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I woke up lying next to Lesa on the couch and looked around and saw Casey sleeping in the corner on his blanket. He looked worn out after our little episode last night. I could not get the vision out of my mind. The way things had turned around from an innocent dinner to a wild sex act between all three of us. The amazing feeling of her sweet shaved and soft pussy lips in my mouth and the sensation of my tongue slipping under her panties and sliding inside her warm wet pussy. I remembered how sweet she tasted as I drove my tongue as deep as I could inside her and wiggled it back and forth before moving out and sucking on her puffy lips and feeling her clit get stiff in my mouth knowing that she was loving it. I loved the way Lesa moved her hips in rhythm when I sucked on her and the way she moaned when I slid both hands under her sexy ass and grabbed her cheeks and drove my tongue inside her!! I remembered how wet Lesa was and the taste of her sweet pussy juice that I eagerly swallowed and let run down my throat as fast as it was f lowing out her pussy. I fell in love with her taste and the thought of having her sweet juices inside me after swallowing it was a warm comforting feeling and gave us this special bonding.Then of course the big surprise of the night when Casey came over the same time Lesa was sucking on my cock with amazing talent and I was totally into her. I remember how curious he was and how I gave him a taste of Lesa. I don’t blame him for going wild and franticly lapping the soft folds of her pussy lips his long tongue starting from the very bottom of her vagina and lapping all the way up and flipping across her clit that stood erect just begging for more. I could tell he loved her sweet pussy juice just like me and saw how his big long tongue pushed her lips apart and occasionally slipped inside her crack in search of more honey and find the source of where it was all coming from.I cant forget the sight of how shocked Lesa was when she saw what was really going on down between her legs and how she was very cool about it all!!!The sight of how Lesa let him stand between her legs knowing well that he was crazy about her and how she just let him hump his pink slippery cock against the inside of her thigh and let him squirt large amounts of his warm slippery pre cum up her thigh and wet her panties and pussy that was open from her own excitement. I knew some of his pre cum had entered her and could see how wet and slippery her pussy was. I knew she could feel his pre cum tickle her as it spurted like crazy up her thigh and inside her spread pussy. The sight of his pink tip finally rubbing against her lips and poking all around hitting her clit and around her lips not finding her entrance as yet!!! I remember feeling jealous!! I was after all a male and I was competing with Casey now on the mating rights over her. It was a natural process of nature for the males to fight over the females and impregnate them with their seed first. I was having those strong feelings for Lesa now! I wanted to be first I wanted my cum to spurt inside her pussy first and mix with her sweet fluids and swim deep inside her. Lesa was in full heat now and her very strong mating instincts had taken over her ability to think clear now her strong sexual desires and her strong desire to receive the male organ inside her was growing stronger by the minute. The strong desires she had now were clear as she pushed her knees far apart and her pussy opened like a flower and her entrance was wide open and her swollen fat lips were a sign that she was as ready as she could be now!! I don’t think she cared much at this point who got there first now all her instincts were telling her now was “I am ready to be fucked” “I want it now” I tried to push Casey aside now my cock was rock hard and throbbing like crazy for her sweet pussy. Casey growled at me and clamped his paws around her waist and with amazing luck hit his mark and slipped his pink cock inside her. “Oh My God his cock is inside me” “Aha God his cock is inside me” She rolled her head back and bit her own lips licking them as Casey’s cock slid to the bottom of her vagina.When the warmth and wetness of her vagina clamped around his cock he knew he was inside her and that is when his intense strong animal sexual drive kicked inn and with pure raw animal lust he started to fuck his pink cock into her pussy with amazing speed. Her pussy lips had forced his sheath back exposing his whole cock now and it slammed deep inside her hitting her bottom as his pink slippery tool made a loud “sloshing sound as his pre cum and her own juices met in the wildest fuck her pussy had ever experienced. Lesa was lifting her hips to meet his thrusts into her to try help him get as much of his cock inside her as possible his knot slipping past her lips rubbing against her clit giving her pleasures like only a dog cock can give a woman. Lesa was on fire she was been fucked silly by Casey. He was like an unstoppable machine with his cock pounding her pussy with amazing speed and force. He had slipped his knot passed her sweet lips now and his cock started swelling thick inside her pushing against the inner walls of her pussy and giving her the feeling been totally stuffed with cock. His huge knot now swollen thick inside her pussy pressing against her g-spot and sending her into a series of small trembles. This amazing warm feeling spread through her pussy and she realized what was happening. “Aha my God he is shooting his cum in my pussy” “Oh my God his cum is warm and spurting all inside my pussy” “Aha yes Casey fill my pussy with your hot cum” “please don’t stop” “Give me all your doggie cum please” Lesa bucked and arched her hips and then shook like a rag doll under Casey!!! She screamed out loud as the most amazing orgasm shook her back and forth her pussy relaxing then clamping hard around his cock as the waves of her orgasms rippled through her. Her pussy lips clamping hard around his knot and huge cock embedded inside her pussy. She was not going to let go of that lovely cock until he had emptied every single drop of his cum inside her pussy. Her hungry pussy wanted all she could milk from his huge balls with enormous amounts of cum compared to a man.Never had she cum so hard and felt such a thick cock inside her and never had her sweet little pussy been filled to the max with warm cum like now.Even better His cock was firmly embedded and stuck inside her pussy and not going anywhere for a while so she could feel his stiff cock and all his cum that he had store in those huge balls for a long time. Lesa felt this amazing bonding with Casey now as they stayed tied together after their intense lovemaking. She was glad and felt proud that she was his first. Never had his sweet cum gushed into any female before and she got to receive it all in her pussy and now deep in her womb surrounding her fertile egg that started its long journey down her tubes. She found that to be a very comforting thought even though his sperm could not get her pregnant she loved the idea of his sperm trying real hard to attach to her fertile egg that she had offered him his first fuck ever.They had something very special together now as they remained stuck together and his cock kept squirting cum inside her pussy. There was this bond that nobody could get between them!! They would always have this experience and nobody could ever take that from them!! I was jealous in a way!! I had really wanted to be first, but after watching Lesa going through this amazing act of love and raw animal lust I knew I could not compete against that!!! Maybe in a different way, but not like that!!!The memories from last night had me all worked up as I watched Lesa fast asleep on my couch stark naked. She looked real cute sleeping there. I could not help looking at her as she slept I gently leant over her and kissed her on the lips. She had one leg on the couch and the other was hanging over the edge and her sweet shaved pussy was exposed. I could not help myself and gently leant over and very gently ran the very tip of my tongue from the bottom of her slit and slowly up her crack and hitting her soft clit at the top. In doing so I must have parted her lips enough and saw some sweet cum from last night combined with all her sweet juices trickle out the bottom of her crack. It was a milky gray color and a combination of doggie cum and my cum and her own sweet honey. I let most of it trickle out of her and gently slipped my tongue sideways along her crack and slid it slowly inside her pussy! I could not hold back I was in love with her sweet pussy and slowly started to fuck her gently with my tongue while she slept.She moaned a few times in her sleep as my tongue started getting braver now and started twirling around her clit and I stopped in between to close my lips around her clit and apply a gentle suction on it!! I could feel her pussy reacting and the blood started flowing to her lips making them all puffy again and her clit was standing attention as I twirled my tongue around it in small circles. When I slipped my middle finger inside her she opened her eyes and saw me! She smiled at me and raised her head up and sat up.“Oh My look what you have done to my little pussy” “It is all slippery and juicy again” She took my hand and got up and walked me to my bedroom at the end of the hall. “Come Casey” she said as we walked by him. He raised his head and realized what was going on. There was no mistake he could already smell the excitement and her aroused sexual state right now. We all walked into my bedroom and she locked the door behind us. She took my hand and led me to my bed and whispered in my ear. “This time I want you inside me first” Those words sent the blood flowing down to my cock and it got thicker and thicker as I sat there. She leaned over and our lips met and we started kissing each other gently on the lips then the very tips of our tongues met and soon our tongues were dancing with each other’s as we kissed passionately. Her soft hand found my cock and gently started stroking it up and down the same time our tongues made love to each other.Soon I had a raging hard on and Lesa climbed on top of me facing me and slowly guided the tip of my penis to her entrance and slowly slid down my cock. The feeling of her warm wet pussy sliding down my shaft until I could feel her cervix opening and the bottom of her vagina was amazing. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and pulled deep inside her. She started grinding her hips on top of me and rocking back and forth as we kissed the same time. We picked up the pace now and we were holding each other tightly with our arms as the sweat from our heat ran down our backs. We were both approaching an orgasm at the same time and it started rippling through me first and as the first wave of my cum shot up inside her pussy she followed with small trembles that turned into hard Jolts as she rode me hard through her orgasm my cum mixing with her fluids first this time and since we were not wearing protection there was always the chance my sperm would find home! We did not care and if it should happen we would have our lovechild!I rolled over onto my back and turned her around so that she was on all four on top of me my face in her pussy and my cock in reach of her mouth in a perfect 69. My cum and her sweet juices combined started to trickle slowly out her pussy so I put my tongue there and slowly pushed it all back inside her where I wanted it. Lesa could not wait and called Casey. He jumped up on the bed and looked all excited.“Could you help him take me true doggie style” “Sure I will help you my love”It did not take long before he found her pussy and started licking her cum soaked pussy.He was amazing and did not waste any time. He quickly positioned himself behind her and wrapped his two strong front paws around her waist and immediately started humping his hips. I had a close up view since I was under her and my face was right under her pussy. The pink tip of his penis peeked out its sheath and the clear pre cum started trickling out again. This time I grabbed his sheath with my hand and guided the pink tip to meet her soft ready lips. I let the slippery pink tip circle her clit that was growing by the second in great anticipation of what was to come next!! It was almost like she turned into a wild animal herself!! The same reaction she was getting and the same strong raw animal lust feelings she had last night! These feelings were different for him than they were with me!! I realized that he turned on those deep hidden primitive feelings she had buried deep in her unconscious mind dating back to the days we were animals ourselves. I could almost see her pussy lips spread by themselves and her pink entrance was wide open. She was so horny and excited at the same time she was shivering like a dog herself. Of course I was extremely turned on by seen her responding to Casey in this way!!It was Raw it was wild and she could not help these new found feelings she had for a beast having his way with her!! She could not help the strong sexual feelings she had she wanted him really bad now her pussy was thick and swollen and her clit was stiff. Her female parts were ready to receive his lovely pink cock again. Her pussy remembering the treatment it got the night before and the best fuck of her lifetime!“Please help his cock inside me please” She was trembling so bad now that I realized it was almost like an addiction for his dog cock!!!I gripped his cock firmly and guided the tip past her soft puffy pussy lips and almost like a live pussy it clamped around his shaft inviting his lovely pink tool inside her! Again when he felt her warmth he started off like crazy again fucking Lesa so wild and intense that she could only keep her mouth wide open as she moaned out loud “Oh Fuck Oh Yea” “OH please don’t stop doggie” “Fuck me hard doggie” “Oh Yes Yes” Again his pink cock fucked in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer my cum and his pre cum and her juices splashing all over the place as he fucked her like the beast he wasI played with her breasts and twirled her nipples between my fingers as Casey and Lesa made love to each other ! It almost seemed like they were meant for each other the way they fucked so well. Lesa was going wild with Casey on her back with his strong paws wrapped around her waist holding her there firmly!“Oho Casey slip that knot inside my pussy” “I want your whole cock in my pussy Casey” After a few hard thrusts his knot finally slipped passed her sweet lips and lodged inside her pussy! That was all he needed the feeling of her pussy lips clamped around his knot and the chain reaction started and his cock started the swell thick and fill her pussy until it was stuffed with cock and the knot locking then together in the most intense love making position ever!!! She was his prisoner now and it could last up to 30 min I was right under her and had the perfect view and could clearly see his huge balls twitching and shortly after hear her moaning again!!! “Oho God he is shooting his cum inside my pussy ” I pulled my self up and closed my lips around her swollen clit and started sucking on her the same time his cock was twitching wild inside her pussy and spurting large amounts of doggie cum in stream after stream warming her pussy and belly with his precious sperm. Lesa could not hold back anymore and exploded under me into what seemed like a very violent orgasm her whole body shivering out of control as he kept spurting his cum inside her and my lips were wrapped around her clit!!! Her pussy was contracting so much that some of the cum inside her was splashing all over the place and all over my chest. She came so hard that his knot plopped out of her and their cum just poured out of her pussy in large amounts! I managed to get out the way, but my sheets were drenched. Her pussy was so swollen and stretched that a horse cock would easy slip inside her. We kissed each other and cleaned up and went back to the living room. We all passed out again and slept like babies!!!!! Enjoy
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