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Dee Abused - Part 1 by Paul --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dee Abused - Part 1It had been a strange sort of night. A mysterious phone call had sent Dee on a late night errand to see a woman who had enquired about what sort of education Dee could provide for this woman's company. She had met Sam at a seminar and had told her about her outside consultancy. Sam had said that she would be interested and would be calling her in a few days time. Dee had forgotten all about it when the call came through to say that she would like to meet to discuss her needs.Dee arrived at the address she had been given to be met at the door by Sam. Sam was a stunning brunette, mid 20's with shapely legs and full breasts that were straining at her sweater. This was in contrast to Dee who was petite and blonde and looking good for her 37 years; her breasts and ass were the sort you wanted to bury your face in.She invited Dee inside and over a bottle of wine they had talked about her company and it had been a very pleasant evening indeed. Dee realised that she had drunk far too much to be able to drive home and had gratefully accepted Sam's offer of a bed for the night.As Dee climbed into bed there was a knock at the door and Sam came in. Sam sat on the end of the bed and began to talk, Dee seemed to accept that the conversation still had some way to go and thought nothing of it when Sam came and lay beside her. As they talked Dee was aware that Sam's hand had slid under the bedclothes and was beginning to stroke the top of her thighs.To Dee's surprise she found that it wasn't unwelcome and began to relax as Sam's fingers found her now moist vagina and began to rotate around her clitoris. Dee started to breathe a little deeper as those same fingers slid easily into her cunt and began to fuck her gently. With a deft move the bedclothes were pulled back and Sam began to suck hungrily on Dee's nipples all the while increasing the urgency of her fingers inside Dee's cunt.Dee loved it as Sam bent down to her pussy, pulled her lips apart and started to lick Dee's clitoris, nipping the tiny bud between her teeth. Dee told Sam to get naked and soon two nude bodies were writhing around on the bed together.After what seemed like an eternity, Sam stood up and reached into a bedside drawer and took out a strap-on dildo. She quickly attached it to herself and smeared jelly all down its length. Positioning herself in front of Dee she opened Dee's legs and stretched her legs apart until her cunt was gaping open and slowly inserted the dildo all the way inside Dee's pussy. Dee felt that rubber dick plunging in and out of her cunt and it felt wonderful and it was one hell of a fucking. Her back arched and she knew she was going to orgasm and she let out a piercing scream as she came.As Dee was subsiding from her orgasm the door opened and in walked a statuesque black girl clad from head to toe in black rubber."On your feet bitch." With that Dee was yanked to her feet and her hands were tied roughly behind her back and a gag inserted into her mouth."We're going to have some fun with you my pretty thing."Dee was then lead down some stairs, still naked, and into what looked like a dungeon. Dee was then strapped down to a table with leg stirrups at one end and her legs were hoisted into them with her legs wide apart and her cunt lips gaping wide open."You have a lovely cunt and we're going to play with it!"The black girl began to fondle Dee's pussy lips with a gloved hand and slowly inserted two fingers into her gaping cunt."My, but aren't you wet in here? You are going to get even wetter."With that she sat astride Dee and pulled open her crotch piece displaying her black fanny and a stream of golden piss rained down all over Dee's cunt. Having finished pissing on her she produced a double headed dildo and slowly inserted one end inside her own cunt and eased the other end inside Dee's cunt. Sam had then inserted a thin rubber tube over a funnel and inserted the other end of the tube into Dee's arse. Holding up the funnel she then began to pour liquid into the funnel. The liquid bubbled into Dee's arse giving her a very powerful enema."God that looks good, both holes are now occupied!"The combination of the enema and the dildo in her cunt was more than Dee could bear and she felt herself cumming for a second time. The black girl withdrew and Dee began to subside when into the room came a large Alsation dog. He knew exactly what to do and placing his head between Dee's legs and began to lick her cunt with his rough tongue. At the same time Sam had begun to rub the dog's knob in her hands and very soon he had a raging hard-on.The girls lifted the dog onto the table and Sam took his cock in her hands and began to put it inside Dee's cunt. The dog didn't need any coaxing and plunged his prick inside Dee all the way up to the hilt! He was soon shagging the life out of Dee, who had originally been repulsed at the idea, but was now really enjoying this monster of a prick inside her cunt. The dog bucked his hips and the girls watched as the knot at the base of his cock disappeared into Dee's cunt, stretching her pussy lips to the limit. Dee felt that monster cock spreading her vagina to the limit; she had never known a shagging like it and it felt good as she realised the dog was spurting his spunk deep inside her, jetting against the sides of her vaginal walls. She was cumming too and as she started to orgasm realised that the black girl had eased her fanny over Dee's mouth, spreading her lips with her fingers so that Dee could get her tongue right inside her cunt!Dee loved the feeling of the black girl's clit on her tongue, the way it responded as she bit it and nipped it between her teeth and her pussy juices flowing into her mouth. Dee desperately wanted to rim the black girl's anus and see what it was like to have her tongue up another woman's arse as she loved it so much herself! Her tongue flickered around her anus and little by little that puckered hole began to open and she could insert her tongue inside."Oh God your tongue up my arse feels sooo good," she murmured. "Lick me some more you filthy arse licking whore!"Dee rimmed her for all she was worth as her hands were desperate to feel the wetness of the black girl's cunt."Fuck me, fuck me, I'm cumming." With that her orgasm came and as she came she let fly another stream of golden piss all over Dee's cunt."Let me have her," said Sam as the black girl climbed off Dee. "I want some of her gorgeous pussy and her body."Sam produced a pair of nipple clamps and proceeded to pinch Dee's nipples between her fingers until they were standing proud and erect."Feel these on your tits darling," she whispered in Dee's ear as she deftly attached the clamps to her nipples. "Tell me you just love being abused and fucked by a woman."Dee was loving it but couldn't respond as the gag was still in her mouth. Sam then proceeded to grease Dee's arse with jelly."This long metal pole is going right up your arse and you're going to love every fucking inch of it!"Dee felt her anus being distended as the pole slid up her rectum until it filled every inch of her back passage; it was deliciously excruciating."However before I taste you myself we have a special surprise for you."The black girl opened another door at the back of the room and led in a large male Orang-utan. Seeing Dee strapped to the table he ambled over and began to explore her pussy with his fingers, putting them inside her vagina, then licking her pussy juices off his fingers. This obviously excited him and he lowered his face to Dee's cunt and began to lick her it. At first he was just licking the lips of her cunt and sucking her clit but then Dee felt his long tongue begin to lick inside her vagina, tentatively at first but then she felt long confident thrusts of his tongue deep inside her cunt. It was absolute bliss as that tongue was shafting her towards seventh heaven."I think she likes the ape's tongue up her twat. Look how she's arching her back to get more of it inside her cunt. I wonder if she's also going to like the ape's knob inside her arse?"With that Sam restrained the ape while the black girl turned Dee into the doggy position. She lubricated her finger and greased Dee's anus as far as she could get her finger up her. Dee glanced behind her to see the ape with a raging hard-on getting up behind her. He gripped her hips and she could feel his cock probing her arsehole at first just nudging her anus open then thrusting right up her rectum."Come on Samson, fuck her arse good and hard and squirt your spunk right up her back passage."The ape didn't need any urging and was shagging Dee for all he was worth, in and out; Dee's arse gripping his bulging knob. She could feel herself coming and one of the girls was frigging her clit at the same time. The dog was still in the room and she could see Sam wanking his prick."Lick and suck his cock you whore!"The dog was positioned in front of Dee's face and Sam guided the dog's knob into her mouth and she was soon sucking that cock with obvious enthusiasm. The dog began to shake and Dee knew that he was going to cum and she was desperate for it to be in her mouth. The dog bucked and shot his spunk into Dee's mouth.The ape, meanwhile, was rogering Dee's arse and she was in seventh heaven as his knob was splitting her anus he gripped her hard and he too jetted his spunk deep inside her arse. She could feel it splashing the sides of her anus, his cock grew limp and it withdrew from her arse. Dee was converted to sex with animals, particularly if they had a large cock.Paul - email if you'd like the next part with the snake! -This story is part of White Shadow's Nasty Stories. You may also want to visit:Sexy Top 100 Stories Erotic Top 100 Story Sites
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