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i think it began when i was idly searching for porn on the internet. whilst i have no problem with porn, i don't have any on my computer and i dont look at it that often, but then i was about to embark on a journey where i would do many things that i hadnt done before. i came across some beastiality porn, and like a lot of us, i looked out of sheer curiosity, i was pretty shocked when i felt my panties starting to get moist, the feeling was disturbing but also euphoric.i started to wonder what i was watching would be like with our dog, Kezzie, he was a rescue dog. some kind of collie cross, i imagined he'd be well endowed, like the dogs i had been watching and i was fascinated by the idea of knotting, and the pure carnal feeling of release that must be. though i knew most people found beastiality deeply offensive, and though all my moral vodes were telling me not to, i knew that it would only be a matter of time before kezzie and i became better was a saturday night, my friends had invited me out with them as with most sautuday nights, but there was something else i was nervously planning, my parents had gone to the theatre, so i locked the doors and was alone, kezzie was scrctching at the pantry door, hes usually allowed to roam the house but i didnt want him to disturb me, i had to be ready. i took off all my clothes, throwing them carelessly across my room, i opened all the doors which led from the pantry to my bedroom and waited for him to come to me. i had my juices running down my leg in anticipation, and i knew the scent of them would be strong even downstairs, to his sensitive canine nose. soon enough i head him padding up the stairs, he hovered cautiously outside my bedroom door, probably all to aware of the punishment for jumping on the beds, but tonight was different. his nose went straight to my wet pussy, i fellt his cold nose coupled with his warm rasping tongue, a tremour of desrire ran through me, no man had ever done this to me with just one touch. soon his wavering ended and he was clear about what was expected oof him, he parted me open with his tongue, so insistently that i thought he planned to climb inside me, from my angle on the bed i could see the pinkness emerging fast from his sheath. i was right, it was huge and only getting bigger by the second, the weight of it drooped away from his stomach, his pre cum glistening, by this point i was shaking and moaning to my first orgasm, which only spurred him yet further, deeper inside me, his hips starting to thrust as he trie to work out how to have this strange furless bitch, all my caution was thrown to the wind, my parents could have come back and i wouldnt have stopped, i wanted this, i needed this. i moved his head from my groin and moved to stroke his shaft, it was so large and wide, the thought that this soon would be inside me filled me with lust, and Kezzie was gettig impatient, i was his bitch now, i had to do waht he wanted. quickly i was on all fours, his snout instantly around me, his weight thrown onto my back. i felt the tip of him frantically trying to find me, i was going to help but first i wanted to feel his pure animal urgency as he humped madly against my back. i reached around and guided him in, this was all the help he needed as i felt him clamp around me and thrust deeper than i thought possible, building up momentum, i came, shaking so hard that i found it difficult to maintain my balance and Kezzie on top of me, his knot was hitting my pussy at every thrust, it wouldnt be long before it would be inside me and there would be no turning back. Kezzie paused for a second, rearranging his centre of balance for one mighty thrust which sent me a foot further up the best, and him when felt like a foot further inside me. i had never felt anything like it i was tied to him and his thrusts became shorted and faster, i lost count of the number of orgasms i was having at this point, just that i never wanted it to end. his claws began to dig further into my sides and he was naipping an my neck, i knew it would be soon but i wasnt prepared for the amount of his hot seed that would flood my pussy. i could feel him pumping his seed against every nerve ending in my pussy and the thought of him filling me, making me his forever was almost too much, he jumped from my back. attached for many minutes more, as we both panted our way back to composure, he slid from me, his seed covering my bed....
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