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Hi all,I have had a long time interest and often fantasise about my girlfriend having sex with a dog. She knows I have an interest in beastility, and I know she has no interest in it. So I have not said anything else about it since. Which was a year ago.But secretly, I have devised a harmless plan.I plan to organise a very special night for my girlfriend, while we are dogsitting our neuhbours dog. My plan is to place a secret wireless camera in the bedroom facing the bed, for which I can access downstairs in secret. I am planning to cook a nice dinner and then take my g/f up to bed. I am planning to make her very excited to touching her in the right places. Then when she is naked in bed, I will tie her hands and legs (while spread apart) to the bed posts. I will play with her so that she is very wet and very excited.Then out of the blue, I will say that I want to buy some whipped cream from the shop and that I will return in 10 minutes. As I leave the room, I will push the dog to enter the room and tell g/f that the dog will look after her while i am gone. I will then open and close the front door so that it sounds as though I have left the house.However, I will then look at my laptop which displays the hidden camera and watch for what I am hoping to occur. I am hoping that the dog will pick up the scent of her wet pussy and proceed to lick it. She loves that, and I reckon the dog can do it better than I can. I will keep attention to whether she wants the dog to leave or if she actually enjoys it.If she looks upset and really concerned, then I will pretend that I forgot something and pretend I have returned. Or, if she starts to orgasm (which I am hoping for), then I will go upstairs and quietly and stand at the door frame with a smile. Which will give her a shock. Then I can experiement as to how far she will take it.I am keen to hear from ladies on the site as to whether my plan is a very bad idea, or give that hint of extra excitement for my g/f.Thanks everyone,
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