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I left home at 18 and joined the miltary, couldn't say I missed my family much. But, after a couple of years I decided it was time to pay a visit to mom and dad.Upon arriving home I was happy to see that my dog, Jocko, was still around, he was a year old when I left, and was a faithful companion, of all the things I left behind, I missed my dog the most. I knocked on the door, my younger sister answered, she'd grown up a bit, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was puzzled. We didn't get along well when I lived at home, I considered her to be lazy and quite annoying, she just plain didn't like me. "what are you doing here? she asked.Apparently our folks didn't mention to her that I was expected, I had after all, called the previous week. After getting the explanations out of the way, she swung the door open and let me in. "Thanks for leaving me stuck with your stupid dog" she snapped as she was going down the hall to her room, I tried to respond, but she slammed the door of her room closed . Oh well, apparently she hadn't changed much. I grabbed a beer form the fridge and walked out onto the deck. Mom and dad weren't home, so I pulled up a chair and kicked back. Jocko must have heard the chair, he came bounding around the house, and almost knocked me out of the chair. We played for a while, I threw his ball, he'd fetch it and the afternoon wore on. My sister had at least done a good job of taking care of the dog, she had just graduated highschool, and was supposedly looking into colleges, she'd be gone next year I guessed, but it seemed Jocko could take care of himself now. Mom and dad both worked, they weren't home much, Dad drove a truck, mom worked at the local hospital, even when I was home I rarely saw mom, she kept weird hours. The afternoon wore on, and the sun and beer started to take effect. I kept dozing off, and darkness surrounded me. I decided to head up to my old room, hopefully it still had a bed in it. I called for Jocko, but apparently he was either off somewhere, or sleeping pretty heavily. "Dumb dog" I mumbled to myself, smiling. As I reached the end of the hall I heard Jocko, a strange whine. It was kind of weird. I looked in the living room, checked the kitchen, looked outside, checked the bathroom, where as a puppy, he managed to get his head trapped between the toilet seat and lid. No sign of him. The only place I hadn't looked was in my siters or parents room. I hadn't heard moms car, so I checked her room, no dog. Then I heard Jocko again, he was in my sisters room, I walked down the hall and turned the knob, locked. "Sis? You in there?" No answer, just the sound of the dog whimpering. How the hell did the dog get himself locked in? I wandered outside, down the deck steps and around the corner of the house, remembering in my drunken haze that my sister always kept a window open, a kickback from her days of sneaking out at night. Yup, the window was open. I hoisted myself up and almost fell out of the opening. There was Jocko, head buried between my sisters legs, she had a pillow over her face, and her hips were slowly undulating to Jocko's attention. I was dumbstruck. My sister was no supermodel, but she managed to turn the eye of many a boy, she was curvy but not overweight. What the hell was she doing? I couldn't take my eyes off the scene, both repulsed and aroused by what was happening. Jocko was obviously enjoying the taste, both he and my sister were oblivious to anything. After what seemed like an eternity I saw my sister go rigid, then start to quiver, an orgasm was upon her. Hell, I've never made a girl come like that, I was actually jealous of Jocko. She sat up, her back to me, and pushed Jocko away, I slipped out of the window, and as I walked back to the deck I heard her thank the dog. I walked in the back door, and walked through the kitchen. As I turned the corner I saw my sister in a robe leading Jocko down the hall. "Hey" I said. She screamed and just about fell over. She regained her composure quickly. "Here" she said, take your dog, he got into my room again" and with that he brushed past me and back into her room. I looked down at Jocko, he had a look almost like disapointment on his face."Geez buddy, what the hell have you been doing while I've been gone" he wagged his tail and followed me into the living room. I decided I needed another beer, went and grabbed one, sat in front of the TV and tried to wrap my mind about what I'd seen. I woke to the early morning sun, a blanket had been put over me. Mon was in the kitchen making breakfast. "Hi son, sorry I wasn't home, the hospital is understaffed and I've been working doubles. I put some coffee on, and I'm making dome eggs and bacon" We traded small talk for a while, stuff about the neighbors and Dad, he was away for the weekend, some last minute job, he'd be home tommorow. Then mom excused herself, saying she needed to go to the store. Whatever. I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. A shower would clear my head a bit. While I was showering I thought about the previous night, had I really seen that or had I been dreaming? Either way, I had an erection you could have driven nails with. :More to follow:
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