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As you can tell, I am totally inexperienced in this area. The closest I ever came was when my wife and I had been married for about two and a half years. We lived in an apartment on the second floor of a house in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of a largish city. One Saturday after our son had gone to sleep for his nap, my wife and I had gone into the kitchen for a snack. We happened to look out the window into the back yard of the house on the next street over and lo and behold, we saw that a large dog, not sure of the breed, had been let out into the yard and it was pacing back and forth at the fence to the yard of the house next door. The reason was clear very quickly as we spotted another large dog in that yard and she was obviously the center of attention of the first dog. Well the fence wasn't very high, only like 3 feet, and before we could even guess what was going to happen, we were watching the 'fence-hopping' and the first dog was all over her. My wife is a lot shorter than I and had to get in front of me to watch and I couldn't resist the chance to push her pants down and share the experience I was watching..... We were both really feeling it and we spent many more afternoons looking out that window, some with that same result. We never had the chance, and my wife never expressed the desire to carry it any further than watching dogs together, but she told me a time or two of watching when I wasn't around also so she wasn't totally turned off by it or only as a chance to be with me. Now unfortunately, my wife is on some medications that have just about wiped out her sex drive and so I will have to be content to read and view here and settle for my dreams. Unless we can get her health in a better place and get her off of the meds. Then maybe we could look into expanding our lives..... One can always hope.
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