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The very first time I screwed her was on a cold Saturday night outside in the entry way to the house I grew up in. Gigi had picked this spot to have a litter of puppies and my family assumed it was because it was sheltered from the weather. As time went on I wondered about the assumption that it was just about the shelter that was available out there. I have wondered for a long time if Gigi had her pups out there on purpose or not. After reading sections of this site I have since finally concluded that Gigi really did enjoy our sex sessions and that she was also seeking to have them from time to time. Gigi was one of the German Sheppard dogs that my neighbors had over the years when I was growing up. I grew up out in the country where the neighborhood dogs came around to have sex when the females were in heat and they werenít shy about letting us see them. I also had an early introduction to sexual activity by some cousins and as I became aware of the pleasures my penis could provide that led me to consider that maybe somehow I might explore some sexual contact with a dog. I was pretty young when I discovered the delightful tingly feeling of my first prepubescent orgasm by rubbing my penis back and forth on some soft blankets that I bunched up on one of our beds. I eventually discovered that it was an even better orgasm to thrust my boner against our catís soft furry belly to achieve them. These were dry orgasms and I was quick to pull my pants up, or get dressed as the case may have been, after they were done so I didnít get caught. Time went on and I eventually started shooting my wad on our catís soft silky belly. Mom almost caught me once and was actually petting the cat while it still had gobs of my cum on itsí belly. Gigi was around during my teen years and after seeing her and the pack of dogs that showed up when she was in heat having sex on several occasions over a couple of years eventually I got to wondering about what her pussy would feel like wrapped around my cock. I was probably sixteen when I eventually approached her after an evening of visiting with my neighbor friend while I made my way home in the dark. The area where their dogs slept was secluded and I knelt beside her and started to rub and pet her. She had had a litter a while before that and her breasts were still full. I thought she seemed to like it when I started caressing her tits and rubbing her nipples so I got brave and decided to lick and suck on them as well. I got a throbbing boner going in my pants as I carried on with that for a few minutes and was continuing to rub her with my hands. I rubbed down around her pussy eventually but when she jerked up as I slid my finger across her slit I decided it was probably time to head for home. I stopped to jerk off in the woods behind a tree. The fire was lit though and I decided then that I had to eventually see if I could slip my hot boner into her tight pussy. My family was pretty close with these neighbors and I visited quite often and knew when they were out for the day or whatever most of the time. Of course I worried about getting caught but my teenage hormones led me to look for chances to visit Gigi and pursue my dreams of slipping my cock into her pussy anyway. I settled for belly rub cums early on while I was still unsure of how far I could go with her. I quickly realized my fingers needed some spit lubrication for poking and rubbing around her pussy. I started with sliding my index finger back and forth across her slit and when she seemed to have accepted this I slipped my finger tip partway into her tight hole. By about our third or fourth visit I was able to slip my finger as far as it would go up into her velvety cunthole. I can still feel my cock throbbing as I recall how excited I got as I finger fucked her tight pussy. Thatís only as far as it went for a while but it was enough to get me pretty horny and I would either jack off or belly rub on her till I shot my load. I sort of tried to push my cock down around her pussy from a missionary position but she didnít seem very willing and I couldnít quite figure it out. Imagine my surprise when I came home from school one day and found sheíd had her litter out in our entryway. Everyone thought it was pretty cool as her litter of 6-8 pups crawling around out there. Mom put a couple of ratty old blankets out there for them and life went on. It was probably at least three weekends after that before the folks went out drinking and left me in charge of the house. After my younger brothers had gone to bed or fallen asleep in the living room around the TV I decided it was a good time to visit with Gigi. Did I happen to mention that by this time I had discovered that I liked wearing my momís underwear? I had developed my masturbation techniques beyond just a quick jerk-off. I took my time and got horny by putting on one of momís bras with some socks or pairs of undies to fill them out and slipped on a pair of pantyhose before I went out to visit Gigi. I pulled my jeans on and then decided to take the bra off in case I needed to make a hasty retreat. I went out and sat on the floor beside Gigi and her pups. It was a little chilly and by wrapping the pups up in one of the blankets I was able to keep them out of the way. I was leaning over and rubbing her full tits and caressing her as I sat beside her. I was practically lying beside her as I moved in to lick her tits. I sensed that she was enjoying this as my kisses and licks went from one tit to another. I soon applied some spit to my fingers and started to caress her pussy. When I slipped my finger inside her I found her pussy was wetter and hotter than I recalled on other occasions. I soon had my index finger as deep into her as it would go as on previous visits. I switched to my middle finger and pushed in even a little deeper. I switched fingers for a little while before trying both at the same time. I was surprised that she let me do that at first but I really liked it. That was so tight and hot. I then decided to see what she tasted like and maneuvered her onto her back and held her in place with my knees while I knelt over her in a 69 position. I turned my head to the side and licked across and around her pussy lips and nibbled them with my lips. I slipped my tongue into her tight slit and tasted her juices. She was a little salty and with my head near her ass I decided after a few minutes to move on to see about achieving my dream. I got up so I could pull my jeans and pantyhose down to release my boner. I had a nice wet spot going by this time. With her lying on her side and my pants down past my knees I started out attempting to fuck her in a more or less missionary position but soon found that wasnít going to work. Time to try it doggy style I realized. So I pulled her up on all fours and crouched behind her and used my right hand to guide my wet dick head against her pussy. There wasnít enough lubrication between us though and my cock couldnít get any penetration into her tight hole. (Looking back I probably should have applied some spit to my penis for lube.) By now I knew I was going to feel my very first orgasm inside her tight pussy and I was getting so horny. I tried several maneuvers before I found that by wrapping my left arm around her belly in front of her legs and while fingering her with two fingers of my right hand I could spread her pussy lips and have my hand in position to guide my cock up against them. I could feel her wet pussy lips on my cock head as I thrust against her but was unable to gain any penetration and slipped aside her hole a few times. I then decided to leave my fingers partway inside her tight hole as I pushed my cock up against and between her pussy lips. I felt my cock head slipping between them and all my senses focused on the velvety feel of her tight cunt wrapping around it. It was so tight and hot, it felt like her pussy walls were clamped around my cock. My breathing was getting ragged as I pushed and thrust to get past this tight outer portion. My knees began to shake as I felt my cock slipping inside a pussy for the first time in my life. I pushed my cock all the way into her and stayed still for a few moments enjoying the delightfully wonderful feeling of her pussy wrapped around me. I wrapped my right arm around her belly now and pulled her tight against my chest as I leaned over her. I could feel a powerful orgasm building quickly. I attempted to slowly pull it back to just where my cock head had felt as if it was clamped inside her but it slipped out. So I had to go through the process of spreading her pussy lips apart with two fingers and pushing my cock past the tight outer part and I was a little worried that I would shoot my load on the outside of her pussy. So I was very relieved as I felt my cock slipping back inside her velvety pussy. I knew I couldnít hold back and decided to fuck her as fast as I could and by the third quick short thrust my orgasm released and a wonderful feeling washed over me. I pushed my five inch boner all the way inside her while shooting my cum into her hot hole. I was in heaven as I confirmed that shooting into her pussy was way better than jerking off had ever been. But I was also in the entryway to my house, so as soon as I was done I pulled out and went inside to get cleaned up.I had one more opportunity to fuck her while she and her pups lived in the entryway before my folks asked the neighbors to come get them out of there. Experience definitely helped out the second time and my orgasm was even better than the first time. As time went on I was able to fuck her at least ten to fifteen more times in various locations. On at least six or seven occasions as I was walking home on a path through the woods I was surprised to find her on her way home on the path. Several times it occurred on warm summer nights and a few occasions were in the afternoons. I fucked her on a cold winter night at least twice. These encounters generally involved fingering her pussy while I got horny and then assuming my doggy position behind her and slipping her the bone. I thought I was such a lucky boy to have this tight hot pussy available as often as I did. Cleanup and guilt were a little bit of a problem sometimes living in a relatively small house with a big family. But I endeavored and had some great dog sex over the next couple of years. It was a good thing that we the woods were all around us as it made sneaking around to have an encounter with Gigi a lot easier than it would be elsewhere, but I still was not always able to wind up fucking her. I had to settle for belly rubs from time to time, and occasionally I had to settle for jerking off. But I had enough good fucking occasions that I have some good memories that still are good for fantasizing about from time to time. As I said above after a while I started meeting her on the path through the woods by accident as I walked home in the evening after visiting till 9:00 or 10:00 and occasionally later. I figured she was just out roaming around as dogs seemed to like to do. I would reach down and stop her and proceed with some rubbing and petting, leading to some fingering of her tight pussy till I got good and horny. I would straddle her and hold her still between my legs while unzipping and pulling my pants down below my knees. On several occasions on warm nights I took my pants or shorts right off and draped them over a nearby tree branch. I would then assume my doggy position behind her and slip the boner into her sweet velvety cunt. These were always great orgasms but a number of occasions stand out in my memory though.One fall afternoon while the leaves were still on the trees I met her on the path. I stopped her and petted her for a few minutes and of course I got horny, but I couldnít do her there on the path in broad daylight but I had to have her. I first led her off the path a short ways while holding her neck fur before I picked her up and carried her off into the woods a little ways to a spot where the branches of a fallen tree made a good little hiding spot with a clearing. As I fingered her pussy I found she was extremely hot. I had started wondering if she liked our sex encounters but after finding her so hot I really started believing. I found this time that slipping my boner up inside her was a little easier and her hot tight pussy quickly brought me to another wonderful orgasm. I enjoyed leaving my hard-on in her hot velvety wet pussy and taking a few more strokes for a few minutes before pulling out to clean up. This time as I wiped off and pulled my pants up Gigi was hanging around rather than trotting off as she usually did after our trail encounters. One time on a hot summer day I got really bold when another opportunity occurred where my neighbors and my family were gone to a picnic at a state park. I had a job where I had to work that day. This was a few weeks after Gigi had had a litter. After luring her out into the open away from her pups I had sex with her right out in my neighborís backyard. I had gone to work but was able to get off for half a day and stopped at my neighbors on the way home. After finding her I led her to the back of the house and I slipped my shorts & underwear right off and then decided to take my tank top off as well. I stood over her hind legs and bent over to hug her tightly as I caressed her and rubbed her tits, while rubbing my bare skin across her and stimulating my cock at the same time. I spotted a swimming towel on the clothesline within arms reach that I grabbed and spread on the grass beside us. I lied down on my back and moved her over the top of me and then wrapped my legs up around her back and pulled her down to my chest. I had gotten her to lick my cock a little on several encounters but hadnít tried to kiss her. She nuzzled me a little on the neck at first but with a little coaxing I turned her head to line up our mouths and as she went to lick my chin I slipped my tongue out to meet hers. I got a good bit of her tongue in my mouth as we kissed while I rubbed her and stroked my legs back and forth across her sides. I was getting pretty horny from all this of course. I reached down between us and started stroking around on her pussy lips. I heard several cars go by on the road out front of their place as I fingered her pussy for a few minutes and before moving into fucking position behind her. I rolled us over on the towel and slid my body back and forth on her furry body and enjoyed the feel of her tits against me. I licked her tits and got them as wet as I could before pulling her close to rub against them. I then got up to get into the doggy position and found that sliding my cock into her pussy much easier than on previous occasions. She was so hot and I was oblivious to traffic or anything else as I stroked in and out of her hot pussy. I was by now able to hold back and enjoy her pussy wrapped around my hard-on longer than when I started fucking her. I had learned to stop and cool down my orgasm for a little bit with my cock head still inside her but with no thrusting to enjoy a longer fuck session and have a more powerful orgasm. I used this method twice that day and must have enjoyed at least ten minutes of her hot pussy before she milked the cum out of my cock in a great orgasm. I pulled her tight and rubbed her furry body across my chest and thighs in the warm sunshine just before I started shooting and enjoyed a marvelous orgasm. On several occasions she came around the corner of my house as I returned home from visiting with my neighbor friend at night. As I was saying I eventually theorized that she was trying to set these encounters up. I was happy to oblige. The very best memory I have involved going out late one summer night to round her up and carrying her back to my house. I knew the parents were going to be out late and the kids were asleep downstairs. I quietly carried her upstairs and put her down on one of the mattresses that we slept on that was left on the floor. I got undressed and laid down beside her in comfort and rubbed and caressed her. I stroked her pussy and fingered her for a good long time and kissed her some before I positioned myself to lick her pussy. I went at it for at least five minutes before I maneuvered around to fuck her. This time she stayed in a crouch and I was on my knees as I positioned myself behind her and guided my cock to her hot pussy. I didnít need to spread her with my fingers this time as I was in better position and could thrust into her so much nicer. It was so great to fuck in such nice comfort for a change as I lied down on top of her back and caressed her while I stroked in and out of her pussy. I got to the verge of an orgasm at least three times and held back before I let loose the best orgasm I ever had with her. I enjoyed the warm feel of my cum oozing out of her around my cock for a few moments before I realized I shouldnít let that go all over the mattress. I grabbed my t-shirt and started to wipe it up, then decided to lick her clean. Mmmm, I liked the way it tasted and licked her well after I had swallowed all my cum that came out of her. I was hard again and moved up beside her and pulled her over on top while I lied on my back. I guided my cock to her pussy and pushed up with my hips and held my arms across her back and slid back into her. I really love this memory of fucking her with her on top for about five minutes before rolling us over and going at it for another five minutes in a missionary position before cumming again. It was time for her to go I decided and when I tried to lead her out she dropped down into a crouching position like she wanted some more, but I figured it was too risky to take a chance of going longer. Unfortunately it wasnít to long after that that my neighbors got rid of her.
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