getting more and more of that big knot into my puss. The feeling of her knot getting pushed in almost to being locked and being yanked out again was causing an orgasm to build within me then her knot was forced inside of me to the point of being locked I climaxed and tightened around her knot. As we pumped together my puss lips would bulge out due to her know full sized knot within my lips I could feel her tense up and then she filled my cavity with her cream. As we rested I clamped my puss as tight as I could to retain her to me for that much longer as she pulled out of me I could hear a satisfying plop followed by a splat of doggie cum on the floor. We took a nap soon after and when I woke and we returned to our human forms and reflected about the past few days at last I felt that my life was whole. Soon after Brenda married me and we settled down to live out the rest of our days in peace and quiet but this was not to be for about a year later we were found out the national-guard the FBI and secret service began to discover all our secrets. For all they new was my lab and strange experiments I conducted but they knew I had made a discovery in genetics and my very recent discovery in eternal life yes me and Brenda were now immortal. We knew then that we would have abandon the human world for a while, so we changed to our horse form and never looked back from there we would change from dog to horse. Or to which ever were the more appropriate for the situation. Then at one change to our horse form I stayed in my mare form for too long and Brenda got me pregnant. I knew I was pregnant because when Brenda filled my pussy with her seed a strange feeling came over me. I gave birth to a healthy colt, who wasn't gifted as were Brenda and I. Ten days after the birth Brenda mounted and f***** me again. My colt soon became quite satisfied with a shifting mother, for as long as he could suckle he was alright. My next Offspring was a filly. I usually stayed in my mare form until the birth. I only gave birth to one set of puppies I would always become quite aroused with a set of puppies or a foal pulling at my nipples which set in motion more fucking between Brenda and me. Unfortunately I soon found that my first born colt grew quite persistent with me when he was a yearling. I was in heat and he was trying at every possible moment to mount me, it became to be quite a chore for me to keep him at bay. I didn't believe in [CENSOR], but me being a mare and in heat and him being a healthy virile colt, I was therefore fair game to him. He won because I couldn’t resist the urge of being f****d and another pregnancy occurred. Due to our reproduction we unfortunately would have to give up our family every 3 years due to over crowding so Brenda and myself would find a lovely caring family and ask them to care for our children and not to reveal their parents or their past to others. Once in a while we would return and check on them through their lives and once in a while I would let my colts mount me and Brenda would mount one of her daughters and now Brenda and myself are content with our lives, I get all the penis I want and Brenda gets all the pussy, of course when we change its visa versa.
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