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I really don't know how to explain it to make it interesting, but nevertheless it's a true story. My friend was heading out of town for some family crap and asked me to watch the house for a few days. I've known the guy since 4th grade... We go back. Anyways he's got a German Shep. mix whom I've know for some time as well. He's 5 right now and I've know him since he was a puppy. I've always loved that dog. Anyways I was in his living room watching a movie and Casey was sitting in my lap just being himself. Then he just kinda got up and started sniffing about. Now he's done it before, but in the interest of not looking like a perv. I'd shove him away real quick. but this time it was just different. I let him keep sniffing, then he started going crazy around my crotch. Not for nothing but it freaked me out a little. He just kept licking and sniffing though. Now I don't know what was going through my head, but I just unzipped my pants a little and let him go at me. I was erect by then and felt really bad about it, and as such, couldn't let him go on, shoved him away as usual and... He got the point. Later on that day though I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I went over and started petting him and sure enough he tried for it again. This time, I chocked it down and let him try it. The best thing I've ever felt. I'm sinlge and haven't had a girlfriend since my senior year in high school, needless to say I've never actually done anything before so this was very interesting for me. As he kept licking I just couldn't help myself and touched his sheath a little. I've never seen such a look in his eyes before. Happiest dog I've ever seen. I ended up playing around with him for a while and inevitably ended up with me letting myself go over him. I felt really guilty as hell about it and when My friend came back he asked me how things went, as soon as he walked in. Noticing Casey right by my side he asked if we had ''fun''. Scared the hell outta me, but I'm sure he had a clue as to what may have happened. He told me how happy Casey got whenever I went down there for a party or whatnot. I ended up telling him, and he was so accepting. He told me that it was fine and there was no problem with it, but I still feel a little wrong about it in the depths of my mind. I've come to terms with what happened though and have since had the same ''experience'' several more times.
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