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We finished our snacks and layed back and rested for a while. A short time later Jody got up and called to the horses to come. As I looked up,I could see the three of them lift thier heads and as she called the second time they started to come over to us at good trot. They came to her and then Jody said,well guys,your horses need a good f***ing,and I'm going to give one to D as well. Well we did'nt hesitate and I took hold of Sam my gelding and Gary was leading Honey towards a comfortable spot. I lead Sam over near Gary and grabbed the one stool,as Gary had the other. We were both pleased as to how quickly both horses accepted our advances. Sam stood in perfect position as I shooved into his butt as deep as I could. He clearly seemed to be enjoying the pounding,as much as I was. Jody came over and started to play with his cock and said,Sam also loves it when I get the strap on and dock with him. I do it to D as well as the other geldings too. However,Sam and D seem to enjoy it the most. Well as soon as I pulled out of Sams butt,I got under him and said,ships ahoy! I got into his sheeth as far as I could,moving my cock around inside him. Jody had said that Sam would start to drop and I could feel his cock starting to come down and I could feel the tip of his cock pushing me out. Jody came back over and said,I ussualy push the strap on back in his sheeth and masterbate his cock with one hand. Don't worry about him moving or pulling it in,as he won't until your completly done. Oh,by the way,when you are done with Sam,D will be waiting for the both of you. Well I found an opening and shoved my cock into Sams sheeth and it was quite a sensesion feeling his warm cock against mine. I took hold of his hanging cock and ran my hand up and down it and even got my finger inside the tip. As I puuled out of his sheeth,I blew a load f cum and it wen onto his one leg and the rest onto his hanging cock. I moved up closer to his cock and took a hold of the end of it and ran my cock across his from top to bottom. I then placed my one hand on it and ran it up and down it and then changed hands. I then realesed his cock and let it drop. My hands were covered in mix of cum and Sams sticky fuid. I wipe it on my butt and between my legs. I watched as Sam puuled his cock back in and when he did I gave him a big hug. Gary had been busy as well. He had found the "Honey pot" and was having a great time pounding her. He had just pulled out of her once again,and as the cum started to drip,Gary got his face up into her butt and was cleaning her out. He pulled away and said,I can feel more coming,you want some? As the cum once again was dripping out, I got up into her butt and enjoyed my share of the "Honey pot. All of a sudden,Jody was there and had her face up into Honeys butt,cleaning out what was left. After she finished licking Honeys butt,she turned around and looked at me and said,well you give Honey another pounding,she needs it. I said,love to, and got on the stool and shoved my cock into her butt. It was nice and warm and somewhat "sloppy",so I shoved in as tighrt as I could and pounded her. I happened to look back as I was mounting Honey and watched as Jody took a hold of Gary,buy his cock,started to masterbate it and lead him over to D. Jody shoved Garys hard cock into D's sheeth,she then got behind him and put her one hand and forarm between Garys legs and took hold of his balls and started to play with them. I went back to work on Honey some more and when I felt my load go,I pulled out a bit and allowed the cum to squeeze out around my cock and to drip down onto my balls and down my legs. I pushed back into her and moved around indide her some and then pulled free. I saw some more cum coming out,so I turned around and pushed my butt up against hers and I felt the warm ooze making it's way down into my butt. I had to pull away,as the cum was sticky and as I did it "poped". I could see Gary pulling his cock out of D's sheetth and Jody still had her hand around his balls I started to make my way over towards them and I saw Gary's cock good and hard and as he shot a load of cum out,it sprayed all over D's sheeth and legs. Jody released his balls and with both hands ran them all around Garys cock. Gary stumbled back a bit and regained his stance.Jody got under D and started to wipe all the cum around on D's huge balls and as his cock dropped she rubbed the cum down his harding cock too. Jody then told D "take it in"and he retracted his cock. She looked over at me and said,it's your turn now. Jody came under D and took a hold of my cock and started to masterbate me,while pulling me under D. As she had done with Gary,Jody shoved my cock into D's sheeth. I then felt her hand and arm come between my legs and her hand take a hold of my balls. I felt the presure building and started to pull out. This time Jody pushed me back in and said, I want you to blow inside him.don't worry,he won't push out until I tell him to. Gary had come over and got his hands on my butt cheeks. I felt the load go and could feel it oozing down my cock. Jody pulled me back and when I got my footing she continued to hold onto my balls and whenI pulled out from D's sheeth,she let go but kept her arm between my legs. Then the cum started to drip out and onto my cock. Jody let me go and said to D,drop it. The cum started to ozze out faster and all three of us were licking it up as fast as we could. D's cock emergered and like a giant popcycle,we just kepted on licking every inch of it. I moved up to his balls and as they stared to swell,I took a hold of one and started to suck on it . Gary moved to the otherside and got the other one and was licking and sucking on them. As I repostioned myself,I noticed Jody suucking on the end of D's cock. I could see tht he was getting ready to blow and let go of his ball. I grabbed Garys arm and when he looked back I told him to let go and he did. Jody said,get ready,when he lets go it'll be like being hit with hot syrp. D fired his load and it went all over all of us. Jody immediatly started to lick hD's dripping cock Both Gary and I joined right in. We all took turns sucking D's cock and slurping up the warm cum. After we finished Jody said to us,come here,so we went over to her. D's cum had covered us and still fairly wet. Jody said I want you to wipe the cum all over me with your hands and I'll do you. So we botg rubber the wet sticky cum all over Jody. She chuckle,don't be shy guys,shove it in my butt and cunt. So we did. Jody returned the favor rubbing the ooze all over both of us and masterfully going over our cocks and balls and then her fingers into both our butts at once. We took a break and reated and Jody said,well guys you did well. I know D really enjoyed himself. We'll need to clean up before we get ready to go,so I get the dogs over,I know Charlie is waiting for his chance. to be continued
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