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Hi every one! My first story about my first time with a dog.Tell me what you think. Enjoy! It all started about four months ago when a good friend of mine asked me if I would help him with moving his parents. I said I would and we wher off. When we arived I noticed they had a dog, a great dane. Her name was Sammy, she was very friendly,and sexy. Realizing that I was a zoo about a year ago and am atracted to bitches,I was highly atracted to her. I could hardly get her out of my mind(or out of my way) when we wher loading up the truck. When the truck was loaded it was very late. So, we stayed the night there. My friend and his parents had rooms up stairs, and I got the guest room down stairs. Sammy also had her "bed" down stairs. When everyone was asleep, I went to go see Sammy. She was excited to see mee and was eger to follow me back into my room. She jumped up onto the bed and I sat down next to her. We started cudle and get intimate, she was very affectionate and was licking my face. We wher having a great time together and I knew she was enjoying it about as much as I was. After a while of that, I decided to see how far she was wiling to go. I cautiously touched her vulva. She seemed to like it and was already geting wet,so I decided to give her a nice rub. She started moning and growning and having a great time. I then did some oral on her. She tasted sooo good. I couldent take it any more. I got naked, and she started to lick my my cock! It was time to try. I slid in a few fingers and she sarted to hump them, I knew she could take me. I removed my fingers and positioned her for doggy style and went for it. I slid right in. It was such an amazing fealing! After months of dreaming I was finaly having sexual intercorse with a female dog. Sammy was great,we Wher having the time of our lives,she was thrusting into me while I was thrusting into her. It was the best sex I have ever had. She started to tens up and I felt her orgasm, it was too much for me and I blew my lode deep inside her.. It was the absolute best moment of my life.... We spent the rest of the night together. It was morning, time to leave. I knew it was likely to be the last time we would ever see eachother and a tear came to my eye when I said goodbye to her. I promised to never forget her,and gave her a kiss....
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