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This is a story I made on august last year. I never carried on with it, because I have this horrible writers block. The story is uncensored, so if some words are asterisked out, I'm sorry. An adult forum I hope accepts adult language (Yes, I did read the rules, no copyright stuff, no underage stuff, no flames, be nice, be polite) Journal entry 5-August-2005I'm still having trouble searching for inspiration for a story, and my editor isn't best impressed with me. I am seriously fucking depressed about the whole issue, inspiration isn't like cooking, I can't just turn it on and it's done.I saved my file and walked over to my bed, there must have been two dozen people on my contact list who were online but none of them ever talked to me, it'd have been nice but it wasn't going to happen. I slumped into my bed, it was only 10pm but depression had caused me to feel much more tired than I was. I sulked into my pillow and sighed, that seemed to wake Rufus up and he looked at me. Rufus is Border collie and the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, he's understanding for a dog and apart from house training has never disappointed me. He got onto the bed and made that whining noise whenever something was wrong. I rubbed his head between his ears and he licked my face and nose, causing me to laugh. My nose is my special spot and Rufus seemed to know that. He licked it again and just stared at me, his right front paw on my chest. I don't know why and still don't but I kissed him on the lips then and he licked me more, his tongue searching. I willingly accepted, and my tongue joined his. I hugged him then and whispered into his ear how much I loved him, it struck me then how lonely I was, I hadn't had a good loving partner in almost a year and here was Rufus, my best friend... Humping my belly?! I stopped hugging him andlaughed, he seemed to be smiling as well, panting slightly."Not one for romantic mush eh Ruuf?"He just lowered his head, sniffing the bed and looked up again. My eyesight was drawn immediately to his sheath; his pink cock was starting to stick out. Lying down as I was, contrasting against his black and white fur his cock wasn't hard to spot. I moved my foot up to touch it, and he started tohump, more of his cock was showing with each thrust. Then I got his cock in-between my big toe and the one right next to it (Is there a name for them?) and he started to hump faster, his cock rapidly swelling up. I should mention now that I never got Rufus fixed, I wouldn't want it done tome, so I'm certainly not going to have it done to my friend. He kept on doing this for a while, and I just watched mesmerised as his cock rapidly moving, slicked up by his copious amounts of precum. I sat up, my own dick making a dent in my boxers. I took Rufus's cock into my hand and was amazed how hot it was. He was quite happy to hump my hand until he spotted the wet patch on my boxers, and he licked at the precum there, and seemed to really like the taste. He stopped humping my hand so I used the distraction to take my boxers off, my dick sprung back up and he went to it, short little licks with his rough tongue. This was really turning me on but Rufus just seemed interested in my precum, eventually I had to push him away as my cockhead was getting oversensitive. As I pushed his head down he seemed to dive between my bum and started licking. He was going to rim me! I didn't hesitate and spread my legs, my heart beating wildly; I've wanted this for so long. My anticipation was cut short as his tongue touched my bared arsehole, hot rough texture upon sensitive puckered flesh causing me to moan out in pleasure. I may live by myself, but I've always been quiet during sex. However this was so exciting and so pleasurable I couldn't helpbut moan in response. Rufus if anything seemed encouraged by this and licked deeper, driving his snout up in-between my cheeks. It felt so good, but then I saw his cock, I knew what had to be done; at least what I thought had to be done. I rolled over and he continued lapping at my pucker, never ceasing until I got up on all fours and he got the idea almost instantly. He jumped up onto my back and started humping, I winced his front paws clawing my back. It was nothing compared to the feeling of what happened next. His cock found its target and it felt like a red hot poker was trying to shove its way into me. He buried it in with one thrust and I did scream a lot and swore enough to make an old sailor blush. He didn't stop, didn't wait for me to adjust, just f***** me hard and fast,his hot precum felt like piss; there was so much of it. I could hear him panting, his tongue resting upon my back, hot doggy drool covering my neck. It just made everything hotter, the pain rapidly fading into pleasure. I can say now nothing compares to the feeling of hot dog cock, nor the speed and relentless power. On and on his cock drove into me, grinding against my prostate, his paws reaching back and rubbing against my cock. Then it happened. Like all dogs, Rufus had a knot. I didn't get a chance to see it but it felt like a fist was pushing against my sphincter. I tried to resist but there was no way I could have held out. I was his bitch and I was going to get tied. I've read enough dog stories to know about knots, and instead of panicking I just... opened up? I defiantly relaxed and just accepted it. And in hindsight I'm glad I did to, his knot entered into me and I was expecting pain. There wasn't pain, he f***** me even faster, short little thrusts. And then he came, I thought he was pissing into me! Oh my god, I never knew anything could cum that much, and then his knot expanded, then I felt pain. I felt like I was going to explode, his cock and knot swelled to huge proportions and I damn near passed out from the pain. But slowly I adjusted to it, and the pain gotless and less, and the feeling was indescribable. It was soo fucking hot. Eventually his knot slipped out and he jumped at the opportunity to lick me clean, getting all the cum from my spent arse. I got onto my side, and saw him lick his cock."You liked that boy?"He got near my face and sniffled, giving me a lick. I told him how much of a good boy he was, kissing him and loving him. And then I slept.This is a work of fiction! That in mind, I wouldn't mind your comments and suggestions, especially those that have mated with their dogs before. What does it feel like? Am I even close?
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