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I had a very, very pleasant dream last night that I thought I would share with the rest of you. I woke up sweating and had to change my underwear afterwards so I hope the rest of you enjoy it as much as I did ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was laying in a horse stall completely naked and had been locked in. It was a very hot midsummer afternoon and the humidity was through the roof. I was sweating just laying there. I stood up and looked around, all the stalls around me were empty.I heard the barn door open, and this beautiful palomino mare came walking into the barn. I had no idea where I was at, and had never seen the mare before. She approached my stall, and I whispered to her "Hey there, girl."She then turned and kicked the stall door off its hinges, knocking me down and backwards hard."SILENCE human." I heard a voice say.She then stepped on the stall door with her two back feet, pinning me to the ground. She looked around seeing that I was pinned and had no way to move, then squatted down and urinated on my face and chest."You will be MINE this day, human." I heard the voice say again.I could feel myself becoming incredibly aroused by this very dominant mare, the scent of her urine was extremely potent and I licked my lips to get a small taste of what was left on my face.After that she turned around and entered the stall. She kicked the stall door out of the way and grabbed me by the shoulder with her mouth, forcing me to stand up, and slammed me against the back stall wall. The pain only added to my excitement, and I could feel blood seeping from the deep bite marks she had just left on my shoulder."Now I want you to do something." I heard the voice say deviously."Anything." I said to her, trying to catch my breath, my arousal very evident."Beg me to stick my ass in your face. DO IT." I heard the voice say as the mare pinned me harder against the wall with the front of her body."Yes, oh yes, PLEASE stick your ass in my face. I want to taste your asshole and pussy, oh PLEASE stick your ass in my face my mare mistress, so I can pleasure you in any way you desire, PLEASE." I begged her, hornier than I had ever been in my life."Good boy." I heard the voice say as the mare released me and turned around with her tail raised. "LICK." She commanded.I brought my face level with her ass and started licking her asshole. The taste was incredible. I enjoyed it for a few minutes then moved down to her pussy. It was so incredibly hot and wet! I savored the taste, driving my tongue as deep into her as I could, frantically licking. She pressed back into me with a gasp and a moan and pushing my face deep into her rear end, and pinning my head against the wall. She was so close to me that my cock was right against her hot, sweaty body. The mere touch of her against my cock sent a wave of pleasure through my body, and I continued my frantic licking. I could hear her moan and gasp, and heard a shrill whinny as she climaxed, clamping down on my tongue and covering me with her wetness. I was close to shooting my load, but then she released me, and I fell to the stall floor."GOOD human, VERY good human." I heard the voice say as the mare turned around. She began licking my face, and I turned my face into her, kissing her deeply, tasting her mouth and tongue."My little human has earned a reward." I heard the voice say.The mare then moved downward, licking my neck and chest. I laid my head back, closing my eyes, moaning with intense desire, sweat pouring down my body. She licked my chest, gently nipping every now and then, heightening my arousal. Then I felt her warm, moist tongue glide over my cock. I gasped loudly, thrusting my hips to meet the warm, inviting wetness that had just caused me such intense pleasure, only to meet air. She had moved her mouth just out of range, teasing me. I then felt her lick my balls and cock in one long stroke. I was shuddering with the most extreme pleasure I had ever known. Again I uncontrollably thrusted my hips. She continued teasing me for several minutes, and stopped just when I was about to climax. I was about to open my eyes, but I heard the voice say "Keep them closed!" before I could do it. I complied, keeping my eyes closed.For a moment, it seemed as though my mistress had left me. Then unexpectedly, I felt her come down hard, taking my penis and testicles into her mouth all at once. I felt her tongue dancing around all of my most sensitive parts in her closed mouth."I want to taste you, human, let me taste you now." I heard the voice demand.The exquisite sensation was too much for me, and I thrusted hard into her mouth, shooting my cum deep into her mouth and throat. She began moving her mouth up and down in time with my thrusts. I thrusted wildly, letting out a loud passionate whinny myself. I then collapsed, totally covered in sweat and horse secretions. The mare laid down in front of me, and cleaned me with her tongue."You taste good, human." The voice said."Oh, so do you my mistress. That was so incredible, thank you so much.." I gasped.She laid her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around her neck."Shhhh.." she whispered "save your strength, you're going to need it for tonight." She said. I fell asleep with her there dreaming of what naughty fun my beautiful mare mistress and I would have later that night.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whew, I got myself all excited again just remembering that dream. Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did.
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