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Joe was in the military and gone for two to four months at a time. So he was not surprised that his wife Amy was having to take care of herself. Joe was surprised at how she was doing it though. Suspecting that something was happening he did not tell her the correct date of his arrival, so he could check up on her. He came home two days early and watched her comings and goings, following her to her destinations and home again. Nothing seemed to have been out of the ordinary, so about seven o'clock on the evening of the second day, Joe very quietly sneaked into the house. The tv was playing in the living room as he tip toed down the hallway to the bedroom. As he got to the bedroom door he could hear her voice. He thought she might be on the phone, but he wasn't even close. She was naked, lying back on some pillows with her legs spread wide, between them was their poodle Pepper. She had one hand holding him tight inside her while the other masssaged her breast. She was telling him to lick her breasts, which occaisionally he did, but he needed no prompting to keep burying his dick to the hilt in her pussy. He was hammering her pussy. When he did slip out, his sperm would shoot onto her breasts, face and stomach. She would grab him and put him back into her pussy. As Joe watched she came at least twice. Pepper would slow down and rest every three or four minutes and then go back to fucking her again. Joe was getting hard watching her getting fucked, so in he walked. She acted startled and surprised and started trying to offer all kinds of lame excuses. Joe just ignored her. He got a couple of my ties and began tying her to the bed. He could tell she was really scared because she thought she was in real trouble but he never said a word. When he had her to the point she couldn't move, he gagged her with a pair of her panties and held them there with another tie. Then Joe rolled her onto her belly and tied her legs to the bed corners. He put a pillow under her stomach so her ass would stick up some and then he told her she had already been pussy screwed, so she was going to get her ass screwed also. Something she had not experienced yet. Joe took his cock out and lubed it and her ass. He rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack for a minute or two, to let her know he was serious, then shoved it to her. She bucked and tried to protest, but could do nothing. He fucked her full length, from the tip to the hilt. After five minutes or so she began to enjoy it, as she began pushing back into him as he went to the hilt on her. As he began to cum, he squeezed it off until he could get around to her face and unloaded onto her face. She thought she was done, because Joe could see her body relax, but Joe just said, "You're not done yet". He brought Pepper around to her face and pulled down her gag. She started saying she wasn't doing anything more. Joe just pushed Pepper's dick into her mouth and told her to suck it. Pepper went from semi to hard and his hips started pumping into her mouth. Joe just grabbed a handfull of hair to hold her head still and went back to fucking her ass again. He could hear his wife gagging as Pepper came in her mouth and Joe buried his cock even deeper in her ass and came too. When his dick slipped out of her ass, he went back up to her head where it was obvious that Pepper had cum. It was running down her lips and cheeks. Her panties went back in her mouth and Joe took Pepper around to her back end. He told her, "Now he is going to fuck your ass". More attempted protestations, but Pepper's dick went right in and he just tore her ass up. Joe let him Pepper continue for at least twenty minutes. Pepper's dick is not as big around as Joe's, but it is just as long, so he let him fuck her until he got tired. There is no telling how many times Pepper came, if they cum in orgasms like men, but his cum was running down the insides of her legs when he finally pulled out. She was pretty much exhausted, as she had cum several times herself. Joe rolled her over and jerked off onto her face one more time to mark her again with his sperm and then let her spend the night tied up and gagged. When Joe woke up in the morning, Pepper was hunching her side and breast. Joe let him hunch her until he started cumming again. He was shooting on her breast, neck and face. She finally got Joe to understand she had to pee, so he let her crawl into the walk-in shower and pee from her knees. He made a half hearted attempt to wipe her, but Pepper did a better job. He led her back into the bedroom and helped Pepper fuck her pussy again, doggy style. He made sure she let me know when she came. He counted about thirty six times in that one weekend, before he untied her and let her shower. She was covered with cum from the both of her husband and Pepper. She was mad for about a week before she would talk to Joe. Finally, about a month later she talked about it. She had to admit she had never been fucked so much or cum so many times. Joe and Amy have done it again once or twice since then. Sometimes Joe makes her suck and fuck Pepper in all her holes for the camera. She gets very hot when she watches it later.
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