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Sandie at first didn't know that it was the dog and when she finally did she didn't know what to make of it. Before she could fathom what was happening I took each of her tits and milked her pulling gently but firmly on her harding nipples, when she stared moaning with pleasure I patted her butt, the dog mounted her and began to go into a classic dog rut. I pulled my cock from her mouth as I grabbed hold of the dogs hardening cock and guided it to her cunt opening. (Good thing she might have bitten it off) When he was just inside her vaginal opening he rammed almost his entire length into her, breaking her cherry and burying about 3/4 of his shaft inside of her. Just at the point where I had felt her cherry cutting on my cock the dog must have also because he gave a whine and a yelp of pain as he broke through. I held his knot so he couldn't get it inside of her this time around. I think it would have been too much for her to handle. 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I told her that she might not want to have him stick his knot in her this early in the game. I told her that I would hold it on the outside until she wanted him tie with her. She knew what that meant and said OK and she would tell me if she wanted the knot. The dog began rutting until he found the opening and started to rapidly pump into her taking her breath away. When I looked at her pussy it was stuffed and that big ugly dog cock was pistoning in and out of her faster than a 14 year old male with his first time in a woman's pussy. I thought that he was going too fast an tried to slow him down but Sandie yelled that she wanted more of that dog cock so I let go of the knot and watched him try to ram it into her. He took about 4-5 strokes slamming into her until the knot disappeared deep inside of her. Sandie started to moan loudly from the pain it had caused her until she became adjusted to the large knot now deep inside of her. 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We both thought that her cunt was torn and she would need medical attention however she was so drunk that she must have been relaxed enough she didn't tear. When we finally got them apart after about 10 min. she said she enjoyed it and was the best sex she had ever had and would do anything to have more of the same sometime. Sandie got her up and dressed and took her home and said she would call me. End of part one FIRST TIME OUT: Virgin Dog Bitch, A true story 28 years ago. Part 2 Several years after I had left my hometown I ran into Sandie, it was great to see her and we discussed the years that had gone past, catching up on each others activities. She had gotten married and just had a baby. She told me that her husband took off on her and she was now separated from him. I asked her how her baby was, boy or girl and if it was healthy. She had a girl and she was doing fine. Sandie then asked what I was doing and if I had married, I hadn't. She then invited me to her place for dinner and to see her daughter. I of course accepted and we had a great time talking about old times and people. Her baby became fussy and needed to be fed so she lifter her top and unhooked her breast feeding bra and exposed her milk filled teats, I could see milk dripping from the fully erect nipple as she placed her daughter to her breast to feed her, wow what a turn on for me an instant (hard on) this was the first time I ever was that close to someone with milk in her breasts. I asked her how it felt to breast feed and she told me it made her horny and her without a stiff cock to f***. I commented on her term and we got on the subject of her first sexual encounter with the black lab and how much she enjoyed having sex with him. As she put it there were no mind games or being told what to do as she had repeatedly experienced with her soon to be ex-husband. We got on the topic of her friend Debbie whom she had introduced to animal sex and she told me she also lived right in town about a block away. We made arrangements for another dinner date, and we were going to dine out as a treat on me seeing as she was having a hard time making ends meet. We would meet the next night after work (Friday) I could hardly wait seeing as I had plans for those milk filled breasts and teats. I could hardly stand going to work or the wait for Friday night to arrive. I picked her up at 6:00 and we took her daughter with us to eat. We went to a fairly fancy restaurant and had a good meal. During the course of the evening Sandie had to breast fed her daughter several times. I joked that there wouldn't be any left for me, Sandie (commented with a sparkle in her eye) told me that she had plenty more where that came from, however I would have to earn it. I asked her how so and she said she would tell me later the price I would have to pay. We went to back to her apartment and put her daughter to bed, when she was finally asleep I again asked what I would have to do for a bit of her milk, she informed me I could have some (a taste) if I would f*** her until she came. I agreed and had her mount my now ridge cock facing me, I took off her bra and here milk laden breast sagged under the load of milk she was carrying. As I started to penetrate her and got fully inside of her she climaxed. When she came the milk in her breast let down and started leaking over my face, chest and stomach. I quickly began sucking on one milk laden nipple and the other one alternating between the two sucking with enthusiasm getting more and more excited until I could no longer hold back and came deep inside of her hot well lubricated pussy. We both fell asleep in each other's arms until her daughter woke wanting to be fed and changed. I then went home well sedated, empty balls and filled with her milk. We continued to go out, me supplying her with a hard 8.0 inch cock and her supplying me with her milk and a hot cunt and an abundant supply of pussy juice (I think I got the best part of the deal) I still love to eat pussy and suck on that sweet nectar of the gods. One day a week or so later Sandy asked if I still had the dog and I told her that I didn't that he had died a year ago however I did have another male dog and a female and they had just had a litter of two week old puppies that I was trying to sell as soon as they were weaned. She asked if the male would do her, I thought he would with the right amount of enticement and assistance to hook up to her cunt. We set up a time, got a babysitter and we went out on the town that evening. Sandy and I went to eat and had a few drinks. She was a little nervous on first meeting my new dog Blackie (he was a cross between a Saint Bernard and a black lab). He was a good size dog, not as large as my last pure bread black lab in stature however in my opinion he did have a somewhat larger cock. I introduced Blackey and Sandy at the kennel where the puppies were playing together. Sandie became interested in the puppies holding two of them one then another to her chest getting her face and neck washed by their tongues. She commented how horny they were making her and she wanted more. She was of course meaning she wanted a hard cock inside of her. I led her to my 4 season porch taking Blackie along. Sandie was still carrying the two puppies, enjoying the tongue bath and getting hotter and hotter. We got to the cool shade of the porch and I began taking off her cloths for the party to come, with her helping me do it. I had her down to her underwear (nursing bra and panties) she sat down on the edge of the couch leaning back letting the puppies lay on her stomach petting them. I was between her legs running my fingers through the deep grove of her cunt under the leg opening of her underwear. I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and stuck first one then two and three fingers into her wet pussy, pumping them in and out until she came. I removed my fingers and stuck my hard cock into the opening of her cunt, rammed it in balls deep in one hard stroke. I went in as far as I could go until my balls were slapping firmly into the crack of her panty covered ass. I began pumping into her until I came inside of her again as deep as I could go. When I pulled out I led Balckie over to her and between her open legs. He began sniffing at her and stuck his nose in directly into her crotch. She was dripping my sperm and pussy juice from the fucking she just had and with the puppies licking her heightened her excitement. As he began sniffing her well used cunt he began licking her several times tasting our combined juices. Sandie hunched down further to the edge of couch so her butt was sticking further out over the edge as I slipped her now cunt juice soaked, dog slobbered panties down her legs and off of one foot. When I had them removed she spread her legs as far as she could letting Blackie have full access to her sperm and cunt juice filled pussy. He spent several minuets with his tongue buried as deep as he could get, she must have had 3-4 orgasms. I then helped him mount her and guided his hardening cock into her well lubricated pussy. I let him to his own devices as he rammed every bit of his 10 inch cock and knot into her. He began to pump into her in typical dog fashion, he f***** her with gusto and pounded into her until he began cumming, his sperm, my sperm and her pussy juices spraying out around his knot and flowing onto the floor. Sandie kept cumming and cumming on that big dog cock and knot. During this time I took the opportunity to unhook her bra exposing her milk filled breasts and began licking and sucking on her nipples, as I began sucking and alternating between the two milk dripping nipples one of the puppies began licking at the milk that was dripping out of her nipples running down the under side of her breasts. This excited her and I let him continue to lick at the leaking milk. When Sandie stopped leaking I held one of the puppies to her fully extended right nipple. He began sucking on it drinking her milk as if it were his mothers teat. Sandie became more aroused and had several orgasm's while still connected to Blackies cock and knot. When he was done he pulled his softening cock from her well filled cunt it came out with a slurping sound and a gush of our combined juice flooding out of her onto the carpeted floor. I went to get a towel to wipe up the mess. When I came back intothe porch Sandie had brought the other puppy up to her other breast for it to feed on her milk. There was Sandy contently sprawled over the edge of the couch, cunt and dog cum flowing out of her pussy with Blackie licking up the juices, a puppy feeding at each of her breasts. After a few more minuets of letting her enjoy the after glow of her encounter and the puppies filled with her milk and falling asleep I took the puppies and Blackie back to the kennel for the rest of the night. I woke Sandie and led her to the shower to clean up and get ready to pick up her daughter from the sitter. Sandie was worn out but so content that she slept through the night until her daughter woke her to be fed. She told me that her nipples were so sore that she had trouble feeding her daughter and was thinking of weaning her from her breast. (Her daughter was teething). I told her I was saddened that she would no longer have milk and she smiled and told me that she wanted to be a surrogate mother to the puppies and that she knew at least one other woman that would like to get it on again with a dog. I asked who she was referring to and she told me that it was Debbie and that she was also a new mother without a steady man and was horny as hell. I asked her how she knew about this and she said that Deb and her were reminiscing about the time in the barn with the black lab. Every time they talked about it the hornier they both got and they each wanted to experience more diverse and other types of pleasures.More to come:
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