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Norma is a 39 year old wife and mother of two. She lives in a small Nebraska town, where she has lived all her life. Her husband, John, is an avid hunter and fisherman, who works for the county. This is her story.John’s a good man. Don’t get me wrong. And our marriage has always been stable and secure. In the beginning our love life was as good and any I had heard of. John was very attentive and a good lover, too. But after Billy, our first got old enough to go fishing with his dad, I saw less and less of them both. When Timmy came along, John was still a very good provider, husband and father, but our love life seemed to take a backseat to fishing and hunting. When both the boys were old enough to fish with their father, it seemed like I spent every weekend home alone.It didn’t bother me, at first, being alone. I had my gardens to keep my happy and busy. But what did bother me was that John seemed to be losing any interest in our love life. I tried wearing sexy nighties, more make up and anything else I could think of the spark his interests. For a while it would work, but then, pretty soon I was a fisherman’s “widow” again. And, you older girls know that when those mid-thirties start knocking at your door they come with a force that will not be ignored….the libido, I mean.So here I am, pushing past thirty five, really coming into my Prime, so to speak. I’m stuck in a gossipy little town, so I don’t dare even get the little pleasures of knowing that Any man finds me attractive. And I’m feeling really pretty sexy, if you know what I mean. So one Saturday morning, I’m out in the garden (it was a pretty summer day) on my knee-mats, plucking weeds. I’m wearing an old pair of cut-off jeans that I would never wear if I knew anybody might see, because the years and years of wear have slowly taken their toll on the frayed legs…to where I had to cut back the fray so many times that my cheeks stick out of what’s left.So anyway, I’m plucking weeds when I feel Goofy’s COLD nose touch the back of my right thigh. I’m shocked, so I squeal and jerk, but, before I move, I feel his tongue on my right cheek. Now, you gotta understand. We’ve had dogs around all my life, and, except once many moons ago when I was young and one sniffed me, I never really thought of dogs in any sexual way…..well, not hardly at all, anyway. And I always put those disgusting thoughts out of my head when they happened.I don’t know why I felt any different this time, but I did. Maybe it was loneliness or hormones or something. I don’t know. But it did feel different. And before I could get my thoughts together, Goofy licks me again. Now Goofy is a big, silly lovable old hound…part of the family, so to speak. And we had Goof since he was 8 weeks old, so he is like one of the kids, so I was shocked, but not scared. Then he licks my butt again! This time up the inside! Wooooweeee! That gave me a chill! Not the cold kind of chill, either! I put my weight on my left hand and turned to my right to push him away (Big silly dog). Then he licks me right up the inside of my thigh. Now my old cutoffs are cutoff pretty short, so his tongue actually touched my panties! And, let me tell you, that really shocked me….you know, like electrical shock…really hard, and it made me lose my balance. My hand slipped and I feel right onto my left shoulder (good thing the dirt was soft). Then ol’ Goofy licks right at my crotch this time! And, Zappo! Another huge shock….only really Hot this time…you know? So I roll over on my back and sit up, and Goofy jumps right in my lap and licks my face and neck and all over…big silly puppy! And his tail is wagging all over and he’s dancing around. He wants to play, you know. And I’m petting him and laughing and all. But I finally push him off me and tell him, “Go lie down, you silly oaf”. And he’s a good boy, so he goes to the edge of the garden and lays there in the grass watchin’ me with his silly puppy look and his waggy tail.So I get back on my knees to start weeding again, and I feel this cool breeze on my wet butt. And that gives me another chill. But, hey, I know the sun will dry it out in a bit and I want to get this weeding done before it gets too hot, so I just kind of ignore it and get back to work. But, for a little while, its still wet and I keep getting these little chills….and their not all from the cold…if you know what I mean. But I shake my head and kind of shake off “those kind of thoughts”. So now I’m trying to garden, and the wet is in the sun, so its drying out…and I feel this kind of skin-crawly feeling where his saliva is drying. Its like soft little butterflies on my skin. And it feels ticking, but nice, you know? And that doesn’t help, either, ‘cause it makes “those thoughts” keep coming back. By now I’m getting a little miffed. I mean, it has been so long since I’ve been satisfied and now these stupid feelings. So I look over my shoulder, kind of miffed at Goofy for making me feel these stupid things and there he is, licking his dick! I mean, I saw him do that before. I mean, I know dogs do that all the time. No big deal. But this time it bothered me. It shouldn’t have. But it did. But I just shook it off and went back to weeding. But now it seems a lot hotter outside, and those stupid kind of sick thoughts are still, like echoing in my brain. So now I’m kind of absent-mindedly weeding and I’m remembering this after-game slumber party we had a Penny’s place years ago. Penny’s folks are pretty cool, ‘cause they let us have beer if we want, ‘long and we stay home. So there’s the three of us, Janet, Penny and me, and we’re all sittin’ on Penny’s bed, sipping our beer (like ladies, ya know) and we’re getting a little buzzed and silly. And then Penny starts telling us about the time she’s out to her cousin Paula’s farm and she catches Paula in the back of the barn and Shep, this big old German Shepherd mutt they have is on top of Paula and Paula is squealing and moaning. And Penny thinks he’s hurtin’ her, so she runs over to get him off. Then she see Paula’s fucking her dog! When we hear that we all get all grossed out and all. But you can’t stop Penny from talking. I mean, she is all drunk and just blabbin’ away. And she goes on how she ran out of the barn, and is all bothered about it and all. Then how Paula makes her tell why she’s so bothered. And how Paula tells her how she’s been doing it for years, and how good it feels, and hot and all that stuff. Can you imagine! Fuckin’ a Dog?So now I’m almost through weeding and I’m way over on the edge of the garden and there, real close, is Goofy and he’s just kind of walking around sniffin’, like they do, ‘cept he keeps wiggling his big black nose my way. .. and his dick is sticking part way out! Now, I’m not some kind of pervert or something, but, since all those thoughts were buzzing in my head, I just kind of look at him, you know. I mean I look at his cock. I don’t know why! I really don’t! But it was …well, it was interesting, in a kind of strange way.And I’m thinking about all the things Penny said Paula told her about being licked by dogs and fuckin’ ‘em and all. And here’s Goofy, pantin’ with that big, soup-ladle tongue hanging out and his cock is stickin’ out, too! And I know Paula. She was only two years ahead in school and, like I said, it’s a small town. So now I’m seeing Paula (and she is really pretty…could have just Any guy), and I see her being fucked by a thing like this! Now, I saw Paula in the shower in gym class, so I don’t have to imagine much…and I’m seeing her with a thing like I’m lookin’ at….a dog-cock going into her pussy. And I’m hearin’ her squealing like she did cheerleading. And, Man! I get this HOT chill! You know the kind, like somebody put a electric charger onto you pussy. And I hear me moan, really loud, right outside!Then I know I must be getting sun-stroke or something. So I get up and clean up and go in the kitchen to fix up ice tea. But there’s no tea. So I look for a soda. But there’s no soda,, either. Just beer. So I think, “what the Hell”. And I get a beer and go sit on the porch swing in the shade. Well, after all that work in the heat, that beer hits the spot, but makes me a bit fuzzy, too. But I think, “Hell, nobody’s here and nobody’s coming”. So I go get another one….and I’m thinking maybe another beer will cool off these sick thoughts, too.So now I’m sitting on the swing-seat, sipping my second Coors, with my head laid back, and my legs stretched out, just enjoying the peace and quiet….and then I feel Goofy’s breath and his cold nose and he pushes his big old snout right into my crotch….and I sit bolt upright…clamping my legs shut. But he’s between ‘em! And he licks my crotch (and even my panties)! And I get this hot, hot JOLT! I mean, girl, it ‘bout knocks me over! And he licks again. And it feels even stronger and better this time. And I’m feeling hot, and feverish and all tingly and weak….all at the same time. And he licks me again! Well, Shit! I cum! Right there, on the porch, on the swing, outside and all….from a Dog! From a damn dog lickin’ me! I cum! And he licks me again, an’., shit….I cum again..even better. And he licks more and faster. And I just keep cumming! And it just keeps getting stronger and better.I can’t help myself. I need this like crazy! So I reach down and pull my cutoffs and panties aside and hold ‘em there. So now his hot, rough tongue slides right over my pussy! Cum?? MY GAAAWD, GIRL! I came so hard I thought I would DIE! And Goofy just keeps lickin’ away. And I just keep in comin’! And I’m shaking and humpin’ and wigglin’ all over the place….and I can’t help it! I just keep cumming and cumming and cumming. It’s like completely out of control! Nothing I can do! Just CUM!Gawd! When he finally backs off I’m Covered with Sweat! And trembling all over, and tingling like my whole body is electric and hot. And I’m giggling like a fool. I mean, like I lost my freakin’ mind! It was so damn good! Nothing…ever….was like this.Now, I don’t know about fuckin’ a dog. I mean, I do think about it sometimes. But I just don’t know about that. Maybe someday…maybe. But at least now I really know what "Free time" means!!!
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