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This is part 3 of a story that has a lot of very true parts to it. Of course I won’t tell what’s true and what’s just things I hope to make true someday. If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2, you may want to before reading this so it will fit.As always, I ask for your comments. It encourages me to continue to write and post.DrewCindy went took her dog home and then came back. The five of us sat around without a think on and talked and drank and soon we were all buzzed. I have little doubt that even though the party was tomorrow night, the one we were having was pretty damn wild. It was wild enough with Jeff, Mickie and my hot wife Sondra and I, trading partners and watching Mickie introduce Sondra to girl/girl sex…but with Sondra added I knew it was going to be over the edge. Cindy was a slut. She admitted it freely and said that there was very little she didn’t do, including fucking her dogs. She told us she was married but her husband Scott drove a truck and so they got three male dogs to keep her satisfied. Yes, they were swingers and partied with other couples all the time, but Scott felt that if she needed a good fucking that he’d rather one of their K-9’s take care of her then just arbitrarily fucking one of the neighbors. Jeff and Mickie were exceptions. The two couples practically lived together and traded partners all the time. It was so interesting as Cindy told us of her lifestyle. Her nipples never stopped being hard and the lips of her pussy glistened with wetness. Indeed she loved her lifestyle and without a doubt loved sex. Cindy described in great details how she lets one of her 3 labs to mount her and pound her like a bitch. My cock grew hard again as did Jeff’s, but when we looked over at Sondra and Mickie they both sat and listened while softly running their slender fingers over their clits. No doubt Cindy’s story was getting to them and it made me wonder if before we left this place, if my sexy, tiny wife would end up with a dog’s cock inside her sweet tight pussy. I never thought I’d ever say this, “but I really hoped so”.Cindy looked at Sondra and abruptly asked, “do you mind if I f*** your husband sweetie?” Sondra smiled and nodded her head. With permission Cindy walked over and sat with me on the floor and wrapped her hand around my dick and softly stoked it, telling me how she wanted me to lay down while she straddled me and rode me. Of course I laid flat on my back while this amazing looking woman with tits that defied gravity placed a knee on each side of me, bent forward and put one of those amazingly stiff nipples at the end of her bullet tits into my mouth. I sucked with it hard as she slowly slid her wet lower lips up and down my shaft. She knew exactly what to do and just how to drive a man insane with her perfect body. Soon her mouth covered mine and our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths as she slid my stuff cock deep inside her wetness and began to ride me.Without a doubt this girl knew what she was doing and loved doing it in front of an audience. My wife, Jeff and his wife sat in wonder as Cindy rocked back and forth and up and down on me. Mickie had one hand on her pussy touching herself while the other hand on Jeff’s cock. Sondra could take it no longer and soon stood above my head with one foot planted on each side. Cindy continued to pleasure herself on my hard on while I watched my sweet bride’s smooth pussy slowly lower down to my face. Now…I want from ecstasy to heaven. She was dripping wet and there was no chance for me to lick her as she held my head and slid those sweet wet lips back and forth over my outstretched tongue. My face was soaked and so was my cock, but neither girl cared. They were on a mission and that had to be to f*** me to death, but they heard no protest from me. What happened next I never saw for obvious reasons of having my vision blocked from my wife’s perfectly wound ass, but Jeff and Mickie gave me the details. As Cindy and Sondra kept ridding each end of me they kissed passionately, fondled and sucked each others tits…and then with an outcry of lust came…one at a time. Both girls sat next to me as I watched them embrace. I was exhausted and could go no more. At least for now! I am always ready after about an hour, but there was no doubt that I was currently spent. But Sondra has an obvious need. Cindy had two fingers deep in her doing her best to simulate a cock. But…it wasn’t going to be enough for my girl. She spoke out… “I need cock….please somebody f*** me.” (No doubt my wife was taking to this introduction to a new lifestyle rather well). Sondra looked to me and could tell I wasn’t going to be any good to her and then looked at Jeff. But Jeff was busy doing his own wife. Cindy saw her predicament and excused herself and returned with Glenn. No…Glenn wasn’t her husband he was her black lab. His paws were covered and from the sounds of his whining and pulling against his leash he wanted at my sexy 5 foot tall wife. Sondra’s eyes grew as big as silver dollars as she said, “I said I didn’t want a dog to f*** me.” But this time she said it with a question mark in her voice and rather soft spoken. Cindy ignored her mild protest and laid her over the edge of the couch, right next to where Jeff and Mickie were doing their thing. Her little tits pressed against the cushions and her bare behind was available and vulnerable. I could not believe what was happening and never thought I’d witness my own wife being taken by a dominant dog. When released, Glenn was relentless. His ran to her…sniffed a second and then licked her pussy, the insides of her thighs where she had dripped and then her parted ass cheeks. My cock began to rise again, way before it’s normal time. Cindy reached under Glenn and stoked him softly and then finally patted Sondra’s ass and commanded, “Glenn, up!”Like a flash his paws went to her back and his hind legs darted forward as he actually wrapped his sock covered paws around her with his bright pink dog cock darting toward his target. Cindy placed her hands on Glenn’s behind and helped to guide him to her aching pussy of which once inside he pounded her without mercy. She cried and yelled and repeated herself a number of times…”YES…YES…f*** ME… HARDER HARDER… I’VE NERV FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS”. I didn’t take her comments personally. I’m sure she was correct. So far she had been f***** by me and Jeff and eaten out by Cindy and Mickie and ridden my face and cum at least a dozen or two times, but this had to be without a doubt “nothing like she had ever felt before.” It seemed like forever that that red thing went in and out of my wife’s pussy and the insides of her thighs were coated with juices. I warned Cindy that he was about to tie and I felt it wasn’t a good idea for her first time. She agreed and did her best to keep that tennis ball size knot of Glenn’s from entering her. I have no idea if the dog came…but I sure know that Sondra did a number of times. Glenn laid licking himself clean and Sondra laid flat on her belly on the floor exhausted. Everyone was silent at the first that they had witnessed for Sondra until she broke the silence by whispering to me… “baby, take me in the bathroom and help me take a shower.” All I could think of at that moment is… “tomorrow night is going to be some party it this is a prelude.”
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