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I have always loved animals, especially dogs, they are so fun to watch & play with. Some are clumsy, some are smart, & then some are not as smart as the others. My job, unfortunately does not pay well enough for me to own my own house & the apartments that allowed anaimals should probably be condemend. So I unhappily took an apartment that didn't allow animals but it was very nice & in a nice part of town. I was thrilled when the house next door was sold to a middle aged couple who had the biggest dog I have ever seen. It must of been a Great Dane, I have never seen one in real life. I knew they were big dogs but I never imagined a dog could be that big.Soon on my daily 2.5 mile run I was stopping by when he was out in the yard to pet him a little. I was suprised a fence that short would keep him in, so one day when I saw one of the owners outside I asked if he could jump the fence. She said "no, he's too chicken to even try jumping it, & he knows he'd be in big trouble if he ever did." She said the last part with a smile so I knew he wasn't in danger of getting abused if he ever did jump it. She said he name was Kathy & he husbands name was Don, " & this guy here is Bouncer" she said as she rubbed his head. I introduced myself & we talked a bit. I was soon bringing Bouncer treats when I was going out for a run, I could tell he looked forward to me comming to see him because he always met me at the end of the yard. It was also good motivation to keep running everyday. After a few months Kathy & Don began asking me to come over & grill out with them. I loved playing with Bouncer & they were really nice people & we got along great. Then one time when we were eating Don said " Carla, we know how much you & Bouncer like each other & we were wondering if you'd be interested in dog sitting this weekend, I know it's short notice but something came up & we need to be out of town" It was short notice, it was Wednesday already, but luckily I had nothing going on so I accepted. We agreed I'd come over Friday after work & stay until Sunday, it wasn't like I was far from home or anything, if I did need something from my apartment I could just walk over & get it.That Friday was one of the worst days at work I have had in a very long time, it was one of those days when everything just goes wrong, it was very frustrating. So when I got home to pack I decided to mix myself a drink. I rarley drank but I felt one wouldn't hurt. It would get me in a better mood for Bouncer.When I got over to Bouncers house he was happy to see me, his tail was wagging & he followed me all around the house as I got myself familiar with it all. I did find a liquor cabinet & decided to help myself to another drink, because I still wasn't in the greatest of moods, I still felt a little depressed.I finally sat down on the couch & began watching a little TV, Bouncer seemed content to lye there & let me pet him. That was fine with me, after my fourth drink I was happy to just sit & relax, I was feeling really relaxed now I was actually a little drunk, I hadn't been drunk in about six months when I went out on the town with a friend of mine when she came into town.Bouncer finally got up & wandered around the house a bit, as he was walking out in the kitchen I noticed it looked like his penis was hanging lower than normal, I've never even noticed it at all before. I decided it was no big deal & went back to watching TV. Boncer finally came back by me & sat down, the he rolled over onto his back Kathy said he liked having his tummy rubbed. So I got down on the floor with him & began to rub his tummy, as I did I noticed his penis getting larger. I'm sure I blushed a bit because I kept looking at it, it was a really good sized dick. The poor guy must be horney I thought to myself. Part of me wanted to help him out & part, probably the sober part, thought that was gross. I decided to maybe stroke it a little but that was all. I brushed up against it a little & he didn't seem to mind so I finally got the nerve up. I actually wrapped my hand around it & slowly slid it up & down, it had to be the loongest cock I ever had my hands on. It had actually been about 4 months since I had my hands on any cock at all! I could feel myself begining to get horney & drunker! I couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through my head. Suddenly I decided to get up & run home for something. Once in my apartment I began doing a strip tease dance, nobody was there but it made me feel sooo sexy & I love that feeling. After I was naked I went to my lingerie drawer & pulled out my black thigh high stockings, I didn't wear them often but they made me feel very feminine & sexy. After slipping them on & grabbed my black lacey teddy & slipped into it & then attached the garters to the stockings, I loved wearing this outfit, & a few guys liked seeing me in it. I grabbed makeup & went into the bathroom to put on some heavy eye makeup & red lipstick, I was looking sluttier by the minute. I loved it! I was having a great time in my drunken state. I slipped into a sweatsuit & went back over to Bouncers house. As I was walking over I planed on just stroking him a little & then going into the bedroom alone & masturbating. I walked in the house & found his dick was back to it's normal size, I was dissapointed but I figured I could get him excited again. I went into the bathroom & slipped out of my sweatsuit & looked at myself in the mirror, I was indeed slutty looking. I went to the kitchen & mixed another drink. As I sat down on the couch Bouncer came by & laid on his back again. I happily slid down on the floor & began rubbing his tummy, & sure enough his cock began to grow again! This time I didn't wait as long I wrapped my hand around it & began to stroke it. He seemed to be enjoying it, he laid his head back & was still. Then out of the blue he got up & walked around the couch & then stared at me, I had no idea what was going through his mind. He began to walk towards me, I was laying on my back propped up on my elbows, one knee slightly bent. He walked over me, one set of feet on each side of me, kind of straddling me. He came right up to my face & began licking my face a few times. Then he stopped & for some reason I opened my mouth & he started to lick my tounge, I was french kissing a dog! I couldn't believe what I was doing! It must be the alcohol & this outfit wasn't helping any either! He eventually just walked away again & began to wander around the house again, so I got up on the couch & had some more of my drink, not that I needed it! He once again came over by me but this time he jumped up & put his front paws up by my shoulders while his back paws were still on the floor. Only now instead of him straddling me, my legs were around him. I looked down & noticed his cock was as big as ever! I had to stroke it somemore, only this time I licked my hand before so it would slide up & down nicley. I couldn't believe I was in this position, I could feel the lust taking over. Then the tought finally surfaced, it was right there for awhile but I guess I was fighting it off. I was sooo horney & sooo drunk...Kathy did say he was up on all his shots & he was a very health, well cared for dog...omg! am I actually considering this? I better decided fast because if I keep stoking him he may cum!I reached down with my other hand & unsnapped the crotch on my teddy. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest , thoughts were racing through my head, can I get pregnant? can I get any diseases? then the lust finally took over I lind his cock up with my wet pussy lips & guided the tip inside me. Bouncer must of liked it because all by himself he thrusted his entire cock inside me, GAWD! what a feeling! He began sliding himself in & out of me with very long strokes I could feel myself about to have an orgasm already! I knew for sure size really does matter after I had my first orgasm after letting him fuck me for only about a minute. I began to moan as his long strokes continued, I have never been fucked this good before, I wrapped my legs around him & was contend to lye there in my sexy lacey teddy, thigh high stockings & slutty makeup & let him have his way with me. Then after getting my brains fucked out for about 10 minutes I could feel him start to cum, it was just a little at first & then he stopped fucking me & just stood still with his wonderful cock in my pussy & just came....& came & came. I could feel it overflowing my pussy & running out, probably making a huge mess on the couch & carpet, but i didn't care it felt soooo good! After he came he simply got off me & when a layed in a corner, my head was still spinning, let's see it's Friday night & I'm all alone with this dog until Sunday's going to be a great weekend!
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