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HI thereHaving been on Beastforum for many months now, I still as yet haven't had the chance to physically meet up with a K9 and his owner, but thats not for the want of trying.I used to own a large German Shephard, he was a lovely big ole dog, with long fur, and the most handsome face you could ever wish for, at night he used to share my bed and lay next to me as I slept, and you could tell the nights he was dreaming because he'd often kick me in the back with those powerful hind legs of his, and I'd sometimes feel his cock wet and sticky against me as well.I often fantasised about waking up next to him in the moring, rolling over so I could scoot down the bedm and take his sheath into my mouth and suck on it til his cock head would poke out and touch my tongue, I'd gently massage the sheath back and expose more of his lovely pink cock for my mouth to enjoy, lapping at his juices as he got excited and would begin to harden. I would turn myself around and present my willing arse to his mouth, wanting to feel that warm dog breath of his against my cheeks, as he'd lap at my hole for me.Fell the power of him as he'd mount my back, and put his front paws over my shoulders, and I'd feel his stiffened cock against my butt crackI'd reach back and slowly guide his wonderful cock to my waiting hole, keeping my hand around the base of his dick as I know how big a dog he was, and not sure if I could handle his knot.The tip of his cock slips inside me and feels oh so warm and moist, and he starts to hump at me now slipping in more and more of his cock with each thrust, my hand is caught between my arse and him, and I decide to move it and let him into me as far as he will go, I feel my hole stretch a little more, and his humping is becoming faster now, I feel him begin to swell inside me and at that point I know we're knotting, I feel my arse fill with his hot juice, and he slows his humping down and I can feel his breath on the back of my neck, there is sweath running down my back, and he begins to lick at it, his tongue softly lapping it up, he tries to pull out, but the knot is still really swollen, and I grab at his hind legs to keep him inside me, we stay that way for what seems like an age, and then slowly his cock goes down, and starts to slid back out of me, I can feel his juices running out of my arse and down my inner thighs, the popping sound when his cock leaves my arse tells me that it's over for now, but I'm sure it's something we'd get to do again and again, and as he clambers off of me, he starts to lap at my arse to taste the juice deposit he'd just left there.I turn myself over, so I'm now laid on my back, and I begin stroking my cock, I'm so hard at this point, I am taking nice long slow strokes, and he starts to lap at the head of my cock, this drives me wild and it's not long before I shoot my load, it splatters over his muzzle, and he laps at it eagerly, I reach my hand down between my legs, and can still feel some of his juice down there, I collect some onto my fingers and bring them up to my mouth, I want to know how my dog tastes, and it's only fair to return the favor he did me, it's a salty sweet taste, unlike anything I've tasted before, it's not like human cum, there was way to much of it and it's not as thick, but it's a taste I could very easily become accustomed to very very quicklyThanks for taking the time to read my fantasy, and I'd like to thank everyone, in here who's made me feel so welcome since I joined
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