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Ok so I'm a jealous husband. Karen and I lived together for 2 years before getting married. While we were living together, she started having sex with Rufus, my male English sheepdog. Unknown to me, Rufus had been showing a sexual interest in Karen for several weeks. Finally Karen came to me and told me how she felt Rufus wanted to have sex with her. Although surprised by this revelation, I was also intrigued. She said Rufus was constantly following her around the apartment with a fully erect penis, and was always trying to mount her. Karen also expressed curiosity, so we decided to see what Rufus really wanted. However he showed no interest in sex. So I thought she was just fooling around, but she seemed genuinely perplexed by his behavior. However the very next evening, she told me Rufus again approached her for sex. She said this time she let him have her and they had full intercourse. However when she again tried to initiate it in front of me, Rufus again showed no interest. I then realized that my presence was inhibiting his behavior. He seemed to want to approach her, but would always look at me and then back away. Clearly Rufus saw me as the alpha male and was reluctant to act in my presence. For the next several days, Karen admitted to having sex with him during the day. However each time she tried to do it in front of me, Rufus simply wouldn't cooperate. I even tried lifting him onto her, but he would always quickly jump off and lay down on the floor while giving me his paw. So I was quite disappointed in not being able to witness them having sex. For the next few weeks, Karen admitted to having sex with him almost everyday. Initially I wasn't upset by it. Karen was my woman, and Rufus was my dog and I loved them both very much. However I soon realized that our own sex life became affected. Karen was getting worn out from her daily mating sessions, and Rufus was clearly satisfying her sexual needs quite well. Also, Rufus then lost his inhibitions towards me and started initiating sex with Karen right in front of me. I then learned just how sexually submissive Karen was towards Rufus. She never refused his advances. Didn't matter when or where Rufus wanted it, Karen always just let him have her. I now found myself getting annoyed by Karen's inability to refuse his sexual advances. One night we were in bed watching TV. Karen went to the kitchen to get us a few snacks. She was taking a long time to return, so I went to see what was keeping her. I was then surprised to see Rufus humping Karen right there on the kitchen floor. By this time, Rufus was completely exhausted so I only watched for about 3 min before Rufus dismounted. I realized that I was quite annoyed at finding Karen like that on her hands and knees in a dark kitchen with Rufus bang her. When I asked her to explain herself, she just pointed to Rufus who was still lying exhausted on the kitchen floor and just exclaimed, "Rufus". It was her way of telling me that Rufus had approached her in the kitchen, and Karen gave in as usual. One evening we were sitting at the kitchen table eating diner. Rufus comes right in and goes under the table. He then stood up and places his front paws up onto her chair, knocking the table backwards. I immediately jumped up and scolded him for his actions. Karen tried to push him down, however he just rested his upper body on her and began licking her face. I then pulled him off her and ushered him out of the kitchen. However he quickly turns back and again puts his paws up onto her chair. She pushes him off, but he goes right back and again rests his upper body on her. I again tried to usher him out, but he again turns around and went right back to Karen. However she was now standing, so Rufus lifts himself up onto his hind legs and places his front paws up onto her shoulders, knocking her backwards slightly against the counter top. I yell for him to get down, but he takes no notice of my command. Karen pushes him down and I scold him again for his behavior. However Karen then says something that upset me more than Rufus. She says, "I think I should just give him what he wants, he'll come down afterwards." I then watched in amazement as she took Rufus into the guest room and closed the door behind her. Now this really bothered me. I didn't like the way she rewarded his aggressive behavior. I realized that things were out of control. Yet I really couldn't blame either of them. Rufus was just acting on his natural desire to mate, and Karen clearly enjoyed having sex with him. Initially I was curious about it, and wanted to watch. However my feeling had now changed. Not only was my personal sex life suffering, but Rufus was now sexually dominating Karen. I told her if having sex with Rufus was going to effect her ability to have sex with me, then there would be a problem. I also tried to explain to her that it wasn't necessary to give in every time Rufus approached her. She understood my concerns and agreed to have sex with Rufus less often. She also promised to do a better job rejecting his advances. However I was still seeing signs that told me that nothing had changed. Karen acknowledged this to me when I confronted her about it. So I finally had to tell Karen I wanted her to stop with Rufus. Karen understood my feelings and admitted to being much too sexually active with Rufus. However she explained to me just how much she enjoyed doing it with Rufus. She admitted to being addicted to the sex. She explained how Rufus always brought her to orgasm when mating. She also said that Rufus was insatiable and was always looking for more. She wasn't working at the time, so she had lots of time to be alone with him. It was then I decided to try and train Rufus better. I told Karen to stop having sex during the day. In return, they could do it once or twice a week at night. This way Rufus and Karen could still be active, and Karen wouldn't be as worn out and could then have more sex with me. By rejecting his advances and only allowing him to hump Karen on certain nights in a certain room, Rufus could be better controlled. Luckily things worked out well and we ended up getting married. Karen is still having sex with Rufus, and our own sex life is still very good. Rufus no longer sexually dominates Karen, and no longer harasses her for sex. Thanks This post has been edited by Eagleclaw on Feb 26 2005, 05:45 AM
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