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I have a collie named jenna, yes its a she... but i wish real bad that one of these days when i get out of the shower she would take interst in me. something other than the look of "oh your done huh" i dont alwayse wear clothes simply because i live alone... and im usually the one to go to somebody's house. But this is how i would like it to roll out one day.I wake up early. wearing nothing I walk down the hall and adjust the thermostat, it feels cool in here i say. then i walk downstairs to turn on the television. then jenna hopps down the stairs and curls up next to me. "Morning girl" i say with a smile. jenna begins sniffing. her eyes meet with my cock and gives it a lick. giggling "that taste good" i ask and jenna almost nodds and begins licking tennativly getting me hard "what are you up to jenna?" my cock now hard as can be. jenna continues licking. Oh my gawd im gunna come Jenna im gunna come! as my hot cum shoots on to her muzzle she licks the rest off of my cock and spins around in front of me. she is wet. she lifts her tail and backs up to me... i get onto my nees and slowly press my cock to her wetness. so warm... then i slowly push my cock deep inside her as she lets out a low groan. in and out... in and out... i push and pull my hardness in and out of her as she lets out small groan noises. a few more minuits of this and i feel here pussy contract then shudder and i shoot my hot cum inside her at the same time... i lay on the floor my nees aching from this. and jenna lays beside me wiht my cum trickling from her. good girl jenna good girl. how does that sound?everything accurate? im new at this whole thing.
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