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Tina could hardly wait to take King inside of her. Still she was a bit nervous. This was a very large dog and he had a huge cock. Amy had taken him several times and she still screamed when he knotted her. Tina could only imagine what he would do to her.Amy realized she needed to put Tina at ease. She laid Tina on her back and began to softly kiss her. She gently ran her tongue over Tina’s nipples and then as the passion and hunger started to rise again she greedily moved down to Tina’s already moist pussy. Amy remembered their college days well and knew exactly how to bring Tina to a quick climax. Between the atmosphere, the dog, the wine, and having Amy’s tongue probing her pussy and gently tickling her clit, Tina reached climax in no time at all. Tina was soaking wet and her juices were starting to run down her crotch toward her beautiful tight ass. This was exactly what Amy was hoping for. Tina finally started to relax as her body gave way to pleasure.Amy looked over at King in the corner. He was starting to lick the little bit of pink that was starting to peek out from his sheath. He was picking up on the scent of the two girls and starting to react to it. King stood up and approached the girls. Amy was on all fours with her legs slightly spread and King leaned down and gently licked Amy’s still wet pussy. “Not now boy, this time it’s Tina’s turn. Let’s show her what a good lover you are.” King’s cock was starting to slide out of it’s cover more and a little bit of precum was starting to drip from the tip of it. Tina felt her pussy tingling and getting wet. Her apprehension was starting to fade and gave way to anticipation as she waited to have King’s huge cock inside of her.Wanting her friend to experience the full wonderful K9 lovemaking experience Amy instructed Tina to gently take King’s cock and start to rub it back and forth. As she did this Tina saw King’s beautiful cock completely emerge from it’s hiding place and start to swell even more. “Take him in your mouth and suck him, you know how to do it, you’ve had plenty of men”. Tina began to gently run her tongue up and down the shaft of King’s cock. She could feel a warm spray start to moisten her face. “He’s starting to cum Amy!” “Not yet Tina, you’ve got a way to go before he’s ready for that.” Amy encouraged Tina to massage the now enlarged knot. Tina took the knot in one hand and gently massaged it as she continued to lick his cock. She took the tip in her mouth and began to suck him. King let out a small whimper. He was truly enjoying all this attention. “This is kind of like giving a guy a blow job” Tina said to Amy. “It’s similar but the pay off is much larger”. Right at that moment Tina felt King start to move his hips toward her. “He wants to f*** my mouth Amy”. “Then let him” she said, “he’ll have plenty left to finish you off”. Tina continued to suck King’s cock, making sure to take all of it in. King whined a little as he started spraying his cum in Tina’s mouth. As a few drops started to run down her chin Tina swallowed all she could. This was incredible! She was so horny and by now was begging Amy to let her have King. Tina sat up; Amy leaned over and licked the remainder of King’s cum off Tina’s chin. “Okay sweetie, you’ve earned this. Time to see what a real cock feels like”.Amy positioned Tina on the pillows so that she was ready to take in all of King. Amy told Tina to just follow her instructions and she would be in for the ride of her life. Tina could hardly wait. Amy could see a few drops of moisture start to drip from Tina’s beautiful pussy. She knew it was time to properly introduce Tina to the world of K9 love. It didn’t take much coaxing for Amy to position King behind Tina. Before she had a chance to motion him up on Tina’s back he had already risen up and was trying to mount her. Tina could feel something hard poking her. He was poking her thighs, sliding between her lips, across her clit. Then she felt something start to penetrate her asshole. Tina tensed up. “No Amy, not there, I’m not ready for that!” Amy told Tina to relax and gently reached down and started to rub Tina’s clit, telling Tina to just let go and let King take over. Tina started to relax. Just as her heartbeat started to slow down and she could take a deep breath she suddenly felt something hard slide between her lips and into her pussy. Amy had guided King’s cock into Tina and King pushed as hard as he could to get himself completely inside of Tina. Tina started to scream “It hurts Amy, it hurts”. Amy reached down and gently started to massage Tina’s breasts. “Only for a minute sweetie, only for a minute." Just relax and let him take over”. Tina took a couple of deep breaths and started to relax only to feel King start to swell and grow inside of her. She looked into Amy’s face as if to say something but she was speechless. The pain gave way and the pleasure took over. Amy smiled at her friend. She knew exactly how Tina was feeling at that moment. “Enjoy it sweetie, give yourself to him completely”. Tina did exactly that. She felt King starting to thrust his cock deep inside her, faster and harder. She felt his cock swell to the point that it filled her completely. She felt the heat of his tool and joined him in his motions. She moved her hips back and forth to meet him. He had worked himself into a frenzy and ecstasy started to take over Tina’s entire body. Then it happened. Amy had taken hold of King’s knot and helped him push it into Tina’s now stretched hole. Her muscles started to contract as orgasm after orgasm sent her over the edge. That was all it took for King. He sprayed an enormous load of cum into Tina’s pulsing pussy. She felt the hot liquid fill her and his cock reached her sweet spot. Tina had another huge orgasm and tied hard with King.It hurt and she was a bit frightened, not sure what to do. “Just sit still Tina; he’s tied with you deep. This may take a while. After a minute or two King lifted his leg over Tina’s beautiful ass and stood against her, ass to ass, knotted up tightly. Tina almost passed out. She was exhausted from the excitement and all the intense orgasms. She lowered her upper body just enough to relax, making sure that King’s knot stayed deeply planted in her. She had reached a new height of ecstasy. The knot was pressing against her. She felt herself growing weak. She wondered how long she would be like this. She let herself start to drift off into her own little world. It wasn’t until she heard him say “I see Amy has properly introduced you to her new lover” that Tina realized Craig was in the room and had been watching them for quite a while. Tina started to shake and cry with embarrassment. She was humiliated that Craig had caught her with his dog. Seeing her discomfort Craig knew what he had to do. He got on his knees and whispered in her ear, “don’t worry Tina, this will be our little secret, just the four of us. Now that it’s all out in the open just think of the wonderful experiences we can share”. With that Tina’s excitement started to grow again as King’s knot subsided and slipped out. She wondered, just what could the four of them do together? She fell asleep laying on the pillow, surrounded by her new lovers, dreaming of all the possibilities.Lady lay in the corner of the room. There was a smile of sorts of her face. She was excited to watch her friends enjoying themselves and perhaps even a little envious. She knew she would some day join them again, but right now she had other things to think about. For the time being she had a litter of babies growing in her belly and was content just to watch. She felt a slight tingle where the man had touched her. King came over and gently licked her there gently. It wouldn’t be long before she joined them again.
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