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I used to be married to the most wicked, evil and mean-spirited women in the entire universe. Needless to say our sex life was non-existant. I also had Irish Setters and was on the show circuit. When at home I would supervise the breeding of our males with our own females or a clients'. I would get so hot and bothered watching them that I would sometimes cum in my pants without ever touching myself.As a teenager, my friend and I experimented and we had anal sex a few times. I have to admit, it felt good and I didn't have any guilt feelings about it.Well, the combination of no sex from my wife, memories of having anal sex years ago and my envy of the female dogs getting tied with the males was too much for me. Masturbating, even several times a day, just wasn't getting the job done anymore.My primary male Irish Setter was an extremely docile dog and was used to being groomed weekly for shows. I could do anything to him or touch him anywhere without him getting upset.One afternoon, my wife was out of town. My male Irish Setter was laying stretched out on the couch; his usual position. I sat down right next to his rump and started petting him. He was very used to this and lifted his leg for a belly rub. I noticed the tip of his penis was peeking in and out of his sheath with a small drop of cum hanging from the tip. This set my mind to racing out of control with fantasies of what it would feel like to to be his bitch and take that gigantic knot inside of me.With much resolve, I got up, locked the front door, pulled the blinds and took my pants off. I sat back down by his rump and resumed the belly rub, quickly working down to his penis and gently stroking it. He wasn't objecting, in fact he was enjoying it just as much as I was. I pulled the sheath all the way back to his balls, exposing a long, skinny and pink penis, not much larger in diameter than my own. This allowed me to flop his penis back out under his tail, which I had moved up and out of the way. I quickly got on my back with my butt up against his and slowly slipped his penis into my eager ass. Since he had not yet developed a knot, I could get him all the way in until his balls were against my ass.But, I wanted more. I wanted to feel his knot inside of me. I wanted to have that penis swell to several times its normal size inside of me. I wanted to feel him pumping his entire load into my bowels, spilling out and running down my legs.Not knowing for sure, but thinking it might work, I started to jack off. Sure enough, this caused the muscles around my ass to pulsate around his penis. This did the trick! He started to swell and I could feel the knot starting to form inside of me. During this entire time, he never even lifted his head up! He just laid there enjoying everything I was doing.His knot was now just about full size inside of me, causing me tremendous discomfort. I found that by squirming around a little, it allowed his penis to shift inside of me and go deeper, relieving the pressure of the knot against my sphincter. I laid back and continued to masturbate, which in turn excited him and his knot grew ever more, pulsating with tremendous force. I could feel his cum filling up my bowels and seeping out around the now huge penis that I was impaled on. I was practically screaming out when I came and was glad the windows weren't open!I lay there, totally exhausted and relishing the feel of his penis and knot still pulsating within me. After about 15 minutes his knot subsided enough and it plopped out, followed by a gallon of cum that my stretched out ass couldn't contain.We had many more years of him mounting me, but he's gone now due to old age. He was happy up until the end. I sure miss him.
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