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It was early evening and I was trying to get in a bit of gardening before the sun went down. Bud, a large Rottweiler that belongs to the neighbors came over and sat a few feet away, watching me. I greeted him, talking to him a bit as I pulled weeds, but soon fell silent, concentrating on my work. Suddenly, I felt a large, wet tongue licked me between my legs. The crotch of my daisy duke shorts push into my pussy and the rough tongue snakes over my outer lips. I gasped and jumped up, turning around, eyes wide. Bud looked at me, eyes shining. It had been his tongue tasting me. I yelled at him, waving my arms to shoo him away, trying to act repulsed, even as I felt myself getting wet. He retreated to the corner of the yard and again sat, watching me. I tried to go back to work, but can’t so I gathered up my tools and headed to my shed in the very back of my large back yard. Opening the door I stepped into the 8x6 shed, moving towards the back and hung my tools on the pegboard. Stepping back, I bent down, setting a bag of soil on the floor when I was knocked down, landing on my knees with an “Oof!” Looking over my shoulder, I see Bud standing there, his large tongue hanging out, a dog grin on His face. I started to stand up, but he growled and I went still; Bud’s a huge dog, weighting over 160 pounds of muscle with very large, very sharp looking teeth. He could easily hurt me. As I trembled, heart racing, he leaned forward, sniffing my still damp pussy. I bit my lower lip, trying to stay calm. His thick tongue again slipped out, licking me again and I moaned, unable to hold back. He must have understood that to be a good thing, because he started licking faster, his tongue slipping under my shorts, dipping into my pussy. I moaned, getting hotter. The idea of this dog eating me out made my clit throb. Almost without knowing I was doing it, I undid my shorts and pushed them down to my knees. Bud stopped licking as the short slid down my legs, but as soon as they stopped, he buried his tongue in my cunt again, his nose pushing my dripping lips apart. I bit my lip harder, trying to keep quiet, my hand slipping under my shirt to twist my hard nipples. Suddenly, he stopped licking. Before I could react, he lifted up, his front legs on my back. Unbalanced, I tilted forward, my chin hitting the floor. Bud moved closer and the next thing I knew, his huge hard cock pushed into me. I cried out in surprise and a little pain. My cunt was tight, not at all use to meat so large, so thick. He push his doggy dick deep into my sloppy pussy, stopping only after sinking it all in. A growl-moan came from him and he started to move, pounding his dick in me. There was no starting slow for him – he fucked me hard right from the start. His hips pounded against my ass and I soon was moving back to meet each of his hard thrusts. We both started to pant, and I felt my cunt tightening as I got closer and closer. Bud must have sensed this, because he started drilling me harder, faster and I pressed my face against the floor to muffle my scream as I came hard, the walls of my pussy rippling along the length of his rod. He growled again, and clamped his teeth on the back of my neck – not hard, just enough to hold me as he slammed into me over and over, never stopping, speeding up. My juices ran down the inside of my legs and I moved a hand down, catching his balls in my hand. Massaging them in my palm with my fingers, my thumb reached up to work my clit. Bud tightened his jaws on me a bit and bucked harder, pulling almost out before plowing back in with great force. Each thrust caused a tiny moan to escape me. His paws dug into my sides and he banged me harder still until, suddenly, he froze and I felt his hot cum shoot out of his dick, pumping deep into my waiting cunt. My belly quivered and I bit my forearm to keep from screaming as I cum too, harder then I ever had before. I collapsed and he falls too, resting his weight on my back. After a bit, He slowly gets up. I felt his wet nose sniff me, and gasped and moaned as once again his tongue lapped at my pussy. I rolled over, onto my back and spread my legs. His long tongue probed deep, scooping out our cum, raking over my clit. He licked me clean just in time as I came again. I sat up, wrapped my arm around his neck and pressed my hot face into his fur. I leaned over and saw he was hard again. Smiling I sifted on the floor, reaching over and pulling out a large unopened bag of top soil. “Still horny, stud? Want more?” Laying on my back, I draped my ass over the bag, raising it off the floor. I spread my legs and Bud immediately moved between them. With his paws resting on either side of my hips, he stood on the bag and shoved His dick home again. I moaned and leaned up on my elbows, watching this big black dog fucking my hairless cunt. He soon had me cumming again, then once more as he came too. He laid on me after and I could feel his dick softening and slowly slipping out of me as it shrank back into it’s sheath. Pushing a hand between us, I slipped a finger into my cunt and pulled it back out. Licking it clean, I moaned, “Oh baby.. you taste so good, Buddy.” I was just wondering if I could get him hard again so I could suck him off when I heard a car pull up the driveway. Looking at my watch, I gasped. We had been fucking for three hours! I pushed him off and sat up, untangling my shorts and pulling them back up. I pushed the bag of dirt into the corner and stood up, brushing myself off, straightening my clothes and running my fingers through my hair. I peeked out the half closed door and scanned the yard, making sure no one was around, then stepped out into the dark. Bud followed behind me. I smiled at him and scratched behind his ear before running to the back door and opening it. Looking back, I saw Bud sitting there, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, the doggy grin on his face. We both knew we’d do it again. As I slipped inside, I wondered how soon I could get home from work tomorrow for more ‘gardening’.

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