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I'm a 35 yr old MWF. I've been involved with K9 sex for the last 5 years. My husband knew about this before we were married, and has supported me with this during our mariage. We all have stories that begin with "You'll never believe what happened to me." Also, truth is often stranger than fiction, so please keep this in mind while you read my story. I was introduced to K9 in a very unexpected and bizare way. I was 26 years old and working for a health care company. The company provided home day care to the eldery and/or infirm. Amoung other things, I was responsible for checking up on clients, and addressing any problems or complaints they might have. Employees not showing up, stealing and/or mistreating the clients were not uncommon. One of our clients told me his daycare worker was having sex with his dog. I've also dealt with many false accusations, so I really didn't beleive him. I had spoken with the woman several times and thought she was a nice caring person. However after talking to him about it, I finally got the impression he really believed this. So I had to take this seriously. When a complaint was deemed serious. survailence would be set up in the clients residence to catch the offending action.So I was shocked when the video confirmed his accusation. The video showed the woman bringing the dog into the living room. After calmy removing her cloths, she simply got down on all fours and let the dog mount her. You could here her moaning and screaming while the dog humper her. She was obviously unconcerned about being detected. Armed with this evidence, I confronted her about it. She couldn't deny it, so she came clean about it. I actually liked the woman, so I didn't feel any animosity towrds her. However I told her that I'd have to report this and submit the tape as evidence. Although she expressed some conncern over this, I was struck by her cavalier attitude towards the whole thing. However this changed when I informed her that she could be charged with animal cruelty. In the end neither the company nor the client pressed any charges, and she was simply fired. However I found myself fasninatesd by the whole thing. I actually held the tape for a few days and must have watched it a few dozen times alone in my apartment before turning it over. This woman obviously enjoyed having sex with the dog, and the dog seemed to be equally into it. I was struck by the sounds of his dog chain rattling mixed together with the sound of thew dogs loud panting. The tape caused quite a stir back at the office too. Most of the men simply joked about it, while the women expressed their distain about the whole thing. However I was pleasantly surprised when one woman smiled through out and said "Wow" several times as she watched. She and I actually talked about it privately later, and said she also found the tape to be quite erotic. I could hardly beleive that I was actually discussing beastiality with another woman at work. I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw on the tape, and began thinking about it while masturbating. Afterwards it became a constant theme in my fantasies. When I got access to the internet and I found many pictues and video clips about bestiality. This only fueled my curiosity and interest. Finally at the age of 30, I saw a home made sign advertising the availablilty of free black lab puppies. I didn't hesitate and immediately called the number on the sign. After talking to the owners, I was allowed to take one away with me. I obviously took one of the males. I knew nothing about training a male dog for sex, so I had to play it by ear. However while he was a puppy, I couldn't envision myself ever having a sexual relationship with him. So I decided to forget the whole thing. However as he matured, I started getting more attacted to him sexually. Once he fully matured, I realized that I definately wanted to have sex with him. I started by simply touching and caressing his sheath. Although I had never touched him sexually before now, I was able to get his cock to become fully erect while handling him. Seeing this, I just got down on my hands and knees in front of him. However apart from a few seconds of seeming interest, he didn't attempt to mount me. So I decided to get him used to the sight and smell of my vagina. So I sat down on the edge of the bed and just spread my legs for him. However after a few sniffs he lost interest and just layed his head on my thigh while looking up at me. Aroused by the feel of his head against my leg, I began to masturbate. This clearly interested him and he began sniffing and licking my fingers as I masturbated. I then moved my hand away and he began licking me very aggressively. So I just spread my legs apart giving him full access to my pussy. I was then pleasantly surprised by just how long and aggressively he licked me. I could feel him licking between the folds of my vaginal lips. I could also clearly hear his tonge slopping around my pussy as he licked. I couldn't believe just how good he was eating me. He litterally licked me until his tongue got tired. Although I didn't have an orgasm, I really enjoyed the sensationsions his large and warm tounge produced. I didn't cum because he didn't concentrate on my clit for long enough periods. His tongue would always wander around too much. He must have licked for at leaste 10 min straight. I then got down on all fours again. Although he began licking me from behind, he again showed no interest in mounting. So I then sat up and began playing with his cock again. Although it had slipped back into its shealth, it quickly grew fully erect as I handled him. He then surprised me by thrusting his hips for several seconds as if trying to f*** my hand. So I realized that he was indeed capable of fucking. His reaction clearly showed he had the desire and the ability to have sex. Armed with this information, I realized it was just a matter of time before we would be fucking. Soon afterwards we began mating on a regular basis. My husband is the only one who know about my activities. I told him when thngs became serious between us. He was very interested, and enjoys watching us together.
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