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Mare Mistress IVI woke up the next morning and Saphira was still contently sleeping beneath me. However, Adara was not there anymore. I stood up, stretching and yawning, trying to wake myself up. The barn door was still open, so I walked outside. I looked around, and saw Adara at the top of a hill, looking off into the distance. She was deep in thought, and it looked like something was troubling her.I walked through the knee-high grass, over the rolling hills and approached her. I put my hand on her neck and softly stroked it."Something on your mind?" I asked her gently.She turned to me, nuzzling my cheek."Yes. We need to discuss something. I have been keeping some things from you, but I think you deserve to know. I had hoped to spare you this pain, but..." She said."But what?" I asked her with concern in my eyes.She sighed, and then began to explain many things to me."Tell me. What's the last thing you remember before waking up in the barn for the first time?" She asked."Well, I remember coming home from a double shift at work. I took a hot, relaxing shower, and went to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was here" I said."This might sound a little strange to you... but that was at least a year ago, before the event occurred that we know as the Awakening. None of us are sure exactly what happened, but overnight horses around the world acheived a new level of consciousness, comparable to that of humans. We also discovered that we could now communicate with the humans as well, through some form of telepathy. Today marks the anniversary of that event. Although it was a great day for us, it turned out not to be such a great thing for the humans. Within weeks, all but a few thousand humans scattered around the world were dead from some form of illness. Whatever it was that had given us this new level of self-awareness had a devastating affect on the human race. You were one of the survivors. I've been caring for you ever since. You only just recently regained consciousness" She explained.My mind reeled at what I had just been told. I found it hard to believe that what had once been a thriving civilization of billions was now nearly extinct."So then... before I woke up, if I was never able to talk to you... how did you know that it was a fantasy of mine to be dominated by a mare?" I asked, trying to push the thought that everyone I had known and loved was probably dead out of my mind."I probed your mind and saw those images buried deep in your mind. They were very vivid, very clear. I found them extremely arousing, and thought that if I just owned you like you wanted in your fantasies, I could avoid telling you all of this. But I now realize that it was a mistake on my part to cover this up from you. I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me" She whimpered as she lay her head on my shoulder.I hugged her and patted her neck. "It's okay, Adara. I understand.""So... did you really mean what you said last night," She asked, "do you really love me?""Oh, I didn't know you heard me, I thought you were already asleep. Of course I meant what I said, why wouldn't I? Over the past couple of weeks, you and Saphira have been making my wildest dreams come true. I love you both, and am very thankful to have both of you in my life" I said reassuringly.She pressed her head into my back, embracing me as I hugged her. "I love you, too" she whispered.I released her, and took a couple of steps back. "So what happens now?" I asked her."That's up to you," she replied, "you can stay here with us, or you can leave. The choice is yours. I must tell you though that if you leave, the chances of you finding any more humans is nearly non-existent. You're the only one I've seen alive since the Awakening.""Why on Earth would I want to leave? I've got all I've ever wanted right here. I'd never dream of leaving you and Saphira" I said.About that time, Saphira came walking up to us."Good morning you two!" She said cheerfully."Good morning, Saphira" We replied."Well, if you'll excuse me. Human, Saphira, I'm going to go for a walk. I'll probably be gone for most of the day. I've got a lot of things on my mind and I want to try to clear some of it out" Adara said to us."Okay, mistress," I said, kissing her on the muzzle, "have a good walk."With that, Adara departed, leaving Saphira and I alone together."What was that all about?" Saphira asked me."She's just... been explaining some things to me," I said, "but enough about that. Did you sleep well last night?""Oh yes, I had the most wonderful dream. It was about you..." she said, looking down at the ground. If she were human she'd have been blushing. "I dreamed that you and I were making love... and I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, you had become a gorgeous stallion. You took me as your mate and we spent the rest of our lives together." "Well, that must have been a nice dream" I said to her with a smile."Oh, it was" Saphira replied."You know, I may not be a stallion, but I sure do enjoy making love to a sweet mare. What do you say we go into the barn and have a little fun together?" I said temptingly."I was hoping you'd say something like that" Saphita said. We walked into the barn together and closed the barn doors."Lay down" I whispered to her.Saphira laid down, and I stood over her softly stroking her neck. I walked around and sat down on her rump and began massaging her back and sides, pushing into her back, kneading her muscles.She nickered and sighed. "That feels so good.""Glad to hear it" I said as I continued massaging her. I leaned fowrard and started to kiss her back, making my way up toward her neck. I slid forward on her back and started massaging her neck, running my fingers through her mane, softly blowing on her ears. I leaned forward even further and kissed her cheek. I got off of her back and knelt in front of her. We kissed each other passionately. I put my arms around her neck and hugged her, kissing her neck as she playfully nipped at my back and shoulders. I was already getting hard.I crawled around to her rear end, and she raised her tail for me. She was dripping wet and her clit was winking in and out. She was incredibly horny. The sight of her hot wet pussy only added to my arousal. I lowered my head and began to lick her pussy. I savored her taste, sticking my tongue deep into her, occassionally bringing it out to lick around the outside of her pussy. I closed my eyes and continued licking, my entire body trembling with desire for this mare. I then knelt behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy. I put my hands on either side of her rump, and slowly began thrusting, savoring every moment of ecstacy her hot, wet pussy was providing me.She let out a few grunts and soon began pushing back into me. I moaned as I thrusted harder and harder into her. I was beginning to sweat, and my breathing was getting heavier. Hers was, too. I could tell she was close to orgasm, so I thrusted as hard as I could. She moaned as her pussy clinched around me hard, and I felt her tense up as her orgasm rippled through her body.That was enough to send me over the edge, and with one final hard thrust, I buried my member as deep into her as I could and ejaculated. I collapsed, breathing hard. Saphira and I laid there together and cuddled for a little bit.She fell asleep, and I just laid here stroking her neck as I waited for Adara to return.
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