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Uncle Jessie’s FarmDay 2The early morning chores are fairly easy. Jessie’s farm consisted mostly of hay, oats, and corn. There weren’t very many animals to take care of. Pepsi first feeds and waters the mini horses, then gathers any eggs in the chicken coop. She milks the goats and puts it into the holding tank. Jessie taught her how to make goat cheese years ago when she was in high school. She always milked the cows last because it’s the hardest. Jessie never did have more than two or three heifers so a milking machine wasn’t necessary. Milking by hand took time, but she doesn’t mind doing it, there is only one cow that needs to be milked today.She brought the cow into the milking stall by adding a little grain into the feed lot, then using the string hanging from the ceiling, ties the cows tail up so it stayed out of the way and she wouldn’t get swatted with it while she was milking. For some reason beyond Pepsi’s understanding, this seems to signal the cow that this is the perfect opportunity to create a cow pie.“Oh man. You could have done that outside.” She scolds.Fortunately there is a spray nozzle used to clean the utter before milking within Pepsi’s reach. So she cleans the manure off of the cow’s backside as well as the utter and tits. Duke had followed Pepsi while she did her rounds. He seemed to know the routine just as well as she did. After milking the cow, Pepsi put the milk into a separator to separate the cream from the whole milk then put the cream and milk into an old refrigerator. When she stepped back into the milking parlor, she saw Duke, standing behind the cow licking its butt.“Duke! You horny old bastard, leave that cow alone. I don’t want you wasting your self on her.” Pepsi laughed, but in the back of her mind there was an erotic twinge from the sight.As Pepsi reaches up to untie the cow’s tail, she is staring directly into the cow’s genitals. She couldn’t help herself from thinking about how big it is and if cows had a clitoris just like a human. Instinctively, she looks around; knowing there isn’t anyone around for miles but looked just the same. Her curiosity has gotten the better of her.Ever so cautiously she pulls one lip of the cow’s vulva to the side ready to jump away if the cow fought back at her indiscretion. The cow doesn’t seem to mind so she explores a little deeper using both hands to pull the lips apart. While she searches for something that looks like it might be a clitoris, Duke’s head pops up between her arms and he eagerly licks the cow as if Pepsi was intentionally holding the lips apart just for him. The cow lifts her head and starts licking the air obviously enjoying every minute of Duke’s tongue as it slips effortlessly into the large opening.“I know how you feel honey. Hurry up, I want my turn!” Pepsi says with a giggle.With a gasp of inspiration, a light comes on in Pepsi’s head.“Holly Shit! Duke you’ve done this before haven’t you?”Pepsi quickly unties the cow’s tail from the string and herds the cow out to her pen. She runs out to the horse coral and looks at the mini horses. There are four of them. She goes back into the barn were the two goats are that she milked earlier and the other two of the three heifers. Pepsi sits down on a bail of hay to think. Sure enough, Duke is the only animal on the farm with balls! Even then Uncle Jessie had said that he belonged to the neighbors daughter. Could it be possible? Is Uncle Jessie having sex with the animals on the farm?The whole time Pepsi is thinking, Duke has been prancing around whimpering and pushing on Pepsi’s knees trying to get her to spread them.“Oh, I’m sorry Duke. I forgot all about you.”Pepsi stands up and removes her shorts. She lays them on the bail of hay so her bare butt isn’t getting poked. Removing her panties, Duke dives head first into her wet little crotch. All thought of Jessie fades as her fantasy turns to Duke’s tongue gliding in and out of the cow. She wants to feel that sensation. She wants to know how the cow must have felt. Using both hands, she spreads her own lips so Duke can reach deep into her just like he did with the cow. She feels the velvet soft wetness of it dig deep enough that his cold nose sends shivers of electricity through her body when it touches her clit. She closes her eyes, visualizing that she is the cow with her tail held high in the air tied to the string. It isn’t Duke she sees giving her pleasure, it’s Uncle Jessie, standing on a box, his manhood buried deep into her. She has never seen Uncle Jessie in this way before but it turns her on so quickly her explosive orgasm is already boiling in her loins. She takes a deep breath, preparing for it, anticipating its power. At that very moment Duke, lifts his head up from between her legs, and with a “Woof” runs off toward the half open barn door.“DUKE! Where are you going?” Panic. Was that a shadow under the barn door?“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Pepsi thinks as she franticly gets dressed and runs to door.In her quest to confirm the gender of the other animals on the farm, Pepsi hadn’t heard the car pull into the driveway.CAUGHT!Standing in front of a sporty looking car was a beautiful young girl about Pepsi’s age whose face is being licked feverishly by Duke. Questions race through Pepsi’s mind. How long has this stranger been here? How much did she see? Who is she? Duke! Stop trying to mount her! If Pepsi hadn’t been in a state of near orgasm she would have been mortified having been caught with Duke by this total stranger. Instead, it seemed to heighten her level of excitement just a little. Before Pepsi could stammer out a greeting, the girl turned toward her and spoke first.“Hi. I’m Monica. My parents live on the next farm about two miles up the road. You must be Pepsi. Jessie told me you would be visiting for spring break.” Monica said offering Pepsi a handshake. “Are you OK, you look a little flushed?”Still wondering how much this person knows, Pepsi can barely utter a “hello” and “no I’m fine” her attention focused on Duke’s obvious hard-on still trying to hump Monica. Pushing Duke down, Monica, looking directly at Pepsi, with an all-knowing grin on her face says. “I wonder what has made Duke so damn horny!” Pepsi’s knees turn to Jell-O under her as reality sets in. It was Monica’s shadow that she saw under the barn door. She must have seen the whole thing. Pepsi’s mind is racing, looking for some kind of response. What should she say? Denials, an apology, say something, anything. Before Pepsi can think of anything to say, fear, shame, and guilt, are all swept away by shock! There in the middle of the driveway in front of her and anyone else who might be within two miles of the farm, Monica has turned around, dropped her pants and panties, bent down grabbing the bumper of her car and Duke is pounding away at a perfectly tanned tight little ass!Never in her wildest fantasy has Pepsi thought of Duke having sex with any other human being other than her. She should have known that Duke’s intimate relationship with Monica is a long and frequent one. He is to good at what he is doing. Someone had to have trained him. To her amazement, Duke’s knot isn’t growing any bigger. She can see and hear it sloshing in and out of Monica. It’s like Duke has total control of his level of excitement. He’s pumping away making little grunting sounds as Monica squeals in delight. Duke knows what he is doing.Pepsi feels a little envy, and a little jealousy at the same time. She can also feel the wet spot in her panties growing. The action she is watching is sending her already heightened arousal to a frenzied peak. When she looks down at her soaking crotch, fear darts into her mind. How long has she been standing there talking to Monica with her shorts unbuttoned and her left hand between her legs masturbating? Did she run out of the barn that way?“Screw it!” Pepsi’s shorts and panties are off and flung to ground.Pepsi is a straddle of Duke with her legs tightly camped around his tail. As he pounds his shaft into Monica, his tail rubs on Pepsi from her clitoris to her ass. The short prickly hairs, sending wave after wave of new sensations, never before felt across her loins. Pepsi reaches around Duke and Monica with her right hand. Finding Monica’s clit, wet with her own juices and Duke’s pre-cum, slowly rotates it with three fingers. Monica lets out a squeal of delight and then a hearty “Oh Yes!” as she enters into her first orgasm. Duke can feel the orgasmic contractions. This causes his knot to swell. He no longer has any control over his passion. Pepsi feels Duke’s knot grow as Duke’s thrusts become harder and harder. She moves her hand down so with Duke’s one final mighty thrust, and a scream from Monica, Pepsi feels Duke’s knot as it disappears. Pepsi moves her hand back to Monica’s clit now wet with Duke’s cum. As Monica’s second orgasm bursts, Pepsi’s hand fills with Duke’s cum so she swaps her left hand with her right and smears her own clitoris with Monica and Duke’s juices. As Duke’s hot cum pores from Monica it forms a pool in Pepsi’s left hand. Again she swaps hands and with three fingers pushes the hot juice into herself as far as she can reach. Again and again she pushes Duke’s cum in until her orgasmic contractions caused it to squirt out. For twenty minutes the three of them rest in this position. Duke’s cum slowly drips and runs down the legs of both women.Watch for Uncle Jessie’s Farm Day 3!Coming soon!
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