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It all started about 2 years ago I was going to the Public library to check my emails. I got on the internet and checked my emails. My friends had sent me a couple of birthday cards that were a week late. I saw 3 emails from my friends and one from someone I didn't know. I scrolled over it and it was a picture of a dolphins genital area. At first I was like EWW.... but the second time I was like that is big. I found out I kind of liked it. I went back and looked at the picture every day and wondered where to find more. I found Delfi's site and I was instantly in love with it. I read story's and looked at the pics and movies. I went back to the library every day to look at it. On my way home a couple days after I saw my first dolphin picture I saw a dog. It came up to me and I just happened to catch a glimpse of its sex, it was male. It was so horny, it came up to me and jumped up. I didn't know what it was doing so I shooed it. It repeatedly came back and tried to hump my leg so I eventually gave in and masturbated it. Surprising thing was i actually liked doing it. I knew since than that i would probubly like animals and they liked me. In my family we are well off so i never had problems going on vacation. So I went frequently. Last year in November I decided that i wanted to go to florida because i had become emotionally attached to dolphins. I wanted to see one. I made up some lame excuse that my friends were going to Orlando Florida than to some beaches. I went there on November 11 2002. First me and my friends went to disney world but the whole time i was thinking about getting out and finding a dolphin. We were there for 2 days in Orlando. After I got out of Orlando with my friends we went down south to a nice beach. We stayed at a big hotel for 2 weeks. The first day I was down there I told my friends that i would be going for a walk, and on my walk i saw a big beach. it was a nice beach. I walked along the water of the beach looking out in the water for a sign of dolphins but for the first couple days there were none. My urges for a dolphin grew stronger and stronger on the fifth day i was about to give up but i decided to go into the water, I walked only about 40 feet into the water in a deserted beach, right where the water is over my head and i saw some fish around me. I swam for about 10 minutes before I saw a large fish swimming towards me. I thought it was a shark so I swam towards the shore. I saw this figure coming closer and closer to me until i saw what it looked like. It was a Dolphin. I was happy. It came closer to me ut not too close. It was about 15 to 20 feet from me when i tried to get closer to it. It swam away at first but than I stayed still and it came closer to took about 45 minutes for it to actually come within reach of me but it came up to me. I pet it and it swam away. The next day i went to the same place and waited for it. I waited for it and than saw the beautiful creature again. When it came to me I reached out my hand to pet it and it came closer to me. I pet its head for a while. I pet it for 20 minutes at least before it turned over to let me pet it's belly. I pet it and it looked like it liked it. I got it to get a boner and it swam away. It came back to me and I pet it again first on the head than the belly. When it got hard the second time the dolphin didn't swim away. I moved closer to it and stated to stroke it. it enjoyed it but swam away again but came back for more.I stroked it again and again until he jerked his tail forwards and ejaculated. He didn't cum hard but he cummed all over me. I washed it off. I pet the dolphin for a while and than another one came and i was scared that it could be another male. I didn't want two males with me. I just stayed with the first one for a while and gave it pleasure for a while. The other dolphin had begun to swim around frantically when i had made the male ejaculate again. When the second dolphin had turned over in the water it turned out to look female. It didn't come up to me right away but it swam frantically for a while. After about 20 minutes it came up to me and rubbed its body against me. I felt its belly and it felt nice so I pet its belly. She had turned over and gone red and puffy so I took advantage by rubbing my hans back and forth on her belly i slowly moved my way into her pulsating vagina. when i went in it felt awesome. I played with it for a while until it had to me what seemed like an orgasm. I loved it. The dolphins and I had a wonderful time that night. the dolphins took turns with each other and me. When i saw that it was getting dark I had to get out of the water. I went back to the hotel and said nothing about what had just happened. The next day I went for a "walk" again and sat by the beach. I saw the dolphins again and i was like wow. They must like me to come back again. So i went back into the water with one thing different i was nude. I wanted to go skinny dipping with the dolphins. I got to the dolphins and saw them having sex so I watched until they were done. i went closer when they finished and I pet the male to say hi. He stayed there with me for a while as i pet him until he rolled over and showed he was ready for what he wanted. I started to jerk him off and the female swam up to me. She swam near me and eyed my boner. I was like yes have sex with me but she came up to me and tried to give me a BJ but I backed off. I was freaked out and stayed a little away from her but she swam up to me again and tried to give me a BJ so I let her. She sucked with her tongue wrapped around my dick and sucking until i spewed my juices in her mouth. I was cumming and she kept sucking until it hurt than went limp. The male had made his way back up to me by now and showed it was ready but i wasn't i didn't want to because i had just cummed but i still did because i might have wanted to the next day and it is important to keep a relationship with it. So i jerked it off until it cummed and it ejaculated all over me again. It felt good so I did it again and got a boner than. I had sex with the male and it ejaculated 3 times before the female came back to me. When it came back she rolled on her stomach and let me masturbate her. I started to masturbate her, I didn't finish masturbating her and she moved away. She came back and than rubbed her body against mine telling me that she wanted my member in her. I inserted my member and felt the warm feeling of her pussy against my member. She went until she got an orgasm again and I creamed in her as she was finishing her orgasm. I had sex with her 4 times before she left and it got dark. When it was dark i left to go back to the hotel. I went home and dreamed about the dolphins. The last couple days I had left there I went back and saw the dolphins. Each day I saw the dolphins we did the same thing. The last day was the worst for me, I was crushed that I had to leave the dolphins. All the way home I was thinking about the dolphins and what they did for me
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