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Pepsi loves the outdoors. Yes, her name really is Pepsi. Why? No one would say. She got teased about it a lot when she was still in high school two years ago. A pretty girl, who should have been a popular cheerleader, shunned because of her given name, Pepsi Coli. That’s one of the reasons she likes being alone in the wilderness. On this particular summer day, she decided to hike up to the top of Miller Peak. There is a high altitude lake there with clear blue water that she loves to swim in. She has walked this trail many times in the past. Little did she know, this time would change her life forever.She got to the ranger station early so there wouldn’t be a line of people waiting for a camping permit. Even though she has a year round permit, she still has to check in at the station. That was ok with her, she thought the ranger old but cute, and likes to teas him with her short, short hiking pants and blouse tied around the bottom of her breasts. She knew this drove him crazy by the size of the lump in his pants. He would always try to hide it, but couldn’t help himself. He’d pass the logbook over to Pepsi and sheepishly say, “Welcome back to Miller Peak Ms. Coli.” Pepsi wondered as she walked out of the office, if he headed strait for the men’s room.It takes one and a half hours to get to Miller Peak Lake if you don’t stop for any reason. Pepsi wasn’t in any hurry so she took a leisurely stride up the mountain trail. About half way up, she came to the South Ridge trailhead. She has never taken that route because it adds three hours to the hike and takes you deep into the undeveloped wilderness. Today, she decides to be adventuress and takes the new trail.The tail isn’t really all that bad, she thinks, as she walks past beautiful mountain views, clear mountain streams, and meadows. After two hours of hiking, Pepsi stops for a rest, and bends down to take a drink of cool, clear water. As she sits up, across the stream from her, she sees a wolf. Its low menacing growl vibrates through her chest. Terrified, she crawls backward until her head and back are against a tree. As the wolf runs up to her, she sees two more coming down the creak. A yellow pool forms under and around her crotch.The first wolf, runs to within five feet of her and stops. He sniffs the air, then cautiously, he moves in between her legs and sniffs at her wet crotch. The other two move in closer. Fear, kept Pepsi from lashing out with her feet. What felt like an electric shock, held her in place, when a soft, hot tongue ran up the inside of her thigh, inching closer and closer to her crotch. The other two wolves watched in subordinate respect.With one quick jerk, the sharp teeth ripped the flimsy material of her shorts, exposing her untouched womanhood to the cool mountain air. Pepsi almost fainted, when that tongue reached deep into her consciousness, where no man has ever gone. The smell of her arousal was in the air, making the other two wolves whine in anticipation. This is the smell of sex, in its purest form. No rivalry, no obligations, just fun.Pepsi’s mind spins out of control. The need to escape, the desire to have more, fear, pleasure, lust, run, stay, cry, laugh, scream, a decision must be made. She turns, making a break for the tree. The very moment she had turned onto her knees reaching for the first branch of the tree, the wolf has her. She must have been just the right height, angle, and position, because the wolf was able to grab her by the waist and plunge his bone home.There wasn’t any warning, no time to relax and allow the slow, deliberate parting of her cherry. Savagely ripped in two by one powerful thrust. Her scream was echoed by the howl of the other two wolves.Was it the shear weight of the beast or the jackhammer like pounding, which made her loose the grip she had on the low hanging branch? She didn’t know, didn’t care. The wolf’s violent humping had made the searing pain of his attack fade into the back of her mind. The pounding of his hot shaft was now reaching deep inside of her. She could feel the knot expanding to a point she feared would rupture her virgin pussy. Blood and cum were dripping down her legs. All to soon the pushing slowed to a stop. His shaft embedded deep into her, now locked tight by her natural virgin tightness, the wolf swings over her back for a relaxing period of pure ecstasy.Normally, the subordinates would patiently wait their turn. This was not the way it was to be this time. The brazen of the two came over and sniffed at the passion crazed lovers, locked together. The alpha male would have growled and fought off any that would come near had this been a real bitch in heat. Suddenly the second wolf is on top of Pepsi, jabbing the side of her hip with his sharp pointed shaft. Oh my god she thinks. Is he going to try to have sex with me too? Where? OH NO!Yes, the second wolf had worked his way around, straddling the first one, now jabbing at her even tighter asshole. There was no way that he was going to get anywhere near it. Unless Pepsi dared to do something to help him, after all, she was already committed to one, why not. She raised her ass just a little. Enough for him to find his mark but not enough to let the first one pull out. Wham! Into her tight little hole he goes. The sensations Pepsi is now experiencing is almost too wonderful to bear. As the second wolf pumps away, his knot locks against the one that is on the other side of the thin layer of skin between the two. Hopelessly locked. No amount of pulling could possibly separate the three.The third wolf is dancing around, whining. Pepsi can see him out the corner of her eye. Dare she? She rises up on one elbow and tries to coax the wolf over to her shoulder. The wolf knew what was being said. He eagerly jumped up onto her head and started humping away. Pepsi had to grab is cock to prevent loosing an eye. She opened her mouth wide. It wasn’t wide enough. His knot was already fully rigid. He wedged it into her mouth so tight her lips cracked and bled. The tip was so far down her throat that cum squirted strait down. She didn’t even need to swallow.Now she was fully engulfed in sweet ecstasy. She could feel every squirt of hot cum into her ass, pussy, and down her throat. She couldn’t have held onto anything if she wanted too. The wolves were in full control of her ravaged body. The first orgasm was so hard she nearly fainted. It took six more to do the job.When Pepsi came too, she was alone. The wolves had left her there, but not unharmed. There was dried blood and cum around her mouth and nose. Blood, cum and fecal mater had run down her legs were it too had dried. She hurt. Everywhere. She removed what was left of her hiking shorts and walked down to the creak. There, she found her forgotten backpack. She took a quick bath in the creak and changed into her bathing suit for the trip down the mountain. At the ranger station, she tossed her stained and torn shorts in a wastebasket, and walked up to the counter to sign out. The ranger had a puzzled look on his face. She tells him that she had a little accident, but she was ok. As she walks out, she turns back and tells the ranger that she had such a good time, she wants to reserve next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After she leaves, he reaches down and picks up her shorts. Looks around, and disappears into the locked men’s room. This post has been edited by DrBItch on Nov 10 2005, 12:21 AM
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