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In the darkness and the shadow, Kern moved swiftly. He could not be caught, his people were not welcome. The long black robe covered his true body as his fox like head turned, ears twitching slightly. The Chiang Shih had especially keen hearing, and Kern was no exception to his race. He could hear the thud of three equine troops approximately three kilometers away. They were of no concern to him; Kern turned his head and listened hard. His ears quivered as he picked up a sound of soft padded footsteps and the swishing of a long tail, low amount of fur. Feline Kern told himself, not more than ¾ of a meter distant. Approximately ¼ of a mile away and 50 meters almost directly above him, Kern heard the sounds of slow, tender love making. He could not discern the two species locked in sexual passion, but he could tell that they were new partners by the slow thrusts, the gentle kisses, the prolonged rubbing of the other’s body which traditionally accompanied exploring a lover’s body for the first time. Kern pulled to a wall and pressed one of his ears to the thick stone. He had to close his eyes so his senses would focus on his ears. The other ear picked up on ambient noise, the feline had by now turned away from the path it had been taking, so Kern felt relatively secure. His ear pressed to the wall heard the sounds of a kitchen, the swirling of whisks, water beginning to boil, and the sound of a knife as it cut through some vegetable. Kern tried to focus in more but was unable to due to the commotions of the kitchen. Kern’s other ear had picked up nothing so he moved softly and quickly, his feet barely touching the cobble stones of the street. Kern pulled himself the wall suddenly as he heard something. It was a padded foot fall and the swish of clothing. It was sure to be canine, that much Kern was certain of. Kern cursed himself for not requesting a hooded robe as to better disguise his species, but he would have to make due with what he had now. Kern knew the Canine troops were trained to move silently, so he wasn’t surprised he had missed the sound of movement. Kern knew that the canine was approaching his vicinity from the southwest and there was only one. Based on the gait and on the foot fall, Kern knew the canine to be male which made Kern’s heart beat faster as it made flight slightly easier if the occasion arose, but fighting a male canine of that size would have been nothing short of stupid.Kern had no weapon on him, again he cursed his stupidity. He had left his weapons back at the lodging, which was two kilometers away, tonight was just simple recon, nothing more, nothing less. Kern had to prevent himself from having a massive intake of breath as the canine came into view. It was a wolf, with long grey fur and silver armor. The wolf had a long scar under its right eye and wore no helmet. The wolf had a silver breast plate but not coverings for his arms, leather leggings with shins covered by two metal plates and he wore not boots. In front of the wolf’s groin hung a long piece of black cloth, designating his status, a death dealer. Kern silently cursed the Horned Lord for the bad luck. Kern however blended well into the shadow with his natural dark fur and his black robe. Unfortunately for Kern, the wolf’s nose twitched. Kern knew that his scent had been picked up. Kern turned quickly, pulling further into the shadow and tried to walk away quickly. Kern heard the footfalls of the wolf behind him. Kern knew what he had to do. With no hesitation, the long cloak fell off revealing what looked like a second cloak, but it was too leathery to be a standard cloak. Kern spread his wings quickly, revealing to the fast approaching wolf that Kern was no fox, but a flying fox, a bat. Kern jumped forward and pushed against the air with his broad wings. It was hard to take off from the ground, it was easier to jump down, glide, and then fly. Kern heard the snarling of the wolf as the wolf prepared to pounce. Kern’s wings beat furiously, the tips of his wings touching the cobble stones as Kern angled his wings slightly so he could gain momentum to fly forwards. Kern heard the wolf shed some his armor in preparation for the pounce. This wolf must be a specialist indeed if the armor was shed so easily. Kern had already gained two meters in height and was about three meters away from the wolf. If Kern was fleeing a lesser trained adversary, he would have held no fear, but he was facing a death dealer, a natural killer whose instincts had been honed to a knife point. Kern was “screwed” for lack of a better word if the wolf should catch him. Kern let out a short grunt of pain and surprise as he felt the wolf’s claws pierce the delicate hide of his wings and the wolfs soft fur on his back. Kern instinctively flipped, trying to dislodge his opponent. It failed, and Kern continued to tumble to the ground until he lay with his long snout facing the ground. Crouched above him, claws digging into the base of the shoulder where the wing was most tender the wolf panted. Kern knew it was useless to resist, at least for know, it would be until he could open his mouth and use the almost ultrasonic scream of his people. He would have to be close to the wolf’ ear though for that to work, and Kern didn’t have that advantage at the moment. Some part of Kern’s mind registered something hard pressed against his back. The wolf was sporting an erection, a large one by the feel of it.“You’re coming with me,” the wolf stated in a low growl. Kern remained calm, perhaps escape was indeed possible.Author's Note: Not sure if I want to continue this story as of yet, please let me know. This post has been edited by timesrunning on Jun 1 2006, 06:42 AM
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