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Hello everyone, I know itís been a while, but school is taking up a lot of my time. I am on spring break now, so I got some free time. I thought it would be nice to post another one of my experience for you all to read.If youíre new to my stories, you can read up on them here, just use the search thing-e. Here is a little about me for those new. Iím from Japan, but Iím going to school in the US. Iím working on my English major and trying to become a teacher. Iím a very sexual person and have had many experiences. There is a lot to try in life and Iím just doing what I can.This story is about my friend Maiko and I and one of our trips to harajuku station. You might know about harajuku station from the Gwen Stafine songs. Itís a place by Tokyo where a lot of "rebel" kids hang out dresses in Goth clothes and make up or as characters from anime. You can see a lot there. There is also a nice shopping area there that attracts the adults. It causes all kind of fun to happen.Anyways, one day Maiko and I decided to head out to harajuku station for some fun. We just got done with some tests at school so we needed to blow off some steam. We got out outfits packed and out make up bag ready and headed out. We like to get dresses at the station, its just easer that way. We went to the station, paid out fee and hoped onto the subway. I always like the subway rides in Japan. Itís calming, relaxing, and sometimes a guy will try to feel me up. The first time it happened it caught me off guard and I slapped him. After the first one though, I was kind of excited waiting for it to happen again. The subway was packed as normal.We pushed out way onto it, set our stuff down near the wall of the subway, and grabbed onto the hand holsters. Our things were safe, there is like no theft in Japan, itís nice. While the subway moved, me and Maiko talked and laughed about different things, trying to pass the time. The subway stopped at each platform needed, and people got on and off as needed. We were on the subway just as all the businesses were closing up, so it started to get packed with salarymen. This is when it gets fun. The business men are so over worked that they sometimes make attempts to grab me.Everyone pushed there way on, with the help of the white gloved men outside the subway. Me and Meiko were pushed apart by people, but we were close enough to glance at each other and share gestures. We are about less then an arms length away. After a while, I was getting worried I would get no attention. I was getting lonely, but just then I felt a hand tough my ass. I looked over and Meiko smiled at me. I winked at her as I let her hand feel my ass. Iím glad to have a friend like this.As the subway moved on, I felt the hand move over my ass, caressing it, pinching it and just giving me the attention I needed. When ever I could I would look to Meiko and try to signal that she do more if she wanted to. It took awhile, but after a few confused looks, I think she got the hint. The hand started to lift up my skirt and grab my bare ass. I didnít were panties like normal, so the hand could feel my ass right away. The hand was working my ass nicely, griping tightly and spanking it. It reached under my ass and started to rum my pussy lips from behind.I moved my legs apart as far as I could so I could let the hand get farther into my pussy. It took no time for it to find its way into my pussy lips and started to massage it nicely. I turned to Maiko and gave her a devilish look. She laughed at me as the head move into my pussy more and more. I loved it. It knew just what I wanted. Maiko was really good at reading me.This went on for a while longer, finger getting deeper into my pussy and massaging my clit. It was just what I wanted. Our stop was coming up soon, so I pushed the hand away, adjusted my skirt and grabbed out things. As Maiko and I made out way for the exit, some man whispered into my ear "Thank You". Kind of weird, but what ever. We hoped off the subway and made out way for the bathroom at the station to get ready. There were kids walking around already. When we got to the bathroom, I game Maiko a big kiss and said that you. She asked me what I was talking about. I told her how well she did playing with my pussy on the subway. She told me that she didnít do a thing, he hand were stuck at her sides. Then it hit me. The man who said thank you, he must have been the one. That got me even more turned on. Having a strangerís finger in me is just a nice feeling. I just told Maiko what happened, she said I was lucky and we got into a stall to change.Thatís it for now, Ill finish later if you all like it. The bestiality will come, I just though you would like to know what happened earlier that day too. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.
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