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Here is something I had posted back before beastforum changed board types. Hope everyone enjoys it!There was once a far away kingdom, where lived a mad and crooked king, who delighted in belittling his people by having them perform sex acts of a perverse nature. Sometimes, it was the punishment of criminals. But many times, it was for his own twisted amusement.One game was his favorite, and he love to play it with those who were single and lonely, and believed they had been brought to the chamber of the king to be bethrothed to a lovely princess. Instead, they were blindfolded deafened and made to have sex with three hidden, unidentified guests. The victim was told that they were lovely gals from the kings own harem and whichever they enjoyed the most, they would wed for all time. Instead, the poor victims were making love to three animals, usually cows and pigs, of the kings choosing. The king would snicker as the unknowing, blindfolded men would choose not between three beautiful ladies, but three fat disgusting farm animals. And when they were allowed to see the choices they had made, they would shreik and cry. The king would cackle with delight and have them wed, there and then, to the animal, for all time!There is one man, who to this day lives with his lovely heifer lady, and must make love for the kings amusement with his 'wife' any way of the kings choosing. With the guards spears to his back, he must always accept the king's demands and climb upon a bucket, lift the animals tail, and begin to thrust into the animal for the kings delight. And he knows, he must also appear to enjoy it, and finish himself off with the animal by the end, else he knows he will recieve a terrible, terrible beating. So he must learn to enjoy it, even at the cost of his sanity. Another man has become betrothed to three pigs, two sows and a boar, since he could not seem to choose from the three when they were unknowngly presented to him. The look on his face from glory to shock, when he realized that instead of living with three lovely maidens, he would forever be with three filthy swine. The king's favorite is to have the man pleasure the boar, any way he sees fit. The man has gone crazy from the years of pig pleasuring and now will willingly fulfill them even when the king is not present. Its said he even walks, wallows, grunts and squeals like a pig these days. Another man was not so accepting of his fate to be wed to swine. In an attempt to escape, he struck the king and nearly killed his bride! He was caught however. To this day I believe he sits bent over a small wooden device, chained to the ground, in the boar's pens. They sniff him, and lick him, and enjoy mounting and being pleasured by him as he crys and yelps in pain as the pigs frequently [CENSOR] him. The king watches and laughs aloud every time, occasionally releasing all the very randy boars upon the condemned man's backside. The word is when this happens, the pig orgy that follows lasts for days!So, should you live in this twisted litte kingdom, and find yourself being lavished with praise, and led to the king's mighty fortress, bound and blindfolded, abandon any hope to live a normal life once again, for you will be the next to wed one of the kings lovely 'ladies', and toghether you will live happily ever after. . . or else!
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