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As the tittle goes this is about me adn my rapidash(a fantasy story btw^^) hope you all like it and i would like comments on this when you read it^^....ok..letīs get down to workOn an bright sunny day i walked out fo the house taking alogn with me my custom made black pokeball in which i had rapidash..the sole pokemon i had and cared for the mostWearing black shortīs and a black sleeveless shirt i looked around from my porch with a smile on my face"what a wonderfull day for a Rapidash.."i said into the air adn tossed the ball in my hadn up adn watched as the creature emerged formit only to stand infront of me with his fiery mane flowing in the air and diamond hooves stomped the ground a few times as he snorted happily and came to rub his nsoe against my neck as allways and it made me laugh"well arent youa ffectionate today..."i said smiling still and reached my hand up and gently stroked his mane which unliek it should of didnt burn me at all..just felt nice and warm under my touch There petting him i begun to feel a strange stirring in my body adn my blood packing to my loins which liek they should begun to harden and made me blush,surely i had often dremt of rapidash while laying on my bed naked and touchign myself...but i never had the courage to actually try and see how rapidash would go with such thingīs"uhh...r-ready to go pal??.."i stuttered and as he nodded i got to his side and he lowered himself enough for me to jump on his back..... Adjusting myslef and making a silent moan as the fabric on my pants rubbed against my rock hard erection,but once more i pushed it out of my mind and leaned forward gently hugging my friends,my lovers in my mind,neck and smiled as Rapidash made his way around the house first and then walked off toward the forest we usually went for a walkThe closer we got to the forest the more i wondered about trying what i dremt of with Rapidash it would how ever have tow ait till we would arrive to the lake in the heart fo the forest where wild pokemon lived and often attacked travelers like me and rapidash, like allways an lone Dodtrio stood on the way ready to atack rather than move aside,seeing that i decided it would be best if i jumped off my dearest friend adn elt him handle the block with an swift stomp,inever killed or caputred any fo the pokem i i only took them out fo the way and healed them with an potion i allways carried with me a hand full,"Good work pal..."i smield and walked over to rapidash and tossed the potion on the knockes out creature eltting it effect on itīs own as i stroked rapidashes strong neck and hauled myself back on him and we continued our trip without further intrusions.Few hours later we arrived to the lake and i got off from rapidashes back and begun to stripw ith him standing on my side watching every inch of my lean body being revealed form udner the little clothing i had on at the time,standing there with him handīs on the rim of my boxers i became douptfull adnd ecided to leave those on for the time being and ran toward the lake with rapidash rigth behind me,a game we often played in which i was to ru to the lake before rapidash would tackle me down and often he would elt me get all the way to the lake but mostly he would tackle me and begin to nuzzle like a kitten which i found rather strange from time to time,as i ran the thin black fabric of my boxers begun to rub my semi hard manhood which made my running a tad hard and rapidash tackled me,not a suprice since he was a lot faster than i am after allThis time as i fell rapidash as usually begun to nuzzle my neck and laid by my side,but something was diffrent seeing how he moved form my neck to nudge my side as if in to tell me to turn around to lay on my back and so i did slowly turn on my back and watched him with questioning blue eyes,but before i coudl get any answer for my friends behaviour my confusion turned to suprice when i felt his soft nose by my croth and the heated air passing through the fabric caresing my manhood once more fully erectMy handīs grasped the grass i laid on and my back arched the more rapidash sniffed my scent but even that didnt satisfy him seing how he begun to nudge my boxerīs off....(to be continued later on.....)
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