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The students were all gathered in the room, in [SPAM] of two’s and three’s talking waiting for class to begin. Some with morning coffee, a danish here and there….I’m sitting off in the front….I look forward to this class all week…. The mental stimulation is only part of it. True, the chance for advancement, and the fact I really enjoy the subject matter doesn’t hurt. There is the teacher. I would like to bring her more than an apple. Daphne, her name was music…. and her voice……Her entrance into the room disturbed his reverie. Ummmmm, Black head... to... toe….. My eyes center on her clingy V necked top, I can see a hint of cleavage from her full breasts. Definitely more than a hand full….. pleated skirt hugged the globes of her firm round butt. Her long shapely legs shimmered in black hose, high spike heeled boots, with a gold chain round the ankle of the right boot...Class was anything but boring, she really knew her stuff, but was never arrogant about it. Her excitement was contagious, her mind quick. I loved how her smile lit up her brilliant blue eyes. When deep in thought she would run her long fingers through her short dark hair making it spike in places…. (“Stop staring, Rich”) I did not want anyone to be alerted to my growing infatuation…. But I could not resist volunteering to write up and present the team project.Class ended my coworkers wandered out; everyone focused on the weekend’s activities…. I brought the team’s project to her, watched her face as her eyes darted over the print out. A musical interlude interrupted. She excused herself…and answered her cell phone…she murmured for a few moments and placed the phone back into her purse.A cloud passed over her face… and she looked up at me…. “Sorry” she said, “My room mate… I am going to have to find my own way home tonight.” My heard began to pound in my chest, I was wishing I had driven my car… instead of the bike today…..I heard my voice stammer….”Well, I have my bike here…I’d be glad to take you home….” Her face lit up, my heart started to pound… “ If it would not be too much trouble…”(Damn, I could kiss that roommate of hers)…”“Of course not.” She flashed a smile at me and her eyes returned the to print out, underlining, highlighting, making brief notes… “Very innovative view point, good work.” She handed me the printout; “ I can be ready to go in just a few minutes. Is that good for you ?” “I’ll meet you out in front in fifteen” I said…. I rushed, made copies for the rest of the team, and shoved mine inside my jacket.I pulled the bike up to the front entrance, and watched her walk out to meet me. My hands were clumsy as I fastened the helmet under her chin, and helped her mount the bike. My fingertips tingled, as they brushed her skinlong day, grade school butterflies all over again….…I sat carefully on her pleated skirt, started the bike, and entered the traffic (Damn I wish I could be along side in a car…. Getting glimpses of her perfect thighs as the wind rippled the skirt…... “Oooooeee down boy……” ) She lived only five miles from the office, the ride was much too short. She slipped off the bike and handed me the helmet.. I smiled back, my back still aware of her presence with the lingering warmth. “ Could I offer you some tea ? Unless you need to be somewhere….” She said with a shy smile.”Uh sure, yes please”…. I followed her to the front door. She opened it slowly and I soon saw why…. A very excited collie met us at the door…She knelt, meeting him at his level. “ Have you been a good boy for mama?” Rising and taking my hand she introduced me to the collie, “This is mama’s friend, Rich.” “Rich this is my baby, Agamemnon, Aggie for short.” We proceeded back to the kitchen. Putting the kettle on, she excused herself. When she entered the kitchen again she had removed her boots, and was bare foot. She put together a tea, and we sat in the kitchen looking out into the backyard garden. We sipped the tea silently together….I could see her clear blue eyes drifting in thought……“Penny for your thoughts…..” Her eyes met mine and a smile lit up her face…..” Oh , sorry…..I was just thinking about what to do tonight…., Christin and I were supposed to go out to dinner and clubbing tonight…. But her boyfriend called….” My heart leapt into my chest…and a voice came out of my mouth…..”Well… I haven’t made any plans tonight…. Want some company?” “Sure, that would be wonderful!”. Daphne offered me the use of her shower, I was so glad I had though to bring a change of clothes with me into the city. She took my pants from me…”I’ll press those for you” When I got out, the pants were in the bathroom , hmmmm never heard the door open.Daphne came out of her bedroom as I came out of the bathroom… she turned her back to me….” Would you mind”, I stood there for a moment, looking at her dark hair, damp, curling at the nape of her neck, resisting the urge to brush it with the tips of my fingers. I realized she wanted me to zip her up, form fitting red dress, black stockings…. black shoes….5 inch spike heels laced up to just below the knee. With a soft sigh, I zipped up the dress….allowing my self the luxury of brushing the skin up her spine… I did so. Hmmmm was that an involuntary shiver? She turned and dropped keys into the palm of my hand….”You’ll drive won’t you ?” ” Ahhhh, sure….”The evening was wonderful…..Dinner was at a quaint homey restaurant, everyone seemed to know Daphne by name…..The food was simple, but superb. I was surprised to see how much she put away….and the wine had us both glowing…..We both passed on dessert…finishing the bottle of wine instead. Dinner finished…..she looked into my eyes…..”Want to settle dinner with some dancing” “ Of course!” I said.She took my arm as we walked down the block….giggling, slightly unsteady on her feet…..The warmth of her body…next to mine…her perfume drifting to my nose…. The walk was way too short….We closed the club…. laughing and dancing the night away….I was warmed by her refusal to dance with anyone but me…..The drive home was quiet…..her head resting on my shoulder……I handed her the keys…..and she said looking into my eyes….”Want a glass of wine……” Well if that was all…..I’d take it anyhow….I never wanted this night to end…..”Sure, I’d love it”….. Aggie bounded to meet us……as we crossed the threshold. Nuzzling our hands insistently for attention…..Daphne giggled….her voice like music in my ears….She gave Aggie a treat and poured the wine, sipped hers, as she watched me sip .Her eyes locked in mine…… Putting her glass down, she flowed into me and kissed me lightly on the lips, fingers interlaced in my hair….pulled my mouth harder onto hers…….Our hands caressed each others bodies… hands slipped her dress up, wonder of wonders, no panties. She giggled again….at the surprise on my face…..and gasped as my fingers played in the silken wetness between her thighs…..We were lost in each other…..she opening her legs….to allow me deeper entry…..and then on my fingers….I was being touched … Aggie’s tongue ! I pulled back from Daphne……she opened her eyes…..a smile on her lips….I could tell….she was not surprised……..She lifted her glass of wine…..and sipped. With one quick movement removed the dress….all that remained…were the stockings…..and those shoes. Taking my hand in hers…she let me to the table and sat on the chair….moving her bottom to the edge of the chair she opened her knees wide. Aggie was between them in a flash…..Her eyes hot with lust….unzipped my pants…..releasing my erect flesh. Her tongue traced the head of my cock, eagerly tasting the precum. Fingernails traced the length of my thighs, going between, her tongue tracing down to my balls…gently sucking them one at a time in to her mouth. Her mouth hot…moving, pushing the heat higher…. pulled me into the depths of her hot wet mouth..”Damn”…..I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the dog….his long tongue plunging in and out of her glistening depths….over her clit….between her butt…..not missing any of her sweetness…..Her moans of pleasure…..Vibrating my cock…..Her fingernails, sweet pleasure/pain on my ass…..I could hear her muffled cries of delight as she came….her mouth sucking harder at my cock….as it exploded in her mouth…..My cock slipped out of her mouth….cum….on her chin…..the last drops oozing from the tip….Aggie’s eager tongue lashed the length of it.…..took all that was left. His tongue, warm, slightly rough, felt wonderful on my aching cock. Standing, she took my mouth kissing me deeply , I could taste the lingering traces of my cum on her lips…Breaking the kiss, a smile flashed at me, she got on her knees . Her hand grasped the protruding pink of the dog, I watched as she stroked him. His hips began to thrust towards her she turned and presented her beautiful ass….Aggie mounted without hesitation and pounded his cock home . His cock pounded her pussy like a jack hammer… She seemed to cum, over and over, soft cries escaping her beautiful mouth. At last the dog was still .I could see her bottom twitch as a small rivulets of dog cum dripped down the insides of her thighs. With a pop and a flood of cum…Aggie pulled from her . She knelt, still, head down, catching her breath. Rising at last, she took my hand and led me to the bedroom, slipped off my remaining clothes, and gently pushed me to the bed. Her mouth eagerly sought mine. My mouth explored my beautiful sexy Daphne, the cleft of her neck, her full breasts, suckling her firm erect nipples into my mouth….Her back arched…her hands laced in my hair… Our heat again rose, pulling me on top of her, I buried my cock in the warm wetness of dogcum and her heat. Legs wrapped around me she pulled me deeper, and deeper…her fingernails in my back. I filled her…. My cum mixing with that of the dogs…..feeling her pulsing , pulling me deeper…..her cries of pleasure sounding almost like pain… voice rising with hers. Our passion spent….we curled up together on the bed.The rays of the morning sun awakened us still wrapped in each others arm. A puddle of wetness between us, proof it was not all a dream…..
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