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My fantasy(believe it or not) is to be a slave to horses. I would be told by the horses to appreciate their butts and nothing else. I would eat and drink nothing but their manure and piss every day while in the meantime laying around in piles of their dung or spending time in the ass cheeks of stallions, kissing and licking out their holes. I would only be allowed to have anal sex with the stallions every once and a while but not with the mares, since the stallions perfer to have the mares for themselves. The mares would be allowed by the stallions to piss on me though. Call me crazy, but this is my fantasy. I know the majority find girls sucking on horse penises arousing, but I find it awfully repetitive and boring since there's so many of those around! Don't get me wrong though, I find girls to be sexually attractive as well and had my first kiss not to long ago(^__^)but I always found stallions more attractive. I actually got to do that for awhile. I had this horse that no one paid attention to, so the owner let me take care of him and brush him sometimes. I managed to watch him poop a few times and even licked out his anus!-horseluvva
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