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Despite not being the first period of depression in her life, Shayna had felt so mentally exhausted that she went on a solo-hiking trip through the Canadian mountains. It was the middle of January, a fresh layer of powdery snow on the ground, a week before she had to return to college. Only twenty-years-old, she decided to go on this trip for some self-discovery and to explore the Canadian wilderness, with the proper landmarks kept in mind of course.The night air was refreshing, and she sat on a makeshift seat near a small cook fire, listening to the sounds of the wild all around her. There was no feeling quite like it; the evening crickets were playing tunes on their personal violins, the occasional hoot of an owl was soothing, the guard of the conifer trees with the pungent scent of pine needles, the stars winking down at her from overhead, amongst other things. The moon shone overhead like a beacon, and she swore she heard the distant sound of a howling wolf. It didn’t bother her much, though; bears were a more common problem, and as long as she was careful, she needn’t be afraid of them.After she ate simple bread and soup, she extinguished the fire and crawled into her tent, letting the chilly but not bitter winds enter through a small crack in the cover flap. She wore simple pajamas as a top, but wore nothing but a pair of thick cotton panties. She unrolled the sleeping bag, spread it out, and, after checking to make sure the fire was out, climbed under.Biting her lip after lying still for several minutes, she gently reached her hand underneath her panties and relieved herself, fantasizing about a man whom she assumed would never come, despite compliments about her beauty; straight, dirty-blonde hair, petite figure, beautifully pale with supple thighs, with a cute face and bright almost-translucent blue eyes. The only thing she damned herself for was not being well endowed like most other girls her age, but at the very least they were perky.The next morning, as she opened her eyes, her heart skipped a beat. Actually, two beats. A shadow was draped across a side of her tent from the pale sun, an audible sniffing sound on the other side. The silhouette was that of a wolf’s, although at first she mistook it for a dog’s. Her sleeping bag was thrown off of her body, but she was petrified to the point where she didn’t even want to move.A silent screech came from between her lips as the wolf’s nose poked in the small hole she had left for air to escape into. Her backpack was left open, full of extra provisions she had brought along the way. It didn’t take long for the wolf to catch on; it gently nudged the zipper until it started to rotate around the semi-circle, large enough for it to come in.It was a gray wolf, tall and lean but apparently now a lone wolf as there was no sign of its pack. Or perhaps it was just hunting? There were multiples bites and scratches along its sides and neck, so Shayna dismissed that idea. She was intrigued, but fearful at the same time, remaining as still as humanly possible.He nudged her pack with his nose, knocking it to the ground. It sniffed carefully at the foods inside. It tried nipping at the bread, but immediately spit it back up. Next, it picked up the beef jerky, still wrapped in its plastic packaging, and tried unsuccessfully to chew and eat it. Spitting that out as well, it turned its attention to Shayna. She let out another silent scream in her mind.The wolf bobbed its head, gazing at her with warm black eyes. He blinked a few times, then, as if on curious impulse, moved slowly toward her. Regaining her movement, Shayna subconsciously started moving away until her back touched the nylon membrane of her tent. He continued moving toward her, however, in slow deliberate paces.He pressed its nose up against her face, making her cringe and squeal. The wolf jumped back in surprise, then growled slightly. Shayna’s blood froze. The wolf began sniffing again, bobbing its head lower to the ground now. It moved forward again, and she remained still. His nose brushed against her crotch, making her breathe heavily in fear.Then, out of nowhere, it licked around her cotton undergarments, its warm saliva washing up against her right thigh. A shiver shot through her, a mixed feeling of sudden pleasure and curiosity in her mind. The wolf became less shy, and began licking all around, its ears twitching slightly as it did so. Shayna placed her palms flat on the ground next to her, her eyes wide.A wave of pleasure washed over her, the wolf never lifting its head or stopping the lapping. Her legs spread apart slightly, although she did it without realizing it until a moment later. The warmth around her groin was growing, and she soon felt the fear disappear.As though on impulse, she wrapped her thumbs around her panty line and pulled down slightly, exposing her sweet sex. Now with full access, the wolf vigorously licked her, its tongue lapping up against her clit. A wave of orgasm overcame her, and she soon found herself not caring about the fact that it was a wild animal.She had only seen something like this once before; a random pop-up window from a site she had visited while she was at college, advertising a bestiality pay site. She had dismissed it quickly at the time, but now that she was placed in this awkward situation, the memory came to her like a speeding freight train.The wolf was clearly becoming stimulated himself, her juices pungent and filmed over her labia. Its organ was a vivid pink and red color in hue, about ten inches in length and roughly one inch in width. She bit her lip when she saw it, and soon the wolf abandoned his loving and tried mounting her from the front, ramming its body into her chest.She immediately got what it wanted. She was scared about doing this, reluctant on the sudden intrusion, but she couldn’t help herself, a second orgasm approaching. She turned over on all fours, pulling her shirt up slightly above her braless breasts while resting on her elbows. Immediately, the wolf mounted on top of her, resting its furry body against her exposed back. Its paws wrapped around her stomach, the claws digging slightly into her flesh although it was a slightly pleasing feeling. It humped madly, and she felt the hot flesh jab against her cheeks and thighs several times before it hit the mark.The penetration was quick, making her moan in slight pain but in more pleasure than anything else. The warmth of the wolf’s breath brushed across her neck, the softness of its fur pleasant against her skin, the paws wrapped firmly around her. The wolf pumped several times inside of her, thrusting quickly but gently at the same time. Several waves of orgasms swept throughout her, and she soon found herself enjoying every little moment, the wolf pounding all the way inside of her with each thrust. She smiled and giggled, using one hand to pet the wolf across its neck. The wolf whinnied slightly, and she soon felt a surge of warmth in her womb as it ejaculated, making her climax as well once again.The wolf turned a full 180-degrees, but its member did not leave her. Instead, they were locked together by its knot, connected by nature with their bums facing each other. Shayna took full advantage and continued to ram his member inside of her to bring about a new wave of orgasms. When the knot shrank small enough for them to separate, Shayna collapsed atop her sleeping bag, her body still warm from the experience. The wolf laid down next to her, and she cuddled against its back. Excess semen escaped through her pussy, and she wet her fingers with it and tasted the salty fluids, as well as smearing it across her face. She would probably be out here for a week longer than she had initially expected. Maybe longer.
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