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Before you read on I would like to warn you that this story is not completely true, It is a mixture of fantasy and real life experience. I have published this under stories and would like to apologize if it really should have been published under fantasies. Also I would like to apologize for any spelling and grammar errors; English is not first language.I am 34 years old, unmarried and with out children. By nature I am very insecure, always feeling nervous and fidgety around strangers, especially around men, I am almost certain that this lack of self-confidence is at the heart of why I have never had a lasting relationship and not many brief ones either.My last relationship with a man lies years back, nowadays, I am happy and content living alone, certain that my neighbours consider me a lonely, queer spinster. I moved to this rather nice suburban neighbourhood some eight years ago, following a tragic accident, where my parents died. I have long since overcome grief, and can thank my parents for being an independent woman.I donít have to work in order to support myself, but choose to have a part time job, in order to keep my self active, and to have at least that much of company with the human world. When I moved here, I am certain that some of my neighbours feared that I would steal away their husbands, being a lonely woman and all. Over the years I have realized that I am not as unattractive as I believed myself to be in my teenage years, accounting for the wives initial distrust. Eventually they have learned that I prefer the company of a good book, to that of their husbands, but the initial suspicions has always left me isolated in the neighbourhood.This story really started almost a year ago, when my next door neighbours, decided to get a dog. The are, like most in the community, charitable people, so instead of going out and buying a new pure breed puppy, they went to what amounts to the local RSPCA, and got them selves the cutest dog I have ever seen, part German Shepard and a mix of some other I really cannot recognize. It was love at first sight, well not the kind of love talked about here, not at first; that followed later, but love none the less.My Tom and Jenny decided to call him Percival, and I was immediately taken in by him. He was so friendly, so full of life and joy; his eyes have a special glow you cannot help but love. Initially Tom apologized whenever he raced from their garden into mine, where he would jump up in joy, wanting to be petted and scratched. I am rather small and slender, and on a number of occasions, he would overbear me with his weight, making me fall flat on the lawn. I didnít mind, I was completely taken in by his loveable nature, but Tom would scold him when ever he saw this, and I would feel sorry for Percival, even a little chastized my self.Tom and Jenny are what I consider workaholics, I felt sorry for Percival that he would have to spend more that 10 hours a day, waiting in the small dog pen. I offered to take Percival for a walk, every day at noon time, when I came back from work.Over the next couple of months Percival and I grew closer and closer, and the walks became longer and longer. At that point I never thought of having sex with him or any dog for that matter, I didnít even think of him as a sexual being, just as a dear, very dear, friend. But that was soon to change. Not that I have never had thoughts of people and animals having sex, one of my most effective sexual fantasies involves a stallion. When masturbating, this fantasy is almost certain to help me reach an orgasm, but other than that sex between people and animals had never entered my mind.Then one afternoon, I noticed that the gate to Percivalís pen was open, I immediately left my house in search of Percival. I wandered around in the streets, calling his name, asking strangers if they had seen him etc. Eventually I found him, coupling with a female dog, she was obviously in heat. Both were panting, standing tail to tail, being tied together by their organs, and obviously having a good time.Discovering that Percival was ok, my fear immediately turned into relief, but was followed by the sudden realization the Percival was a sexual creature, today I think I must have been very naÔve, but at that time I was surprised.More than a little embarrassed, I waited until Percival could get unstuck, and guided him home.Internally I was in turmoil, angry and myself and feeling guilty for not closing the gate properly, and an additional odd emotion I really could not identify. At home at night, I couldnít fall asleep, I lay there wondering, how I felt, and why I felt what I did, and realized that I was jealous of the bitch whose company Percival had so thoroughly enjoyed. Having finally identified and accepted my emotions, I decided to take a shower, before falling a sleep. In the shower I sometimes masturbate, using the stream of hot water to massage my clitoris, but this night, the thoughts of the stallion was replaced by visions of Percival and the bitch, and I was quickly rewarded by an orgasm.I doubt I have ever masturbated as frequently as I did in the following weeks, each time I was fantasying of Percival and the bitch, and even at times, Percival and I. At the same time I was slowly realizing that I was falling in love with Percival, my emotions were not as they used to, but rather the way I would feel towards a human being. I started to seek out his company, wanting to be with him for a longer and longer time. I was a little astonished that it was possible to love an animal like that; I felt guilt and shame over my increasingly sexual interest in Percival.Over the next coming months, we became more and more physical, I would scratch and pet Percival all the time, and he would in turn give me all his love and attention, licking my face, and just be a real friendly dog, we would tumble on the lawn, or just quietly doze close to each other. Over the same period I would come to realize that Percival was indeed a sexual creature, and not only that, but a male creature at that, and that I was falling more and more in love with him.My touching and scratching started involve his private parts, and on several occasions did his member start to grow, but every time I backed down. Intercorse was a border I was not ready to cross. But eventually in a mix of desire, love and to some extent loneliness I decided that I simply had to live out the fantasies, I enjoyed so much in the shower.One day, with butterflies in my stomach, and a buzzing sensation in my head, that almost made me faint, I cut our usual afternoon walk short, and brought Percival home and into my bedroom. I undressed in front of him. A touch to my crotch confirmed that I was more than ready for him, all that needed now was to make him ready for me.I started petting him all over, being as gentle as I possible could, when I touched his penis, eventually it did start to grow. But somehow he failed to be interested, and when he finally did try to mount me, it was only a few half-hearted attempts. He would hump a few times, never really hitting the right spot, and then he would loose interest, and I had to spend some more minutes getting him interested in mounting me. Eventually all the failed attempts made me grow cold and I realized that I was doing something wrong and that I had to get help, if I was ever to become Percivalís bitch.The following evenings I searched the internet, and discovered that I was not the only one with a deep desire to pleasure a dog. I downloaded movies, stories and guides. The stories provided me with inspiration on ways to vary my fantasy of me being with Percival, the movies confirmed that I was not alone in having a difficult time getting a dog to mount me, the guides gave some hints at how I could change things, and gradually teach Percival what I wanted him to do.Armed with new confidence, a blanket, a pillow and a jar of peanut butter, I decided to repeat the experiment, until I either knew that Percival was not interested in me; or I had learned how to make love to him.This time, fully knowing what I was doing, I again brought Percival to my bedroom; I laid my self flat out on the blanket, spread my legs, and applied some peanut butter near my clitoris and under the outer lips to my vagina. At first I stroked him on the flanks, and got him to lick my crotch, the feeling of his rough tongue on my clitoris was a little too much, when I saw that he continued to lick, although all the peanut butter had gone, I started to feel giddy with joy, this would be the day, where Percival and I would tie the love bond we shared.I turned over, on all fours, wriggled by rear and looked back over my shoulder at Percival. Almost immediately I could feel his wet but rough tongue on and inside my love lips again, I didnít want to, but I knew that I had to tease him. Like a good bitch, I had to pretend that I was not that easy. I crawled a few feet forwards, wriggled my rear again, he would lick me some more, try to mount me, and I would crawl a few steps again. Percival grew more and more eager, and eventually I simply could not stand waiting any longer. This was what I had been hoping for all these many months, all my sexual energies and thoughts had been focussed on this moment.After a few misses, Percival finally hit the exact right spot, I could feel him enter me, slide up, inside me, at a surprising speed, and at that instance, filled with the realization that I was finally his bitch, I had my first orgasm. I have never had an orgasm during intercourse before, and was too surprised at feeling the contractions, and buzzing feelings spreading up into my tummy and out into my body, to stay upright. My arms collapsed, and I could feel my nipples and face being rubbed back and forth on the blanket under the furious motions of Percival, his penis was deep inside me.In spite of this he never lost his grip on me, the feeling his penis, the pain of his claws digging into my side, and the joy of finally being taken as his bitch, and knowing that I did something immoral and depraved, combined into one powerful emotion, I was his for the taking, and what a strong lover he was, he was strong and overwhelmingly powerful, he held me in an iron vice, used me, and I could hear by his panting, how pleasing I was to him.I have no real recollection from this point and until at sometime, Percival stood with his rear to me, and dragged me across the floor, just as he had dragged that bitch, some months back. I could feel and see the juices on my inner thighs, but did not know if they were his or mine, and I didnít care.I felt as if Percival had taken possession of me, and I knew that I had finally met the one true love of my life.
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