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This story is for all lonely men!I divorced my wife few months ago. Our children are all grown up and they have their families. My ex mother in law got sick so my ex wife called me to come to still our house to take care for our dog. We bought that dog; it was a German Shepard, to our kids, so I've never actually took care for her. Her name was Rea. It was a huge dog and she required lot’s of care. I was in my late forties and was not very much into jogging anymore even though I was still in quite good shape. So, I arrived in the evening and Rea was sleeping on the sofa. She was a quiet dog, probably because she was 7 years old. I went to my room and left my things, and than returned to the living room and sat on the sofa next to Rea. I was watching TV and thinking about time that I spent with my family in this house. It was a hard time for me. I lived alone in my parent’s house and I was really lonely. I missed company, good cooking and I missed sex. I didn’t have sex for six months, and I felt I will explode if I don’t find someone soon. Rea wanted to go out so we went. While we were walking I’ve noticed something weird… It looked like Rea had balls like male dog. I became nervous and a little bit scared. My ex wife will kill me if something happen to that dog. When we came back home I let her go on the sofa again and turned light brighter. I came closer, moved her tail and stretched her legs to see what is going on. Her pussy was so swollen… I thought some kind of bug baited her; I went to a toilette, took one small towel and made it wet and than turned back to Rea. I started to clean and nurse her vulva and she started to lick my hand. I didn’t want to hurt her and was still scared so I’ve called my brother who is wet. When I told him a problem he started to laugh and answered: “She desperately needs a male! That’s the only problem, and my friend has male German Shepard if you want…”It was good news so I relaxed. “You’ve scared me so much!” I told her, and she was just looking at me wit her shiny eyes. I wanted to se her vulva once more. It was so big… I felt a heat in my checks and my hands started to shake. I touched it with one finger only and she just pushed her behind toward me. I thought how strange it is. When I moved my finger she started lick it like she wanted to say» Don’t stop”! She putted her head in my lap and started to sniff me. I was in my brief shorts. She came between my legs, found my bulge and pushed it with her nose. I was getting so horny. I took out my semi erected penis and started to stroke it, but Rea didn’t allow me. She started to lick it. What a feeling! My ex never did that! She was licking it from head to balls and it was amazing! I was petting her back, and than made her to lie on the floor. I touched her pussy I putted one finger in it. It slide pretty easy, and than I remembered she had puppies 5 times already. That encouraged me, so I lied down to and came from her behind. I placed my dick on her pussy entering. It was so hot and smooth… Than I slide had of my prick first…. Even though her pussy seemed to be big, it was so tight! I was afraid do go deeper, but she pushed her self on it and suddenly my whole dick was in her! I started to pump her stronger and stronger, faster and faster. Her pussy was so tight around my dick and I was about to come. Her warmness and softness made me come like never before. I was all wet in sweat. I sat on the sofa and Rea came between my legs and started to lick my still semi hard dick. She licked every drop of my cum, and soon I was hard again. I came from her behind and did doggie with a real doggie! I was humping her like crazy, I felt like animal. Feeling of her fur on my hairy chest made me just crazy even more. I couldn’t stop, and I didn’t want to. It was awesome to see my fat dick filing her tiny doggie pussy. I was cuming again and I shot my load into her warm, tight pussy!After that I felt so tired. I didn’t have sex for so long, and she did me things I could ever imagine – and I did things I even didn’t know they could be done. We continued next morning, and next 5 year, because I arranged I will took really god care for here. Message on the end: GET A DOG!I hope you enjoyed and sorry for language! Hope you can understand!If you like it, please send replay!
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