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Well being a cetacean zoo, my fantasies are all marine mammal based There are a few things that I dream quite often about. Things that I would like to actually get to do before my days on this earth are over. And then there are a few things that I know, are not possible, but they are still fun to think about.realistically speaking I know that to have an orca try to mate me would literally be the death of me, so I don’t even dream about that, and a dolphin, while anatomically sized so that a human could handle it, mates with much to much vigor and force to be safe. So I have restrained my fantasies to be something that I hope one day to get the chance to do. I would like to assist with an orca AI session. To watch as trainers get a seamen sample from an orca. I wouldn’t even need to participate, just getting to stand pool side and watching would be a dream come true. Though I would love to get to help, I would love to know what such a magnificent creature feels like furry erect and in his moment. I would like to also help do a dolphin AI session, but I would like to be more hands on with that collection, but orcas are really my love and passion in all ways.Those are my 2 biggest fantasies that I would actively participate in. but the other things that I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember are getting a taste of an orca's seamen. Just a taste, just something to know what it is truly like, and I also would die to get a taste of a female orca’s milk. These 2 are not as much of a sexual kink as they are a life long curiosity. I have a strong connection with orcas, and it would be a way of knowing yet even more about them....Anyways, my fantasies are probably a little different than most peoples, and even though they seam imposable to ever reach, I will never let go of my dreams, I hope that some day, at least some of them can come true.
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