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I was out in the country scouting for interesting fences to hop. Now just in case you don’t understand “fence hopping” it is the practice of jumping over fences to gain access to a female animal to have sex with. I’d been into it for over 20 years up to that point. I knew where to look, and as importantly, where to avoid. An example is a club stable or a school. While mares abound so do security staff and cameras. One time I’d been just outside of a willing mares stall when a security guard rounded the corner and demanded to know what I was doing there. “Well, I just dropped in to fuck this mare” would have been the truth, but I opted for the “I’m looking for some used horse shoes for an art project”. He seemed willing to believe that as he guided me to a five gallon bucket or old shoes and told me to help myself. After that I didn’t frequent those kinds of places, preferring a lone mare out in a field far from any homes or roads. Once in a while I’d find a group of mares all alone in the outback, ahh those were the places to remember to go back to. Well like I already said I was out scouting fences during the day (the best time to hop fences is about 3am when all the other folks are in bed) to be ready for night to come. I noticed this nice little white barn about 70 yards off of the road and could see a small white horse standing in the paddock. Grabbing my camera as a cover I jumped over the fence and strolled toward the horse. Now you have a 50/50 chance of it being a mare and it is hard to see at night so I’d often “taken up nature photography” to get close enough to tell. As I approached the barn I noticed a sudden tingling sensation in my back like I was being watched, or had stepped on an electric fence. I checked and no one was there, nor was there a fence so I continued on.As I approached the horse it didn’t rum away as is often the case but came toward me at a steady walk. When it got close I could see that it was a very cute palomino mare. She walked up to about 5 feet away and swung he rear end toward me. She raised her tail enough for me to see her pink cunt. I thought about throwing caution to the wind and having her right there, but it was daylight. I spoke to her, horses like to be talked to, it settles them down. I told her we were too out in the open and I’d return later and make her feel great. She looked back at me and raised her tail straight up, and then she squatted and peed. Now if you know much about horses you know that this is a mare’s way of saying “fuck me”. She then walked toward the barn, looking back to see if I was following. You can bet I was, she was way too likeable to pass up. I followed her into the barn and she immediately turned her rear toward me and again lifted her tail to show me her vagina. She started to wink and let flow a bit more pee. Her winking was full and rapid; her urine was strong smelling and had enough hormones in it to even affect me. I stepped up to her and placed my hand just to the side of her vulva, to make sure she was serious. She immediately shifted her ass to the side moving my hand to her cunt. I pressed on it and she pressed back, still winking. I slid a couple of fingers inside her and she shoved back hard against my hand. I fingered her clitoris with my fingers and she arched her back and rocked with the caresses keeping time with my movements. Suddenly she shoved back hard enough to shove my entire hand into her and shook as she reached an orgasm. I’d never seen this in a mare before and wasn’t sure just what I’d done. By this time my cock was rock hard and my shorts wet with my juices. Lowering my pants and shorts it sprung up to the ready. I wasn’t sure if she was still willing or not so I approached her slowly. She again lifted her tail and winked at me, that was all I could take. I pushed my throbbing dick into her warm, wet hole. It felt like I’d gone to heaven. Warm, wet, well lubricated and very tight. I started to stroke in and out, she started to match my strokes, making sure I was as far in as I could get. I lasted longer than I thought I would, about 20 or 30 strokes before my ball tightened up and I gave one last jab in as far as I could and exploded inside her. I came for what seemed like an hour, but was truly only three or four good squirts and a bit of attempts at more. I was totally drained. As I began to soften I was about to pull out when she looked back and said “Don’t take it away so soon, I’m not done yet.”I thought I’d totally flipped out, horses don’t talk! I felt her clench down on my shrinking cock as only a mare can do. I stopped shrinking and grew back to about half size. She continued to milk my cock with her inner muscles for about 45 seconds. By this time I was sure I’d imagined the talking part, though the sex part had been all real.As I stepped away she looked back and, I swear, smiled at me. Then she spoke again!“Thanks” she said “I’m in my full heat cycle and was very much in need of a good fucking.” “You are my first human lover, other mares have told about your breeds abilities. I’d often wanted to mate with a human, but none ever came to me at my time of need, that is until today.” “Why are you able to talk?” I asked. “Everyone knows horses can’t talk.’ “Well” she said “did you notice a small tingle coming across the field?” I remembered the tingle I’d felt. Continuing on she said “At that point you crossed into a different plane, one where animals and humans can communicate.” “While you are here all animals can talk to you and you may talk to them.” “Can you stay for a bit, I’d like my stallion to meet you.” “Would that be wise, he might take offence at our earlier actions.” She answered “I have heard about how humans are about their mating, with horses we don’t worry much about it, as long as my stallion is the father of my foal he doesn’t care who I breed with” “He’ll see you as not threat as you could not possibly impregnate me, he may even like the idea of a human lover for that very reason.”I told her I could stay, but needed to eat. She showed me to a small orchard not far away where apples, plumbs and cherries abounded. Clean flowing water was also available.I settled in for a while to recover enough strength to repeat the love making. I guess I fell asleep as the next thing I remember is being gently prodded awake the next morning by the mare. “My stud is back and he wants to meet you” she said. “He wants to thank you”Thank me, for what I wondered? Figuring I might as well face the music, so to speak, I followed her back to the barn. When we got there I was surprised to find a jet black stallion the same size as the palomino mare. The mare spoke first, “Dearest here is my new human lover, isn’t he delightful?” The stud looked me over with a careful eye and then he spoke also “He’s OK if you like the type”, and then laughed as only a horse can. He steeped up to me and said” I want to thank you for servicing my mare at her time of need, she tells me you are a good stud, I mean man” “I must also breed with her if she is to have a foal for us to raise, if you wish you may watch.” While I have seen horses breed id’ never been invited by one to watch. I said “Thank you, I’d like to” and stepped away a bit further. He walked up to the mare’s rear and she promptly raised her tail and peed for him. He placed his nose in the stream and then raised his head up his and snorted. This seemed to excite him greatly as his penis dropped out of the sheath and rapidly grew to full size. He then mounted the mare and tried to enter her, but he just couldn’t seem to get it lined up.Frustrated he looked at me and said in a husky voice “could you help?” I stood up and walked over to them. Reaching under him I found the shaft of his cock and guided the tip toward the mares opening. With a sudden lurch he entered her. After about four strokes he shoved his entire organ into her and stood with his tail flagging as he came. Soon he dismounted and I could see cum still running from the flared head of his cock. Looking at the mare I could see she was standing spread legged with massive amounts of his cum running out onto the ground. The stallion spoke “You are welcome to try again, she is always looking for more than I can do, aren’t you mare?” She looked at me and sad “Please, please breed me again my human stud” I decided to try it, seconds behind a stud was something I even ever imagined. I stepped up behind her and……………..Well, that’s a different story that I’ll tell again another day
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