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[FONT=Ariel 7 REUNIONThe salad arrived, temporarily interrupting the delicate conversation. I was dining with a long time girl friend from the old neighborhood. We had been roomies in college.Those had been years of study, drinking and fraternizing and although neither of us had pledged a sorority, we had had been active in the frat houses - and in our own bedroom with each other. We both had master’s in sexology 101, 102 and all of the rest.She had gone on to an MBA in a different state and I completed mine in clinical psychology here. Now, in our mid thirties, we were having a reunion as she and her husband moved back to town. After the usual updates on family, friends and current events and, as college days were remembered, the main topic turned to was sex. No. Not just sex. Sex with a capital Sex. As the waiter bowed away my friend, let’s call her Jill, leaned forward to continue the conversation in a whisper.“- and we’ve been married for five years and two kids but I still miss the days in the sorority house when you could find a hunk with a big tool or if we bombed out there was always the two of us taking care of things together.”“You mean,” I leaned closer. “Robert does not have a big one ?” My ears wiggled and my nose twitched. Maybe ???“Not even enough to touch the sides much less the bottom. Oh, the foreplay is good but I have always had a problem gaining completion with him.”There was a pause as we dug into the chef’s salad and I could tell she was thinking about what she had confessed - and perhaps what more to say on the subject, if any.As I pushed the salad plate away and tasted a sip of zinfandel, I decided to push the issue and hope I read it right and the old connection could be renewed. Not so much the girl-girl stuff as getting her into my current love life for old time’s sake.“Have you strayed for a bigger one ?” I probed, hoping to stay on the subject for my own purposes.“Not really. I have thought about it but opportunities have been slim and I never have had just the right situation.” She took a long, slow sip from the wine glass and smiled across the rim at me. “How about you ? Ever strayed ?” 2 “No. Never did while Bob was alive and he made sure that if anything happened to him, as it did, I would not have to hunt for a big one - or any one, for that matter.” That got her attention. I leaned across the table as far as I could and stay seated and whispered, “Want to try a big one ?”She studied my face for a minute ? “You have a big one available ?” Pause “How big ?” The last in a whisper.“Big.” was my reply. “Let’s finish and go to my place to talk about it.” And so it began. We drove to my place in relative silence. Jill was busy looking out of the window and noting changes since she was here, making a comment now and then. I did notice a growing expanse of fine leg as her skirt hiked higher as she twisted and turned, watching the sights and incessantly rubbing her inner thigh with her left hand, well above her knee, and pointing with her right. And then we were there.I hastily unloaded her and the things from shopping out of the car and into the house, dumping the shopping booty on the floor and pushing Jill into the living room.“Now let’s talk about sex.” I blurted. “I mean do you still like it ? Would you like it now ? Tell me all bout it.” I parked myself on one end of the couch and she sat on the other end facing me slightly, her skirt pulled ten inches above her knee, again nervously rubbing her inner thigh. Considering what I had just said I wondered if she would think I was coming on to her for a renewal of our college play, an encounter I would not object to. She had a luscious bod.“Of course I like it, Beth. Always have. You of all people know that. It’s just that Bob is so small and I have to take care of things afterward.” She paused with a grin on her face. “Sure I’d like it now. What have you got , a big dildo ? A Sybian ? Or do we do a sixty-nine like the old days ?”I stood up and unfastened my skirt. Her eyes popped and I knew she was thinking a girl-girl session. “No, dear. No dildo. I have George.” At the sound of his name, George wandered into the room. My skirt dropped to the floor leaving me in panties and blouse. He slouched over to where I was slipping out of my panties and stuck his nose up between my legs.George is a King’s bred tan Dane who stands thirty-eight inches high at the shoulder with everything else proportional. “George, this is Jill. I’m going to show her big and let her decide if she wants you to f*** her too.” I turned to Jill and nearly laughed aloud at the look on her face. 3“Jill, this is George and I can see you already know what is about to happen so just get comfortable. I need it and you will want it. Watch BIG and decide if you want to be dog f*****, too.” George had his nose constantly between my legs as I pulled the ottoman over against the couch, moved one of the couch cushions on top of it and sat down on top of the cushion. The dog moved around and up between my spread legs, his tongue working on my shaved labia and upstanding clit.I smiled as I watched Jill’s eyes literally bugging out of her head as she focused on George‘s tongue giving his wonderful service to my puffy labia and the slightly swollen mons veneris above. Her mouth was open and her hands were pulling her skirt up. “Just watch, Jill, honey. No comments - no horror outbursts. Just watch him f*** me.” And with that I lay back onto the ottoman with my hips high on the cushion and George immediately reared up and mounted me.I heard Jill moan as he entered me and in my peripheral vision saw she had found her own panty covered pussy and her hands were busy.George was tight up between my legs and I hugged my knees to my tits as his paws gripped my hips and his flanks began hunching as he sought my always hot and ready cunt.I flung my arms wide to the side in complete surrender as I felt his emerging prick find my already wet pussy lips and as he found the target he snorted and growled and drove his doggy dick six inches into my cunt in his first push. I heard Jill moan again but my attention was in demand at the seat of lust.He immediately went into high gear and drove ever deeper until his swelling knot pressed against my wet, eager cunt lips. And as I wrapped my legs up over his back he gave a big snort and a hard jerk of his flanks that drove his knot deep into my willing cunt.I wrapped my arms around him and thrashed my hips against my impalement as he f***** deeper and deeper until he was into me to his balls. And the fun began.You have seen the beautiful motions dogs make when driving into a bitch. Now imagine the same movement driving eleven inches of fast swelling dog dick in and out of my raging cunt, limited to the two inches or so behind his knot which had already swollen enough to lock tightly into me. 4We had done this many times over the years and we had a smooth rythym - not the frantic motions like some dogs in the streets. George settled into a rapid in and out stroking, limited to only those few inches - actually giving me an inner pleasure from the pressure of the knot against my G spot each time he pulled back . I was so impaled and with my arms and legs wrapped around him I actually swung beneath him, more sliding back and forth on his wonderful prick than being held in place and f***** now that we were tied.I hung from him as he pounded my wanton cunt, driving me into a sensual lethargy where everything was sex and fog and orgasms came in multiples as his pre-cum lubed me for his dee-lightful ravage. I was gasping through my umteenth orgasm when I felt him slow, unable to move his tool in or out because his knot and prick had swollen so much he was locked in place. His prick was gloriously engorged and throbbing in me and I shot off again and then again as I felt his hot semen shooting deep inside me. I imagined it was seeping through my cervix as I felt the tip of his prick jammed against the entrance to my womb.Cum seeped from my f***** cunt as he continued to fill me with hot seed. The only motion now was my swinging slightly beneath him as I hung on for dear life and hopefully another orgasm or two.I was weakened by the ravaging and my legs slowly slipped from his back to the floor and I settled back on the cushions, still holding him around his neck.I sighed deep in my soul, my breathing very labored, my body shaking some from the supreme animal mating I had so enjoyed. George stood patiently, knowing full well we were delightfully tied and would be for another ten minutes or so.He also knew that as soon as I recovered, before he pulled out of me, I was going to f*** myself on his swollen prick for at least one more orgasm.But now I remembered I had company and I looked to Jill. I was startled to find she was only inches away from me, beautifully nude, fingers of one hand buried in her sopping pussy frigging herself. Her eyes were locked onto the junction of dog dick and Beth’s cunt and she whispered, “Can I talk now ?”I nodded and she continued. “Three things. I want to suck your f***** cunt.”I nodded. “Second, I want to suck that beautiful prick.” I nodded again. “And third, I want to be dog f***** until I pass out.” I nodded again. I had won. hugel
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