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I've had a brief encounter with a dog licking my pussy one time years ago. Ever since then I've wanted to have it happen again, with one exception I get mounted and f***** too. This is the way I fantasize about this happening.I'm laying out in the backyard getting a suntan. I hear the garbage truck coming down the road. You can hear all the neighborhood dogs barking as if they could eat them alive. For days I'd been thinking about doing something very very naughty and now I had my chance. I was laying on a blanket with my legs spread wide open I reach down and pull the bathing suit material to the side so my pussy lips would be easily seen. I was laying on my stomach and had my top undone so if I sat up my tits would be exposed. I was ready for some real action and hoped it was about to happen. I heard the truck stop in front of the house and then the sounds of two men coming around to the back to get the trash. Once they got in the backyard they saw me immediately. I heard one of them say that they sure would like to stick his hard cock up my pussy. I turned and looked at him in mock surprise. He was a big black man who looked mean, and with him was a equally mean looking white man. He looked embarassed but stared hard at my pussy lips. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he said hell yeah he did. Well come over here and lick my cunt. He looked startled like he didn't know if this was a good idea when his friend said come on man lets lick that pussy. Theblack guy who I soon find out is named Brick and his friend Tom come over and squat down between my legs. Push your ass up in the air bitch Tom ordered. I did as I was told. They took turns licking and tongue fucking my wet pussy. Soon a couple more guys show up and ask what is going on. Wow, 3 big black guys and 2 white guys. I thought everything was going to be fun until they decide I need to be taken to a private place. One of the guys picked me up and took me to the truck. He forced me down between his legs and had me lick and suck his big cock. The driver of the truck kept reaching over and pushing my head down on his friends cock making me take all his large prick. I was surprised when he took his friends cock in his hand and jerked it off while I sucked just the head. Soon we were at a house in a very secluded area. I'm taken inside and each man fuckes every hole I have. After they were all finished they go out back and bring in 2 huge pit bulls. I thought the men had large cocks but I was going to find out soon just how big a cock could be. One of the men began playing with both of the dogs cocks until they hung down and started getting hard. He actually bent over and was licking and sucking each dog. The dogs were getting so excited and started humping wildly. Okay bitch this is the way it will be done. He rolled one dog onto his back and had me sit on his cock, while the other dog mounted my ass and I was soon being f***** in both holes by the dogs. The men took turns using my mouth and twisting my nipples making me cum over and over again. I seen one of the guys filming the f*** and really got into the action even more. The dog in my ass was a real wild dog, I thought he was going to tear my ass apart, but I loved being f***** by the dogs while the men f***** my mouth. I want this fantasy and who knows maybe one day it will happen. MMMM I am so hot from writing this, a big dog sounds so sexy.Thanks and hope you like.
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