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Train Dog Have Sex With You Beastiality Arizona Zoophilia Free Male Beastiality Stories
My boyfriend Jayson and I had been togather for about two years when he came home with this beast of a dog. It was a Mastiff puppy about four months old, I hated Bruno for the longest time but as he got older he grew on me. Jayson is in the Marines and is gone alot so its just me and Bruno at home. Jayson was sent over to Iraq almost six months ago and it has been very hard on me we have a great sex life that has come to a complete halt. We talk often over the phone and masturbate to each other but he can tell i need my pussy filled with cock. A few months ago we were having phone sex when Jayson said "hey now that your pussy is good and wet call Bruno over and when he smells your pussy let him lick you and eat out your ass and pussy", I thought he had lost his mind. I said "your nuts shut-up" and laughed at him. Afew days later we were talking again and he asked where Bruno was and I told him at the foot of the bed. He asked me if I had let him eat my pussy yet and I said no what is your deal have you gone crazy or what. Jayson asked me if I knew why he had gotten Bruno and I replied because you wanted a monster dog I guess and he said no because I want you to always have a big cock around to f*** that way when I'm gone you don't cheat on me. After being with Jay for almost four years I could tell that he was serious. Then he asked what I was wearing and I said nothing and he said good are you ready? Ready for what I said he said spread your legs and play with your pussy so i did sliding my fingers up and down the lips of my freshly waxed pussy its so smooth and soft I told him. He told me play with your clit ring to swell that pink clit and get that pussy wet and I did and my pussy began to get moist from my juices. Jay said is that pussy wet babe, yes i said, he said good get up and let Bruno smell your pussy I knew Jay really wanted this so I did I slid down to the edge of the bed and called Bruno when he raised up his nose was right between my legs and it was as if he knew just what Jay wanted because his nose went right to my pussy and he gave it a lick. Bruno's huge hot tongue covered my whole pussy, and I shook it felt so good I just reacted and spread my legs as wide as I could Bruno took the que and began lapping at my pussy and ass it felt amazing and Jay was loving it hearing it all on speaker phone I orgasmed pretty quick and so did Jay he said I was great and he knew that I loved him very much and he loved me more than ever and we said our good-bye.I continued laying in the same spot for a moment thinking about what just took place and I wondered if I could even get Bruno hard so I sat up and called him up on the bed he eagerly hopped up I lay back once more and he was towering over me sniffing at my pussy and I could see the tip of his cock sticking out. It looked so pink and tasty I thought then I thought what am I doing this is nuts I can't suck this dogs cock! Bruno must have known I was second guessing the whole situation and burried his tongue in my pussy again licking up my cum. I spread wide for him once more his huge body still over the top of me I saw his cock starting to poke out even more it was huge and looked wet at thsat moment I just had to taste it i pushed up on my elbows put some pillows under me and licked around the tip sucking it into my mouth it grew even larger and more came out he began to move around pawing at my legs. He was whinning and hunching in the air circling me. I wondered if he was trying to find a way to mount me.I knew that he would be too large to mount me the way I was on the bed so I got him down off the bed made him sit and I got down on my knees and began to lick his cock again I noticed a large knot starting to grow under his skin and I began rubbing it while sucking his hot cock it was sticking out about eight inches now and I was sucking it all in when he got up and came around me I got on all fours and he tried to mount me but I am too small under him. I stood up and lay down with my stomach on the bed and feet still on the floor and he tried again this time i could feel his wet cock on the inside of my legs. I spread my legs wider for him my pussy dripping wet aching to be f*****. He continued trying to get to the right spot I bent my knees some and felt his cock touch my wet pussy I reached down between my legs and helped his cock find my wet pussy. All of a sudden I guess we were in just the right position his cock entered my pussy with such force that I screamed it was huge and so hot he felt like a fire in my pussy! I wanted more of him inside me I pushed my ass back against him as he thrust deeper inside me. I started to feel him growing larger inside my pussy filling me better than ever before I began to cum I was spirting cum with every thrust from Bruno I had never cum like this before.My pussy was so wet and I felt so good I relaxed my muscles and pushed up onto my elbows and at that very moment Bruno wrapped his front legs around me and I felt something huge slide inside my pussy it was that knot. I screamed, his cock instantly slammed into my cervics swelling even more. I thought my pussy would burst and tear open. I tried to pull away but he just pulled me closer under his huge body and he was locked inside me the more I tried to pull away the larger that knot grew inside my pussy. The knot was at least the size of a very large grapefruit and we were locked togather. It was the worst pain I had ever felt and I was helpless under his 220 pound body. The only thing I could do was submit to his thrust and shear power over me. I began to relax and the pain started to ease up and my pussy streached and accomidated this enormous cock. I began to feel another orgasm building I was in great pain but it felt great I started to grind with every one of his thrust pushing my ass higher into him back and forth up and down. This was a fucking like I had never had before and I loved it.My body began to shake from an orgasm deep inside me my pussy began contracting and then Bruno started cumming so deep inside me my pussy it was so hot. We must have each cum for at least ten minutes no stopping my pussy and muscles milking his cock for every bit of cum it could get out of him expanding my tummy I was so full of cum. He collapsed on my back and me on the bed. I was so comlpetely fulfilled I loved this dog and the fucking I just got from him. We lay there until the knot and his cock flopped out of my pussy spilling more than a gallon of our cum down my legs and on to the floor. Exausted I crawled up on the bed to pass out but before doing so I dipped three fingers in my pussy, still pouring out cum, I had to taste it. I did and it was great, I can't wait to suck Bruno off.This was our first experience Bruno and I but there have been plenty more sessions for me to write about. Let me know if you would like to hear more.Yours,Kaykay001
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