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The other night I was laying in bed and I started to dream about how I would like by ultimate initiation experience with a K9 to happen.It all started in an open field. I was taking by brown labrador for a long walk and we were crossing through the fields, so that he could stretch his legs. Me being lazy decided to take a break, so I lay down on the freshly cut field and closed my eyes wishing that I was at home. I was drifting off when I felt a warm tongue licking my thighs. I shooed him away, and lay back down, but he persisted. Licking, and every time getting closer towards my now moistening crotch. I should have stopped him, but I thought, what the hell, no ones around, whats the harm? I hitched up my gypsy skirt, allowing him easier access. as I dont usually wear underwear, it was very easy access indeed. His licking became more urgent and before I knew it I was rubbing him, and enjoying it. He didnt need much encouragement, after only a few minutes we were both horny, and I was ready to explode. I turned on my front and assumed the position, at first he wasn't sure, but witha little encouragement he knew what to do. After a few attempts he penetrated me, I giggled it was all so exciting. I widened my legs to allow him deeper access. After all, this pleasure was for the both of us. He started to thrust, deep and hard, and I gripped him urging him further, wary of being caught at the same time. The feeling was amazing so intense, but before I knew it was over. Being a novice I hadn't allowed him to not me, a mistake I thought. He slid out of me, and as I rose, his cream gushed out of me and I laughed. He proceeded to lick me as I bent over to pick up my bag, and I didn't stop him, why? He looked pleased with himself, and I was delighted. I pulled down by skirt, picked up my bag, and patted him on the head. Lets go home.
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