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This is a pretty long story posted in 2 parts really hope you enjoy it.Wild ThingIt had all happened with incredible speed. One minute Christy Carteri was taking pictures out the window of the small float plane and the next minute the carpet of trees and shrubs of the Alaskan wilderness was rushing up at fantastic speed. She remembered glancing over at the pilot who was also her guide on her photographic safari, to see him fighting valiantly with the controls of the stricken aircraft.She heard him shout a warning to cover her head, but then a fearful shock and a painfully loud noise filled her senses. Then nothing but darkness and quiet. The heiress to the Carteri fortune blinked open a dirt and blood-covered eye to the intruding light of the Alaskan summer sun. Why was she upside down, she wondered? What happened to the plane? As comprehension began to slowly seep back into her befuddled brain, she tried to turn over. She looked down at her legs, or rather she looked up to see she was still strapped into the seat of the small plane.Fumbling hands undid the latch of the seat belt and she slipped onto her side. Sudden needle pricks of pain wracked her body. She gasped for breath as the sensations subsided. She carefully felt over her hips and legs until her hand encountered the side of her upper right thigh. She could feel the swelling under her clothes. She cautiously moved the injured leg. There was pain, but it seemed whole. Thank God, she thought. A broken leg could mean death in this wilderness.She slowly dragged herself to a sitting posture against the crumpled seat and surveyed the area. Wreckage and debris lay scattered about her. She could make out the main part of the fuselage and a piece of a wing. Nothing else was recognizable to her. She braced her injured leg under her and tried to rise. When she put weight on her arm, a searing pain shot through her shoulder and chest. She collapsed, her field of vision shrinking to a bright pinpoint, then darkness again.Cold. Darkness and cold were the first things that the injured woman recognized as she began to awaken. Pain wracked her body and she fought a sudden rush of nausea as she slowly became aware of her surroundings. Memories flooded back into her mind as she lay on the cold ground. The crash, her painful injuries, the photo trip, the image of the pilot at the controls of the doomed plane all came smashing back into her consciousness like flashes of a slide show in a darkened room.She slowly rolled over onto the left side of her body, the only side that did not feel injured, and gingerly sat up. The smashed seat was nearby and she stared at it, incredulous. She had been thrown from the small aircraft, still strapped into the seat. That had likely saved her life. Suddenly she realized she could not see her guide and pilot. She called out, but there was only a deafening silence in answer. Panic and fear began to well up inside her. She began to shake from head to toe. A part of her knew she was in shock. She had to keep herself together or she would surely die.As a girl and young woman, Christy had been on numerous hunting and photographic trips with her father. She had learned to shoot, pitch her own tent, catch fish, navigate using the stars and how to live in the wild. She had learned from her father that the most important thing in surviving in the wilderness was to keep your wits about you and stay positive. Never give up was his motto and he taught his daughter to always keep fighting, no matter what the odds.It was this experience that she drew upon to master her panic and fear and make herself face the truth. She was probably alone. She had a feeling that her pilot had not survived the crash. There would be no one to depend on but herself from now on. She shook off the effects of the emotional trauma and her head started to clear. She began to look about for anything she could use to keep warm for the night. She spotted some of her clothes scattered nearby and she began to crawl toward them.A torn sweatshirt and three socks were to be considered a blessing. She could look no further as the pain and exhaustion began to take their toll. She huddled beside a small piece of the planes tail and slipped her hands into the socks, pulling the tattered sweatshirt over her legs. She made a mental list of the priorities for the next day. Food, water, shelter. She shivered against the chill of the night air and prepared for what may be the most important day of her life. If she could not find food and water, there would be no need for shelter.Daylight played upon the dirty, blood streaked face of the huddled woman. Christy stirred, painfully, and her eyes opened to the brightness of full daylight. She suddenly remembered that it could be three in the morning. She was in Alaska in the summer. How long had she slept beside the smashed piece of what had been a small float plane? She had no idea. She looked at her wrist for her watch. It was smashed. She stiffly arranged herself into a sitting position on the ground. Time to make some decisions. Time to survive or die trying.She noticed a piece of tubing laying beside the fragment of the planes tail. It looked long enough to use as a makeshift crutch. She crawled over to the metal piece and grabbed it with her good arm. It tore loose easily and she used it to slowly rise to a standing posture. Her entire body hurt, but she fought back the pain. Standing, she could see more of the crash area. Debris was scattered in a line that extended hundreds of feet before her. She set out for the largest piece of the fuselage. With any luck, she could find some of the camping gear and food and water she had packed for her trip.It seemed to take hours for her bruised and injured body to cross the small distance to the smashed part of the plane. She could see that the front of the fuselage was torn from the remainder of the body of the craft and lay beyond it, barely recognizable. As she approached, she saw some cloth gently moving in the light breeze. The pattern was familiar and she hobbled closer. The windshield of the plane was smashed, but she could just make out a shape inside. She stopped suddenly as she saw the face of the pilot in the sunlight. She quickly turned her eyes from the frightening sight. She looked up at the blue sky and knew her feeling about the manís fate had been correct. He could not be helped now. She was alone. Returning her gaze to the larger piece of the fuselage, she limped painfully over to it. It was torn open along the side and she could make out the shape of her pack. She peeled back the torn metal and fiberglass. Her pack was whole! Her heart soared at the sight of the fabric-covered frame. Warm clothes and a first aid kit would be inside the pockets of the pack.She dragged the heavy pack out of the cargo hold of the smashed plane. She found her sleeping bag and tent. There was a tear in the sleeping bag, but it was usable! Then she spotted her cooking gear scattered about inside the wrecked hold, dented in places, but otherwise whole. Her stove was smashed, but she could build a fire for cooking and for warmth. Three of the five food boxes were intact, the others destroyed. Determined to salvage everything she could, she spent hours dragging the contents of the airplanes interior out into the open to take stock of what she had to work with.Of the five cases of one liter bottles of distilled water, only two cases were undamaged. The remaining three cases yielded only nine undamaged bottles. Christy sat before a fire, making a mental plan for her immediate survival. She had water for twelve days, maybe as many as fifteen or sixteen if she were careful. Food was not an immediate concern, she could stretch out the supplies she had for as long as three weeks, if she did not have to expend excessive amounts of energy which would force her to consume more food. She had treated her superficial scalp wound using the first aid kit from her pack and she had salvaged the medicines and bandages from the kit in the plane that had not been destroyed in the crash.Her tent and sleeping bag were in good condition as was a large tarp and two smaller ones. She had fashioned a wind break from one of the smaller tarpaulins and used the other small one as a ground cloth under her tent. Examination of the wreckage had found one of the wing tanks of the plane had ruptured but some fuel remained in the tank. She could use it to start her fires and possibly to signal any planes which might fly over her position. But there was also a chilling discovery that gave her pause. She had found the automatic emergency locator beacon which was required to be carried on board all such aircraft. It was smashed. There would be no immediate way for search aircraft to locate her without the guidance of the radio beacon. They would be searching blindly in the thousands of square miles of the Alaskan outback. She cried as she fingered the pieces of the smashed device, then angrily threw them into the dirt at her feet.Exhausted, she crawled into the tent and into the soft warmth of her sleeping bag. She was asleep in minutes.Jarred abruptly awake, she sat up, wincing at the pain from the sudden movement. A sound of banging metal sounded clearly from the direction of the downed aircraft fuselage. She quickly unzipped the tent flap and stood outside the tent. Something was rummaging in the debris of the plane. She banged the metal tubing which served as a crutch against the bottom of a pan from her cooking kit. The disturbance at the plane suddenly stopped and she could hear the sounds of something running through the brush away from the site. She caught a glimpse of brown and black fur bounding amongst the low, thick shrubbery. A fox or possibly a wolverine, she reasoned. It was small whatever it was. Then she realized that it had emerged from the cockpit of the plane. She would have to steel herself for the chore of burying her former pilot and guide before his body brought larger scavengers to the site.It took all of her tremendous resolve to drag the unlucky mans body several hundred feet from the plane. She buried his body under a mound of stones, wrapping it in some of the torn upholstery from the inside of the plane. It was painful and exhausting work, but after many hours she walked back to her camp site. She noticed that as she worked a little more her leg seemed to loosen up more and more and feel slightly less painful. Her shoulder still hurt like hell, though.A dinner of reconstituted beef stew filled her aching belly and she sipped from one of the precious bottles of distilled water as she watched the flickering flames of her camp fire in the waning light of the day. She had seen no planes except for the contrails of international jet liners on their way to or from some city in Canada or the United States. The silence of the Alaskan bush was almost overpowering. She decided that her best chance to be found was to remain at the crash site. She knew she was not in good enough shape at the present time to try to hike out anyway and with no map for guidance she had no idea which way to go to reach the nearest civilization. Like it or not, this was home for the foreseeable future.The darkness of the Alaskan night was like a blanket covering everything as far as the eye could see. The stars shone with a blazing brilliance in the night sky. Alone, Christy sat in front of the small fire, stirring the glowing embers with a stick. The gentle breeze brought a faint sound to her ears and she sat still, trying to tune in to the source of the barely audible noise. There it was again! She strained to discern the nature of the sound. Then it began to slowly rise in volume and pitch. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck and arms stand at the primeval quality of the noise as it rose steadily in volume. There could be no mistaking it now.Wolves! She shivered involuntarily, much as any primitive human would at the distinct and eerie wailing. They sounded very distant. Their howls carried on the breeze across the expanse of wilderness to the crouching woman. Tossing more fuel on the fire, Christy began to realize that she had neglected something very important in her inventory of supplies. She would have to start making some kind of weapon as soon as daylight came on. She knew that the wolves would not come near the fire, so she banked up the coals and tossed on a large chunk of wood for insurance. Daylight would be only a few hours away.In the morning, as she searched for more wood for the fires and materials to fashion a weapon out of, Christy made a chilling discovery only a few hundred feet from her tent site. She knelt, painfully, to closely examine the markings in the soft soil. They were the foot prints of a large wolf! Her hand barely covered the huge tracks. She rose and slowly surveyed the surrounding area. Her heart pounded in her chest as she swept the distance for any sign of movement.She gathered the few pieces of wood she had found and made her way back to her camp. Her senses were in a heightened state of awareness as she took in every detail of her immediate surroundings. This was not a good sign. She remembered what one of her fathersí guides had said on a trip to the Canadian tundra to hunt caribou. The old, withered Indian had warned the party of hunters not to take the wolf for granted. He had told them that in the eyes of the wolf, they were just another source of food. If not for their modern weapons, they would not stand a chance against the cunning ferocity of the large, wild canines.Christy now gave that old Indian considerable credence. He had been wise, indeed. She set about the task of building some kind of weapon for her defense. She decided that she should start with the easiest of all the primitive weapons, a short spear. She could make them quickly and make several of them as a foundation for her native arsenal. She began to fashion pieces of the torn metal from the surface of the plane as spear points. The nearby brush supplied the shafts of her ancient weapon. Her work continued well into the early darkness of the northern night.In the morning, she would have to do something about the location of her tent. It was in the open and would be vulnerable to attack from all sides. She could move it a few yards and use some of the lighter pieces of the wrecked aircraft to make a barrier wall on three sides of the flimsy shelter. As she snuggled into her sleeping bag, she heard once again the far off calls of the pack of wolves she now knew shared her portion of the vast landscape. She drew her newly fashioned weapons near to her and settled in for a long night.In the distance, a great shaggy head, long nose pointed skyward, could be seen outlined in the darkness. A pair of shining yellow eyes, like the moon itself, glowed in the darkness. They turned in the direction of the human scent wafting up from the floor of the shallow valley below. Beside them, another pair and another appeared. The pack gathered around its master. In silence, the huge form of the magnificent alpha male began to walk slowly toward the faint flicker of firelight in the distance. Like a highly disciplined force of warriors, the pack spread out in a fan shape behind their undisputed leader.Christy awakened and her hand tightened around the shaft of one of her short spears in the darkness of the tent. Something had set off an alarm in her lightly dozing mind, something old and wild. She drew herself up into a sitting position inside her sleeping bag. There was no sound other than the soft whisper of the light breeze over the material of her tent, yet there was something. Something that triggered the most basic of mans instincts, fear. She made an effort to calm herself, to think cooly and efficiently and quickly.Without knowing how she knew, the woman in the lone tent knew she was not alone. Somehow she knew there were other things in the darkness. Living, breathing things that waited in the blackness of the night, outside the dim glow of the small fire. She knew they were there, watching and waiting. It seemed as if time stood still for the frightened woman in the darkness of the small tent. With a tangible and infinite slowness the sky began to lighten. Dawn was coming again.Christy waited until it was fully light before slowly unzipping the tent flap to peek outside. She carefully looked over her camp site. Not a sign of the visitors could she see. She unzipped the flap and with a spear in each hand, emerged quickly from the tent. The site was deserted. She threw a piece of wood into the pile of coals that remained in the fire. A hot breakfast would do her some good, she thought. Then the task of fortifying her site against the invaders before they returned. And she knew they would be back.As she worked, Christy kept a wary eye out for any sign of movement in the brush. She drew some comfort in the knowledge that the animals would most likely be resting in the middle of the day. She did not know just how close they were.The noises of the human as it moved around the small clearing were clear and sharp in the ears of the wolf pack. Sitting at the base of a small tree, the alpha male, the pack leader, could clearly hear the woman as she made strange sounds and produced the strange but familiar scent of humans. His great nose wrinkled as the strong odors were carried to him. As a particularly interesting noise or scent was registered, his huge head would cock from one side to the other. When night fell, he would investigate more closely this strange, new addition to his domain.Sore and tired, Christy surveyed the results of her efforts. She had moved the tent to a more defensible position against the length of a downed tree trunk and flanked by a wall containing pieces of the wings of the crashed plane. They were not as high as she would have preferred but it was the best she could do. From the door of the tent she had a clear view of almost all of the clearing and the sweep of green and tan brush and soil beyond. She left the first fire pit at its original location and built a new one several feet in front of her tent. If she could manage it there would be two fires burning every night. She had stockpiled stones, smooth and rounded, in piles at strategic locations about the clearing. Her shoulder felt good enough to allow her to try a few tosses with the small rocks and it did not increase the pain she felt in it to throw.She moved all of her food and bottled water inside her tent where she could use it if she could not leave the tent itself. Eight more of the short, stout spears were thrust, butt first, into the soft ground at intervals around her new home. She grinned at the sight of the arsenal of primitive weapons. Her father would be proud, she thought. She was a regular jungle Jane. She laughed out loud. It was the first time since the crash days ago that she had laughed. It felt good to let out the pent up emotions. She thrust a spear into the sky and screamed a war cry to the empty blueness.The ears of the huge wolf swivelled toward the noise. Like his own howl, it signified a certain strength he respected. This human woman thing was interesting. Definitely worth a close visit to learn more. Maybe not food, but there was something about the quality of the noise maker and its scent. If it presented a threat, it would be destroyed, of course. If it was not a threat, it would submit to his reign. It would submit and join the pack or be driven off or killed. There was no other option in his kingdom.As a celebration, Christy prepared, by her current standards, a feast for the evening. She opened one of the full meal containers she had packed in her supplies. They were actually beginning to taste rather good, she mused. The smells of human food drifted to the keen noses of the wolf pack in their daytime resting place not far from their new neighbor. Night would be coming soon and they would pay a visit to the noisy, smelly human to pay their respects.Christy sat cross legged, a spear across her lap, several stones at arms reach. She watched intently across the fire lit space of the small clearing. The firelight reflected off the bright metal pieces of the plane that ringed her tent and cast dancing shadows against the brush in the darkness. As she slowly swept the shadows with her eyes, a movement caused her breath to catch in her chest. At the farthest edge of the clearing a form drifted into view.Slowly, Christy uncrossed her legs and gathered them under her. The form began to take shape in the darkness before her widely open eyes. A giant head, chest deep and broad and legs, long and powerful, emerged like a wraith on a mist of light. She stared in awe as the form of the huge timber wolf seemed to assimilate before her. He stood partly broadside, his great head slowly sweeping from side to side. His eyes shone a golden yellow in the dim light of the fire. He took four leisurely strides into the full light and stood before the frozen woman.Christy could see other shapes behind the huge animal as he stood like a statue in the clearing. Fear rushed up, filling her with its acrid taste and primitive emotion. She fought its effects, her mind racing as she quickly thought about survival. If they attacked in force, she would be killed. But if she could frighten them, impress them with her strength, they may flee. She rose and brandishing her spear, she challenged them."GET OUT OF HERE YOU BASTARDS!" She screamed.She threw a stone at the big wolf. He dodged it almost casually, sniffing at it where it struck the ground."I mean it you son of a bitch! Come any closer and Iíll [CENSOR] you!" She said, softly defiant.She held the spear in front of her, standing her ground bravely. She knew she could show now fear to these animals or they would sense it and then she would not have a chance. They could [CENSOR] her in seconds. She threw another rock at the gathering pack behind the big wolf. She heard it hit something solid and one of the wolves skittered back into the darkness. Their leader took several more steps toward the woman.Christy quickly stepped to the nearest group of spears she had placed around the site and gathered them in her free hand. Her canine adversary approached again. In a flash, she threw the spear at the huge animal. It missed just in front of his huge chest and impaled itself in the ground. He turned his head to sniff the shaft of the weapon. He turned back to the woman and a low rumbling growl escaped his lowered head. It caused the hair on her neck to stand on end. He started to circle to her left. The rest of the pack spread themselves out in support of their leader.Christy knew she was in serious trouble. If the pack managed to circle her, she was dead. She dashed for the nearby fire and oblivious of the flames, snatched a burning brand from the embers and threw it at the edge of the slowly circling pack. They dodged the burning branch, but stopped their advance. She stepped to the edge of the fire pit and threw a handful of the stones piled there at the nearest of the pack members. She hit one of them and it withdrew into the darkness.Whirling with a speed enhanced by adrenaline she heaved a spear at the huge alpha male and jumped back behind the flames of the fire. The missile cleaved the air between the animalís front legs and stuck in the ground, quivering. With an earsplitting roar that was half surprise and half primal rage, the grey and black body of the ghostly animal leapt over the weapon.Christy barely got her remaining spear up in front of her to ward off the attack of the huge beast. His body crashed into her like a falling tree. She felt his breath on her face as they tumbled over. The shaft of the spear was between her and the animals neck as they flew back from the force of his charge. His one hundred and sixty pound body landed on top of her, knocking the breath out of her lungs. She used her legs to catapult the animal over her somersaulting body. Her shoulder hurt severely and her leg felt like it had been stabbed with a hot knife.The human body is capable of fantastic feats of strength and speed when called upon to perform for its life. As she landed, Christy rolled using the shaft of the spear to aid her balance. Another deafening, savage roar filled her ears and she saw the flash of fur as it sped toward her. She could not believe anything could move that fast. White, gleaming teeth and jet black fur filled her field of vision as the predatory canine smashed into her again. Blinding pain filled her being and she could not catch her breath. Just before she blacked out, she saw the image of the monsters huge body standing over her, jaws open, eyes burning into her from that massive head of black and grey fur. Then darkness.Death. That was it, she must be dead, she thought. Or dreaming. The trip to the Alaskan wilderness, the planes crash, her fight to survive. It must all be a dream. But the pain! She had never had a dream in which she had felt such pain. And why was she on the ground and not in her bed? Christyís pain wracked brain fought its way back from the netherworld of unconsciousness to the real world of her pain.She tried to think. Realization flooded in as painfully as her physical injuries. The wolf! What happened? Why was she alive? These questions flashed through her mind. She opened her eyes, and staying perfectly still, scanned what little she could see as she lay on her side on the ground. The fire cast a reddish glow on her face. She saw something at the limit of her field of vision. Huge furry paws just feet from her! He was still there! Why was she still alive? She decided that she had nothing to lose, so she moved enough to see the entire scene.Sitting just six feet from the prostrate woman, the dominant male of the pack came into focus as she moved slowly. In a semicircle behind him sat seven, no, eight more wolves. His pack and family. His demeanor was one of obvious superiority. He had won.Moving slowly as much from pain as from caution, Christy pushed herself up to a sitting position, facing her conqueror. The huge beast watched, but did not move from his place a few feet from the fire. Christy was puzzled. Why didnít the monster attack and [CENSOR] her? He could have easily done so when she was blacked out earlier, yet she was alive. She shook her head to clear the fuzziness from her brain. Tenderly she explored her shoulder and leg for the extent of her injuries. She had only been bruised and battered by the animal. He had not tried to bite her. She could not understand what was happening. There must be a reason for it, she thought."What do you want? Why are you doing this?" She asked the attentive animal.He cocked his great, shaggy head from side to side at the sound of her voice. Human things made such strange noises. Much different from wolves or any of the other animals he had come to know during his lifetime. He rose from his sitting position and slowly approached the crouching woman.Christy gritted her teeth and her heart pounded as the massive wolf came ever closer to her. She knew she was no match for the animal without a weapon. She vowed to show no fear no matter what he did. If he had wanted to [CENSOR] her, he would have already done so, she reasoned. She could have been a snack for the wild beasts, but for some reason they had spared her.Only armsí length away from her, he stopped. His long nose wrinkled as he loudly sniffed the air near her. She could plainly see his awesome teeth, meant for tearing flesh from bone, as they gleamed in the firelight. She could see her own reflection in his golden yellow eyes as they seemed to see straight through her soul. "What are you going to do? I donít understand what . . ." Christy was interrupted as the massive head of the wolf swung into her shoulder, tipping her over."Ow! What the hell!" She exclaimed, pain shooting from her leg as she landed on the ground.The wolf stood over her, staring down at the sprawling woman. He sniffed her boot, then his black nose traveled up her leg to her thigh. He sniffed the area of her leg that had been injured several times, as if examining her. She stared in wonder at the huge animal. His nose went quickly to her shoulder where he again seemed to be interested in her injuries. She marveled at the size of the beast. He turned his head to his pack mates and they rose and approached the strange scene.Christy remained as still as she could as the pack of wolves closed in on her. Their master stood over her, greeting each of the pack as they circled by. Then, one by one, the curious animals took turns smelling the incredulous woman as she stared, open mouthed. When the last animal had satisfied its curiosity, they all sat or lay in a circle around her and the alpha male. None of them had shown any aggression or given any sign of violence. Christy was completely baffled by their behavior. Wild wolves would do anything they could to avoid mankind. These wolves were breaking all the rules.Lowering his head, the male sniffed her jeans again. He deftly nipped a fold of the pant leg in his massive jaws and with a sharp head shake tore the pant leg from mid calf to above Christyís knee."Hey! What the hell do you think youíre doing?" She asked, indignantly.The animal looked down at his prize and swiftly caught the torn material in his teeth once again. Another shake of that massive head and the pants were torn to her waist, the leg hanging in tatters, exposing the blue and purple bruises of her injuries."You son of a bitch! I only have two pairs of pants, you bastard!" She yelled, swatting at the unconcerned animal.With a steel like glare, the beast signaled his disapproval of her actions. She immediately drew her hand back. That was stupid, she thought. He wonít put up with any of that crap. He is obviously used to having things his own way. She chided herself for being so foolish. If he wants to rip up my clothes, she thought, fine. Thatís better that my arm.His head only inches from her face, the heat of his breath on her cheek, he sniffed her hair. His nose was wet and cold on her ear, she shivered involuntarily at its touch. With a lightning like snap of his jaws her shirt was torn from collar to hem. Another snap and it was torn in half. Christy remained frozen, sitting on the ground by the fire. The animal was obviously curious about her. His nose sniffed her bare shoulder, leaving damp spots where it touched her flesh.He pawed at her leg with a massive furred foot, then seizing the tattered denim in his mouth he ripped the entire trouser leg from the amazed woman. He tossed the ragged remains of the clothing to one side where a pack mate sniffed them thoroughly from end to end. Sniffing around her neck, he gently gathered the collar of her tattered shirt in his mouth and stepping backward, slipped the torn and battered garment from her torso in one quick and fluid movement.Christy was nearly spun around by the quick motion, but she regained her balance and remained upright. She began to think she knew why the animal was ripping her clothing off. It confused him and was foreign. Animals donít wear clothing. He was bringing her down to his level for a reason. She remained sitting by the fire, glad for its warmth against her bare skin."Are you happy now? Youíve destroyed my shirt and most of these pants!" She said.As if to answer her question, the big head dipped to her other leg, still covered by the remains of her trousers. His jaws closed around a loose fold of cloth."Wait!" She shouted. "I get the idea. But let me take it off. I may need this material before I get out of here!"She gently removed the pants leg from his terrible mouth and unbuttoned the torn pants at her waist. She scooted the clothing off her body and put it under her, sitting on the ravaged article in the dirt. The cool air flowed over her nearly naked body as she sat by the fire. With just a bra and panties on, she was grateful for the warmth of the glowing embers.The big male allowed her to remove the clothing and then he circled the sitting woman. He rubbed his huge body against her. She was amazed at the softness of his fur and baffled by his actions. She remained sitting and unmoving as he rubbed against her. She felt his nose against the back of her neck and as it traveled down the curve of her shoulder. He sniffed at her underarm, his nose tickling her with its bristly whiskers and cold wetness. He sniffed her sides and she raised her arms as he wedged his nose between her arm and side. His tongue washed over the sensitive flesh on the side of her breasts. She gasped, startled at the sudden touch.His nose sniffed a line down to the small of her back and below the waistband of her panties. The sensation caused her to shiver. Facing the bewildered woman, the great wolf licked her on the cheek, wiping away the dirt from their battle earlier. She closed her eyes as his head dipped toward her again. But his tongue washed over the swell of her breast. She gasped audibly at the sensation. Turning to the other breast, his broad, pink tongue swept from its base over its cloth-covered peak and down into the valley between the mounds of flesh."My god!" Christy exclaimed. Her eyes flew open.Once more his tongue ran over her quivering tit mound, wetting the cloth of her bra in its passage. She was stunned. As she sat, stupefied, the beast continued to lick at her tits. First one, then the other until her bra was almost wet from his saliva. Then he curled his tongue under the cloth and ripped the flimsy covering away. Her heaving mounds were exposed to his beastly attentions.His tongue now wandered over her naked breasts, licking and caressing them. Christy shivered at the primal touch of the huge beasts tongue on her shaking tits. Her nipples grew stiff and hardened at the obscene touch. Her tits seemed to swell under the constant licking of the animals wide, wet tongue."Oh shit! What are you doing?" She pleaded.She raised her hands to ward off the beasts licking, but he shook his huge head at her feeble attempts to stop him. She couldnít push his head away from her tits. The beast trailed his tongue down between her tits and his tongue left a wet trail to her belly button. Her stomach rippled at the touch of the animal. His nose was cold and wet on the bare flesh of her belly. She stared down as she saw his head lower between her outspread legs. Terror flashed through her mind."No! Please donít! No! Nooooo!" She wailed.The giant wolf looked up from between the legs of the frightened woman and as his eyes caught her own, his tongue swept down over her panty covered pussy. "Aggghhhh! No, please donít! Oh, please . . . " Her voice trailed off into silence.Her mind reeled as she felt the lips of her pussy being massaged and caressed by the tongue of the animal between her legs. She could not force his head away with her hands. She fell back onto the cool dirt, her legs open to the advances of the ravaging animal. She could not make him stop. It felt so good, yet one part of her mind was repulsed at the actions of the savage creature. She no longer felt any pain from her injuries, just his tongue, long and hot as it licked roughly over her pussy.Forcing his nose under the leg band of the womanís panties, the animal tore them to ribbons with his teeth. A soft groan escaped her lips as his tongue snaked its way between her exposed pussy lips."Yaaaaghhh! Uhhhnn! Ohhhh, sweet god!" She moaned.It was useless to fight him, she knew. Her legs opened widely to allow him access to her now naked cunt mound. As his tongue entered her slit, she thrust her hips up toward it. He rooted in her pussy, his great tongue laving the tender flesh of her vagina and winding over her aroused clitoris. Like a living thing, his tongue searched the delicate passage of her womanhood bringing out the moistness it found there and returning again and again.Her mind whirled as her body responded to the bestial caresses of this wilderness monster. Her hips shuddered each time his tongue passed over her sensitive clit. He was making her his own. He was claiming her as one of his. Thatís what it was all about, she suddenly realized. She was to be his bitch as much as one of his own kind. Her hips were raised from the ground as he fed from her cunt. The noises of his feeding filled her ears. She cupped her swollen tits in her hands, rubbing the hard nipples and squeezing the soft flesh.A human wolves bitch, that is what she was to become! A fire grew in her belly as the animal licked and sucked at the soft flesh of her molten pussy. His tongue rammed into the depths of her pussy over and over again. Her hips bucked wildly against the fur of his snout as he fucked her with his tongue.Christy felt the crescendo of an approaching orgasm as the animal continued his onslaught on her cunt. In rapid succession, his wildly lapping tongue ran over her clitoris and then her swollen pussy lips. She had never felt anything like it. Her fingers pinched and twisted the swollen nipples of her breasts. A shiver ran from her head to her toes and she clasped the animals head between her legs. His teeth scraped over her exposed clit sending her over the edge."Gaaaahhggg! Ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Uh, uhmmmmm, uh, uh, uh!" She screamed into the night sky.Her head filled with bright flashes and her hips pounded up into the snout of the black and grey beast between her legs. His tongue never stopped its exploration of her convulsing pussy as she thrashed on the ground before the beast. She ground her back into the dirt under her. Her pussy poured its wetness into the waiting mouth of the lewdly licking animal. Her pussy clamped down on his tongue as it invaded the warmth of her slit again and again. Her head rolled from side to side and her hands clawed at her tits as the orgasms washed over her body like waves of pure pleasure.Finally, she could not take any more of the constant licking. The pleasure was too great to bear. She rolled onto her side and curled up, moaning and rocking back and forth. Her lungs gulped in air in great quantities. She looked up at the form of the great wolf standing over her. His muzzle was wet with her juices and his huge tongue hung from one side of his mouth. He stepped over the woman and she looked down his body. Her eyes locked onto his cock. She stared in awe at the massive length and girth of the scarlet and pink symbol of male potency. She would give herself to him!Now, she knew. She had to surrender herself to the ravenous animal. He had claimed her as his own and now he was going to take her. Now everything seemed clear to her as she lay on the dirt of her encampment. If she was going to survive, she would have to adapt. She would have to become his possession! She would have to fuck the beast!As he stood over her, his erect cock like a shaft of steel beneath his belly, she crawled to her hands and knees. She raised her ass in the air and spread her legs to brace herself under his heavy body. He prodded her hip with his snout and she adjusted herself under him. He stood on all fours over her shaking body, easily covering her. She felt the soft fur of his belly as it rubbed over her naked back. His body was hard and warm. His forelegs were even with her arms when she felt something slick and hot and hard slide along the crack of her upthrust ass.She thought back over the events of the past few days. She thought of her home far away. It all seemed like a lifetime ago to the crouching woman. But, she thought, this all seems so natural, so primitive. She was going to mate with a wild wolf! She would let the beast fuck her with his magnificent cock and make her one of his own!"Fuck me, you beautiful bastard! FUCK MEEEE!" She screamed.His giant cock slid between the cheeks of her ass, poking into the tightened shutter of her ass hole. It slid down, down toward the slit of her swollen pussy lips, glistening with her juices in the firelight. She wriggled her ass in tiny circular motions, trying to capture his cock with her pussy. She felt it, like a white-hot bar of steel, slide between her cunt lips and slip into the waiting depths of her slick, hot twat."Yeahhhh . . . oh yesssss, thatís it lover! Do it! DO IT NOW!"She shoved her ass back onto the huge organ. The animal thrust his powerful hips forward and buried his cock to the hilt in her waiting cunt. He held it there for a brief second, then began to slowly fuck the kneeling woman beneath him. Christy braced her arms and shoved her ass back at the thrusting wolf cock buried in her pussy. Her tits swung with the rhythm of their bestial coupling. Her pussy felt stretched to its limits with the huge cock racing inside its slick walls. She could feel the huge nut sack of the beast slapping against her ass hole as he fucked her. Her cunt gripped his cock in a sheath of pleasure. He had never felt a cunt like this. Strange, but very pleasurable. Different from the female wolves he had mated with, yet the same."Fuck me, you big son of a bitch! Come on! You want some real pussy? Take it! Yeahhhhh, oh fuck, yessssss!" She gasped.Her entire body shook with the force of the huge beastsí cock thrusts. His powerful hips drove his rock hard prick deep inside the slick wetness of the womanís clutching vagina. Christy could feel the tip of his cock as it bumped her cervix, filling her completely with its fiery length. She arched her back up to his invading cock, allowing it to reach further into her with every stroke. His speed and power was mind numbing to the lust-crazed woman. He began to make low growling sounds deep in his throat as his cock increased its tempo inside her. He varied his thrusts, first slamming inside her with a series of rapid shallow thrusts, then driving his cock to its full length and withdrawing it until only the tip remained inside her cunt then plunging the huge prick to its fur-covered sheath inside her twisting body.Christy was nearly delirious with erotic ecstasy as the savage animal fucked her mercilessly. He began to whine and his hips began to shake as he built to his climax inside the pussy of his newest bitch. Christy could feel his mammoth cock began to swell even more and she knew his orgasm was near. She slammed her ass back at the wildly fucking beast, twisting her pussy around his sensitive cock and clenching her vaginal muscles over its length as it sped in and out of her cunt. Juices trickled down her legs from the red-hot depths of her pussy. She was going to cum! She was fucking a wild animal and he was making her cum! She focused her entire being on the cock that fucked violently in and out of her dripping slit. Nothing existed except her and her canine lover. His pleasure was the most important thing in her life. She felt him stiffen inside her and his thrusts became erratic and jerky. A ball of fire ignited in her cunt and spread out to every nerve in her body. She held his cock deeply buried inside her as she felt the first jet of white-hot wolf cum blast from his bulging cock.He uttered a constant wail of low howling and growling noises as his cock sprayed her cunt with its potent load of wolf jism. "Aggggghhhh! Ohhhhh, unnnnhggh! Yessssss, yes, yes! Oh fuck, yessss!" She chanted, under the heaving belly of the huge beast.She reached between her legs and fondled his swollen ball sack, gently squeezing and caressing it. Load after load of wolf cum spewed forth into her waiting cunt from the tip of the animals rigid cock. She ground her ass back onto the hard shaft as he fucked her frenziedly. Her arms gave out and she collapsed to the dirt, her ass thrust back at her lover as he drove her into the cool dirt of the clearing.After what seemed like an eternity, the slavering beast stopped his frantic thrusting and held his cock inside her scorched and sopping pussy. His cock continued to spray cum into her as her cunt milked the last drops of wolf sperm from his heaving balls. For many minutes they stayed coupled, the woman groveling in the dirt and the huge male wolf standing over her, sides heaving from the exertion and his cock jerking inside her.Christy struggled to regain her composure, she gasped for air, her lungs burning and heart pounding in her chest. She felt his cock start to shrink inside her and then he pulled it free with a wet sucking sound as it withdrew from her flooded vagina. Cum dripped from her slit to pool on the ground beneath her. She raised herself up to her knees and looked around her. The pack had moved close, tightening the circle they had formed when their master began his conquest of the female human.As one, they raised their heads to the sky and howled. Next to her, the male threw back his massive head and added his own voice to the chorus. Christy sat back on her heels and the sound of the pack had a new quality to its song. She was one of them, now. She knew that she would always be one of the family. One of the wild things.
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