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My Best Night Ever! It was one of those days , so I got up and ready for work. I arrived to a pissed off Boss as usual, nobody like’s to work in the restaurant part if the hotel including me! The day slowly passed . I finally was told to go bring out all the trash It was late going on 10 and the restaurant was dying down my boss left work and I was left all alone to set the restaurant up for breakfast I took out the final bag of trash to the dumpster when I heard a sudden noise I looked nervously around me then from around the corner came a Big old Golden Labrador Sniffing around the garbage for some mid night treats he came over to me and I patted his head He looked like he had a big happy smile on his face I began to pet his coat it was long smooth and had a lovely soft texture to it a second later he lied onto his back revealing his long thick Penis in its sheath I slowly rubbed lower and lower until it was in my hand it must have been 6 inches long in the sheath I tickled his nuts slowly. Suddenly He Hopped right up and started to lick my face as I played with his sheath I could see it was popping out a few inches and It had been ages since I had some Doggie cock I couldn’t resist ! I untied my apron and went around the brick wall where nobody would see us if they came along I untied my belt and unzipped my pants And went on my hands and knee's and finally pulled down my boxers to my knee's the lab instantly climbed onto my back and moved in closer probing like crazy for my tight little hole I quickly grasped back and lined him up to my hole and began wanking his vigorously, he quickly pushed it into my asshole all the way in and started to hump me really fast his paws were scratching my sides and all his weight as on my He was fucking my butt hard and having his way with me I could do nothing but enjoy I could feel his knot growing rapidly inside me The hot spurts of his Cum Squirting my ass and seeping around my asshole he kept humping me for another 5 minuets or so I could feel His cum inside me Hitting my walls I was in ecstasy . He suddenly stopped and just stood there Cumming his final few drops in me HE lifted one leg over and turned the other way and pulled with all his might My ass stretched to it's limit And his cock finally popped out MY ass. I was gaping wide It felt like I had shat a pineapple lol . I looked back at him to see what he was packing It was gorgeous ! a long thick cum covered cock Pinky/red and shining in the moon light. I crawled over and licked every bit of his hott jizz off of his cock and began sucking his dick deepthroating down to his balls my ass slowly tightened back to normal and his knot slowly shrinked I got off my hands and knee's and squatted and shot out some of his cum onto the cold concrete floor I took out a paper napkin I had in my pocket (thank god ) and wiped and wiped pulled up my pants tied my belt. Then I gave him a big kiss! A pat on the head and headed back in to finish setting up for breakfast I have named him Goldie !
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