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So this is the first story I've written... bear with me.So I found out about animal sex when I was about 18 years old, and ever since I'd had a burning desire to experience a dog's hot cock spraying cum into my steaming cunt. The first time I experienced it, however, was anything but what I'd been especting.I was 22, just graduated from college, and in my absolute prime. I was 5'6, 140 pounds, 36D chest, and curvy. I'd slept with lots of men in college, but I found out quickly that they didn't satisfy me completely. No man had ever been able to bring me to orgasm. I'd just moved to a new town to start a job at an advertising firm and I didn't know anybody yet. However, of course, I did notice that my next door neighbor had a large Rottweiler chained in the back yard. Just the sight of that huge dog was enough to make rivers of wetness run down my legs. At night, I masturbated with my dildo, imagining that it was the dog's huge cock. I wondered if I was ever going to get up the courage to actually do something about my obsession.Soon after I'd moved into the house, I met the man who owned the Rotty at the mailbox. He was absolutely gorgeous. 6'3" tall, dark brown hair, olive skin, and green eyes, and his name was Francisco. Mesmerizing. Just the kind of neighbor a 22 year old dreams about. We made small talk for a few minutes, and then he invited me over for a welcome dinner the following night. I began to feel that familiar tingle between my legs. That night, I masturbated to a new fantasy.The following evening, I put on my sexiest dress. It's a short black dress that hits about 3/4 up my thighs and is sleeveless. It shows off my curves and tits perfectly. I pulled up my black-tinted stockings, and secured them to my garter belt. I decided to leave out my panties, since it always makes me feel sexier to know I'm not wearing any. If this man ended up finding his way under my dress tonight, he was in for a suprise. To top it off, I strapped on 4" stiletto heels and put on some clear lip gloss. I glanced in the mirror on the way out and smiled to myself. Damn I looked good.Francisco opened the door when I was halfway up the walkway. I could see the flicker of candles inside his house. He was dressed in black slacks and a casual button down shirt that showed off his broad shoulders. He was the kind of man who would set any woman on fire, but these candles were for me.The room I stepped into was glowing with candles, but I didn't smell any dinner. "I'm sorry" he said "I got home late and haven't started cooking yet, but make yourself comfortable while I start dinner and don't let Lonnie, my dog, bother you". I sat down on the couch and stroked the dog's head. He woke immediately and stood up. With me sitting and him standing, he was the same height as I was.The dog sniffed at my knees and gave my left knee a little lick. I offered him my hand and he nibbled at my fingers lightly. Francisco called Lonnie to the kitchen and as he walked away, I noticed his huge balls swinging. My pussy started to get damp. No sooner had he left the room, he was back again, with his owner trailing him with a glass of red wine for me. "Thank you" I said, and he stood there, looking at me for a moment. "God, how did I end up with such a sexy neighbor?" He said and walked back into the kitchen.Lonnie plopped down at my feet and started to lick my ankles. I never imagined such a huge dog could be such a pussy cat. His licks suddenly rose higher on my leg, and he pushed his snout under my skirt. His nose was really cold, and it made me jump at first. I spread my legs slightly, and he gave my pussy lips a quick lick. Then he put his head up and looked at me for a moment, almost like he was asking me permission to continue. By now, my pussy was soaking wet. This was beyond my wildest dreams and there was no way that I was going to tell this dog to stop. I grabbed my glass of wine and downed it quickly, and lay back on the couch. The dog dove back down under my skirt, licking my pussy ferociously. The clean shaven lips were stretched as his rough tongue ran over them. Then he found my hard clit. His tongue ran over and over my clit, each time making me tremble. All of a sudden, I felt his tongue delve deep into my pussy. Over and over, he stuck his long doggie tongue into my cunt, cleaning out all of my juices and raking his tongue over my g spot. I felt a huge orgasm welling up inside me, and I was just about to lose it when Lonnie stopped. I looked up quickly, and saw Francisco standing in the doorway, jaw gaping. "This is fucking incredible" he said. "Don't stop, I've heard about this and I just never imagined I would see it for myself!" He slowly unzipped his fly and pulled out a massive 9" rock hard cock and began to stroke it as he watched us.With that, I got off the couch and rubbed Lonnie's side. He seemed comfortable with my touching him, so I rubbed closer to his belly, and then closer to his sheath. A red, slimey looking cock tip began to protrude from the sheath. I had to suck it. I kneeled down and gingerly licked the tip that was sticking out. The dog yelped softly, but didnt back away. With one hand, I jacked the sheath, and I sucked the extending cock into my mouth. In a matter of minutes, the cock was a good 9" long up until the knot, which was the size of a baseball. After the knot, there was another inch or two of red cock. It was so warm, and sprayed precum all over my dress. I decided it was time to lose my dress. I stood up and watched Francisco while I lifted my dress up and over my head. The dog began to lick my pussy again while I stood up.The dog whined sharply and, as I faced away from him, watching my neighbor stroke his huge cock, the dog jumped up and knocked me over fowards onto my knees. When I fell to the ground, I felt the dog's strong paws wrap around my waist and I felt his hips moving like a piston. His cock stabbed all around my pussy, sending electric shocks up and down my body. I reached back and positioned his cock right next to my hole and in the next instant the whole 9 inches was thrust into my sopping wet pussy. I screamed out in pleasure, never having felt something so hot and large in my pussy in my life. The dog thrust his cock at a feverish pace and within 30 seconds, I felt the tension start building up inside of me. I exploded around his cock and my whole body shook with the most powerful orgasm of my life. Francisco came over and knelt in front of my face. I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and drove his cock into my throat. I sucked and sucked, all the while moaning loudly as the dog f***** me like I'd never been f***** before.After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only moments, I felt the dog's knot start to swell, and his strokes got a lot shorter and more powerful. The tip of his cock was hitting my cervix and it felt absolutely amazing. With a final, powerful thrust, Lonnie pushed his knot into my tight pussy and I came again, even more powerfully, as the knot pressed and rubbed against my g spot. Francisco was humping my mouth faster and faster, and I knew he was going to explode soon. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and he stroked it a few times before yelling as he shot his hot load all over my face. Back in my pussy, I felt Lonnie begin to cum. What felt like gallons of hot liquid filled my pussy and shot into my womb. I came again and again as the hot feeling spread over my whole body. Lonnie stopped pumping away at me and lay his whole body weight on top of me, causing me to fall over. We lay there on the ground, tied together by his knot, for a good 5 minutes. Then he started to try to pull out, putting extra pressure on my g spot again. Just when I thought I was completely done, I came one more time from the rubbing and collapsed on the floor as the dog's knot released me with a loud pop. Lonnie cleaned out my pussy with his tongue, but I could barely feel it, my whole body was numb.Now we have dinner together twice a week.
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