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Ginger is a bitch: Part 1Monday morning finally arived and Ginger awoke with a sense of anxiety and anticipation. She had agreed to help Ken, the vet who her twin had bought her great dane from, with training his Mastiffs (see "Jens training" in the fantasy section on BF for background).Her motive for agreeing was to be able to afford her own dog. Ken promised to give her a discount on her purchase of a Great Dane. She had only recently become a devotee of k9 sex, having spent most of her young life as a very cautious and careful dates with the males in her life. Her experiences were very limited and she was considered a very cold and calculating woman, belieing her very impressive and obvious pulchritude. She showered and toweled down, then patted some unscented powder on some areas of her body to make her skin even smoother than it was. She glanced in her full length mirror on her sliding closet doors and had to admit, she indeed had a fabulous body. Large DD tits with big nipples and dollar size auteolas, firm and outstanding even when braless. A narrow waist and full hips and a hard round ass. Her thighs were full and muscular as were her calfs. And she definitely had the good looks to be a heart breaker. Fluffed blonde hair framed a gorgeous face and her unshaven bush proved her blondness to be completely natural. Yes, she was indeed a desirable wench. Ginger chose a tube top and short shorts for her clothes, and although it made her look outstanding and very sexy, the reason for her choices were simply the ease of dressing and undressing. She went into her kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice which she sipped while making her coffee and toast. After her light breakfast she called her twin sister Jenifer. "Hi Jen." she greeted her sis when Jen answered. "When are you leaving for Kens offices?" "Hi Ginger, I will be leaving her in a few minutes. It's only about 10 or 15 minutes for me. But you should be there in no less than 20 from your home." Ginger lived in a town house. She had no desire to get into lawn care or outside maintenance, so it suited her well. She was in Real Estate like her twin, but in home sales unlike Jen. So her schedule was flexible. She now envied her sis for her remote location and privacy. Maybe..... she thought...... maybe she should think of moving to a similar location, especially considering her plans to change her lifestyle. Gin left her home and got in her SUV. She was on the highway in a matter of minutes and her anticipation grew with each mile. She had absolutely no idea of how things were going to develop this morning. Soon she was pulling into Kens Office complex. It was bigger than she had thought now that she looked closely. Several buildings and a huge area completely secluded by fencing and bushes. She got out of her car and went inside the main office. "Well now here is out new starlet." This came from Sally, the receptionist, who came from behind her desk and hugged Gin. "Ready to become a full fledged trainer."" I don't have any idea of what is involved Sally, but if it helps me in getting my own great dane, I am ready to do whatever is necessary." Gin said, taking in Sally, who looked so sedate compared to the previous saturday. Gin knew the smock and slacks she wore hid an extremely voluptuous large body, fully 5'8" tall with huge tits and a full firm ass and thighs. She remembered the saturdays events with a smile on her face and a tingle in her loins. "Come along, Gin. I will take you to the training area for the Mastiffs." Sally said. She led Gin out of the main office and down toward the back of the lot where there were some kennels and a smaller building. Sally opened the kennel door and explained. "We have two areas here Gin, one for very young pups and an separate area for maturing dogs. You will be working them separately and with different techniques. For the pups you need to just be friendly and get them used to you. Pet them on the head, stroke their ears and scratch their tummies a little. They all like that kind of attention, in fact that is universal for all dogs. But you also want to occasionally touch their sheath. Don't stroke it to make their cock come out. That will occur over time as they mature. You want an imprint with them that you are their friend and they can trust you. You can work with the pups now. Pour some food in their dishes and filll their water bowls. Then just relax with them and they will eventually come to you and you can bond with them as I described." Sally instructed. "I will come back in about an hour and a half and orient you into the mature section." Sally left the kennel. Gin started filling water and food dishes and soon the pups were all busy eating and lapping the water bowls. She sat on a stool that was in the common area, and watched the pups eagarly devouring their meal, wagging their tails and wiggilying their butts. It was obvious they were in good health and would grow to be impressive dogs. They already stood almost 18 inches tall at the shoulders and Gin knew they would be very statuesque in a few months. She hadn't really paid attention to different breeds of dogs before last week. Now she was suddenly looking at them in an entirely different light, aware of her keen interest in their builds and features. Soon the pups were done feasting and they licked their chops for a few minutes but soon were playfully romping around the open kennel. Once in awhile one would come to Gin and sniff her legs and hands, finally letting her pet them on the head or back.After awhile some even seemed to want her to pet more vigorously, and she would stroke their backs. A few allowed her to scratch their tummy and one let her breifly handle his sheath. But they were pups and they quickly returned to their playful ways. It wasn't long before Sally reappeared and came in the Kennel. "How are the pups Gin? Did they warm up to you much?" Sally asked. "Somewhat Sally, they are pups and very playful, but they are so mild in behavior. I was able to scratch a few on the tummy and even handle the sheath of one, but they are more interested in playing with each other.""They will settle down some with the obedience training that they will start getting this evening from Ken and Bill." Sally said. "But it won't be long for them to start to imprint with you as a trusted friend and that is the important thing." Sally replied."Let's go to the other play area Gin. Now you are going to earn your discount." Sally said laughingly. They walked to the other side of the Kennel area. The separate areas for each dog was a divided for the pups from the mature dogs, so the pups couldn't see the activity the mature dogs would be involved in. There was a screen wall that also kept the common area visually separate from the sleeping bins. Sally went to a swinging gate and said "keep this door closed when you have any dogs in this play area. You don't need to excite the others." Ginger looked aroung the common area and saw a fully stuffed lounging chair without any arms, a padded bench and what looked like a swing of some kind. Sallly opened the doors to 2 individual sleeping areas and brought out 2 mastiffs."Are these the ones from the party the other night?" Gin asked. "No, four of those belong to me and are at my house now, and the other four were sold and delivered yesterday." Sally said laughing. "They had a great send off didn't they?" She said, not expecting a confirmation. "OK, this is Olie and Stan, named after the famous comedy team, but I assure you they are no comedians hun." Sally said. You should only bring out 2 at a time because there is no way of predicting how they will react until they are trained more fully. So far they have only been one on one with me. " Sally said. "And I can definitely tell you they are going to be worth the money they will bring." "So bond with them and get them to do everything you possible can, OK?" Sally asked. "Everything??? That sounds very exciting." Gin replied. "Oh there are four more Mastiffs in the bins, so you will be busy for the next 3 hours Gin." Sally laughed, remembering how Gin reacted Saturday nite. "I'll leave you to your evil ways now hahahaha.." Sally then left the kennel. Gin looked at Olie and Stan, not knowing who was which. She called for Olie and one of the mastiffs came over to her and raised up on his hind legs and put his front paws on her shoulders. She almost fell over as she wasn't expecting that reaction. She removed his paws and decided she better get ready. She took off her tube top and shorts. She then sat on the bench and called Olie again. He again responded by approaching her and she petted his head briefly. Then she ran her hand down his flank and slowly went under his belly to his sheath. Olie reated very quickly and his cock started to stiffen and was soon peaking out of the shearh. "Oh yes Olie, you and I are going to have some fun now." She stroked the large growing cock and it was soon at least 6 inches out of the sheath. Gin leaned down and licked the head , moving her tongue the full length of his redish cock. She then took it inside her lips and let it slide into her mouth as much as she could.Stan came over and was sniffing around her loins suddenly. Gin openned her thighs and Stan wasted no time at all licking the folds of her cunt lips. "Oh gawd yes, you fucking stud, lick my hot cunt." Gin was feeling the heat from the two dogs attention. She lay back on the bench and coaxed Olie to follow her so she could continue sucking that big gorgeous fucking cock. Meanwhile Stan had managed to part her cunt lips and was pushing his long tongue inside her steaming honey pot, grazing over the clit on each lick. Gin was begining to feel that she needed complete fulfillment. She opened her legs and adjusted to the bench so her cunt was on the edge. Stan took the hint and raised up to put his front paws on either side of her on the bench. The bench was at least 2 feet or more off the floor and it put her cunt at just the right level for Stan to penetrate her cunt. Gin reached for his cock and tried to pull him closer, getting the tip on her clit and lips. But she couldn't complete the connection. "Damn Stan, come on. Get that fucking cock inside my fucking cunt and give me what I fucking need now." Gin said. Suddenly as if he understood, Stan lurched and he impaled Gin with at least 8 inches of glorious mastiff cock. It shocked Gin and she almost screamed, but her cunt quickly clutched the big fucking cock and seemed to pull it in without her thinking about it. "Oh Gawd this is so fucking great. Give it to me Stan, fuck me like a bitch. Fuck my hot fucking cunt and make me yours, make my cunt your fuck bitch." Gin moaned. She then reached for Olies cock again and guided it to her lips. She quickly engulfed the full 6 inches that were exposed and sucked like she was starved for fuck juices.Olie reacted by humping into her mouth and his cock grew into at least 8 inches and Gin almost gagged. But having the experience of being an excellent cock sucker from her daliances with men in her life she accomodated Olie with some ease. Soon she was being fucked at both ends. Her cunt was tingling with the pumping Stan was using and the linings of her cunt were wet with precum. She felt the tingling spread and soon her thighs were trembling. She also tasted the fuck juices squirting out of Olies big fuck stick. Fuck yes you two fuck studs, yes, fuck my hot fucking cunt and mouth and flood me with your fuck juices; Give me your fucking seed and fill me with it, She could only think with her mouth full. Soon Olie was squirting more and more and filling her mouth, and Stan was pushing harder and harder. Her cunt was not on fire and she felt the waves of orgasms starting in her loins. Her legs were trembling and her mind was drifting into a fuck space that she had never imagined existed before last week. Then her stomach started to quiver and she knew she would explode with a mind blowing orgasm very soon. Suddenly she felt a slight pain in her cuntal ring. Stan had forced his knot into her cunt and was now tied, and Stans cock had entered her cervix. The feeling was so fucking unreal. She had nothing at all to compare it to and it was absolute fucking nirvanna.Oh Gawd Oh Gawd, this is so fucking great her mind was numb to it all. She just needed to feel it all and enjoy the fabulous knot pressing her g spot. She was shaking uncontrollably and her eyes glazed over as she came in wave after wave of fucking pleasure, like nothing she could ever have imagined it to be like. Why did she avoid fucking so long. Her toes were curling and she had to hold onto the sides of the bench to keep from bucking the cock out of her hot fucking cunt.Stan stayed knotted for about 7 or 8 minutes and it kept Gin having wave after wave of orgasms. Her cunt was so full of cock and cum and she Stans cock in her cervix. She felt the waves of her orgasms gaining in strength her conciousness drifting in the sub space the pleasure that her cunt was feeling, knowing she had no control anymore. After Stans knot receeded enuf he dismounted and lay down beside the bench. Gin let Olies cock out of her mouth and slowly gained the strength to get off the bench. She lay down near Stan and licked and sucked his cock until it quit squiting it hot fuck juices. She then noticed Olie still had a full fucking hard on and knowing she should take care of training him as well she went to the open lounge chair and got on her hands and knees on the chair, facing away from Olie. "Come on Olie, come and make me your fuck slut now. I want to feel your hot fucking cock in me." she said looking over her shoulder at Olie. Olie approached her like he fully understood what was expected. He raised up and straddled Gin and brought his cock close to her cunt. He tried several times to connect and enter Gins hot fucking cunt without success. Gin was frustrated but used patience, coaxing Olie on again and again. Then the shock of Olies cock entering her almost knocked her over. But his huge fuck stick missed her hot wet cunt and plunged into her asshole. Fully all 8 or more inches were impaled within her and she felt like her asshole was burning up. The fire she felt was almost unbearable. "FUCK OLIE. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, NOT THERE, NOT THERE." She screamed at the dog who was now pumping furiously into her burning asshole."OH GAWD NO. NO NO. GAWD NO. " She moaned. But gradually the pain disappeared and a new sensation replace it. She was starting to tingle all over again and she knew she would again have a completely engrossing orgasm, not like the last one but every bit as good. Then Olie pushed his knot inside her anal ring and it almost split her wide open. But she quickly returned to the tingling she felt just before the knotting. "FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK YYYYEEEEESSSSS ..........FFFUUUUCCCKKKK MMMMYYYY HHHHOOOOOTTTTTTT AAAAASSSSHHHHHOOOOLLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Gin was moaning. She was now back in her favorite fuck sub space, reveling in her orgasms and wave after wave of indescribable pleasure racked her body again. She drifted off, her lower jaw hanging open and the drool of her cum coated mouth dripping down on the floor beneath her. She could no longer talk or even moan words, just sounds showing how fucked she was. Her cunt reacted to the fucking and soon gushed and squirted her own fuck juices which surprised her as she wasn't even being stimulated their. She didn't even need to finger her clit, it was just a physical reaction to her lustful fucking. Olie stayed tied for about 6 minutes and then slowly receeded and he then dismounted. Although she was weak from the hard fucking, Gin truned and got under Olie and sucked his still hard purplish huge cock into her mouth, tasting his hot fuck juices with the hint of her asshole on his cock. She savored it and sucked until he was done squirting. Slowly she sat up and smiled weakly. Wow!!!! She thought. I have 4 more mastiffs to fuck and suck yet and I feel completely fulfilled. About that time Sally came into the kennel. "Hows the bitch?" she asked smiling. "Have they made you a fucking K9 bitch yet?""Oh Sally, I am so fucked I am not sure I can go on with all six dogs today." "OH yes you will, you are going to be a fucking K9 slut bitch and like it. And believe me you will like it more and more. " Sally went over to where Gin was sitting on the lounger. She knelt down between her legs and said. "Let me sooth your hot fuck hole for a minute hun. It will get you ready for the next two mastiffs"With that Sally leaned forward and started licking Gins cunt. Gin felt her loins starting to react and realized Sally was right. She would be ready to fuck again and soon. Gawd, was she becoming a K9 bitch so easily? Sally could taste the dog cum fromher cunt but it didn't take long for Gins pre cum to start wetting her fucking hot cunt again. "OK Slut, you are ready, lets get you a couple more fuck mates." Sally said and she led Olie and Stan off. End of part one.
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