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My Dog BusterIt was summer vacation and both of my parents worked,so it was the perfect time to have a little fun. I'm19 right now, just out of my first year of college andhave a week before work starts. I'm also about 150pounds and 5' 9" just to give you an idea of what Ilook like, with green eyes and highlighted dark hair,kept fairly short. I've always loved dogs but I neverreally got into them sexually until I was about 18. Inoticed these huge balls hanging down on my dogBuster, a beautiful white collie with a brown patchover his right eye, one day and I couldn't keep myeyes off of them, I just needed to suck on thosedangling prizes. So, when neither of my parents wasaround I locked us in his kennel and played aroundwith him for a while until he rolled over to let mescratch his stomach. I began at his chest and slowly,sensually, moved down his stomach while gently grazinghis sheath. While one hand played with his stomach,which wasn't horribly necessary as he was, and stillis, a very docile dog, my other began playing with hisballs. Buster loved it! He began panting as my handcaressed his heavy, hanging balls. I couldn't take itany more, so I moved my head slowly down to hisscrotum and smelled that wonderful dog smell, and thenbegan lightly licking my prizes, first one, and thenthe other. Next I took one into my mouth and sucked onit slowly, letting Buster get used to the feeling. Iknew I had to be very gentle, so I only sucked on oneof my prizes into my mouth at a time, that and I doubtI could have gotten both in at once. I sucked on hisballs for about a half hour, and after coming up for abit I noticed his red doggie cock poking out of hissheath. I had never seen his penis before and thisfind intrigued me. I began massaging his sheath gentlyas more of his cock slowly exposed itself. I touchedthe slimy exterior with my fingertips and then broughtthem to my mouth. The silvery sweetness was somethingI had never experienced before... and I needed more ofit! I knelt down and licked his penis from the sheathto the tip, and even used my tongue to play with thetip, which Buster seemed to love. But as I began tosuck his cock into my mouth he stood up on all fourssuddenly. I suppose the new feeling was a bit much forhim, but I needed more of his amazing cock! I got inunder his stomach and helped him back up a little bitso that now his cock was directly above my mouth. Ireached up and took it into my mouth and Buster didn'tmove at all. I took his cock in my mouth all the wayto the sheath and back out again. In and out, in andout until even more of his amazing red cock wasexposed. I held his sheath with one hand while Isteadied myself with the other. As I sucked, I noticeda large bulge in his sheath that appeared to want tocome out. Who was I to disappoint this amazing animal?I continued to suck harder and harder until finallyhis knot popped out of his sheath and into my mouth. Ihad about 8 inches of beautiful doggy cock in my mouthwanted more! Suddenly I felt something run down mythroat as Buster started cumming in my mouth. I lovedthe salty sweet, very watery liquid so I pulled out upto the tip so it would hit my mouth directly, and Icould savor the taste of Buster's semen. I let it fillmy mouth and run down my cheeks and chest, it all feltso amazing. After drinking all of his cum, I myselfwas now rock hard and needed to get off. Buster waslaying down again cleaning himself... and once I droppedmy pants and took my shirt off he came over andstarted licking. Returning my favor he began lickingmy cock and balls, as I set in front of his body withhis head lying in my lap. My 6-inch penis loved theattention he gave, but what I loved more was thefeeling of his tongue as it licked below my balls tomy ass. I lifted my legs up in order to provide himwith better access and he started licking my asshole,a feat I still love today. That got me off immediatelyas I began spurting cum on my stomach and down mystill hard cock. After this occurred Buster moved backand began licking my ultra sensitive penis and mystomach, cleaning me of my cum. I held him their nextto me tightly and French-kissed his mouth some afterhe licked up my cum. It was amazing, and certainlywasn't the last time I did anything like that.Take today for instance or more accurately, take twohours ago. It's summer vacation again and I couldn'twait to see Buster, now 5 years older, but still assexy and beautiful as ever. Both of my parents stillwork and are at work today. We live in a new home nowand I find it easier to just call Buster into ourgarage if I want to have some fun with him. I get upat about 9 in the morning and put on some runningpants, no boxers, and a t-shirt. I run outside togreet Buster and lead him into the garage. He knowswhat's coming because we've done it so many timesbefore and he can sense my hard on, which he alsostarts nuzzling with his snout. Once in the garage hesits down and I stand in front of him and strip off myshirt quickly, but take off my pants slower, in astrip tease. I show him my cock whereupon he gets upas if to lick it, but I put it back in my pants beforehe can, then I turn around and show him my bubblebutt, which I let him lick... all over. I pull my pantsthe rest of the way off and get down on all fours asBuster shoves his tongue in and out of my ass. My cockis instantly as hard as it has ever been... I can barelytake the penetration without cumming bucket loads!!! Iturn over and let him lick my cock and balls for awhile, his sand papery tongue feeling it's way up anddown my pulsing 6 inch cock and lavishing my ballswith doggie drool... I'm in heaven. I want some of whathe's got, though. I coax him around so that my layingbody is under his standing body, and my face is rightbeneath his growing cock and sheath. I start tomasturbate Buster as he licks my cock and balls allover, in our rough 69 position. As his penis continuesto grow I start to lick it all over, like he is doingto me. I can't take it any more and I envelope hiscock to the sheath and let it grow in my mouth, as Istill continue to masturbate him. His precum tastesamazing! I love it only a little more than hisdelicious doggie cum. I stop masturbating him and movemy hand to his hind legs and stroke them, using myother hand to support myself and continue to suck himoff. My other hand strokes his tail and the fur on hisass and finds his tight, puckered hole. I feel aroundit and press on it lightly, which makes Buster lick mycock even harder and faster! I scoot back a littlebit, making sure Buster stays in his place and move mymouth up to his hot, puckered asshole and lick it,this after lavishing his balls with my saliva on theway up. I lick around and into his delicious hole thesmell of dog surrounding me all the while. Mmmmm... ittastes so amazing, but Buster is getting impatient soI lower myself back under his throbbing cock and startsucking him off again. I can barely take any more ofhis licking at my cock... I can't stop it as a geyser ofcum explodes out of my rock hard cock!!! I gush bucketloads of cum onto Buster's snout and myself. At thesame time he starts to cum in my mouth. I drink someof it down and pull out so the rest of his cum poursout on my head and down my smooth chest. Now comes thefun part. As Buster's orgasm subsides he startslicking all of my cum off of him and me both. But assoon as he smells his own cum he starts licking up mychest and around my nipples, in my armpits, whereverhe finds his cum, and of course all over my face andneck. We are both warn out and lay down on theconcrete garage floor intertwined in each other'sbodies until I muster the strength to get up andescort Buster back outside. Hopefully this will happenagain soon.
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