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well here i name is Jenn and this is the story of how my boyfriend and i found out that we were both into beastiality and the fun we had with it all started when i met this kid named Al. he was pretty cool so when he asked me to go with him to take pictures at 3 am haha we walked around in the dark taking pictures and such and had a great time. since then we have hung out together every chance we got =D soon we dating and i though he was the most amazing guy everfunny this was at this point we had no idea that we both were beasties buuuut i had guessed that Al at least didn't mind it too much since we use to joke around a lot about it...we'd answer survey questions what would be like "do you have any pets" and we both answer with something about fucking the neighbors dog...or my dog but the question never really came up if we wanted to try it. well that went on for a while and we both kept this secret from each other until one day he sent me a link to bf as a joke and looking back i should have known then but yeah i was laughing too hard to think about it so i was like hmmm i'll join here saying i wanna see what happens so maybe he'd get the hintanyways i was over his house while he was sleeping i was checking my account on here and i noticed that he had i lot more sites saved in his comp memory on beastiality than just bf and that's when i knew that i could tell him about my fantisiesso i woke him up and told him what i found Al seemed to be worried for like a minute till i told him that i didn't mind it at all and personally that i had been interested in it for a very long time and from there we have been the happest people on earthso now to the part you all wanna read =Dnow after finding someone and a place i can relate completely too i didn't feel like what i had wanted to do for so long was such a horrible thing so i began experimenting a biti have a minture poodle he's black and white and just the sweetest dog ever! =D so just this past week (yes i'm quite new to this) i began teaching him how to lick and all. he's quite smart and after two time (once alone and once with me and Al) he caught on and now won't leave me alone at night and i love it =Dthe first time it was 12 midnight and i couldn't sleep cuz i was thinking about all the things Al and i could do now. i began to wonder if i could ever train fettie to be like the dogs i saw on here so i tried. it wasn't hard to get myself nice and wet for him i mean with all the thoughts and fantisies. i let him taste my fingers and he attacked them like they were candy =D so i led him down to my wet lips and attempted to get him to start licking. it too a few tries and a lot of patience but finally i felt his warm tongue move from my fingers to my lips then with some help from me deep in me. it was a feeling like none i had ever felt before and i came for him almost imeadiatly i was so turn on by that pink tongue of his lappinng and lapping all over it was like heaven. that was my first time with him and i couldn't wait to tell Al the next day along with what i had planned for him that night =Dnow i will be back to tell the next part of this story tomorrow have fun with this =D
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