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this is the first story that I've writen in this vain the first I've posted. and hopefuly the first of many to come. this story is my dream to have and hold a tiger I hope it isn't too longI had the dream for years but never acted on it. I loved tigers there beauty there strength. Finally I found a place that would take me on as a tiger trainer part of an awareness program to show people what they can do and the plight they where in, but also to enrich there lives. They have done this for some time and know how to teach you how to train and take care of your tiger. The tigers have been given walks around the park and given medical examinations daily. I was aloud to see the birth of Snow she was a white tiger and I grabbed her and helped clean her. I was the closest having no natural fear of any animal only respect for there space I was in love at first sight, like a father seeing the birth of his daughter. I wanted to protect her for the rest of her natural life I was 27 I knew that I’d out live her. As the days past I was given her as her trainer they would help me and teach me the right way to raise her. I wouldn’t leave her side except to sleep. Tigers sleep more than humans do so for me it was no problem. I put myself on her schedule and after two weeks I asked if I could help at night. He welcomed the help and I found just how hard it is to raise a tiger but I learned and helped with the round the clock feeding.I raised this tiger from someone I could hold in one hand and support the whole body to someone I couldn’t even lift off the ground in the space of only been six months boy time flew by and my life was on hold save for the tigers. I bought a whip from a horse supply store the type that has the extra long handle so I could get Snow to chase it in the “yard” that was the tigers enclosure. She was quite playful. I knew a little bit of yoga, forced relaxation is handy when a tiger knocks into you. I also knew a bit of jujitsu so I knew how to take a fall and use their weight against them but I tried to avoid that, not that I’d hurt the tigers but I would risk my own life each time. It merely prevented me from some injuries that are inherent in the job description.I laid down with Snow on her soft fur many times, breathing in the sent of her. I already promised myself that I’d do nothing with them unless they approach me and offered it to me. So when Snow finally came into season for the first time I didn’t expect anything but when she point blank refused all advances to the male tigers, I had to wonder. Was she just not ready? Did she really go into heat? Did she want me? Or was she sterol unable to have sex? I didn’t think that was how sterility worked but I doubted, wondered is there something wrong. She has had a medical going over every day of her life surely she was healthy, right?I feared for her till she came into heat again and this time took a mate with her I watched as he approached her sniffing hopefully at her backside. And as she started to tease him I saw a glimpse of his pink member and felt myself grow hard. I was happy for her everything was normal. As they played with each other I grew more and more hot. I wasn’t worried I had on a baggy shirt as always to cover up such um… embarrassments. I had no shame in watching the show I never let her out of my sight if I could help it. They went to the pool and jumped in he mounted her in the water. My heart started to pick up speed. She growled with pleasure and he responded in kind. I was getting really turned on by this. I could actually see each thrust as I watched leaning up against a tree. I could almost feel the pleasure radiating off the two with each thrust. I was acting nonchalant as they near moaned with bliss. I could feel them approach the climax, then the orgasms, first him then her. He jumped off her with surprising speed and tore off for the shore she came out of the water and brushed up against him as she passed but she came strait to me. I didn’t know why, I thought that they would lay with each other for a wile, but I would never turn her away nor deny her what she wants. I promised this to myself for“Did you have fun my little Snow Ball” and it wasn’t till then that I realized I was hurt. Could it be that I was jealous of her mate. She rubbed past me and I fallowed she flopped down on the ground and started to clean herself. I stood next to her as she cleaned her self and started to look for her mate and as I turned around she brush her head up against the back of my knees, I relaxed as my knees buckled out from under me and controlled my fall so I landed on her fairly softly.“Hay” I said but didn’t mean anything by it. Tigers are powerful beings if I were to have tense I would have fallen full force and there is really no way to know how she would have reacted to that. But it seemed that she wanted to snuggle up with me. So I simply snuggle in and make myself comfortable. I saw the male still cleaning himself not to far away, and I didn’t know how to react. I was glade for her but felt let down. It looked like my dream of being anything other than an observer in her life of passion was shot, but I guess it was all for the best. As long as she was happy, right? Just as I started to calm down and truly except my fate, she decided to get up I thought that she wanted to play but she didn’t even glance back. She went over to her new mate and started liking his ears. He robbed his head against hers and got up. No they weren’t at it again. Couldn’t be, but all the signs were there. The same rubbing up against each other, the occasional lick but this time they started in my direction well I thought to give them space, so I back up to the tree. They simply fallowed, she was leading him to me with the teasing, my hart began to race I’d never been this close to a mating pair. I looked around no one was really paying attention a few glances my way but that was it apparently this wasn’t that unusual. But that didn’t slow my hart, it wasn’t fear it was striate heat. I had a ring side seat of the action. I saw her puss as she presented to him and felt pressure in my tight jeans that I always wore. I slid down the tree into a comfortable sitting position. I saw his member again and was hard. I was so tempted to just whip it out and beat off but I knew better, I had better control. She was backing in to him and he leaped on. I could see his hot pink member pulsing up and down over her slit as he tried to send it home in her. She started to move under him to help guide it in but some how managing to keep it out longer. I was so tempted to take the two steps between us and guide it in as she moved just enough to prevent it. I could see the precum leaking from his penis and could see her excited puss leak as well. It hadn’t taken this long to get started in the water, what is going on?“Hold still Snow and it will go in like last time” I whispered she cocked and ear back as if she knew and understood, then moved just barley to the right and it went home. Again I felt pleasure and would have cum on the spot if it weren’t for my tight jeans. I saw his member go in and out and they started getting into a rhythm. She was making the same sounds as before and each (for lake of better term) moan got me hotter than the last. He was building up to the climax and I could see fluid leaking out of her slit and down her leg. He roared and she fallowed and when they did a shudder ran right down my spine. When it reached my hips I lost the lode and saw that I wasn’t the only one. I could all but feel the hot cum being pumped up into her hot slit. I didn’t know that it was possible for both to orgasm at the same time, nor an observer to orgasm with them, but there we were he was just coming down off the high and just laid right on top of her as they recovered. I was glad for my long shirt for the second time today and it wasn’t even mid morning. Snow was looking at me wile her mate was laying on top of her. He was rubbing his head against her as if to get her attention, then just got up and left. She started cleaning her puss pointing it at me one leg in the air fluids where still leaking out and as she licked her puss she never once lost eye contact with me. She wanted to tell me something, give me some kind of message but as good as I am at reading tigers her in particular. I just couldn’t tell what it was. Or maybe I just didn’t want to believe what she wanted to say.After she was finished I lied down on her yet again, I was beginning to wonder if this was the common thyme for today. And again I felt that jealousy but I wouldn’t break my promise especially out here in front of God and every one. Not that I minded God, it was the every one that stayed me, God made me who I am and if he wanted me different he would make it so. I looked at her as she looked at me. I bent over as I’ve done before and kissed her forehead and rubbed my cheek over the kiss. I laid back down and could tell that she wasn’t contented. I knew that it was going to be a long day. Her mate who I now recognized as Dorgan is a male from a different litter so he had a different set of humans. He got up and started our way I looked around to see where his trainer was but didn’t see who it could be. I wasn’t nerves I just wanted to know who was taking care of this wonder of tiger flesh.“Hello Dorgan want to join us” I said holding out a hand he sniffs it and brings his head close. I scratched his head and he rubs it on my chest. I sniff his neck as I rub his cheeks, a friendly hello. He walks around us and spooned Snow. Starting to nuzzle her and lick her. I got the feeling that he was jealous of me. It would have been funny except that 2,000 pounds of muscle and claws with fur isn’t much of a laughing matter regardless of circumstance. As it was I wouldn’t be intimidated, he had to win her, hurting me wouldn’t help. I’ve done nothing save be here, as long as I didn’t challenge his claim, I was safe.“You do like to court danger, don’t you. It isn’t wise to interrupt a mating session”“I’ve raised her since she was borne. She is comfortable with me”“Maybe, but what of him?” he asked“Do you know Dorgan?” I countered“His trainer is in traction since last month he was quite agitated for some reason and ended up running against his legs heard and broke them” I thought about that for a wile “Probably sexual tension, Snow here was in heat last month, but for some reason just wasn’t interested. I was scared for her till this. I’m kind of hoping to befriend him if she wants him on a more permanent basis”“You’re not scared at all” Jake said I remembered him from the last zoo function.“Humph, after having bullets wiz by my head and mortars landing back to back. a tiger is a bit tame, as long as there is no fear and your smart there is no danger” I said he was stunned“When where you mortared?” he asked“I was in the military before this and went to war. The last one wasn’t a good one. I told myself then that if I made it out, I would make my dreams come true”“So this is it, your dream?”“Well almost more like the first step but I’m happy where I am”“What’s the next step?” to find a tiger willing I didn’t say.“Not sure like I said I'm happy where I am, but I was thinking of training a tiger up and going on the road, you know show biz”“Show biz?”“I know tigers well, and I love them, love to be with them. I know that through love and training I could get them to be with humans safely. I’ve always had an affinity with animals, I grew up with them, cats to be specific. I know what they feel and can almost tell what they’re thinking”“Really, what are they thinking now” I looked at Snow“Ho, well” I got up “just watch” they got up and started to play with each other. I went to lean against the tree.“Why do you watch so intently?” he came to stand by me.“I want to know about their instincts their motivation being here watching not just her but the interaction with her and the others not just the tigers either but also the other trainers” they where still just teasing each other not even foreplay quite yet “Yea well, do you think you know them well enough to get them to go inside to um mate”“I didn’t know you were supposed to”“It’s not that we weren’t supposed to, it’s simply that we couldn’t. If you can get them to, get them out of sight, so that none of the customers see it and complain”“I see, well the thing is, that the cages are just fine for sleeping, even giving birth, but it’s not comfortable for mating. They like to be in water or in the open with nothing to bump there heads on when they jump around and um, play”“Is that the reason they stay out in the open. So you think a taller cage would encourage them to keep it privet”“No, I would suggest more like a hot tub big enough for two to be one on top of the other hidden from view with enough bank to allow easy access on all sides and a place for them to both sunbath and stay in the shade. I believe that they would naturally gravitate there especially the hot tub, only big enough to mate in and not to play in”“You’re sure that’s where they will go”“Well when it’s colder they will opt for either the hot tub or the open sun, when it’s hotter they will gravitate towards the shade or more likely the pool which is mostly hidden anyway”“How do you know this?”“I have a collage degree in animal sociology, I can look at an animal and understand their culture. After two years here among the tigers, I know there preferences pretty well”“Why haven’t you said anything?”“I didn’t know nor care who to go to, to have my idea heard”“Hmm, well do you think you could entice them somewhere out of sight” in response I move to the other side of the tree ignoring Snow and facing a mostly covered grotto. “Is that a no”“Just be patient” I said, and sure enough Snow led Dorgan past us, and presented herself to him giving me a view so perfect I wondered for a second if she wasn’t trying to entice me as apposed to Dorgan. As he walked by he gave me a possessive look somewhat unfriendly. Jake grabbed my arm and started to pull me away from him and Dorgan stopped and sniffed the air. I gave Dorgan my best ‘freeze a private mid act’ stare. He made eye contact, and kept going towards Snow. I looked at Jake with a questioning stare and he let go of my arm. I looked back in time to see him mount her and had a surprisingly good view. He was again having problems getting his member in her despite the clearly visible juices coming from both her slit and his member she was moving like before but I knew that she was toying with him or was it me, nah couldn’t be.“You really shouldn’t be so afraid of the tigers your own fear is what endangers you. They see us as their mother, the one who will takes care of them. They won’t attack unless they since weakness or simply by accident”“The look Dorgan gave you was no accident” I was getting hard again just watching the foreplay“He sot weakness in me and found it in you, that’s why he stopped. Right now he’s too interested in her to want anything else, and he sees it as showing his dominance to us by taking her, as long as no one tries to take her away from him then there will be no problem”“Your nuts”, he said and walked off. She was still keeping him out shifting to the left then the right, as he continues to bring his hot member up and down making circuits of her pink puss every circuit he sped up and she did to making his member go round and around her puss. I thought he would dismount but just as I thought he’d truly give up his member slipped not in the puss but in the anis. She froze clearly not expecting it and he started to pump away already I could see his precum coming out in spurts as he pulled back. She started to writhe under him clearly enjoying the surprise. As I watched I started wishing that I could get under her and entering her puss wile he continued on top. The visual was so strong I could almost see myself sliding under her and dropping my pants to my knees and just sliding myself home wile they pumped away. Snow looked at me as if she heard my thoughts and was pleased. She spread her legs as if inviting me. I knew she could see the desire naked on my face. I looked around there was no one watching as if the other tigers planed to distract the trainers just for this. I took a step forward thinking how reckless this was and being so hot hardly caring. I could see her desire as clearly as she saw mine, I remembered my promise to never deny her and I couldn’t resist. Then Dorgan roared and I saw the cum going down the leg and knew that my threesome wouldn’t come to pass. I stopped, he dismounted and wandered off giving me a dirty look she flopped down where she was I glanced around there was still no one looking but when I looked back at her cleaning herself I knew that she wasn’t interested any more but I still watched as she cleaned herself from leg to tail. And I just stood there watching her clean her hot puss. I knew it was for the best but I knew that I wanted her like I’ve wanted no other. Both men and women I find attractive but I’ve never felt particularly attracted to any specific one until now. I knew what I wanted and what she wanted now and was she wanted last time she was in heat, she didn’t want Dorgan at all, never did. She was teasing him to get to me. She was trying to get him to mount but not mate. Just to get me hot and bothered. As I realized this I realized that I was no longer jealous but trying to think of a way to tryst with her. Maybe after every one was gone for the night, I could stay all night, I’ve done it before I’ve even slept in the cage with Snow before. When she was starting to become ill or when she was feeling lonely, or agitated. Heck it wouldn’t even be a brake in my pattern. I was friends with the security personnel and knew where every security camera was and there wasn’t one in the cages. Only one in the hall they would know that I was in there but not what I was doing in there. I even slept over night two or three days in a row on more that one occasion. Snow finished cleaning herself and leaned back as if she was quite disappointed. I laid down and started rubbing my head against hers she lifted it up to return the favor and I wrapped my arms around her neck giving her a hug wile still rubbing my head on her. She started to purr as I petted and scratched her soft fur. I just laid there with her keeping her company. Dorgan never came back but did find another to play with I think he was trying to get her jealous. And I got a very good show of him frolicking with Snow’s sister Issus. He actually got her to come right up nest to the tree and getting a much better angel on the situation saw her pink puss pulse with excitement. His member sank in easily stroking her slit twice before it sank in down to the sheath. He started to pump and I settled in to watch the show not incidentally moving my handover her tail. If she moves her tail I’d have open access to her puss. I turned seeing her looking at me and I started to rub her thigh. She moved her tail and I looked around seeing no one around, probably dew to wanting to steer clear of the mating pair. I brought my hand over and started rubbing her thigh getting closer to her slit each time. I looked at her and saw the desire there. I was instantly hard and shifted to her puss rubbing the soft skin there and feeling her get exited under my fingers juices started coming out. I would have eaten out her puss if I believed that I could get away with it. As it was I continued to massage her and watch Dorgan still pumping away happily. The precum was mixing with the juices as it started going down Issus’s leg. I could tell that they were coming to their climax. Issus started to shift under him and then roared loud hitting her orgasm, then Snow hit her orgasm squirting her juices all over my hand I brought my hand up and licked my hand clean. f*** it, I thought, you only live once. I rolled over and cleaned her puss with my tong. The bitter sweet fluid over her slit tasted wonderful and sent a feeling down my spine. Dorgan roared coming to his climax. I pulled out finishing what I started, and coming back to my senses. I looked around and there still wasn’t any one in sight. That little taste of bittersweet juice, awoke my hunger. I looked down at my watch 4:50 hmm well if they ask I’ll tell them I was stuck behind those two. No one would want to go past them.I laid back down on Snow, I was felling very lazy to day and I could tell that Snow was feeling the same way. It’s about two hours until the zoo will be closed and the tigers fed and bedding down for the night. Dorgan walked off again and didn’t even spare a glance for me. Apparently he was done trying to compete with me or he liked Issus better than Snow. I couldn’t blame him as much trouble as Snow was giving him. As for me I had patience I’ll rub up against her all night long if that’s what she wants. I just laid there till it was time to put the tigers up for the night and she was the first to run in her cage and start eating, she must be hungry.After all the tigers were put up I offered to stay behind to watch Snow.“You still worried about her?” Beth asked“More than you could guess”“Well be careful and have a good night” she “I will don’t worry I will. She just seemed a bit cleanly lately, I don’t want to get to close to her with the other tigers acting the way they are I just want some time alone with her and get a real good bonding session you know” as she left I realized that there was no one left in the big cats section I went around to double check and see if all was well then to the near by security station to see if there was anyone left on camera. I saw that the only cars left in the zoo, was mine and the night security. I made a bee line for the cage knowing that no one would interrupt us. Ten years in the military gave me quite a respect for under cover ops.There was nothing left of Snow’s dinner when I got there. And she was staring at me as soon as she saw me. I squatted down next to her cage and instantly presented to me. I slipped into her cage and slipped out of my cloths. She rubbed against me. Her soft fur was wonderful against my naked flesh, she licked my penis and it sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t reach her puss so instead I scratched her head. She turned after giving me a once over with her tough and I started to rub it against her slit. It was hotter than I expected and juices flowed almost instantly I push gently against her slit hoping it would open before me she leaned back just as I pushed and slipped in the slit all the way and a shock ran through the whole of my body and a shiver showed the answering shock through hers. She started to moan almost instantly. I started slow wanting this to last each thrust sent new pleasure concentrating in me stating just below my belt line and ending just above my thighs and spreading. I started to rub my hand just above her tail. Each thrust sent new waves of pleasure spreading farther each time. My other hand had her tail and was stroking it. She arched her back with pleaser. Her orgasm was coming. I started to speed up and she was purring in time with the thrusts. The whole of my body was tingling with pleasure I both wanted to stop and wanted this build up to never end. Suddenly the pleasure spiked and I shot deep inside her. She roared with pleasure and I echoed her pumping faster caught up in an adrenalin rush. Finally the pleaser ebbed and my panting eased I simply collapsed not being able to hold myself up anymore and she collapsed with me. I was only veglly aware that I was still inside her I pulled out as saw fluids leaking out she lifted a leg but on instinct I started to lick her puss then shifted for a better angel. She started to lick the fluids off me as I was doing to her. It was almost to shocking to continue. But I kept go and so did she I was lying on my side doing an impromptu 69. I stuck my tong in and started to lightly suck my own cum mixed with her fluids. She stopped licking me and just watched for a second then she shocked me by taking me into her mouth and started to suck as if on a milk bottle used for rewards. Now this was a true 69. I started to cum again and she sucked me dry. I liked her clean and laid down resting my head on her hind legs. She still wasn’t letting go. I wasn’t about to argue with her. I just lay there petting her flanks as we recovered. That was the best I ever had. I started to scratch her tail end and her tail came up and the look that she gave was desire. I bent down and started licking her slit. I slipped my tong in testing the waters. She was getting hot fast, and I was responding. I entered her again and started all over. The pleaser was exquisite. I was pumping in and out and felt more than heard her purr. She was kneading the straw beneath her feet. The moaning started up and I echoed it. We started to roar making such a loud noise that it was a wonder that no one came to look. The climax came faster this time and when my orgasm came it unlocked hers sending up both into a deep pleaser that neither wished to brake. Again I laid down on her. She reaches over and lifted her leg I was now spooning her. She liked from my balls to her slit. I slowly pulled out and she liked up all the juices. I let her clean herself I didn’t do a good job last time I just wasn’t equipped with the right type of tong. Once she was done she went to me again and I scooted in so I could tong her again. Again I entered as before, she started sucking me dry again. I kept going till I couldn’t hold my head up. Then, I laid there, recovering.I fell asleep I think well time past at least I felt rested it was two am now. And she was asleep with me still in her mouth. I propped myself up on my elbow and carefully shifted so I could get at her head and being on my knees. I started rubbing her cheeks. She wasn’t exactly sucking but I could tell that something was going on. I gave her a kiss like before. She looked up at me putting her mussel next to my face and I kissed her on the lips. She opened before me and her tong entered my mouth our tongs started twisting around each other a sensation I’ve never known. She backed off and gave me a look of pure possessiveness I was hers from now on as she was mine. We share a connection of love that nothing could break. I got dressed and fell asleep again next to my love. I was sated my dream complete, and years of pleasure ahead.
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