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Dee Abused - Part 3 by Paul --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dee Abused - Part 3Dee was led back to the bedroom and told to shower herself. The water felt soothing on her skin as her mind thought back to the encounters of that evening. Never had she felt an intensity of ecstasy as she felt then. Her pussy was tingling with the memory of the snake that had entered her and extended her cunt like she had never known before. Now she had been told that she was to be taken by a horse. She was excited by the thought and could feel her pussy getting wet. Her fingers wandered down to her clit and she began to gently stimulate herself, alternating between dipping her fingers into her cunt and nipping her clit with her fingers. "Well, can't you get enough my little darling"Dee spun round to see Sam stood in the doorway."I've been watching you play with yourself and felt I had to tell you that you should save your energy because you're going to need it."She walked over to Dee in a deliberate way and placing a finger on her shoulder traced down her wet body. She lingered over her nipples and teased them into an erect state before lowering her mouth and gently sucking each nipple in turn. Her finger, meanwhile, was continuing down her body and disappearing into the cleft that was Dee's pussy. The clit hardened to the touch as Sam teased it in ever decreasing circles. Dee began to moan, this woman was driving her crazy again."Put your fingers inside me," said Dee.She opened her legs slightly to allow Sam easier access and gasped as she felt those slender fingers brush past her lips and into her pussy. First one finger, then two, then three, each finger producing a whimper of pleasure from Dee. Sam began to increase the speed of her fingers in Dee's cunt and was making her pant heavily"Oh harder, I want to come with you inside me," said Dee, with a new found confidence that came with her pleasure."I'll do more than that my little one. Bend forward."Dee did as she was asked and suddenly felt the whole of Sam's clenched hand slide into her well-lubricated pussy."Another new experience for you darling," gasped Sam. "You'll get to enjoy being fisted. How does it feel?"It took Dee a moment to reply as the feel of Sam's fist inside her pussy was taking her breath away. "It feels wonderful you... are... filling me... completely!" she squealed in delight as Sam burrowed her fist ever deeper, pushing against Dee's cervix. Her other hand had strayed around the front of Dee and she had resumed her fondling of her clitoris. This was getting too much for Dee, as she felt her climax beginning to build inside her, but Sam continued pumping her pussy. Dee began to shudder and she screamed a cry of pleasure as her vaginal walls gripped around the clenched fist that was buried inside her and she fell back against Sam as she orgasmed violently.Later they lay in Dee's bedroom, both naked, gently caressing each other."Sam I just love what you do to me. I should be repulsed by everything you have put me through but I've never been so turned on and willing to experiment. It seems that when I think I've reached the limits you do something to surpass it. Having sex with animals just makes me go weak at the knees just thinking about it. I thought that being taken by a woman was bizarre enough but now...""I knew from the moment I met you that you only needed to be encouraged for you to enjoy all that sex has to offer. It's a terrible cliché I know but you only live once and you should try things to see what they can do for you. I have to say you have looked like you enjoyed the whole experience.""It has been completely liberating," said Dee. "I just feel grateful that you chose me.""Well there is still one more sexual experience for you. We told you about the horse, well you are going to take his big thick prick in your mouth and your cunt. The feeling of him shooting inside you will take you to another dimension. I have had him many times and I still can't describe it so that I can do the experience total justice" said Sam with obvious relish in her voice "But I want you ready to feel it with your senses heightened. Lie on the table and put your feet in the stirrups."Dee did as she was asked. As she lay there waiting for Sam, she could feel her pussy lips parting with anticipation and her natural lubrication starting to flow once more. Sam approached her with a bowl of hot water, which Dee thought strange as she had just showered."I'm going to shave you darling. I want your pussy as exposed as possible so that you can feel every inch of it being stimulated. I want you to enjoy this as well which is why this is going inside you." And Sam produced some Ben-wa balls, which were filled with mercury and move as you move. She gently parted Dee's cunt lips and pushed the balls right up into her cunt with just the cord protruding from the wetness. Dee moaned and tightened her muscles to grip the balls inside her, this pleasure trip was never ending, she thought.Sam then proceeded to soap the pubic hair around the ball filled cunt that was in front of her. Sam allowed herself to smile as she thought how easy it had been to awaken the darker side of this woman's character so that she felt that Dee would do anything, no matter how perverted just to experience it. She also thought that she could watch Dee getting abused for any length of time as that was her turn-on.Sam produced a cut-throat razor and gently began to shave the easy hair at the top of her mound. The trickier hair, around her lips, was going to be a delicate operation but enjoyable nevertheless. She lifted one of the cunt lips with her fingers and slowly scraped away any vestiges of hair. Dee, whilst nervous of the blade, was enjoying the feeling and gripped the balls inside her to heighten the sensation. Sam repeated the process with the other lip, until Dee's pussy was completely bald and her lips quivered slightly at the feeling of the air on them.Sam couldn't resist and lowered her mouth to the now hairless pussy and licked all round the lips with the flat of her tongue savouring the juices that were now seeping from Dee's cunt."God you taste and feel great," said Sam. "Your cunt is now ready for the fuck of a lifetime darling. You will have to change though and you will find everything on the bed waiting for you." With that she was gone leaving Dee to regret the lack of an orgasm. The cord was still protruding from her lips and with a gentle tug the balls slopped out of her cunt glistening with her juices. Dee sighed and let her fingers wander over her bald cunt, still not quite believing that she was as naked as a child. It felt incredibly erotic to feel the air around her pussy as she walked across the room to admire herself in the mirror. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and visually examined her body. Her breasts seemed to be fuller and her nipples were erect, as if they were in a constant state of readiness. She pulled her nipples out with both fingers and wished that she were able to produce breast milk, as she would have loved Sam to be able to drink from her.Dee waked to the bed to see what clothes had been left for her to wear. There was a black latex Basque, a pair of thigh length leather boots with a large stiletto heel and a studded collar. Dee put them on and stood by the window, feeling the cool night air playing on her body. Her nipples were stiff and quite elongated, her pussy lips were tingling as she thought about what lay in store for her.Sam came into the bedroom wearing exactly the same as Dee, except her Basque was red. Dee looked at Sam and lust was the only thing on her mind. Dee wanted to be either fucked savagely by this gorgeous woman or to throw her on the bed and eat her pouting cunt. Neither was on the agenda as Sam took Dee by the hand. "No talking from now on, just follow me and do as you're told."Dee nodded her assent and willingly followed Sam down the stairs and out through the back door across the long lawn that lead down to the stable. It felt really erotic to be virtually naked walking hand in hand with this beautiful near naked woman in the cool moonlight."When you get inside do what Natasha tells you to darling," said Sam.As Dee stepped into the stable she could see Natasha dressed in her trademark all in one black latex outfit. She was able to exert a force over Dee that she could not explain but one to which Dee willingly submitted. Dee then noticed the horse. A jet-black stallion that was tethered to the wall. Natasha was gently talking to the horse and letting him nuzzle his head into her chest, whilst she stroked and petted her handsome head."Come here, I want him to look at you."Dee walked to the head and stood there not knowing what was expected of her. The horse knew what he wanted and began to sniff and gently snort at Dee. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, then her breasts, nipples and finally he nuzzled her cunt and blew. The effect on Dee was electric, she felt her legs go weak as this powerful animal 'examined' her."Lean back against the wall and open your legs," commanded Natasha.Dee did as she was asked and Natasha slid her hands up Dee's legs and roughly parted Dee's cunt lips. This was obviously a signal for the horse and his head soon followed into her cunt. He sniffed again breathing in her musky odour and then allowing his long tongue to lick her. At first he licked the top of her thigh and gently nipped her skin with his teeth, then he turned his attention to the source of the smell that was filling his nostrils. With long trails the horse was licking her cunt and clitoris and obviously enjoying the juice that he was able to taste. He began snorting again and Dee could feel his breath right against the exposed flesh of her cunt and with one movement his tongue reached inside her brushing her vaginal walls. Dee thought she was going to feint, the feeling was so intense."He likes your cunt on his tongue, you'd better return the favour and show him how much you like his cock."Dee was reluctant to move as she was enjoying this animal but she knew that she had to obey Natasha. She lay against his powerful neck and started to slide along his body. His hair stimulated her nipples and she massaged his body with her naked body. The telltale signs of pussy juice were beginning to appear again as she felt this potent body against hers. She ran her hands along his flanks, which quivered to her touch, until she came to the sheath that was hiding the one thing she was dying to see and touch. She wanted to savour the moment and tease herself before she gave in to her basest instincts. Dee also wanted to put on a show for the girls. Dee ran her hands lightly around the sheath, which had a feel like velvet to it, and saw the tip of his cock beginning to appear. She resisted the urge to touch it instead enjoying the feeling of his balls in her hands. Sam had crouched down behind Dee and had started to finger her cunt from behind. Dee's cunt was sopping from the thought of the situation and Sam invading her only got her even wetter.She could hold off no longer and grasped the sheath firmly and was rewarded with his cock dropping into her hands. It was the biggest cock she had seen and it wasn't even erect. Her hands gripped the huge prick and began to fondle and stroke it. This was incredibly horny for Dee as she was stroking this huge cock, Sam was finger fucking her from behind and had inserted a finger into her anus. She managed to concentrate on this huge cock as it started to increase in girth and length. Dee had to have this monster in her mouth, so that she could feel the size and texture with her tongue. The veins on this cock were starting to throb as Dee bent her head and tentatively ran her tongue down the entire length of it. Her cautious licking was soon replaced by grasping the cock with both hands and guiding the head into her mouth. She greedily rolled her tongue around the head of his cock, tasting the first traces of pre-cum, then sucked and drew him further into her mouth.This was too much to bear and with this monster in her mouth and Sam's fingers jammed up her cunt she came violently. She let go of the cock and fell to the floor in a wasted heap.That had to be the orgasm of the century, she thought as she lay panting on the floor."I don't believe you've finished darling," said Sam "the horse still has to come, you can't leave him like that can you?"With that, Dee was helped to her feet and made to lie on a reclining bench, which threw her pussy upwards and her head downwards. The horse was untethered and lead over to the bench. It was only then that Dee realised that the bench had two raised ramps for the horse to put his front hooves on so that his cock was pointing at her cunt. Natasha positioned the horse and Dee could see that monster of a cock was flaccid now and just hanging down between his legs. Sam came over, took the cock in her hands and began to rub it gently against Dee's cunt. She paid particular attention to her clit and Dee could feel the pre-cum lubricating her lips as it rubbed her. Sam nudged open Dee's cunt lips with the head of the cock and slowly began to feed a good few inches of flaccid cock up inside her cunt. Sam then began to slowly wank the horse which had the immediate effect of stiffening its cock. Dee started to moan, as she was filled like never before, this cock was enormous and she still only had a third of it inside her. The horse was now definitely beginning to warm to the task of fucking this tight cunt and he whinnied with each stroke of his prick. His cock was like a piston pumping Dee and she screamed out as this animal impaled her. The fuckings of the last two days paled into insignificance as she received the fuck of all fucks. Dee orgasmed heavily, at the same time as the horse shuddered and jetted his semen deep inside her cunt splashing against the cervix with such force that Dee felt she was being washed out by a power hose.The horse withdrew his massive cock with a loud 'plop' and cum gushed out of her pussy like a torrent. Dee was spent and she drifted out of consciousness dreaming of the next time she would be horse fucked.PaulMore adventures? Other suggestions for stories? Let me This story is part of White Shadow's Nasty Stories. You may also want to visit:Sexy Top 100 Stories Erotic Top 100 Story Sites
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