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This Saturday my wife and I went to visit some friends in the countryside. It was around 4 in the afternoon and we were driving through some farms, many of them have become summer houses, but some still remain. As we turn into one of the side roads, a pasture field came to sight. There they were; the most beatiful herd of young cows I had seen in years. I rolled down the car window and their sweet smell caressed my nostrils, bringing instant memories from the days when I was a young and inexperienced bull. I was about nineteen years old by then, horny as I could be, and with no available women on sight. I was visiting a new friend, a guy I met in the town I used to live. He lived with his parents in a farm nearby, and came to town to study. That's how we meet. He invited me to visit his farm on a weekend. His parents took off to run some errands in town soon after my arrival. We walked around the farm for a while. He showed me the crops, mainly vineyards, we took a look at the tractors, and then we went to the stable. There they had two cows. I can't tell how this happened, but it didn't surprise me at all to see my friend unzipping his pants and start having sex with one of them. I had never thought of interspecies mating until then, and seeing this, I was wondering why the posibility of doing it had never ocurred to me. I watched my friend enjoying it... it seemed as such a natural thing...Of course my thinking wasn't as fast as my erection and what followed: I said it before, I was a young bull, but my inexperience started to fade out that afternoon.Now, the cool air, and the smell of grass and autum leaves that came from the pasture, transported me again to those bucolic times. I could have stopped the car right there, get off and do it with any of the black and white beauties, even right in front of my unsuspected wife.But that would have made us late to our friends'. I kept my fantasy for myself, and that night, back at home, I took a lot time foreplaying with my wife. Her pussy was almost as hot and slippery as the first cow I had in that unforgettable afternoon. I closed my eyes, and there I was once again in that stable.
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