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It was called the “carriage shed”, but it was really not a shed at all. It was quite large, with plenty of room for two carriages and it had two stables, and a tack room on the bottom floor. And it didn’t have a rickety old ladder up some trap door to the hayloft. It had a wide old hardwood stairway. It was really quite elogant. But, then, the big old sea captain’s house it came with was very, very nice, too. When we first moved to Maine, Mom and Dad went house shopping. When she found that place on the hills above Camdon, she fell in love with it. So that is where we lived during my “formative years”, and the upstairs of that carriage barn became a wonderful, special place for me; a place where I shared “secrets” with Bull, my best friend. Now you need to appreciate that the captain’s house was about two miles outside of town and there were no other homes anywhere near it. And you need to understand that my parents were quite protective of their only child (me), so I wasn’t allowed to go far from home. The result was that, for many years, my best friend was our family mastiff, Bull.We were very, very close. As long as Bull was with me, my parents didn’t worry. He would protect me from anything. Once I went out on the back steps just to listen to the birds in the sunrise and a ugly, shaggy stray dog showed up. He showed his teeth and started growling at me. I was so scared I couldn’t even scream. Just then Bull broke right though the screen door and chased that ugly thing away. Then Bull came trotting and panting back with a big smile on his face and lick away my tears.Bull and I went everywhere on that property together, and it was Bull who first figured out what caused those strange new tummy pains I got. I didn’t know what he was doing when he first tried so hard to sniff between my legs, but I learned very quickly that he knew exactly how to turn that pain into the most magic joys I had ever known. And it wasn’t long after that day that I had to find a “secret place”. And that is where the old carriage house came in. It was up those dark, creaky stairs, in that loft, with the sunlight filtering through the cracks in the loading door and making all the hay dust seem like tiny fairies dancing in the spot light, that I learned all my first lessons about sexual pleasures. A very old and wore quilt lay on a big pile of old straw, making a warm, soft bed. The sweet smell of hay and the rich smell of old leather and aged hardwoods created an incense of rare qualities, making our special place that much more wonderful.There, on that bed, in the warmth of Spring and Summer, Bull licked my pussy from one wonderful orgasm to the next, day after day, week after week. And when I returned to the house my mother would always say how country life agreed with me and tell me that I was “just glowing”. Even when the dark, snowy winter came, Bull and I would spend special times in our secret place. I managed, over the brilliantly beautiful Autumn, to sneak two blankets, an old pillow and another quilt into the carriage house, so, under the blankets, with my warm, strong Bull, our love making went on.By the next Spring I could no longer live with the guilt. Not the guilt of enjoying Bull’s soft, hungry love making to my pussy, but the guilt of enjoying so much from him and returning nothing. It was that Spring, inspired by couriousity and guilt, that I first leaned over and touched his “thing”. His odd, but strangely happy, response encouraged me to continue. I really didn’t know what to do then, but I soon learned.The next afternoon Bull had pleased me so wonderfully I did for him what my friend Sharon bragged about doing to her boy friend. That afternoon was the first time I masturbated him. It excited me terribly to be holding a real “penis” in my little fingers. I thrilled to my deepest places at the feel of its heat, and its wet, throbbing. It was Alive! A real penis was alive in my hands! And when he started humping at my hands and squirting “stuff”, I squealed with absolute delight! I loved it! I loved what I could do to him! I loved what I could do for him! And I loved to see him squirt for me.It excited me so much to “do” him, that for weeks, I forgot about my pussy and couldn’t wait to get my hands on his “cock” (Sharon’s new word). I could hardly wait to get off the school bus, change my cloths and “go for a walk” with Bull. Everyday after school, for over a month I “jacked off” (another of Sharon’s words) Bull’s big, hot, red cock! And, thanks to Sharon’s hardcore bragging, I would even whisper things to Bull as I did him. I doubt that saying things like, “Cum! Cum! You bastard! Make your cock cum for me”, did anything for Bull, but it sure did make me hotter.By the time school let out for Summer our sex life was even more wonderful (thanks, again, to Sharon). Because, on the very first Monday of Summer vacation I had the courage and the desire to taste him. And, from the very first time I touched my pre-cum soaked fingers to my lips, I loved his taste! He tasted like a new penny (and, as I child, had been forever putting pennies into my mouth). It took absolutely no further encouragement for me to lean under him and lick his cock. And that thrilled me even more. That morning I had tasted my very first pre-cum, licked my first penis and sucked it into my mouth…and I loved it.We spent many wonderful mornings that Summer, in our secret place, with my head and upper body held up by blankets piled on hay…with Bull standing over me while, with both hands I held his cock and tried to hold him back while he pumped his hot, thick cock into my little mouth. I knew it was “wrong” and “disgusting”. But, I also knew it was Incredible! I loved Sex! I loved sex with my big, strong dog!To this day, whenever I smell hay, I can still feel the prickles of straw poking through that old worn quilt, pricking my bare backside as I lay on my back sucking hungrily on Bull’s hot, powerful cock. There are times, to this very day, when I can not resist the urge to put a penny in my mouth and recall those hot, sexy squirts of love juices he sprayed into the back of my throat. I loved Bull and I love making love with him. That’s why the next stage of our love came so naturally.It was four days before Christmas. From the bay window in my room on the second story, I looked out at the gray, wet day, over the ice covered, bare-branched apple trees, across the snow blown fields, down the long hills to the angry gray-green thundering sea. I looked about my room. It had been the room of the captain’s wife (it even had a widow’s walk), and it was decorated as if time hand never changed. I slept in a huge old feather bed that had big dark oak head and foot boards. I looked around the room as if for the first time this morning, trying to burn every detail into my memory.Dad was at work and Mom had left for a day of shopping. I was alone with Bull, and, for the first time, I was going to let him come upstairs. He was very worried about climbing those big, wide stares and he looked between the rails off the banister with sad and frightened eyes as I dragged him to the top, but, once there, his huge golden tail pounded back and forth like the happy puppy he was. He was very curious and started sniffing up and down the hall. When he caught the scent of my room he walked right in. Then I closed the door behind him.It took a lot of convincing to get him to move his huge, powerful body onto the bed, and, once he got there, the soft, unfamiliar footing worried him. But once I threw off my nightgown and panties, jumped on the bed and hugged him to my bare little bobbies, he was very happy. Like always, the feel of his stiff hair gently scraping my tiny pink nipples made them hot, hard and very erect, Like always, the feel of his strong, muscular body in my arms made me feel very romantic. When I lay back in the middle of the bed, with big, fluffy pillows propping up my back and head, Bull knew just what to do. As his wonderful, long tongue spread my already thick labia, I had a wonderful little cum. When his long tongue scooped its way inside my openness I felt myself give him a gush of my woman oils as I came again. Like always, my wonderful love drove me into Heaven. But this time, when he started humping at the air, instead of sliding downward, towards him, and taking his beautiful red cock into my lips, I slid upwards, away from him.At first he was confused. “What are you doing with your pussy way up in the air and your head on the wrong side of the pillows”, his look seemed to say. But, as I whispered to him things like, “I want your cock, Bull. I need your cock. Oh, pleeeese! Bring me your cock, Bull”, he seemed to understand. He moved forward and started licking me again. And I loved it, like I always did, but I wanted more! I let him lick until he started dancing and pumping at the air, then I sat up, grabbed his collar and leaned back with all my weight, pulling him forward. He didn’t resist.Then I reached under him and grabbed his cock. I gently started jacking him off again, and, in a couple minutes, he was fucking my hand. That’s when I leaned back, looked under him, between us, and pulled his huge, red cock toward my pussy. I watched it like my life depended on it. Even now, when I am alone in my bed, I can close my eyes and I can see his wonderful, humongus, thick red cock touch my labia.It felt so good, so wonderful, that I had to bite my lower lip so hard it bled to keep from screaming. And he was still pumping! I lifted my hips only slightly and his perfect penis found its home. In one huge, hard thrust, Bull rammed his thick, hot cock into me. Pain! Tearing, burning pain shot through me like a hot spear! And Bull only rammed me harder and faster. And the pain melted away like ice on hot stove, bringing in its wake this wonderful sense of “Right” and these deep, tremendous zipping, wonderful exploding feelings.I gave my virginity to Bull that day. And I never regretted it. I can not hear or read the phrase “doggy style” without thinking it means, pillow under ass, wonderful, thick, hot cock pounding deeply. I can not hear the “gross” phrase “screwing the pooch” without saying, under my breath, “I wish I was”.I love making love with dogs. I love everything about it – the abandon, the freedom, the wildness, the power, the energy, the feel, the smell and the tastes. I am just over forty and, in my life, I have enjoyed sex with over 35 different dogs. I have been humped doggy while on my knees sucking another dogs cock. Even learned that I could put a pillow over a low coffee table, get a nice little Shelty to lie under it on his back while I please him and then sit slowly, putting his hot little cock into my ass. And this is only the beginning of my most adventurous moments, because, thanks to good training, I can then get my nice big Mastiff (I’ll never be without a Mastiff) to ram his wonderful big dig into my pussy. And these two sweet boys know the routine so well there is never any problems and always lots of “fun”. But that’s not all, because I even trained Tony, my Basset Hound to stand above my face on the couch at the same time.That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen. With patience and training, the right choice of lovers and a bit of luck, and no help from anyone else, I get a nice, hot little Shelty cock in my asshole, a big, huge, thick Mastiff cock in my pussy and a thick, long Basset cock squirting away in my mouth, all at the same time.You would never have a clue of my loves if you were to meet me Except that happy glint that is always in my eyes, you might never have a clue. If you came to my country home near D.C. you would think that I am just an animal lover, but you could never guess how much!
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