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In the last year my life has changed in so many ways I canít count. One year ago my life was a picture of Middle America. I had my kids my husband and my normal life. Since then my life has been turned inside out. It all started almost a year and a half ago. Like every family like ours we are on the net. We do the norm, pay our bills, play some games and help the kids with their homework. We had seen porn on the net but we didnít really go there. We just werenít like that. Or so I thought. One night I woke up and my husband had gotten up. I went down stairs to find him on the computer. I peered into the room lit only by the screen. It took me awhile for my eyes to adjust to the light. I was amazed at what I saw. The screen was filled with the image of a woman being ravaged by a large black dog. I was grossed out. My husband, Rick, had this big smile on his face. He was glowing in the light of the screen. I walked in and asked him what he was doing. He explained that he had been told about a wed site by one of his coworkers. I was mad that he felt he had to come down here in the middle of the night and look at this crap. I thought it was animal abuse to make a dog do that to a woman. His response was that it didnít look like the dog minded. But he could tell I didnít like it. Several more times in the coming months I found pieces of his new found fantasy. A forgotten cookie here, undeleted histories mark there. I even found a story he had written. It was well written, but I still didnít like the context. Then the worst day of my life came. The sheriff came to the door and said Rick had been in an accident. My heart dropped. I said, ďheís alright isnít he!Ē He slowly shook his head. I balled for days. My love was gone. After the funeral I pushed myself though my existence. After that summer the kids went back to school and I was really alone. Rickís black lab barked all the time. I suppose he missed the kids and Rick. He was Rickís best friend. They did everything together. He always rode in Rickís truck and was never far from his side. I felt bad for him. I felt like we maybe felt the same loss. Finally one day I started to let him in the house. I was lonely and so was he. Rick never had him in the house. He would spend his days at my feet, following me around the house. I liked him being there. Now he was my best friend. We went on long walks together and spent literally every waking minute together. Before Rick died I didnít even really like dogs. But now this massive hundred pound lab named Luke would curl up on my lap on the couch with me when I read a book. One day about a month ago was getting ready to go shopping. The kids had left for school and I trying to make my self up. I had realized that in the last few months I had started to not make myself up as much. So I got out of the shower, put a towel on and sat and did my makeup. Luke sat beside me with his head turned sideways looking at me like what are you doing that for. I laughed and patted him on the head. I went to my room to get my earrings form the nightstand by my bed. As I reached for them one fell and rolled under the bed. I cussed and got down to look for it. I thought I saw it far under bed. Our bedroom has hardwood floors with though rugs around the room. I was down on all fours stretching under to get the earring when it happened. Luke was behind me and I guess bent over like that my bottom was fully exposed. I felt his tongue rake across my lips. I pushed myself up only to crack my head into the box spring. Luke was all over me he was lapping at me like he was starved. The thought of the woman with the black dog flashed into my mind. I could feel myself getting excited. I shook my head as if I was trying to pull myself from a dream. I though ďthis canít be happeningĒ. Luke had always sniffed at my crotch but I never knew he wanted this. My body was getting really hot while my mind trying to make sense of this. I wanted to get out of there but it had been so long since I had been touched. It felt so good yet I felt it was so bad. I thought about that look that was on Rickís face that night I had caught him. I knew he would like this. The thought of that alone made me smile. I wiggled my small frame from under the bed. I was starting to pant. God was Luke doing a great job. His tough darted in and out of me so fast I couldnít take it. I was going to cum for him, my new best friend. At that point felt so right. I could just start to feel the waves on their way when he stopped. Not a second later I felt his heavy chest come crashing down on my back. He weighed almost as much as I did. I was only one twenty five too his one hundred. His legs gripped my chest with more strength than I knew he had. I could feel something hot sliding between my checks so I lowered my chest and let him have me. He rammed into me so hard it almost took my breath away. He was huge! His rod flew into me slamming against my cervix. I had never taken something so big. I couldnít see it but it felt two inches wide and ten inches long. What a pace he was pounding me with. I could hardly stay on my hands and knees. He was pushing me around the rug with his massive pounding cock. Finally I got my head up against the bed and pushed back into him. The base of his rod was stretching my lips driving my clit crazy. I was starting what I knew was a huge orgasm when he rammed long and hard into me. It hurt. I bit my lip and pushed back. I felt what seemed like a large ball pass into me. I exploded as the ball passed into me. My aching insides grabbed a hold of him and would not let go. He shook violently in me as he blasted me deeply with a huge spray of his hot seed. It just kept coming and coming. I couldnít take it I screamed in ecstasy. Wave after wave ran though me. It didnít stop. He was filling me so full I felt my stomach blotting out. He slowed and so did I. I was dripping wet. Perspiration covered my body and dripped from my erect nipples. Dog drool ran over shoulder and down my back. I realized that his tool was not coming out of me any time soon. It felt good were it was at. He fit very well. He filled me up, but fit well. His knot was about an inch and a half in me and his shaft pressed into my womb. Slowly he turned around. That hurt, but then we just sat there ass too ass till he had finished filling me. Then he shrunk till he popped from me, sending a river of his cum streaming out of me. He licked me clean like a good boy and laid down to clean him self. I was in love again. Now he has taken Rickís spot in my bed and we are both very happy.By GailHope you like it please rate me
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