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My fantasy lately is this:I meet this couple with a big dog, Rottie, german shep, etc we all get undressed and get on the floor. The man has a cam and is video taping us. The woman lays down on the floor. I straddle her, my pussy in her face. She starts licking me. I spread her pussy lips apart and call the dog over. He begins to lick her pussy. The guy puts the cam in a good filming spot and comes over to me and puts his cock in my mouth. We do this until we all cum. Then the lady gets up on her hands and knees, I lead the dog to her and the man and I help the dog mount the woman. While we watch her being knotted and pleasured, the man f**ks me until I cum again. Finally they try to talk me into letting the dog have me. I've never had a dog before, so I don't think I want to do it. The man pushes me to the floor and pins my arms down. The lady spreads my pussy lips apart as I did to her and calls the dog over. I struggle a little bit, but when the dog starts going to town on me, I give in. He licks me until I cum. They try to get me on my knees, but again I refuse. So the woman pins my arms down and the man lifts up my butt so that my pussy is in reach of the dogs penis. The dog mounts me while I'm in the missionary position and knots with me. It's the best sensation I've ever had. I cum and cum..Hope you like my fantasy. I know I'm not the greatest writer, but hey, I try!! LOL
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