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He hated himself so much as he stalked down his own driveway, moving from hedge grove to hedge grove, avoiding his own living room window and walking into the back yard. He should have never taken the damn bet in the first place but by now he couldn’t take it back. It was either lose his deed to that freak of a man or go through with his sick little game and… as much as Thomas loved his wife he loved his home much more. Theirs had always been a one sided marriage and he intended to keep it that way. His feet crunched on soft gravel as he entered his own yard. He had a small bag held in his right fist and as he approached the sliding glass door that lead into the house he could see Melissa lying out on the couch, watching the evening news in her dressing gown. He winced as he imagined what would soon take place but shook his head forcibly to dislodge the thought. It was this or loss everything he had worked for… the only things that gave his life true meaning. Inside the young 35 year old housewife yawned, her legs stretching out as she curled herself into a more comfortable position. Her life had taken a dull turn as Thomas seemed to leave more and more, spending time with his employer or off at some bar or another. She regretted agreeing to marry him, and if she could change anything in her life it would have been that. She moved her hand to her side, stroking along her stomach as she watched the glow form the TV set dance across the floor. Nature had been kind to her at least, her breasts still at least decent to look at if not pretty in some sense, her body never having born a child retaining it’s womanly figure with little maintenance. Her feet wiggled as she fought with her gown, trying to get it to lie more comfortably. She would never notice her husband’s entrance nor the sound of his feet as he padded behind the couch. He squatted there and opened the tiny bag, pulling out a long needle and a bottle of sedative. It was all a part of the set-up… all a part of the humiliation that was to take place here. He sighed as the needle filled with a soft blue liquid, the color swirling in front of his face for the briefest moment. He struck quickly, the needle sinking into the flesh of his wife’s neck before she could register what was going on. He yanked the needle out just as she moved, causing a thin line of blood to appear where the needle had scratched her pale skin. She screamed as she toppled onto the carpet, her head hitting the floor before her body and making her vision swim. Melissa raised her eyes to her attacker and tried to focus her eyes as the man stalked forward. She shook her head violently but she couldn’t make anything out, and as the blue liquid went to work on her system her eyes felt heavier along with her body, letting her sink into slumber. ~*~ She woke up two hours later, her body tied up at the wrists and the legs, resting on the floor of her kitchen on her hands and knees. She whimpered and stared around at the figures lining the room, the laughing businessmen and her own husband at the forefront. He wasn’t smiling and he seemed almost… ashamed of what was transpiring, but nonetheless he moved forward and forced her legs apart further, making her knee’s grind together and scrape across the floor as the rope gave way and retightened. She groaned as she figured what must be happening, her body now on full display for the obviously horney crowd. Melissa’s mouth seemed to be wired shut as she stared in every direction, panic rising up her throat. In reality her jaws had been tied shut, a small cloth bandage running up either side. It wouldn’t help her much but it did prevent her form screaming for the moment. A rather large man walked past Thomas and paced before her, his pant’s tented in excitement as he starred at the young woman on display. She tried to crouch down or get away but he simply pulled on a rope in his left hand which forced a rope around her neck to tighten momentarily. “This bitch needs training,” he mumbled softly as he starred into her mouth and kicked at her leg’ sending pain sprouting within Melissa’s body. The crowd laughed and hooted at the man’s joke, and that was when Melissa heard something growl. Thomas had an unobstructed view of everything and he winced as the dog standing behind his wife, straining at the chain around its neck, emitted another sharp growl and opened its muzzle, thick tongue drooling out. It tried to leap forward again and the trainer holding it laughed softly as he looked into Thomas’s eyes. “Did you even ask her before you decided to tie her up? The bitch might have wanted this the whole time… hell I bet you don’t do anything with her so why not let lil Damien do his job?” The trainer smirked as he stroked the German shepherd’s forehead. In truth the dog was quite large and its flanks shuddered in anticipation as it sniffed the air, smelling the involuntary excitement that Melissa was sending his way. His ears folded back and he jumped forward again, tugging at the chain to get at the sweet smelling fluid before his snout. Thomas couldn’t watch as the trainer laughed again and let the dog have just enough slack to walk over to the tied up woman. Its tongue lolled out as it sniffed the girl’s excitement and he gave a muffled yap as his tongue began to work her over. Melissa gave a sudden shriek of surprise at the feeling of the cold wet nose and then the long thick rough tongue gliding across her vagina. She lowered her head and whimpered, eyes downcast as the men around her roared with laughter again. The man holding her leash smirked widely and egged the crowd on, “Doesn’t this bitch look wonderful tonight? And we have her deadbeat of a husband to thank for all this! The poor fool actually thought he could win against me! And now he went so far to pay off the debt… it’s a shame he can’t be the one down there with her!” the crowd laughed at Thomas’s humiliation, and Melissa snapped her head back up, eyes wide in shock. Her eyes widened as she saw Thomas standing their, his face flushed red in embarrassment and his eyes downcast. She hissed in her throat as the dog began lapping harder, having found her clit and being a well trained canine, knowing that he should focus there. Her head swam at the pleasure and public humiliation until she actually found herself moaning lustfully and trying to spread her legs out for the shepherd behind her. The trainer obliged reaching down and cutting her leg restraints and Melissa instead of fleeing, simply spread her legs out more and was rewarded as that long wonderful tongue stroked her entire cunt in one long lap. Thomas shuddered as the crowd roared in laughter and his wife moaned lustfully at the dog behind her, wiggling her hips back and forth as the tongue worked up a froth of salvia and her juices. She was beyond the point of caring if everyone was watching her and as she turned her head to look back she caught sight of the dog’s sheath and furry balls, the red tip of the germen Shepherd’s penis just begging to emerge as it became excited. The man holding her reins noticed her interest and signaling to the trainer he leaned down and undid the ropes around Melissa’s wrists, freeing her hands. The trainer tugged Damien around the woman and smirked as he stood it before the horney housewife. Melissa starred at the furry legs in front of her and the two large balls hanging in front of the dog’s furry sheath. Her mouth watered and she gulped involuntarily, eliciting another cheer form the crowd. She groaned out loud as she reached a tentative hand under the dog’s belly and felt the two round globes of fur encased flesh in her palm. They felt warm and almost liquidly as she stroked them in her fingers making Damien pant and wags his tail furiously. Damien’s ears fell back and his tongue lolled out as he thumped his tail against the side of his trainer’s leg, his cock slowly beginning to appear one inch at a time, sliding out form its pouch slowly. Melissa watched with hypnotized eyes before reaching out, abandoning the canine’s balls and instead wrapping her hand around Damien’s sticky shaft, fisting it and wondering about the fluid that seemed to have already lubed the cock. She groaned again and as the crowd watched in stunned silence she leaned forward and swallowed the head, gulping around it and making Damien yelp in surprise. He swiveled his ears down again but this time began to hump, his prick sliding in and out of the horney woman’s mouth as she sucked hard. The entire crowd was going wild now, cupping themselves or fondling each other as they watched this bizarre mating ritual tack place. Melissa sucked hard on the head as it slipped along her tongue, the bullet shaped prick sliding in and out with a wet sound as he lips formed a tight ring. She was surprised by the odd shape of the head and instantly she knew she wanted this beast inside of her… but their would be time for that when it happened… and for now she was content to bob her head along the large shaft and suck on the odd shaped head. Damien however was not content to just stand there and let her suck, instead he whined deep in his throat and began humping her forehead in force, his legs pinning her down suddenly as he tried to mount her face. The crowd laughed again and the dog’s trainer was forced to separate them. Melissa let the dog’s cock go reluctantly with a pop, a trail of spit linking the two for a moment before snapping off to stain her floor. Thomas no longer tried to act disgusted or ashamed and now he was joining the cheers of the crowd and massaging his won hardened member through his fly, pumping himself as he watched the trainer lead Damien back over to the housewife’s now steaming cunt. Damien sniffed at the leaking organ and growled deep in his throat, a look of pleasure on his furry face before leaping up to mount the surprised woman. Melissa grunted with the weight but, as Damien began to thrust at her opening, missing each time she moaned and shifted her hand back, gripping the humping dog’s cock and guiding it to her waiting pussy. Damien gave a surprised yelp as he found purchase but after that he merely grunted as his hips slammed into the woman below him. His mind only had its mating instinct now and he humped wildly as he rode the woman’s back. Melissa on the other hand was groaning and trying to moan out loud until her mouth was freed of its binding and she let out a pleasured gasp and moan of joy. She began talking immediately, “ that’s right you nasty fucker… make me your bitch… ram home in me and make me know who owns my cunt,” she panted along with Damien as several new moans filled the room, several of the guests finding their own ultimate pleasure on her kitchen floor. She moaned louder and was about to speak however, a long errection forcing its way past her lips silenced her. She shifted her eyes up to stare in surprise as Thomas began fucking her mouth violently, mimicking Damien’s thrusts earlier. “If I had known you wanted this so damn badly I would have gotten you your own dog long ago,” he panted thickly as he speed up, knowing that his own orgasm approached. Melissa moaned around his prick and began sucking wildly, her own body quivering as the large knot began to ram at her lips, forcing her vagina to stretch painfully. She knew that soon the dog would tie with her and she wouldn’t be able to get away for a few minutes, but honestly she didn’t care, and balancing with her right hand she spread her lips with her left, letting Damien thrust his knot deep inside of the woman. Most of the men moaned at the sight of the woman’s abused and stretched cunt and the sight of the young dog thrusting its way to glory inside of her. Damien began to simper in the back of his throat as he neared his release and this made Thomas cum, his seed flowing into his wife’s mouth and chocking her slightly. She swallowed a good amount and let the rest leak out on to her ruined kitchen floor, panting wildly. “That’s right… show your bitch who’s boss… make me cum with you,” she groaned softly, her breathing catching as Damien’s knot seemed to pulse and swell even more. The dog and woman howled together as they came, Damien’s seed being bottled up by the strong knot at the base of his cock and Melissa’s cum flowing back over the dog’s penis, flowing down its legs and onto the floor. The two laid connected for the next ten minutes, Melissa’s weakened body laying flat on the kitchen floor in her husband’s semen. She groaned and panted as Damien finally shrunk and pulled himself free with a pop, his cum flowing out of her beaten and bruised hole. She looked back at the furry dog and gave it a sheepish grin, smiling widely at the poor animal. Damien seemed to understand and he padded over to her lying down beside her, panting softly. The trainer laughed at the new couple and shook his head as the leader of the group paid Thomas. It had been a very good night indeed for all parties, and Thomas had learned something very interesting about his young wife.
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