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This is a true story:I had just got divorced and was very depressed. I decided to see a therapist to try and get myself out of this funk. When I arrived at the office I was skeptical that this stuff really worked. But I was determined to get my self straight and move on with life.After about fifteen minutes in the waiting room the therapist opend her door and asked me into her office. At first sight she was stunning and exactly the type of women I was attracted to. She was blonde, about 5'5" and had a great body. The only problem was that she reminded me of my ex wife. As I walked through the door I looked her in the eyes and could not look away and either could she. It was one of those moments in life when two people just tune into each other. Once inside her office we began talking some small talk and went over the ground rules. Basicly there were none. She asked me to honest about everything no matter what it was. She said that she did not judge and that she could only help me if I told her the truth. We talked about my ex wife and how I felt about my divorce. I was broken hearted and was lost in life. I loved my wife but we just did not mesh in the sexual relm. I told my new therapist that my ex wife was the perfect women in every way except for what I wanted sexually. She went throught the laundry list of issues that have caused couples troubles and none of those were on my list. After some prodding she finally got the truth out of me. She looked me in the eyes said that I could tell her anything. So I did. With some hesitation I told her that I wanted my ex wife to fuck a dog for me and that I wanted to enjoy that type of lifestyle with a women. I told her that my ex wife divorced me over this issue. She almost choked when I said this and I thought I had crossed the line. She regained her professional manner and continued with the session. We finished up and set a time for my next session.That evevening I received a call from my new therapist. She told me that she could not longer treat me. I was crushed. I thought another women who is disgusted by my desire to enjoy k9 with my women. She could sense that I was getting upset and she just blurted out that she could not treat me because she had the same fantasy. I almost came in my pants right there. She went on to describe how she loved k9 sex and was having a hard time finding a man that would except her for this. I said that I would love to enjoy k9 with her and that we could help each other live out our fantasies. That night I went over to her house watched her fuck her Dalmation. He was a horny young dog that had enormous amount of cum. I fucked her too adding my load to overflowing cunt. For three years we enjoyed each other and k9 sex until she had to move to another state. We on occassion get together but those three years were wonderful.Mike Shook.
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