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Well this is a story for complete imagination! Andi's Doggy JobThere she was just got hired for a stable mate at a local ranch. She was a beautiful young lady 23 with long blonde hair and legs that went for miles. People called her Andi like the boys name but with an “I” not a “y” you know to make it a girl’s name. It was short for Andrea. On this ranch were she was so happily hired there were a large number of animals 15 horses, 22 dogs most of them just muts, 210 head of cattle, 12 goats, countless rabbits, and a few chickens. She was to feed all the animals, that was her job. She liked it and she got to be around a lot of nice and interesting animals. One day after she feed the chickens she was just going to move on and feed the dog and goats. But she looked in to the barn something she did not do often and she saw one of the dogs up on the back of another dog she was about to yell when she saw that they were not fighting they we having sex!! She froze in her tracks just standing there looking currishly at the dogs trusting into each other! She could not help but fell a little turned on but watching then. She stood there for about 10 minutes watching them, it not like the dogs cared who saw them. Then she could not help but ask herself if she would like it? But she just pushed the images out of her head and walked away to finish feeding the animals.Later that week she happened upon then same two dog having sex in the barn! This time she could not help herself!! She walked in to the barn to get a closer look! The two dog did not even slow down as they looked at her walking towards them. She just went over and sat down on a hay bal and watched till they were done. Then she got up and walked up to the male dog just to see what he was packing!!! When she did her eyes could not believe what they saw it was an almost 9in doggy dong that she was looking at. She bent down to touch it but heard someone coming and she ran to the other side of the barn! Later that day she found the dog that was having sex in the morning and took him in to the barn just to get one more look at what he had! So she looked but the penis was now back up inside. Now she saw how the female dog got it out but she did not want to do that! (yet) so she took her hand and made a lose fist and put it at the end of his penis the he trust really hard and it was out but he keep trusting and she did not know what to do so she keep her hand there and the he began to knot and she was afraid that someone would walking but she liked the fell and the power behind the dogs trusts and then she became vary hot and getting wet! Then he stopped trusting and just stood there shooting cum everywhere!! She moved her hand that was now coved in dog cum and she smelled it and wondered what it would taste like, if it was like human cum? This time she did not try it. She left the dog in the barn and ran out and washed her hands in the kitchen and sat at the table wondering if what she had done was right.After about a week she got up some more nerve and she was going to try it again! So she took the dog into the barn still a little afraid of someone seeing her, she took him in to the horse tack room where they keep all there saddles and stuff. Then when she was going to make her fist for the dog to have sex with she stop and wondered if he would mount her?So she got down on all 4s, still in her clothes just to be safe. The dog jumped right up on to her!! She stood up and looked at him for a good 5 minutes. Then to her self said “why not” She pulled off her pants and then her underwear. Then again just stood there, but then the dog lifted his nose and sniffed her pussy! He then took on big lick and she could hot help herself!! She dropped to floor and got into the same position she was in when she had clothes on. The dog jumped up on her and began trusting! He missed and missed over and over till finally she got it! He was in and she screamed out in pain first the it quickly went to screams of pleasure as he trusted harder and harder. She had never felt this before she was shaking with pleasure before long she began to cum everywhere it was just gushing out of her!! Then the dog began to slow down and she felt something growing in her! Then she remembered the knot!! She tried to pull away but the dog had a good grip on her! He knotted! She was at first in a lot of pain but it slowly went away and the pleasure came back! He was knotted and cumming in her for 25 minutes. Then the dog pulled out when the knot was same enough. All the dog and pussy juices pored out like someone pored a bucket of water on the floor. She stood up felling like a new woman! She let the dog lick her clean then got the hose to clean up the huge mess on the floor they made! The dog just ran off and did his doggy stuff for the rest of the day! She on the other hand could not stop thinking about how she was now the happiest woman on earth! The End of this one but i think there will be more! Well that is the story I just felt like writing I hope everyone likes it I know I didPlease tell me what you think! This post has been edited by -=[ManDingO]=- on Jan 12 2006, 07:19 AM
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