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I have two stories on this site. This is a continuation of "The Girl Next Door" which is rather current, and "Under Brad's Control" was during a time when I was much younger and newly married to my first wife. Weeks past and I figured that the hot girl that moved in next-door that had me by the balls was going to loosen her grip and let me slide. I mean, having sex with her was amazing. She had the body of an angel and not only loved my cock...but she adored the way her Dane f***** her. She had threatened to tell my wife that I was watching her sunbath if I didn't cooperate with her sexual desires. Maybe I should have let her, because now, I was captive to her. If only I had left it in my pants when she came over. After not hearing from her I figured she found some stud or was happy spending nights with her dog mounted on her sexy young back. But...then it happened again. My phone rang and I heard her voice in a low whisper say, "I need you to come next door and fix something for me." Then she hung up. I announced to my wife that the helpless girl next door must have broken something and can't afford to call a handyman and did she mind me helping her out. To my surprise she didn't protest. I had never given her any reason to doubt my faithfulness until now. Hmmmm...yeah...until now. I walked up to her door which she opened before I could knock. I knew right away what she had on her mind as she was wearing the smallest black bikini I have ever seen. Her ample tits spilled over the top, which hardly covered her brown nipples. Oh my...those nipples. They were obviously hard and seemed like they wanted to pop right out of that suit. My cock started to stand at attention right away in my jeans as she led me inside. There I saw her Great Dane sitting on the floor next to the couch that seemed to be asleep. I looked around and inquired what was broken. Her response was, "nothing is broken". She said this as she untied the strings on her top allowing it to fall to the floor. Her breasts were perfect and tan due to her topless sun bathing at her pool. I just stood and stared, she was so beautiful. My cock was now a raging hard on and desperately wanted to be released and put inside this young angel. "But you said you wanted me to fix something?" I said. As she sat in the chair next to the couch she leaned back and pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and exposed her freshly shaved pussy that glistened with wetness due to her excitement. "No baby" she whispered. "I said I needed you to fixed something...this. Fix it with your tongue and remember, if you don't I'll tell your wife what happened that day." Without a word I got down on my knees. I mean...what else could I do? My tongue parted her lips and instantly found her clit. "Yeessss" she cooed..."just like that" as I flicked my tongue back and forth on her little button. She tasted as sweet as honey and I soon had forgotten that I was help captive to this little bitch and wanted nothing more then to be her sex toy next door. She rocked her hips and grabbed the back of my head pulling me into her pussy tighter. I couldn't get enough of this girl and would have climbed inside of her if I could. I wasn't just eating her pussy, she was fucking my face. Suddenly she cried out. Her head went back and she had an explosive orgasm. "Lick more" she commanded and I followed her wish. My face was drenched with her juices, which must have awaked her dog. She lifted her head to see him at her belly sniffing around. "Jasper is jealous. Let him have some." I sat back and instantly Jasper took my place. His tongue went crazy on her and it seemed as if she enjoyed him more then me. She came again...then again and in between her orgasms announced to me that no one would be fucking her today. "Damn" this disappointment hit me. But I had to do something about that boner I had. I sat on the couch and watch the beast devour the lady and while I watch I removed that monster in my pants and began to stroke it. All the while it seemed as if she would never stop cumming, while she kept saying..."good boy, mommy likes that". Sort of made me jealous. Then it was my turn. I stood above the girl/K-9 action and sprayed three strong jets of my seed all over her flat sexy belly. Jasper diverted her attention to my deposit and cleaned if off her and then returned to her pussy. After getting myself together again I realized I needed to return home. I looked at her and asked, "all fixed?" She opened her dazed eyes from the ecstasy trance she was in and said, "yes, thanks. I haven't been able to get this dog interest in a week. I knew if he was reminded he'd wake up." As I walked to the door to leave she once again said...."remember, you're mine...don't make me tell your wife. When I want're mine." Actually that made me smile because I knew that this could only get better. (Want to hear more? Then give me your feedback.)
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