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Even couples with very healthy sex lives get bored sometimes. It is when this happens that some of the most erotic fantasies can be discovered and become reality. This was the case with my wife Susan and I, for the details read on...My wife and I have historically enjoyed an extremely active sex life always experimenting with role-playing, toys, and other partners, but for some reason this no longer was enough for me. My wife on the otherhand thought that it could not get better for her. We had argued over my dissatifaction many times, and no matter how many times this happened she wouldn't compromise. That was until our last anniversary, when I introduced my trump card.I had come up with an idea the year before, as a way to spic things up, that on our anniversary we should act out one of our deepest fantasies. Last year had been my wife's turn but her fantasy, which involved me as a submissive as well as a rather gargantuan dildo, did not quite suit my tastes. I cooperated purely so that this year, I could have it my way.Susan is 46 years old, brunette, fair skinned, and in astonishingly good shape with magnificent 34D breasts, and due to the commitment I had showed the year prior she was obligated to fulfill my every desire and she new it. My fantasy involved a friend's 135lb black labrador retriever named John accompanied by a few less crucial items. The twist was that I had decided to keep Susan in the dark until showtime. What sparked the idea was when I had gone over to my friend Danny's house where I discovered this gorgeous creature. I had visited this forum many times before then and was intrigued by the thought of my wife whom I loved so much getting pounded relentlessly by a dog. While I was at Danny's house, these ideas flooding my head, I had noticed the unusual amount of affection John showed his wife which led me to believe that if dog had never had a woman before he would be willing to. Then the final puzzle piece fell into place he had asked me over to see if Susan and I could look after John for the weekend of our anniversary. I of course willingly accepted.With our anniversary only four days away I spent the rest of that afternoon hammering out all of the finer points. The only thing that I was worried about was how to get the dog in the house and give her no hint as to what was really going on until John walked through the door. As far as Susan was concerned all I had in store for her was a passionate night of lovemaking as I had demanded that she have all of her pubic hair waxed clean and that she wear some lingerie that I bought for her. Perhaps she suspected a dildo or other unnecessary device. I had something better.Our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year so the majority of it was consumed by work, but I would make what time we had worth it. I arrived home first as to prepare for the show. I had picked up John on my way home and he was sniffing around the house hopefully getting very comfortable. It was only an hour before Susan was to get home so I put John in a large kennel in our bedroom closet, not worrying about him making noise since Danny said he was quiet. Then waited by the door for my lover to get home. The minute Susan walked in the door I had forced her to strip down to only the red lingerie I had bought her. After that I had led her to the bedroom where I ordered her to handcuff herself while I locked us in and went to the closet. Once inside I'd realized that if I spoke to John my wife would probably think I was addressing a man. I put some protective mittens on his front paws and slipped back out of the closet. She asked me where I had met this guy, a smirk on her face, I didn't answer but just opened the closet door. I watched as that smug expression had been replaced with one of shock and horror just like I wanted. I knew that Susan didn't approve of beastiality but now she was trapped in our bedroom with a horny dog hell-bent on mounting her. Her scent floated throughout the room and obviously was enough to get John's blood pumping.He bounded over to her but managed only one lick before she jumped off the bed trying to avoid him. She asked me why I would do this to her, but I just reminded her of what I had done. She refused again but I knew somewhere in her she wanted it. That belief and pure lust boiled over in my head as I saw only one option left. Using the silk rope we always have in our bedroom I tied her to the bed forcing her legs wide open. Now I pushed John over to the bed where he eagerly began to indulge in my wife. I crawled on top of her and though she was acting like she wanted to kill me she readily accepted my cock into her mouth. I could hear her moaning in ecstasy as John's tongue worked around her panties she reached her first orgasm only seconds before I forced my cum down her throat. I dismounted from Susan and noticed that John's cock had been unsheathed. I led him onto the bed where I used his cock to fill my beloved wife's mouth. Whether she would admit it or not she was loving this. The large amounts of lubrication she was making showed her joy. As John began to hump Susan's mouth with a bit too much, as I wanted to save him for her pussy, I forced him off of her. She gasped for air but afte her breath was caught I asked her if I needed to keep her tied up or not. She finally submitted to my desires and presented herself to John properly. My wife's pussy hung in the air for only moments before John was there to try to knot her. It hit me then that my fantasy would undoubtedly come true, I watched as the labrador's cock forced its way into my lover, causing Susan to reach what was probably her fifth orgasm. John's cock slowly inched its way deeper and deeper into my wife with each new thrust. The dogs giant red tool seemed to be tearing my wife apart stretching her farther and farther until his knot came in contact with her, but instead of trying to save her i stepped forward putting one hand on Susan's butt and one on the dog forcing them together allowing my wife to be knotted. It was now that my wife began what she described as the most violent and wonderful orgasm of her life. I heard Susan scream, watched as massive amounts of dog cum were pumped into her causing her abdomen to swell with sperm until it spuirted and leaked from her battered pussy. Susan was in a different world for the 35 minutes John had her knotted for until his knot popped out of her allowing gobs of dog cum to cascade from her pussy. Now the urge to make love to my wife was stronger than ever but when I approached her she was too exhausted for anything else and fell flat on the bed ending my fantasy.The next day I explained to her that that had been the sexiest thing I'd ever witnessed, to which she now confessed she wanted to experiment more with dogs. After having my erotic fantasy become reality I am convinced that our sex life will not bore either of us ever again.
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