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The Discovery Deep in the tropics of the Congo, a zoologist was exploring a hidden cavern. Ally was her name, a lovely young girl from the states. She moved like a cat, dancing under vines and rocks on her long, muscular legs. Her face was almost hidden amidst her long, dark hair. She was investigating a report of a new amphibian found in the area, described only as an olive-green armadillo with spikes, and octopus features. She wanted to be the first to document the strangest beast since the platypus. She was armed only with a camera. Hours of searching lead her to this small cave. Eventually she came across a small hole in the cavern wall, just big enough to squeeze a man through. Normally she would ignore such a risky venture, but the light shimmering underneath was too inviting. She got on all fours and crawled through. At the end of the tunnel was a beautiful underground chamber. A waterfall ran down over a sharp cliff and emptied out into a stream. A ray of sunlight illuminated the room from a break in the rock overhead. Life flourished here. Plants and moss completely covered the surrounding walls. She stood up, dusted the sand off her tan overalls, and took a deep breath. Her white face glowed like a lantern in the bright light, her red lips shimmering like an electric rose. Her brown eyes blinked twice, and then focused on the quite stream in front of her. Suddenly she saw a green spike rise out of the water. It emerged slowly from the running water, followed by a two more. She fumbled for her camera, heart pounding away in her chest. She flipped off the lens cap and slowly approached her prize. She focused the camera on the spikes, and began to take repeated shots. Like a strobe light show, she watched the creature rise out of the water. The first few shots showed its olive-green hide, layered like paper mache but with a tough, solid surface like armor. Spikes adorned this outer hulk in droves. The next set of shots showed its only eye, bright blue like a human’s but with a reptilian slit. The last few showed its entire mass, a long, rubbery body like a fat pill bug, with numerous lengthy tentacles hanging from its underside like wet hair. She dropped the camera, and stepped back with her mouth gapping open in shock. The creature blinked at her a few times before arching its body upward, as if to put itself on display for her. Its tentacles were as long as she was tall, and ended in ivory claws. Behind the rows of long tentacles were smaller, stout ones, roughly the length of her forearm. These ones ended in brown lipped mouths, gapping and toothless. Its tentacles began to slowly writhe around in a hypnotic motion. Ally stepped backward, unable to scream. It moved towards her, slowly crawling on its tentacles like a caterpillar. She backed away, eyes wide open in fear, until her back hit the mossy cave wall. The longer tentacles whipped around and poised like snakes ready to strike. She let out a high pitched scream, her arms raised at her sides like the helpless damsel she was. The things struck a tentacles forward, catching her wrists with a grip so tight she could feel the blood pulse in her fingers. It pulled her arms above her head, lifting her away from the wall. She fell to her knees, swinging and twirling around by her wrists, kicking at the dirt in a hopeless frantic struggle. She screamed and yelled like she was a mouse about to be dropped to a waiting snake.The creature pulled her up till her toes dangled from the ground then smacked her against the wall. Her screaming ceased when she hit, replaced by a whimpered breathing. Her body slide back down the wall, her feet touching the ground again. At that instant a tentacle grabbed a hold of her ankle, then another on the other one. It pulled her feet from under her and she fell on her rear with a thud. She shut her eyes. She sat silent for a moment, still feeling the grip on her wrists and ankles, fingers almost numb now. She slowly opened her eyes again and gazed in fear at the hulking brute. Its blue eye was looking over every inch of her, as if admiring her body. She panted, each breath a quivering whimper. A tentacle came forward and groped its claw hard on her right breast. She yelled out loud as it pushed and pulled on her orange sized bosom. She shrieked again as another snapped onto her left breast and did the same. Another grabbed her side, just above her hip, and held there. Still more descended on her, each one met with a yell as they snapped like snakes on her stomach, sides and chest. The claws started to paw at her clothing. The ones on her belly pulled back until her shirt came out from her pants. The others began to pull as well, all in opposite directions. One by one the buttons popped off. The thread of her shirt broke and tore until the front broke open, revealing her meaty white cleavage hanging in a pink bra. The thing began to inch its body closer to her. She squirmed underneath its grip, whimpering. A tentacle dragged its claws around on her chest and hooked the front of her brassier. It tugged hard, and the front of the bra broke open. Her milky white breasts and quarter - sized nipples stood exposed. The creature moved forward, its smaller tentacles protruding outward, their gaping mouths yapping like hungry baby birds. All at once they descended on her tender flesh. Greasy lips sucked down on her naval, belly, and brown nipples. Ally’s head drew back, her eyes shut and her mouth locked open in a high pitched scream. The dirty mouths tainted her skin with a shiny coat of mucus as their suckles made wet slapping noises against her tender skin. Her breasts were shoved and kneaded around like dough. Its claws then grabbed her belt, and immediately yanked downward. Her hips swayed from side to side with each pull, skin chafing against the tight, coarse fabric. Her belt loops broke in succession, followed by her belt falling away. Another hard tug made the buttons fly off, followed by her pants ripping at the fly. Soon only her white, silk panties remained as the tentacles broke away what was left of her pants. She found the courage to open her eyes again, and saw its single eye gazing sharply at her, focusing on her face, then breasts, and then under wear. She tried pulling her arms down, but its grip was as firm as ever. Her wrists tingled as if her hands were asleep. She tried puling her legs back, then forward, but she couldn’t budge them. She looked down and saw the stout appendages nursing at her breasts like grotesque maggots. She closed her eyes again and started screaming. Her cries for help echoed through the empty caves, unanswered. Its erotic abuse was having an effect on her. Her nipples became erect, and her sex moistened. She could feel warm slime run down her soaked chest in healthy streaks. All of a sudden her eyes shot open wide as she felt a mouth ram square onto her vulva. She screamed in shock and alarm, like a virgin school girl groped by a stranger. The silk fabric did little to protect her from the sensation of its oily lips massaging her vaginal lips. She moaned as the warm mucus soaked into her underwear. More tentacle mouths explored around her loins. One slipped under the elastic of her panties, and pulled them down with such force that the garment broke open. The tentacle lips immediately bore down on her exposed pubic hair. She moaned and squealed as they violated her labium with great intensity. This threw her mind in an awful panic. Her head shook from side to side as her thighs quivered. After a moment the creature drew itself back, and threw her on her back. It lowered its rubbery body on top of hers, with her arms at her sides and legs spread. She felt the grip on her wrists and ankle release, but her hand and feet were already numb. A grotesque phallic, roughly the size if a zucchini, pressed against her soft labia. The member was very warm, and she could almost feel it pulsing and sweating. The sensation of its hard bumpy skin sliding across her labia lips made Ally whimper. Its mass forced itself onto her pink lips, making her groan and breathe rapidly. Her genital stressed and strained as the phallus struggled to get inside her. Finally the large, greasy phallic penetrated into her vagina, making her moan horribly. Once in it began to gyrate violently into her. Her whole body shook with each thrust. Her breasts jiggled like Jell-O. Her legs writhed around. The pounding was steady and well lubricated., but she still whimpered in pain. Eventually it peaked, and the phallus let loose with a strange liquid. Her strength dwindled, and she fell limp, exhausted. After a few minutes the creature took her again, this time without a struggle. Her eyes stood open in a blank stare, legs and arms lying motionless. The only motion in her body was caused by the creature’s pounding. The monster peaked again, its body stiffening up like a rock. It pulled its phallus out of her, the end tipped with a string of icky black slime. The monster raised its body off of her and did and about face. It slowly lumbered back into water, leaving the poor girl alone. Ally was quite a sight. She laid on her back in a thick puddle of mucus, arms sprawled out and thighs open. Her white skin shined in the low light. Her breasts and nipples were slightly raw from the tentacles’ caress. Her loose vagina hung open, with black slime slowly leaking out. After a while she slowly sat up. She grabbed her head for a minute, and then collected what was left of her clothes. She saw her camera sitting near a rock, with the lens cracked. She snatched it up, and confirmed the film was still intact. She headed back to the campsite, walking funny all the way.
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