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I've had plenty of beastiality-based fantasies over the years. I decided to write one in story form, rather than posting it in the 'fantasies' forum, since I'm going to embellish it slightly.Just a warning - This is pretty long. I like to tease before delivering the action If you're patient enough, there's a whole lot of goodies - two dogs, masturbation, oral, vaginal penetration, knotting, and even a little bit of watersports.Please leave comments, if you feel inclined.//Chapter One"Happy New Year!"The words echoed around the garden in a hundred different tones, each one jubilant, filled with the excitement inspired by the promise of a new year. All except one.Nancy sat at the back of the courtyard, away from the revellers, vapidly staring into her glass of cheap champagne. "Happy new year," she murmured, in a voice filled with bitterness, a resentment for the carefree people surrounding her. At least now it was midnight, she could leave, she mused, slowly rising without lifting her gaze.Silently, she filed out of the party, unnoticed, as it always seemed she was. With one last look over her shoulder, she tossed the party-goers a disdainful look, and headed down the street, toward her own modest home. At the sounds of her low-heeled sandals pounding the pavement as she neared her home, a volley of barks began. "At least they notice I'm alive," she thought, smiling wryly as she approached her home, swinging open the front gate, and carefully checking the latch as it swung closed behind her.Within five seconds of entering the yard, she was assailed by her two male dogs - Henry, a handsome, two-year-old Golden Retriever, and Nimbus, a three-year-old Malamute. "Hey, boys," she greeted them, stooping to scratch them behind the ears, and deliver kisses to their muzzles. "They weren't too loud, were they?" She straightened up, one hand languidly dragging through Nimbus' luxurious pelt. Turning his head, the stunning dog ran his tongue over her hand, as if sympathising with her rotten mood. It lingered there a moment, Nancy rather enjoying the sensation, before she drew it back, in order to rifle through her purse, eventually procuring her keys. Feeling as though her legs were made of lead, she dragged herself up the porch steps followed in close succession by the dogs, who bounded inside the house, with their ever-present enthusiasm. Nancy had to smile. Her boys never failed to make her feel appreciated.Dropping her bag and keys on the hallway stand, she reached behind, under her thin spaghetti-strap top, releasing the catch of her bra, which so restrained her chest. Exhaling a sigh of relief, she discarded it haphazardly on the floor, pulling the singlet over her head, she delighted in the sensation of her relatively large, C-cup breasts tumbling free. She glanced down, wincing at the marks the bra had left against her delicate, dusky-pink nipples. Gently, almost tentatively, she ran her cool fingertips over the slightly swollen flesh as she flicked on her bedroom light with the other. Reaching her mirror, she examined them for added injury. The bra was perhaps a little too small, and had cut cruelly into her flesh. Sighing faintly with annoyance, she rummaged through the clutter on her vanity table, eventually fishing out a jar of hand cream. Slowly, she dragged her fingers through the slippery, cold cream, then concentrated on rubbing it into her sore flesh. Shivering, her nipples instantly hardened at the coldness... or perhaps it was her touch. Her gaze, as she performed this action, drifted up, so as to take in the full view of her slender torso.Her breasts were a pleasant size - they were one of the few things she never had an image problem with. Her skin was tanned, dusted with a smattering of freckles across her shoulders. She had a relatively flat stomach, and a slender waist. Her hips, however, were rather broad - child-baring hips, her mother had unflatteringly called them. She smiled ruefully. "There are plenty of girls out there who are less attractive.. so why are they out getting screwed, and I'm still a virgin after twenty-one years?" she demanded of her reflection.Offering her reflection a flirtatious smile, she slowly lifted the hem of her relatively short skirt, until her panties - an unexciting white cotton - were exposed partially. "That's why," she declared in disgust. Irritated by the sight of the offensively unexciting underwear, she let her skirt drop, and she wiggled out of them.Kicking them under the dresser, she lifted her skirt again, to reveal her a hint of her vulva, covered in somewhat downy blonde hair. "That's more like it," she declared, feeling somewhat naively rebellious.She was about to turn away, to fetch her pyjamas, when she noticed a hint of pink, which caused her stomach to pleasantly flutter. Curious, she unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, revealing her crotch, and a teasing hint of what lay between her heavenly lips. Biting down on her lip, she pulled up and apart with her fingertips and gasped in shock - she was met with the sight of her engorged clitoris, which seemed to pulse with pleasure as it was revealed. She took in the sight for several moments before gently running her fingertip over it, and almost screaming in suprise at the powerful jolt of pleasure which ran through her. Heart pounding, she sat on the edge of her bed, and spread her legs wide, revealing to herself, for the first time, her love box. She stared in amazement at the silky pink folds, and in wonder at the tiny promise of entrance to her innermost self. Breathless, she dropped her hand, pressing her index finger to the small hole. She winced, suprised at how incredibly tight her hole was. She was so busy examining herself, that she didn’t notice two pairs of eyes, attentively watching from the doorway…
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