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I am writing this fantasy because my soon-to-be partner in my k9 fantasies is out of town. A girl's gotta have some outlet for her fantasies, right? I have been dreaming of meeting a man who can fulfill my needs without judgement. Perhaps I have found him. Together, we will have found the perfect animal for me to share my (and perhaps his) lusts together. Yummy. I can see myself making the long drive to see him, all the while my fantasies running through my head. Deep within my belly, my uterus quivers at the thought of being bred throughly and repetitiously. I can imagine my pets cum being squirted deep within me, traveling into my uterus, my fallopian tubes and my ovaries--searching desperately for eggs to fertilize (yummy, again). I imagine myself being fucked silly in his living room. Closing my eyes, I can almost feel the carpet beneath my knees as I bare my ass and pussy to receive the abuse that the dog will grant me. Keeping my eyes closed, this is what I see: The dog is gorgeous. A golden retriever with a glorious coat, a firm body, perfect gait and soulful eyes. The moment I see him, I feel my uterus jump with excitement and my pussy starts to become very wet--completely ready to receive his seed. I am curious as to whether he will accept me as his dog-slut or if he will turn me down----am I good enough for him, I ask myself. My eyes meet his and his tongue drops out of his mouth, panting in the exhaustion of the midday. I follow his coat, in course with its growth, watching as the golden tips of hair wisp up into soft peaks on his sides and legs. I cannot help but glance at this sheath, penis clad in skin and fur, which bobs with his panting and I have to hold back droplets of saliva which have rushed forth unabashedly. I yearn to see the sacks that hold the seed that will fertilize my eggs. My focus shifts--as I am appearing in company with a male other than the k9 I am so focused on--I don't care who is there...Please, puppy, mate with me.I walk from the door towards him, peaceful in his demeanor--watching happily and unaware of what awaits him. I pull my t-shirt off, unbutton my bra and allow my 36D breasts to bounce freely in the air. I unbutton my pants and slide them off as I reach the couch. Standing close to the furniture, panties awaiting removal, I chose the spot to offer myself to him. I lay a towel down and move the couch pillows closer to the spot. I call my mate. He looks confused as he has seen few females undressing. I pull my panties off and toss them into the pile of clothes at the other end of the couch. Most often I would stay for a good bath from his tongue, but the long drive has fueled my fire from deep within and I am ready to be fucked the minute he expresses interest. I spread my legs to allow him access to my shaven pussy which he curiously asserts himself by sniffing and then patiently licking. My vaginal muscles contract and I moan deeply...he better hurry and get aroused or I am going to leave the world of reality without him. His tongue is demanding and I do not care if he is aroused, I drop down onto all fours, part my legs a good distance and lean my front half down--leaving my ass and pussy for all to see. Obviously, I have thrown him off by doing this, but my male partner is there to help me whenever I need it. He guides the dog to my pussy and the dog is immediate to start his licking again. My partner explains that my mate is showing pink (which nearly sends me over the edge) and he assumes he will be ready any moment. With that, my partner reaches below my mate and softly encourages his penis to show by jacking him slowly. My mate is aroused, I know it, as I can feel his precum hitting the back of my legs and thighs. I raise the front half of my body up and wiggle my ass---an offer I hope he won't resist. He brings his back legs closer to me and pushes his way on top of my back. My uterus is pulsing with anticipation seeming to cue my ovaries with "it's almost time!!" The most lovely feeling is when his hot cock is trying to push into me, but missing and squirting precum all over my ass and pussy. I can feel it trickling down my thighs. Finally, my partner helps him find my pussy and he makes an effort to push into me. I try to relax my vaginal muscles until he finds me--I wouldn't want to resist his tempting cock. He hits the lips of my pussy. With another hump, he has grazed my hymen and with a final hump, tears my hymen and enters deep into my cunt. Oh, it feels so good to have something in my vagina. He picks up speed and spews forth the most enormous amount of precum. I am glad that he as accepted my offer, I'm sure he's happy. His hard cock is now pulsing and running itself all over the soft, sensitive walls of my cunt. I can feel a knot growing at the base of his penis. I beg my partner to let the dog fuck me properly and knot with me. Soon, his knot is pressing against my entrance and I push my pussy back onto him, forcing the knot inside of my pussy...I moan loudly and bury my head deep into my partners shoulder and give in to the most explosive orgasm I've ever had. The more contractions my cunt has, the more precum the dog shoots. Soon, I am meeting each hump with a thrust and I am ready to take his seed. I hear a deep groan from my mate and his penis gets VERY hard, the knot ties even harder with me and he shoots his hot, wet seed deep inside of my belly. My uterus has been waiting for weeks to receive his seed which sends me into uncontrollable orgasms. I start out by moaning, but the more he shoots, the more frequent and powerful my orgasms. I am moaning, grunting, vocalizing and the last orgasm I have before his knot lapses from my cunt is met with a scream as I tumble into the lap of my partner, out of breath and well bred. My partner and I lay there for a moment before I can completely speak about my experience. However, I'm sure "Wow" just doesn't cut it. I am filled with many emotions as I contemplate my mate's seed leaking from my womb. I close my eyes to clear my head and drift into a deep sleep, head resting on the leg of my partner. When I awake, I hear happy barking and look to see my mate fetching a ball and my partner laughing as he throws a different ball in another direction. I brush my hair back and pull my jeans and shirt on, leaving my panties and bra there (who needs those?) Upon joining them, I am greeted by human and canine. My partner hands me a ball and we take turns throwing the toy for our canine. I watch as he bounds across the yard and immedately his bouncing sheath catches my attention. My partner sees my daze and accuses me of desires I am truthfully experiencing...I deny his accusations to which he scoffs. He laughs and about 5 minutes pass...all the while, my attention still looking at the treasure I could have any time I wanted. I look at my partner, a sassy idea in mind, and give him the "come here" action with 1 finger. He leans down (as he is taller than I am) and I whisper very slowly and sexily into his ear "I wanna fuck your dog". As my face is near his head, I watch as a grin forms across his face. He knows that I am quite aroused when he takes control and without flinching, turns his head to my ear and says "not unless you obey my rules". With that, he raises a hand and gently encircles one of my nipples that has been standing at attention since the moment I joined him. He gives me a gracious smile and a wink. I turn to walk toward the house as he calls the dog in. I do not bother removing my clothes because my partner may not desire it. I sit down on the couch. Both of my men walk in and I am told to remove my clothes (well, who is ever right 100% of the time!) and I do so while watching my partner. I remove my jeans first and slowly raise my t-shirt to give both men ample time to see my breasts before I remove my shirt completely and they bounce. I stand completely naked before them both. I am instructed to get on my knees and obey. As I am on my knees, both men are watching me. I am silent. I am told to lay on my back with pillows to prop me up at a comfortable position. I do so. My partner brings my mate to stand over me--his face above my face. I am instructed not to move a muscle except to swallow, blink, etc. My partner reaches below my mate and takes his sheath in his hand. I watch my mates pink doggie cock float freely out of his sheath as my partner begins to arouse him. My mates mouth drops open and he pants, truely enjoying this gift. Soon, my mate begins to lose droplets of precum which are falling onto my stomach. My mate, then, starts humping and his precum is shooting me in the face. I instinctively turn my head to keep it from running into my nose and my partner rages. I move my head back, apologizing. My mate shoots and shoots and shoots...he is humping outrageously fast and more and more is hitting me, running down my neck and into my hair. He slows as my partner grasps him behind his knot and massages. He pulls down hard, seemingly hurting my mate, and forces him into a crouching position and tells me to lick it. He threatens to bite my nipples if I make my mate yelp. I start slowly, needing to set boundaries to this first time experience, running my tongue from the base of his knot to the middle and finally to the top. Strangely, the dog is more sighing than anything else. I lap gently on the tip of his cock. Slowly, his erection slips back into his sheath. My partner tells me I have done well and have earned his permission to fuck his dog. Yummy.Hey everyone, let me know how you liked it. I'm new and need some criticism. Let me know if I need to add something, remove something, stay away from something, if i have a detail wrong, etc. Thanks so much, Sami
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