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Colin Patrick is a half cougar/half FL panther at the Palm Beach Zoo. We sort of have a relationship and I think he has a crush on me, as do I him. In a perfect world, we would be together (and both of us cougars). ..........................................On one slightly moonlit night, long after the zoo had emptied out and all had gone home, i would quietly sneak in and slip over the exit gate, which is only a few feet high, it's more of a visual deterrant rather than any real barrier. Quickly to the Florida section, I would serenade my boy with the high pitched screeching calls of his kind in heat. Kneeling on all fours, knowing he has perfect eyesight for the darkness, I would tempt him by rolling around and thrusting my head against the fence separating us, as a female would, purring contentedly. When I am sure he is interested I would carefully slip around back and find the locks to his cage. My Colin and i would elope to the thicks of Cypress National Park, one of the last wild refuge for the Florida Panther. Once there in a thicket of palmettos, palms and slash pines on raised ground, surrounded by cypress swamps, I would stay at his level, rubbing my cheeks against his muscled chest and purr deeply beneath his vibrasse, rumbling a rippling sensation through his ever sensitive whiskers. Despite his times with humans and his total lack of testicles, he would find me completely interesting, my undulations more than a sign of my readiness but also of my devotion.Finally with his tail straight out behind him, he would nudge me to the ground beneath us, growling softly. Pulling my legs forward, slightly spread, with my back arched downward to present my flower, I would try to mimic the lordosis position in however which way my clumsy human body could accomodate. Hopefully, I won't need to keep shifting around, trying over and over again to get it right, but rather let Colin guide me to the proper height and position using his belly and front legs. It would be as if I were a cougar all along, natural and in harmony with his body over mine. Leaning on my elbows, I would hold my head at level with his to rub my face all over his cheeks, using the cat's ultimate sign of affection, purring softly, as he would mount me behind. Reaching down, I would make sure he would find my opening easily enough and brace myself for the feel of his lovespines agaisnt my folds. There would be some swift pain followed immediately by the tingling pressure of love's first night. Cauterwauling he would remind me softly of my place, snarling into the night, as he quickens his tempo towards orgasm. The quick swipes of spines against flesh especially on thrusting back would meld into a burning like no other, all the nerves of the folds and clit on fire. The pleasure would mount quickly as he spills his hot feline semen deep into my vaginal opening. I could feel it course its way up into my body. Expecting me to snarl, whip around and scratch him with claws extended, he would leap away quickly snarling with ears pressed back as his kind has done for millions of years. I would glance at him, his eyes wide with surprise: I had not tried to hurt him. Cautiously he would approach again, sniffing my cunt, his vibrasse tickling the insides of my folds, occasionally on my clit. The air puffing in and out of his nostrils, licking its way deep into where he had moments ago been. i would watch him, paw at my back, wondering why I had been so strange. Then he would approach again, knowing he was under no real threat and mount me again, pushing his stiffened point deep again. Like the pulse of a miniature pistron he would work his way far into the very place he had spewn his seed. Reaching down with a snarl, he would bite at my neck, but only grab hair, locking the two of us in a feline love bite. As he nears climax again, I would move with him, savoring the scraping and thrsuting with all of my soul. I would melt beneath him, my head once near his now resting on my arms, as teh pressure builds up. Soon he would be screaming again, as I reach up up, up.....Hissing and snarling I would start to shudder beneath him, face contorted into what would seem like pain. My moan would be more like a yowl, lips retracted revealing my (oh so inferior) fangs.Eyes closed, heart beating Colins' screams harmonizing with mine. Then the warmth and rushing, pulsing, shuddering, my body raising up, nearly knowcking the cat off me, as violent convulsions rack my abdoman, Colin's muscles tensed his clear liquid gusing out behind my hole and his testicles, it would cover the ground beneath us. he would then collapse, the both of us landing in a pile of shagged out lovers, me rubbing his head and body softly, cradling my boy. After a while, Colin panting, would start to clean hisself off, running his tongue over his spiny shaft, cleaning all of my juices off, as if he were lapping up milk from a saucer. Then turning towards me, golden eyes glowing in the moonlight, he would lick the semen off my hands and feet, and finally, reach the very place he had experienced, the first time I and he had ever had another lover. He would lap into me taking up all that he had spewed and all that I had made, as if he were to die without it, the rough tongue causing me to convulse slightly after afects of a full on orgasm. In full cat behaviour, we would do this frquently, sometimes as much as 50 times a day.102 days later the two of us would wake to me having sharp pains in my abdoman. He had some testicle left after all!! Lying promptly on my side with legs in the air, I would deliver two small balls of fluff; two cougar kittens, one male, one female. Licking my face softly, he would stay there by my side, and together, we would raise our cougar family, to hunt, to love, to live, together, wild and free.........................................The End...................or is it?.....................I am thinking on turning this into a mini novel, starting with how we met and our current relationship (factual), rescuing him and moving to Big Cypress Natl Park, mating with him during breeding season, birthing our kittens, and raising them for the first two years of their life (based on cougar bahviour in the wild). What do you think? Of course, only the beastie stuff would be posted here. And for those concerned, No there will be no KP! So dont even think about it.
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