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I’m new to this site (except for lurking), but I have read a lot of girls and guys stories. I’m not a great writer and I am not known for my tact, either. So, being me, I will just “cut to the chase”.After my divorce from Ed, I did the bar scene, had a few dates and about half a dozen one night stands. But, after a while, that got old. I tried on-line date services and only ended up meeting more losers. I’m not saying that all guys are bad, just the ones I seem to meet.For a while it was just me and Ernie (our/my chocolate lab). I’d sit around in the evening, sipping wine and reading romance novels. They provided me with a safe way to get my “jollies”, if you know what I mean. As time went by I found myself gravitating toward racier romance novels. They helped a bit for a while, too (helped me get hot and wet and get myself off, that is). I even order a vibrator on line. Then I ordered another one, and now I own five. They Really helped, for a while. Now, don’t get me wrong. I could have dates. Even though I’m not in my thirties anymore, most guys think I’m in my early thirties. I’m a tall (5’9”) red head, with green eyes (and freckles) and I usually weigh about 105 or so. I don’t have much for breasts, but that doesn’t seem to bother the guys I met any.But I found that I could really enjoy Myself, by myself. The only drawback was that I found it kept taking more “stimulation” to excite me. After a while I was surfing the internet for my “excitement”. Wow! The things I found there! For a while I was on one of those [CENSOR] Forum things. I shared email and, later, chat, with three guys who wanted “stern mothers” to role play with. I have to admit, that was a hot turn on for some time. I even sent screen cams of myself in “costume” (with masks, of course) and some of me nude. That gave my lots of nice sweet little orgasms for months, but, after a while, even that got old. I found myself looking at lesbian sites, next. I never considered myself “interested” in girls, but the stories I read actually started to affect me. Pretty soon I was looking for pictures of real women and girls enjoying each other. That got me really, really HOT! I even went out to a couple bars where girls like that go and tried to get picked up on, but, when I could never bring myself to do more than dance and kiss. I went home both times so horny I could have kicked myself. But I still couldn’t bring myself to do more (but, someday I still might).It was back to wine and internet. That’s when I ran across my first zoo site. I was so shocked I shut down my browser and the whole damn computer. I was absolutely shaking from just seeing a few pictures of girls letting dogs lick their pussies. I went through a whole bottle of wine that night, trying to “forget” what I had seen. By the time I was on my last glass, I caught myself staring at Ernie as he lay at my feet licking himself. I stopped myself, right then and there! I went and took a cold shower and went to bed. But, the very next night, I was quivering like a cup of jello when I logged back into that same zoo site. That night I steeled my nerves with one shot of tequila before I sat at the computer. Inside of two hours I had put down three shots and had taken off my panties and was playing with my pussy while I looked at one “nasty” picture after another.For nearly three weeks I went from one zoo site to another, getting so hot I had to put my vibes to work, two and three at a time. It was wild! It was insane! And it was so exciting I couldn’t stand it! During the day I would tell myself it was “sick” and perverted and taboo. But, since there is a park right outside my office window, I would still see people playing with their dogs sometimes, and I would wonder it “this girl” secretly let her dog lick her pussy. Or if “that guy” played with his dog’s cock. It was so SICK!And it just got worse. I actually brought binoculars to work so I could see the dogs better. And it got worse than that! Twice I saw nice big fellows getting hard-on and it got me so hot I had to run to the ladies room and relieve myself.I guess you can guess what happened next. One night I made up my mind that I would “let” Ernie lick my pussy. I was so wet just knowing I was going to do it (that night) that I had to keep a washcloth around to keep wiping myself. When I finally sat down on the sofa and opened my legs and invited Ernie to “eat me” I was so hot I thought I would scream. But Ernie wasn’t really interested. I went crazy. I got my biggest vibe and started doing my pussy right there on the sofa in front of him. I was even saying things like, “damn dog”, “eat my pussy, you stupid mutt”. That didn’t seem to help. But it did change one thing. Now I KNEW I had to have a dog tongue on my pussy. The next day (a Saturday), I went back on line and read and read. Some of the people on this site gave me some clues to solve my problem. That afternoon I went to a huge, famous sporting goods store that is about 50 miles from here. I bought trap scent for fox. It was supposed to smell like a female fox in heat.I guess it was pretty powerful because that night, as soon as I opened the little plastic bottle, Ernie was more than just interested. And I was delighted. I Knew it would work before I started, but still I was very nervous about it. Again I put down a couple shots (with salt and lime) before I started. I went into my bathroom and spread the stinky oil on my hot, swollen labia, then tried to make it back to the couch. I say ‘tried’ because Ernie was dancing all around me and he kept nearly knocking me down. When I sat on that couch and opened my legs Ernie went after my pussy like it was the only food he had seen in a year. And the very instant his long, bumpy tongue touched my pussy I CAME. I Came HARD.And he licked me like crazy and I just kept cumming like crazy. One huge, hot orgasm right on top of another! I was kicking my legs up in the air and screaming and bouncing all over the couch. God! I was Great! Just Great!!! It was the most incredible thing in my whole life! I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming! I was Insane! Out of control! I was a wild, free AN-I-MAL!!! Then Ernie jumped up between my legs and started trying to fuck me. And I didn’t even Think about it! I reached down and pulled his hot, red, wet thing right to my hole and then he rammed!!!! I screamed so LOUD! It was so HARD! So HOT! And he pounded me so FAST! God! He pounded me faster than two jabs a second! He was a blur! And I was cumming so fucking HARD! Again and again! I just kept cumming and cumming!Then I felt that knot! I thought he was ripping me apart! And when it pounded past my ring it FILLED ME! And I came even more! I just couldn’t stop cumming! Then he slowed down and I was Still cumming! And I could feel these hot, hot jets, like a squirt gun, spraying me so deep! He was filling me! Filling me so much my pussy couldn’t hold it! Then he growled really deep and pumped a bit and I could feel even hotter sprays inside me. He was cumming and I knew and I loved it! I loved feeling his hot cum so deep in my womb! Then he just stood there panting and I lay under him, sobbing. I was sobbing because I was so happy! I have never been so happy, so content, so fulfilled. He stayed tied with me, throbbing inside me, and my cums got weaker and further apart, but I still was cumming. When he finally pulled, with a plop, out of my sore, happy pussy I nearly cried. I never wanted it out of me, not ever! And when he lay on the floor and started licking himself, I was so grateful and so in love that I dropped down next to him and started licking and sucking his wonderful cock for him. In less than 15 minutes he was hard and ready again. And this time I knelt on the floor with my ass high and my face on the carpet and helped him fuck me doggy style.The next morning I was so sore I could hardly sit down, but by Monday night Ernie and I were sharing our wonderful love again. I was not one of those girls who always hid a secret curiousity about dogs. I never thought one single sexual thought about dogs. Now I know better. Now I know what’s best. I bought “friend” for Ernie last month, two year old a half-collie/half German shepherd. I named him Ollie. Ollie and Ernie get along great and Ollie was very easy to train, too. Nope! I never had any interest in dogs. I’m just your average, quiet, church-going, office-working spinster.
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