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This is a story of an aunt, who changes the lives of her niece, and her niece’s husband, in ways that are rather more unorthodox than the more common methods used today. If you are offended by drug induced mind control, bondage, bestiality, or any other sexual content, stop now and go no further. Being my first story to be read by the public (well, my friends), I am really not sure how this will turn out. I am sending this without having it edited, because I want it read in its original form. If you have any suggestions how to improve my writing, as I already have from a dear friend in the UK, you may PM me. I would be glad of the feedback, and any help. This story includes bd, mc, F/f, f/d, d/m, drug, and nc sex. To Be Or Not To Be, a Bitch By Petlover54 Part 1 Teri was so angry that she was crying. How he dare treat me this way, she thought. I have been good wife to him, and he humiliates me in front of my family. She thought back to this evening at her parent’s anniversary party, where her husband told her, in front of her family and friends, that she was a worthless wife, and a dog in bed. He just blurted it out without a thought for her or her parents. What was even more embarrassing was his repeating it to all her friends and co-workers. Teri had run from the party in tears, not thinking of where she was fleeing to, just knowing she had to get away from everyone’s looks of pity. Hours later, Teri returned home to find that her husband Bill had been home. He had left a note telling her he was going out for some “real” fun, and he would be home when he felt like it. Teri was beside herself. She didn’t know what she had done wrong. She never had a clue that Bill was unhappy, let alone that he despised their sex life. She waited up for her husband but fell asleep on the couch. In the morning when she awoke, Bill still hadn’t come home. An hour later, Bill came in, grunted at her, and went to shower and change to go to work. He left without a word, but looked at her like she was some sort of bug. About noon, after moping around the house, trying to clean things that were already clean, the doorbell rang. Teri didn’t want to answer the door, afraid it might be her mother, or a friend that wanted to hear the gruesome details of her humiliation. She went to the living room window and peeked from behind the curtain. It was her aunt Tess. Teri breathed a sigh of relief because Tess hadn’t been at the party. She opened the door and greeted her aunt with a hug and kiss on the cheek, inviting her in. Teri had no more than closed the door when Tess demanded to know where Bill was. Her tone told Teri that she knew about the party. “He’s at work, and I hope he stays there.” she replied, looking at the floor. Tess looked at her and informed her, “I saw the video of the party. We can’t let him get away with treating you like this.” Teri had forgotten about the video she paid to have done of the party. She started to cry all over again, thinking her humiliation was a permanent record. It was ten minutes before she could utter a coherent sentence. “Aunt Tess, I don’t know what to do, things have gone too far to fix. I still love Bill but how can I stay with him if he treats me like a dog.” “Teri, do you know that you’ve been married for five years, and Bill has had seven affairs?” Tess replied. Teri looked at her with disbelief. She was speechless. She had never even suspected her husband of cheating. This news shook her to her soul. “That can’t be true. I don’t believe you. He wouldn’t do that to me.” She sputtered. Tess looked her in the eye and said, “It’s true, three times with women in his office, one at the golf course, one in the office of his accountant, and two wives of his partners.” Teri could tell by the look in her aunt’s eyes that she told the truth. The blood drained from her face and she fainted dead away. Tess caught her before she fell to the floor and lay her down on the couch. She knew that her niece wouldn’t be able to decide what needed to be done. Tess sat and thought about the situation for a long while. She thought of Teri’s life and her marriage to Bill. That bastard Bill, he didn’t deserve her. He wasn’t that great of a catch in Tess’s opinion, too average and plain. Teri was a beauty, long auburn hair, slim body with tight ass, and medium but wonderfully shaped breasts. She was a 5’ 6” tall girl with flawless skin, and a face that stopped men in their tracks, a younger version of her aunt. Tess had to admit that Bill did have a nice body, but his personality was nonexistent. How he got Teri was anyone’s guess, and why she stayed with him, and even greater puzzle. Finally, she decided it was up to her to fix the problem. She knew what to do about Bill. If Bill thought he was married to a dog, then he ought to be a dog himself, to see how it feels, a bitch dog at that. She would see how he liked being the one treated like a dog, the one made to take the cock. But first she would have to help Teri accept what Bill would become. She knew how to do that easily enough. Tess lugged Teri into the bedroom and made her as comfortable as possible on the bed and then, taking a syringe from her purse, injected her with a sedative, and left her to rest while she ran the errands to set her plan in motion.Tess was a Doctor in biological research, working for the Government. She had developed the drugs to get information from spies and prisoners and/or erasing what they know, or ever knew. This was her specialty, erasing memories. She could erase as little or as much as she wanted, depending on the dosage given to the subject. She could also replace those memories with what our government wanted them to remember as the truth. Tess would need a tiny fraction of a dose for Teri, and a significant dose for Bill. She would fine tune his dosage after the initial training she was going to make sure he received. Gathering up all the equipment and the amount of drug needed for her plan from her lab at work, she left for her home. She needed to pick up two important element for the plan there. Tess smiled all the way home thinking how much she was going to enjoy making Teri in her own image, she new Teri would love the changes she was going to make in her life. Her pussy became sopping wet at the thought of watching Teri’s training. Just thinking about what she had planned for Bill, made her climax without even touching herself. What a sight it was going to be... An hour later, she left home with her three dogs, Duke, who was the most experienced, Luke, who was the steadiest of the three, and Cuke, named for his large cucumber sized cock. They were all large golden retrievers. She also had with her, a small bottle of a drug she made in her own basement lab, a drug that would insure that Teri, and Bill for that matter, would be to busy to notice when she gave them the memory drug. Both drugs had to be taken orally, however the memory drug had to be administered while the subject was in the act which was to be ingrained into their mind. Being distracted, they would most likely drink it thinking they were just quenching their thirst. Tess also had a powerful sedative in case Bill happened to come home before she was finished with Teri. If things worked out like she hoped, she could give him the sedative so that she could get him into the position she needed him to be in for his “training”. She was also excited to have this opportunity to share her passion with her niece, tired of having to be secretive, and not having anyone to talk to about her favorite interest. Soon she would have someone close to talk to and if she was lucky, to watch to her hearts content. When Tess arrived at Teri’s house, Bill’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so she parked her car and hurried up the steps, letting herself in the door quietly. Checking on Teri, she found her asleep. Tess covered her and went to the living room, looking around to see if everything she needed was in the room. Darn no footstool. She decided she needed something stronger and heavier anyway, and settled on a heavy piano bench. It was a very heavy bench, and Tess wondered where in tarnation Teri had gotten such a thing. Well as long as it suited her purpose, she didn’t care. She had to drag it into the living room and placed it just like she wanted it, and then smiled. Going to the kitchen, she hunted in the cabinets until she found some fairly heavy cotton clothesline rope, just what the doctor ordered, laughing at the irony of her little joke. Having found the things she needed, she went out to the car and brought in her three beautiful dogs, settling them on the back porch to sleep until they were needed. Well, she thought, now we wait, and went to lie down in the recliner and nap until Bill got home. Bill arrived home around 8:00 PM, upset to find Tess in his living room. “What are you doing here, where is Teri?” he said. Tess smiled, and said “She was exhausted, so she is sleeping right now.” “Then why are you here. If she is sleeping, don’t you think you should go home?” Bill said rather caustically. Tess was disgusted with his attitude, but smiled and said “I was just thinking of going, could I make you a drink before I go.” She said, trying to look helpful. Bill nodded, thinking if it would get her out of the house, it wouldn’t hurt. Tess mixed his drink, adding a little sedative, enough to keep him out for at least eighteen hours. Bill took the drink and downed it in one swallow. “Well, thanks for the drink, see ya.” He said and hoped she would leave. Tess wasn’t about to leave, and managed to keep talking about nothing until Bill started to stagger, and collapsed onto the couch. Tess looked at him, leaned over, and whispered into his ear, you’ve had your last free day Bill. Today was your last day as a husband, and your last chance to have sex, at least with a woman. She laughed softly, knowing he hadn’t heard her, but it had made her feel good to say it. Tess went to the kitchen and got a pair of scissors out of the junk drawer, and returned and began to cut all of Bill’s clothes off. Working slow and steady, she cut off his pants, shirt, undershirt, and then his underwear. His large cock lay limp against his thigh and she had to admit, it looked like it would be massive when erect. A thought popped into her head when she admired his huge balls. She wondered how much sperm they produced. She laughed at the sight of him laying there in just his socks and shoes. Removing them, she left him there on the couch, knowing she had hours and hours to get him into position and secured satisfactorily. As she left the living room, she slid the pocket doors closed, and went to check on Teri. It was time. Teri had been asleep for hours. Tess made coffee, and took her a cup, loaded with her homemade drug. The drug would act as a very powerful aphrodisiac, and would cause an almost uncontrollable urge to copulate. She would do anything to relieve the itching and burning desire, desparate to have a big stiff cock thrusting relentlessly in and out of her cunt. It would make it hard for her to think of anything except fucking, with anyone or anything. Opening the Bedroom door, Tess set the cup on the nightstand, and shook Teri awake. “What are you doing still here?” Teri asked as she tried to sit up. “I was worried about you, and didn’t want to leave you alone after you fainted.” She said, which of course, was partially true. Tess handed Teri the cup of coffee and said “Drink up; I made this just for you.” Teri didn’t want any coffee, but took the cup to be nice, since her aunt had made it just for her. They sat there and made small talk while Teri sipped her coffee, not wanting to bring up Bill again. Finishing the cup, Teri excused herself to go to the bathroom to pee and wash her face. She took a large T shirt with her to change into to wear back to bed. Tess waited, knowing it wouldn’t take long for the drug to take effect. It was absorbed almost instantly through the lining of the mouth and reached the brain in minutes.Teri finished relieving herself and had just changed into the T shirt, when she felt a sudden rush. Her face turned pink, like she had blushed in embarrassment. Her nipples stood up, and her breasts tingled. She almost doubled over when she felt a flood of sensation deep in her pussy. In seconds, her pussy lips began to swell, her vagina became extremely wet, and her clit became swollen and erect like a little cock. Her clit had never become so stiff and swollen before but in her confusion, she had no time to think about it. She was starting to get anxious, and only knew she needed to do something to give herself some relief, and knowing she couldn’t with her aunt there. Teri was getting desperate as she came out of the bathroom. Her aunt passed her in the hall, and glancing over her shoulder, said “I’ll let you get back to bed and will check on you tomorrow.” Teri was in such a hurry to get to her bedroom, she just nodded at her aunt and ducked into the room. She didn’t even bother to see if her aunt had actually left.Teri rushed into the bedroom and collapsed on her bed, her hands working frantically between her legs. She didn’t know what had come over her. She had never felt so excited in her life. With one hand rubbing her clit, and the other stroking her fingers deep in her wet cunt hole, her mind went on autopilot. Teri couldn’t seem to manage to concentrate on anything but the feelings of wanting something, no, needing something big and hard thrusting into her belly. Suddenly she felt someone mount her from behind, and almost instantly her fingers were forced out of the way, and a huge hard cock replaced them. Her relief was so great, that she gave up any thought of worrying about who it was fucking her with such fury. All she could comprehend was that her desperate need for hard cock was being satisfied, the blissful feeling in her cunt, exquisite. Teri panted like a dog as the hard pounding into her cunt seemed to go on and on. She never wanted the hard massive cock to stop. She suddenly wanted to feel that cock pulse and fill her belly with thick, rich sperm. Just that fleeting thought pushed her over the edge, and she came with an intensity she had never felt before. The cock continued, fucking into her over and over. She dropped her head to the bed and pushed back to get more cock inside her. Tess grinned, as she had seen her niece practically run into her bedroom, she knew she would just have enough time to go to the back porch and get one of the dogs. Duke first, she decided. He was the best of the three, and knew what to do without any coaching. By the time she got back to Teri’s room, her niece was laying face down on her bed with her knees on the floor and both hands rubbing her cunt franticly. The room smelled of her sex, and Duke strained against Tess’s hand on his collar. She pressed her thighs together, feeling her own pussy become wet at the thought of what she was about to do. She let go of Duke’s collar and he was across the room and mounted on Teri instantly. He was buried in her cunt within seconds, and was pounding his cock into her like a machine. Teri arched her back, pushing her cunt higher to meet his thrusting without even realizing what she was doing. She only knew the pleasure and relief of having her cunt filled, and having cock hammering deliciously into her. It never crossed her mind to worry about what, or whose cock it was. Tess watched Teri’s breeding for ten minutes, her hand in her own pants, rubbing her clit. She finally stopped masturbating and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. She filled the glass half full and measured the memory drug, putting in the amount she had calculated she would need. Finished with that little chore, she went to Teri’s bedroom, and walked right up to the bed. She leaned over the bed and caressed Teri’s face with her hand. Teri was so far gone with the pleasure she was feeling in her pussy, she didn’t even wonder why her aunt was there, or that her aunt was seeing her being f*****. Tess laid a tape recorder on the bed, and offered Teri the glass of water, putting it up to her mouth. Without thinking her niece tilted her head back and drank the whole glass. Tess stroked Teri’s hair, knowing she would have to wait at least another ten minutes for the drug to get to her niece’s brain. Duke had gotten his knot inside Teri’s cunt, and it was swollen up, limiting how far Duke could pump his cock to an inch or two each way. Teri was cumming again and again, panting like she was running a race. Tess knew instantly, when the dog started to pump his cum inside her niece. He had kind of a whining growl, and a flood of sperm began to leak out of Teri’s cunt, and run down her legs. Tess couldn’t help her self and reached down and collected some on her finger and then put it in her mouth, savoring the taste. Duke held still as he spurted his seed as deep into his bitch as he could. Teri was unable to keep still and worked her hips the best she could to keep up the friction in her pussy. Tess made her way to the back porch and brought Luke and Cuke back with her to the bedroom. She wanted to be sure Teri was continually mounted for at least the next six hours.Duke’s knot shrank and he slipped out of Teri’s pussy, but Luke mounted her so quickly, she lost very little of Duke’s seed, and in fact, wasn’t aware of the change of cock. After Luke was safely buried deep in her niece, Tess returned to the bed, turned on the tape recorder she had left there, and began to work on Teri’s memories. She intended to remove some, and introduce others to make Teri want to agree with her plans for Bill. She started talking in a soothing steady voice. “Teri, can you hear me? Can you understand me?” she asked. “Yes” Teri mumbled. Her hands were clutching at the bedspread, holding on with all her strength to steady herself as she happily took the dogs cock. Tess began, “You will listen to me very carefully, forget what I tell you to forget, and remember what I tell you to remember. Tell me yes mistress. “Yes mistress.” Her niece replied. Beginning her memory wash, Tess said, “I am your mistress, you are to do as I order you to without question. Nobody else may order you to do anything, only your mistress may order you to do anything. Do you like the fucking you are receiving? Say yes mistress.”“Yes Mistress.” A heavily panting Teri repeated. Tess spoke again softly. “You are being mounted and bred by a dog Teri. You have always loved being mounted and bred by dogs. You may have dreamed once about making love to a man, but you realized that a man could never satisfy you and you will never think of it again. You have a dog husband named Duke, whom you love very much, and he is your master. You will submit to him in all things. You will be unable to resist the excitement of being f***** by your dog master husband when ever he wishes. Say yes mistress.” Yyyee…esss mistress.” Teri moaned. “You will forget any thoughts or knowledge of your years of marriage to Bill. It was just a fantasy marriage. Bill was never your husband. Bill is your pet dog bitch. You have never liked sex with men. The thought of sex with a man makes you ill. You are an independent woman when you are out in the world, but at home you are married to your dog master husband.” Tess loved the look on her niece’s face, a look of total rapture, and she new that meant the drug was working perfectly, so she went on. “You love your dog master husband very much, and you love being mounted and bred by your dog master husband more than life itself. You must give him your cunt whenever he wishes when you are home alone. If there are people around, with the exception of the people I tell you are to know about your marriage, you will act as if you are in an owner / pet relationship, with you as the owner.” Tess paused for a moment, as Luke slipped his cock out of her niece’s cunt. Cuke eagerly mounted an extremely contented Teri, who had her eyes closed and had a look of extreme concentration on her face. He buried his cock deep, and began his enthusiastic thrusting. Teri arched her back to bring her cunt higher, for deeper penetration, as dog sperm gushed from her bitch cunt. It was pooling on the floor. She spent her cum every few minutes, with the added help of the drug in her system. Tess continued her instructions, repeating the most important. “When alone with your dog master husband, he will be your master, and you will submit to him. If you and he are at home and he wants to mount you, you will stop whatever you are doing, where ever you are, and present your pussy to him. You will do this on all fours, ass in the air, legs spread, and your face on the floor. You will submit in this fashion, and be eager to do so. If you are not at home, you will go home as soon as you can, and submit to him.” Tell me what you want from you dog master husband.” “I want him to mount me, and breed me so good. I love him so much and I will submit to him always.” Teri panted out, her breath coming out hard in each sobbing lungful. “Your dog master husband may have fellow dog friends live with you for his company. After your training tonight, they are never to breed you without your dog master husband’s permission. That is why you have Bill, your bitch dog, to service your dog master husband if he wishes a change, or if you are out of the house and not available. Remember Teri, Duke, your dog husband is your master, so you will not question his right to mount his other bitch dog when he pleases. Your dog bitch will also service your dog master husband’s dog friends, as often as they want her. You are never to allow your bitch dog to cum, never allow her to have an erection. You are to purchase a cock cage for you dog bitch, to prevent any violation of these orders. Her daily breeding should slowly milk any cum from her, which will be sufficient for her health and needs. At no time may you take the cock cage off, with the exception of a few seconds, to be sure your bitch dogs genitals are kept clean. Your dog bitch is to be fed like the other dogs, in a dog bowl, and only dog food. You are allowed to eat at the table, and may feed your dog master husband on a plate next to the table. Never give your dog master husband treats from your plate in addition to his dog food. You must keep him healthy, and not make him overweight in order that he may breed you as often as he likes.” Tess instructed, with a soft and soothing voice. Getting close to the end of her instructions, Tess continued. “Your dog bitch is not to be seen by anyone I do not give you permission to show her to. Your dog bitch is to be shut in a locked room if people are at the house. I will take care of informing your dog bitches family that she has abandoned you and that you don’t know where she went. I will also inform your parents. You are to go to their house for any sympathy they wish to show, and you will pretend distress at your fantasy human husband leaving you. Then you may come home and enjoy watching your dog bitch being bred, and you WILL enjoy this sight. It will make you want to mate with your dog master husband. I will take care of any legal matters, and insure that your house, cars, and all bank accounts are made over in your name. You will not question any of these actions. In time, you will divorce your fantasy husband named Bill, and change your name back to your maiden name. You WILL NOT question any of these things concerning a fantasy husband named Bill, and will put anything to do with these legal proceedings out of your mind afterwards. You will always defer to my judgment in these matters. From now on, YOU WILL OBEY ME….YOU WILL OBEY ME….YOU WILL OBEY ME.” Tess got off the bed and set the recorder to continuously repeat what she had taped. She paused before leaving the room, to give each dog a drop or two of her homemade drug, to insure they kept going long enough. Turning on the tape recorder, she heard herself saying, “Teri, can you hear me? Can you understand me?” Leaving the room, she had no doubt that her drug would work as designed on her niece. She checked the time to make sure that Teri listened to the tape while being bred by all three dogs, for at least another five and a half hours. Yes, that should just about do it. The only thing that caused her any grief, was the knowledge that now she would have to make Duke, Teri’s husband, and leave all three dogs with Teri. Oh well, there were kinks in every plan, but she could get other trained companions, and she went to tend to Bill. Bill woke up slowly, with a pounding headache. He lay there quietly until he realized he was in his living room. “What the f***.” he mumbled. Looking up, he saw Tess sitting right in front of him on the couch. He instantly became angry at seeing her there and immediately tried to get up, discovering only then that he was tied to his wife’s piano bench. “What are you doing you dizzy bitch. Let me go or I’ll have you in jail so fast you’ll think you woke up there this morning.” Tess smiled at him, leaning forward so he could see her close. Grinning she said “How are you going to call them, got a phone up your ass?” Bill exploded into action, trying to pull free of his bonds, only then realizing he was stark naked, and not only his hands were tied, but his knees were tied too. Tess thought he looked very nice tied to the piano bench on his belly, with his ass hanging off one end, and his knees tied to the outside of the back pair of bench legs. Just the right position for what was going to happen to a very unhappy Bill, doggie style. Bill struggled for a few minutes and then stopped, glaring at Tess like he would like nothing better than to choke her to death. “What do you think you are doing assaulting me in my own home?” Bill spit out. Tess laughed outrageously, telling him “That’s funny, coming from a man who assaults his wife with lies, cheats on her with other women, and humiliates her in front of her family and friends. Then tells his friends his wife is a dog in bed.” “That’s none of your business you skank.” Bill yelled. “She’s my wife and I’ll treat her as I please.” Tess laughed again, then got right in his face and said “No, you are not her husband. A dog would treat her better than you do. In fact she will learn that fact in the next few hours.” “What do you mean by that remark?” Bill asked. “I mean that your ‘ex’ wife is in her bedroom being f***** silly by three huge dogs as we speak. I’d say that was learning how to be treated by her new doggie husband. I must tell you that she is being very orgasmic about it, which is more than she ever was fucking you.” Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Your lying, you bitch.” He said. Once again Tess rolled with mirth, giggling as she told him “I wouldn’t lie to you Bill, especially since you will be a dog bitch in a few hours yourself.” Bill stared at her like she was insane. “Of course, the dogs will have to have a rest first, six hours of pounding their cocks into your ‘ex’ wife’s beautiful cunt will have tired them out.” Tess said, with a straight face. Before he could think of a reply to what he thought of as a ridiculous idea, she jabbed a syringe into his neck, and Bill was unconscious in seconds. Tess watched him lying there, quietly. She knew the dogs really would need a rest. That was alright, she thought, Teri will need a good 12 hours rest to recover from the drugs… and the dogs. She would be sore from taking all that cock over that period of time, but it was necessary for the memory drug to work. There was no doubt in her mind that Teri was going to be happier with her new life than she ever was with Bill. Looking at her watch, she figured she could start Bill’s training at about the time Teri woke up from her much needed sleep.
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