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My fantasy is of a world where all prejudices are eliminated from society, and humanity becomes ideally "perfect". We lose our mechanistic utilitarian idealogues and throw off our egospheres, and reestablish ourselves as mere creatures that are a part of the biosphere, not divine beings set on a pedestal above everything else.We should renew our bond and reverence for nature, the environment and all life on this earth and live to serve and love others.I fantasize of a world where all people, human and nonhuman, are accepted for who they are, and all have equal rights as living, breathing sentient beings with emotions and souls....Nonhumans have suffered long enough at our vile hands, we must gain rights for nonhumans and learn to love and treat them as brothers and sisters.Many biologists who have worked with bears for many years believe that they are as intelligent as a 3-year-old human. Why so is it that they have infinitely fewer rights to living a natural, long happy life free of suffering? The prejudices of specism in our society are evil and need to be overthrown. Apes and dolphins are other equally intelligent animals that suffer needlessly all the time. When will nonhumans gain their rights? I do not know, but a day when they will be held in as high a regard as me or you is what I fantasize of.
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