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Hello to everyone !I have just joined this forum and I wanted to tell for the first time how I came to sex with animals.It is not that I like to have sex with animals, I only like to see women to do it with dogs, horses or whatever.It is now nearly 25 years ago that I was confronted with this for the first time.In this time I was hanging around with a friend of mine mostly at his home.We were young and right about the age where you are talking a lot about what girl you would like to fuck but never do it.In fact we would have been happy if we could any girl at all.It was one of the afternoons where we were just sitting in his room, listening to some music and beside of that didn't know what to do.My friend Peter than asked if we should play a board game (I think all of you know the game “Risk”).I was not especially keen on that and it was maybe not appropriate for our age, but what should we do else during a boring afternoon.So I agreed and he asked me to get the game.All the board games in the house were in his sisters room and they had the normal brother/sister relationship.He mostly called her “stupid cow” and she called him “baby boy”.In fact I liked her.She was good looking, just maybe 10 kilo to much on her ribs.But a nice face and (which at is always very important for a boy at the age I was ) beautiful big boops.Her parents were always worrying about here, because opposite to other girls at her age (she was 20 years at this time) she spent a lot of her time at home.She only went out to the stable for horse riding (which was her biggest passion) and to have a walk with their German shepherd dog Bruno.As said it was up to me to get the game and I went upstairs to Andrea's room.The house was huge and Peter's and Andrea's parents were very nice and modern people.They had the simple rule that everyone can always enter any room in the house.There were simply signs at each door which had written “open” on one side and “closed' at the other one.Nobody would have dared to go into a room where the sign was on “closed”.So I came to Andrea's room, the sign was on “open” and I went in.What I was seeing in this moment has changed my whole life.I have never forgotten it and I think I will never do.Andrea was kneeing on the floor totally naked, her big breasts were hanging down and Bruno was standing on two legs behind her.It took my a few seconds to realize what I was watching there.Andrea just got fucked by her dog !I was just standing there, shocked, amazed and unable to move.I think Andrea would have never recognized me, but Bruno turned his head and barked at me.Andrea also turned her head around and looked me right into the eyes.It was as if something made “click” inside me.I turned around, closed the door and ran down the stairs to Peter's room.He looked at me and asked if something was wrong, because I was breathing so heavily.I just said that his sister's sign at the door was on “closed” and that I slipped on the stairs as a reason why I was out of breath.Luckily he was so upset that we could not get the board game, that he did not realize that I was totally confuse.I was just realizing that I was not only shocked by what I had seen minutes before, no I was attracted, or simply said horny like never before.My penis was swollen and hard, it nearly hurt inside my trousers.Suddenly the door opened and Andrea was standing there.“I heard someone on the stairs. Was that one of you ? Did you want something from me?”“Yes,” Peter said, “Juergen wanted to get the “Risk” out of your room, but as always your sign was on “closed” again.”“So it is not anymore. Come on Juergen you can get it now.”I followed her to her room.Nervous as I was I didn't know what to say.She was behaving as if nothing had happened.Inside her room she closed the door and turned towards me.“So what do you want to do ? Do you want to tell anyone what you have seen ?”I was not able to say anything.Did she really think I would have told this somebody?Who should have believed me?“Come on Juergen, I will give you a reason not to tell anyone.”Saying that she fell on her knees, opened up the zipper of my trousers and took out my still stiff tool.“It seems that all of that didn't had a negative effect on you.”She rubbed my dick and than she gave me the first blow job of my life.It was simply marvelous.I did not have a lot of experience with girls at this time.In fact I just had fucked 2 girls and I already thought that this was quite great, to put my stick into a hot pussy, but what Andrea did with her mouth and tongue was overwhelming.So it took only maybe 30 seconds until I was ready to cum.Only later I realized that the first words I said since I had entered the room with her together were “I am coming !”And I came right into her mouth and she took it and swallowed it all.After that she took time to clean me up with her tongue and putted my shrinking cock back into my trousers.“So, if you can keep a secret, than you can get more. And now take the game and go back down, before my brother turns up.”I can't say exactly how long this whole thing lasted, but I would say today that it was maybe 3-4 minutes from when we entered her room to the time I left it again.I had the luck to spend some very enjoyable months with Andrea.As everyone can imagine, I tried to be at their house as much as possible.Especially I tried to be there early for any appointments with Peter, or to “forget” that he was not at home on some days.Sex with Andrea was simply great.She taught me a lot and she showed me a lot.But she never invited Bruno to one of our sessions.And I was just afraid that she would end everything if I would ask her for that.But I was not afraid to ask her one day if she still was fucking with him.She was lying right beside me in her bed and looked at me quite surprised.“Do you think that I have stopped to do that just because I am now fucking a little bit with you? I think you have no clue what a dog's cock is doing inside me. Your dick is nice and you are not a bad fucker, but Bruno is top class. His cock is hard and hot and he can do it much longer than any man can. I am still doing it with him as often as I can.”It was turning me on to know that she still was fucked by her dog and she could see it.My dick was standing upright again, but it was just minutes ago that we had a god session together.After that day, always when Andrea wanted me to recover a little bit faster, she told me stories about her and Bruno.One day, after even that didn't work anymore after we had exhausting 3 rounds, she told me that she even tried to have sex with her horse one time.But she admitted that the stallion's cock was to big for her, so that she just gave him a blow job and drank all his cum.I still do not know if this was the truth or just a story to turn me on, but whatever, it worked.After a few month she told me that we had to stop having sex.She said that she really enjoyed it, but that she has met a boy and that she thought that this could be something serious.I was upset and angry, I was even thinking about to tell her new so called “serious relationship” about what she was doing with Bruno.But who would have believed that ?So everything ended and I even stopped to see Peter as much as before.I was just wondering if Andrea would ever stop to have sex with a dog in her live.Sometimes I am still asking myself, where she is today and if she has a nice big dog.Nearly 25 years passed by and beside of some fantasies about women having sex with animals, I had nothing to do with all of this.I met my wife, fell in love with her and we had and still have the best sex a man can wish for.She is still a real beauty and I still do love her.About 2 years ago I was offered a very good new position in our company's branch in the US (I have just recognized that I haven't told you that I am originally from Germany).My wife and I were happy about that and so we moved.We found a beautiful house with a big garden and we settled in.Because I have to travel a lot inside the US, to Europe and Asia, my wife asked me if we could have a dog.She said that she would feel much more safe when I am away with a dog in the house.So we bought a very nice Golden Retriever last year.6 Weeks ago we were invited to diner in our neighbor's house.We went over and we took Monday with us (that's the dogs name, because we got him on a Monday).Everything was fine, the food was great, the wine superb.The only problem was that the neighbor's dog was in heat.She is a Dalmatian and had already won several prices.So the neighbors were not happy to see our Monday ready to mount her.We had to take him away and it took both of us, my wife and me to do that.I had to take him at his collar to take care that he kept sitting ride beside me.His swollen cock was quite obvious for everyone in the room.At around midnight we left and walked the few steps to our house.As always when I have a little bit to much of alcohol without being totally drunken, I was very horny.And at the behavior of my wife it was easy to recognize that she would welcome a good fuck.When we came into the house I wanted to directly take her clothes of.But she stopped me and told me to open up a bottle of wine.When I returned with the wine, my wife was already undressed.I think it took me maybe 10 seconds to take my clothes of (I more or less ripped them of).Immediately I was sitting ride beside her and started what I would have called at this time a foreplay, but it was maybe more an ambush.But she was ok with that because she was also more than only horny.My hand was wandering up her legs to touch finally her wet cunt.I sticked 2 fingers inside and started to fuck her with them.Suddenly there was something wet on my hand which was not belonging to my wife.I looked down and saw Monday standing between my wife's leg and licking her cunt.Just about now my wife was realizing that it wasn't me who was satisfying her and that it felt different.I pushed Monday away.“I do not know what is going on in his mind.” I said.“It is very clear what is going on in his mind. He is horny. He wanted to fuck the neighbor's dog, but we took him away. Now we are sitting right in front of him and doing what we forbid him to do. Just think how you would feel if I would look a porn video together with you and than not be willing to let you fuck me?”“Ok, I understand how he is feeling, but what do you want to do now? There is no lady dog here for Monday or do you want to volunteer ?”It was a joke.At least I keep telling me that it was a joke but maybe something inside me was absolutely not joking.“Why not? I have to say, I got horny when I saw his cock when Monday wanted to fuck the dog and since than I was asking myself how it feels. So at least I can give him a hand while you are fucking me.”It was unbelievable !I had fantasies regarding this for more that half of my live.And now my own wife wanted to fulfill these fantasies without even knowing what that meant to me.So she laid back and I gave her my cock missionary style.She took Monday a little bit closer until she could reach his cock and started to rubb him.I always knew that my wife can get very wet, but I had never experienced her this wet.Her cunt was overflowing with her syrup.“Turn around” I told her, “I want you doggy style.”“Just be careful that Monday is not getting angry on you doing it the way he is supposed to.”“If he is getting to angry I will let him change place with me.”“You really would do that? You would have no problem with it if the dog is fucking me. Oh, Darling I was thinking about that already the whole time.”I didn't know what to say.I was already amazed that my wife wanted to give relief to Monday with her hand, but now she really wanted his cock inside her.So I changed places with the dog.It was as he just had waited for this.He licked her cunt a few times and than I helped him to go on her back.He did found his target immediately and within seconds his hard cock was inside my wife.She was moaning and shaking.“Come on, give me your tool in my mouth.”Of course I did this immediately.So my wife gave me a very good blow job (probably the best in my life ) meanwhile she got fucked by our dog.Suddenly she screamed loud.“Oh my good, I forgot his knot. It is inside me and it is so big!”“Should I get him out of you?”“No, of course not. It is very big, but it is good.”She grabbed my dick again and putted it back into her mouth.Every time Monday humped his cock inside her, she was moving forward and got my dick even deeper into her mouth.She was moaning and shaking.I knew her long enough to know that she already had at least 2 orgasm.Than my time came and I sprayed her my semen deep into her throat.She swallowed everything and she kept on sucking on my penis as if she wanted to get even more.When I felt that my dick was shrinking, I took it out of here and sat down on the seat beside.I just had a beautiful look at my wife getting fucked by our dog.She was screaming and moaning and Monday kept on humping into her.“Oh he is coming. Oh that is hot, so hot and so much.”I could see that both were enjoying it.Than Monday calmed down and tried to get his cock out of her.But his know was still to swollen and before he could hurt my wife I stopped him and told both to lay down.So my wife was lying on her belly and Monday still sticking in her.“It feels so good that he is still so hard inside me.”After a few minutes Mondays patience was at end and he stood up and took his cock out of her.With a “plop” his dick was released.My wife also wanted to stand up, but she just had lifted her butt a little bit and Monday started to lick her cunt to clean her up.She really enjoyed it and after a few moments she had another orgasm.Finally everything had an end.At this evening we came to an agreement.I allow my wife to get fucked by our dog, as long as I can watch them doing it as often as possible.And when I am away for a business trip Monday can take care of her as much as she wants.So after all this years, my fantasies came true.Just a week ago I have started to search the internet for bestiality and zoo sex.So I came to this site.It is good to know that there are so many people with similar interests.Hopefully I will be able to show you pictures of my wife and the dog in the future.In the moment my wife still does not want to show her pictures in the web.She is afraid to be recognized.But maybe I can convince her some day.Maybe there are some of you out there which think that this whole story is just a fiction.But believe me, it is true.If something not happened exactly as I have written here, than only because a lot of time has passed since I have made my first experiences with Andrea.
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