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Here is another story I wrote, but had not worked on for some time. It is unfinished as of now, but I will finish it out. In the meantime, I will add a couple of chapters here and there until it is done. Now the story.Down on the FarmBy Day DreamerChapter 1I use to think from time to time with fond memories of what brought me to this point in my life. I enjoy what I do; I’m a CPA for a medium sized accounting firm in Chicago. I’ve never married and I’m fine with that. I would have no problems finding a man if I wanted one. I’ve been told I’m attractive. I have brown hair that I keep neck length, good complexion, and my mother’s frame. She is pinup model quality. Large hips, thick thighs, narrow waist with a bit of belly. I thought that was from my birth and she just never got rid of it, but I’ve got one too. It formed around my 17th birthday. Now at age 28 it’s a little bigger (in part due to reasons you’ll read about), I can hide it with the right fashions. I’m also very top heavy, I’ll just leave it at that. My height may intimidate some (at six feet three), but that is their problem. But as far as men go, I just don’t have an interest in them. To understand why, I have to start my story at the beginning of my “adventure.”My father used to be a bomber pilot for the Navy during the Vietnam War. From what my mother told me, he flew the A6 bomber. On one of the missions his plane was shot down and he was never found. The military listed him as MIA. I was only 2 years old at the time, so I only have vague short images of my father. Before he was drafted, my mother told me they were going to keep the family farm going that my grandfather on my mother’s side past down to her before he died. My mom tells me that her dad and my dad got along so well you would think they were brothers. I guess my grandfather kind of adopted him, since his parents died in a car crash at an early age. My parents started to take over the farm when her father got sick, had a stroke that pretty much knock all the wind out of his sails. My mother and father married a few months before that happened. Once he could no longer operate the farm, my parents stepped in. Just a few months later, my father received a draft notice. Since he used to crop dust for a living (this is how he met my mother living on the farm), the military assessed him as a natural for a pilot. Next thing he knew, a few months later he was flying bomber missions over Vietnam. During this time, my grandfather passed away. My mother knew it was coming, but was still distraught about it for a while. Once she got over that, she gets a notice from the navy that her husband was shot down on a mission over some area in Vietnam that she couldn’t pronounce. Although his death was never confirmed, there was little chance that he made it out of his plane before it crashed. So he was listed as MIA. Two month later, I came along. Other than some old photos and a marriage certificate, I’m the only living example of their love.My mother never remarried, or even dated for that matter. It was just the two of us. The farm was fairly large, so there were hired hands that took care of most of the work, so mom took care of the administration side. Other than our time together, she put most of her life into the farm. It was quite successful. Most of what the farm did was along the lines of a dairy farm. We also had some sheep that was used for wool, but dairy was where most of the money was, and Wisconsin is the dairy state. When her and my father took over the farm, it was a mix of things, some dairy, some corn, some wheat, and some livestock. There were the common farm animals around, just because it wouldn’t be a farm without them. So mom kept some of the “typical” farm animals and sold much of the land for housing development. The cash that yielded along with smart business moves set us up financially for good.When I started to reach my mid teens I started to get curious about boys, relationships, and of course, sex. It was during this time I began to wonder what my mother did to “relieve” herself. My mother had me when she was 19, so we were always very close. We acted more like sisters than mother and daughter. It was when I was 18 I came across my mothers stash of playthings. It was the first time she and I were apart for more than a couple of days. There was a dairy convention of some sort going on in Indianapolis and she was going to be gone for a week. I had proven many times that I was responsible enough to be left alone and take care of things. Mom taught me well. It was summertime and hot. I liked to read, so after I took care of my chores, I went up to the loft of one of the barns, closest one to the house. It is built on top of a small hill, so with the loft doors open a nice breeze would come through once in a while. While I was in the loft I came across a box that was partially covered by blanket and a hay bale. I was curious as to what it was and opened it. I about fainted when I saw it contained at least a dozen dildos. My mom and I would talk about everything, so I do know what dildos are. She had even bought me one over two years ago and told me what women did with it. The more I used it, the more I liked it. Over the course of a few months, it did feel as good as it did at first. I talked to my mom about this. She got me one that was a little bigger and suggested I try it. I did and that made the difference. She would ask, “How was that little toy I got you? Did it work out okay?” I answered, “Sure did. I liked the fuller feeling this one gave me.” She told me I was her mother’s daughter. She likes the bigger ones also. The full feeling and stretching gives her orgasm like no other. I didn’t know how big she liked them until now. I pulled out a fairly large one. It was heavy. It had to be at least 18 inches long and about 3 inches in diameter. As I held it, I started to get that familiar itch between my legs that only one thing can scratch, and that’s my toys, or my “new” toys. I don’t think my mom would mind if I helped myself, but I wondered why she hid them up here. We never kept secrets from one another, but she was also known for not volunteering information that was not asked of her. I would have to investigate this later, but for now I had an itch to scratch.It was not hard for me to get worked up. The book I was reading was one of those collections of romance stories. The collection that filtered out the long winded stuff and got down to the action. It seems that in no time my clothes were off. It was about 4 in the afternoon, so I knew that I would not be disturbed by any of the farmhands as they go home around 3:30. My cunt started drooling at what I was about to do. I didn’t even think about trying something smaller to work my way up to this monster, I just started to rub the big rubber head back and forth across my gooey snatch. It was feeling soooo good. I started to push a little, then back off. I did this over and over again until the head started to go in a little. As my cunt cream would lubricate the thick rubber shaft, more of it would penetrate me further. This pole had a flat base on the end, so I stood it on end and squatted over it and started again. This time I was bouncing up and down on it. Each time I would let a little more go in. I couldn’t push too much in at once because it was dry. Once my juices coated further down, I could take more. I lost track of time as I did this. This dildo did such a better job of filling me than the dildo I was previously using. After an unknown period of time, the full feeling blossomed into many multiple orgasms. As my cunt would contract from an orgasm, it would then loosen, almost slacking out. This was usually the opportunity I would take to push it further in, then another orgasm would start and my cunt would contract. This went on for a couple of times. The last orgasm I had was so powerful my legs went weak and I fell back. My eyes were clutched shut so tight I could see stars. When it subsided I got a shock. I looked at my belly and saw what looked like something trying to poke out of it. It looked about the size of a baseball. I thought for a moment that I might have ruptured something. Carefully feeling around I felt sore, but no real pain. As I moved to pull the dildo out, I realized that I nearly took the whole thing inside me when I fell backwards. I had no idea that my hole was that elastic. As my fear was set aside, I started to get excited again at taking so much rubber in my gut. I grabbed the end sticking out of my cunt and started to pull it out. The lump in my belly went down as I did and I had another orgasm at the feelings that were being generated in my lower region. Since there was no pain, only pleasure I pushed it back it. The lump would rise up slightly, and then go down as I pulled it back out. As my pussy cream lubricated the dildo more, it glided in and out or easily. Eventually the lump would no longer form, no matter how deep I pushed. Only my belly would ripple slightly at the movement from within. I guessed that I stretched out inside. I slowly pulled the dildo out all the way, enjoying the feeling as it did so. I had a small orgasm as the head cleared my opening; I then collapsed back and rested for a bit. I looked up at the clock in the loft; it was only 4:30. I had started around 4. All that happened in just a half hour? The orgasms were so powerful and so many that times seemed to slow to a crawl. That’s good, because I wasn’t done by a long shot. I just needed a breather. My itch got worse. After resting for about 10 minutes or so, I went to see what else mom had in her hidden pleasure chest. The one I pulled off the top must have just been the appetizer, larger ones loomed below. I dragged out one that took my breath away. Being on a farm I recognized the shape of this one immediately. It was in the shape of a horse penis. It looked like when the penis is semi erect. It was only a little bigger that the one I just used, so I dug further to see what else I could find.It was one surprise after another. Only the one that was on top was shape like an oversized human male cock, all the others were molded after horses. I was shocked. What was my mother doing? So many situations and questions started flooding my mind. The thought of my mother using these were enough to remind me of my itch that needed to be scratched. Then I heard one of our horses neigh in the distance. Then I began to wonder if she did anything with the horses. That thought got me so fired up, I just had to simulate what that would feel like. I found a bottle of lubricant in the box, a couple of them actually. Some of them were used up, and some half full. She probably was up here just before she left for the convention. Every so often she would disappear for a couple of hours at a time. There were some times I couldn’t sleep and would find mom walking outside in the shadows. Sometimes she would come back in, sometimes not. Now I wonder where she was going and what she was doing and what with! I grabbed a dildo that before I would have been frightened of, but now all I wanted to do was force this huge rubber horse dong in my snatch. It was 2 feet long easy, from base to head. It was about 4 inches across at the base of the head, then it narrowed about an inch suddenly and then gradually widened to at least five inches at the base. I doubt I could get all the way to the base, but I was going to have fun trying! I lubed up the head and part of the shaft. I took the half filled tube and put the end into my cunt. I squeezed all the lube into my already gooey, dripping snatch. To get an idea of how much lube, a full tube is about the size of a tube of tub and tile caulk. The lube was very slippery, more so than K-Y. It was also thicker. I stood the cock up on its base and squatted down as before. I rubbed the head back and forth a little. It felt so nice. The different shape was stimulating me in a more erotic way then the first one. I started to push down and to my surprise, it slipped in with no trouble. I began a slow steady push downwards. The rubber cock was going further in inch by inch, but it wasn’t stretching me as much as I though it would. I got about a foot of it in me when I realized that this wasn’t going to do the trick. The lube had gotten me so slick that the horse dildo went in with little resistance. My cunt had gotten greedy. I leaned over to the box with the rubber cock still in me and pushed my hand to the bottom. I put my hand on one that I could barely get my hand around. I tugged it to the top and pulled it out. It had to be two and a half feet long, with a big stable base. At the base were a big set of balls, about the size of melons each. The head resembled that of a flared horse. The head was softer than the rest of the dildo, but it was huge. It had to be every bit of six inches across and five inches tall. The rest of the shaft behind the head was about five inches in diameter and expanded to about eight a foot from the top, then about to 9 or 10 at the base. My loins yearned for this toy. I stood up off the cock that was in me. I didn’t even lube the new one up, I just squatted over it and started rubbing around, then started pushing. As I pushed, the soft head started to compress some. I wondered if this is how a real horse cock would feel.As the head started to enter, I had an orgasm. Due to my hole contracting I had to temporarily stop my downward decent. As it subsided, my pussy seemed to open up further, trying to suck the rest of the horse dildo inside. I pushed just slightly and the head passed inside where the pressure of the flare sprang out a bit. This triggered the hardest orgasm of the day. After it passed I started to push a little further, then go up and down. Each time I went down, I put a little more into myself. I felt the veins molded onto the cock surface pass into my slacked greasy pussy. This triggered a massive continuous orgasm that didn’t stop until I passed out. When I came to it was dark outside. I woke up in the darkness disoriented, but the memories of the days events started to quickly return. As I tried to get up to turn on the light in the loft, I notice I had trouble moving. It seems that when I passed out, I sank as far down on the rubber horse cock as far as my pussy would handle. My legs were sore as they were folded under me for hours. I pulled my legs out from under me and sat there waiting for the feeling to fully come back before trying to get up again. As the moon light reflected through the loft opening, I saw the huge head of the horse dildo pushing up through my belly, just a few inches below my rib cage. I didn’t think this was possible. I only felt a dull ache from within. As the feeling came back to my legs, I stood up to remove the rubber cock that was firmly buried within me. I squatted down and put my feet on the base then started to pull my way off it. Inch by inch it came out. It made snap, crackle and pop noises as it did. My body was so tired, but it did manage to put me through a few micro orgasms before the spongy head popped free. The lube that remained inside me oozed out behind the head. I closed the loft doors and turned the light on. I didn’t bother to put things away for now, since mom will not be home for another four days. Chapter 2That night I slept restlessly. My cunt was pried so far apart, that it felt empty. I couldn’t sleep. I had brought the box and its contents with me to my room. I had to put something in me. The emptiness almost felt painful. I grabbed one of the “medium” sized horse cocks out of the box. My cunt was still full of lube, so I just rubbed the rubber head around until some lube seeped out all over the head. I pushed it in and stroked it a few time before bottoming it out inside me. I then fell asleep and had dreams of horses surrounding me and taking me one by one. In the middle of the night the dildo managed to work its way half out. I woke up and pushed it back inside. I put on a pair of underwear to help hold it in place. I screwed my now beat up pussy over all the horse cocks that were in that box. For the next few days, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything but screw those cocks. The big one I passed out on I managed to get wedged two feet deep into my box. I even fell asleep with that monster in my cunt, and can you believe it, it started to fall out like the others. I put on a pair of biking shorts to hold it in place since it was too big and heavy for underwear to hold it. I was getting all I could until my mother got back. I wondered if she would miss it if I took one from the box if she found out, so what? I figured I would do a little spying first, just to see what she would do. My mother returned from the convention Friday afternoon. She looked rested up; she even had a little bounce in her step. She asked me how things were and such. I said things were fine. She seemed to have her suspicion that I may have been up to something, but seem to have her mind on something else and didn’t press the issue. That night after we went to bed, I began to work myself on the big rubber horse cock. I heard my mother get up and I froze. I then quickly and quietly jumped into bed and tossed the covers over me. As I did, my mother came into my room to check on me, to see if I was sleep or not. She lightly called my name, but I remained silent. I didn’t want to start a conversation with my mom at the moment I had a giant rubber horse cock half buried in my cunt. I just laid there with my knees up and feet on the mattress, which is how I sometimes sleep, but this time is was to make room for my little pleasure tool. Just as my mother left the room, the horse dildo slid out a little and my pussy made a fart noise. Boy that was close. If she heard that, she may have thought twice about what she did next. I heard mom go out the back door of the house. I got up and looked out my window that looks conveniently into the back yard. I saw her head towards the barn I found her stash in and started to think she was headed there, but she went past that one and entered the next, where the horses are kept. Oh damn! I’ve got to go see what is going to happen next. As I tried to quickly move, the horse dong reminded me it was still there, the base knocking between my knees as I tried to move quickly. I pulled the dildo out, but that vacant feeling was too uncomfortable in the aroused state I was in. I quickly pushed to get it started back inside. It seemed to take forever, but I finally got the cock fully seated in my cunt. I put on that pair of biking shorts to hold it in place, and then I waddled out to the barn to see what was happening. Since I didn’t want her to know I was spying on her, I crept in though an old door on the side that was used to connect the barn to a chicken coup that was long gone. As I crawled on all fours as I approached the little door, the giant dong in my snatch started to bob up and down and shift back and forth as I crawled. This set off new sensations like a bomb. I let out a gasp as the feelings of an orgasm quickly washed upon me. I stifled myself quickly to keep from being heard. I move slower this time so as not to arouse myself. I had to adjust my speed four times before I could move with any significant progress. From the time my mother went into the barn and the time I got inside, 20-30 minutes must have passed. If anything was going to happened, it probably already did. I was thinking up a story just incase mom suddenly went back into the house and found me missing when I heard an ooooohhh that was unmistakably her voice. I shuffled over behind some piled up hay bales, which put me about 10-15 feet from where she was. What I saw aroused me so that my cunt contracted on the dildo and made a squelching noise. Fortunately she didn’t hear it, and if she did, she didn’t pay any attention to it, she was too busy. She was sucking Creamsicle’s cock. He was a stallion we owned since birth. I gave him that name because his coat is a cream color. It seemed that she was trying to suck the tip into her mouth, because her lips were at his sheath. The shock that nearly made me orgasm is when she pulled away revealing Creamsicle’s cock. He was fully hard and my mom was deep throating him. His cock had to be at least a foot and a half long and three inches thick, and she had all that cock down her throat! She took a couple of deep breaths and slowly deep throated him again. She held her chin against his balls for a few moments before pulling back off, gasping for air. Mother then pulled over a padded table with adjustable legs. She adjusted the legs until it leveled out about a foot or so below the belly of Creamsicle. She pushed the table under him, and then squeezed between the table and the horse. It was quite a sight to see my mother with her huge breasts and hips sticking out from under the animal. She coaxed the animal back until the middle of his chest was over the edge of the table. Mom scooted back on the table until her head hung off the end. She started taking deep breaths for about the next five minutes, then she coax the horse back forward. His cock had went down some, but my mother stroked it until hard again. Taking a final deep breath and letting it out, she leaned her head back off the table and took Creamsicle’s cock head in her mouth. She was really working it, breathing hard through her nose. She coaxed the horse further forward. Now he started to hump slowly. She pulled on the sides of the horse, coaxing him further forward. My mother stopped her heavy breathing as Creamsicle pickup the depths of his thrusting. Each time he thrust forward, more of his cock would disappear down my mother’s throat. Eventually he was humping her mouth like he would a mare in heat. His balls would slap her forehead on each thrust forward, then he would pull back just enough for mom to get a quick breath before slamming back in. Creamsicle’s thrusts would begin to pause when he was buried in her throat. He did this a half dozen times then held it there. I could see his ball contract and release over and over again. I knew he was filling her belly with his sperm. I was shocked she could take such a cock down her throat without gagging. I could see the horse cock pulsate each time it shot cum into my mothers willing body. It seemed to take forever, but it was just a few seconds, Creamsicle went soft and pulled back. You could see his cock travel out of her body though bulge in her throat. Her throat collapsed, and then the soft, but large cock head popped out of her mouth, still leaking cum.Chapter 3 Mom hopped off the bench and finished up the semen that was leaking from Creamsicle’s cock before putting him back into his stall. She then went to Cue Ball’s stall and moved him out. Cue Ball got his name because he was born with no hair. His skin is a bone white color, so the name stuck. Sex was in the air, so it didn’t take long to get Cue Ball aroused. After she sucked him hard, she went a got another horse, this time Franklin. She got him nice and hard too. Cue Ball softened a bit, not much though. Then mom went and got another horse. We have ten horses in all, eight stallions and two mares, but they are in a different barn. She had eventually pulled out the remaining horses. I was amazed at how well they were trained. They all stood in line, side by side. My mother was moving back and forth under them all, sucking their cocks, keeping them hard as she could. I started to think she could use some help, but I save that for when the time is right. For now I wanted to see what she was going to do next. I started to notice a pattern emerge. Mom pulled out each horse according to size. Each horse was a little bigger than the last, in the cock department anyways. They were all about the same height with very little difference between them. After a while of trying to keep them in a ready state of arousal, she moved over to the bench she was on earlier. She readjusted the legs down by a couple feet. She then knelt down on the bench in a doggy style pose. She then called Cue Ball. He came over and started to sniff then lick her vagina. He did this for about a minute before mom said, “Now Cue Ball, up, up.” Cue Ball then reared up and put his front hoofs onto front of the table. The table was wider at one end that the other, it seems so the horse will have a place to put his front legs. Cue Ball’s huge pink cock was thrusting forward and leaking pre cum almost continuously. His cock started to bounce off my mother’s thighs, her back, and her butt. Once it got between her thighs, Cue Ball seemed to know to stay in line and just move it up. Once his cock head got to the mouth of her vagina, he knew he was home free. He pushed forward, burying all 18 inches of his cock into her, to the balls. My cunt winched on the phony horse dick buried deep in my guts, but I realized that the toy in my hole was bigger that what Cue Ball had, so I realized that I could take him if I wanted. I wanted to, but that would have to wait. Cue Ball pounded her pretty good. Since he had no hair, you could really hear their bodies slapping together. Cue Ball then pushed it in tight and held it there. My mom was talking dirty as Cue Ball came inside her. “Yes, oh yes, give me all your cum. Fill me up Cue Ball, fill me! I want to bear you children, get me pregnant so I can have your horse child. F**k me deep, more.” Just hearing that made me orgasm slightly. As much as I would like to, I fought it off, trying to stay quiet and watch…and learn. Once Cue Ball was finished, he pulled out and a stream of cum pour out of my mother’s cunt. Once Cue Ball was finished, he moved back in line where he was before. Then mom called Franklin over. She commanded him up also. His cock was about as long as Cue Ball’s but noticeably thicker. His cock bounced around, searching for a warm hole to put it. My mother was loving it. “Put that big horse dick inside me. Push it deep. Ohhh, yes, there it is. You found my hole, you naughty horse. You want this pussy don’t you? You want this human pussy that wasn’t made for your dick don’t you? F**k me deep, come on, push! Oh yes! I love the way that feels. Yes go in and out, faster. Ooooh, I’m coming so hard. Can you feel my horse sized pussy grip your cock? Cum in me! Fill me up. Oh yes, I can feel you flaring inside me…so deep. Oh yes, I can feel you cumming in me! Yes, yes, yes, oooohh!” Franklin finished and pulled out with an auditable slurp, followed by a rush of semen. Franklin then returned to his place in line. Next was Carlton. “Carlton, come over here and give mamma what she needs. That’s right Carlton, climb on up here. Quick, don’t tease me, get it inside. You want to put your cock in a nice warm place, don’t you? I have a warm…ooohhh, yes you got it inside. That feels so good! Push, push, push. Ooohhh yes, f**k me hard. Deeper, please go deeper, it need it deep. Go off in me deep. Get me pregnant. Fill me with your potent love sperm, I want your child. I want to become fat with your baby. Yeessss, deep, deeper. Ohhh, you’re almost there, deeper. Oh so hot, your cum is so hot. There is so much of it, it’s running back out. You’re finished? I feel you going soft inside me, ooh you’re sliding out.” Carlton was about the same size as Franklin in girth, but appeared to be a little longer. Once he was done, he went back in line. Now it was Rocky’s turn. Rocky’s cock was fatter and longer that the other by a noticeable difference. Rocky had to be at least two feet long and four or five inches thick. Mom is built like me, so I know if she could take it, so could I. “Rocky, come here Rocky, come to mamma. Up Rocky, yes that’s a good boy. Keep thrusting, you’re getting close. All that horse semen has made me nice and slick for you. My hole is nice and hot and slimy, just the way you like it. Oh, please get it inside, my cunt is still hungry, starving. Come on get it in between these thig…oooooff, yes! That’s the way to curve it in there! Drive it deep, it need it deep…yessss. Oh your soooo good, but you’re naughty! You’re very naughty to like a pussy from a different species. That’s…ohhh…that’s okay…ooooff…I’m naughty too, yes, for loving it so much…ohhh, deeper, yes you’re almost there, push…ohh…yes, yes, yes, push deeper, jam it in there…ooohh yes you’re almost in…so good, so good…yes you’re almost all the way in, just push, don’t thrust, just push…yes…oooooooohhhhh…oooooooohhhh, yes you’re in…you’re in past my cervix you nasty horse you. Pump my womb with your cock, fill it with your sperm. Go have to go deeeeeep to get a boy. I want to have to stallion child. I want to get pregnant and give birth to your son. Then he can grow up and f*** the crap out of me too and get me pregnant with his super big hard cock, yesss, I feel you flaring in my womb…yesssss…I can feel you cumming inside me…so good…so good.” Rocky went soft and pulled out of her. Not as much semen came out, I guess if it is deposited up far enough it won’t come out a soon. Rocky resumed his place in line. Buzz was the next horse to follow my mother’s commands. “Buzz, come over here. Up Buzz, up. That’s right, that’s a good…ohhh…you put it inside so quickly…that’s what I like. Oh yes, stroke back and forth. You’re so long, put it deeper, yesssss…you’re there already…so nice and…oooooooooohhhh…you bad horse, trying to get mommy pregnant. Your cock is sooooo deeeeeep…you’re just keeping it there…you’re not even thrusting…ooooohh…I can feel you flexing…I can feel you bulging…growing…oooooh it feels soooo….aaaahhhh…your flare is…ooooohhh…yessss…cum baby, cum in mama, cum inside me…oh, oh, oh, oh, yesssssssssss. Oh, oh, you’re so good baby. Oh your cum is so hot, yes. You’re getting soft inside. It feels so good. It feels so good to squeeze your softening cock with my cunt. Feel that? Feels good don’t it. Oooohh, you do like it! You’re getting hard again. You want to go at this pussy again? You want to f**k me real good some more? F**k me, do me again, ram it in me. Yes, yes, yes…Oh so nice…nice and deep…ohhhh…you’re cumming again…so soon…oh yes…oh, oh…yessssssssssss. Oh, twice…it was so…ohhhh yes…drag it out slowly…make sure your sperm stays packed inside me…nice…ooohhh.” Once he pulled out, a river of horse cum rushed out like someone turned on a faucet. Buzz then returned to his place in line. I wonder why they go back in line? Big Foot was called over next. He has larger than normal rear hoofs, hence the name. His cock seemed a little bigger than Buzz’s, or at least the same. “Big, get over here, up, up. You know what you want. You’re a bad horse for wanting human pussy…you shouldn’t want…oooofff…yes…you shouldn’t want human pussy, you…ohhh…should want horse cunt…oooohhh….ooooofff…but you don’t want horse pussy do you? You want my warped out gooey oversized human pussy…oooohhh…then take it…take it all…drive your cock deep…take all you want…ooooooohhh, yesss…like that, push it into my uterus, bloat my belly with horse cum…yes deeeeeper…oooohhh yes, punch it in…that’s how I like it…long…ohhh…fast strokes…oooff…ohhh…just like that…yes fill me with your cum…so nice…ooohhh…your flaring soooo deeeeep inside…you’re sure to get me pregnant you naughty horse…rape my pussy and get me pregnant so…ohhh…I can bare…ooooff…bare you a bastard child…oh…so he can grow up…ooooohh…and rape me too…ooohh…so deeeep…then the two of you…ohhh…will take turns…oooooff…raping me…promise you two…ohhhhh…will rape me…ohhh…that’s right, all your cum baby, all your cum.” Once Big Foot finished, that left one horse remaining. Clyde was the last one. We named him Clyde because he is a Clydesdale breed. We got him when he was four months old. We’ve had him three years now and his is the biggest horse we have. The cock he has hanging between his legs is bigger that the fake one between mine. I didn’t think mom could take it, but she called him over, just like the others. “Clyde, up, up. Yes by big special boy, you gonna give it to mamma. You’ll give it to me real special like. Ohhh…your cock head is banging hard against my cunt. You want inside don’t you? You’re the biggest of them all and you want inside…push your way inside…yessss…I feel it slooowly going it…oh it so big…almost too big…almost…push it deep…you bad horse…you…ooohh…going to make mamma cum…that’s a bad thing…ooohh…to f**k a human and make her cum…so I’ll have to make you cum too…ohhh…its…ooooh…its only fair…yesssss…drive it deeeeep…don’t worry about hurting me…just relieve your aching balls inside my cunt. Oh yes, I can see the outline of your cock in my belly…its going in and out…up and down…yesssss sooooo good and deeeeeep. F**k me…ohh…yessss you’re cumming…your flare makes me look pregnant…make me pregnant for real…rape my cunt…ohhh yes…your softening cock feels so nice after such a big cum…it makes me… ooooohhh… cuuuummmmmmmmm…ooohhh…yesssss.” After that Clyde pulled out a cock so large it would think it would have cause some real damage, if not kill someone. Clyde then joined the others back in line. Each horse only took about 2 minutes to copulate with mom. I see why she took so many. Mom stood up and the horse batter just oozed from her wide open cunt. She went over to Creamsicle’s stall and led him out next to the rest of the horses. Mom went back and forth sucking them all, cleaning the fluids of their union off their cocks. Then mom went back over to the table and assumed the doggy style pose again. She wasn’t about to take them all again, was she? She called Creamsicle over. Mom never screwed him, just sucked him off. It looked like she was going to let him get some of that gooey dripping snatch. “Come over here Creamy, yes, up, up. That’s right, you know what mamma wants now, yes…put it in my pussy…that’s right…get it nice and slippery…I know…you don’t want me to pull away…off that cock of your…here…yessss…you put it back in…yessss, that feels good…you put it in my ass…ooohh that’s nice…you dirty horse you… sodomy… plundering my bowels like that…ohh…you’re so deep in my ass…yes, yes, faster, faster, ohh I feel you coming in my ass…ohh yessss…pull it out, I’ll clean it off for you with my mouth…ooohh…yes…nice.” I couldn’t believe mom took Creamsicle in her butt. I’ve played with my butt hole many times, but I never thought one would stretch that much! She wasn’t done either! She screwed the remain horses the same way except the last two, Big Foot and Clyde. Mom, weak legged climbed off the table and readjusted the legs for a higher platform. I knew this had to be the finality because after anal sex, she cleaned their cocks with her mouth before putting them away. This time she mounted the table on her back. She brought both horses on either side of the table. “Yes, you two are going to do me at the same time…Big Foot, I putting you in my ass…here…now push…ohh yessss…that’s it, get as deep as you can…oh that’s nice…that’s it, thrust…oooohhh…okay Clyde…your cock is so nice and big…ooohhh…I can only…oooooohh…do this with the…ooohhh…the two of you…ooohh…because you two are so…ooh…big…okay Clyde…push, push, yesssssss…both of you inside me at the sametime… ooooooohhh… I’m coming so hard…can you two feel it?...I’m clamping down with my cunt and ass…ohhh…ooooooooohhhh…it feels so damn good!!!...plunder me…ohh…you two are so bad…so naughty…ooooohhh…so bad to gang rape me like this…the two of you forcing me to take the two of you at the sametime…ooohh…ooooofff…the two of you should be ashamed of yourselves…this is sick…two horses raping a helpless woman in the ass and pussy at the same time…oooohh…there’s not enough room inside for the two of you…ohh…but you don’t care…you just want to f**k me…turn me into your human cum dumpster…you horses are so nasty…fucking me so hard…oohh no…noooo…the two of you are flaring at the same time…how could you do this to a poor defenseless human woman…ohhh…your cum is so hot…splashing in my bowels…and in my pussy…you bad horses…you are going to make me cuuuummmmmmooooooohhhhhh… ohhh, you made me cum soooooo hard…oh no…oh no… I’m cumming agaiiiiiiinnnnn… someone help me, I’m being gang raped by two horses…they are making me cum over and over again, help, someone help, I’m going to pass out, ohh..their cocks are softening inside me…you bad horses, you hear that…all that smacking noises from all that cum you two dumped inside me…it’s going to take me forever to get all that cum out…and you in my pussy, I bet you got me pregnant with your bastard child you dirty horse. No, no, don’t drag them out together, you’re making me cum again…help…someone help…I’m going to faint…I’m cuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg…oohhh.” Once she passed out, I could finally enjoy an orgasm of my own, but just a little one. I crawled out of the barn and back to the house. The dildo jiggling in my cunt made it near impossible to get back to the house standing, but once in my room I let loose. I came so hard I pushed that big fake rubber horse cock half out of me, despite the biking shorts holding it in place. I didn’t care how much noise I made, I had to find relief. My final orgasm caused me to pass out. Without any pushing from my orgasms, the elastic of the biking shorts pulled the dildo back inside me. Should I finish off the story an post the additional chapters here? Does it seem good enough to do that? Let me know.The DayDreamer
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