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My 1st story, so take it easy on me if its bad Down On the FarmTwo summers ago in my quiet rural town, I was asked house sit for a friend of mine. This particular friend lived out in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Being a nice guy, I agreed to help watch the place for the week he’d be on vacation. I was charged with taking care of my friend’s home, barn, 2 dogs, and 2 quarter horses. The dogs, Alli and Bryce, were two big labs and Thunder and Misty were the horses. The first day passed as I found myself relaxing most of the day, lounging on the front porch while watching the dogs chase each other through the yard. The next morning I found myself caught in a heat wave. I glanced at the thermometer, 92 degrees and rising. I threw on a pair of shorts and ran out into the heat to feed the horses. I entered the musty, old barn as Thunder and Misty greeted me with happy snorts. I fed them and started to wander around the pleasingly cool barn. I walked through the stables and out into a pen attached to the barn. A spring-fed stream wandered through the large field and an ancient willow tree was growing from the center of the lot. I walked barefoot over the soft grass and took my place under the tree. Maybe it was the heat or maybe I just didn’t care, but I slipped off the shorts I was wearing and nodded off, naked, under the old willow. I woke up, stretched, and gazed around. Thunder was meandering toward the stream for a drink and Misty was in her stall. I looked at Thunder while he took slow sips of water from the stream, it was then that I saw between his hind legs hung a massive prick. I had seen horses and their bodies before, but Thunder had a shockingly long dick. “Misty is one lucky girl”, I thought aloud. I walked over to Thunder and rubbed him down his flowing mane, as he whinnied in agreement. I moved my hands along his back, down his thigh, and onto his belly. I stopped as I reached the long slender shaft at his rear. I stared transfixed for a moment and he then gave me a gentle poke in the back with his snout, as if to say “keep going”. I started stroking the supple pole and it started to get longer, and rigid. At this moment I realized that I myself had a raging hard on. With one hand I knelt and stroked him and with the other I began rubbing myself. Then acting on impulse, I reached for enormous love muscle and slowly licked the tip. I found myself enjoying the bitterness of the precum that was oozing from his penis’ bloated head. I stopped licking and rubbed him again, but this time I took the clear cum and rubbed it over my tight asshole. In the heat of the moment I leaned over and moved the head of his cock over the crack of my ass. His precum was everywhere now and I moved into position under him. With one hand I spread my cheeks while with the other I pointed the bulging penis at my own hole. He knew exactly what was going on and with one quick buck the tip of the massive shaft sank into my rear. But this wasn’t the end, lubed by the cum he kept slowly sliding in deeper as I backed myself into him. With nearly 10 inches of him buried inside of me, we were both in ecstasy. With one last great push I embedded him yet farther within my bowels. I shook with pleasure as I was hit with an explosive orgasm. Thunder then gave a great grunt and unloaded himself into me. The pressure was so great I thought I was going to pop. But then, with a loud “Plop” the pressure forced his manhood out as his cum literally poured from between my legs. Thunder and I strode over to the willow and dropped to the ground in exasperation. I as lay beside his big frame I thought to myself, “This is going to be an interesting week”. This post has been edited by MuNkY on Oct 30 2004, 10:46 PM
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