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I'm not quite sure how long Max and I lay there sleeping but we woke up and went right back at it. My pussy was still full of Bruno's cum when Max began to finger me. I spread my legs wide for him as he worked my pussy, I needed more of his cock and begged him to f*** me. Then he did something that shocked the hell out of me, he worked his way down my body and started to lick my pussy dripping with dog cum. This made me so hot. I pushed and squirted cum into his mouth, he love it and said more baby. He licked and sucked me clean. Now I was really ready to be f***** and pleeded with him but he said that I had to take care of his dog Tank first. Tank is Bruno's brother but is much larger about 80lbs heavier and has an enormus cock I have only f***** him once and when he knotted me it tore my pussy a little so I was scared. Max said that he is trained better than Bruno and the time before he was not there to control him, so I agreed to please Max. He got Bruno and returned to the kennel put Bruno up and returned with Tank. He sat calmly beside us as Max started to rub my pussy and clit while kissing me. He is the best kisser I've had he just made me melt. We lay down and he continued to finger my pussy and giving my clit little slaps. I was so hot and I needed him inside me so bad that I pulled him on top of me. He responded by teasing my pussy with his cock rubbing it over my pussy putting in just the tip and pullung it out. I held mt legs high in the air to try and feel him deper in my pussy but he kept teasing. Finally he threw my legs over his shoulders and slammed his cock deep inside my wet cunt and I felt his balls bouncing in my ass crack. He f***** me slow but hard and I began to feel an orgasm building inside me and he stopped and said that my first needed to be with Tank. Then he called Tank up onto the lounger told him to lay down roll over, he did as his master said. Then he said get him hard so I started by rubbing his balls and stroking his dick inside its sheath. The tip started to poke out and it glistened with precum. Max said start sucking his dick and I did. I took the tip into my mouth pulled back gently on the sheath revealing more pink dick and took him into my mouth sucking as I rubbed his balls he started to grow longer and longer. The longer it got the more I took into my mouth until I popped the knot which was the size of a large egg from beneath the sheath. Max said ok now get on. He wanted me to ride Tank's cock.I thought that I may could take him now that he was not in full mating form. Max grasped Tank's cock and I glided my 116lb body onto the cock of this 260lb dog. Max glided the beautiful pink cock in my wet pussy. I slid my pussy up and down this hot cock that started spitting quick spirts of hot precum in my hot pussy. I'd pull up and let the hot jism coat my clit and run back inside my hot cunt. Max was loving this I leaned forward supporting my body with the bench that had been placed earlier to help Bruno so Max could see my pussy slide back slowly on to the growing dog cock. I noticed the knot getting larger slid up to the tip one more time and then glided down the now at least 12in cock to the knot, then over the knot and met Max's hand, he removed his hand put two fingers in my ass and moved me over the knot up and down popping it in and out of my wet hot pussy until it was the size of a baseball I pushed down hard against it and it popped back inside my pussy. My weight moved it another 3-4in deeper in my pussy giving me a total of about 15-18 inches of swelling hot dog cock in my cunt. Max pulled his fingers from my ass and I went to work circling my hips and rocking back and forth on this now huge cock. It started to get very painful and I started to cry, Max tried to help me off but Tank's knot was now twice as large as a softball and at least 5 inches deep in my cunt and growing. I held very still for a moment and let my body adjust to this monster cock and knot that had my pussy spread so wide that Max was able to put his closed fist almost to his wrist inside my cunt behind the knot and I did not even feel him. After about 10 minutes the pain eased and my body adjusted. I could feel every inch of my f*** hole and easily felt the enormus dick open my cervics and the pre cum start to coat my womb. This was better than the first time I took Bruno. Tank's cock was longer and much thicker filling me to the brink of danger I'd imagine. Max said to be careful and don't move much but Tank started to hunch his body a little and sent me into an orgasm that made my body convulse uncontrolably. I could feel my own cum start to pool around this knot or should we say melon inside locked in my cunt. I could not control myself I started to buck wildly, I flung my body backso that I was now on my back asshole to asshole with this wonderful man as his owner praised me for being a good dog slut and his future wife. Max spread my lips to allow my clit to enlarge and started to suck it and bite it, I grabbed my legs besind my knees pulling my legs into my chest and he lifted the dog up until he was over the top of me and still deep in my cunt. His knot pulled out to the opening of my pussy and started to tare it but before it could he started fucking my pussy drilling deep into me once again. Max held my ankles rolling my ass into the air allowing the huge beast perfect access to deposit his load deep in my womb in search of eggs to fertilize. I fell limp in overwelming waves of orgasm I screamed out in pleasure and thrusted hard with every deposit of hot dog cum. There was soooo much cum my tummy swelled and it started to squirt from my cunt and run down my ass. With one last powerful thrust and a howl he deposited his last load of seed, I felt as if I was going to burst. Tank collapsed and Max helped him lay to the side of me and helped me to get onto my side while we were still locked togather swimming in a sea of cum his mine and Max's who had cum all over me. His knot shrank rather quickly and popped out with ease followed by the largest gush of love juice Max or I had ever seen. Max said that Tank had never cum like that with any other girl or as much.Max helped me up and we retired to the hot tub to clean up and then he got me an ice bag for the swelling in my pussy and passed out.Keep a lookout for new posts Max and I are togather now and we have made some movies to share.
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