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This will be our first attempts at telling how we are moving our relationship towards sexually enjoying our dog Maxx Together.Hope you apprieciate our efforts Vote for us!! We had been talking about my interest in Animal love for some time and finally I let My GF Dawn into my(what I though Bizzarre)Interest in seeing her Make love to a dog.We had been having troubles and I had been looking outside our relationship at another woman who I found attractive and wanted to put the proverbial boots too.I told Dawn that I wanted to make love to this woman but she was resistant thinking that If i had made love to her I would leave her and go off with this other girl(little did we know that soon we would be closer than ever)despite my insistence that that would never happen Dawn came up with a better Solution she confided that she was at least Interested in the idea pf making love to our dog Maxx and to please me she would start training him(with my help)to join us in our lovemaking.I was astounded,that she would go all the way with Maxx and bring into our lives such a taboo and yet exciting new thing into our sex-lives after 16 years of being together.All that day I thought about what Dawn had said and the Idea turned me on tremendously,I mean I swear My 9 and 3/4 Inch Cock was hard as a rock every time I thought of her sweat pink tightness speared by our dogs fully engorged dick.I almost blew my load right there I swear when I thought of her fully Knotted with Maxx with Milky thin dog cum pumping out around Maxxes cock while she gyrated her hips and stimulated her G-spot with his great big knot.Dawn absolutely freaks out when Im going down on her and I take three fingers and curl tham upwards and put pressure on her G-Spot,I mean sometimes she will cum so hard she will squirt out sweet pussy juice all over my face.Knowing how she cums so hard with the pressure of my fingers I was thrilled of the idea of her Lovely Flower filled to its fullest while Maxx came inside my sweat loves Pussy.Anyway that was the Fantasy at its highest,The reality of training Maxx was somewhat different.Turns out Dawn was having much the same thoughts as me but she wanted more information about the subject,Thank god for all my years of internet surfing on the subject I knew just what to do.In mere moments I took dawn to the ZOOSKOOL site and we began reading together all about making your pet your lover.I could tell as we read that Dawn was getting hotter and hotter as she was playfully kissing my neck and grabbing and my now stiff dick as we finished all 3 of the lessons we found last I could see the fires burning in my Dawns Brilliant Green eyes and that lusty glow that always meant"Im ready baby take me now"The thrill was indescribeable.As we shut down the PC for the night she looked at me smiled and said"I think youd better bring a towel to bed with us tonight"and cast a lusty look at me and maxx standing close to each other.I was blown away my most thrilling fetish was going to be reality finally!As Dawn and I moved to our bedroom she turned to me and said"oh no,If i have a pussy full of Maxx's cum ill have to shower before we can fool around if this works!"I looked at her and said"Lover,If you love me enough to do this for me Then Ill tell you what,Even if your Puss was filled by a gallon of Maxx's cum I'd Make love to you...Why i'd even eat the sweet mingled juices of you both!"The look in her eyes when I said that was almost disbelieving that I would love her so much to not only encourage her to take on a canine lover but that as far as I was concerned they were as one and no difference in my feelings or sexual appetites would ever be apparent.In fact the idea of a new lover for dawn who would always be there to protect her when I wasn't and who could fill her needs whenever she wanted with no fear of ever making her pregnant was incredibly arousing to me!When we were in the bedroom we took our clothes off and climbed onto our Queen sized bed and begam too fool around ourselves,starting off slowly at first with touching each other till I couldnt take it any more.I moved down low between my loves beautiful thighs and began to quickly tickle her now swelling clit with ever so light brushes of my tounge and to spread her pussy lips apart to show the fabulous pink folds of my babys hole.She started to get wetter and wetter and finally I placed the tip of my index finger into just the opening of her sweet honeypot.While Making slow circles with more and more pressure I teased her clit with now harder flicks of my tounge and rubbed with my fingertip on her G-spot.That did the trick and she began moaning and talking dirty about bringing maxx onto the bed with us.Finnally the moment had come!!I moved from between dawns legs and guided Maxx's nose towards her now fully open pussy.Maxx looked at both of us as if unsure of what to do and I petted him on his head and guided him closer to dawns now glistening and waiting hole.HE got closer sniffed a moment or two and then.....he lashed out twice with his long dog tounge over her swolen mound.Dawn cast a look to me as fi too say am I doing something wrong?Does he not like my taste?I knew immediately that we had to take our time and that dogs learn by experienceing things.Suddenly it dawned on me(if you'll forgive the pun)that Maxx absolutely adored Peanut butter!I went to the pantry quickly and grabbed the largest jar we had and brought it back to the bedroom.A few smears of penutbutter around her clit and now shiny and glistening love hole was all it took to get Maxx's attention in a big way!Soon he was licking her with all gusto and I could see that Dawn's sweet clit was getting so big it seemed she would cum right there just from Maxx's attention to her hot smoldering gash.As soon as Maxx had lapped away all the penut butter I knew Dawn was ready for the Ultimate Test of Maxx's abilitys,Weather he would or could Mount and make love to her.we lead maxx over to Dawns side and I placed his Front legs over both sides of Dawns hips with my free hand I grabbed Maxx's pink doggie dick and began lightly to jerk him forward making him slip out of his sheath.He just would not seam to hump forward though and his cock was getting no bigger as i tried to place it into dawns sweet hole.Then purely by accident I placed my hand on MAxxs rump close to his balls and he began to thrust forward like mad and OH MY GOD his cock grew three to four times its size in only a few moments.Dawn had shifted her hips and Maxxs dog cock was sliding forward and back across the pretty pink bud of my babys fine ass but it was nowhere close to hitting the mark of entering her.I knew now that there was no chance for maxx to Knot with Dawn as his Knot had swelled to the size of a small apple.I moved dawn sideways slightly and with my hand behind Maxx's Knot began to slip his now 9 inch cock into dawns love box.The sight of her pussy lips opening to wrap around his tool was awesome the little squirts of milky precum that would drip from the end of his dick as I took it out all the way to plunge it back in till the knot was against her passion swolen mound blew me away.As the excitement grew I couldnt help from reaching down and beginning to stroke my rigid member while watching dawn move her hips in a rocking motion trying to coax out a mighty blast of dog cum into her spazming gushing hole.Dawn looked back then and seeing me strokeing my cock till no tommorow reminded me that i had Maxx,s rock hard cock in my other hand and was putting too much pressure on the union of her honey dripping hole and his now huge dog cock.I sheepishly apologised and began to play with my hands around where the knot was banging at the opening to her box.Thats when Dawns legs gave out and she slipped sideways pulling maxx's doghood out of her and spilling his wet precum down her fine legs.Maxx was slightly irritated about not being able to cum and was resistant to any further training that night so we took our first lesson with him as both a success and a failure at the same time.we let him rest and I made good my promise to eat her sweet box only the way that I can and we made love till 4:30 in the morning swearing that we would get Maxx trained up and that soon dawn and Maxx would know the feeling of tying together and I would watch as he filled her with cum till she was overflowing.We have trained Maxx two more times since that day(which was two days ago so Dawn is Definately interested in more) and had some wonderfull results if any of you fine people here would like to hear more of our ongoing exploits in the bedroom with Maxx please vote for us and I will tell you how things are shaping up!Till then may the powers that be bless us all for our individuality and each of us find strength in our lives to make them better!Hope to write moreThanks and keep beastyingEuphoria1 and Dawn
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