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ok im just really new here and this is my first story i hope u like it.Teri was going for a walk in the woods because she had been having a rough week her boyfriend just left her and she just needed to think . While on the walk she she sees this big german shepard and she gets lil nervous so she turns and walks a little faster and a few minutes later she turns around and the dog is even closer and then all of a sudden he just runs at her and she doesnt know what to do she runs but she cant get away and the dog over takes her in a few seconds and she is knocked down .Then the dog starts to sniff her crotch she is getting really wet and she doesnt even know why then the dog takes his teeth and starts ripping her dress and pantys off and starts licking her pussy and just laps and laps her pussy and she cant belive how it feels good but she stills feels like she needs to get away so she turns around trys to get away but dog takes his mouth at her shoulder and gently presses down to give her a warning and she freaks out and freezes and just doesnt move then dog mounts her as she is down as her butt is in the air she lets out a scream as his penis trys to hit home and it finaly does and she screams again and he starts to hump really fast and she cant get hm because she is smaller then dog weighs over half her weight andjust thrusts faster and faster as her pussy starts to really hurt as he forces the knot in to her pussy and then she just sobs as it goes all the way in and the dog just drags her across the ground trying to get free and she keeps on sobbing because it hurts and she feels like the dog bitch now and as he finaly gets free he walk away and lets her cry and cry .please tell him how u like it . I know its bad lol but tell me how i could change so i can start to improve my writing ok thank u very much
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