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hi fellow zoos. i got a job at a local aquarium where they train marine animals to do tricks and stuff. its like a sea world but smaller. this was about a year ago that i took this job. i had never been attracted to marine life (or any animals at that). after a few months i a got closer and closer to the animals. i began thinking about doing stuff with them but i wasnt sure. finally one day i was feeding scrappy the walrus when he rubbed his back against me. i was so turned on i got an erection instantly. i went into the back where the animals live and i began with some gentle foreplay (rubbing him, kissing, etc...). eventually we both got really hot and and had intercourse. it was the best (and only) sex i had ever had. i let him climb on my back and get into me. he weighed a lot but it was worth it. i dont know what it is but there is something about the pacific walrus and other mammals from the odobenidae species. perhaps it is because of all of the blubber that they have. i have always been a fat man and i feel that i can relate to walruses better than humans. since then we have enjoyed a healthy relationship with scrappy. he have intercourse at least twice a week. i feel that me and scrappy have made a better couple than most human couples. i have often had some fantasies about inserting his tusks into my anus. any suggestions from anyone that has had a relationship with an northern pacific marine mammals?thanks, btw, it is great to find a website for fellow zoos like me. i hope that one day our love will be recognized as valid like any heterosexual relationship.
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