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My fantasy is partly driven by reality from how I started out. I guess thats the reason it keeps occuring in my mind.I would like to relive that all over again, rather like the first time you achieve an orgasm and realise how wonderful it is.. A dog who keeps sniffing around his mistress, up her skirt, into her crotch, embarrassing her, until she finally gives in and lets him have what he is looking for. Partly embarrassment, partly curiousity.Sitting on the stairs, on the telephone, short skirted, white panties, summers day, almost not noticing the dog when he starts to sniff around. Push him away at first, even the second time, but not the third tiome he comes back, because curiosity has reared it's head.Pull the panties to one side to give him better access. He licks, longer and longer until it becomes so intense, lifting the hood of my clit to make sure each lick hits the right spot.Almost being caught so many times by one of my parents ......but just about avoiding it........the story goes on. Finally, oncde I have a whole morning alone, I give in when he continually insists upon mounting me from the front, the side., and eventually the rear. where it feels so natural, for him and for me.The most wonderful orgasm I ever had...........wetness and lubrication everywhere. It has to go on, I have become addicted.This is how I remember it.
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