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Your First Meeting with Mistress I graciously agree to meet you at a restaurant near where you live. I enter the room and approach you. You bow from the waist and softly kiss my offered hand. You come to a upright position again and then hold my chair for me and order me my favorite beverage. After some time of verbal exploration, I finish my drink and I order you to take me to your residence.Arriving there I command you to give me a proper greeting, and you fall to your knees and kiss the toes of both my feet and stay kneeling with eyes downcast waiting to hear my further wishes. I then order you to stand and to strip so I can inspect my property. You raise and very quickly strip off all your clothing. As you are standing there with your head bowed, I make several passes around you and poking, prodding and rubbing find you acceptable and reaching behind me I pick up your leash attach it to the ring pierced through the head of your penis.Tugging on the leash and telling you to follow me, I pull you into the bathroom where I order you to run me a bath with scented oils. You hurry to meet my wishes and run a bath at the temperature I have approved. Then I order you to remove my clothing in preparation for my bath. You find that removing my clothing is a great joy of discovery for you (my slave) and my wishes are quickly delivered.Supporting me as I sink into the wonderfully hot scented water, I order you to your knees and hand you a soft bath sponge to begin your bath. Washing me from top to bottom back and front with the sponge, you take great pleasure in my little moans of pleasure. Noticing your large erection I reach my hand out of the tub and stroke it firmly a couple of times and then slap it telling you to get your mind back on your duties.I then reach over and hand you shaving cream and a fresh razor and lifting my right leg command you to shave me smooth. So supporting my legs individually in your hand you carefully shave and rinse both legs. Pushing you to stay on your knees I rise and stand with my beautiful pussy facing you and tell you, I wish to be shaved smooth and then oiled. Very carefully and slowly you shave me smooth and with great pleasure apply oil to the shaved area. Leaving the tub, I demand to be patted dry with a warm fluffy towel and you do as you are commanded.Reattaching my leash to your ring, I pull you into the bed room, where I tell you to light some candles and as I lay on the bed you are told to warm some lotion with your hands and give me a complete body massage. Feeling refreshed after my massage I ruffle your hair and tell you that you are a good pet. Instructing you to lie down on the bed on your back, I tie you hand and foot, and begin by teasing you with my riding crop and by attaching nipple clamps and other clamps and straps to your cock and balls. Every so often I hit your erect cock with my crop to remind you of my dominance.Crawling up your supine body I straddle your face. Then with my face facing your feet and I lower my beautiful rosebud to your mouth and order you to pleasure me there. With great joy you begin licking me, licking all around and even inside my beautiful ass. Turning, telling you that you are doing very well I lower my beautifully smooth pussy to your face and order you to make me cum. You lovingly tongue my pussy all around the lips and clit and full of great joy you savor the wonderful nectar flowing from me. You continue this for over an hour until I forcibly pull your head even tighter into me and I have an incredible series of orgasms. Lifting myself off your face I remove the straps and clips from your cock and with a word of warning that you are not to cum, I lower yourself onto your erect member and use you for the fuckslave I have always wanted.... Then tiring of you I look around to see what else might titillate my fancy and as you move your body to see what I am doing, my eyes fall on your trusted companion Jake, who is laying so patiently on his mat beside your bed. Jake is beautiful specimen of a burnished copper red Irish Setter. He is young still but yet mature enough to be a fine example of the breed. He is laying there absent mindedly licking his cock as he listens to our throes of passion and smells the scent of our arousal. Our eyes meet and in that moment desire passes between us. Getting up, he comes over to the bed and looks longingly up at us as if to say "May I join you please". I motion with my hand and he jumps up, eager for anything that is going to happen. There is no hesitation as he moves towards us. Then sniffing the air he dives in between us and begins to lick my pussy juices off your still hard cock. I warn you that you are not to move, not to cum, not to do anything but lay there and enjoy what Jake is doing to you. I can see by your face that this idea is not adverse to you. You lay there patiently as Jake takes your whole cock into his mouth and gently sucks on it. You begin to moan and I know that your can't hold back much longer so I tap Jake's nose and he releases your cock.I tell you to lay and watch and get hot for me, but not to cum and I call Jake over to my now very spread legs. He sniffs my pussy and begins to devour me. His tongue penetrates deep into my very being and I begin to moan. It feels so good and I am so hot, I want more and more of it as I squirm beneath him. His tongue moves to my clit and begins to nibble on its tip which sends shivers though-out my body and my hands begin to roam, first onto my own 40FFF tits and then moving from there I reach out and his now very hard, very long cock. I begin to stroke it and then when that doesn't seem to be enough to cool the fires in my loins I move my body around until I am in a 69 position with Jake and I engulf his cock in my mouth. My lips surround the bulburous tip of it and I begin to suck, tentatively at first and then with relish. When I first touched my tongue to him, his cock was small and pointed, but now it grew to be long and hard and fat. I loved the taste of the precum and I moved my lips further down the shaft so that the precum could dribble on the back of my tongue and I could get a better taste. Then picking up the pace I began to thrust it in and out of my mouth with my hands and began to hear Jake begin to moan. He stopped licking for a moment and closed his eyes and a shiver went thru his body.. and then he began to lick me even harder. His tongue strayed to my ass lips and then he plunged it deep into my asshole and the first of my many orgasms that began. My whole body slammed against the mattress and began to shake uncontrolably. It felt like my ass was on fire and his tongue was the only thing that could put it out so I screamed at him to "ram me with it harder".Just then you, who had been so guiet, sprang to life screaming - "YEEESSSSSsss i want him in you now while he is still hard" "I want to watch him ram my mistress with his cock" " I want to watch him make you beg for more of it like you make me beg to have you." I think temporarily of punishing you for your insolence, but then think better of it and begin to get turned on even more with the thought of Jake's long, red, hot, pulsating cock in my pussy and so I take his cock out of my mouth and I turn over on all fours and present my pussy to Jake to see what he will do. He, immediately of course, starts to lick again, and then, as if by a hidden signal, he slowly begins to mount. His claws scratch my back and then move to surround my waist and I feel his hot cock nuzzling the opening of my pussy. I look at you once again and you have a look of utter pleasure on your face as you stroke your cock as you watch the scene in front of you. I swat at your hand and command you to sit, which you promptly do. "You can not cum until I tell you you can so just go over in the corner and be good if you want to watch this" I say and then I return my concentration to the feelings that are eminating from my lower regions.Jake, by this time, has his cock in my cunt all the way up to his balls and is beginning a slow, rhymatic dance, in and out, round and round, in and out, increasing in speed as each second passes. " Do me harder, do me harder" I yell and as if Jake can understand what I am saying, he begins to ram me even harder. And then I begin to feel his knot begin to enter me. "Oh it feels soooo gooood, so hot, so tight" and I realize it is hotter and harder than I have ever felt any human. His cock feels like it is on fire and he is intent on using my cerfix to put out the flames. His whole body throbs as he pounds into me.Then I get another bright idea and I call you over to me.. "get over here, puny one" I yell - " I need you". Yes mistress you say and you run immediately over to my side. "I want you to put your fingers in my ass - two or three of them" I command and you instantly obey. "I want to feel you rubbing his cock" and you again obey. The feeling is exquisite and I begin to feel that bubbling that starts deep in my vagina that signals the beginning of another orgasm. " I am cumming" I yell and then it begins. Roll after roll of pleasure wash over me as I realize that Jake is cumming to.. We lay there together, locked and I begin to realize that this is where I belong - in Jake's arms.It is so good and I feel so alive. I feel like I have finally come home, like this is where I was supposed to be all my life. I have finally found what I was supposed to be when I grew up - a dog's bitch.. no longer a dominatrix but rather Jake's submissive. Men I still dominate but when I am with Jake I am his bitch and very glad of it.
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