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Deidre walked out to the stable to feed and water her beloved unicorn, and to get him to do something for her. Calling his home a "stable" was something of a stretch because it was more comfortable than many human residences. Deidre wanted her pet, whom she had named "Horny", to be comfortable and happy because he did things for her that nobody else would or could. After a restless night, she had some of those things in mind that day. Besides living well, Horny ate well because Deidre brought him fresh fruit and only the best quality hay and some days, she brought him doughnuts. The fruit and hay kept Horny in good health and the doughnuts provided energy, and this was one of the days Deidre wanted him to have energy. Deidre was rather plain and shy and didn't have much experience with men, except for the live-in boyfriend who had left her a month ago. The lack of a boyfriend was one of the reasons Horny was so well stabled and fed.The stable had a wooden floor, covered with straw that was changed and swept frequently. There was a good quality electric heater for use in the winter, thick stone walls for insulation and windows for ventilation but today the electric lights were on and the windows were shuttered for privacy. Deidre wanted privacy; Horny didn't know the meaning of the word, although he was quite intelligent. Unicorns are the most intelligent equines, much smarter than donkeys or burros, and miles above horses. Horny knew that he had a good life and what he had to do to keep the good life, and he was more than willing to do it, especially since he enjoyed it too.When Horny saw the doughnuts, he was happy because he liked the taste and he knew that doughnuts meant that he and Deidre would be servicing each other. He also knew enough to avoid eating too much because the servicing he would be doing was best done on a stomach that was not full. After eating as much as he was going to, Horny was ready. Deidre got the stable ready too, bringing the polished wooden bench from the other room, wiping it off and setting it in front of Horny so he could reach it easily. The next thing she did was to clean off his horn. This bony appendage was in the shape of a spiral, almost three inches thick at the base, with a ring of hard, rough protuberances where it jutted from his forehead, and was a foot long, tapering to a blunt tip. The horn is unique to unicorns among equines and, along with their gentle and docile natures, is the reason they are so popular among women.Most people, if they thought about it at all would have assumed that a unicorn might be named "Horny" because of his horn, and Deidre let them think that. The real reason was her own business. With the bench and Horny ready, Deidre took off all her clothing. There was really no reason for her to remove her top, but it seemed like the natural thing to do. The naked Deidre knelt by Horny and started fondling his cock, which was already semi-hard as he had been anticipating what would be happening. As always, Deidre wished her unicorn weren't hung quite so well, but she also anticipated she would some day appreciate what he had. "One of these days," she always told herself, this nice cock is going to be in my pussy."Deidre stroked her pet's cock several times until it was fully hard and extended. "That's a good boy," she whispered. Then she leaned forward, opened her mouth as wide as it would go and took in the tip of Horny's cock, while she continued to pump his shaft with her hands. The unicorn cooperated, as he was trained to do, and slowly fucked his cock into his mistress's hands and mouth until she backed away, leaving Horny horny. Once Deidre's needs had been satisfied, his would be too.She lay down on the bench, her pussy presented to her pet and he stepped forward to do as he was trained to do with his mistress in that position. From handling the big equine cock and from anticipating what would be happening, Deidre was wet, and she held open her pussy lips while Horny first sniffed at her and then started licking up what was, to him, a tasty treat. "Ooo, yeah, that feels so good. Yeah, lick me there. Oo!" The last exclamation came about when Horny thrust his thick, muscular, almost prehensile tongue four inches into Deidre's pussy in search of more of her delicious juices. Although not many were available, he enjoyed the taste and the texture of the place where his tongue was, and twisted and turned it, and thrust it in and out. Deidre immensely enjoyed what Horny was doing and was close to cumming. "Yes! Yes! Do it, Horny, do it," Deidre pleaded with her unicorn, and he kept doing it. The tastiest spot was right at the entrance to Deidre's vagina, because that was right at the base of her clit. When Horny started concentrating his tongue on that place, Deidre became ecstatic, thrusting herself at Horny to get the full benefit from his tongue in her pussy. As Horny continued moving his tongue in the way he would get the best taste, Deidre started cumming, bouncing up and down on the bench and rocking sideways until she climaxed. She was careful to keep the bench well polished and waxed because Deidre didn't want any splinters.After enjoying her orgasm, Deidre lay quietly, letting Horny lick off all her fresh juices. He enjoyed their taste and, even after climaxing, she relished the feeling of his tongue on her pussy. The first orgasm had been great but Deidre knew the second would be even better. When she was ready, she got up and moved the bench out of the way and got on her hands and knees where the bench had been. Deidre reached back and again opened her pussy lips and waited the pleasuring from her loyal pet.When he saw his mistress in that position, Horny knew what it meant. Although there was some instinctive urge to mount her and imbed his cock, she was out of his reach and, besides, Horny was well trained. He lowered his head and approached her, with his horn aimed at the place where he knew his mistress wanted it. In the wild, unicorn horns are weapons and are pointed but domesticated animals usually have their horns ground down and that was the case with Horny. The tip was not sharp enough to puncture anything but was narrow enough to easily fit into a tight place such as Deidre's vagina. Knowing that was what she wanted, Horny put the tip of his horn into the entrance of Deidre's pussy.When she felt the first penetration, Deidre shuddered with delight and moved towards the source of her pleasure, feeling the horn slip into her wet pussy. "Mmmm, yeah," she murmured. "Stick that big horny cock all the way in me. I wanna fuck." At the place where the horn was too thick to easily slide in any deeper, Deidre stopped. "Give it to me, Boy. All the way in."Horny may not have understood the words but he knew what was expected of him and he moved forward, while his mistress thrust back. Deidre moaned in pleasure as she felt the entrance to her pussy stretch and accommodate the horn, and her heavy lubrication helped ease it in even deeper. The farther the horn entered her, the more Deidre enjoyed it and she wanted all of it in her pussy. She continued thrusting back, and Horny kept moving his head, every movement of either of them driving the horn in deeper, the way Deidre wanted itWhen it was finally all the way in, Deidre was ecstatic. The bony protuberance at the base of the unicorn's horn rubbed against her clit and the spiral ridges did more for the nerve endings in her vagina than the pleasure bumps on any dildo ever could. No dildo or vibrator ever designed could match the ability of a unicorn to give pleasure to a woman, and Deidre firmly believed that no man could either. Although her experience was limited, she had never seen a cock as big or as hard as the horn that was pleasuring her pussy, and none that would last until she was satisfied. She had also never seen a human tongue that could penetrate her pussy and give her pleasure the way Horny's tongue could. Horny was many times better than any toy she had ever tried because he moved on his own, rather than being held by the user. Furthermore, once her pussy had been thoroughly licked and fucked, Horny had another way to give pleasure that was totally beyond the capability of dildo or vibrator."Oh, God, yes! Yes, that's good," Deidre blurted out as she started cumming, and she increased her movements of her pussy to get even more pleasure from her pet. Horny knew something was happening, not exactly what, but he loved his mistress and knew that he was doing something she liked so he kept moving his head in the same way. He also knew how much pleasure he would get after she was through with what she was doing, so he continued.After her first orgasm from the horn, the second of the morning, Deidre decided she wanted one more before she sucked off her unicorn. Looking over her shoulder, she saw him standing patiently, his still bowed with his horn where she wanted it. "Good boy, good boy. Mistress wants to cum one more time. Fuck me some more." Horny didn't understand the words but he recognized the soothing tone of voice and he recognized the way his mistress raised her hind quarters toward him. "She wants me to move my head some more," he thought, "and after I do for a while, she will do something very nice for me." Horny wasn't very familiar with the birds and bees but he knew that he liked the feel of his mistresses hands and mouth on his cock, and he k new what he had to do to earn the good feeling By bobbing his head and moving it sideways and back and forth, and, randomly, every other way, Horny was truly earning what his mistress would do for him. Deidre was euphoric with what her pet was doing for her; with her body writhing, she thrust her pussy to meet the movements of his horn and felt the texture rubbing her everywhere she liked to be rubbed, and making her cum like she had never cum before. Her third orgasm of the day was the most exciting; she sprawled forward, as waves of pleasure from all the stimulated parts of her pussy washed over her until her back arched, and she climaxed as she had never climaxed before. Deidre lay flat on the floor, as the unicorn's horn pulled loose and she crawled forward a few feet. Horny followed her but all he did was lick the delicious juices from her pussy, and up into the cleft of her ass. "Some day," Deidre thought "I want to see what his horn feels like in my ass, but not today."After resting for a few minutes, Deidre got to her hands and knees and crept under her beloved pet. His cock was fully erect, and she thought, as always what it would feel like in her pussy. "Some day, I will take his horn in my ass and his cock in my pussy, and then let him lick both holes, but not today." Holding onto his cock with both hands, Deidre opened her mouth again, taking as much as she could between her lips, and when her mouth was ready, she started masturbating her unicorn. Woman and beast quickly set up a symbiotic rhythm, with his cock pumping between her hands and into her mouth and her hands and mouth providing a soft channel for his cock. Horny had never known a unicorn mare but he would have treated a mate of his own species the same as he treated his mistress, gently and affectionately. Deidre loved her pet besides in a sexual way, and she wanted him to enjoy their couplings as much as she enjoyed them, if such could be possible.Horny was pretty horny that day, and Deidre knew he was about to cum so she took an inch more of his cock into her mouth and started pumping his shaft faster. Horny stamped his feet and ejaculated, flooding his mistress's mouth, and she swallowed as much of it as she could and kept pumping his cock until she was sure she had it all. Because there was so much, some of his ejaculate had dribbled out onto the floor but Deidre had enjoyed the taste and texture of the mouthful she had gotten. After wiping off her mouth with her fingers and licking off the fingers, Deidre stood up and put her arm around her pet/lover's neck. "You are so sweet and so good to me, Horny, I will come out here this afternoon and suck you off again." Deidre knew, from bitter experience, that a satisfied lover was one who would not stray. by Boxlicker101
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