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ENJOY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tarzan: What You Most Believe InBy Argent-AJMy first story received some positive feedback, so I spent part of thelast week daydreaming at work about what other ideas might lurk inDisney's Tarzan. Several, actually. The movie didn't give thesupporting cast a lot of screen time, and at least I think Terk andTantor deserved more character development. But the result turned out abit ... strange. I do not believe I just wrote this. :-)I hereby place this work in the public domain.********"Ah, Terk, I've never seen him so happy."Tarzan bounded past Tantor and Terk, a bunch of flowers in one hand. Hedidn't even seem to notice that Terk was sitting, carefully balanced, onone of Tantor's tusks.Tantor didn't understand what Tarzan saw in the three strangers who hadbeen camped near the coast for the last few weeks. Everything about them- the odd items they surrounded themselves with, the strange skins theywore - made him nervous; he didn't like the unknown. But if Tarzan washappy, he was happy."Eh, I give it a week."Terk, on the other hand, _did_ have a pretty good idea what Tarzan saw inthe strangers - in one of them, in particular. Terk didn't knew whatthey were, but she could tell that the thin one with the long mane, theone Tarzan identified with the strange sound "Jane" - what kind of a namewas that? - was female.It wasn't fair! She had always assumed that Tarzan would be her life-mate when they were accepted by the troupe as adults, one day soon. OK,he was one freaky-looking gorilla, but they had been all but inseparablesince they were children. And now, this... whatever the heck she was...had so entranced Tarzan that he was defying Kerchak and stealing offearly every morning to see her."Aren't you happy for him, Terk?" Tantor's question snapped Terk out ofher reverie."Yeah, I'm happy for him," she grumbled. "But what does he see in her?What could possibly be more interesting than me... I mean us?""I think you're jealous..." Tantor hummed."Me? Jealous?" Terk answered defensively - and too quickly. "Don't beridiculous. Of what?""Of that other ape he keeps going to see.""What, the short pudgy one?"Tantor glared at Terk, who was still inches away, perched on his tusk.Unlike Terk - who was loath to ever admit her feelings to anyone - Tantordidn't like to play emotional games. "I think you know who I mean," hegrumbled.Terk sighed, and jumped off of Tantor's ivory. She paced back and fortha couple of times in front of him, then suddenly halted and looked backat up with him. "It isn't fair, Tantor! I've known him practicallyforever. OK, I've been a pest to him sometimes, but I'm his best friend.How can he do this to me?"Tantor hadn't expected this. He had known Terk a long time, but they hadnever spent much time together without Tarzan also being around. Infact, the only time he could remember was when they had gone looking forTarzan a few weeks earlier - and as an elephant, he was supposed to havean excellent memory.But elephants weren't the best at thinking things through; he hadn'trealized how vulnerable Terk had become. He hadn't meant to upset her.Tantor slowly kneeled down, and lay on his stomach; he was still a lotbigger than his gorilla friend, but now his eyes were almost level withhers. He gently curled his trunk around her shoulders.Terk clasped his trunk with one hand, like a security blanket. "I mean,it's not even like I can be angry of that ... 'Jane.' I looked into hereyes when we were at their camp - she doesn't have a corrupt bone in herbody. But I just know she's going to take him away to ... to whereverthey come from. I could tell Kerchak, but I don't want Tarzan to beunhappy. I... I just don't know what I want..."By the end, Terk was sniffing and sitting on the forest floor. Tantorkept quiet, and let her use his trunk to dry her tears, even if he didn'tthink that was very sanitary. When she seemed to have settled down, hequietly replied: "Tarzan's your friend. You know nothing's going tochange that."Terk sighed. "I know that. But I always hoped we would be more. Maybeif I hadn't always been so bossy with him... Maybe it would have beendifferent."Tantor smiled. "If you hadn't been so bossy, Tarzan would never havejumped into the middle a herd of elephants to get you a tail-hair, and wenever would have met." Terk smiled a bit. Tantor stroked her back withhis trunk."You can't change who you are, Terk. Tarzan knows you're not likeKerchak. But you can't change who he is, either. He wants to know whatthe strangers are, and why they look like him. I still think he might besome sub-species of elephant...""In one way, at least," Terk added, cracking a grin at her private joke."Hmmm?" Tantor replied, curling his trunk into a question mark."Never mind, big guy. Thanks for cheering me up." Terk stood up on herhind legs and stretched out her arms, as if waking from a nap. "Notthat I needed it," she added. Again a bit too quickly."Of course, Terk," he replied with a smile. Terk certainly couldn't stopbeing Terk, but if she was happy, he was happy.Terk watched Tantor's trunk sway as he answered, as if she was seeing itfor the first time. Tantor could tell that not only was she back toherself, but that she was also thinking up some sort of scheme, judgingby the glint in her eyes."Um, Terk, you're not thinking of following him, are you?""What? No, of course not. If he wants that hairless 'Jane,' he can haveher. I have a better idea.""What's that?" Tantor doubted Terk completely meant what she said, buthe also was curious - nervous, really - about what _else_ she might bescheming.Terk didn't answer, but kept watching Tantor's trunk swing in the breeze.Because he was still resting on his stomach, it wasn't hard for her toreach out and touch it with her hands."Um, Terk, what are you doing?" Tantor was used to picking up thingswith his trunk, not having someone else grab onto it. Still, it wasn't abad feeling."Shhh. If Tarzan's too busy to remember his friends, we'll just havesome fun without him." Terk gently wrapped her hands around Tantor'strunk, and began lightly running them up and down along it. The skin wasrather rough, but it wasn't hard to slide her hands over the textureTantor didn't seem to object, although she could tell by his breathingand slight shivering that he didn't know quite what to make of thesensation.After a moment or two, Tantor seemed to accept what she was doing. Heclosed his eyes and rolled onto one side, which made it easier for Terkto stoke along the full length of his trunk. As she slowly massaged itslength, Terk began to appreciate just how _big_ an elephant was. Sure,she had ridden on his back, but then she had only been thinking about hisheight, not his mass.Still, even if this was not the easiest - or the safest - idea she hadever had, she wasn't going to turn away from a challenge.Having reached the point where Tantor's trunk joined the bulk of hishead, Terk began to caress her way back to its tip, at a faster pace.When she reached the end, she sat down on the ground in front of it,still holding it between her palms.Tantor opened one eye to watch her, wondering what she would possibly donext. The feel of her hands had turned out to be wonderful - no elephantcould do anything like that! - but he still couldn't envision what thiswas leading up to.He didn't wonder for long. As he quietly watched, Terk slid her handsaround his trunk a few inches down from the tip, and slowly began to moveit across her chest. Tantor could still breathe through his mouth, so itwasn't suffocating, but it did tickle, as the fine hairs of her chest furbrushed over his nostrils. Tantor stared in amazement, as she guided theend of his trunk down... and down... until the edge was right above theentrance to her vulva. She wouldn't - would she?Terk paused, smiled at Tantor - she suspected he had been watching - andbegan to lean back to position herself against his trunk."Terk, what are you _doing_?" Tantor meant for his words to be loud andintimidating, but they didn't come out that way. More like an anxiouswhisper. He hadn't even tried to move his trunk away from her gentlegrip."I'm having some fun. Don't worry. I'll make sure that you have sometoo before we're through."Tantor wasn't so sure about this. He had never been intimate withanother elephant before, much less another species. And he was _very_sure that the juices he could already feel lubricating the end of histrunk were full of bacteria. Still, it didn't hurt, and it certainly wasmaking Terk happy.And between his legs, well out of Terk's sight, he could feel that thethought of - somehow - making love to his little friend, was beginning toexcite him.Meanwhile, Terk slowly rubbed the tip of Tantor's trunk around the outeredges of her cunt lips, which by now were swollen and peeking out frombeneath her gray fur. He was certainly large - bigger than the secretTarzan kept under that breechcloth of his, or any other ape she had everseen. But he was also flexible - and as she manipulated him around herintimate places, Terk could feel a rush of warm air when he exhaled, asensation that she never could have with a penis!After a few moments of teasing, Terk decided it was time to completetheir union. She lay on her back and lifted her hips. With one hand shecompressed the tip of Tantor's proboscis and directed it towards hercunt. It was difficult to make it fit - because it was flexible, it washard to keep in place. But Tantor seemed content to watch her work; hewas breathing through his mouth and didn't seem to mind. Terk bit-by-bitworked him inside of her, sometimes twisting his trunk side to side,which sent little shockwaves through her.And then she realized she had filled herself with him. She paused for amoment, to get used to the unusual feelings inside her and catch herbreath. Unless a male's penis, which hardly changed size, she could feelTantor's trunk expanding and contracting against her vagina's walls, ashe breathed in and out through his mouth. But it was strange to watchhim at the same time - the changes inside her weren't quite in sync withhis breathing, probably because his trunk was so long.Tantor twitched his trunk slightly. Terk's strange use of his trunkdidn't really hurt, but the pressure and heat inside of her were ticklinghim, just like her fur. When he squeezed his trunk in and out inresponse, though, he saw Terk take a sharp intake of air, and felt herbuck her hips. "Are you all right, Terk?""That was amazing, Tantor," she said breathlessly. "Do that again!"Tantor flexed his trunk slightly, and saw Terk buck in response. Heslowly began to contract and release his trunk, trying to keep rhythmwith Terk's responses, but letting her take the lead. He didn't knowenough about gorillas to know how best to please her - but he was alsosure that no other elephant did either.With Tantor stretching her in ways she had never before imagined, Terkfelt her orgasm building swiftly within her. But to her surprise, shefound that her vagina was now lubricated enough that she could easilyslide Tantor's snake-like digit in and out of her, if she used one handto guide it. After a few test strokes, in one quick motion she rotatedherself around it. Now that she was on her knees, Tantor's trunk rubbedagainst her butt with each stroke. And it was easy for her to rub herclitoris with the hand guiding Tantor in and out of her cunt.After only a few more thrusts, Terk could feel the final fire beginningto burn in her belly, and let it quickly envelop her. As she clasped theouter lips of her vulva with her fingers, she felt the inner walls of hervagina begin to contract, and with a husky cry of "Tantor, YES!" herknees buckled. Terk collapsed to the ground panting heavily, stillintimately attached to her elephant friend.Tantor waited a moment, and then withdrew his trunk, with a "pop." Heexhaled through it a couple of times to make sure that it wasn't cloggedby ... he didn't want to think about it too hard. But when he inhaled,his sinuses were filled with a musky smell that he had never encounteredbefore. He liked it. Its influence quickly spread to his groin wherehis penis, already partially erect, began to reach its full four-footlength. Noticing that Terk's breathing had almost returned to normal, hecurled his trunk around her, and lifted Terk and turned her around sothat they were looking into each others eyes. "Whoa there, give a girl some warning!""Sorry. I wanted to make sure you were all right.""I'm very much all right, thanks to you." She leaned forward, and gavehim a small kiss on the forehead. From her vantage point, Terk could nowsee between Tantor's legs, and noticed his erection, almost as long asshe was tall. "And I guess you'd like me to make things all right foryou!""Um, I don't want to hurt you. It's all fun and games until someone getscrushed." Tantor put Terk back down on the ground, and shook a few lastdrops of Terk's juices off the tip of his trunk. "Or suffocated.""Not to worry. I know how to take care of myself. Roll over on yourback.""My back?" That was an unusual position for an elephant - and certainlynot the proper one for mating."Trust me," Terk answered, with her usual all-knowing smile. Tantorstill looked apprehensive. Terk scratched behind his ear a couple oftimes, and whispered earnestly "You trust me, right?" Tantor turned hishead to look at her. Her eyes were like deep pools. This wasn'tsomething she wanted to do as a lark, or to get back at Tarzan. Terkloved him, in a way, like she loved Tarzan - she would just never admitit. Tantor slowly nodded, and rolled all the way over.Terk clambered up Tantor's side, onto his stomach. It was like sittingon top of a large rock or mound - except that it was alive; she rose andfell along with each nervous breath that Tantor took. Terk also saw thatshe was not alone; just like his trunk, Tantor's manhood was even moreimpressive when seen up close. It was a cylinder as thick as herforearm, already slick and shiny, with a sheath covering the bottom thirdor so. He didn't have any visible testicles; Terk figured that they mustbe on the inside for elephants. She wondered how big they were, and howmuch cum they held.Terk settled down in front of the tip of Tantor's cock, and held itbetween her hands, just like she had for his trunk. But she now had tostretch the tips of her fingers to get them all the way around his width."What are you going to do, Terk?""Shhh. Don't be nervous. This monster of yours is too big to put insideme, but there's another way."Terk began to stroke her hands as far as she could reach up and down thelength of Tantor's penis. Already wet, the head began to leak pre-cum,which she scooped as fast as its oozed out and spread along his shaftwith each caress. Before long, Tantor's full length was glinting in thesunlight.Terk paused and admired her handiwork. Then she slid her body under themassive penis, so that it was lying across her chest, just as she waslying on Tantor's. It was a perfect fit; she could feel the folds of hissheath rubbing against her vulva, even while the underside of the tip waspositioned right over her mouth. She wrapped both her front and rearlegs around the shaft, and began to use her whole body to pleasure herfriend, stroking him with her whole body.Quickly, Tantor began to thrust in response to her ministrations. Terkcould feel his whole body jerk with little spasms, which also stimulatedher own juices, as the root of his penis pushed against her lower lips.With each thrust, she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside ofthe tip of his cock. A steady stream of fluid began to run out of him,matting down the crest of hair on her head. "See there, big fella - Itold ya' you would enjoy this."Tantor responded with an incoherent grunt. His body told him that thiswas all wrong; he should be mounting her from behind, standing on hisrear legs. But he knew that would be impossible. Still, it took all ofhis self-control to stop himself from rolling over onto her. Her fur wasso soft, and her grip so tight; he was shaking, not out of nervousnessthis time, but out of ecstasy.Guessing that Tantor was close to his climax, Terk decided to try oneslightly mischievous experiment. Letting go of his penis with one of herhands, she felt around the tip of his cock until she found his piss-hole.As she continued to use her body to masturbate him, she worked a fingerinside of him. At this, Tantor began to pant heavily, and buck his hips,as if she had found the trigger to the torrent building inside of him.Terk wondered if the sensation of the wet, soft tissue pressing againsther finger was anything like that of what Tantor felt when he had histrunk in her pussy.But she didn't have much time to wonder. Underneath her body, she felthidden tubes and sacs begin to pulse. She heard Tantor say "Um, Terk,I'm going to..." before he again became incoherent, and loudly trumpetedthe moment of his release. His sperm finished their long journey, andjetted out of his penis. Quickly withdrawing her finger from the dike,Terk felt splash after splash land on her face, and run down onto herchest and his stomach. The pulses also massaged her own vulva, and asshe ground her body into him to squeeze out every drop, Terk reached asmall orgasm of her own.After a few spurts, the volume and force of Tantor's ejaculationdeclined, until only a small dribble remained. Terk remained still andquiet for a moment, letting Tantor enjoy the privacy of his orgasm, as hehad done for her. But before she could say anything, or begin climb offof his stomach, he slowly began to role onto his side, sending herrolling off of him with a shout."AhhhhGLUB!!!" Terk yelled, as she not only rolled off of Tantor onto theground, but ended up with a faceful of the last his cum and her juicesthat had pooled on his stomach."Hey, that's a swell way to show your appreciation to a girl!"Tantor seemed to shrink in Terk's eyes, even if he now towered over her."Sorry. I know I'm an elephant, but I don't always remember how big I amthese days.""You can say that again," Terk replied, slapping him on one of his legs."Tell ya what, ya' can make it up to me by using that amazing trunk ofyours to give me a shower at the lake.""So how do you feel now?" Tantor asked, as he trotted beside her towardsthe falls."Eh, maybe I could get used to having another hairless wonder around, ifTarzan could convince her to stay. I wonder what sort of games I couldplay with her?"Tantor halted. "Terk!" He wasn't sure what games she meant, but eitherway..."All right, all right. I'll do whatever it takes to keep Tarzan happy,because he's my friend. Are you happy?""I am, because you are."Terk looked up at her friend, smiled, and silently gave one of his legs ahug.The End
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