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Hello All! Just had my first experience becoming a bitch to neighbors male boxer and just had to tell you all about it.Been K9 courious for about 3 or 4 months and have been looking on the forum for someone that could get me started. Haven't had any luck and just decided that if I was going to get some satisfaction then I was going to have to do it on my own.The neighbor lets his male boxer run loose from time to time and as chance should have it I saw him running around my back yard and decided that it was time. I called to him and he ran right up to me and was very excited so I opened my door and went inside, the dog following me in. I stripped down and began playing with him, letting my trembling hand slowly stroke his sheath. He really seemed to enjoy it as he moved closer and spread his hind legs for me. His beatiful cock began to slip out of its sheath and I began to stroke him faster as his pre-cum began to flow. He started to pump his hind quartes so I moved around in front of him on all fours and offered myself as his bitch. I was quite surprised that he wasted no time in mounting me and begin thrusting his cock at my waiting ass. His cock was stabbing at my ass and I could feel his pre-cum being deposited around my ass and running down my thighs. The tip of his cock found what he and I both wanted and he thrust forward in one move and penetrated my virgin ass. I was so turned on and begged him to fuck me hard. I knew then that I was his bitch. His pumping was fast and I found myself moving my ass back to greet each of his thrusts. I could feel his cock growing inside of me and suddenly realized that he was driving his knot in and out of my ass - it felt so good. This K9 stud made several more hard thrusts and buried his throbbing cock deep inside of me and I felt his knot quickly grow - we were tied. I couldn't believe it, here I was being fucked by a dog and tied to him like a bitch, it was great. He began pumping me full of his warm seed, more and more and more, how much cum did this dog have? He swiveled around so we were butt to butt and I reached between my thighs to feel his balls as they retracted each time he released another load inside of me, his knot felt like it was the size of a tennis ball - we were definitely tied together for the duration. I found that if I squeezed my ass from time to time aroung his cock then it seemed to prolong our coupling. I felt his cock and knot shrink until he pulled out and was surprised as his dog cum began to run out of my ass. Looking at the clock showed that we had been tied for almost an hour and thirty minuets. I played with him for a while to thank him for making me his bitch and promised him to play more often. I let the dog outside and got dressed, didn't even clean up as I find the feeling of his cum leaking out of my ass to be very erotic.I am definitely a bitch-in-heat. Would love to have some of you invite me over to be your K9 bitch.
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