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[SIZE=1]Flying from the AirportWe had spent four days at an environmental conference. Not knowing each other prior to the event we were just now catching up on each other’s background and experience. It was very evident that we shared a passion for the wild. Her heart’s longing was to trek the Appalachian Trail despite never having seen any portion of it. Mine on the other hand was the longing to trek in the Rocky Mountains though I had only seen them from 30K feet from a United jet. It was strange. I lived 18 miles from the Appalachian Trail. She lived 18 minutes from the foothills of the Grand Tetons. So we sat at the airport having coffee together wishing we were on each other’s plane.She was a lovely woman, blondish brown hair, green eyes, and open smile. It was when I told of her of my love of trekking with my dog that her smile faltered. “I’m not so sure,” she said. I as lost for meaning. In time she shared with me that she had a “bad experience” when growing up. I didn’t press. That was the polite thing and it did lead to her sharing the story. “I got caught up with a Beagle,” she told me. I maintained the open look while my groin began to activate without my permission. “It began very innocently”, she told me and went on to describe how the dog had humped her leg and then, once she fell, her back until her jeans and T-shirt were spotted everywhere with “his wetness.” Amazing that we were talking of an ejaculating dog while people passed us on their way everywhere from Seattle to Newark. I just let her continue.Her talk was interrupted by several long silences while she would look at the floor or her hands or me. She was intent on getting this out I decided. I kept quiet. “Part of me wanted it. Still does,” she finally confided. Quickly she added, “Most of me hates that part of me.” I began the comfort by acknowledging her real and conflicted feelings. After validating her pain I did the same for her lust though I did not use that term, not yet.You already know that my cock was rock hard by this time. I wondered about her shifting around in the chair. Not being able to see through the airport tavern table was not a problem – I never would have cast my eyes in that direction anyway. At least not until she asked what I really thought.I asked if this was why she had a passion for something like the environment and wildlife. She quickly shut me up. “Stupid, I’m asking what you think about me having this haunting memory of sex with a dog.” It was then that I used the word. “Lust is not a criminal offense.” She launched into a confession that she wanted to experiment. She went on for a long time. Her thoughts would bounce between how depraved I must think she was and how much she wanted or even needed to do this “act” she called it. That was when I decided to return to the friend’s house where I had stayed during the conference and introduce Melody, that was her name, to Henri.I was surprised she had no hesitation, none at all. Two hours later we were meeting Henri, an Harlequin Great Dane. Henri was three. Mature. Ready by training. My good friend was away, but you knew that.. Melody was shaking as we entered the apartment. When seeing Henri her response was, “He’s magnificent.” And that he is.Taller than most men when on his hind legs, and his… To Melody size did matter. She never stopped commenting on it. When finally on her knees, her torso on the bed and Henri on her back she said to me, “Help him.” I did.Henri massive cock was led into Melody’s dripping puss. He began those energetic jerks that sent his cock driving into her. She began crying and laughing at the same time. “I love this,” was her only intelligible comment. She dripped as she moaned. Three times he slipped out with his cock flailing in the air. Seeing it made me jealous of size and present duties. I led him back to comfort and thrill. He went on for more than 20 minutes. She never stopped thrusting backHenri finally plopped out. His juices gushed from her puss and splashed on the back of her calves. That was when she began thanking me. My cock was dripping and my balls aching but I was still in all my clothes. I had been fascinated by the force of the union. Kindly she asked, “Do you need help,” she asked? “Not much,” I replied. She bent to position her mouth, unzipped my fly. It was a bit of a chore freeing my erection from my jeans but she succeeded. No sooner was I in her mouth than I unloaded everything I had to give. “Mmmm, you’re a sweetheart,” was her comment.We had both missed our planes but glad about it. With a lot of haggling we negotiated new flights. I said goodbye to her at the gate to her flight. Her cheeks glowed and that smile was back. Lust is a strange thing.
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