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Hi those who posted and thanks for the interest. Sorry it's been a while, but I've been away on holiday. Ok, I guess your all keen enough to learn more of my journey? I must point out that this is all entirely true and the only reason it ended up in the fantasy section, is becuase I made a misatke!As I said in my first post, I enjoy X dressing too. I am entirely Hetro, but just love doing this since a youngster. Coupled with my exploration of animal love, I guess you can say I am expressing my feminine side!Ok, enough chatter and on with the show.Having discovered my wife was attemting to secretly indulge her own physical fantasy with our pet Lab, it didn't take long before I engineered a situation where I would and could confont her about it.One evening, returning from work early, I coasted into our courtyard (if you recall, I lived in a rural area) engine & lights off. I knew straight away I may be in luck as my adorable Lab was not barking his greeting to me. I walked to the back of my house and saw that the drapes were open and our small side table light on. The room looked cosy and somewhat romantic. As I said previously, I also suspected my wife enjoyed the thrill of being watched and boy, was this true. As I peeked secretly into the window, there she was, naked on the sofa. She was lying half on, half off, with her legs spread wide. As I said, she had a sexy curvy figure and her white skin in the gentle light looked so hot. She had her eyes closed and held both breasts in her hands. She was caressing them and her nipples with obvious enjoyment. She had such a sweet tasting pussy and it was lightly haired and I could see her engorged pink pussy lips pointing straight at me.There below her was our Lab, licking away at his own dick. I feared I had been too late and missed the fun. But no, she opened her eyes and I could see her mouth some words. She moved a hand between her smooth white thighs and palyed with her pussy. The Lab was on his feet and straight between her legs. Though viewing from behind, I could see he had his head right in there. I watched her as her back slightly arched, her hips raised and her eyes closed. I knew his long wide tounge was lapping at those lovely pussy juices.Occasionally she would open her eyes and look straight out the window. I knew she couldn't see me due to the light reflection on the inside of the window, but I got harder again knowing she was hoping for someone to be watching her.Our Lab paid her a lot of attention and she began to squirm and writhe her hips. She sat up and stroked his back as he continued to lick her. She lent forward and ran her hands over his flanks and underneath his tummy. I watched her small hand close on his sheath and start to masturbate him. Good boy that he was, his attention was diverted from his licking and he moved to the side and I had a full view as his impressive dick was teased into view. I knew from my own experience, she had done this before!With some 7 inches or so of throbbing dark red cock on display my wife moved onto the floor. Our lab licked her face and tits as she continued to wank him. Then, before my awestruck eyes she moved flat on her back. Adopting a 69 position I noted she had taken a cushion with her and it was now under her head. As the Lab returned his attention to her pussy she moved her lips up to his cock. There before me, my horny wife began to suck his dick like she would mine. it was obvious, she was making love to him and was loving it. I watched as that long red dick was slowly sucked in and out of her lips. She would remove the whole thing and tease his tip with her tounge. Before too long his hips began to twitch and I knew he was about to cum. Wow, she was going to take his cum too?Nope! She withdrew from beneath him to my disappointment. But before I could get too pissed off, she returned to the sofa and patted her tummy. In a flash our Lab was over her, his paws stradling her waist and his hips pumping to find her. I could see his dick between his legs slapping all over. Then, she raised one leg and wrapped it around his behind, just as she would to me. One hand descended between them and I could see her grasp his know. With her foot she pulled him toward her and I could see it was obvious he was being guided into her. Within seconds, our lab began a frantic pumping ation. My wifewrapped her arms around his neck and her face was screwed up in obvious pleasure.I watched for what seemed an age as he f***** her fast and hard. I heard her almost screaming at one point as she was in total abandonment. She began to raise her hips to him almost trying to keep pace and then she orgasmed as I had witnessed all too well. Our pet f***** her like a trooper even as she was laying limp beneath her. His flanks quivered, he sank onto her chest and they lay together for some time. She wrapped both legs around him and I could see her stroking him and whispering to him, no doubt undying love.Then he became restless and she allowed him to withdraw. As he released I could see a small fountain of doggy cum streaming from her pusssy. her nipples were huge and her pussy red and no doubt as wet as hell. It was fantastic to have watched and I knew my chance was finally before me. I gently opened the back door and went inside. Removing my boots and clothing I walked into the living room to meet her startled gaze and totally naked except for a burning hard on.She looked bewildered and humiliated as I walked toward her gently smiling, then.............................................Enough for now boys and girls otherwise this will get too long. If you all enjoy then I can tell you more?
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