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It's been a while since I've written anything, so I felt the itch to write again. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any inspiration at all. I asked in the BF chat and zeekstar suggested I write something about a hitchhiker being picked up by a van with dogs in it. It's not normally the sort of thing I'd write, but I gave it a go anyway. Please remember to comment after you've read it and let me know what you think!!===============================================The Hitchhiker.Zeek had just about run out of patience. He'd been trying to hitch a ride for over an hour without a single person even pulling over to ask. To make things worse, he was running low on water and the temperature was pushing 38 degrees celsius. A sign on the side of the road let him know there was a service station with food a few kilometres ahead, so he resolved to wait out the heat if he couldn't get a lift before he made it there.As fate would have it, someone pulled up while the service station was only a stone's throw away. It was a small truck with a canvas canopy and two occupants. The truck squealed to a stop and the passenger wound down the window."Where are you headed, mate?" the passenger quizzed. "We're heading to Cairns, so you're welcome to grab a lift if you're headed somewhere along the coast road." Zeek was relieved to hear it. He nodded and thanked them, and was about to ask if he'd be riding in the back when the driver leaned over and pre-empted him."There's no room in here, but there's a bench seat in the back. Our dogs are in there, but they won't hurt you," the unkempt driver said curtly. Not in the mood to pass the opportunity up, Zeek shrugged and climbed into the back of the truck.There to greet him were two male labradors; one chocolate brown, the other light gold. True to the driver's word, the dogs didn't appear malicious. The gold one came up to greet him, while the brown one barely stirred from its spot before laying back down. He gave the gold one a pat before throwing his backpack next to the seat and making sure he was in a comfortable spot for the drive....Zeek was thankful that a small ventilation flap near the top of the canopy was keeping a cool breeze running through the truck. He stretched out on the floor and rolled onto his side. The golden lab had been lying next to him, though Zeek's movement had woken him up. When he looked over to check on the dogs, what he saw shocked him. The brown dog that he'd assumed was perenially lethargic was trying to penetrate the other dog.Despite the brown dog's best efforts, the gold dog managed to scamper under the bench seat. After a brief attempt, the randy dog knew he wouldn't be able to get to his intended target. With that realisation, he turned to Zeek. Zeek thought he'd be safe wearing his cargo pants, so he didn't panic at all.He was soon proven wrong. With a flash of his teeth and a gentle warning bite, the dog indicated that there would be repercussions if Zeek did not remove his pants. Pretending as best he could that he was calm, he pulled down his pants and got on all fours for the dog. Any other person would have tried to defend themself somehow, but Zeek had always had a fantasy about being penetrated by a male dog. He didn't object to the sex, he was just concerned about this dog in particular. He'd never been penetrated before, and he had hoped his first time would be somewhat more...gentle.Zeek only had a few moments to think about this. The brown dog wanted to mate, and he wasn't waiting for anyone. Zeek felt paws lock around his hips as a weight landed on his back. Immediately after he felt something moist and warm poking his right buttock, searching for a hole. Knowing it was inevitable, he reached back with one hand and pushed the dog a bit to the left. Straight away the brown dog found his mark.Without mercy the brown dog thrust the full length of his shaft into Zeek and began humping like his life depended on it. Fortunately there was an inordinate amount of precum, so his anus was lubricated well enough to avoid any great discomfort. Also as fortunately, the brown dog was not very well hung for a labrador. This didn't reduce the pleasure Zeek was feeling though.As the cock was moved in and out of him at a boggling pace, the dog moved to changed his position. This new position aimed his penis right at Zeek's prostate. With a gasp, he began to moan as this new sensation pulsed through his body. The feeling of being penetrated was wild enough, but he was now having his prostate rapidly stimulated by a dog's penis. Zeek's fears had already left him, and he was now taken wholly by his lust.These new sensations grew and grew, taking him higher into the heights of his lust. Before long he was sensing an impending orgasm. Suddenly though, he felt the cock inside him begin to expand. It felt like it was almost twice its original girth, and it stretched him uncomfortably as it popped in and out of his anus. The pain was bearable, and perhaps even pleasurable with the other stimulation he was getting. Zeek's orgasm kept growing closer and closer as the dog continued to thrust wildly, but he began to worry when the thing inside him continued to grow. Just a few short thrusts later and it had grown enough that it would no longer fit through his unstretched anus. It was now stuck inside him!Coming even closer to his orgasm, he felt the animal on his back stiffen, then felt a rush of warmness inside him. More and more the dog began to fill him with its semen. The thought of having a dog come inside him was just too much, and he climaxed with a grunt and a shudder. Spurt after spurt, he came more than he'd ever come in his life. The intensity of his orgasm was so great that he slumped to the floor panting. He was completely spent and satisfied. He'd be hooked on animals for life...."Well, pay up. I told you ol' Darky'd be into him before long. A bet's a bet," the driver told his passenger triumphantly. "And besides, you owe me for letting you watch anyway. Bet you ain't seen a show like that in your life anyway." The driver grinned and kept driving while his cargo rested peacefully.
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