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Here is the final partRenamon lay there in the darkness unable to sleep “Maser is so different from the others, he lets me eat with him, doesn't want me to sleep on the floor, doesn't punish me. He treats me ..... as an equal.” as she thought a something arose inside her “What is this strange feeling? could this be, is it ..... Love?” Slowly her hand ran down her stomach, and between her legs “Ahhhhh,” she leg out a gentle moan as her fingers rubbed along the slit of her pussy. She slowly pushed in a finger, savouring the pleasure it brought her. Renamon was still a virgin, though her previous masters had abused her, she had never been with a male.“Ohhhh” she inserted a second finger, letting out a louder moan as the two finger began to pump in and out. With her free hand she began to massage her breasts, increasing the pace of her fingers. She could feel the juices growing around her fingers, the smell of herself driving her crazy. She switched hands and licked her fingers clean, making sure to get every drop of herself. “Nngh” she could feel the build up inside her, she was about to cum so she quickened the pace, thrusting her fingers in and out. “Oh Yes, Yes, YES!” she removed her hand and collapsed against the armrest as her juice poured out onto the couch “M... ma....master” she whispered as she slowly fell asleep.Xander awoke the next morning, pushed off the covers and began to stretch *Crrk!* “Oh, man my back, Errr” he let out a long yawn and pushed himself up. As he stood the sheets seemed to cling to his sheath “Oh right, guess I must have enjoyed that dream a little too much last night” he grinned “Renamon.” He grabbed one of his robes and headed down the stairs towards the living room “Renamon?” he knocked on the door, then slowly pushed it open “You awake?” “Nngh,” she stretched out on the couch “Oh, Master!” she quickly straightened up “Um, yes Master,” “Heh, relax, you don't have to get up on my account,” he moved next to her and sat down “So how did you slee...” he felt something wet underneath him “What the, oh!.. Whoa!” he shot up from the wet patch “Oh My .... I am so sorry master” she bowed her head in shame, covering her muzzle with her paws “Hey, hey,” he moved over to her and gently placed a hand on her cheek “It's ok, you spent the night in a new place. I can understand it might be a bit frightening, it's nothing to be ashamed of,” he looked into her eyes “Its ok,” “m. m m Master, it is not urine,” she bowed her head yet again “Oh,....Oh” his eyes widened “So you mean this is..” “Yes Master, I am sorry, I ... I know I should not do it unless commanded to, please forgive me” “Unless commanded to, what do you mean,” “The previous Master said that I am only to please myself if instructed too”, feelings of anger and disgust filled Xander “That's terrible, you mean you were forced to perform for this man,” she stared away in shame “Y..y.. yes,” she replied sheepishly “My god,” he went to place a hand on her shoulder, but she quickly retracted away “Uh... Renamon.” A long silence followed, Renamon huddled in the corner as Xander sat on the edge, resting his chin on his hand “Renamon,” he looked towards her “I don't want you to be scared anymore, your safe now. I have no idea what you previous Master did to you but your here now, and I won't let anything hurt you” Renamon lifted her head slightly to match her Masters gaze “No one will ever hurt you again” he smiled. Renamon leapt up and hugged her Master tightly, beginning to cry “Its alright,” Xander hugged her back “Your safe.”After what seemed like an eternity for the both of them, they released each other. Renamon quickly wiped the tears from around her eyes “Now then, would you like something to drink Renamon?” he smiled again “Thank you Master,””Please, there's no need to call me that, just call me Xander,” “yes Master” he gave a light chuckle, “I'll go and get those drinks.” As he stood up, he could see that for the first time in what seemed like ages, Renamon was smiling.The time that followed was greatest experience of Renamon's life, Xander introduced her to so many new things. He showed her the countryside, the forests and beautiful rivers, he introduced her to art and music, she loved the songs from the Simply Red and Travis, with every day her feelings for her Master grow stronger, and unknown to her, Xander felt the same.A week had now passed, and though Renamon could still not bring herself to sleep in the bed her Master had prepared, she awoke feeling comfortable, she new that this was the place she would love to spend the rest of her life. “Mornin' Renamon,” Xander came into the room holding a tray “I made you breakfast, hope you like toast, heh, unfortunately it's the only thing I know how to make,” he smiled “Oh... Master, please, I would have gladly made breakfast, this is too much,” “Now, now, I don't mind, its your one week anniversary here, and I want to make it special. That's why I have a special surprise in store for tonight,” Renamon smiled “Oh ... I don't know what to say, thank you so much Master” “Thanks nothing, I'm glad to do it. It's great having you here Renamon, I don't know how I survived before” Renamon stood up and took the tray from her Master, she placed it to one side and hugged him tightly “I .... I..., Thank you Master” she just couldn't seem to get the word out, as she let go she thought “I love you Master.”The day continued as normal after that, Renamon cleaned the house as Xander Resumed his work, frequently leaving his office to spend some time with Renamon. He loved having her there, but it was more than that, over the past week he had felt his feelings for her increase, he just couldn't seem to concentrate, he .... loved her, but was afraid to act on his feelings. After the past she had had, he was worried that it might affect her, but he couldn't deny his feelings for her “Tonight...” he thought to himself “I'll do it tonight, I have to find out,” he returned to his work, but all he could think about was her.The clock rolled round to 6pm, and he sun was beginning to set. The whole day Renamon couldn't stop thinking what her Master had in store for her. She had never had a surprise before, she wondered what it was. “Renamon, where are you?” she heard Xander's voice in the hall, quickly she removed her apron and joined him “I.. I'm her Master” “Ah, good. Well Renamon, are you ready for your surprise?” “Oh, yes Master, very much so” she smiled bowing her head “Great, one thing though, I have to ask you to where this” he handed her a blindfold “But why Master?” “Because, I want it to be a surprise.” Wearily she placed the blindfold over her eyes “Like this?” “That's it” Xander placed his hands on her shoulders “Ok, its a bit of a walk but I'm gonna guide you ok?” “Yes Master” she relaxed as he placed his hands on her, somehow she felt safe when he touched her “Ok, here we go.” Xander led her out the back door and down towards the field behind it.They continued to walk along, Renamon letting Xander guide her. After a few minutes Renamon could hear the sound of water and Xander stopped and turned her head upwards “Ok, you can take off the blindfold.” As she removed she slowly opened her eyes she was amazed, in the sky, all different coloured waves wisped across “It... It's so beautiful,” she couldn't blink, she didn't;t want to miss a second of it, Xander placed his hand on her shoulder “That's Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights, I thought you might like it,” “I love it, it's just ... so wonderful,” “But that isn't the end of your surprise, follow me,” he gripped her by the hand and led her down to the river “It's just over here,” he led her to a small offshoot of the river, blocked by a large bush “But it is cornered off Master?” “That's just to keep it a secret,” with ease he pushed the bushes to the side, revealing a small path alongside the offshoot “Nearly there.” “Renamon could hardly contain her excitement, if the lights in the sky had not been her surprise, what could it be?As they approached the end, the sound of running water got much louder “What is that sound Master?” Xander led her round the last corner and she saw it, she was absolutely amazed. There, stood a large waterfall, lit bright white by the moonlight, below it a small pool, amazingly calm, and the most amazing thing of all, it was glowing blue “I... it .....err,” she couldn't speak, it was so beautiful “This is the place i come to relax, none knows about it but me, and now you,” he smiled at her, she was silent, amazed, trying to take it all in “Its... just so .... beautiful,” she turned around and hugged him “Thank you Master, thank you,” she began to cry, Xander hugged her back “It was my pleasure, and I keep telling you, ya don't have to call me Master” he moved back smiled at her “Now, how bout a swim?” he moved over to the edge and removed his clothes “Ya comin?” he dived in and resurfaced “Renamon bowed her head, the smile shrinking “I....I can't,” “Why not?” he swam up to the edge “I, I cannot swim,” she felt so bad, to have her Master do all this for nothing “It's alright, I can teach you, its not that hard, and I'll be here to hold you” his smile was so soft and friendly, she couldn't resist. She raised her head and smiled, “Ok.” Renamon took off her clothes and slid into the water, not letting go of the bank, Xander swam up beside her and took hold of her hand “Ok, just start kicking your legs at a steady pace like me,” she watched his legs then tried to match the rhythm “That's it, now let go of the side, don't worry I wont let go,” slowly she let go of the side “Ha, I'm not sinking,” she smiled “That's it, your doing great, now I'm going to let go of your hand, but I'll still be right here. When I do just start to wave your arms up and down slowly and you should do fine.” Hesitantly she let go of Xanders arm, as she did she began to sink a bit, panicking, she began to flail her arms desperately trying to stay afloat, Xander grabbed her hand again “I've got you, it's ok. Your gonna sink a bit when you let go, just use powerful strokes with your arms and it'll be fine. You wanna try again?” “Yes Master,” Xander slowly let go, this time she stayed where she was “I'm doing it, I'm swimming!” her face lit up with joy “That's it, now try pushing your arms backward to go forward, towards me,” she did as he said “Hah, I'm actually swimming” as she reached him Xander embraced her “You're doin' great, you wanna try to swim around a bit?” “Yes Master, as long as you're by my side,” “Course I will be.”The two swam side by side, Xander always watching Renamon, she was a fast learner, soon she was already diving and swimming underwater. Yet Xander kept watch, he couldn't belive how beautiful she looked in the light of the pool, suddenly his thought was interrupted with a splash of water, he turned to see Renamon giggling “Oh so you wanna play at that huh,” he cupped some water in his hands and threw it over her “hee hee,” she began to splash him back. She managed to catch him off guard with a large splash “*Cough*, Oh that's it,” he laughed, then disappeared under the water. Moments later he appeared under Renamon's legs, then rose quickly, lifting her up “Woah,” she quickly struggled to gain balance “Heh, got ya now,” he gave a cheeky grin then fell backward, plunging her into the water. As Renamon resurfaced Xander began to float round her on his back “Give up?” “You wish,” she grinned, then dived onto him, sending them both below the water in a huge splash. They both rose at the same time, and they floated there opposite each other, laughing together. Slowly, without realising, the two moved closer together, till they found themselves face to face, staring into each others eyes, and there, in the calm light of the pool, they kissed. This was truly a kiss for the ages, they simply floated there, embracing each other in the water for what seemed like hours, but neither of them wanted it to end. Their bodies still entwined they moved over to the bank, and lay down by the side of the pool, Xander broke from the kiss and slid down to Renamon's breast, he began to gently kiss them all over “Ohhhh....” she gently moaned as he got closer to her nipples. He started to gently suck the nipples, for a short time then releasing them, Renamon kept pushing her breast towards him, wanting more of the pleasure it brought, he continued to tease her, always stopping as she got into it, the he began to lick up and down them, taking his time to run his tongue completely over them “Ahhh, yes,” without realising it, she spread her legs wide, taking this as a sign, Xander slowly moved down her body again, kissing her stomach as he went. When he reached her groin he gave her pussy a gentle lick with his long wolf tongue “Ohhh .... yes,” she moaned as her began to lick deeper, probing her with his tongue. He could feel her getting wet already, the scent of her juices arousing him further “Please... Master... Ngh..., take me,” she whispered over her moans. Xander moved forward and positioned himself at her opening, he leant forward and kissed Renamon, then slowly pushed himself in “Ow, oooh,” “Are you ok?” he asked looking into her eyes “It's my first time Master, its ok,” he continued to gently push in, not wanting to hurt her. He could see a mix of pain and pleasure in her eyes as he began to slowly pump in and out, “Ahhh. .. yes... Ahh,” her moans became louder as he began to pick up speed, still taking the greatest care not to hurt her “Uhh, oh Renamon,” he loved the feel of her, tightly grasping his wolfhood, Renamon suddenly felt a large bulge against her pussy, she then realised it was his knot, thinking that she would not be ready Xander pulled back a bit “No.... Master, its...Ahh.. ok I want to be one with you,” “Are you sure?” “Ohh.. Yes.” He began to ease the knot inside her, feeling the strain of her labia as he did “Uhhhh!... ow, Ngh keep going,” the final part of his knot slipped in and he began to make small thrusts, not wanting to damage he “Aaahh,...Yes...Oh Yes!” Renamon could feel herself getting close, her tail began to swish like crazy I..Uhh... I'm almost ...Mmmm.. almost there,” she moaned as he pushed into her again, and with one final thrust, “AHHHHHH YES!” her cum sprayed out around the sides of Xander's cock, this pushed him over the edge and he finally came “Ahh, ngh ohh yes.” He collapsed down, falling into a long, passionate kiss with Renamon, and as they lay there, their bodies as one, Xander pulled back and hugged her “I... I love you Renamon,” she hugged him back “I love you too ... Xander.”The EndI hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it, I find my best works are always done by listening to music that sets the mood I am writing about, it helps me believe I am there. Anyway, please leave comments saying what you thought and thanks for reading.
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