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These are two short-n-sweet fantasies that always come to mind. I'm going to try to work them into the next installlment of "Candi's Canine Craving" (see my post in Stories).Little Dog Does Helpless RoomateAfter a night of drinking/dope, my slutty room-mate Debbie is passed out on her bed. She's not a zoo, but she's very sexy with big tits and a big ass and she knows walking around the apartment naked is a big cock-tease for my little terrier Dusty, who often gets too excited and tries to fuck her legs. It's time for my little dog to teach this cock-tease a lesson. Her bedroom door is open a crack and I see she's fast asleep face down. I push the door open a little wider and whisper for Dusty to go get her.A quiet thrill of joy sweeps through the little dog as he sees Debbie is fast asleep, covered only by a thin sheet. Dusty gently hops onto the bed and takes the edge of the sheet in his mouth. Now Dusty creeps backwards, dragging the thin sheet back over the curves and hollows of Debbie's luscious body. It whispers against her soft skin as it peeled back, and Dusty keeps tugging gently until the sheet lays rumpled on her shapely calves.Dusty licks her ass slowly, with long slow slurps and soon his dick is hard. Debbie moans ans squirms a little, but doesn't wake up. Dusty can't hold back any longer: he shuffles across her wide hips so he's straddling her big ass, then slowly lowers his hard boner between her plump cheeks. He has to go really slow for fear of waking her up. The slow entry almost causes the dog to lose his mind, he's so horny. Dusty is smart. He knows can't really fuck the plump cock-tease as hard as he'd like to, but once he's buried his slippery shaft, he slowly lays upon her, making gentle pumping motions. The little dog strains against her with long jabs deeper into her ass until he eventually works himself into a slow sweet cum. Dusty can barely stifle a low growl as his cock swells and he bursts, pumping long hard jets of doggie cum in her ass. It's about the most amazing orgasm he's ever had. He comes and comes. Debbies clit, meanwhile, has been rubbing against the mattress so she comes too. Dusty slowly withdraws and staggers off the girl, then he slinks off, satisfied at last.Was Debbie really asleep? I don't know. But she's stopped teasing my dog.The next one is kind of disjointed. Just a bunch of images, actually:K9 OrgyI've been invited to a K9 orgy. It's in a big mansion ala Eyes Wide Shut packed with horny dogs and plump, busty BBW's. It's dark and exotic, with rooms furnished richly and lit only by candlelight -- like an expensive brothel.As I move from room to room, I see:A plump redhead with big hanging breasts and a fat bottom that her dog is thoroughly enjoying. Her long red hair cascades down her back, which her eager dalmation used as a cushion as he pumps her plush ass. I stare at the dog’s long glistening penis racing in and out between her jiggling cheeks. I'm thrilled by the way the feverish dog screws against the redhead, clutching her wide hips, straining eagerly to pump his cream up her bouncy bum.And the woman loves it. Moaning and wriggling, she gazes back over her shoulder, urged her pet on: "Oooooo bad doggy, your boner’s so hot!… Aaaaa… Ooooo, you’re in so deep! I love it!…You love my ass, don’t you boy?” She rolls her buttocks back on the jabbing doggy cock. As I watch the dog’s thrusts became faster and deeper, the womans plump ass exciting him more and more. On and on they fuck, the redhead’s big tits jiggling while the lusty dalmation danced on his hind paws as he pumps her. Then with a low growl the dog sinks his hot slippery boner balls-deep, and he quivers with beastial pleasure. The plump slut’s eyes fluttering as she felt every inch of his twitching cock. “Ooo… yeah! Squirt my bottom, doggy!...” Suddenly the dog is jerking, jigging – I can see his swollen balls contract and know he is finally pumping jet after jet of hot doggy cum into that fat ass. No sooner had the dog finished coming, than he is nudged of his mistress by another dog, another dalmation sporting a long hot boner. In a flash the second dog is upon the kneeling woman, and obviously well-trained, eases his slippery cock between her thighs and into her wet pussy with one long slow thrust.Nearby another plump woman reclined in an overstuffed chair. Her lush thighs were drawn up to her shoulders (with a huge pair of breasts squeezed between). Two identical greyhounds hunched over her, each one clutching a thigh. I can see their long cocks are held by the woman’s lush legs, between her round calves and the back of her big thighs. As I watch the two dogs screwed and pumped against her until one, then both dogs growled feverishly and splattered her legs and tits with hot splashes of doggy jizz. On a couch three women sat next to each other, their legs pulled back too and each with dog of different breed hungrily lapping at their wet pussies. Next to them a long legged blonde moaned and tweaking her nipples as a black lab fucked his long red cock between her pretty toes. Another blond kneeled on a low table with not one, but two dog-cocks in her mouth.In another room is a large canopy bed, draped in red velvet. A big black Great Dane is in the middle of the bed on his back. Two *very* busty girls (Chelsea Charms) are on either side of the dog, kneeling over his cock. I step closer and can now see what they are doing: they've wrapped their huge boobs around the Dane's massive erection and are slowly, sensually, jerking the dog off in a double tit-fuck. I can see the soft candle light shining on their oily breasts and on the dog's long twitching cock as it pistons through their cleavage. As I watch the two busty sluts sigh and squeal, excitedly teasing the Dane until finally the dog gives a gentle yelp and is suddenly spraying jizz. It's like a fountain. His strong ropy jets almost hit the canopy before falling down to splatter all over the girl's big breasts. They are soon slathered with it and take turns licking it off one another's nipples.I'm a dirty girl, huh?
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