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Sensations – Part 1Sunday night: 11:43 PMHis long broad tongue is sweeping, pressing its flatness into my tender folds, spreading me, reaching into me, seeking, demanding, devouring the liquid essence that is my need. His cold nose pushes, nuzzles, eagerly bumps and bumps again that so sensitive pink pearl, sending me, shaking me, trembling me with chilling, electric vibrations. His hunger is demanding….my humanity melts beneath its heat…leaving me more and more his passion’s slave….evolving me to female only….only female….purely female…Female being…Female soul….Female essence. I am Becoming! Hot blasts of air from nostrils broad, tickle soft inner thighs, inspiring them to open further still…bringing puffing breezes over velvet rose petals, slick and wet….sending cold chills to deeper offerings…entering gently is mystic ways. As if invisible powers, tickles soft…and yes so strong. Only puffed breezes, but gently pushing…knees apart and fears away. Opening….yeilding….Offering. Resistance gone. Desires grow!Sitting, but one moment, back and panting hot upon tender flesh, searing in, and becoming panting of my own. Tongue, wet and long, bouncing loose in happy panting….Nature’s instrument of pleasure…of loyalty and love…so pink, so long, so wet and hot….so perfectly formed, so perfectly textured, so perfectly designed to fit, to mold, to reach….to love. Black eyes dancing with playfulness, with hunger and with….the urges of anticipation…of knowing what will come. Eyes filled with love and expectation….with eagerness ….they change….expressing need and hungry pleading. Glancing down as if to say, “See?”Seeing soft pink point wiggling, rubber-like, shiny and bright….a toy…Nature’s sweet creation, inviting me to play…bouncing gently with his panting breath…pointing straight to me, its drawing demands…waving its desperate, natural needs. “Yes, boy. I see. I see what you have for me there”.(more ?_)
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