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A little fantasy of mine. Enjoy!---------------------------------------------------------------Being a big Pokemon fan, I play the games, and not just the video games, often. And I also know just about every aspect of every Pokemon known in America. I didn't know it at the time, but if I didn't know everything that I did, I might not have met my soulmate.Let me start at the beginning. I was heading home from doing some shopping in the middle of a bad rainstorm, but when I saw a cloaked figure on my front steps, I started to panic. Not for MY safety, but for the figure's. I know, I'm too nice, but that's just me, so screw you!ANYHOO, I forgot the groceries for the time being, and went to check and see if the figure was all right."Hey man. You ok?"*Ugh.....*"Hang on. Let me get you inside, before you catch your death of cold."Don't ask me how, but I was able to pick this figure up. I brought it in, and laid it on the couch. After getting my houseguest cozy, I went back for the groceries. (You thought I forgot them, didn't you?)After getting everything situated, I went back to the loving room to check on my guest. It was wearing a brown cloak, with a hood. It sorta looked like a monk. But when I lifted the hood, I got the shock of my life.My new guest..... was MEWTWO!I didn't know how he came to our world, and I didn't really care. I just realized I have an injured Pokemon on my couch, and I didn't even give him a shot of aspirin.I removed his cloak to inspect the damage. No blood, no bones broken, and he's got a heartbeat. Okay, he's just unconscious."Hang on, man. You're gonna be all right."That seemed to be a trigger, because as soon as I finished that sentence, he regained consciousness, and his eyes started to open.*Where..... where am I?*"You're in my home."Mewtwo turned his head to me, and I didn't know if he was gonna kill me, or if he was just pissed. Because, believe me, he looked pissed.*And why am I in here?*"Because you were on my front steps, looking like a bunch of Tauros ran over your ass, that's why."He could only blink. Now, it was my turn to be pissed."What did you expect me to do, toss you off my steps, and onto the streets, waiting for someone to turn you into roadkill?! Don't you think I know what you've been through, Mewtwo?!?!?!"I swear to God, I don't know where that came from. I was on the edge of tears, so I ran to the bathroom, and slammed the door as hard as I could. The second my hands touched the sink, I started to cry as hard as I could. I couldn't help it. After about five minutes, I heard a knock on the door.*Max, are you all right?*"Just go away, please..."*No. Not until I apologize.*Now, I've seen both of Mewtwo's movies, and I also knew that 'apologize' was NOT in his vocabulary. So, naturally, I was skeptical."Why should you apologize?"*Because..... no human has ever shown compassion for me before, and I thought you would hurt me, like all the others. I'm sorry. Now, please, come out.*That was enough to bring me to silent tears. After about half a minute to decide, I got up, opened the door, and looked up to a sympathetic Mewtwo.*I'm so sorry, little one.*On reflex, I hugged him around his waist, and cried my heart out. Mewtwo got on his knees, so we were about the same height, and embraced me right back.*Shhhhhhhh. Don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I didn't mean to make you angry, either. You've been so kind, and I repaid it with anger. I took you for granted, and I'm so sorry. Please, don't cry anymore.*He started to rock me, like a baby. Not surprising, seeing as I was crying like one."I'm sorry, Mewtwo."*No need to be, my friend.*After a few more minutes, we both decided to head back to the living room. We both had a seat on the couch, and told each other our life stories. As it turns out, he wasn't the Mewtwo from the movies, but he did go through pretty much the same beginnings as the movies. He didn't make some doomsday plan, just cut off all interactions with humans, ever since he got betrayed by Giovanni.Well, until me, anyway.He, in turn, found out about my life. I was pretty much a lone wolf. Not many friends, workaholic parents, and all that kinda stuff.*It must be very lonely having your life.*"Yeah, but it's not like I have much choice."*If you wish, I can help you.*"Really? How?"*I came here when I used my powers, and caused a chain reaction with some nearby machinery. Since you helped me, I will help you. I you want, I will let you come with me to my world, a world where Pokemon do exist, just like you and me. My home will be your home, and you will never have to worry about being alone again.*I was speechless. This was almost a dream come true for me. But....."What about my family?"*It will be as if you were never born. You will be given a clean slate, to start over, to rebuild your life however you want.*It only took me two seconds to make my decision. I embraced him again."Please, take me with you."He smiled, and hugged me back.*Very well. Close your eyes.*I did as told, and he focused his powers on us. After a minute, I felt like I was being pulled in every direction. After a while, it was over.*You can open your eyes, now.*I did so, but everything looked the same. I looked up at my large friend, with question marks in my eyes. He seemed to sense my confusion, and smiled.*Look outside.*I walked to the front door, and opened it. I was stunned. I used to live in a grimy neighborhood, but now it was an open field. Green grass, lots of sunshine, and wild Pokemon as far as the eye could see. I felt like I had died, and went to heaven."It's so beautiful!"*I figured you'd like it. I was able to teleport the entire house to this area to suit our needs. Close enough to the city, so we can still get food when we need it, but just far enough away to appreciate the scenery.*"It's everything I've ever wanted. Thank you, Mewtwo."I was about to cry again. Mewtwo wrapped his arms around me, and held me close.*Now, don't start crying again. It rips my heart to pieces to see you cry.*"I'm sorry. It's just..... this is just a dream come true."*I know. I read your mind when you were in the bathroom, and I also found out one more part of your dream that you did not get yet.*I was confused. This was my dream come true, but it didn't look like anything was missing."What do you mean?"He didn't answer, but he did kneel down, and plant a kiss on my lips. The second our lips touched, I knew what he meant. I also wanted someone to share my life with. Someone who loved me for me, not for what I had, or what I did. And Mewtwo was giving me that kind of love I always wanted. It didn't take me long to return his kiss.Still kissing, we went back inside the house, and made a beeline for the bedroom. Once we got there, I stripped, and climbed into bed with my lover. Mewtwo was looking at me with extreme interest.*Hmmmmm, not too fat, and not too skinny. A perfect medium.*"Well, I eat some sweets, but I balance it out with martial arts training."*It paid off.*We didn't say another word, because we were frenching each other again after that. We were making out like it was the last thing we would ever do. Both of our cocks were raging hard, and ready to go."Have you done this before?"*No, but I do know how. You?*"Same here."That was all that needed to be said. We were both virgins, and we would lose our cherries to each other.We started off with a 69, me on top of him. His cock was like a big cat's, naturally, and had little barbs at the head of it. I had loads of fun tickling them with my tongue. Meanwhile, Mewtwo was sucking mine like a baby would a bottle of milk. We must have been naturals, because we were licking and sucking like we had done it our whole lives. After what felt like an eternity of pleasure, we both lost it at the same time, him firing his kitty com down my throat, while I shot my human cream down his. We drank every drop of cream, making sure not one drop hit the bed. After our orgasms slowed down, I turned around so my head was facing his, and kissed him again. We could taste each others cream, and we purred and cooed into each other's mouths."Did kitty like his milk?"*[purr] Kitty loved his milk.*I couldn't help but giggle like a schoolgirl.*My love, will you mate me, like a female?*The second he asked that question, my dick got rock hard again, but I didn't lose my politeness."Of course. I'd do anything you wanted me to. All you have to do is ask."He spread his legs wide, and I saw his tailhole, almost begging to be filled. I didn't want my mate to feel pain, so I started eating out his tailhole. I could sense that he felt a little weird about someone doing this to him, but after a while, he started purring like a kitten. After making his hole VERY wet, I placed the head of my cock at his hole, and gently pushed in. Mewtwo hissed in temporary in discomfort, but with some comforting words and gentle belly rubs, he started to accept my advances. I started thrusting gently into him. Hearing his moans and purrs of pleasure turned me on so bad, I almost came right there. My thrusts started to increase in power and speed, upgrading Mewtwo's moans and purrs to growls and soft roars. After hearing those, I lost all control, and began to hump Mewtwo like an animal, causing Mewtwo to roar like one. One final thrust, and I came hard into my love's ass, roaring in sheer bliss, with Mewtwo not too far behind. After a about two minutes, my balls were empty. I had nothing left to shoot. I pulled out, and collapsed on the bed with an 'oof!'. Mewtwo rolled over so he was facing me, and gently kissed my forehead.*I have never known such pleasure. Thank you. my love.*"Anytime. Now, big guy, how about returning the favor?"Mewtwo smiled evilly, knowing full well what I meant. He brought me up so I was on my hands and knees, and he promptly mounted me. His dick had no trouble finding my ass, and he went to work giving me as much pleasure as I gave him. It felt so good to finally have my cherry popped, and it felt even better when it was with someone I knew I would love for the rest of my life. I could hear his breathing speed up, and he was humping me like a lion on one of those nature shows, but I was NOT gonna make him stop anytime soon!"Don't you dare hold back on me, Mewtwo! You better give me EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT!!!"*WITH PLEASURE!!!*With those words being said, he let out a roar that shook the house. Then, I felt the most powerful feeling on earth.I felt him cum.I never felt so full in my life. Then, I felt a pair of fangs on my neck. Not hard enough to pierce the skin, just hard enough to let me know they were there.It took five minutes for Mewtwo to finish. After that, he pulled out, and flipped back first on the bed. It took some trying, but I was able to crawl on top of Mewtwo, and collapsed on his chest. We were both out of breath, covered in sweat and cum, and we also had the biggest smiles you had ever seen."I love you, kitten."*I love you too, my soulmate.*With that, we shared one final kiss, and fell asleep, without a care in the world.---------------------------------------------------------------------Well, that's my tale. Tell me what you think of it, and also if you want to see more. I might be willing to make more like this.
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