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Secret Desire (Non-Violent version of Alpha Encounter) With his muzzle low, he walked through the deep snow. Padding every step slowly on the early winter morning ground. He feels the cold snow creep up between the pads of his paws, attaching to his fur on his legs and paws like how his tears stuck to his face and run down his face. His tail trailed on the surface of the snow as he ventured forward into the unknown. For what caused his depression was the brutal ways of the greedy human race with their destructive behavior. The memories linger in his brain, burning from the pain inside. When Kilroy was a yearling he often prove himself a worthy contender in the hunts that he and his pack were in. One afternoon Kilroy wanted to hunt on his own, prove himself worthy to the rest of the pack. The other wolves were a little reluctant at first, sending out one yearling to hunt alone.Kilroy insisted on only getting a smaller prey to test his agility, the other wolves agreed and Kilroy padded off into the forest alone and ready to hunt whatever crosses his path. Not far into Kilroy's hunt he started hearing sounds, not common in nature. At the time he didn't think much about the noises and continued on into his hunt. He only wanted to hunt something small, just to prove to the pack his skills, also a snack couldn't hurt. He carefully sniffed the air for any kind of scent, nothing. He sat in the snow for a quick break, he closed his eyes and stretched slowly, taking in the new winter day. Kilroy relaxes for a few minutes but he knows that he shouldn't stall time while hunting, he stands up and shakes the snow off his pelt and continues on. he raised his muzzle in the air, catching the scent of a hare. He became alert and stealthy, he creep-ed forward just a little bit, the hare looked at him straight in the eyes and realized it's fate and desperately ran away. It was no use as Kilroy chased after it and clasped his jaw around it's neck, breaking it with a firm bite, quickly sending his prey to the after-life. He held the dead prey in his jaw and trotted back the way he came, feeling confident by his hunt. He lifted his muzzle high in triumph as he gaited back to his pack. Once he made it back to where his pack is, he dropped his prey in horror to find that no one is there. He looked around franticly, no wolf was to be seen, not a sound filled the winter sky. he howled out deeply, wanting to get a response back. Nothing. He sniffed the air carefully and smelled a stench, he never smelled this smell before. Confusion ran through his brain as he tried to figure out what happened to his pack. He looked at where the stench is, tracks, but nothing like he has seen before, continuous and treaded, stretched for as long as he can see. the paw prints of his pack ended where the treaded tracks begin. Reality sunk in Kilroy's mind, he stared at one on the paw prints in the snow and sobbed as he realized that his pack is now gone. For some time he stood still staring at the paw print, letting reality sink in. His heart has been broken and all hope is lost. He parted off in a direction leaving his former pack and his prey behind. Kilroy is now 86 pounds and 110cm from muzzle to tail. Those memories come back to him as he still searches for a mate to love. He walks for day on end, searching and seeking with every second of his life hoping for an answer from a wolf who wants love as well. He walks through the deep dense snow, watching, waiting for any wolf to appear. With each passing day his hope slowly decays away. He is extremely exhausted, as he walks through the snow, step by step he gets tired with every second and every breath he takes. His body gives up and he falls to the ground, the snow makes a new cavity for Kilroy's body as his mind drifts away to sleep and the snow falls lightly on his unconscious body. A few hours later Kilroy woke up. His eyes opened and saw what he saw before, nothing. The light snow stuck to his pelt, he stood up and shook it off, leaving a puff of snow dust all around him.He stretches firmly and gives out a loud yawn that echos through out the surrounding area. He squints his eyes at the small amount of afternoon light as he listens for anything, nothing. Kilroy hasn't ever felt so empty inside in his entire life. His throat felt dry, he looked around the scenery for a source of water. he padded through the snow, feels the deep cold breeze across his face and nose. He tilted his ears back and squinted his eyes at the breeze which blew at him as he made his way closer to a pond. He lowered his muzzle to the waters edge, slowly lapped up some water. The soothing feeling re-leaved Kilroy's thirst as he drank the ice cold water. Between a couple tree, dark green eyes watched the white wolf drink some water, focused on Kilroy the entire time. Kilroy raised his head, water drips from his muzzle as he sniffs the air. He smelled a faint scent only for a instant, he shrugged it off and continued to drink the water. Kilroy felt a presence behind him before he smelled the scent again, he turned his head over his shoulder slowly, before he could see who or what it was he was pounced violently, pinned to the ground by a black wolf, who was showing Ambivalence display. Kilroy bared his fangs, clinched bis bows together and growled loudly. He open his maw to bare all of his teeth, the black wolf did the same. The two wolves snapped at each others muzzle, then Kilroy used all of his strength to throw the black wolf off of him. They stood in the snow, staring each other down, both showing ambivalence display."Your in my territory wolf, best that you leave.""I was only passing by, a lone wolf seeking a mate is all."The black wolf looked at Kilroy and eased up, showing neutrality in his body language."I'm Thor" Thor pondered for a moment. "I'll let you on your way, you seem no threat to me, farewell wolf." Just like that Thor disappears into the shadows of the forest again. Kilroy was about to woof something, but Thor is gone, Kilroy is once again along to wander the earth, searching for a mate to love with his heart forever. He becomes depressed again, thinking about what happened to his pack. He sits down and pouts as he stares at his own paw print in the snow. Something about it just stuck out, seeing a paw print in the snow made Kilroy feel a bit better, reminding him of the good times with his pack. He knows he wont find any wolves sitting here doing nothing, Kilroy sets off once again, padding through the snow keeping his eyes and ears open for anything. Kilroy looked up at the afternoon sun, which was blocked slightly by clouds. The sky is clearing up a bit as he breathed in the cold air. The air felt soothing and cool as it ran down his nostrils and into his lungs. He closed his eyes and listened to the surrounding sounds of the forest. He felt at peace with the quiet and cool temperature. While he gaits through the forest with his eyes closed he bumps his head on a tree, he yelped loudly and sat down. He lowered his muzzle and gently stoke his head with his paws, whimpering from the pain in his head. A brown and black wolf with many markings and shadings pads up behind him. Kilroy feels his fur bristle as he feels strands of soft fur nuzzle against his neck. He can hear and feel the breath against his ear. He murrs softly, smiles and sobs a little in joy as the wolf is nuzzling him, he misses the soft loving touch of another wolf. He turns his head and sees the wolf. The other wolf can see his body language, How he seems desperate for attention and how he smiles through his tears to see her. Before she can say anything, Kilroy sits in front oh her and sticks his face in her neck fur, nuzzling softly happy to see another wolf in his life. The other wolf senses his pain, and gently strokes his back with her paw."Wolf, it's okay. You can tell me what's wrong, I'm Tala." Kilroy tried woofing something but Tala couldn't hear what he said because his muzzle is still in Tala's fur."Breathe silly wolf." pulls his muzzle from her fur and looks him straight in the eye. "Mind telling me your name and what happened?""I'm Kilroy" he woofed to Tala "I am just so happy to finally meet a wolf." he woofed with hope in his voice."Happy to sniff you Kilroy, bad news is that I am in a pack already."Kilroy pouted."Although Kilroy, Our pack will always take new members. Snoww, Aaka, Conan, Storm and the rest of the pack will be happy to see you."Kilroy pondered this for a moment, He desired to be mated and love another wolf forever. Desired to mate and have offspring, in his heart he is an alpha, but truly knows he is not. This is the next best thing, be accepted into a pack. He just wanted his loneliness to end badly."Can I be accepted into your pack Tala?""Not up to me Kilroy, but I can show you the way and you can woof to the alpha, Snoww."He agreed and Tala started padding the way she came from, Kilroy followed. While on the journey to Snoww's pack, Kilroy found himself peeking under Tala's tail. He looked at her beautiful hind quarters. Her tail swished in the air, revealing her vulva to him. Every time he saw it, he sighed with lust in his mind, eager to have sexual relations with her. He knew that would be impossible, but it was his secret desire. His penis became a little bit erect and poked out of his sheath slit. The cold breeze felt un-comfortable on his tip and it slowly retracted back into the furry warm place it came from. He kept eying her vulva, even when she stopped Kilroy still padded, and his nose ended up bumping into her vulva. She sharply raised her tail in reaction to the cold nose."Kilroy!" she said in a sharp but "giggly" voice. "well here it is, Snoww's pack, just down this slight hill."Kilroy opened his eyes widely in awe, as he could not believe how many wolves there are. So peaceful and solitude as he watched the 9 yearlings and the four other adult wolves."There is so many of them...." He smiled widely and Tala could sense his happiness"You'll like it here. follow me, and I'll introduce you to Snoww and Aaka, the alphas." Tala and Kilroy padded down the hill towards Snoww. Kilroy can see the other wolves glance at him back and forth, like he is a stranger, which he is to this pack. As they pad Kilroy thinks to himself, what if they don't like me for some reason, am I in any danger, Will Snoww accept me or not, and will the pack like me? These questions wondered through Kilroy's brain as he and Tala padded up to Snoww and Aaka. His heart started racing as he stared into Snoww's powerful eyes,staring him down, the looks of his strong muscles and the color of his pelt had great effects on Kilroy as he stood in front of the alpha. His legs shook a little as he felt a bit afraid, not sure of his future is going to be, staring into the eyes of the wolf that will set his fate."Tala, who is this?" Aaka woofed at Tala, finally braking the ice."This is Kilroy...."Before she could woof anymore, Snoww interrupted her "Tala, I told you not to wonder off alone, you were okay this time but who knows, you could have been injured out there by yourself. You are lucky this wolf isn't an intruder and even luckier that you didn't face danger. Wolves are stronger in numbers Tala.""I know Snoww, but I didn't wonder off. I heard a yelp, I thought another wolf was hurt, in this case he was, so I went in the direction of the yelp and found Kilroy in distress. Good thing he wasn't hurt seriously." Tala took a breath and continued on "Kilroy is not a threat or an intruder. He is a lone wolf seeking a mate. He has been searching for a long time but hasn't found one, he is wanting to join your pack Snoww."Kilroy was a bit nervous but he had to say something "Snoww....." he paused a little bit because he feels a bit nervous. Snoww focused on him and he felt more nervous, looking deep into the alphas eyes."Yes wolf?" Snoww woofed to him, making Kilroy even more nervous."Can I tell you something Snoww?""Sure, wolf."Kilroy told Snoww and the rest of his pack-mates about what happened to his former pack. During his speech his voice became sadder with ever sentence he woofed. The surprised look on the pack members facial expressions also changed as he continued on with his story. Snoww's face stayed the same, serious, like he understands what happened already. Once Kilroy finished his story, he became depressed again, thinking about what happened. Tala immediately comforted Kilroy."Kilroy, I understand what you have been going through, there is always room in my pack for more wolves like you. Welcome to the pack."Kilroy is enlightened with joy as he is allowed to be in the pack, to be with other wolves the rest of his life. Words can't describe his happiness. He tries to keep cool and show maturity at the best of his ability, he stutters only for a moment, then woofs "Thank you Snoww." Afternoon turned into evening as he introduced himself to the rest of the pack. With all the sniffing and nuzzling and licking he still didn't feel completely at home with his new pack. He is a bit nervous and shy of his new pack, only being with them for an hour or so. He padded over to a tree happy but at the same time still nervous of his new pack. He lifted a hind leg and and marked the tree as his, he felt good to re-leave himself after a long eventful day. As he looked into the distance with his leg up he smelled a wolf behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Conan behind him. He lowered his leg and faced him. They stared each other in the eyes for a moment until Conan broke the ice."Compelling story Kilroy" He padded up to him and licked him across his muzzle."I'm glad that I found another pack to be with, I was so lonely during the time I was alone.""I know what you mean..." He lower his muzzle a little"How's that?" Kilroy questioned."Well...." He started "You know that it is mating season for Snoww and Aaka.""Right." Kilroy woofed."Anyways, sometimes my...sexual needs go un-noticed, much like your situation" He paused "For a long time now I had my eyes gazing under Aaka's tail, I knew I would never be able to re-leave of my urges with her. Snoww is a big wolf and would defeat me in a fight. Anyways when I saw you trotting in I could keep my eyes off your genitalia." he smirked "I think I saw a little pink hanging out when you came down that hill.""Where is this going?...." Kilroy interrupted him."Hold on a minute Kilroy. When you trotted your maleness over here I could help myself but to stare. I know your sexual urges need to be fulfilled, as do mine...""whoa whoa hold up a minute, I am flattered but....""But what? I know you have urges, me too. It'll be good in the end, please Kilroy."Kilroy thought about this for a little while, he thought how long it has been since he has been sexually pleasured. All he ever done was self pleasure and that wasn't very......good. He thought about the good things that could come out of this."Okay Conan, lets do this." He smiled as he looked at the wolf in front of him, Conan smiled back. Kilroy rolls over onto his back, letting his paws flop open widely as the evening sun cover his exposed body. Conan lowers his maw and gently nuzzles his furry sack with his cold nose, nibbling and tickling the strands of fur off his scrotum. He licks the length of Kilroys sack, feeling the fur along his tongue as he groomed it. Conan licked deeply between his inner thigh and his groomed sack, breathing and tasting the rich scents therein. Kilroy murred lightly at the soft touch of Conans tongue. Conan nuzzled the base of his warm furry sheath, eying the pink tip exposed out of its furry cave. Conan runs his soft, warm, long tongue up his sheath several times, teasing the lupine love demon from it's den. The sensation caused Kilroy to buck his hips with excitement, looking for a soft purchase to drive his quickly swelling member into. Conans gentle maw grasps the thrusting pink beauty between his tongue and mouth. Quickly after that, Conan tastes the alkaline sweetness of Kilroys jetting wolf cum in the back of his warm throat. Kilroy is in ecstacy of pleasure as he releases his load into Conans maw as Conan mouths his lupine rod sweetly, drinking delicately, saving every drop of seed that fills his maw. He tongues his tip, feeling the pulsing jetting ejaculate spew from the love chasm deep within, flowing with pleasure and purpose. Kilroy moved his tail to one side along the ground, presenting his tight tailhole to Conan. Conan pulls away nudges Kilroy to stand. His lupine cock hangs, silhouetted, full and throbbing, cum glistening in the evening sunlight. He places a paw, soft and warm, around his throbbing member, squeezing gently while nuzzling his wonderful sensuous tailhole, rich with musk, rosy and smooth. Kilroys scent fills Conans passion. His own lupine member protruding anxiously from its sheath, eager to explore and pleasure. Kilroy stands up, swings his hips towards Conan, spreads his hind paws while lowering himself with his front paws and prepares himself for Conans throbbing, wet, sleek member to be forced in his tight little tailhole. Kilroy prepares himself for the pleasure and pain of Conans passion. Conan licks deeply, tongue discovering every detail of Kilroys warm tailhole. His tongue presses up against his tailhole, lubricating the love den underneath Kilroys tail. Conans excitement builds, loins aching for release. He climbs gently on Kilroys strong back, fore-legs pulling him forward, the tip of his penis seeks out its target in order to make love to the new arrival of the pack. His hips thrust, teasing the entrance, pre-cum spills upon the delicate entrance, hot and telling of the soon to arrive visitor. He trusts again, more eagerly, the tip and a couple inches drive into Kilroy. More ejaculation spills his tailhole. He pauses for a moment then eases the rest of his shaft and knot into him. Pauses for a moment to feel his tight ring to grasp powerfully behind Conans quickly swelling knot, sending him into a frenzy of thrusts, swelling more and more as the shaft and head engorge with blood, Filling Kilroy with 8 inches of warm wolf cock, rock hard, spewing Conans love seed deep into Kilroys steaming innards. Kilroy yelps as his innards expand to accompany Conans swollen cock, he digs his claws into the ground and grit his teeth as his mind feels pleasure and pain. Now tied the the pulse of each drop of cum fills Kilroys being, He feels him relax beneath him, eyes closed and breathing deeply, Kilroy is consumed at by the moment. The swirl of both pleasure and pain fills the world as Conan empties his wolf seed within Kilroys expanded colon. Kilroy turns his head in Conans direction, Conan gently licks Kilroys muzzle as he did the same back."Welcome to the pack Kilroy" Conan woofed.Soon after they broke the tie, Kilroy with pain and pleasure in his mind and body is exhausted and layed down on the soft grass. Conan layed beside him, Kilroy flopped onto his side and Conan layed his head on his ribs and they soon both fell asleep, which they both need after the eventful day Kilroy had. Tala padded up to the two wolves"I told ya you would like it here Kilroy." SnowwDogg 200606/28/06
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