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Hi everyone here is my fantsasy if anyone would like to really do this this would be a dream for me,My fantasty is to meet a woman in a bar talk to her but she will be wearing a wonderfull fur coat, she will not be knowing that i have a fur fetish, anyhow after a while we go back to hers all im thinking of is rubbing her fur coat over my cock but this lovely woman has a darker side which i love to see!she brings her wonderfull dog out to see me, playfull dog, which keeps heading for her crutch, She says to the wonderfull aninmal stop while giggling, she pulls up her skirt so she can sit down still wearing her fur coat, she looks at me, knowing i have a hard on big time, she says why do you have a hard on for,I say to her its you fur coat i love furs!she says i will keep it on if you watch me do something!I say whats that??She calls her dog he runs straight in between her legs she lays back with her arms flung in the air with her legs open the dog is now giving her a fantstic lick on her pussy, she askes me to come to her.she says while i get f***** by my dogi may as well fur rub you with my coat, i lay on the floor now undressed.she takes her cloths and coat off, putting on he fur coat,she is still telling the dog to stop while she to get ready for me.she on her hands and knees over me, i can feel the fur her mouth sucking me rubbing me in fur!she calls her dog, the dog jumps up onto her back, penertrats he cunt she wine'sand grones while her dog his knotting her im geing suck and f***** by fur!the dog cum's inside her spitting cum, she yeilds calls the dog on me to lick my cock.she sits on my face while still dripping from her cunt, the sleeve of her fur and the dog licking my cock, they both suck as i cum,,this is apart of my fantasty,please if anyone wants to show me this i would be very up for this.remember i have a fur coat fetish,,,email me at [EMAIL REMOVED - USE THE PRIVATE MESSAGE SYSTEM]
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