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here is my second attempt to write about my experiences. each late summer. my dad and brothers headed for the river for a little r & r, some sturgeon fishing and a couple loads of driftwood for the shop stove in winter. hope this is acceptable.The Fishing TripLiving near a large river, we frequently had fishing expeditions although I seldom got to go being the oldest son and responsible for the milking and caring of livestock. But this time, Dad said ok for several of us to go – partly because we would be gathering firewood to bring home for the wood stove in the shop. There was an abundance of driftwood lining the banks of the river and some of us would fish, while the others gathered firewood. It was a camp out overnight trip and always looked forward to.We got to the river in late afternoon and got situated and a place cleared for the sleeping bags and a campfire. It was for warmth mainly and to deter rattlesnakes which were prevalent in that area. We did use the fire for cooking as well. Our lines were set, a large load of firewood had been gathered and we were just lounging around eating supper and enjoying the peace and quiet of the evening.Suddenly a large herd of cattle appeared, heading straight for the water. In that arid area, the cattle roamed the hills during the day to graze but headed for the river in the evening to drink and relax for the evening. Most were running or trotting in their hurry to slack their thirst and the activity stirred up quite a layer of dust. In the still air, it hung over us for a long time.. At the tail end of the herd came a small mare, probably about a 3 year old. She had been turned out to pasture with the cattle, probably because of the summer schedule and her age. I had been servicing our mares at the ranch for some time and instantly recognized the tail held high and to one side. Instead of going first to the water to drink, she came directly into our camp circle, squatted and let loose with a large copious amount of fluid. It didn’t seem that anyone else recognized the need she had for someone/thing to service her. I had sprung a boner the moment I recognized the signs with her tail up as she approached. I had pulled my shirttail out hoping to cover the huge tent in my jeans.I pretended she was messing up our camp area and walked up to her and tried to lead her away from that area and back with the cattle. Being mounted was far more important to her than was water. However I did get her move out with the cattle and she finally did get a drink of water. I wandered with the cattle back away from our campsite, hoping against hope that the little mare would follow. She did. She came right to me and I began to pet her and rub her down, working to the far side away from the campsite. With my fingers, I nipped her a time or two and she instantly swung her rump toward me, tail arched over her back and fluid pouring out of her pussy. I knew I had to have her and believe that was all that was in her mind as well. As I rubbed her, I worked back until I had my hand under her tail and was massaging her pussy, sliding a finger in and out. I knew I had to get away from the camp so began to walk along the river, away from the camp. The mare stayed right with me.We walked about a quarter of a mile and were in an area with lots of driftwood logs and large rocks. Perfect for my needs to reach her with ease. We were out of sight of the camp and the cloud of dust provided cover as darkness began to descend on us. I stopped and began to rub and tease her a bit again. She began presenting and literally begging to be mounted and I was afraid I’d lose my load before reaching the point of penetration. I moved to a log of the right height and got her turned so I could mount her. I moved to her rear and after more massaging and fingering her, peeled my jeans off and stepped up on the log. I lay on her back for a moment, then slid into her hot, juicy vulva. Every time I thrust forward, she would lean back into me and nearly drove me out of my mind with desire. I tried to go slowly but I was too hot, too ready. Her winking against my nuts was too much and I exploded. I lay on her back, arms around her body and enjoyed our union. But the action of her pussy on my penis was too much and soon I was thrusting in and out slowly again, the feel of her making me hotter than fire until once again I exploded. I arched into her as deep as I could push and let my juice mingle with hers and wished I could make her mine forever. Because she was so hot and so ready, I stop thrusting until I had cum one more time. By then, it was nearly dark and I knew I needed to get back to camp. Not only was it difficult to navigate in the dark, the danger of snakes was higher. I slipped out of and off of my beautiful lover and held her head to me for a long minute. As I started to leave, she moved in front of me, stopped and presented again. Then she backed up until she had her rump against me. I couldn’t say no so dropped my jeans, maneuvered her to another log and made passionate love one last time.When sunrise came early the next morning, I looked for her everywhere but she had followed the cattle back into the hills. I never saw her again but neither have I ever forgotten her. As I look back, I am still amazed that someone in the group didn’t recognize her being in heat and my disappearing for over an hour that evening. But she was one of the hottest and most willing lovers I have had. She seemed to have a sixth sense that I wanted her as much as she wanted to be mated. But then I think most animals read us zoo’s better than people do. I have never forced an animal to have sex yet when I wanted sex, all but one animal came to me and initiated it. Sometimes it was when there was no way I could participate but they let me know they were ready.Hope you enjoyed my true story. I know I have much to learn yet and appreciate your constructive criticism to make my attempts better for you. thanks.
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