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This story was written for katiegirl, but i thought you all ought to enjoy it enjoy fantasising its you ladies. I would lead you into my bedroom on collar an leash. Standing you in the centre of the room i would move round behind you,stroking my hands up your sides. Placing a blindfold over your eyes stopping you from seeing anything. Slowly kissing your exposed skin moving down your body undressing you as i proceed further down your body. Running my tongue over your nipples sucking them into my mouth encircling them with my tongue lightly biting them. Drawing my tongue down over your stomach, then bending your over, kissing down one thigh and moving up the other. Slide my tongue up and down each side of your pussy before bringing my tongue down through your lips ending with a flick on your clit. Ease my tongue inside your pussy twisting my tongue around in you. Moving out encasing your clit with my lips rubbing my tongue piercing over it, nibbling on it with my teeth. Pulling away for a brief second, a longer rougher tongue sliding over your pussy an ass, slipping deep inside you so far starts rubbing your gspot. Its big tongue flopping out from where it was speared out filling up inside you. Push you back onto the bed legs hanging off the side of the bed lying on your back. Sitting you up and removing the blindfold seeing your doggie lver between your legs lapping away at your juicey wet pussy. Pulling the large dog up onto the bed over your head, taking your hand and placing it on his hard member, letting you suck his cock. Climbing between your legs i would bury my 10 inches of manhood into you, plowing into you hard an fast rubbing your clit, as the dog oozes precum into your open mouth. You can feel his bulging veins running down the length of his cock with your tongue. Taking you by the leash pull you onto all fours, letting the dog climb onto your back, taking his cock in hand guiding it to your slit. I would set up a video camera filming his cock in you projecting it onto a large tv infront of you getting a first hand view of your pummelling. Two inches of his doggy member slipping inside you, with one firm thrust burying another 6 inches inside you. His cock jack hammering away at your pussy. I would climb round underneath you having you suck my cock tasting your pussy and dog spit on it while i fiercley assault your clit with my tongue tasting the cum thats seeping out of you. As he ruts inside you his length swells bigger in size going deeper an deeper stretching your pussy before finally pushing his knot inside you as you cum. Arching your back so you can rub your gspot on his knot. The tip of his cock lodged in your cervix shooting his warm smooth cum to the back of your womb trying to fill you with puppies.There will be more to come if people are interested to read more of the stories i write for her. Maybe next time i will also have more time and can include some talking etc. But we shall see. Hope you enjoyed.M Ps to any ladies wanting a personal story written i welcome requests sorry guys This post has been edited by southflorida on May 9 2005, 11:50 AM
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