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Hillary Becomes A Farm Slut It was a clear crisp fall day when Hillary awoke to thesound of leaves rustling outside her window. The sun was shiningbrightly and there was the aroma of burning leaves in the air.Suddenly Hillary realized what day it was. It was Saturday theday her parents were to leave for a trip that would take themaway from home for several days. Hillary was to remain to carefor the house and animals on their farm. She was very excitedabout this, since she had never had this responsibility before.She had always gone with her parents or been left at home withher older brothers, who were now off to college. Hillary beingjust eighteen thought this was a good way to show her parentsthat she was now an adult and could Handle things. Hillary jumped from bed and pulled on her blue jeans and asweater. She ran to the bathroom and in between pulled on hersocks and shoes. She was dressed now and ran down stairs to seeher parents stacking their luggage near the front door. They toowere rushing around like mad to get everything ready for theirtrip. Hillary said good morning and walked into the kitchenpouring herself a cup of coffee. She sat at the kitchen tableand glanced at the news paper as she peered out the windowtowards the barn yard. Her mother and father then came into the kitchen and beganto discuss their upcoming plans. Her father wanted to go overall their plans and instructions one last time with Hillary. Hebegan to read off notes and instructions for feeding the animalsand numbers where he could be reached etc. Hillary smiled andsaid, "Dad! We've been over this and over this. It's going tobe ok. I know how to care for the animals. Relax and enjoy yourtrip." Suddenly her father realized that Hillary was right. Shewas going to handle things while he was away. Hillary and herparents discussed the last details of the trip while theyfinished their coffee. With the coffee being finished Hillary'sparents kissed her goodbye and loaded their luggage into the car. After loading their luggage in the car her parents headedoff down the lane leaving the small farm. Hillary knew that shewas going to enjoy this week without her parents because she hadbig plans. But first she had to feed the animals and get thingsdone before she could enjoy herself. She walked to the barn whereshe fed their registered stallion. He was about 16 hands highand coal black. He was very gentle as far as stallion's go,Hillary could do anything with him without any fear of beinginjured. She went into his stall and fed him his grain and hayand then opened his door allowing him to run in the open barnyard. Next Hillary walked over to the pen where she kept her ram,sheep, and goats in. They too were friendly towards Hillary andnuzzled her as she entered their pen. She bedded them with newstraw and fed them hay and grain. Hillary then went outside andaround to the hog shed where she kept her prize winning boar, Big.Hillary had in the past entered him into the school fair and wonfirst place. He was white with black spots and very attentivetowards Hillary. She fed him his grain and made sure that allwas ok with the other hogs in their respective pens. Hillary continued to feed and care for the animals in thebarn and their pens nearby. Suddenly she realized that she hadin all the excitement nearly forgotten about her German Shepherdnamed, LC. She walked over to his kennel and let him out for hisdaily run around the yard as she fed and watered him. LC was alarge male shepherd with a beautiful black and tan coat. LCweighed at about 110 pounds and was friendly towards everyone.Hillary, after caring for LC had finished her chores and headedtowards the house with LC tagging right behind her. LC was notusually allowed in the house but this was special, her parentswere gone and who'd ever know. So Hillary entered the house withLC at her heals. Hillary ran upstairs to her room and laid down across herbed thinking about what to do first. She decided to call herfriend Sarah and chat for a while. She laid on the bed andpicked up her phone dialing Sarah. Sarah answered, she andHillary engaged in a conversation for quite some time. LC wasright there taking it all in. Suddenly she and Sarah began tochat about a local boy and discussed their fantasies about havingsex with him. Hillary soon found herself rubbing the outside ofher jeans as she spoke to Sarah. Hillary was now wet and hornyand she told Sarah that she wished that she could have a boyspend the entire week with her. She and Sarah continued to chat andHillary got more excited by the minute. After about an hour sheand Sarah terminated their conversation. Hillary just laid there on the bed rubbing her crotch areawishing she had someone to help her with her burning desire forsex. Hillary now being so involved in her fantasy, unbuttoned andpulled off her pants and underpants, laying on the bed fingeringher pussy. She thought about being fucked by a man, any man andwas oblivious to what was taking place around her. Suddenly shefelt LC's cold nose sniffing at her pussy. She jumped back andtold him NO! She had in the past thought about him as a sexpartner but was initially repulsed at the idea, forgetting aboutit. But LC had other ideas, he stepped up onto the bed andstuffed his nose right into her hot steamy pussy. Hillary gaveLC one big shove and slapped him saying NO! He had other ideasas he turned and showed his teeth and growled snapping at her.Hillary was frightened as she had never seen LC act likethis. She tried to slide away from him and as she did his teethshown and he growled at her every movement. LC lurched forwardagain sticking his nose into her pussy and he began to lick.Hillary being afraid of being bitten tried to close her legs andslide away. Again LC snapped as if to say, "Don't move!"Hillary was terrified and froze not knowing what to do. LC onthe other hand knew exactly what to do. He began to lick and rubhis snout into Hillary's pussy as she tried to keep her legstightly closed. As LC grow more impatient with Hillary he becamemore aggressive nipping at her legs in an attempt to gether to spread wider. Hillary had no choice but to comply andsurrender to LC. LC continued to lick and Hillary relaxed hoping he'd quitand let her up. He did not and continued to lick and berry hissnout in her ever widening pussy. Hillary came to therealization that he wasn't gonna stop and that she was now hisslave until he decided otherwise. As LC licked, Hillary began toenjoy the felling of his tongue as it brushed against the foldsof her cunt lips. With each lick she relaxed and spread her legsfurther. She began to fantasize about LC being the local boythat she had been dreaming about. Suddenly she was over comewith lust and totally spread her legs open as LC began to lickand grow even more excited. Hillary laid back and let LCcontinue to please her. She had surrendered to LC and wasenjoying it. Hillary began to look towards LC and noticed that his cockwas now extending from it's sheath dripping a little pre-cum ashe licked. LC suddenly stopped licking and began to hump intothe air as if there were a bitch under him. Hillary not knowingmuch about dogs just kind of laughed and thought now is my timeto get away from him. Hillary rolled over and got to her handsand knees as she was about to get up and off the bed. Suddenlyshe felt the weight of LC on her back and his legs began to wraparound her waist. Hillary screamed, "Oh No! You son of a bitch your gonna letme go!" With that LC growled and bit Hillary on the back of theneck as to say, "Hold still bitch!" Hillary was terrified andfroze not knowing what to do. Suddenly with one lurch forward LCplaced his cock at the entrance to Hillary's pussy lips. Herlips were soaking and longed for relief as she felt the tip ofhis cock rubbing against her. She tried to crawl away and LC bitharder and held on to her tighter. He again lurched forward andhis cock found it's hole. He slammed his hips forward untilHillary could feel his balls against her pussy and his cockinside. Hillary struggled to get free but with each movement LCgrowled and bit her. LC then began to hump as his cock hit it'smark with each trust. Hillary screamed out as she could feel hiscock inside her pussy. With each trust Hillary's ass would bebounced against LC's ball sack. Suddenly LC began to hump asfast as he could and Hillary could do no more then relax and lethim fuck her. She was at his mercy and could do nothing to freeherself. Hillary now tried to imagine that LC was the neighborboy on her. Hillary's cunt was now feeling the hot pre-cum that LChad lubed her with as he drove into her. He continued to ram hiscock in and out as a frenzy that Hillary had never felt before.She was now enjoying this feeling as she began to grunt with eachthrust that LC delivered into her. His saliva was running downher back and his pre-cum was leaking down the inside of her legs. Suddenly LC lurched as hard as he could and Hillary felt aknob enter her pussy. She had never felt this before and it madeher feel fuller then she ever had. Before she could decide whatto do next the knot began to swell inside her pussy. Shestruggled to get free but LC had his power legs wrapped aroundher waist keeping her from getting out from under. LC began togrunt and his cock swelled inside Hillary causing her to gaspwith excitement. She began to moan as she could feel his cumbegin to spurt into the wall of her vagina. Hillary unable tocontrol it now began to push back into LC and cry out, "Oh fuckme! Fuck me stud!" She was caught in a moment of orgasm thatshe had never felt before. Hillary could feel the hot cum leaking from her vagina asshe tightened her grasp on LC's spurting cock. They were tied ina moment of orgasm and Hillary was enjoying it. She began to cumas she had never before enjoying every pump of LC's cock. Herbox was now filled and she knew it. She was his bitch at hismercy and she was enjoying it. She could do nothing but standthere and let LC fuck away until he was through. LC then tried to dismount and turned ass to ass withHillary. She wondered what the hell was wrong as he tried to gethis cock from her pussy. Then she came to another realizationthat she was tied with him and could do nothing but let him cumin her until his knot subsided. LC began to walk around on thebed and Hillary followed unwillingly with her ass to his. Thiswent on for what seem like an hour to Hillary. But during thistime she too had achieved several more orgasms, coming more thenshe ever had while fucking a man. Suddenly LC's cock slid outwith a pop and his cum ran down her legs onto her bed. Hillaryhad been dog fucked and was not fighting it anymore. She hadbeen his bitch in heat and took all he had to give her. Shecollapsed exhausted and lay there with LC licking her pussy ofall he had deposited. While LC licked, Hillary fell asleep withhim cleaning her up. Hillary slept for several hours and as she did she dreamt ofbeing with dogs. She dreamt that she was a dog in heat and thatshe was running with a pack or wild dogs with each of them takinghis turn breeding her. When she awoke, LC was sleeping next toher. Hillary began to remember what she had been dreaming aboutand she initially thought that the entire day was a dream.Suddenly she looked down and saw her naked bottom and felt thewet seats and realized that she had been fucked by LC and that itwas no dream. It was now about 3:00 P.M. and she realized that most of theday had passed. She got up and began to walk around the housewith LC sniffing at her pussy again. With each step she'd takeLC would try and get a lick in. Hillary thought this was greatand began to act like a bitch in heat stopping just long enoughto give LC a good tease and then running off. Hillary then decided that it was time to get some thing donearound the barn that she had wanted to do while her parents weregone. She walked to the barn and entered the pen area where theram and goats had been kept. They were friendly and were alwaysfollowing her as she did chores around the barn. She let themout and began to clean up the area around their pen. The billygoat stood nearby looking at her in a puzzled manner, sniffing ather back as she walked past and knelt down to pickup hay.Hillary noticed that the goat was getting excited as he sniffedher and that his cock was slightly extending out of it's sheath.Hillary assumed that the smell of dog cum was turning this goatonto her. Hillary was not becoming amused at the sight of this goatand his cock and balls. She was fantasizing about him and herfucking like she had seen goats do around the farm. Hillary'spussy now grew wetter as she thought about this goat breedingher. She was giving into her animal desires once again. Shecontinued to do her work and when she was finished, she gave intothose desires. Hillary stripped off her pants and panties and grabbed anearby bail of hay. Hillary took the bail and laid across itwith her ass high in the air as if she were a goat ready to bebread. The billy walked up sniffed her pussy and took a coupleof licks. He stood there for a few minuets and did nothing.Hillary was disappointed and thought that something was wrong.Suddenly, when she was not ready as the goat mounted her. She feltthe tip of his cock poking around the checks of her ass and pussylips. The goat was squirting pre-cum around her ass and pussy.Hillary shifted position and the goat found the hole. He lurchedinto her pussy and with a gasp Hillary took his cock all the wayinto her hot box. She was well lubed as he reamed in a littlefurther and began to bounce his white balls off her. As the goathumped forward his balls would fly ahead and slap at her legs andHillary would reach back and fondle them. The goat was nowbreeding her with a ferry as she took all the cock she could.Goat sperm began to run about her pussy and down her legs, as helet go inside the wall of her vagina. Hillary was now gettinggoat fucked and loving every moment of it. She began to rockwith his thrusts and her pussy began to contract upon hisslippery cock as he sank in as far as he could go. Just asquickly as he had mounted he shot his load into her waiting cuntand dismounted leaving Hillary in a worked up frenzy wantingmore. Hillary looks around and there stood her ram with his bigblack balls hanging down to the floor. Hillary now not caringwhat kind of cock she had in her, got down on all fours andcrawled over to the ram. Hillary acted if she were a ewe andstuffed her ass up into her ram's face. The ram bellowed andmounted immediately. His black cock found it's mark and herammed it home with one large lurch, almost knocking Hillary offher hands and knees. Hillary took it all the way to his ballsand gave herself completely to the ram. She knew that she wasnow a sheep in heat, with this big ram fucking her. Hillarypushed back as the ram reamed his cock and forth in her pussy.Hillary was in such a sexual frenzy that she was oblivious toeverything around her. She just wanted cock and cum shot in herpussy. She moaned with pleasure as the ram pumped and humpedaway. The ram bellowed and gave one hard last lurch knockingHillary off balance as he ream her for all he was worth. Hillaryhad hit her sexual peak, feeling completely fulfilledas the ram let the hot load of sheep cum go inside her.Hillary just held still as the ram shot off and pulled out.Hillary's cunt now leaked with sheep, goat and dog cum. Hillary now knew what it was like to be a farm slut and lovedevery moment of it. She knew that her animal desires would befulfilled and that she was the breeding bitch of the farm.Hillary had fulfilled her hidden fantasies as she waked bowleggedtowards the house to get cleaned up. Hillary knew that tomorrowwould bring another day and that she hadn't even looked at herhorse or her pigs. She knew that she had found a sexualsatisfaction that no man could ever come close to, after all whocould fill her with as much cum as she had taken today. She alsoknew that the week would go too quickly and that she must enjoyevery moment of it.
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