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Hello all!I will discribe here what I felt about my last girlfriend and her dog.A few infos first:She was 18 with brunette hair, had a body that was a little plump but notrealy fat (nice boobs) and she had a male german shepard.All started as A. and I were lying in my bed after we had a petting sessionand at once she began to talk about her chat- partners in the net. After atime she told me about a girl she met in the net that admitted to her tohave sex with her dog- my girl said that this was amoral and ugly- but youcan imagine how the connections in my head clicked . I tried to tell herthat we should be tollerant to people with different sexual feelings but itwas hopeless- she dismissed my words and that was everything I ever said toher about my view cause it seemed hopeless on this level.But my brain worked on and soon I couldn`t count the times when Imasturbated with images of her being mounted by the dog. So here we go:A. s dog called hector lived in a cage seperated from her house- one nightafter we came back from a disco party, drunk and happy, I started to talkabout beastiality to her again. First she was appalled, but after I admittedto her that I had seen numerous videos about female/k9 sex and disribed toher the fealing that a knot can produce in a girls pussy, she began to lookinterested, mostly because she was drunken and horny. I painted a picture ofhot and animalistic sex with the kick of the forbidden and she began to jokeabout hector being a good dog and if it wasn`t impossible to get him on forsuch a session. I saw a glittering in her eyes and began to hope that Icould achieve something this night. Her parents were gone for the weekendand so we were free to do whatever we wanted. After a bit more necking Itold her: "Come on A., if you are really interested to do this, to make thisgreat experience, we should do it know before you get second thoughts!" Sheglimpsed at me as if she wanted to take a last test of my seriousness, andthan she stood up (a little bit tumbling) and said with a soft voice: "Ok,if you promise me that you never talk about this to anyone and if you helpme with it, I will try it." I was totaly excited and so I left the housedisplayed with colours to catch hector. I went to his big cage and took himout- at first he was a bit sleepy but after I got him on the leash he beganto jump arround me as if I was taking him for a walk- lucky dog, I hadsometing much better in mind for him!After we came back to A.s room, there was a moment of silence between us, asif she wondered if all this was really happening- but I got over this momentwith a joke: "Hey A. I bring you your gigolo for the night"- she giggeled andher posture softned. I took hector to her bed and began to pet him. A. hadher nightgown on and I started to tease her titties though the cloth. Weexchanged a deep tongue kiss and than I began to undress her slowly. Hectorwas looking at us as if we were strangers and walked in the corner of theroom. I decided to bring her up more before we got to the serious stuff andso I took her pants down and gave her oral pleasure. She groaned as I began to play with her clit and soon she was lubricated and so hot as I could wish. I took my clothes down and she payed back giving a blowjob- I had to stop her so that I could join her later in the game.Now came the moment to get things done and so I went to hector, who had setteled down on the floor and was pricking his ears for our noises. I petted him some more and lured him to the bed. A. was sitting there, her boobs swinging, her nipples stiff and a lascivious light glowed in her blue eyes. "You have to go in the doggie position, so he can understand what we want him to do babe" I told her and she got on her knees, loocking back on me so I could instruct her. I bowed and felt for hectors thing so I could stroke it, as I remembered something from all the movies I had seen- "Shit, I have to put some clothes on his claws or he will scratch your back!" I said in a apologetic voice. She noded and I walked over to her commode and took out a pair of thick soks. I equipted hector with these as fast as I could while A. was looking at me. All the time I had the bad impression that this interruption would stop the whole event, but she said nothing. After I finished, I restarted my attempt and stroke hectors penis. Sooner as I thought he began to pump and I stopped so that he wouldn`t use up too much of his power in this foreplay. He had a clearly agitated look now, his tail waged wild and he expressed with all his emanation that he wanted to get what I promised him- happy dog, he should get more than a handjob!I sat down on the bed beside A. and signaled hector to come on it too. After a moment, he overcame his training and jumped. The bed was shaking a bit and i felt the blood rushing though my venes as if I had two tons of adrenaline in it. My own little friend throbed with my hardbeat and I leaned over to gave A. a last reassuring kiss, while hector explored the unknown territory of the bed. I grabed him by the collar and shuffeled him over tho A.s recieving end. Sure, I had seen dogsex many times, but I was a bit unsure how to start up with this unexperienced dog now. So I forced his nose in the direction of A.s pussy and he began smelling her intime aroma. Before I could do more, he started to lick her. "Ohhh yeah, thats great!" moaned A. and everthing in me uproared as I realized that she was loving it and that we would REALY do the k9 now."You must bounce your pretty as a bit darling" I explained. "He will understand that you are a bitch in heat and willing to take him". She did that immediately cause` she was realy impatient and hot as the sun on a summer day. But hector seemed to missinterpred that at first and so he licked her even more, in a ferocious way that made A. groaning as if she would explode every second. "Pound on your cheeks babe!" I suggested with a gnarling voice. She obeyed and the thought flickered though my brain that she liked it too be submissve- "Something to remember later" I figured. And than everything happened at once- hector decided that he had done enough licking and he climbed the girls back as if he had never done anything else. He started dry humping, but I reacted fast, took his wanker in my hand and directed him to the glory hole. He was pumping hard now, pressing himself against A. and he moved in with such a drive that A. ejected a shriek of lust as I never heard before from her. Hector was all over her, humping with an unbelievable speed while A. proceeded shrieking so load that I feared that the neighbours would here us. "To hell with that!" I took a closer look to the action and all my long held dreams were more than fullfilled as I saw his big pinky getting in and out of A.s pussy with the pace of a machine. I could see his knot coming out and it was only a question of seconds when he would try to stick it up her and fill her to the maximum. I had done the trick to not expressivly warn the girl of this so I could get the view of the dog welded with her, but it would have been bootless anyway cause` she was so in the wild ride that she began to push back to his spear ramming her into heaven. So everthing happened as I had desired, she was so wet that the knot went in without problem. Hector humped on and I could literally see how a marvellous orgasm build up in my babe, as she shrieked her lust savagely out to the world. I took a closer look to the ongoing fuckfest again and so I had the pleasure to see a women ejaculate for the first time in my life as she exploded. Now it was time for me to get off the pressure that had build up in my haunches for so long and so I came into reach of her face as fast as possible. Without a look A. took my stiff and pumping thing in her mouth and while hector slowed down his affords to seed his bitch, I got the best blowjob of all times! I thrusted myself deep into her mouth and it took only moments for me to hose down a cum load that would have filled the third of a teecup. A. had never allowed me to come into her mouth before, but in this night, she did it with an expression of lunatic appetite and she swallowed it all! Fantastic!!Meanwhile hector had a good time with his member in her hot tunnel and he remained still as A. took a very special morning dinner. "Wow, S. this was the best sex I had EVER" she said satisfied and I could only nod. "Can we get my lover off my back now?" she asked and again I noded. I didn`t want to destroy this moment with some talk about knots and their function and the problems concerning this matter and so I took a look to discover if we could pull him out without hurting her. She was build tight, but luckily hector was exhausted and so his penis was shrinking fastly. I grabed it and pulled him out without much afford. We cleaned up and I took the dog back to his cage. What a night!copyright by FoxfuckerSorry for bad grammer or misspelling folks, but english is not my mother language!Feel free to vote for me if you liked the story!
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