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another true story we will call her Patty,and the dog Red. a 30 year old lady and my coon hound Patty had her own dog but couldnt seem to get him to work right. i told her i though she may need a little training also. she had agreed to come and visit for a little training. of course she also brough her hubby, which i always like him to be there. guys you would of loved this girl . she was a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. and dressed for the ocassion. WOW. when she got here i invited them in and interduced Red to them. Red seen the dress and walked over to Patty and lower his head and used his head to pick it up out of his way to get access to her pussy. Patty was shocked to find a dog that would do this on his own. Red was liken what he found under her dress. Pattys hubby was loven what he was seeing. i told her to go sit on the couch . that was Reds favorite place. after a few minutes of Red and her getting use to each other, her to his tongue and him to her pussy, she again told her hubby to look at this dog. he then told her to turn around on the couch and put her knees on the floor. well, that was her first mistake. Red was going into overdrive licking her. i then notice Red on the couch with his front palws beside of her. this is his way of asking a girl if she is ready. her hubby and me either was paying any attition to them. Pattys hubby and i were talking about her lab,that they were having trouble with. it didnt take us long to find out it wasnt Patty at fault.i heard her talking to what i though was herself? Patty was talking to her hubby and me. it then started to get louder. then louder again. she was saying OH F*****when i got up to where i could see her and Red,i was sckocked. he had her by her little 24 inch waist and draging her back on his knot. by this time she was really screaming OH F*****. before i could get to then ,it was too late. Red had her knotted. Patty had never been knotter before, till now. Patty was being F******and couldnt get Red to stop. Reds Knot was growing so fast in the tummy it was scaring her. Patty had three kids but she said she hadnt had anything grow that fast inside her . Pattys hubby was only interested in getting some good photos of her and Red tied. he was no help,so i had to think for a minute. i knew i couldnt talk Red into releaseing her ,so i then had to talk her into relaxing her pussy so she would release him.i knew not to let Red turn around on Patty or i wouldnt be able to get them apart for a long time. with Reds knot still growing in Pattys pussy she was really starting to get loud. Red though she was screaming at him so he started to climb off her. i told him NO, stay on her back. so he did. and of course her hubby is still getting photos of all of this. i wasnt worried about him i didnt want my dog Red to hurt her. poor Patty was sweating really bad. her face was soaked. it took me about two minutes to get her to relax enough to where Red started to come out of her. her hubby wasnt to happy . he wanted her to stay that way . all dog knotted up to Red,which i sure Red would of loved it too. after getting them apart Red was still cumming all over the floor. Patty was trying to get her pussy to pull back togeather. all of Reds doggy cum that was in her pussy was running out onto the front of her dress. as i looked at Red he was standing there cumming all over the floor still. i felt so sorry for him not to be able to finished breeding Patty. it took Patty a little while and then she wanted to let Red have her again. we had to keep a towel between her legs she was soooo wet for him. thats another story. to be contiuted ......the old hillbilly
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