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another story (true) from earlier days. hope it's one you can enjoy and relate to. constructive criticism is always appreciated as i attempt to better my ability to write. Pasture Full of HeifersI had 16 acres of sub-irrigated pasture along the river and decided to rent it out, until I was able to get enough livestock of my own, to pay the taxes on the place. I placed an ad in the local swap paper and had a response the day it came out. A local college had a large dairy herd wanted to know if it would sustain 75 long yearling heifers (Holstein) until the 1st of September of that year. Since the grass was already shoulder high, it seemed like an answer to my need and to theirs. The herdsman came over and we walked the acreage, satisfying him that the fences were good, water and feed were plentiful and we reached agreement. The following day, several truckloads of heifers arrived while I was at work.There was little for me to do except to walk the fences each evening to be sure they were intact and to get acquainted with my new charges. Since they had all been hand raised in a calf nursery, they were very tame and unafraid of humans. I always carried a brush with me and would spend hours brushing them, talking and just enjoying every minute with them. I usually would stay in the pasture until too dark to see and then head home for bed.One evening I noticed quite a commotion as I approached the pasture. Apparently there were 3 or 4 heifers who had just begun cycling into their heat period. Every heifer in the pasture was gathered around, trying to mount those in heat or any other heifer that would allow it. As I watched the scene, I also became aware that my dick was at full attention and aching for release into one of those beautiful animals. I was well versed in mating with our milk cows earlier and really aching to have one of the heifers.I walked among them petting and talking to them, trying to get to the center of the circle and the lovely ladies who were creating the excitement – for me and the other heifers there. As I moved into position behind one of the wanting heifers, I realized that that dynamics put them just above cock level for me. Using a stool or small bucket would not work with all the activity going on. Just then, the heifer in front of me mounted the heifer in front of her. In mounting the other, it put her tail and lovely pussy at a perfect height for mating. I already had my cock out ready for action so walked up and slid it into her very hot, wet love chute. It was heaven for sure – but ended in a minute when she dismounted. But then another heifer mounted her so I repeated the performance for the next minute. Although I would have like to have stayed deep in her, enjoying the wondrous feeling she gave me, I realized that each mounting would have limited time for me to enjoy them. But then I also realized that by the withdrawal when they dismounted, the urgency eased a bit and that it would be possible to continue the action for much longer than if I remained deep inside and my nuts exploded from the action of the lady.So I stayed in close proximity and each time one of the heifers would mount another heifer, I’d move into position and give a number of hard thrusts deep into her. It was so hot and so exciting, I nearly shot my load each time. But the dismount was timed so well, that I got past the shoot stage before plunging into the next hot pussy on her mount. For over an hour, I continued to enter and thrust away with each mounting, only once getting trapped while deep inside her and another heifer decided to mount and jumped up on top of me. Although a bit uncomfortable, that was one hot sandwich, believe me. Finally, the activity increased so much that there was always at least one heifer mounting at all times. This kept my cock so much in use thrusting into the hot pussies that I shot a huge load into one lady, trying to please her as a bull would by jumping up a bit to bury my cock as totally deep as possible. The first shot of cum erupted at that exact moment my feet were off the ground and my cock was buried to the hilt. How to describe a feeling like that, other than wonderful beyond words.For the next six weeks, there was never less than 4-5 heifers in heat each night I returned from work. Sometimes it seemed like they were all in heat at the same time. It didn’t seem to matter if they in and standing or simply excited and mounting, all seemed perfectly fine with receiving my cock during the activity. It only took a few days to learn to pace myself and that I could cum more than one time during the evening’s activities. That suited a horny man perfectly and every evening was spent with my ladies until they went home for a one time poke with the herd bull or the inseminator and pending motherhood.I had hoped that the following year I might repeat the pasture arrangement but found the college had purchased a neighboring farm and it served as their pasture. But by that time, I had acquired a cow, horse, goats and was enjoying each of them, in every way. But that summer with the heifers was very special and the memories will always linger and bring a tingle to my loins.
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