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Chewing off too muchVampi hissed: "The stallion has more horse sense than you, Dick!" That, naturally, wasn't the only thing he had more of, but Vampi didn't believe in size. Of course 'Vampi' wasn't Vampi's real name, by the Nemesis of copyright infringement, but in porn biz, you won't get far named Hortensia Smythe-Jones. Of course, Vampi hadn't fangs (she still could do amazing things with her mouth), but she had the same beautiful long black mane and slithe figure like her namesake. And the same bad temper when stupid men tried to get fresh with her.Vampi had a curious mind (one could say she was a bit batty indeed) and didn't give a rats ass about conventions. The latter (and the fact that she was 'born with a plastic spoon in her mouth', like The Who formulated so lucidly) shut her off from a place in the High Society. Had life been more kind to her, with her intelligence she may have been a manager of a big company by now. Well, being the number one star of beasty flick biz was an achievement, too.The Dick mentioned above, on the other hand, was really a dickhead who even didn't have to change his name. He had a little farm, where the flick could be shot 'on location'. He thought himself as God's gift to women, fell for Vampi and couldn't take the insult that Vampi wouldn't fell for him, too.Member number three of this greek tragedy was the stallion. He was a horse (like duh) named Huey. Dick had raised him since he was a foal, and he was trained to the company of humans. A real Hueyhrhnhm, like Vampi pointed out. (Yep, she had also the same penchant for lousy puns like her namesake.)"Action!" Dick set the camera for a close up. Today I get my revenge, bitch, Dick thought. Vampi meanwhile was sucking on the stallions enormous member, which was hanging limply from the horse belly. Vampi's treatment would have given any human a boner that could impale a vampire, but horse sexuality was a bit different. Vampi knew. I knew that you know, Dick thought with sardonic satisfaction, but do you know THIS? "Get a bit deeper", Dick requested. Vampi did, and while she was occupied looking in another direction, Dick uncorked a flask and held it under Hueys nose. It was the concentrated smell of a mare in heat. The effect only took seconds. Hueys penis swelled enormously. Vampi wondered why Huey was getting so unruly and why she had to open her mouth wider, and as she realized what happened, it was too late. The glans of Hueys dick had inflated so much that she couldn't get it out of her mouth anymore. She desparately moved her head back and forth, but the only effect was that Huey got really aroused now. The stud bucked and pushed his organ deeply into her mouth. Vampi nearly suffocated as the giant erection penetrated into her throat. Her cries for help ended as a gargle. Then Huey came. A big gush of cum flooded Vampi's throat much faster than she could swallow. She literally drowned in cum. Then she fell unconscious.WILL VAMPI SURVIVE?WILL HARRIS SUE MY ASS OFF?WILL I EVER GET A LIFE? THEN I TELL!
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