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My Master informed me that I was to be prepared for him when he came home from work. To be prepared meant that I was to be freshly showed and ready for his inspection. My pussy was to be waxed clean and my ass clean for whatever he wished to do with it, if anything. My restraints and collar were to be on and I was expected to be kneeling on my pillow by his chair. I did as Master instructed me and anxiously awaited his arrival. My pussy was already wet with anticipation of what he had in store for me. I heard the keys in the door and an immediate smile came to my face as he walked in. He smiled back and commented what a wonderful sight to come home to. He dropped his briefcase and walked over to where I knelt. Taking a handful of hair, he pulled me into his groin and I felt his hardening cock under my face. Master released my hair and stepped back, undoing his pants and letting them drop to the floor. Taking his cock into one hand, he stroked it in front of my mouth. Precum was on the tip of his head, which he then wiped onto my lips. "Service me," he commanded and I eagerly opened my mouth to devour his cock. I took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked it like a good slave would. As he buried himself into my mouth, I kept my hands behind my back as he used my hair to guide me up and down his cock. Master held his cock deep into my mouth, pulling me into him so that I could barely breathe before starting to fuck my mouth again. He straddled me in order to be able to get closer and began to steadly fuck my mouth. I could tell that something was on my Master's mind as he was in a very dominant mood and very aroused. Within minutes of servicing him, my Master fed me his cum. When Master fed me, he pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked it while I kept my mouth open, licking the head of his cock as the cum came. After he came, he instructed me to pull up his pants and return to my kneeling position. After I did, he disappeared to the bedroom while telling me he had a great weekend in store for me. I was very eager to know what he had planned but knew better than to ask. I simply told him that I was his always pleasing pet and anything he had planned would be enjoyed. When Master returned from the bedroom, he had my leash and blindfold in hand along with my bag of goodies. My bag of goodies was everything from toys to rope to clothespins and was usually taken along when we went away for the weekend. Master secured the blindfold on me and then clipped the leash to my collar, securing the other end to the hook in the wall. He murmured his appreciation at the sight of his pet so dutifully sitting by her Master's chair. To reward me, he ran his hands over my tits and down my belly to my pussy. Slipping a hand between my legs, he fondled my pussy, pulling and squeezing my clit. He asked if pet would like to cum as well and I begged to be able to cum. Master obliged me by sliding three fingers inside while the other hand pushed down on my shoulder, keeping my pussy impaled onto his fingers. He worked his magic easily and I came within a minute of him fingering me. Presenting his soaked fingers in front of my mouth, I licked and sucked each of them clean, loving the taste of my pussy. He kissed me once before standing up and leaving me to my blissful afterglow. As I patiently sat on my pillow, I heard a knock at the door. Master opened the door and greeted an unknown voice, a man from the sound of his voice. I heard a whistle and both men laughed. My Master invited him in and I soon felt the two of them standing in front of me. Master welcomed the man to inspect me and he did, running his hands over every part of my body. From grasping a handful of hair to running his hand over my pussy, this mysterious man left no part of my body unexplored. He spoke of his admiration for me and asked if he could get a sample to which my Master readily agreed. I heard the unzipping of his pants and the simple words of "service me".I opened my mouth and his cock was shoved into my mouth. This strangers cock was much thicker than Masters but not as long, so I easily took all of him into my mouth. My jaw strained as my mouth worked it's thickness in and out of my mouth. His hands were in my hair, pulling me up and down his cock as he forcefully fucked my mouth. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth, burying my nose into his belly, cutting off the hair. Master had done this often to me and I patiently held my breath, sealed by this stranger who Master had chosed to use me. After a moment, which seemed forever, the man released me and continued to fuck my mouth as I licked and sucked his cock. He told my Master that I sucked cock quite well and Master agreed with him. This man pulled his cock out and instructed me to suck on the end as if I was sucking on a nipple of a bottle and I did so, sucking and milking his cock without moving. He stood there, holding a fistful of hair, moaning as I nursed his cock. He told me that he was going cum and not to let any spill out of my mouth, so I secured my mouth around him and made sure that I would get all of. When he started to cum, it was slow and then with each suck, the amount grew. As I swallowed each mouthful, this man continued to cum, which was amazing. After the cum started to subside, he released my head and pulled his cock from my mouth, then announced "I'll definitely take her." I suddenly realized that Master was not taking me anywhere this weekend but loaning me out for the weekend. We had talked about this before but it had never been done before. The man went outside and when he returned, I heard the sound of metal coming closer. My leash was unhooked from the wall and handed to the man who instructed me to follow him. He pulled on my leash and I crawled on my hands and knees in the direction he was leading me. As I gingerly stepped forward, I felt the coldness of the metal beneath my hands, realizing I was being put in a cage. He told me to continue to crawl and I did so until the coldness of the metal was under my feet. He instructed me to turn around and when I did, he unclipped my leash from my collar. The door was then closed and I heard my Master tell him to pull into the garage.As the man pulled his vehicle into the garage, my Master told me that I was going away for the weekend and to enjoy myself. And if I was bad, he would definitely hear about it, which would bring me a severe punishment. The door to the garage opened and the two of them lifted the cage and started to carry me. I felt the cage being slid into what appeared to be a van of sorts because of the carpet beneath me. My Master said goodbye to me and said that he was looking forward to seeing the tapes when I returned Sunday night. The door was slid shut and then the man got into the van, starting it. As he pulled out of the garage and onto the road, he told me that I should get comfortable, it was going to be a short trip. As I sat down onto the bottom of the cage, he began to speak to me and tell me what he expected of me. "This weekend, you will be my little slut bitch, with whatever I wish to do with." he told me. "You will answer to 'bitch' and you will not be speaking. If you like something, you will whine or whimper. If you do not like something, you will growl or yalp. You are not a slut girl this weekend, you are my slut bitch, my pet. Do you understand?"I started to nod my head but whined in a little voice. "Very good," he said. "Let's try this a few times." He began to ask me about various things that I'm sure my Master had told him that I liked and disliked. When he said something that I liked, I whined and then growled to the stuff I didn't like. He seemed pleased with my performance and told me that we were going to have a lot of fun this weekend. The van pulled onto a gravel road and after a short while, pulled to stop. I heard a garage door open and the van pulled into it. He shut off the van, got out and then slid the door next to me open. He instructed me to get up and face him. Opening the door of the cage, he reached in and clipped the leash to my collar. When he pulled on it, I started to make my way out of the cage, taking each step carefully. As I made my way down to the down, he started to walk and I followed him as he pulled on the leash. Opening the door, he stepping inside and pulled me after him. "Sit, bitch," he commanded and I did so, right by his feet as he closed the door. Securing the leash up, he said to stay and he'd be back in a minute. As I sat in this strange place, I awaited my new Master for the weekend to return. He was doing something to the side of me but I dared not look in his direction. He came back to me and took the leash, then commanded me to heel. I went to my hands and knees to stand by him and he patted my head like a good pet. He then walked behind me and kneeled down. "Wag your ass as if you had a tail," he instructed. I did a little wiggle and he let out a sound of appreciation. Taking a hand and running over my pussy, I let out a little whimper of excitement. "Bitch wants some cock, doesn't she?" he asked.I whimpered my yes to him as he continued to play with my pussy. "I don't fuck bitch's pussy," he told me, " I only fuck bitch's ass." With that he spread my ass and started to play with my ass, making me whimper even more. The coldness of the lube against my ass made me jump but soon subsided when he started massaging it into my ass. I heard his pants unzip again and he placed himself between my legs. He placed his cock onto my ass and started to push. I eagerly pushed back onto him, wanting to be fucked badly. He buried his cock all the way into my ass and I whined with pleasure as his thick cock stretched me. Holding onto my leash, he started to fuck me hard, pulling on it, pulling me back into him. He fucked my ass hard, pounding his thick cock into me making me whine louder and louder with each stroke. Letting go of the leash, he grabbed my hips to hold onto in order to get a deeper thrust. He continued to fuck me hard but each pounding pushed me close to the ground. Getting tired of holding onto me, he pushed me to the ground and straddled my legs with his, fucking my ass. He stopped for a minute and situated himself so that he could get a good grip on me by hooking his arms under mine and onto my shoulders. Arching my back up just a bit, he went back to fucking my ass hard, all the while telling me how much he's going to fuck me this weekend. I whined and whimpered from the pleasure of his cock in my ass and he started to grunt and groan into my ear. "I'm going to fill your ass up with so much cum, it's going to explode," he growled into my ear. After saying that, he slammed his cock deep into me and started to cum. I felt his cock pulse as each cum spurt emptied into me. I whined as he held his cock deep into my ass, loving it. My new Master pulled his cock slowly from my slippery ass and playfully slapped it. He placed something against my ass and slipped it in easily due his cum and the lube. I felt something brush against my ass and realized he just sealed some type of "tail" butt plug into me. "Wag your tail now, bitch," he commanded me. As I wiggled my hips the tail brushed back and forth against my skin. "Very nice," he complimented. "You're almost complete now."Taking two leather straps and securing them around my thighs, he connected my ankles to them, leaving me on my knees. Moving around to the front of me, he secured these mittens over my hands and to my restraints, leaving me with "paws". As he caressed my body, he reached over and grabbed what looked like a muzzle and began to secure it over my mouth. This muzzle was a combination of a penis gag and muzzle, making me look more and more like a bitch by the second. After he had secured the muzzle, my Master clipped on two dog ears, completing his human bitch.Standing up, he grabbed my leash and told me to heel. As he began to parade me around the room, I struggled to keep up with him, wobbling on my knees. As I followed him, I took note of the tripods standing in the room, recording everything he was doing from different angles. "Stay!" he instructed as we made our way into the middle of the room, perfectly centered in front of the camera. Pulling an odd looking t-shaped bench from the side of the room, he slid it underneath me. The top part of the bench went under my chest, right above my belly while the bottom part ran up between my breast to my neck. He removed the leash and secured my collar and wrists to the bench, leaving me immobilized and exposed to whatever he had planned. After running his hands over me again, he murmured how much he was going to enjoy tonight before standing up and walking away.I heard him open a door and call out "Here boys" and be greeted by barking and the sound of claws on linoleum. I suddenly realized that I was going to be more of a "bitch" than I had thought. Just the idea of being bred with dogs made me tremble against my restraints, aching for what was to come. When he returned to the room, he was talking in a low voice to his dogs so that I was unable to hear him. "She's all yours, Max," he said. As soon as he said that, I could feel a wet nose exploring me. It's coldness was a shock at first but it wasn't long before his nose lead him to my soaking wet pussy. He pressed it up against my lips before gingerly licking. Once he had gotten a taste of me, he began to lick in ernest, searching out more of my juices. "Look at that," my Master commented, "Not a minute into tasting you and he's already showing pink. I think you're going to get fucked very soon."With the thought of that, I whimpered into my gag, trying to communicate how much I wanted to be fucked by Max. My Master was thoroughly amusing by how slutty I had become and reached down to play with my hanging tits. "Mount her, Max," he instructed. "Mount her."With that simple command, Max jumped up on my back and started humping away. I felt the tip of his cock poke my inner thighs and ass, dribbling cum down my skin. My Master reached under, guiding Max directly into my pussy. Once Max found his mark he began to thrust frantically, pounding his cock deep. I squeeled into the gag from the intensity of each thrust and sheer pleasure of being fucked so hard. I felt Max's cock grow and my pussy was sloppy wet from the cum he was spurting into me. I was helplessly bound there, getting fucked ferociously from Max as my Master stood up and went to man one of the cameras. I squeeled and moaned into the gag, collapsing against the bench, just enjoying the ride. As Max continued to fuck me, I felt him push his cock deep into me, stretching my pussy. I realized he was pushing his knot into me. The more he pushed, the more my pussy gave way to welcome him. As he filled me, I squeeling into my gag arching my back as much as I could as I came. Once Max had pushed his knot into me, he sat there, sealing all his cum deep inside my pussy. I lost track of time, blissfully enjoying the sensation of being stretched and fucked by a dog until Max began to stir and pull from my pussy. His knot slipped out, releasing all the cum that had built up inside me and it flowed down my pussy and legs, soaking me. Max licked my pussy a few times, admiring his handiwork in his own way it seemed before walking to the corner of the room to lick his exposed cock. You continued to film, getting plenty of close ups of my brutilized and gaping pussy. As you admired my pussy, you said to no one in particular how inviting it looked for a fisting. I stirred in my bounds, wagging my tail and whining into my gag to let my Master know that I was his to do with as he pleased.
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