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The opening part was an early fantasy of mine which became reality over 5 yrs ago. But the follow up is still and most likely will always be fantasy. My girlfriend and I (we're both bi) had been together for just about 2 years. We shared everything together including our love for my male collie. On one hot day late in the summer we were out at the park running Duke as we've done a million times before. Tracy was off playing with him while I laid back on the grass reading my true crime novel. It was getting a bit late and most of the people had left the park area already. Tracy knew I wanted to get back early and I was getting a little pissed off that they hadn't returned yet. Finally I see them running up to me in the distance. - Duke with the rubber duck in his mouth and Tracy with a little smirk and puppy dog look knowing she was late. "Where the heck have you been?" I asked. "Duke just wouldn't stop playing...It's not my fault. He wouldn't get out of the pond and come." Since we would often sexplay the brat who needed to be spanked at home I just quickly spit out "NOW who's been a bad girl" I never expected her to take me seriously, out here in the middle of the park."Yes I have been. I derserve a spanking." "Right here?" I said - blown away that she called my bluff, "We're in the middle of the park - what if someone sees?"She played the little devil by dropping her pants and running away in her panties. "Ok, you want to play?" I figured it was getting dark enough that no one would see us and a shiver of excitement ran down my spine. I caught up with her and Duke who was excited that he was on another run. I put the leash on him and tied the other end to Tracy's wrist. "There, now neither of you will be getting away"I forced my girlfriend down on all fours and pulled her pantied down to the knees. I started with a firm slap and kept the beat up until her bottom was slightly red. At the same time I was getting aroused myself and with my free hand began to slowing rub myself beneath the short skirt I was wearing. My pussy began to each for more and my scent caught Duke's nose. He kept trying to nuzzle between my legs to find that scent and began licking my thighs. My fingers worked faster as his hot breath excited me even more.A dog howling out in the distance brought my mind back to earth. "Shit, Tracy - I think someone's coming" I immediately stopped my spanking and we both held our breath in fear of being discovered. After what seemed like an hour but was more actually 3 or 4 minutes, Tracy said "You know, it was probably a wolf baying at the moon." I looked up and sure enough it was dark enough to see a full moon. "You're not getting off that easy" I said. I her bare bum a few more slaps before I started playing with her clit. "Now you had better not orgasm or else you'll really be in trouble you brat." She began to moan and massage her breasts as I pushed first 1 then 2 fingers deep into her. I would stop and wait several seconds before starting again, just to tease her. Duke in the mean time had moved his attention from my legs to Tracy's wide open love hole. Her juices began flowing as I let his tongue take over for my fingers.Duke had a well trained tongue by this time and I could tell he was driving her insane. As he had his way with her, I began stroking him and encouraging his wonderful tool to pop out. He started thrusting against my hand and after a bit of pre-cum I knew he was ready. Tracy who was still on all four was nearing an orgasm so I stopped Duke and pulled him back. "No no.. you've been a bad girl and you're not getting any of this" I said as I held Duke's penis firmly in my hand. "Please... I promise... I'll never be late again... please let him take me..." I knew exactly what she was feeling... that ache that could only be soothed by either one of our electric toys (which were all at home) or Duke. I relented and let our handsome collie go with his instincts. He immediately tried to mount her and started humping her leg. After a few quick jabs I was able to help guide him in. Tracy shreiked as Duke found his mark and began to thrust faster - You don't know how much energy a collie has until it's all aimed at you. "Ohhhh ohhh my beauty... YES..." She convulsed wildly as she orgasmed while Duke kept up his pace. I could hear his knot pop in and out a few times before he decided to hop off. Tracy collapsed and Duke expertly cleaned up with his tongue both himself and her."Have you learnt your lesson?" I said with a smirk. She only managed to squeek out a quiet "...yes.." After 5 or 10 minutes we composed ourselves and started the trek back home. I still ached for any sexual pleasure and I was a little disappointed that Tracy had all the fun, but I knew next time it would be my turn. Part 2 - still to cum.
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