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Story by Cetacean - do not repost without this header!Ok, another dolphin story by me, this time featuring dusky dolphins since people seem to forget there are dolphins other than the bottlenose. For those of you that don't know what dusky dolphins are: they are fairly small dolphins, usually a little over two meters (6/7 feet) in length. Their skin is a pattern of black and white patches, the bottom of the dolphin being mainly white while the top is mainly black. The dorsal fin is black at the front and white at the back. They're very acrobatic (even by dolphin standards), and appear to be almost hyper-active.If you've just scanned the story and read about 'ropes' being used, don't worry - this is NOT a bondage story and nobody gets hurt. There is NO abuse.Some of my other dolphin stories: - Domination - Loving my time - A desperate actIf you want to know what this story is about:A guy named Jason gets stuck in the middle of nowhere with his boat, with the only companionship being two female dusky dolphins. You guess what happens.---Jason liked the ocean. As much of a social person as he was, sometimes all the chatter became too much for him and solo sailing was an excellent way to get away from it all. Living in New Zealand, there was plenty of water to sail on. Sailing wasn't just relaxation, it was also a workout - pulling cables while jumping all over the swinging deck.Once a year, Jason participated in a solo sailing race, starting in New Zealand and then making a trip around Australia. This year was no different. He, and eightteen other participants set off on a chilly spring morning, not to return for several weeks.He started out nicely, the first few days he was in second place and he figured he might be able to pass the leader if he put some effort in to it. Mother nature had different plans though. On the evening of the fifth day, a violent storm hit Jason and the other competitors. Atleast a few thousand km away from the nearest land with no chance of helicopter rescue, this wasn't a pretty place to run into trouble. But Jason had no control, it was far too dangerous to get up on the deck, so he stayed inside. On the radio, he heared one of his fellow contestants report that his boat was crippled and that he could no longer go on. Seconds later, a big wave hit Jason's boat. The boat seemed to make a complete 360 degree flip over it's side. The mast snapped, a window broke, water gushed into the boat and his stuff was scattered all over the cabin. The boat didn't sink. Jason rode out the storm and by morning it started to calm down again. He got up on the deck to inspect the damage. The mast was gone, completely. The boat was badly damaged, however the hull seemed intact and unless there was going to be another storm, there was no risk of sinking. He got on the radio to report he was out of the race, and waited. It would take several days for a boat from the organisation to pick him, and two other guys that didn't make it through the storm, up. There was no land nearby, so a helicopter couldn't come and pick him up.And so the waiting began. With nothing else to do, Jason tried to get some of the water out of his cabin. He couldn't sit still and do nothing. He put up a little piece of cardboard to seal off the hole left by the broken window, and replaced a lamp that broke during the storm. In the afternoon, he sat on the back of his boat with nothing on but a bermuda. The weather was good, unlike the day before. He ate the microwave meal he prepared. Then, he spotted two objects moving towards the boat just below the surface of the water. As they got closer, he realised they were dolphins - dusky dolphins. Smaller than their well known cousins, the bottlenose, they're fun and hyperactive little creatures. Jason saw them often when sailing, surfing on the bow wave.They rested next to the boat, they're heads sticking out of the water looking at Jason. "Sorry guys, I'm not going to be sailing any time soon." - he figured they were waiting for the boat to start moving so they could ride the wave. Apparantly, they didn't mind waiting. After a few hours, the dolphins were still swimming around the boat, fooling around like always. Jason liked having them around, it made him feel less lonely. He figured that he could have a brief swim with them, eventhough the water was cold. Since he was alone, he just stripped bare and jumped in. "Damn! The water is cold!", Jason had completely underestimated how cold the water was. He went straight for the ladder on the back of his ship and got out again - it was freezing. He sat naked with his legs hanging over the back of his ship, looking at the dolphins, who looked back at him. After a while, one of them turned away, showing her pink belly. Pink. Jason knew what pink stood for. Arousal, sexual arousal. Blood flowing to the dolphin's genitalia causing the belly to turn pink. He expected that the dolphins were going to give him a nice display of dolphin sex, but when the other dolphin turned away he noticed she was also a female and also very aroused. Jason didn't know what was turning them on. Was he causing the dolphins to be aroused? Or had they been fooling around with eachother? Jason knew dolphins on occasion displayed homosexual behavior if a dolphin from the opposite sex wasn't around. Whatever it was, seeing the dolphins aroused and thinking of dolphin sex got Jason, still sitting naked on the back of the crippled ship, pretty hard. "I couldn't. No, it'd be wrong. But who would see it? And why would it be wrong? Don't they want to? Don't I want to?", Jason's mind was in a fight with itself. Could he have sex with one of the dolphins? Could he have sex with both? He figured they weren't that heavy, 100kg perhaps. Compared to other dolphin species, that's not that heavy. If he got a rope around the fins of one of the dolphins, he might just be able to lift one on to the deck. But he feared that'd hurt the dolphin, if either one of them would even be willing to have a rope put around her.He decided it was worth a shot. To prevent the rope from cutting into the dolphin's skin, he wrapped tape around it. He stood on the back of his boat, held both ends of the rope in his hand and threw the rest in the water. It floated and formed a little loop. Now, one of the Duskies had to swim into the loop. They seemed to get the idea though, and one of them stuck her head through the loop. For a second, she came up out of the water just high enough for both her dorsal and her pectoral fins to be out of the water. Quickly, Jason pulled the rope towards him and the rope wrapped around the dolphins body below her fins. He feared she might panic, but the dolphin didn't. It seemed like she understood what Jason was trying to do. He pulled her to the back of the boat, and went her belly hit the flat hull, he started pulling her up. There were no pointy objects or anything of that nature on the hull, so she couldn't get cut. Putting all of his weight in to it, Jason barely managed to get the Dusky out of the water and over the side of his boat onto the deck. She looked to be very relaxed, her tail lifted up from the wooden deck and her beak open, displaying a line of small but razor sharp teeth. Jason wondered how he was going to go ahead. First, he figured he should get the rope off her. She looked rather heavy, and he figured having her on top of him wouldn't really work well. On the other hand, rolling her onto her back would be difficult because of her dorsal fin. The solution was simple. He got six cushions from the cabin, and taped them onto the deck in such a way that the dolphin could lie on her back on them, and leaving a little gap for her dorsal fin. He lowered a bucket over the side, where the other dolphin was still waiting, to get some water to keep the other dolphin wet. Then, with quite some effort he rolled her over on her back and on top of the cushions, her dorsal fin in between of them. Her still pink belly and vagina were now in clear sight for Jason. First, he gently let his hand run over her belly, causing the dolphins muscles to tense. The lower he got, the more anxious the dolphin seemed to get. Moving around a little she almost seemed to try to get his hand to her slit. He obliged, and gently rubbed her vulva. She gently thrusted back into it, not wanting to slide off the cushions. With his two thumbs, Jason gently pulled apart the lips of the Dusky's vagina, exposing her reddish inside. He just couldn't wait any longer, and got himself in position over the dolphin, who was about as long as he was, if not a bit longer. Gently putting his body to rest on her underside, with both of his legs around her tail resting on the deck, his gently slid his penis inside of her. The dusky had her beak open again, her toungue hanging out in ecstacy. Gently he thrusted into her, not wanting to do her any harm. Matching his rythm, she gently thrusted back into him. It felt amazing, for both of them. Neither one could find a mate of his or her own kind that could bring such pleasure, such ecstacy. Within no-time, although it seemed like forever, Jason was ready to explode. The dusky could actually massage his penis with the muscles in her vagina and the feeling was overwhelming. Feeling her partner coming close to his orgasm also send the dusky to her peak, and both orgasmed together, Jason shooting his warm load inside of the dolphin's belly.He rested for a few seconds, and then rolled off her on his back, his penis already limp. "That was awesome" was all that went through his mind. After a minute or two, he got back to his senses, and got up again. Not wanting to keep her in the sun for too long, he quickly got her off the boat again. When she was back in the water, she looked at him with her happy little eyes and made a typical series of dolphin squeeks. Jason smiled - perhaps being stuck here with you isn't so bad afterall. Besides that, there was another horny dusky left to please.
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