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The sun shone down on me rather warmly that day, I can remember it as if it were yesterday. It had been raining for several weeks in a row, and it was the first time the sun had broken the clouds in all that time. The grass has the scent that was sweet and earthy, and the air was clean, in such a way that you could taste spring on its brushing caress. I was walking along the sidewalk, counting cracks as I ambled along, when a sound grazed my ears alerting me to something of interest. “Come on,” The deep male voice spoke out in a hushed tone, “It won’t hurt, and no one will know.” The sound of his voice brought me to a stop, it was as if he was coaxing someone into a devious plan, one I wanted to witness for some odd reason. Her voice could be thought of as an angels call, so soft and meek it was, the woman that I later came to know as Mandy. “ I don’t know, it’s a dog for Christ’s sake, is it right?” I could feel my heart stop, and looking around rapidly for a crack or knothole I could exploit for viewing purposes, I held my breath. Could it be I would be so lucky as to view a delightful initiation into the ranks of animal lovers?“Honestly Mandy, it’s no different than when we have sex, just a little more hair than I have.” I could hear her giggle, and I wanted to see this beauty that would be enjoying something I had yet to taste of. Finally I found it a sliver of a crack, but enough for me to see who it was that was talking. She was lovely, long golden hair, tanned skin, a perfect angel just like her voice. Her blue eyes gazed at the man with open innocence, something I had lost along time ago. I awkwardly fingered my dark hair, looking down at my not so slender form and sighed, maybe that was why I could not find the right person for me. My green eyes lifted once more as I heard her voice again forgetting my previous musings as she spoke what I had hoped to hear. “ Okay, for you I will do this.” I could feel myself getting excited already; I was going to secretly witness something that I had only dreamt about. Soft sounds began as I saw her layback, the man undressing her, my eyes spied off to the side a rather large breed of dog, and he seemed to be some kind of Shepard mix. He was pushing forward as Mandy became visible to his gaze, she must have been excited about what was going to happen, because the male was literally drooling to get a taste of her. His head nuzzled against her leg, and for a moment she looked like she was going to fight against what was to come, but to my rising pleasure she parted those tender legs and offered up what lay in between. Her gasp was amazing, I felt myself shudder just from the sound as the dogs tongue ran the length of her sweet slit. I watched as her hips bucked up against it, she was a natural animal lover that was clear as the very day when she let out with a long moan praising the male that was being so attentive to her. Leaning slightly against the fence I let my own hand trail along the heavy swell of my breast, it was so sensual to watch her writhing and hear her moans, I did not think I would be able to stop even myself from enjoying a release of my own. Quickly I glanced around to make sure no one was looking, and when it was confirmed that there was not, my traveling hand slipped past the waist of my pants and was sent directly to the already hot wetness between my own legs. Another sound brought me back to viewing through the fence, “ It’s so big! I don’t think… ohhh shit!” That sweet angelic voice calling out like a slut as the dog moved up against her starting to search for his own needs to be taken care of, his red length prodding her swollen lips, parting them with the swollen top of his cock, and then with a sudden thrust he buried himself into her depths eliciting a cry of lustful pleasure from the blonde beauty. The strong male began to thrust hungrily and with his thrusts came louder cries of pleasure from Mandy, if anyone walked by they would get quite a show for not only was this wanton blonde getting nailed by a dog in her back yard, but a brunette was casually frigging herself to her own release right outside the fence. What a sight it would be, but I digress. I sat watching this woman get taken by her dog, and the man that had convinced her to had slipped around and was not receiving what must have been the blowjob of his life from the look on his face. Myself well, my own twitching depths were getting close to finding that euphoric release when I heard her cry out once more in pain and pleasure, the male had hunched himself forward pushing himself in as deep as he could go, and as a result he had knotted with her. Her sweet lips were stretched beyond comprehension, he had that flushed look of release that overcame us all at the peak of orgasm, and he was sucking on her mate like there was no tomorrow, I could see her throat muscles moving she must have been getting a load of cream that was heavy and hot. The very sight of it all caused me to let out a cry of my own, my fingers working overtime on my clit, my back arching as I let out with a hungry cry of release, the sensations crashing over me like a tidal wave and threatening to over take me, to drown me in their ebb and flow. My sweaty forehead fell forward, pressing against the grain of the wood, my labored breath was slowly coming under control as the aftershocks began to fade away, just as I was gathering myself I looked up to see what I had feared most, there stood Mandy and her beau peeking over the fence at me, her face flushed with the afterglow of good sex, and his holding an amused expression, I had been caught…. To be continued maybe.
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