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So many kind words about my story. Well, it's a lot to me. Perhaps I should go on, from now on from the view point that that is real, and this life in the desert is just some vivid dream.I woke up this morning, this time because my friend Julia unexpectedly paid me a visit. I don't ordinarily let people know were my little pier is, and sometimes I even anchor out, to further avoid human contact. She feels I need the contact. She brought her partner, very friendly male German Shepard with her. She's zoo herself, and proud of it. That's why I let her know where I live. When I got up, I didn't bother to throw on any clothes except for an old robe. Why? Julia is alright. She just wanted to say hi. "Hey, man! Are you home? Bob, get out of there!" Actually, I don't often get visitors, so I can't say I was unhappy to see her. But why did she come so early? It was still dark out. She called inside, and told me to get up, and Bob, the dog, ran right down the conpanionway, getting a good sniff of my butt and a lick before running back outside. Dogs. You got to love them. My dolphin friends were awake too, and coming over to the boat. Seeing Julia, and I think more Bob, they didn't quite come up like they usually do. But there was Julia, talking baby like to the dolphins, trying to get them to come closer. Oh, that's why she was there. She was trying to play with the dolphins. Nobody comes just to see the grumpy old goat. I told her I'd be right out.My favorite male, who I play with every morning, wasn't going to miss out now, no way. He was over by me getting rubbed and kisses; and some left over salmon from the night before. I handed her a cuppa, and she said "Thanks. Not shy, are you?" as I let Julio have a go at my crotch. Nope; I'm too old for that. And this is my house. I remained covered up anyway, for her vanity. But, tell the truth, at that point I went to go put on a pair of shorts.Coming back up the companionway, I saw she took over the petting, and the others were coming up. Bob, being a good dog, just looked intently at the see monsters, and gave them a sniff. "This one really wants something." Julia said to me, rubbing his belly, giving him an erection. Looking around, and whispering like it was something dirty and we were in a public park, she asked "do you ever play with them?" She knew. Of course I do. She knew I had sex with the dolphins all the time, and that's why they were hanging around. "I give that one head every day." I told her. She blushed, the giggled. "Do you think he would do anything if I stroked it?" "He wants you too! Go for it before I do." People. Why do we deny our own wants. She stroked his penis until orgasm, and she was amazed at how much force was behind it. She let Bob lick the semen off her fingers, all smiles, like she was so proud of herself. "let's go diving!" she said, so excited about what she could do. I said I'd love to go for a dive.Of course, the gear was in her car. So, she had this planned, didn't she? We checked our gear, with dolphins still wanting pets outside. I suggested maybe have breakfast first, settle down, and play with the dolphins from the boat. I don't do things fast anymore. Not since retiring. I made up my famous hurricane eggs, and some orange juice. And a little hot sauce and tomato sauce never hurt anything. It was so nice this morning to make breakfast, have a friend over, and have a little variety for my little pod and me. I peeked out a couple times, to see Julia practicing her new trick, tasting some of the fishy, salty semen herself, and Bob was learning to lick the tip of the penis anticipating the sudden shots of semen. So cute, like she was doing something naughty, with a big grin every once in a while she looking around to see if anyone was looking. That made me feel good to see her so happy, even though obviously she'd been planning this. When I brought her breakfast, she continued to blush and smile, and talked about work. We actually work together, at the Standardbred track as grooms, whenever I'm so strapped for cash I need to work. She is a really fun sort, and very hard working. No many people like her really, but I always did, even before I knew she was zoo. I just wish she didn't tell so many people about her dog. Someone else is going to get hip one of these days.She asked, while I was taking another sip of coffee, and while she was sipping her juice, one eyebrow raised, when I was going to play with a dolphin, while she stretched out a foot and rubbed me through my shorts. I just grinned, and kept stroking the dolphin that was under me. Most of the pod was on thier way out now, going hunting. A couple alway seem to hang out as long as someone is on the boat though. We talked horses again for maybe an hour, and Bob was crashed out on the transom, which is large enough for a little sun bathing.I do have shelter from on lookers, on the starboard side of the boat, between the shore and the angled pier, and since it's just a single pier on private property, covered for the most part with palmetto and sawgrass, we were well hidden in the shallows between the pier and shore. She didn't bother to put on a suit. We've been making sexual references for years, I'd seen her urinating in the stalls before, and she's seen me, even going so far as to watch so I couldn't go, and giggling, meaning to make me have trouble. And she wasn't shy about her body. We decided to just snorkle. Why waste the oxygen? Besides that, Julia wasn't certified. I felt better that we stayed in the shallows.Over the side, as playful as you all know she is by now, she stole my shorts, and threw them on the pier. Thanks Julia. She just grinned and giggled again. Bob looked up, and over the side, smiled, and put his head back down watching up. Julia was urging me to make love to one of them, half begging, half teasing, and two females were left, bumping my knees as I petted each one. They did the same to Julia. I couldn't help but get an erection. As cool and in charge as I kept trying to be, I was acting just like Julia. And looking around, feeling a blush on my face as well with the excitement of being watched, I did it, julia smiling, and looking around the whole time. I'm sure, at that moment, she felt I was her boyfriend, and I hadn't touched her. "You screwed a whale!" She said. "You sucked one's dick, I saw you!" I said back. Still gigling and smiling, she came over, and fondled my genitals, gently squeezed, and said "you are so kinky." through grit teeth.Bob lifted his head, and barked at a passing motor boat. "well, that's it. I'm not planning on being seen skinny dipping out here with the dolphins" I told her. I told her to watch for blue crabs as well, because they hang out right there in those shallows. Naked, we went ashore, climbed back onto the pier, I found my wayward shorts, and we got onto the boat. I thought blue crab sounded nice for lunch. Why not? But Julia wasn't done yet. She asked if I'd ever wanted to try a dog, as we climbed down into the cabin, out of sight, Bob taking the lead. My erection was back. "He's very gentle, you'll see. Dogs are the best." as she tried to now take charge of the situation like I had with the dolphins. "Just pet him, and tell him he's a good boy..." as she reached down and started to stroke his sheath, and pushed it back. She wanted me to play with it, grabbing my wrist. I did, and then I suprised her when I put his penis in my mouth, and he mounted my neck. "I thought you were into dolphins?" was Julias half disapointed, half excited reply to that. She laid back on the cushion that made up my berth, and picked up a plushy horsey I slept with. "Trot, trot, wonder you don't have a girlfriend." The thought of the naked woman on my bed, playing with a plushy made me giggle, and dog semen shot out of my nose. " don't choke!" Bob was all too happy to lick the semen off my face and out of my mouth, with his still throbing, erect penis, still ejaculating. She climbed over and put her lips around him, and finished him off. We put our clothes back on, and went for those crabs. We laughed some more picking up crabs. It felt a lot like a date really. Cooking up the crabs, she told me she didn't want for me to get the wrong idea. She told me again Bob was her partner, and she wasn't just going to sleep around. She also let me know she might want to try riding one of those male dolphins herself. I handed her a beer, and reminded her we were friends, and any time she wanted to come down for a dive, or chat, have a beer, or, like she did today, because she wanted to make love with a dolphin, just call on me. I reminded her I knew about her and Bob, and she already knew about the dolphins, and we both knew there were horses in there too for the both of us. At which point she swore she's never touched a horse, no way. Julia, I know you better then that.After lunch, she asked how I liked woman. I said depends on the woman. Until dinner we made love, making love for a little while, and stopping to joke and have a drink, right back to lovemaking, with her, Bob and me on this little sailboat, every so often with the wake picking up. Before dark, we stopped. Barbeque. My lovely friends were coming back. Once again, she reminded me this was just for fun. It didn't mean a thing. But she's not going to sleep with just anyone. I said I know. We talked about work some more, and pretty much everything. I told her, here was her chance to ride one of the dolphins. Nope, you got shy. I said, why don't you stay the night. I've got room. Nope, you wanted to go home. Got to go feed Bob, who has had all day hurricane eggs, crab, and bones from pork ribs. O.K. Julia, you have to feed Bob. Well, of course, she's always welcome back.Makes me wonder what it's going to be like next time we work together. It's always nice to see Julia. By the way, If you're reading this, big horsey kiss, and what's wrong with my horsey? He's for my neck.Tonight I drifted back off to sleep, and I dreamt I was in the desert again. My lovely dreamt up wife snuggling close, that plushy horse right next to the bed. I went to see the horse in my dream, and just enjoyed him, and wondered what this dream was going to be like. I have such vivid dream sometimes about being in the desert, married, with a wife, and a horse.
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