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Ann couldn’t decide. On the one hand she wanted it back inside, deep inside, to stay there forever, constantly shooting Barney’s seed into her. On the other hand, she wanted it out so she could turn over and satisfy her aching pussy. She couldn’t answer her friend. It turned out that no answer was necessary as Barney decided to hop down off the bench, his seed deep inside this bitch. She felt the complete withdrawal of his prick from her. When the tip was pulled out, a large amount of his cum followed. Anticipating this, Kari stuck her head down and licked up what she could, finishing up by licking what dripped down Ann’s ass and onto her pussy. Kari found she loved the taste of cum and pussy. Ann’s pussy, not satisfied, was pulsing open and closed, trying to find what it needed. Ann shivered as Kari’s tongue passed through her ass and pussy. Barney came over and finished licking the cum as it dripped out of Ann’s enlarged asshole, sending more shivers through Ann as he stuck his tongue inside her stretched out asshole to clean up his mess. Ann was able to raise her body enough to start diddling her pussy.When Barney finished, Kari took him to the door and let him out. Charger, who was waiting by the back door looking in had seen everything. When the door opened he bolted in and sniffed Ann’s tattered ass. Before Kari could react, he jumped up behind Ann with his front paws on the bench, and began to thrust towards her. The tip of his prick was showing. As he was taller than Barney, and Ann had raised her hips to play with a very wet but unsatisfied pussy, he was at the right angle to enter her without any help. Kari started to say something, but Ann jumped, startled by his hot prick touching her cunt lips. Where the two met, their bodies sizzled, and Charger slid at least 6” right into Ann. Ann immediately backed up onto Charger’s rod, forcing in as much as she could. Charger grew instantly, once he was inside of her, stretching her pussy as he had the day before. “Oh my…grrrazz..nnggghhh…uuummm…oohhh,” was the only sounds that Ann could make. She pushed back on him hard, as her pussy was finally going to get what it needed, wanted and must have. In one motion, Charger’s complete cock and knot were forced into her pussy, and Ann came so hard, her teeth hurt. The two of them fucked like there was no tomorrow, never had Kari seen two beings so intent on fucking. She wondered at the passion and the urge that Ann must be feeling, as each of Charger’s tremendous thrusts were met by Ann with equal force. As he drove his huge pole forward into her, Ann drove her pussy hard back at him. Nothing could be seen of his prick as Ann’s pussy completely engulfed it. As they pulled apart between thrusts, only the head of Charger’s cock remained inside of Ann. She slid forward with precision, as even the knot was not big enough to stay inside of her, and she knew just when to stop her forward motion, and drive back against him like a runaway truck. When their bodies met, the sound was like a thunderclap. Ann was still uttering her guttural sounds when Charger’s knot finally grew big enough to lock them together. Now Ann was in control, pulling at Charger’s knot so hard with her pussy that she made him howl. Kari watched in fascination, as she knew it couldn’t last. Ann had been having one big and extremely long orgasm, and her pussy was a vice on Charger’s cock. The muscles inside of her pussy were squeezing the life out of his cock – they were milking, cajoling, pulling his shaft and knot. Forcing it to give up everything it had for her pleasure – not for his. Finally Charger could not hold back any longer. His cum boiled up from his balls and from deep in his loins, flying out of his prick to fill his bitch with his seed. And Ann wouldn’t stop pumping, pumping, pumping out his cum, everything he could give her and more. He bellowed in frustration to get out of this bitch. Never had he had to do that. But she wouldn’t let go. If Charger was a wild dog, Ann was a wild monster – a monster who could never be pleased. She continued to push back at Charger with each thrust. He started whining and crying but Ann hadn’t had enough. Cum had filled her and was literally pouring out of her onto the blanket below. Kari had never seen so much cum, even the day before. Thick streams of it were forced from Charger. He scrambled with his legs but he was trapped. Finally Kari said, “Ann, stop…enough. You’re going to [CENSOR] Charger! I have never been so hot and horny as I am watching you. You are a machine – a machine that’s never satisfied!”Kari began rubbing Ann’s sweaty back to calm her down. Slowly, Ann’s thrusts lessened. Slowly she stopped pumping against the dried out, exhausted young dog. Even though he was exhausted, Charger’s huge cock filled her completely. After a minute or two, knowing how stretched out Ann must be, Kari reached in-between them and gently pulled Charger’s cock out of Ann. It fell out with a large plop, and a great amount of his cum. He had pumped so much cum into her, that she wouldn’t be free of it for days. Even now, his seed swam through her tubes to her ovaries, where it found her eggs, and begged to get in. Defying all probabilities and possibilities, one lucky sperm did get in and mixed its DNA with Ann’s DNA. The wonder of new life began. Kari rolled Ann off of the cum covered bench onto the floor. “Well my friend, its my turn” Kari said. “But I think you killed all of my possibilities”. Ann, breathing hard, laughed. Ann had proven herself to be the unchallengeable expert in dog fucking. Kari had no chance in topping a performance like that. Charger went over to Ann, lying on her back now, prostrate on the floor, and finished licking the cum from her cunt. He had done his best, and this bitch had overmatched him. His limited mind made it a priority to remember her victory. Even though he was on top when they fucked, he had been dominated by her, and that would have to change. Unknown to either of them at this time, his seed had taken hold. Whether or not it would bear some hideous fruit in the future was also unknown. He scratched on the back door, wanting to be let out. Kari opened the door and once outside, Charger collapsed on the ground and cleaned himself off and then went to sleep. Inside, Kari couldn’t move Ann, who was in a semi-stupor. She lifted her friend partway to the couch and let her fall asleep. Looking at the bench and feeling extremely needy, she wondered how she could be satisfied since her friend had totally wiped out the two dogs. She had to admit to herself, it was mostly her fault…Kari wrapped her robe around herself and went outside to throw away the trash. She had to go through the backyard gate. Opening the gate, she saw Thumper and Angel in the next yard. Now what were they doing she wondered? She watched as Angel, still in heat, lifted her tail, as Thumper stuck his nose under it and sniffed. He was trying to mount her, but he was too big. In frustration he followed her around while she stopped periodically and lifted her tail. Someone up above must have heard her inner need. She called over to them and they looked up. Angel remembered the nice woman who had played with her pussy. Still being in heat, Angel was ready to take any opportunity she could get. She ran over to Kari, followed by Thumper. Kari held the gate open for them as they ran inside her yard. She stepped inside and closed the gate, now having trapped the two dogs.She walked over to Angel, who still had Thumper enthralled. Barney and Charger were just not interested at this point, and remained where they lay in the yard. She took Angel by the scruff of the neck and brought her inside, followed obediently by Thumper. She could see that Thumper was showing, with precum dripping from the tip of his cock. Thumper sniffed around the family room, sniffed Ann’s crotch and licked it to taste her sex with Barney and Charger. Ann, even though still asleep, moved in a humping motion in response to his tongue. But Thumper was just checking out the area. He went over to the bench and sniffed around, especially the end where Ann had had sex with the other two dogs. He sniffed the blanket underneath and tasted the pooled cum that had collected there. Kari went over to Angel, getting more aroused by the minute. She started stroking Angel’s pussy and said, “You won’t mind sharing your scent again, would you?”Angel didn’t seem to mind, and after one or two rubs, her pussy lips puffed up and began leaking her juices. Kari reached inside of her with her finger, and scooped out some of her cum. Angel humped against Kari’s finger, but that was not what Kari wanted to be doing. She wiped Angel’s juices on her own cunt, then stuck her finger back inside the dog again to get more. This time she spread the scent on her own asshole and inside her pussy. She grabbed Angel by the neck and pushed her back outside. “Sorry dear, but I don’t want any competition” Kari said. She closed the sliding door and went over to Thumper, squatting down in front of him and sticking his nose between her legs. “Get a good whiff of this, Thumper” she told him. “I think you’ll like it.”She was right. Thumper became visibly more excited. He sniffed her hard, then started licking quickly, tasting her liquid sugar, and instinctively lubing up his bitch for his pleasure. Kari sat back on the floor for a few minutes, allowing him to start pleasing her with his tongue. As he licked, she became more excited, and her juices flowed. The new smell was different to Thumper, but still expressed the same urgency to him. Kari’s smell now became more dominant than Angel’s and at that moment Thumper learned that this human smell was just as exciting as a female dog’s smell. He now associated the two smells in his mind. His licking became more frantic, and sent chills up her spine. Kari noticed that his cock was dripping more precum in anticipation of what would come. But he was young and probably never had intercourse, much less with a human. The only experience he had was with Kari’s previous oral action. She reached under him and grabbed his cock. It immediately began expanding and he sat down, then rolled over on his back. “You are a smart one” she said to him. “You remembered the blowjob I gave you. This time, I’m going to teach you something new. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to taste you again. She leaned over him and took his cock between her lips, moving her head slowly up and down. She kept her lips tightly closed around his cock, which kept growing. She tasted his precum, again enjoying the taste. After his sheath had fully retracted, she told him, “Okay, here’s where I show you something else you will like.”She forced him back on all fours, but he was already hunched over and thrusting. “Thumper, we can’t work too fast! I don’t want you shooting your cum too fast!” she told him. She left him alone for a minute, and his thrusting stopped. “That’s better” she said.She looked at Ann, now sleeping soundly on the couch. Kari knew she must be having fantastic dreams.She dropped her robe to the floor and went over to the bench by herself and laid down on her stomach, forcing her tits, which were bigger than Ann’s, into the tapered cutouts on the side of the bench. Her ass stuck off of the end, and she shook it trying to attract Thumper. He ran around her excitedly, but didn’t know what to do. She reached out and petted him, reaching underneath him one more time, and felt that the sheath of his cock had slid back down a little, but his cock was all wet with precum. She removed her tits from the bench and twisted so she could bring Thumper up on top of her. Taking his right leg, she placed it over her body, until Thumper stood over her on the bench. She returned to her original position, her nipples rock hard with anticipation. Now she used her hands to force Thumper to move up the bench closer to her, until she felt their bodies meet. Now she lifted her ass a little and moved around. Because Thumper was tall and lean, his cock started touching her ass and pussy. Not knowing why, Thumper began a little pumping motion as he hunched over her. The tip of his cock now brushed against her pussy lips, and as he humped forward, entered Kari. Finally, she had something inside of her. All of the anticipation while she watched Ann get fucked was now over. She pushed back hard against him, as he humped forward. His cock entered her deeper, and now he let instinct take over, as he felt so right. His cock grew quickly in length and width, and Kari pushed back joyously against it. His pre-knot slipped right inside of her, stimulating her clit. She began to thrust hard against this virgin dog’s cock. His knot quickly grew to a respectable size, locking the two together. Kari could feel that he was just as long as Barney, the tip of his cock pressing against her uterus. His prick was a little thinner though, but still easily as fat as Ted’s cock. And it was hard. Steel couldn’t have been as hard as this young dog’s prick. Now locked together, Thumper was able to hunch over her better than the other dogs would have, since he was so lean and tall. He now started pounding into Kari as she met every one of his thrusts, with one of her own. On each in and out thrust, Thumper’s knot took Kari’s pussy lips in and out with it. On the down thrust, Thumper’s furry loins met Kari’s shaved pussy lips. On every back thrust, her inner lips were revealed clinging tightly to his knot. But since they were tied so tightly together, his cock could not move too far in either direction. The dog knew that this was something he would do again and again with her. Kari felt her orgasms starting, and as with the more experienced dogs, she was able to cum again and again. Thumper, being young and inexperienced, was not able to hold back any longer. He began releasing volley after volley of cum, deep into Kari’s convulsing pussy. She moaned out loud as she felt each hot shot of his doggy cum, and felt herself filling up inside with that now familiar feeling. Being young and a first timer, Thumper stopped pumping, but continued to release his cum into Kari for a good five minutes. Stream after stream, left his prick, encouraged by Kari’s continued thrusts. It leaked out of her pussy in rivulets, just like with Ann, because his knot was slightly smaller than Barney’s and Charger’s and could not block the entrance to the now well-worn pussy. Kari was as well satisfied as if Barney or Charger had done her. There was nothing that Barney or Charger could do for her, that couldn’t be made up for by Thumper’s youth and energy. Thinking about it, Kari realized that Thumper could actually turn out to be the best fucker in the bunch, since he was starting so young.Her sweating body collapsed on the bench, now satisfied from its earlier urges. Thumper also stopped moving, and went to hop down from the bench, not realizing that his knot would prevent him. He found he was stuck inside of her, and his movement was only causing his knot to increase in size, and more cum to be unloaded into Kari. She grabbed his paws on either side of her, and held him in place. After five minutes, she felt his knot shrinking and let him go. He jumped off of her, but his still enlarged cock made a sucking noise as it withdrew from Kari. The pool of cum on the blanket below Kari increased in size, as his cum drained out of her. Totally satisfied now, she rolled off of the bench and went over to the couch. She moved Ann over slightly and placed her body next to her. She closed her eyes and slept.Chapter 8They both awoke sometime later, feeling sore but fulfilled. The dogs were evenly split between being inside and outside. Kari got up and put on her robe, then went outside and opened the gate, allowing Angel and Thumper to leave. She went back inside where Ann was already cleaning up the mess. She watched Ann pick up the blankets and walk towards the laundry room. She wasn’t walking too straight. Kari laughed and said, “Ann, you’re walking bow-legged!”“I know, I can feel it” she replied.“Well, what will you tell Eddie?” she asked.“I don’t know yet. But I am totally drained.”“I’ve never imagined what an animal you were!” Kari added, smiling. “Those dogs don’t know what hit them.”Turning a little red, Ann replied, “I guess I am too much for any male! But those dogs just get me off so much!” Then she added, “Hey, you didn’t get a turn yet with our lovers. We’ll have to make it up to you!”“You were really out, I guess. You don’t know what happened. I found Thumper outside, and taught him how to fuck. He was a quick learner” Kari told her. “Don’t worry about me, I got my share. But I have to also thank you for the wonderful work you did on me.”Ann blushed and said, “I have never in my life done that! I am so sorry. Please keep it between us.”“Don’t apologize. You were great. If I’m going to get my pussy licked, I’m coming to you first!”Ann turned a deeper shade of red. “I’m so embarrassed! But I have to say you tasted good, you were sweet as wine and I was out of my mind at the time. I would have blown the whole high school football team the way I felt. Barney is such a lover!” She thought a second then said, “Hey, you didn’t do too bad a job yourself! Your tongue on my pussy and in my ass…”Now it was Kari’s turn to turn red. “I guess we were both caught up in the moment!” She quickly added, “It might be something that I do again sometime…”They looked at each other, knowing that there was a future. A sex crazed, wild future to be had between them. Kari looked at Ann, naked and uninhibited in front of her. She was cleaning her friend’s house in the nude, and not thinking twice about it. She noticed a stream of cum still dripping out of Ann. She said, “You can go shower, and I’ll go after you.”“Okay” Ann replied. She went upstairs and showered off, allowing the warm water to flow over her hair and body. She used the removable shower head to wash off the residual cum in her ass and pussy, soaping the areas well. Her orifices had been stretched out as far as she could handle, and they had not completely returned to their previously, tight condition. When she finished she toweled off and got dressed. Then she went back down to join Kari who by now had finished cleaning.Kari took her turn in the shower, then got dressed and went down to sit with Ann. “Well, what now?” she asked her friend as they sat together. “Look, tomorrow is Saturday already. That means we can’t get together again. But we are meeting tomorrow night, right?” she asked Ann.“Yep, we’ll see you tomorrow night around 7.”“Do you think you could bring Barney?” Kari asked.Ann thought a second and replied, “I’ll ask his owner if I can. But that means that I have to tell Eddie about him.”“You’re not going to tell Eddie, are you?” Kari asked, horrified.“No, no, not like that. I just have to tell him that I want to see what its like to own a dog” Ann laughed. “Don’t worry!”“Well, after I saw you today, I will always worry” Kari said, hugging her friend.Ann held Kari’s shoulders, looked in her eyes and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was longer than would be usual for the two. Kari looked at her confused, then held her and kissed her back, this time sharing the tip of her tongue. Ann now backed off, looking at her friend and said, smiling, “Let’s save that for another time. See you tomorrow!” And with that she stood up and left with Barney.Chapter 9Ann left Kari’s house with a spring in her step, feeling happy, and thinking about the following night. She looked forward to socializing with her friends when she could. She didn’t yet know for sure what Eddie would say when she asked permission for Barney to spend time with them the following night. He would definitely think it strange. She also didn’t know if Dick Wilson, Barney’s owner, would even allow Barney to go, although he had offered the previous day. It would be simpler if she had done like Kari, and actually owned the dog. Well, not exactly like Kari…As she drove up to Dick’s house, she thought about what she would say. Dick was a nice guy – he had seemed friendly enough during their first encounter. Well, at least she would see about borrowing Barney for Saturday…Ann walked up to his well kept house with Barney on a leash and knocked on the door. Her short skirt and shapely thighs went well together. And she had “the walk”. “The walk” was a fluid movement of her ass from side to side as she walked. It drew stares from most men when she walked by them. The top three buttons of her white blouse were tastefully open, down to the top of her cleavage. She admired the way Dick had kept any tall shrubs from growing close to the house. It gave it a clean look and allowed the full sun to shine on the front – as it did this afternoon. Her green eyes were covered with cheap, dark sunglasses to protect them from the bright light, and her curly dark hair tied up in a ponytail behind her. She knocked on the door and it was promptly opened by Dick who smiled when he saw her standing there. He was in his late forties, and wore a nondescript checked shirt and jeans with sneakers. She smiled back and removed her sunglasses. “Hi Dick – thanks for letting me have Barney for the day” she said cheerily.“So how did it go? What do you think? Was he good for you today?” Dick bombarded her with questions.“Oh he was fine…great! I really enjoyed him being with me today.”“What did the two of you do?”Ann briefly thought he was next going to ask her if they fucked, and was it good. He was asking so many questions. But then she thought how nice he had been to her and answered, “We went back to my house for a while then…we went to Harper Park to play…” she lied.“Oh, Barney loves to run around like that. Did you play…” He stopped a moment, and then said, “I’m so sorry for giving you the ‘third degree’. I know what he likes, and since he has been my only companion for the past year and a half…” He paused again, and then said, “Hey, why are we standing here on the doorstep. Come on in and I’ll get you something to drink.”Come to think of it, she was thirsty. She thanked him and then walked in past him as he held the door for her. They walked though a short hallway to the back end of the house and sat down at his kitchen table.“Is…um…Mrs. Wilson here?” she asked, feeling a little strange with just him, her and Barney.“Oh. Nancy died about a year and a half ago after a bout with cancer. It was pretty quick,” he answered her matter-o-factly.“Oh…I’m sooo sorry!” Ann said, her face screwing up a little in sadness. “I…I didn’t know” she said.“Of course you didn’t know” he answered. “How could you?” He added, “But that’s why I’m happy to share Barney with you.”“I don’t understand…” Ann told him.“To be truthful, I decided a couple of months ago to move. I’m going to be living with my sister who lives about 10 hours from here” he explained. “And I can’t take Barney with me. The development where she lives has restrictions. But don’t worry, I won’t ask you to take on the burden of actually owning…”She cut him off. “I would be…I mean I think that after spending some time with Barney I would love to take him for you” she said happily.“I couldn’t really impose. Besides, I’ve already promised him to Keith Johnson. He just lost a dog…ran away I suppose…just the other day, too…”When Ann heard the name of Keith Johnson, she had a fit. Out of all the people…she couldn’t let Keith have Barney! She turned to Dick and said, “Look, Dick…I…you…you can’t give Barney to Keith!”“Do you know Keith? He asked.“No” she answered truthfully, “what I mean is that I want Barney!”“Oh. I’m sorry but…”“Dick, I really like Barney” she said, putting on her best smile for him. Her high cheekbones stood out on her face. He knew she was cute, but he had already told Keith that he could have Barney. What should he do? He didn’t need to answer the question though, as Ann offered, “Dick, what can I do to get him rather than Keith. I mean, you didn’t sign anything, right?””Right, I didn’t. But I gave him my word, Ann…”“Well I can give you something better than your word” she said suggestively.“Are you…are you…” He couldn’t finish the sentence. He hadn’t had anyone since Nancy, and he didn’t know what Ann had in mind. He knew she looked good. No, she looked great. But he didn’t know if she was mentally unstable, diseased or even a whore! Well, he didn’t think that she was any of those at least. And, it had been hard for him. No one around to please him for a year and a half except his right hand…Everything about him, about his upbringing, personality and character told him to throw the bitch out! He noticed her bare legs, showing from underneath the skirt, her beautiful face and breasts…but he was a man of principle! He opened his mouth to tell her to get out and said instead, “What did you have in mind?”“Do you promise to give me Barney?” she asked.“For what? I just told you…”“For a…fuck!” she spit out, amazed that it was her suggestion.“Yes” he answered softly, his mouth instantly drying up. “Okay.”She had made up her mind, and now looked at him. He wasn’t that bad…actually he looked fine, there was nothing wrong with him. He had a pleasant face, he wasn’t fat or anything…”Well…where is your bedroom?” she asked, holding out her hand to him in a bold move, telling him that is what she really wanted. She looked at Barney and said in a baby voice, “I’m doing this for you, dear.” He just looked at her and cocked his head to the side.Dick looked her over a little bit as she spoke to the dog. There was nothing wrong with her…young, firm breasts, great legs…He took her outstretched hand and she turned back to him. “You know Ann, I haven’t done this in…”She put her fingers to his lips to silence him. “I know” she said, looking intently at him. Let’s go to the bedroom.”They went inside and both undressed with their own thoughts. Ann closed to door to keep out Barney, remembering what happened to Kari. She sat on the bed, and Dick sat next to her, already with a full erection as he stared at her well formed tits and the hint of pubic hair on top of her slit. He started rubbing her tits, concentrating on the nipples which rose to the challenge. He put his mouth to them, suckling and licking her nipples seemingly in an attempt to feed off of them. His right hand moved down her body, feeling her tight stomach and taut thighs. Slowly, he used his hand to separate her legs, which moved a little reluctantly. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. She really wanted Barney for her own, but the sacrifice…He lay her down on his bed, running his hand across her hips and back to her great ass. He ran one finger down the crack, noticing the tightness of her cheeks, and the slight force he had to use to run the finger between her cheeks and across her anus. His hand moved up between her legs, and slight chills emanated from her gut. The feelings played across her chest as the stimulation to her nipples caused tingling and pleasure. His hand had now wandered up over her thigh and back down onto her outer pussy lips. He felt the moisture forming there and wanted to taste it so he gently pushed her back on the bed and separated her thighs. Ann thought he was ready to fuck her, so she opened her legs to experience the pleasure and get it over with at the same time. He climbed between her legs, and she raised them in order to give his dick better access to her pussy. This caused her pussy lips to gently separate, and Dick saw her wet inner lips as the outer ones parted. But rather than start to fuck her, he dropped his head and took a long, slow lick across her shaven snatch. It tasted good. No, not good – great. He licked around her outer lips and between her pussy and anus to stimulate her and taste any of her dripping juice. She was surprised. This was not what Ann expected, but they had not set any rules. Now it was too late. But the surprise was not unwelcome. It felt good to have the smoother tongue of a man on her. She moaned involuntarily in pleasure and this was the signal that Dick had waited for. He ran his hand across her pussy just to feel what it was like again. But this was prime pussy, something he hadn’t had in years. He had forgotten what a young woman felt and tasted like. He used his hands to separate her lips to give him better access to her. He saw her clit pop up out of its sheath, and immediately used his tongue and lips to lick and suck it. It tasted like…heaven! Ann was getting very excited. She had not anticipated this. She bucked her hips up towards his tongue, as Dick dropped his head. He stuck his tongue between her two sets of lips, and licked out the honey that he found there. He put his mouth in full contact with her pussy and sucked and licked her like mad. Ann responded by humping his face, releasing more of her goo. He swallowed it all, and tried to drill deeper into her, to taste areas that had never been tasted. She was moaning in real pleasure now, not thinking about who she was with. He grabbed her thighs and pushed them back over her head. In this position, she was fully exposed. Her cunt was wide open, exposing her soft center to him. He ducked down once more to taste her, feeling her cream as he sucked on her clit then plunged his tongue deep inside. With his tongue still out of his mouth, he slid it up her body to her tits, licking the left one, then the right. She was ready now as he plunged his shaft into her up to the hilt. His balls banged against her anus and he thrust forward like Charger had, trying to drive deep within her to release his sperm. She groaned from the strength of his thrust. Here was a man who hadn’t fucked anyone for a long time, and it might be a long time again before he had the opportunity. She started orgasming and clasped her cunt muscles automatically around Dick’s dick. Not being able to hold back anymore against such a feeling, Dick came hard. Eighteen months of no pussy caused him to pump a large amount of seed into her. Ann once again felt hot rivers of cum shooting out of the tip of a prick, deep within her. But she was disappointed not to be filled with it ‘til her belly hurt, and not to have a knot locking her to her male. Dick groaned with his orgasm, and then lay still on top of Ann. This was something unexpected – but welcome. Sensing he was finished, Ann said, “Okay, get off now. I completed my end of the deal and fucked you.”He reluctantly rose, pulling his dick out of her. “How about cleaning me off?” he ventured.She pushed him over. “Get out of here…we’re done. I didn’t promise you anything other than 10 minutes together. I have a husband, you know…”A bit offended at her sudden change in attitude, he replied, “Yeah, and what would he say…?”Ann looked at him, realizing that she had started that exchange and apologized. “Sorry Dick, I didn’t mean to offend you. But I have to go.”“With Barney” she added tentatively.“Okay, a deal is a deal. Thanks for the great time.”She got up and dressed as Dick stared longingly at her. He dressed himself, too. Striking a slightly different pose he said, “The dogs things are in the kitchen. I’ll get them.” He walked with her into the kitchen and filled a bag with all of Barney’s things. “You be a good dog, Barney” he said with a tear in his eye. I’ll miss you.” Barney licked Dick and Ann felt a little sad.“Well thanks, Dick. And good luck…” she said. She left his house and Dick watched them go. Dick wondered what would make a women fall so in love with a dog in one day, that she would fuck someone to get him. “Oh well”, he thought, “there are all kinds in the world.”Ann left his house and went home, anxiously awaiting Saturday night, and wondering what she would tell Eddie.Chapter 10Friday night came and went, Saturday morning was filled with chores for both Kari and Ann. Kari went to the store to buy food for the evening, trying to think of what the other couple liked to eat. The night was supposed to be an attempt to convince Eddie to buy a dog. Kari didn’t know that Ann already had Barney and wouldn’t be needing another dog. She picked up animal crackers and dog biscuits – a joke that Ann would get but maybe not Ted and Eddie. She finally decided to make a large plate of nachos with cheese, some chip dip and some raw meat for the dog. Kari and Ted set up the house and waited for their friends. At 6:59, the doorbell rang. Kari opened the door, and Ann was standing there, literally hopping up and down from excitement. Eddie was right behind her holding Barney’s leash. Ann must have been successful in borrowing Barney for the night. She let them in, and Barney and Charger sniffed each other and ran towards the family room, playing. Ted shook Eddie’s hand and said, “I see you guys also became dog owners.”“Yes we did,” Ann said excitedly.“Don’t you mean you borrowed Barney for the night?” Kari asked.“No, I mean we’re owners now” Ann replied. “Yes we are” Eddie said. “Ann convinced me that we needed a dog when Dick Wilson decided that he had to get rid of Barney.”“What?” Kari said.“Let’s let our guest come in first, Kari” Ted said. “Let’s go inside and sit down.”They all walked together inside, and Ted and Eddie exchanged looks behind the girls’ backs, as if asking each other what was going on.They sat down in the family room and sat on the couch, while Kari placed the food out and Ted got drinks for everyone. Ann was wearing a cashmere sweater and a skirt, Kari wore leather pants and a cowl neck shirt. Both of them would have looked sexy if someone had seen them in a club. Their husbands were not at all disappointed. After a few minutes, Ann told a story similar to Kari’s story to Ted. Apparently, Dick Wilson was moving and he had to get rid of his dog. Ann had just met Charger at Kari’s house the day before, and thought that she wanted a dog, too. Ted explained the sanitized story that Kari had told him about how she acquired Charger. “Wow, what a coincidence” Eddie said. “I guess it must be fate.” The two women laughed because they knew the real facts. Ann laughed again when she saw the animal crackers. The night progressed and Ted mixed more drinks for them all. Around 10:00, the two couples were pretty wasted. Ann staggered as she got up to go to the bathroom. Kari also couldn’t walk a straight line to the kitchen as she went to get some more ice for her drink.The two men were well lit, and Ted said to Eddie, “I think that Ann is looking really good. You are a lucky man.” “What are you talking about? Kari is a knockout, too.” “Yeah, but she always has to be in control. And, she doesn’t like screwing anymore. You know, once they get their hooks in you…” Ted would not have said that to Eddie if he was sober. Eddie was wasted too, but didn’t know how to answer.Both women came back into the room and they squished themselves between the men on the couch. “What were you guys talking about?” Kari asked.“Oh, you know this and that” Ted answered. “About how you don’t put out…” Eddie added.“What? Ted, did you tell…” Kari began.“No, Eddie’s just drunk. That was the alcohol talking.” Ted said.Eddie reached over and put his arm around Kari. “I would be thrilled…” he began.“Shut up Eddie” Ann said. “What’s the matter, I’m not good enough for you?”“No, baby, you’re the best” Eddie answered.Things were going downhill, so Kari said, “How about we play cards? That would be good right now.”The other three looked at each other and shook their heads in agreement. “Okay” they all agreed. Kari went into the kitchen and got a deck of cards. They all joined her sitting around the table. Ted said, “It was your idea Kari, what should we play?”“How about poker?” she asked them all.“Strip poker” Ann amended.“Strip poker it is, baby” Eddie agreed. Ted looked at Kari and she nodded in agreement. “Okay then….”She dealt the cards and Ted got them more drinks. The room was spinning for Kari and Ann. Somehow, Kari dealt the cards. Neither she nor Ann could even see what was in their hands, and Eddie told Kari she had lost the hand. Okay, what are you taking off?” Ann asked her. Rather than starting with her shoes, she pulled her shirt over her head. “My shirt” she answered after she had taken it off. The men liked this and the women were too drunk to notice anything amiss. Fortunately, she was wearing a bra. The next hand was also lost by Kari. She unbuttoned her pants and took off her shoes and pants. She was already in her panties and bra after the second hand. To make the game more interesting, Ted and Eddie had Ann lose the next two hands. She took off her sweater and instead of removing her skirt, she pulled off her panties underneath her skirt, leaving the skirt on. “What do you think, boys?” she asked, hoping to excite them. She was having that effect on them. Eddie and Ted didn’t know if this would turn into an orgy, but neither one objected. “Hey, how come neither of you have lost yet?” Kari asked the two men drunkenly.“It’s only been four hands” Ted answered, “and I guess we’re good players.”On the next hand Kari lost again, and with no reservations, removed her bra. Her large tits fell out, happy to be freed. “Kari!” Ann exclaimed, “you just took off your bra!”“I know” Kari answered. “I just had to show these guys that my tits are better than yours!”“Ohhh…” Ann said, feigning an insult. “Mine are better anyway.” And with that, she took off her bra and let her breasts out. Both men were speechless and Kari asked, “Okay, who’s are nicer?”The men couldn’t honestly answer since they couldn’t offend their wives and both sets of tits were equally beautiful. Not hearing an answer, Ann whipped off her skirt. She was now completely naked and very beautiful. “Now who’s better?” she asked triumphantly. Not to be outdone, Kari removed her panties and both women laughed as their men sat there speechless. Neither women could be said to be better, and both were extraordinarily beautiful. The men just stared.Finally, Eddie said, “Now I wouldn’t mind a piece of either one of you!”Ted said, “This is the best party I ever threw!” Everyone looked at each other and laughed. After a brief pause, where no one was sure where to go from here, Eddie said, “Okay, let’s keep playing.”Kari replied, “I’m in…um, but what comes off next?”“Let’s draw a card from the deck. If it’s higher than a seven, I’ll take off my shirt. If it’s lower…Ann, you kiss Kari!” Eddie said. Ted couldn’t believe his ears when Ann said okay. Kari looked at Ann and rolled her eyes, saying, “Ann!” squealing excitedly. “Don’t worry Kari, I feel and eight coming on” Ann said, referring to the card she thought Eddie would pull from the deck. She had cleaned up the cards after the last hand and thought she remembered the last card she picked up and placed on the top. But instead of drawing a card from the top, Eddie pulled one out of the middle. He turned it over. It was an ace. “Ace is low!” Eddie yelled triumphantly. “No, ace is high!” his wife answered. “Let’s let Ted decide” Eddie offered. “It is his house…”They all looked at Ted. “Um…well…an ace is both high and low!” Ted decided. “Eddie, take off your shirt, ladies…kiss.”Eddie started unbuttoning his shirt, but the two men were watching the women. Drunkenly, Ann grabbed Kari and tried to comically bend her over for a kiss as a man would. But she lost her balance and the fell into the table. “Are you okay?” Ted and Eddie asked the women at the same time. “Ow” Kari said, rubbing her neck, “I guess we’re okay.” Ann started laughing since she thought this was hilarious. “You know, maybe we should go into the family room” Ted offered. “It’s safer in there!”They all laughed and went into the other room. The two women forgot for the moment how naked they were, and the men were not going to remind them. Ted loved how Kari looked, but he was really turned on by Ann. Now that the women were not covering themselves up out of modesty, Ted enjoyed occasionally looking at Ann’s bald pussy. He noticed that Kari didn’t have much hair down there either. She had slightly smaller tits, but her nipples rose up higher on them than on Kari’s. Her ass was a little rounder than Kari’s, and a nice handful for any man.Eddie was also thrilled with the way Kari looked. Her jugs were bigger and rounder than Ann’s, and had no sag and beautiful nipples. Her trim, tight waist curved out gently to hips that were also slightly larger than Ann’s. But she had no fat or sag or cellulite on her. He thought about how nice a ride might feel between those hips…“Okay, now how about that kiss?” Eddie asked, once they were all standing in the family room.The two women looked at each other and tentatively embraced, then kissed. And it was the kind of kiss that Ted and Eddie had been waiting for. It was deep, searching and open-mouthed. As their bodies touched, their breasts pressed together, stimulating their nipples. Kari initiated the kiss, feeling good and drunk from the alcohol. Ann responded passionately, slipping her tongue inside of Kari’s mouth, exploring her tongue. What seemed like a long kiss was actually only ten seconds. But it turned Eddie and Ted on tremendously. With the women in this drunken state, what wouldn’t they do?Trying to keep this moving in the right direction, Ted said, “Okay, let’s draw another card. This time, if it’s less than an eight, Eddie and I both have to undress – it’s only fair, but if its higher, Kari – you two have to kiss again, but also lick each other’s tits.” He knew it was a dangerous proposal, but he had to find out.“I’ve never done that before, Ted!” she answered, slurring her words. Even though she hadn’t sipped a drink for ten minutes, the alcohol was affecting her more. All she knew was that she was dizzy and feeling good. “But okay” she added.If they had to remove their clothes, he didn’t know what would happen, Eddie thought. He already had a raging hardon and was okay with seeing how this went. Who knew, he might get lucky and get some variety he thought, looking at Kari.Ted pulled a six from the deck. He and Eddie looked at each other and slowly undressed. “Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Ann hooted. “Come on boys!”“Now we’re even!” Kari chimed in. She looked at Eddie, down to his boxers, and saw an unmistakable tent inside. “Eddie, that’s a pretty impressive magic trick” she said. “Making your boxers rise without using your hands!” She thought that this was also hilarious and she and Ann laughed. “You’re not too bad of a magician yourself, Ted” Ann added, looking at his enlarged briefs. Kari turned to look and saw a wet spot on the front of Ted’s underwear. At the same time, the two men dropped their shorts, and now four naked people stood in the family room. The dogs had been quiet until they saw their two nude bitches. They had been standing off to the side, unnoticed. The tips of their rods were showing and wet with precum. They knew that when these women were bare, that it was time.No one was looking at the dogs, and Eddie said, “Okay, last draw of the cards. If I pull an eight or lower…” And here he hesitated because what he was about to propose was a total risk. He was either about to have the best time of his life, or go home with a huge case of blue balls. “…then we have to do oral on you ladies” he continued. “If I pull a higher card…then you have to suck us off.” There, I said it, Eddie thought. Here goes the gamble…Ann and Kari looked at each other. Even though they were happy and drunk, this was unexpected. Ann thought that they would all get dressed and then she and Eddie would go home and have the best sex of their life. Well, of his life she thought. She had already had Barney and Charger. The two women looked at each other and Kari said, “Okay Eddie, except that you have to let Ann do Ted.”“Does that mean that I do you?” he asked. She hadn’t thought about it that far…”Alright” she agreed, “pull the card.”It was another ace.“What does that mean?” Ted asked.“I guess you do me then I do you” Ann replied. After all, they weren’t going to fuck…Boldly, Ted walked over to Ann and kissed her gently on the lips. He let his hand wander down over her smooth hips to cup her ass. He began to lay her down on the carpet, when Kari said, “I have to put down a blanket Ted. So you’re comfortable.” She quickly grabbed a blanket that was folded up on a corner table, and spread it on the floor. Ted lay Ann down, and began kissing down her body. “Hey Ted, you’re supposed to eat me, not make love to me!” Ann giggled.“Well, since you do me next, I just want to set the precedent!” he answered. He kissed her firm belly, rubbing his hands where he could. He rubbed her outer thighs, hips and ass, working his mouth down to her soft pussy. He gently separated her legs, and her pussy opened for him. “Ooohhh” Ann moaned, as he began to kiss her outer lips. Moisture was forming between them, and Ann realized that this was the second man in two days that she was having sex with, and neither was Eddie. But she didn’t care. Ever since those dogs corrupted her, she only wanted to give in to the pleasure.Eddie had walked over to Kari, bent slightly, and immediately began lifting and rubbing and feeling her breasts. They were delightfully soft, and he placed his mouth on her nipple, sucking gently. Eddie’s hands were larger than Ted’s, and felt good. It was getting her hot, and she pressed her lower body against his, feeling something hot between her legs. She realized alarmingly, that it was the shaft of his penis, and they never agreed to intercourse. But the feeling of it against her, caused her juices to start flowing, allowing her pussy lips to slide around his shaft. If Eddie just bent his knees, the head of his prick would be inside of her and she would not be able to resist. Kari kept feeling Eddie’s cock shaft pressing between her pussy lips and knew that she had to feel it inside of her pussy. She stood up on her tippy toes and before Eddie could say or do anything, she grabbed his shaft and pushed the head of his cock inside her pussy. This wasn’t what they had agreed to, but in her current state she knew that she had to be satisfied. Once his cock was inside of her, she went back to standing flat on her feet. Eddie felt the heat on his cock as Kari’s pussy slowly enveloped it. Now he was about half way inside of her, and he knew now that he had to complete what she started. He crouched slightly, disregarding Ted who was busy with his wife, and Ann herself, who just finished getting her pussy licked and was now going down on Ted. He stood now, fully inserting his manhood into Kari, who gasped when she felt the hot poker spreading her pussy lips and reaching deep inside of her. Eddie picked her up by the hips, and Kari hopped up onto his hips, and wrapped her legs tightly around him. She leaned back a little, allowing her nipples to rub against Eddie’s chest as he thrust into her in this standing position. Each thrust caused her nipples to rub against his chest again, and both of them enjoyed the feeling. Eddie felt her cunt lips ride completely down his shaft, a hot, warm box of pleasure. Each time she moved up, her pussy lips held tightly to his shaft, stroking him with her muscles. This was so exciting for both of them, they could not hold back. Eddie slammed Kari’s hips down now with each stroke, causing her to see stars and orgasm. She came and flooded his prick with her juices. Now Eddie’s knees grew weak as his orgasm started. He pumped his cum deep into Kari, grunting with the exertion and his pleasure. So intense was their fucking, that Ann and Ted stopped a second to watch them a moment. Eddie’s cum shot into Kari’s cunt, filling her fallopian tubes with his sperm. His orgasm became so intense that his knees finally gave out and they collapsed onto the floor, Eddie falling on his back while Kari still rode his cock, attempting to get everything from him. He finally pulled her off of him, but she was not completely satisfied. Despite the cum dripping from her pussy, she got on her knees over Eddie, meaning to clean him off and prime him for another fuck.Ted had meanwhile, forced Ann’s head back to look at his aching prick. Whatever his wife and Eddie had, he wanted, too. Right now he was concentrating on driving his cock down Ann’s throat. After handling Barney, this was nothing. Ann knew she could thrill him by taking his cock completely down her throat. She sucked hard after each stroke, drinking down his precum which flowed from his prick. Ted felt the softness at the back of her throat and it drove him wild. He took Ann’s head and forced it completely down on his cock with each stroke. Not a problem for Ann who had handled bigger. She got up on her knees to suck Ted better, and now she and Kari were in identical positions next to one another. The two dogs saw the upraised asses of their bitches as a signal. The smell of the women’s sex was strong in the air. Their instincts told them what to do. Quickly, Barney walked behind Ann and jumped on her back to mount her. Charger did the same to Kari. The two men were stuck on their back having their cocks sucked, but wanted to warn the women. Neither one of them, however, said a word, waiting to see what would happen. The women, up to this point were feeling the need for cock inside of them. Ann hadn’t had any, and although she liked the licking she got from Ted, that was only foreplay for her. Kari had been fucked good by Eddie, but she still needed something more between her legs.The dogs were now very comfortable with their bitches and knew just what to do. Charger jumped up onto Kari’s back and immediately began thrusting. To Eddie’s surprise he saw her ass driving backwards towards the dog. He was having his cock sucked though, and starting to feel as if he were ready for round two with his wife’s friend. Kari knew she had to get her ass high into the air for Charger, and she did her best. She reached between her legs and felt for his cock. Grabbing it, she pulled the dog and his cock closer to her and placed the cock head between her pussy lips. Charger responded by driving forward and moving his back legs closer to her. He clenched Kari tightly about the waist and drove his cock in deep, lifting her off of Eddie. “Oh my God!” Eddie said, but it had all happened so fast, he couldn’t believe it. Kari concentrated on going back down on Eddie’s cock, and placed her head back down in his lap. He stopped talking.Barney had also found Ann’s wet twat, and as he drove his cock into her, expanding her slot in pleasure, he felt as if he had put it in an oven. Ann had not been fucked yet, and her pussy was basically begging for it, quickly eating up the shaft that slid inside of her. Ann pushed back hard, capturing Barney’s knot which immediately inflated when it felt her cunt muscles close down behind it. She pulled hard forward, locking herself on him, her fury causing him to yelp. Satisfied that he was now inside of her, she dipped her head down and furiously sucked off Ted’s cock. He couldn’t hold back anymore and when he thrust in again against the back of Ann’s throat, his cock began jerking and Ann prepared for a volley of cum. Barney began humping his bitch, now experienced with her. She felt the furry sheath that had covered his cock brush up against her pussy with each thrust. It only drove her more crazy. Ted moaned as he came, forcing Ann’s head completely down on him, forcing all his cum down her throat. All of the excitement caused him to blow out stream after stream into Ann. Since she felt Barney pull her up with his front paws clenched around her hips, she raised her head and was rewarded with several volleys of Ted’s cum across her face. She grabbed his cock to finish him off, so horny that she needed something in her mouth to pacify her. Charger’s knot had also found its way inside Kari, and the two dogs began to pump their cum into their bitches. Unknowingly, Ann had already been fertilized by Charger, but Barney’s cock had no way of knowing that. The women felt the semen and sperm shooting into them, filling their wombs to capacity, their ovaries overexcited and turning out eggs in response. Cum was leaking around their pussies, drool and cum dripping from their mouths, as Kari and Ann completed their journey into being fuck objects, something for a male to use, a pleasure toy for two species. The men were fucked and sucked sober, and they watched in total excitement as their wives were fucked senseless by these dogs. The women hadn’t complained at all, which amazed Ted. The dogs, now finished, remained still on their bitches’ backs. Ted and Eddie went around to try and pull them off of their wives, but all that happened was that they stimulated the dogs’ knots, which locked them tighter together. “Hey, this dog is stuck in my wife!” Eddie said. “Mine too” chimed in Ted.“Just…just leave them alone” Kari said. “They will come out when they are finished.”Ted noticed the size of Charger’s shaft inside his wife. He saw the back of the knot which forced Kari’s legs apart, but didn’t know what he was looking at. “My God! That dog is tremendous!” he exclaimed.Eddie bent over his wife and the dog locked inside of her. He rubbed the back of the shaft and the dog’s balls. This caused Barney to release more cum into Ann. “Hey, what are you doing back there! This dog just shot some more cum and got harder inside of me!” “Just seeing what we had” Eddied responded.The two men got dressed while their wives remained locked up with their animal partners. After a while, Barney pulled out of Ann, followed by a river of cum, and then Charger pulled out of Kari, followed by an even bigger river. The two women fell over and fell asleep in pools of cum. They had cum dripping from their mouths and pussies. Ted and Eddie sat on the couch admiring the women and the whole night of wild sex. Eddie turned to Ted and said, “You know, we have to be the luckiest men alive right now.”“What do you mean?” Ted asked.“Well, we just got finished licking, fucking and getting head from two very beautiful women, who seem okay with wife-swapping, lesbianism and dog fucking. They won’t be able to resist any suggestion now. Tomorrow is Sunday, we have all day together if we want because it’s the weekend. And we have a lot of weekends ahead of us. What could be better?”The End (for now)
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