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this was A dream I had last night and I would like to share it with youWell after last night talking in the forums, I really aprieciated wolves to a whole new high, not just to role play as one but as a species. so you know I had a sexy dream about them. im going to be so embarrest after typing this, it's a long story so bare with me. It was a clear crisp morning in the high elevatoins in the wilderness, I've decided to go hunting for some white tail deer,I brought along a wienchester .308 caliber rifle as well as a back pack, which contains a lunch, bottled water, knifes, ammo and extra clothing.I headed over to a boulder which had a good view of the clearing a half kilometer away. I sat on the cold boulder, looked out in the clearing with my binoculars for a few minutes, then I heard footsteps of an other hunter, looked at him, then back at the clearing, I saw a big white wolf moving slowly towards him, then at my disgust I saw the hunter point his gun at the wolf, I knew there and then I had to stop him. I walked fast over to him, not to scare away the wolf,I said "hey that do you think your doing!?" he said "hunting this cyote" I explained "that's not a cyote! that's a wolf! you can't shoot wolves, are you mad?!" he said "well meat is meat" then I did the most stupidest thing a hunter could possibly ever do, I stood in front of his gun and said "your not going to shoot this wolf!" he backed down and had pity towars me as he walked away to a different clearing. feeling like an idiot and stupid, I felt the wolf nudge it's head against my leg, I looked over and was surprized yet extremly happy to see it. It kept nuzzling my leg, and nudged me more, like it was trying to get my to follow it. so I did, the wolf took the lead and walked into the dense forest. I was confused and a bit worried when we we're walking through the forest. Like why does this wolf want me to follow it? we stoped at a location in the forest, heavily densed so that no one can see, I set my stuff down on the ground, then she seemed tired and thirsty, I grabbed my water bottle and poured some water into a cuffed hand, she licked the water from my hand and was satified, I repeated a couple times, then she layed down belly up on a mossy flat boluder, I causiously layed a hand on her chest, she seemed to like it, I kneeled down, moving my face close to her muzzle, using my other hand to stroke her soft fur on her head, I gazed into her safire eyes and saw the most beautiful creature god has ever created, she licked my face madly, and my other hand moved down her chest down to her belly and she was just murring like crazy. I was alrighty getting erect from her, from her beauty, eyes and the postion she was laying in, my hand moved further down without realizing it I was stroking her sexy, soft, warm pussy, she let out the most intoxicating murring noises I have ever heard, I looked at her pussy and my erection was fully hard after that, I took off my clothes, and I looked in her eyes and knew she wanted me. I moved down to her hind quarters and gazed at her sexy pussy, it was so beautiful, I put my hands on her belly and slowly stuck my erection into her, she seemed satified and was murring. so I thrusted myself into her, and kept thrusting, I could tell she was loving it as much as me, oh my GAWD this was amazing! the feel of her moist, sexy body around my erection and the feel of her fur and body on my hands, it's unbelievably, incrediably, sexy. I thrusted harder and faster and deeper, I could see that she was in heaven like I was. then ooohhhh she let out a howl as I climaxed into her, I kept thrusting to savor the once in a life time feeling. then it got to limp so I pulled out, the most happiest person alive. after she cleaned herself, I was surprized, she pounced me and wanted to cuddle, her soft fur on my cold body was amazing, I would have been satifed with just the feel of her body on mine. and I was, cuddling with a wolf is the greatest experience I ever had......but then I woke up! "damn" I said as I got out of bed "well at least I know what it would look like if it comes true" I thought to myself for a while, remembering the best dream of my life, then I figured that I better type this before I forget!well I hope you have enjoyed my story and I would love to hear from you
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