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This is a story based on a roleplay I did with woof based on a story> my version is based on true love rather than just sex, so enjoy and please tell me what ya think There was a knock at Xanders door “Ah, she's here” the wolf stood up and moved down the hall to the door. As he opened the door he saw her standing there, the most beautiful fox he had ever seen “Renamon I presume, your here for the maids job?” “Um yes, you are my nw master?” she said looking at the floor, “Err, yes, please come in”. He lead her through the long hall to the lobby of the large house “Um, may I ask what my job will entitle?” she said sheepishly, keeping her limbs tight together Oh, yes, its a simple job really, I just need the place cleaned really, as you can see its quite the mess” he laughed, Renamon stood there quiet, Xander could tell she was tense as she stared at the floor. He walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder “Relax,” he lifts her head with his other hand “There's no need to feel so tense” “Yes Master, sorry,” she looks back down “Would you like me to start now?” she asked, still refraining from eye contact “Err, sure, go ahead.” Renamon dropped on all fours, beggining to lick the floor clean “Whoa, what are you doing?” Renamon moved her head away from the floor “I am cleaning the floors, did I do wrong?” she bows here head in shame “ there are cleaning supplies in the closet under the stairs” Renamon quickly gets up and moved to the closet, grabbing a basket of various cleaning sprays and clothes then returns to the floor. Xander began to walk away thinking to himself “Jesus, what the hell happened to her before she came here?”About two hours later Renamon came to Xander out in the back garden “The cleaning is all done Master” he stood up and approached her “Thanks, listen, I'm headin over to the store for a few things, would you like to come” he asked her “If you would like Master.” As the two of them approached the front door Renamon got on all fours again and waited “What are you doin?” Xander looked at her puzzled “Are you not going to put on my leash?” “Wha!” he turned to her in shock “Leash?” “Yes, am I not supposed to have a leash when I go out?” Xander stared at her, what had happened to her before? “Look Renamon, I have no idea what has happened to you before, but you are here now, this is your new home, you are not a slave. You don't have to where a leash when you go out, you dont have to clean the floor with your tongue. Now please, stand up” he reached out his hand to her, to which she turned her head away “Please Renamon,” he knelt beside her “Please stand up.” Renamon rose to her feet, her eyes still securely fixed on the ground “Now, lets go and do some shopping” he said in a friendly tone “Yes master” she replied and they walked out of the house together.They arived back about 2 hours later, just as the sun was beggining to set “Thank you for the flower Master, white roses are my favourite” Renamon said with a joyful tone as she helped carry the bags of shopping to the house “A beautiful flower for a beautifl fox” Xander replied, glad that the fox had finally lifted her head. They moved the bags into the kitchen and with them both working together had put everything away in no time “Shall I get started on dinner now?” “That would be great,” Xander replied, and with that, Renamon got started. About an hour later she emerged in the sitting room “Dinner is served Master,” “Great, it smells delicious,” Xander replied licking his muzzle. As he sat down and began to eat Renamon stood at the side of the table awaiting command *Rumble* “Oh my,” she blushed “I'm ever so sorry Master, please forgive me” once again her head was bowed “Renamon, why do you not join me?” “The previous Master said I was not worth fine food such as this, I am not to eat with the Master,” “But Renamon, I would much appreciate the company, I never like to eat alon, please join me” he replied with a friendly tone, this encouraged Renamon to raise her head, she saw her Master motion to the chair opposite him, through her hunger she could not resist not matter how much her instincts told her not to. She refilled her Masters plate and filled one for herself and sat down, waiting for her master's approval “Well, what are you waiting for, dig in” the two began to eat. After diner Renamon had Immediatly began the dishes, while Xander headed for his offic to finish his paperwork, but al the time he could not stop thinking about the fox, what had actually happened for her to be this way, what had this previous Master done to her.Eventually the clock rolled round to 11pm, and Xander met up with Renamon in the lobby “So Renamon, how has your first day here been?” “I have enjoyed it very much Master,” “Thats good to hear, would you like me to show you to your room?” he motioned towards the stairs “Do you not want me to sleep here Master, on the floor?” she looked at him, confused “Remember Renamon, your not with your old Master anymore, I have a room with a bed set out for you upstairs” he smiled “Um.... I dont think I could Master,” “Why not?” “It's just, I have never slept in a bed before” “Never?” “No,” “My god, thats awful” turning his head “I'm sorry Master” Xander's head shot back to face Renamon's “What are you sorry for, you've done nothing wrong. I just dont think I could sleep knowing you were lying here on the floor.” “Then would it be alwright if I slept on the couch Master?” she looked over to the living room “Of course, along as its not the floor it's fine. Would you like a blanket or pillow?” “No, thank you. My fur keeps me warm enough.” Xander led her to the sofa and sat her down “Well if you need anything I'll be just upstairs, second door on the left okay?” “Yes, thankyou Master.” And with that he left, closing the door on his way out.To be continued (Part 2 coming very soon)
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