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This fantasy is set in first person as the guy telling the story to some one else. I have decided to hell with mechanics (correct grammar and the like).hello. im just a normal looking 22 yr old guy. before what happened to me 4 yrs ago, i never thought about consumating sexual acts with a living thing that wasnt a human. but ill go ahead and cut to the chase. it happened 4 yrs ago as of last week. i was on a small weekend camp out with just one other guy before we went off to college. we went camping in the woods of Missouri along a shallow river. he brought his male and female we drove through the woods blah blah and set up our tent. then we went swimming. i said to him since were in the middle of nowhere i dare u to go naked. he laughed and said wat the hell if u do too. so we stripped down and went swimming with the dogs. and of course we compared. the dogs were horny and so were we. apparently one of the dogs saw my semi erect penis and got a hard on. i saw it and couldnt help myself and got a boner. i laid out on a smooth rock in the middle of the river. i started to take a nap in the cool water and warm sun. but i woke up when one of the dogs started licking my balls and dick. i got a hard on. what happened next was that i woke up and pushed the dog away. my friend walked over laughing and had a hard on too. we went and got dried off and put our boxers on and walked up to our site. we had dinner and laid out on top of our sleeping reason for telling u that was to explain why happens next transpired. i woke up again in the dying glow of the fire with the dogs licking my cock and balls. i yelped and woke my friend up. then we saw the dogs had boners and we did too. they flashed their teeth and us and we knew what would happen if we didnt do what they wanted. the female pushed herself against me and the male growled. i was trembling like a leaf as i pushed my dick into her hole. i started slowly go in and out. about 10 seconds later the male dog mounted me and started raming up my hole. my friend kind of squated on the female and told me to blow him. after a minute or two of this four way we all started moving faster and faster. the male dog was expanding in my but and it felt like he was halfway to my brain he was so well hung. after another two minutes all of us orgasmed. i had cum flowing in my mouth and up my butt while i blew my load in the girl dog.overall it was a very sexual and physical experiance. after college we met up for the same thing and one thing led to another and history repeated itself.
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