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Hi, I am an infrequent newcommer to this site, I recieved a message from another Australian, seems like a nice friendly guy, his name is Jay.He asked me if I had any experiences with animals, I was about to reply never when I remembered an associated experience some years back which I have kept as a sort of secret until now, after reading my response to Jay I thought maybe others might be interested in reading it, here it is.Hi Jay, I'm a little like you, my partner doesn't know I visit sites like this, I only found it by accident, I don't frequent it in fact the only reason I returned was the message I got by email announcing your new message.No I have never been involved with animals and I very much doubt I would either. My only closest experience was some years ago when we, my husband and I , had a cross border collie dog that used to jump up and go through the motions, in fact it became embarrassing and a real nuisance. There was an old bloke, about 60 ish, Bob was his name, he lived about 4 doors down from us and he was at our home on one of his many unannounced visits one day and the dog started jumping on me, he laughed and said I should pull the dog off and that would fix him for awhile and he offered to do it for me. I remember I thought he was joking and told him to do what he liked, he took the dog into the garage and after a few minutes came back and said he should be fine now, I didn't know if he was joking or not but the strange thing was the dog stopped jumping on me. I have never told anyone about this, not even my husband, I don't know why I kept it a secret, embarrassed I guess. Bob often called over after that and used to grin and ask is the dog behaving and I used to go a little red and say yes thanks.Then after about a month I think, the dog started to jump on me again and I let it go for quite a while and then I was getting fed up with it one day and Bob called in, I said to Bob it might be time he did his trick with the dog.Hey, it's good to tell someone about this.Well, Bob said to me that I should learn to do it myself, no way was I going to touch that thing and I told Bob to forget about it and don't worry. I remenber I was quite annoyed with him for saying that. then after a couple of weeks of putting up with the damded dog jumping on me Bob turned up again on one of his time waiting visits and I asked him to please fix the dog and to my horror Bob said he would if I would do the same to him.I must have been in a strange mood that day and said Ok whatever, Bob took the dog into the garage and after a couple of minutes the dog came out and Bob called for me to go in, to this day I don't know how or why but I went in to the garage and Bob was standing there grinning with his penis out, full erection and he said it was my turn now, I remember saying don't be silly and him saying please it won't take a minute and I turned my head away from him amd reached out and took him and he seemed to come, all over my arm, within a few pulls.I must admit I felt somewhat disscusted but also somewhat aroused by what happend and it became sort of a regular thing for a while, then I think Bob had to go for tests at the hospital and moved into a home shortly after and I have not seen or heard of him since. God, this is a bit drawn out isn't it, sorry but I have really enjoyed telling you about this and in fact I think I might submit it to the forum.Bye for now
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