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As I mentioned in my last letter I would follow up with the story of my first encounter with my male dog. As I said he was a rott / shephard mix. I always was really intimadated by him. He was very strong and forceful. After having fun with my female dog licking me to heaven it was making me have strong urges for taking the dog thing further. On a very cold day the weather forecasters were saying to bring all animals inside. So I did just that so I had to let our outside dogs into the house. I had to keep the male dogs seperated so one came to the upstairs and the other stayed in the basement. Then I would alternate them from time to time. So when the kids went off to school I went about my daily routine which included letting my female dog lick my pussy until she made me cum. So on this day I was int he house alone once again and I was in the bathroom naked and she was there with me licking away. Rock came in to see what was going on (or maybe he was smelling my scent). He came over to see what she was doing to me and at first I was sorts scared because I did not know what he would do. He then pushed her out of the way and he started licking and wow his tounge was MUCH bigger the=an hers. My clit was getting rock hard. I moved to the bedroom and laid back on my bed and let him continue what he was doing. Then he started trying to hump my leg. And I thought to myself "Could he really fuck me"? I looked down and could see him sticking out. I reached down to see what he would do if I touched it. It was all sticky and stuff was coming out of it already. So I dropped to my knees and seen what he would do. I the mean time my female dog came over and looked at me as though I just gave away her job. She tried licking my tits because she was used to jelly being on them. So my nipples were hard my pussy was dripping wet and I wanted to get fucked. Not knowing about his paws he jumped up on my back and was trying to get it in.Our first few times were akward but when he had to go backoutside I was very disappointed that he had to go back outside. So one day I just had to see how good it was going to get. I went out to get him and bring him in and we did our usall and he actully made it all the way in and stayed in for a good while and then IT happened. He was hitting it so deep and I was feeling so good that all the slamming and pounding he was doing started hurting. I tried to scoot away a little and he growled at me. And as I have said before I was afraid of him. He slammed several times REALLY REALLY hard and I felt this huge gush of pain. And then I had this feeling of my pussy being overwhelmed. I did not know what tieing was. I felt this gush of cum that he let out in my pussy. And then he tried to get off of me. And it would not come out and it hurt so bad. So I laid on the floor and he laid on top of my back. And after about 30 mins it finally slipped out. There is more to the story and I will write is soon.
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