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it was mid july a very warm day.debbie and her freinds decided to go out drinking that night.around 5.00 pm they all got together and headed out for a evening on the town.deb hasnt been with a man for 6 months she had high hopes for the evening she was hot and very they got to the bar she was looking around you know checking out the meat market.she saw a couple possibilitys this only made her more hot then ever.they sat down ordered drinks beth and keith where debs best freinds they went everywhere together but she was a little jelous that beth had a steady guy.debs last boyfreind was very rude to her freinds and he was a bad lover he had no idea what foreplay was,and was in and out in a minutes flat.anyway they got there drinks and decided to order some food,by the time they had a few drinks and there dinner a couple hours had it was time to check out the action.deb spotted a nice looking guy mid 20s well built very tan you can tell he worked outside maybe construction.deb was in her 20s 5,5 120 lbs long brown hair very attractive she had on a nice shirt with a med lenght skirt leggs that were tanned and gorgous.she worked out alot she was drop dead gorgous.the guy she had been checking out was now looking at her she kinda blushed turned her head slightly to avoid eye contact,keith and beth got up to dance thats when he made his move he came over and asked deb to dance she gladdly said yes.well after 3 or 4 more drinks and 5 dances they where getting pretty freindly she was ready to take him home and jump his bones right then and there.she realizied all these waves of nasty thoughts had made her wet her panties she thought she had better go to the laddies room befor her juices started running down her leggs.she got up gave beth a wink and told her she would see them later and off to the ladies room she went.when she returned beth and keith were no where to be found she went back to the table and mark the guy she was dancing with told her they had left.i guess they thouhgt the wink meant it was ok she was kinda upset but what the heck she was going to take mark out and fullfill her needs,but thats when this angry looking woman walked up and started yelling at mark yes it was his wife.deb didnt know what to do so she got up and got out of there as quick as she was dark out and she was feeling pretty tipsy oh well another night shot to hell.she only lived a mile away but its not the kinda neighborhood you walk thru at night not a pretty lady by herself so she started walking keeping in the lights and ignoring all the cars going by honking at her.she was about half way home when the drinks started to go thru her she had to pee and she had to go now.she cut down the street and started into an ally but it was to lit up but about half way down the ally there was 3 or 4 houses that where dark,so thats where she was headed she got closer she heard voices in the distance she couldnt see them but she could here them so she moved quickly to the dark part of the ally whew she made it.the voices where getting closer now.she couldnt hold it any longer so she got in the corner of the building by a tree and dropped her panties and went she felt like she went for 5 minutes.when she was done she realized she had nothing to wipe with she decided to use her panties then shed just throw them now the voices where close she crawled to the edge of the garage and peeked down the ally there were 8 men talking they looked pretty rough looking she knew if they see her she was in trouble so she started crawling backwards back in the shadows now she was back by the tree but she new they could stiill see her so she backed under the tree beetween the bushes back farther until she figured she was outa sight.thats when it happened she was down on all fours and someone just grabbed hold of her waiste oh no what am i going to do she knew she was in trouble she knew she was going to be raped but she would rather have one then 9 men on her.she was trembling now her atacker was was trying to jab his cock in her pussy hes got all his weight on her and hes really trying to get some she can feel his warm cum on her thighs deb was thinking this guys probably going to blow his load befor he even gets in.then in one move he hit the sweet spot she knew she coulnt screem so she rolled up her dress stuffed it in her mouth and all at once she felt the biggest cock shes ever felt burry deep in her pussy she screamed into her dress now stuffed in her mouth oh i cant beleive how big this cock is and hes trying to shove more in me.her eyes rolled back as these feelings started flooding her mind she was in heaven and she knew it it had been so long she wanted all his cock,she spread her leggs farther apart and started humping back.she was moaning loudly but it was muffled she couldnt help herself her pussy was soaked and the first wave of orgasms was seconds away.her lover shoved hard and was fucking her like a jack hammer never had she been f***** so hard or so fast.the first wave hit she thouhgt she was going to black out they kept coming and coming she knew she was having more orgasms right now then shes had ever.this beutiful cock was now poking in her cervix she was going insane with pleasure the biggest guy she was ever with had 7 inch cock she had 9 or 10 inches burried deep and he was still tring to get more into her.her pussy was stretched to the max the juices where flowing now.then she felt what she thouhgt was a tennis ball being pushed at the entrance oh i cant beleive this guy now hes tring to shove his balls inside me.then the next wave hit one after another after another then she felt his balls slip inside she was so wet she couldnt stop it now its wedged in her pussy and hes getting bigger she could feel him growing inside her.this just sent the next wave then she could feel her lover stiffen up she knew what was next he started dumping loads of cum in her it was so hot and so much she was filling up fast and he was still coming oh my how much more could she take it was running down her thighs it was filling her insides she couldnt get over how warm it was.deb had truley been nailed she was never gonna forget this night as long as she lived.her lover wasnt moving now but he was stiil shooting cum in her he was the best she was ever gonna have she decided to reack back to console her lover and let him no that he was the best.when she reached bach she jumped in shock her lover was covered in hair wait a minut her mind started to come around she realized her lover was a black lab the best loving shed ever had was by a dog she felt dirty but then realized she had the most orgasms shed ever had in her life now she wasnt feeling so bad.her lover turned to get off her when she realized she was tied to him she was truley his bitch she was loving he spun ass to ass with her the knot hit her g-spot this sent yet another wave she did pass out this time.she wokr to find her lover had pulled out of her pussy and was now laying bye her completly warn out.she tried to get to her feet but she was to wobbly she layed down on her new found love,they layed together just long enough for her to get her leggs back,she leaned down rapped her arms around the lad gave him a big kiss and a weell done patted his head and she was off.she got to the corner of the building still shaky but looked down the alley the men whewre gone so she headed as fast as she could down the alley as she was going she was counting the houses till she reached the end,back onto the main road back to the she rounded the corner she started counting houses when she got to the 6th house she stopped and looked at the house number.a big smile came over her face thats where her lover was in the she walked away still smileing she knew she was going out drinking again tomorrow night i guess that means shes walking home that way again....
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