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OK people ; grab your paws & hold on this story is true ; I promise +++ Some years ago my brother ask me too house sit, & take care of the pets. little did l know how intence that would be ++++ After a few days , l got bored & found myself on the liv-rm floor jerking off too a guys girly magizine... l was going to town ++++ When out of the blue, l felt a prensence , very strong... l froze in my tracks ; a rush of panic hit me ; but >> someone was there << was it my brother home early & l didn't hear come in""" l button up my jeans ; l thought l was really busted+++ this was so true +++ l just had too look because someone or someting was there +++ OK HOLD ON TOO YOUR PAWS ; HERE WE GO +++ The Dog was standig watching me get my marbles off +++ l turned away for a second feeling relief it was not my family+++ So l look @ the dog & notice that his pink-penis was showing +++ the dog had a hard-on watching me ---- then it hit me he wanted too be satisfied +++ this made me really horny too ; when we made eye contact real eye contact we both knew what was going too happen & we ; & we both wanted that pink; >getting bigger < penis , deep inside me ~!~ So l'm going over derobing ; that fully pink penis was maxed out , it was long & thick with a human shape head & pointed little tip. l wasted no time getting on all fours with my back side too him... he wasted no time trying too mount me.. a couple missie's... but when he got it in me the rush like no sexual high l ever had > little did l know what was ahead for me; now l had too think how too get him as deep as possible... now l had to too grab on to his paws too not get scrathed up ; we were about a 45degree uppward incline because l needed too help control the situation some ; now l was thinking how too get him closer to me , too get him closer ; >> I GOT IT IF I MOVE MY HIPS FOWARD HE WOULD HAVE TO MOVE CLOSER ; to hump me ; IT WORKED << , when he got closer l moved my hips back towards him I got what l wanted he was in me deep , & there was no room left inside me ; with each thrust he seem too get deeper ; as a matter of fact < he was hitting my male G-Spot the prostate ... l got my arms over my shoulders holding his paws to keep him as close & as deep ; now this was working great ~!~ each thrust he made sent me a throbbing to my penis; l thought l would explode with each hump he made ++++ we went on for awhile ; when he was ready to shoot his wad he took 1 last hard deep thrust & he was pressing againt my prostate ; he exploded with quarts of hot cum, again & again <<<< it felt so great >>warm love<< there was a problem l had not cum myself yet< so not wanting him too dis-mount . . . l still had hold of his paws & @ this angle we were in l had control now , so before he went soft completely , l started my own thrusting of my hips ,,, l was ready too explode my self .. so l got some good thrust in myself ~!~ I exploded with 3 loads myself ; it was a hell of a climax shooting my load all over my abbs , chest & face +++++ NOW FOLKS THIS REALLY HAPPENED :THAT WAS MY ONLY TIME ; I'm searching high & low + near & far ; Dose anyone Have a mediumm, too large dog That can travel to San Diego >>El Cajon<< , SD I JUST HAVE TOO DO IT AT LEAST 1 MORE TIME ; PLEASE HELP ...
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