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Howdy Beastlover,Thanks very lotsly for your grand story.There's no douubt about it, Donkeys are such amazing lovers.I have 3 Donksters here, and they all love sex, so much so that they fight over who gets to 'sit' on their human .One of them, is much tighter than the other. She is a bigger Donkey, yet she really puts a lot of power into my organ, via her vaginal muscles.She is capable of getting me off in just a matter of seconds. She makes sure that I last longer, by ramming me into a wall, so I can't get away.This action can get so intense, that I am jammed there for 10 to 40 minutes, with a raging hardon, buried inside her.The pressure that she applies, is so great, that I don't slide down the wall, even if I lift my feet off the ground!My smaller Donkey mare, has a much softer vulva. Sinking into her, is like being wrapped in silk. She is a very demanding lover, and will fight anything off, in order to get her human.While I am in her, she'll start to sit down, in order to gain further penetration, and also makes interesting grunting sounds, as I pleasure her.As I do this, I lay upon her back, and she enters a trance like state, where she is softly grunting, and pushing me against the wall.Inside her, my record is some 60 minutes of solid 'hard on ness' until finally cumming Donk number 3, is a colt. He seems to be gay, as he backs onto me, and pushes my pecker into his lovely rectum, all by himself .He loves it, as I go deeply into his hot orifice, and lay myself upon his back.While so positioned, I reach under him and rub all over his belly.The look of bliss on his face, is simply priceless . No matter how many times we do it, he, and they, always come back for more.Donkeys, are such horny creatures, and so hard to satisfy.I am told, that Donkeys need 15 men in order to be properly satisfied.So, it looks like I need 14 helpers hehehehe he haw.Beastly honkings,Poneze, madly in love with Donkeze.
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