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I will never for get that day, I just gotten home from working a split shift. It was a warm summer day. I called my girlfriend that day and we went to beach. During the day we both spotted a sign saying free puppies. So she quickly ran over there to see what they had. She had picked out this little cutie mix It looked like it had a mix with husky and I was not sure what else. My girlfriend replied saying this pup will always be here for you. And she handed him to me. to this day thoughts I will never for get how true her words were. On our way home it started to rain, you could almost see that the rain was coming down so hard looked like you were driving underneath a water fall. I had glanced over and seen my girlfriend was asleep with pup in her lap. so I smiled and drove on About 15 minutes latter is when my life changed for ever. I didn't see the car cause it was on a blind side of a curve. When I awoke and tried gain my footing I noticed that I was in a ditch, I looked over and my girlfriend was not there anymore. That is last thing I remembered untie the paramedics lifted me onto a stretcher. from what I was told latter I was screaming for my girlfriend, but the paramedics had told me she had died on impact and was ejected from the car. But as they placed me in the ambulance a officer handed me the pup that was near the car crying. more come once I find out what people think.
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