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I am going to buy a dog….someday soon. I don’t know what breed, yet. But he will be an unnuetered male of respectable size. He will be young, and smart and handsome….and horny! And you know why! So, for the time being, I’ just “window shopping”. I go went to pet stores and pounds. Then, about a month ago, having brought my potential breed down to a “short list’, I started checking out the kennels in the area. At one little place south of the city, out in the hills, where they advertised purebred Dobermans (“good natured and well behaved”), to my delight, I discovered the unexpected. There were no cars parked in the little, dusty gravel parking lot when I pulled in. And, when I went inside there was no one in the tiny, dark combination front-desk/waiting room. I rang the little bell and waited. Nobody came. I rang it louder and waited a bit more. Still nobody came. Seeing that the door between the messy little office and what had to be the kennels was opened a crack, I decided to go back and see if I could find someone (there was no sign saying not to). As I opened the door the musky strong scent of dogs filled my nostrils (and, consequently, made my clitty tingle). Not wanting to get the animals excited, I moved very slowly and quietly into the semi-darkness. As my eyes adjusted I could make out a line of big fenced cages with some fine, muscular pups in each. Quietly I called out, “Any body home?”. But there were no response, so I slowly tiptoed my way down that hall, quietly working my way to the end. Then, in the very end cage, I saw the back of a small girl. She was squatting next to a really big Doby and they were both wiggling all over. As I sneaked in closer I could see that her knees were spread wide and she had one hand under that dog and the other at her own crotch. I couldn’t stop my excitement from expressing itself, even though I covered my mouth, I could hear my own hoarse whisper saying, “Holy Shit”! But, if she heard me at all, she ignored it. I tiptoed closer and could see the dog humping into her hand! And I could tell that she was fingering herself at the same time!This time I couldn’t stifle my delight. “OH MIII GAWD”, I gasped.She stood, turned, yanked her hand out of her shorts and turned deep, bright red. To make a long story short, when she started trying to lie her way out of it, I just smiled and said, “Honey, I love dogs, too. I love dogs the same way you love dogs”, then gave her a big smile and a wink. Well, needless to say, that turned out to be a very wonderful day. But this story in not about that. This story is her story. For those of you who have to have a visual image, she is tiny, maybe 5’2”. Her eyes are hazel and her hair, cut in a short bob, is auburn. She has a tiny turned up nose that makes her look really cute. As to her figure…if you must know…I would say she is about 32AA, 22, 33. I have tried, as best I am able to write it in exactly the way she told it. I know this may make it a bit difficult to read, but I hope give to you the thrills it gave to me.------------------------------- Bernadette’s Tale ----------------------------------------I was a boney, white, straggly haired brunette girl, growing up in the barrio. My mom worked two jobs and I didn’t have no dad. I had to grow up tough and fast, ‘cause a white chick in the ‘hood better. So I got like street smart fast!By when I dropped out of high school I already fucked by more than 20 guys. And like they were all like the same. All big talk and no action. Most of them were hung like bugs and none of them could put out for more than like a couple a minutes. They were so bad I didn’t even cum. Then was that night at Rico’s crib.It was me and Rico and two other girls, Maria and Rosa. Rosa was younger than me…and even skinnier. She had the fullest lips I ever saw (I think her father must of been black), and she had the biggest dark almond eyes. Maria must of been part Irish. She was about 20, with pretty light skin, and a tiny nose and like the strangest, prettiest, green-gray eyes. We were all stoned out of our skull and Rico orders that I suck him off and the other girls get it on with each other. Sucking Rico off didn’t bother me none; I did it lots of times. But seeing two girls get it on with each other….I mean, like just thinking about it made my cunt hot!. So, like I’m on the floor on my knees and Rico is, like, laying on his back on the floor and I’m like sucking in his skinny brown dick and Maria’s on the couch on her back and Rosa’s on top of her and their doing 69! And, fuck, they were going at each others cunts like wild! Ya know, like they were squirting honey. I couldn’t hardly take my eyes off them and Rico was lovin’ it, ‘cause, I guess, seeing those two made me really hot, so I was like really, really sucking him. It was extreme! You should a been there! Those two bitches were making all kinds a sexy noise. They were really lovin’ eating pussy. I mean, I never saw anyone love sex like that! They were bucking, and pumping and slurping and moaning and whimpering…just all kinds a things! Then Rico reachs up and grabs Maria, real hard on her arm and says, “Now! Now, bitch! Now”!Maria makes like this real loud whining sound, like she couldn’t stand to stop, but Rico hurts her, ‘cause she screams, then she has to fight , you know, like grabbing Rosa’s hair and all, just to get the bitch out of her cunt. And Rosa ain’t going to stop. I mean, like, even with her hair pulled and all, she keeps pushing and licking and all. And like she keeps whining like “No! No! Please! Please!” and all! Then Maria pushes the bitch off and gets away from her and like leaves the room.Then like Rosa tries to go with her and Rico tells the bitch, “Get your ass back here and show us you putting that beer bottle in your cunt”! And Rosa comes back like she was told and all. And she set on the couch and spreads her skinny legs real wide and like puts her heels on the couch and makes her knees wide apart and she looks at us and all and she fingers her pinky-purple cunt lips and all. And she picks up this old beer bottle off the floor. And she’s like looking at her pussy real close and pushing the bottle in real slow like. And she’s like flicking her clit with some fingers and moaning and stuff. And she’s like really getting into it and all. And she’s like pushing it in more and doing her clit fast and moaning and moaning and she like leans back and closes her eyes and all. And she like closes her eyes and is like shaking all over and pulling it out, like just a little bit and then like pushing it back in and little bit. And she’s like doing it more and fast and all. I mean, like the bitch is really fucking cunt with that bottle and all. And the slut is loving it! Like she’s going faster and deeper and all. And she’s like fucking it back, like, you know. Likes pushing her cunt into the bottle! And she’s like squealing and fucking and doing her clit and like shaking all over! And like I’m really into her, you know, like getting fucking crazy-hot! And like I’m doing my clit with one hand and all. And Rico grabs my hair with like both hands and Rico yells, “Suck my cock, you fucking bitch”! And like he shoves my head down hard, so like I’m really sucking him now and like my other hand is doing my cunt, like making it feel so fucking good. And I’m sucking him and watching Rosa and like its so fucking hot! And can like even smell her, and all. I mean, like, the bitch is oozing all over the bottle and I can smell it and all. Hot! So fucking hot! Then like I feel these other fingers on my cunt and their all soft and light and like, you know, like they really know how to do it! And I think its Maria, so like I try to see and Rico like grabs my head with like both hands and holds my head like real hard, you know. And then likes fucks my face. Then like I feel tongue doing my cunt and its like extreme! I mean like so fucking hot! And its Maria and she’s like licking my cunt and sucking real hard on my lips and like flicking her tongue on my clit and sucking on it really hard and like nibbling on my lips and biting and stuff. And I’m like going crazy! I mean like my whole body feel like fucking fires all inside everywhere and like lightning and like caps going off, like all over inside! And Rosa’s screaming like real loud and she’s like ramming the bottle real deep and hard and fast and all. And she’s like looking right as us all crazy like. And screaming like “Do her! Fuck Yeah! Do her!” And then like I feel this other tongue! And its super hot and like rough, but not rough. Like, you know, like made a rough rubber or something, but its like soft, too. And it like feels wild!!! It’s like really long and like really hot and its like licking my clit and my cunt and my asshole, like all over, real fast and hungry like. And it’s the fucking BEST! And I’m like tripping! I’m like a whole lot of fires and bombs and like lightning inside and like so fucking hot I’m going a melt! And like crazy! Like a riot inside! Like a fucking crazy riot! And like I can’t control it no more!And Rosa’s saying like, “Jack him off! Jack him off! Fucking Do Him!” and like I think she means me and then like I feel this big, hot hairy animal jump on my back. And the bastard scratches my hips with claws and I mean like I scream. And Rico grabs my hair real hard so I can’t move and he likes start fucking my face real slow and saying like, “yeah. Do the bitch!” and things like that, like real deep and growling like, you know. And I feel this heavy, hairy thing pushing down on my back, like by my ass, real fast and real hard. And its like bouncing all over the place and like stepping on my legs and things, but Rico don’t let me go.And then I feel this hot, wet, pointing thing. And its poking at my ass and at my cunt. And like its poking real hard and like real fast, too. Then its like poking right at my hole! Then it goes in! Oh, miiii gawd! It was EXTREME!! I mean, like it was real Hot! Like real Hot! And it was like real thick, too. And it fucked into me like real, real hard and real, real fast! I mean like it was pounding me like those jack-hammer things the city-fucks use. And like Oooh Miiii Gaaahd! Like Ooooh Miiiii Gaaahd! Like I’m screaming!Like screaming so loud, like ‘cause its sooooo fucking extreme!!!!And like Rico’s yelling like, “Fuck her! Fuck her!” and Rosa’s like fucking the bottle crazy and wild and kicking and screaming like, Bitch! Bitch! Fuck that Bitch” and Maria’s like behind me and all and she’s like screaming, “Dog! Dog! Fuck that Dog! Fuck that Dog!”. And I’m like crazy! And I ex-fucking-splode! Like every fucking place. Like flashing lights! Like real Bright! And like inside I like just explode. I mean like lightning bolts and like my cunt is like a volcano exploding and all.And like Rico’s not there and nobody’s there. Just nobody. Just like me and this fuck! Like the most extreme Fuck! And I like keep exploding! And I hear like screams real loud and its like me screaming. I mean its me, but it ain’t. And its like purple and black everywhere and like spinning around everywhere and these super bight lights are like exploding everywhere. And I can’t breath, and I can’t my skin stings, like hot tingle kind a stings, like all over. And its like cunt is the only thing and like cock is the only thing. It’s like my whole bod turned into just a cunt, with like the best cock in forever fucking it!!! So fucking hot and so fucking deep!And like I’m blacking out and its all like dark purple and stinging like all inside. And I feel like this hot spray way up in my cunt. Like its so hot and like there gallons of it! And like its filling my guts! And it feels like…like, like, like I don’t know…like I died and went to Heaven! Like Heaven! I mean I feel like I’m being blessed, you know, like with hot holy oil only way up in my cunt. And I feel like floating. You know, like I turned into like this soft, warm cloud. And like I feel, like the holy oil is making me melt all inside and like all of me is melting. And like there’s like soft, purple-pink like light all over and then I float away.And its like the next morning now. And I’m like laying on the floor all kind a curled up. And Maria and Rosa are like laying on the couch sleeping and hugging and like the look like their smiling and all. And there faces are all wet, like greasy, you know. And Rico is just gone. Like just gone. And like I crawl around, and like start trying to remember and all. And then like I know I fucked a dog. And I’m like kind a dizzy in my brain from like just thinking about it. But I’m like smiling real big, ‘cause it was the Best!
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