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Vacation away from Hero: (Part 1)With a death in the family, I found myself having a friend watch Hero as I had left for Oklahoma. After a day and a half of driving, and constant cell phone calls back to my friend to make sure Hero was okay and ‘behaving’ himself, I made it to Oklahoma to my Aunt’s ranch where she homed countless horses, pigs, cows, and canines. My heart dropped into my stomach and my loins were sent on fire. Since I have found myself very into bestiality, I’ve had a reoccurring fantasy of being in the mud with pigs, sucking and fucking two at a time. I have no idea why, perhaps the fact they are dirty animals and being with them in the mud and shit, just being a filthy pig slut. It just makes me so wet thinking about it. And the night after I arrived, I found myself slipping on a robe and some mudders left by the back door and heading out to the pin. Now before I go on, I must tell you my aunt raises potbelly and durock pigs. Feeling that a potbelly would be rather heavy, I went to the durock pin and hung the robe over the gate.It was late in the evening, about 2 am. And as I slipped out of the mudders, I could feel the filth ooze between my toes and I wrinkled my nose at the odd feeling. There were 3 sows and 2 boars in the pin with me as the full moon made my now naked body glow a soft blue against my white flesh. I had my dark hair pulled back in a ponytail as I went in search of a sow. They all seemed really friendly, nudging me and pressing those slimy noses against my thighs. I found a sow and quickly knelt in the mud behind her. Pressing my hand between her thighs, she seemed rather docile as my finger ran up and down her pussy lips.I have read up on pig sex and found the best way to get a boar interested in you is to smell like a sow. I could feel her pushing back some as I slipped two fingers in and began to fuck her with my fingers. I had no clue if she was in heat, but once I pulled out, I had both boars sniffing around, wondering what was up. I rose to my feet; my shines soaked in pig shit and mud as I took my wet fingers and slipped them into my already wet cunt. Standing up in the middle of the pin, naked and dirty, I began fingering myself to mix the juices together. This went on until I noticed one boar nudging me aggressively, that curly cock hanging between his legs. It looked so weird and curly. Pulling my two fingers out I would push him away as I got on all fours in the dark filth and felt that wet snot push against my backside.I couldn’t help but moan as his cold nose sniffed my wet pussy. And once I felt him pull away, I knew he was about to mount me. That fat body pushed against my hips and ass, his belly and legs covered in mud. He was very heavy and I had to stand strong in the slippery filth. After a few frantic thrusts, I had to steadily reach between my legs, arms and knees shaking, as I grabbed that curly cock and put his tip between my wet lips, and with a few odd feeling thrusts, he managed to sink inside of me. I had never had such a hot, unique feeling inside my pussy before as I could’ve sworn that pig cock was twitching and moving like it had a mind of it’s own inside me. He was thrusting hard, my already wet sex getting moister just by the thought of this fat swine fucking me.I couldn’t tell you how many times this husky hog made me cum, that twitching cock pushing up past my cervix as I felt him expand. I knew what was about to happen! I tensed up as I could feel a warm thin liquid pump inside of me, a few jets of it and he stopped cumming. Just then I felt the thickest cum pump into me. I bit my lower lip and tilted my head back, cumming so hard as he continued to pump that hot seed into my pussy. I was getting so full, that oh so thick cum just being rammed into my womb as he kept cumming and cumming for the better part of 15 minutes before he pulled out of me. I thought for sure that I’d have his seed trickling down my thighs, but to my surprise, it was just so…thick that most of it remained inside of me! Once that heavy beast climbed off, I could feel the cool night air against my dirty flesh as I collapsed in pin.It took me a few minutes before I got up on hands and knees, then to my feet. I could smell the stench cover my body all the way to the garden hose as I sprayed myself off. I could feel his cum inside of me. There is no way to tell you how it feels except that it is just so hot and thick once he starts cumming hard! I was so embarrassed the next as I noticed some of it slowly oozing out of my pig fucked pussy. I stayed at my aunt’s house for a week and a half and this is the first of many non-canine bestiality experiences I had there. Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!
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