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Amy, my boss, the vet just hired a new technician. Bernicia. Bernicia will take my place, eventually. Oh my! She has a way to go. We are working at a vetrinary clinic. Amy told me to bring her along as I was brought into voluntary submission to radical experimentation and dog sex. On the first day with the dogs, I jacked a tethered dog and explained that this was to be her assignment for now. She sort of shied away, but she wanted the job and, after all, it was only handling a dog. When I told her to take over, she reached for a latex glove, but I immediately asked her if she had some sort of revulsion towards dogs? I acted a little upset. This had worked on me when Amy trained me.So B. began jacking dogs. I let her work on different animals all morning, and in the afternoon, I joined her again. As she reached under the dog and gently massaged the sheath, I coached her. Slow and gentle. Let yourself open to participation so the dog feels relaxed, welcome, accepted, wanted. As I watched her I saw her facial expression getting tense. Just relax and accept. Make him feel wanted. Relax and accept your feelings.Bernicia began to blush. Its OK. I know what you are thinking. Under the circumstances it is perfectly natural. Go ahead, its only in your mind. Its not as it it really happens. She bit her lip and continued. Imagine it entering instead of being in your hand. She looked up, shocked. and then we grinned at each other. She lowered her eyes. I'm not going to do that, if you try to make me. I am not going to try to make you do that. I paused a while. Unless you want to. I don't. Never. That's right. You do not really like dogs. Right? I like them OK, but I'm not going to become one.Wait we are on 2 subjects here. You can get bred if you want. If you do not want, forget it. But to do this job right you have to get into the dog's mind and begin to think and feel like a dog. Can you do that? I'll try. How do I do it? I'll work with you on it. We tethered a new dog to the table. As she began to massage the sheath, I told her to think about how the animal felt, and how the bitch would react. Soon I was coaching her on feeling like a bitch. She was getting very agitated and when the dog was finished, she had to take a break. When she returned to the operating bay, I had another dog ready. I met her at the door with a depressor on which I had collected the secretions of a bitch in heat. Go back to the bathroom and press this up inside yourself. What is it? Bitch scent. The dogs will respond more quickly, but get it deep. It will give you some of the bitch feeling. Like what? A sort of dry itching. I was not totally truthful here as is caused a LOT of deep remorseless itching and over lubrication. You tried it? Yes, it helped me to understand and identify. Gets you over the shyness. Way up inside? Yes, way up, please.She was soon back and as she approached the dog he became very aggitated. She shied back. Its OK. He wants you. He;s trying to pay a compliment. Well, OK. This was a very fast clamax for the dog. I took the dog back and brought in another young German shepard. She was writhing against the table. Are you OK? NO! Ah! Do you think I could . . .?Oh! You poor thing! I understand. Strip and get up on the table. THe dog I brought in was now tethered but going nuts. B. made it to the table top in seconds. I put a collar on her and tethered her to the post, with her face on the table. Hurry! Damn it! I got the dog up behind her and helped him in. She let out a howl. The Clinic was closed by now so I let her carry on. I held the dog. I knew he had been well trained, so he was quite stable and businesslike. When the time thrust were deep enough I helped them into a knot.The next morning, when Bernicia came in, She administered herself another scenting, and paraded down the line of kennels agitating all of the dogs. She said it was ego building, but there will be no more of that.
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