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Cheetah Love I keep three cheetahs, one male and two females. The two females are often pregnant. People ask me how I do it, because it is considered very difficult to breed cheetahs in captivity. The secret is not that cheetahs don't like their masters or living with humans. On the contrary, they like their humans so much they will sympathize with everything their humans feel. So many humans are so uptight about sex their pets will pick up on it. Many humans who have kept cheetahs were so distressed by the normal cheetah sexual behavior that the cheetahs would deny themselves out of consideration for human feelings. Now, let's consider the opposite, where humans at least can show honest pleasure in cheetah matings, if not actually participate. Cheetahs are very willing to please, they look and behave like half cats, half dogs. They are very sociable animals. If they know their humans enjoy watching them have sex with each other, they will do so with alacrity. If they know their humans will have sex with them, they love it. My females crave sex with me in or out of heat, which might be surprising to some, but consider that I can give them a slower gentler love than what they can receive from male cheetahs. Also, although I am pretty much accepted as one of them, they do still regard me with a certain special love that is not the same as they feel for each other. I would hesitate to call it awe, because none of them are reluctant to knock me down and mount me while gently chewing on my neck with their large blunt canine teeth. I've had their dewclaws removed, which may seem cruel to some, but these cats/dogs will never see the wild again, though I hope their kittens will some day. I don't feed them a lot of live animals, but when I've trained them to hunt I have found they can run down a rabbit and stun it with blows of their mighty front paws, then break its neck with a single crunch of their jaws. They wouldn't go hungry if they were released. I'm not worried about them hurting me unless they do so accidentally. No cheetah in recorded history has ever turned on its "master" , as if anyone really "masters" these beautiful animals. They are really good at making friends and living with people. They only treat me so roughly because they know I like it that way. It's pretty much necessary to remove the dewclaws, because otherwise I would always have to wear heavy leather around my spotted friends. They play hard, and often mount me, even the females do that. I like it better when I can feel them next to me, so I work with shorts on or nothing at all. Those huge dewclaws are the only claws the cheetah keeps sharp, and they are like little razor blades a few inches up their forelegs. I wouldn't just be scratched if one of them mounted me, I would be gashed and need stitches. So the dewclaws have gone, I am happy to feel their fur pressed against me, and they are happy they can touch me without being rebuffed. They also like licking my bare skin with their huge thick tongues, and they wouldn't get that if they still had their dewclaws. A few days ago I was doing semen collection for AI. Both females were in heat, they seem to be in heat almost continuously unless they are pregnant or nursing. To get the best quality semen, I have to be cruel to old Charlie. He has to be locked away from the females, and he has to be kept away from me too, as he has found me to be a ready substitute for a cheetah female. He is a very gentle soul, but he gets overanxious when he is horny. Like most male animals his size, his friendly sexual overtures are what many humans would call attempts at [CENSOR]. This he can't help, his hormones boil through his blood, he rises up on his hind legs on his own, and when he approaches to mount he is, as I can attest from personal experience, already squirting volumes of pre-cum onto the buttocks of his mate. If he has been cooped up he is even worse. When I collect semen I have to sneak up on him, and I will explain that later. Last night I was with the females, to satisfy their cravings, to prepare myself to smell right for Charlie, and because I darn well like it. I sense that they would like to have Charlie with me as much as I would like to, but they will play with me just as happily. First Trish leapt up on me and licked my face. I had removed my eyeglasses, so she could lick me from chin to forehead. She is gentle and I keep all toenails trimmed, so I don't fear being scratched or whacked on the chin by an eager cat's head. Lillian brushed herself around my legs, licking my ankles and thighs. I had to giggle, it always tickles me when she reaches up through my shorts and licks my inner thighs. I've learned to trust her when she does this. None of my three cheetahs has ever bitten me hard enough to draw blood, and they are all gentle with their mouths around my genitalia. This makes sense, they lick themselves and know how to touch down there. I was already wearing pads to protect my knees. These, tennis shoes with low-cut socks, and a light tee-shirt are my only protection after I strip off my shorts. The T-shirt was not really for protection, it was there to hold the smells of the female cheetahs. Also I had spread a large blanket on the ground to make a cleaner playing field. The ladies became even more excited when they saw this. They know when I spread out the blanket I intend to play. If a cheetah mounts me, I like to pull up the back of my shirt as far as it can go to feel the warm fur against my back. It's really good even when it's a female, because with a female on me I can feel her warm muscles against my back in a sensuous furry massage, that makes me tingle very pleasantly. There is also her warm pelvis pushing against my buttocks, making me wish female cheetahs had penises like female hyenas do. Still, I love it when one of the females mounts me, and I usually reach back and stroke their clits as they hump. They have really strong orgasms that way. Lillian wanted to be greeted too, and I squatted down to pet her head. She looked into my eyes sweetly as I stroked her furry cheek, and she narrowed her eyes when I gently ran a finger along the down inside her ear. This is a touch a lot of animals like. She sighed when I do this, and licked my face and inside my ears. Trish was not forgotten, she leaned against my back, rubbing herself on me like a cat does. I could also feel her head rubbing against my back between my shoulder blades. She rumbled, almost purring as she did this. Lillian moved against me too, pushing her cheek against my chest and licking my through my tee shirt. She's gentle with my skin, but sometimes she pulls my shirt with her teeth, and it already has holes in it from this treatment. This may seem contradictory, but I feel when a pet is allowed to practice appropriate teeth play, that pet will know where to use the teeth without hurting. A pet who can use its teeth feels more secure. It doesn't have to dominate, just be able to touch teeth in friendship and feel close to people that way. The action was becoming hotter, more sensuous. Trish was in front of me then, licking my face, and her tongue was in my mouth. She trusted me not to bite her as she explored my mouth, almost back to my tonsils. I smelled her heat in the air and tasted her on my tongue, she had been licking herself and probably Lillian too. I've seen the two big cats go at it, they can bring each other to orgasm with their tongues. One will stand there looking spaced out as the other thoroughly licks her under the tail, then close her eyes and shudder. I can't watch this act without getting an erection, and I have to stroke myself or make love with someone afterwards. If I have been watching the cheetahs I usually make love with them, but sometimes I turn Charlie loose on them and watch while I'm doing one of the animals, usually my Rottweiler female, who also likes to play with the cheetahs. She's a very mellow, laid back dog. She will protest mildly if I lock her up inside the house when I do it with the cheetahs, but she takes it well. That day she had a four-week old litter to tend, so she was busy anyway. Lillian pushed her head between my thighs. I opened them to allow her more access as she licked me slowly, gently, wetting my crotch with her saliva. I lay back on the blanket and just took it in. The first time Lillian tried taking my cock in her mouth, I was worried she would hurt it. She has such big teeth and powerful jaws. She eventually convinced me that she knew what she was doing. When we played, she would take my fingers in her mouth and suck them gently. This showed me that she understood my worries. Also, the warm sensations were irresistible, and once I had an idea what it felt like, I couldn't wait to get her warm mouth onto me. I love to lick females while I am being sucked. I would have loved to satisfy Lillian this way, but she is busy. If I turned her around she would not be able to lick the underside of my penis well, and I loved that rough tongue that was working down there. Trish solved that problem. While I lay back and let Lillian work on me expertly with her mouth, Trish straddled my head and worked herself around until her hindquarters were in my face. I had done this enough times I had the foresight to bring a pillow, which I used to raise my head to a more comfortable position. I pulled her bottom closer to me and shoved my lips and nose into her genital cleft. First I just rubbed my lips against her vaginal lips, and smelled her. She doesn't smell like a house cat at all. She smells a lot like a dog, warm and meaty, with a touch of musk. When I lick her, I taste a slightly bitter, salty, tonic taste with just the slightest sweetness to it. It's not at all repulsive. We would all be satisfied doing just oral, but as much as the little fellow likes being in a warm mouth he also loves going in under a furry tail, and these ladies love it too. Ah! Lillian had me fully erect now, and I was breathing heavily. She took me into her mouth. I fit between the large canine teeth and she knows not to bite down. She sucked me gently and my knees trembled as I tried to concentrate on sucking Trish's cunt. Her tongue is bigger and rougher than a human woman's, and she likes to suck me just like her mother's teat. I knew I was not going to last long. She stroked me with her tongue and sucked at me hungrily. Her milk teeth barely grazed my shaft. They made my legs jump with the tingly hot pleasure. Her tongue pulled at me hard, milking me. I love having my face in a cheetah's bottom while another sucks me. Trish's musk was in my nostrils and in my head and I sucked on her huge clit as hungrily as Lillian was sucking on my sensitive cock. Trish was really in heat and aroused, she orgasmed before I did, clenching her swollen sexual lips under my tongue and whipping with her long tail. This turned me on too much, and I pumped my juices into Lillians sucking mouth. My tongue was still in the other cheetah's box, titillating her through the long groaning climax. When she came she practically barked, then settled down to long humming groans. She sang out her orgasm in low buzzing tenor notes. Charlie would have been going crazy if he could have watched us. I'm not that sadistic, if he can see us he can join us. He was on the other side of the house we share, in his own pen. He couldn't see us, but I could hear him yip in response to Trish's moaning. That can't be helped. Cheetahs have very sensitive hearing, and I can't move him far enough away to keep him from hearing the female's vocalizations. I wasn't being terribly cruel. His abstinence was only for the night and he would be amply rewarded for his wait. I can maintain an erection even after cumming, a talent that is pretty rare. Also, I do suffer somewhat from a delayed ejaculation syndrome. I can shoot a load in a mouth or stroke off easily enough, but it takes me a long time to go off in a warm vagina unless I crouch down in a certain position behind my lover. This gives me excellent control I can use to pleasure my lovers and myself a long time before I have to cum. Lillian continued to lick me as I squirted my semen, getting up every drop and making my by then very sensitive head tingle almost painfully. Just as I thought I was going to go crazy with the sensation, she pulled away and presented her bottom to me. Trish had by this time laid on the ground, rolling and pawing the air, stretching herself in pleasure, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. She wouldn't be out of the action for long, but long enough for me to please Lillian. Lillian expected me to service her, and I did so first with my tongue, to give my aching penis a rest and because I do like eating her so much. I pushed my head under Lillians tail and nibbled at her pink flower. It opened up and sucked at my lips and tongue, drawing me into her quite naturally. I had both hands free to explore her back legs, feeling that soft cheetah fur people would pay so much to wear. It's so much sweeter when it's still on the animal! Just tasting her brought fresh warm blood to my organ, and it was starting to really get hard. Her heat excites me almost as much as it does Charlie, and while I am not as frenetic as he is, I will happily love these two girls to exhaustion. That night I had my work cut out for me as I didn't have Charlie to help me. Of course, the next day I wasn't going to have the girls to help me with Charlie, as I was reminded when I hear his chirring yip from the other side of the house. Lillian is the larger of the two, and slightly looser. She can clench down tight on my tongue, but when she relaxes I have almost as much room to play around in as I would with a pony. She has had a litter before. I don't know which I love more, the cute little playful cheetah cubs, or the womb they came from. The cheetah juiced up generously as I licked her, and soon I knew she was ready to be mounted. I was as ready as she was, and I climbed her back and slowly pushed myself into her. She was as impatient as I was, she arched her back and shoved back against me. Her tail, very long and almost prehensile, curved over my back and it thumped me, even on the back of the head. It's a funny sensation to be tapped like that as I push my way into the catlike warm love tunnel. She was squeezing me all the way, and I might have already been ejaculating if I hadn't already been drained once. As much as I sometimes suffer from delayed ejaculation, when I am mounted in a proper animal position and inside such a warm lover, when she clenches I feel a twitch all the way up to my eyeballs. I looked at her lovely back. She was soft and pretty for me. She chirred her appreciation as I stroked her back in rhythm with my thrusting. She loves me in there as I go slow to pleasure her long, then fast to make her climax with gasps and growls. Poor Charlie was frustrated in his pen, I heard him try to work the latch open. I'm glad he is basically a calm animal. He won't hurt himself trying to climb out, but if he ever works his gate open he isn't going to let me have any peace until I let him at me or the girls. This I would do after I have collected his semen. Both are due to be bred again. I could hold back and let Lillian have her pleasure. She came, whistling and chirring with gritted teeth, clenching me so hard I almost lost it there. I did hold back, as I hadn't given any of my semen to Trish yet, though she wasn't complaining. As Lillian had her orgasm, though, Trish got excited, whined at me, and climbed on to my back, humping at me. I let her do that, without encouraging it. If I don't rub her clit she climbs off and gives me a chance to mount her. If I did rub her clit that time, she wouldn't have let go until she had two or three humping orgasms. There's something about the feeling of gripping something from behind that seems to do it to her. Reluctantly I let Lillian go. She chirred a mild protest, then sat down and licked herself. Trish took her position, already wet and ready. I slowly, teasingly rubbed my cockhead up and down her lips until she lost patience with me. This often happens, and I am used to it, but I never see it coming. Trish pulled away from me, whirled, and shoved me over with a quick stroke of her paw. I sat down heavily, then she pushed against me again, to force me to lie down. She is fairly heavy and strong, and she can do this to me when she wants to. She wouldn't do it to be mean, or without my consent. She considered the sex I had given her to be consent. If I teased her too much, or she was in a mood, or just for the sheer fun of it, she would flatten me and work me over. God, she did, too! She licked me from head to toe. Lillian came to join her, so one would be licking my feet while the other would be licking my chest. I relaxed and let them tongue-bathe me. They both have a habit of pinning what they want to lick with a heavy paw when it's on the ground. It's a lot like the way they clean their own tails, which seem to have minds of their own. The feeling of their paws moving gently but firmly over my naked body was almost as good as their rasping tongues. I was thoroughly relaxed, massaged, and wetted by their tongues when I felt one of them climb on top of me. Clever girl! Trish had figured this trick out for herself months earlier, and Lillian had been quick to copy it. I was almost certain it was Trish. Trish has a lighter touch, and doesn't feel as large pressed against me. I opened my eyes, and found I was right. I was glad she was getting her turn at last, and Lillian was helping her. Cooperation was usually the rule with these two and with Charlie when he wasn't being driven crazy by confinement and the smell of female heat. When I would act the least reluctant, or when the whim was on them, they would both hold me down and just [CENSOR] me, but they would do it very kindly and lovingly. Any time I sincerely protested they would stop and let me go free, but not without a chirred protest, or a swat on the buttocks, or a nip on the heel, signs to show me that they were letting me take my leave because they were polite, not because they had to. I closed my eyes and waited as Trish fitted herself to me. Her furry pubes ground against me pleasantly as she wiggled around until she worked her way onto my member. By the time she managed it, she had both paws planted on my chest, and was rubbing her bottom against me until she managed to envelope me in her hot sexy mound. She sighed and settled against me, arching herself enough to lick my face and probe my mouth. The white fur of her belly was wonderful against my chest. She rocked back and forth on me while impaled on my joystick. I knew what she wanted me to do, but I still felt like teasing. I stroked her sides, feeling that perfect fur that was so beautiful and warm and soft on her. I stroked her thighs, sending shivers up and down her back, and making her twitch on me. I kissed her black muzzle and tried to push my tongue into her mouth, which she allowed me to do with only slight reluctance. I licked the inside of her black jowls, tasting her strange saliva, which seemed so almost, but not quite human tasting. It was a lovely sensation to tongue her mouth. I licked her teeth, but did not press past them, as she was beginning to open and shut her mouth, grinding her teeth together with the sensations she was experiencing. I trusted her not to deliberately hurt me, but she was slowly going out of her mind with pleasure, and might get me accidentally. So I licked her jowls for a while and stroked her ears. Something about being on top really pleases a female cheetah. I think it's because it is so different for her. She gets to clamp her paws around a warm body and hold someone close to her belly. This isn't a fighting position, it is a playing position. Trish likes it so much she hardly has to move to enjoy it. She has more control over her vaginal muscles than might be expected, and she can just clutch at me and squeeze herself rhythmically to orgasm. As she works herself up, she will often lick and nibble at my ears. It took a while for me to become used to that habit, with the huge teeth she has. This she did, licking me and chewing me. I was her sweet little sex toy, and she was pleasuring me as much as she was pleasing herself. There was no pressure to try to get me off. Trying would have been superfluous. I was buried in hot pulsating cheetah flesh, her warm fur tingly against my body. I just relaxed and went with her, moving in and out of her slowly, rubbing hot slick sweetness across my most sensitive organ. When I am with her or any of the other cheetahs, I have no problem having an orgasm. It seems just right to rock over or under her for twenty minutes or so, as she has multiple peaks and thrills of her own. I could feel the hot and cool sexy shivers through her body as we fulfilled each other. For as long as I could still control my hands, she loved for me to rub her up and down her barrel and stroke her face and ears. I loved looking into her eyes, sharing the pleasure radiating from those funny round pupils in that almost catlike face. She would try to hold my gaze, then space out as she reached another peak. It was so warm and sweet. Lillian wasn't feeling neglected, either. I had almost forgotten she was there when I felt Trish's heat over my groin, but she was happily licking the sweat from me and touching pleasure centers everywhere, in an order that made little sense to me but always turned me on, without distracting me from my mating with Trish. I like it this way sometimes even better than with Charlie there, because he can't stop himself from mounting when sex play is going on. Sometimes I am in the mood for the sweet gentle love play the females provide. Then I felt the pressure building up inside me. Lillian seemed to feel it to, and she moved to licking beneath my balls and where Trish and I were connected. Oh wow! No matter how many times she does this, it always gets me! A warm thrill spread from her tongue through my pelvis, making me twitch and jump. I took Trish's furry hips in my hands and pushed her on to me, moving her faster than either one of us could hump in that position. Trish went off again, pressing her head against my face and wetting my balls and Lillians face with her juices, which Lillian gobbled right up. I poured myself into her. That's what it felt like. It felt like the white-hot core of my soul had turned to molten liquid and pumped itself into my lover, exploding inside her in a shower of stars that slowly rained down on both of us. We were really joined together in the strange love that crosses all lines, not caring about gender or species. She was my woman and my cheetah. I was her cheetah and her man. We love each other, we love Lillian and Charlie and Mina. Whenever one of us makes love with another, we can really feel that we are making love with the whole group. Trish made a low singing sound, and I heard Charlie and Lillian and Mina the dog answer her. I had to moan with them. We just lay there like that, enjoying the tingles and the warmth as each little star of sexual energy re-entered our tired, happy bodies. As always, I was slightly surprised at how well tuned the two ladies were to my needs. Lillian lay down between my legs and licked at our combined juices. I brought my legs close enough to her to feel her fur against my bare skin. Then I was as warm and comfortable as if under a favorite blanket, but one that lived and breathed and smelled so good. I could fall asleep that way, and I did for an hour or so. Charlie was too anxious to see me. I gave him a treat, with a minimal dosage of sleeping medicine in it. I wanted him to get some rest, not get knocked out. I rubbed his belly when he offered it to me, but quickly. He wet on me when I did this, something he only does when the ladies are in heat and he has to be kept from them. Poor guy, I thought as I scratched his spotted head. He loves us so much, and I have to be cruel to him if I am to get the best sample of semen from him. I have to do it this way because the urgency of the breeding project requires that all measures be taken to ensure reproduction. Some fantastic lengths have been taken to restore this endangered species. I felt guilty about restraining my friend, but I knew that I would be able to make up for it. I also wished it weren't necessary to medicate him, but if I hadn't he would have been up all night trying to get loose. He would need his rest. I checked on everybody, making sure they were fed, watered, and comfortable. When I was on his side of the house, Charlie just watched my every move and chirred softly, looking at me with that sad look. I saw Mina, short for Wilhelmina, watching me from the window. I baby-talked at her and she smiled and lolled her tongue out at me. I knew her tail was wagging, she shifted back and forth with her paws on the windowsill. "I'll be with you soon!" I yelled to her, which made her wag even more and bark happily. She went back to tending her babies, and I tended the other animals. I don't keep rabbits or any other animals to feed to the cheetahs. No matter how small the furry creature is, or how unwanted it may be by the rest of humanity, if I raise it I don't want to [CENSOR] it. It's a pet if it's a white mouse or rat or rabbit or snake or anything, and as long as it's in my care it gets all consideration. Even chickens, which I really don't care for, are protected. I didn't realize the cheetahs knew it until I had them out in the yard one day playing. A stray kitten wandered in from the road, probably abandoned out on the highway. The cheetahs spotted her first, and I didn't see what they were after until they were on her. Oh no! I yelled at them and rushed them, but they didn't listen to me. By the time I got to them, Lillian had already pushed the kitten over and was baring her fangs. I stopped there, thinking it was too late. At that time I was not sure enough of myself to take anything from a cheetah's mouth. I could only stare in horror as Lillian sniffed the kitten over, then got a motherly look on her face and gently licked the kitten's bottom. The kitten gently batted her face with a little paw, and they became firm friends. All the cheetahs adopted her into our family, unanimously. Mina loved her too. The kitten grew up to be a very self-confident, independent cat who would often pursue her own interests, but every once in a while I would still find her in the pen with the cheetahs, curled up sleeping with them. They know the difference between small game and family. I also own two milk goats. Their milk is a good diet supplement for baby animals, and I kept them partly in case a brood mother was killed or hurt or otherwise unable to give milk. I give away a lot of their milk, but it's worth the trouble to have fresh goat's milk available for emergencies. They're fine with the cheetahs too, though they seem pretty indifferent to each other. Charlie got kicked trying to mount one once, and he pretty much stays away from them. I sometimes have sex with them, but between Mina and the cheetahs I hardly have need to diddle the goats too. Somehow even though they are sweet and personable, they always come out second best. Maybe it's just that they are content with a little petting and a touch under the tail. They don't seem to need a lot of my attention. That evening they seemed to have caught the mood and pressed close to me as I led them to the milking stanchion. I never had to lock their heads in or hold them, they would walk right up the ramp, stick their muzzles in the feed buckets when their turns came, and munch away while I milked them. They were both just as cooperative, but they were far more affectionate than usual. Instead of strolling away, both goats stayed with me, sniffing me over and tentatively licking at my shorts. No, I couldn't, I was too tired! I also felt about worn out for licking too, but they were gently insistent. I ended the impasse by stroking them under their tails, taking them one at a time and rubbing their vaginas with the heel of my hand while pressing my body against them. They must have really caught the mood, because they made me do it twice each, then finally let me go into the house. I was actually relieved I didn't have to mount them. As much as I like animal sex, I need to eat! Besides, I still had Mina to tend to, and she's not so easy-going. She pesters me until I give in, and she seems to be entirely unaware of silly things like heat cycles. The only way I know the difference is when she shows the physical signs and when she starts soliciting animals instead of just me. Finally I got to the house, and set out food for Mina and her four little spotted kits. Yes, I said kits. That is part of the breeding experiment. Cheetah eggs fertilized in vitro are frozen and saved until a host animal is in heat, then implanted into her uterus. Wilhelmina is just about the size of a cheetah, with shorter legs but broader hips, so she is a natural host. This brood would be her only litter of cubs. It is generally considered safe for each dog to have one litter, then the immune system starts learning to reject the alien embryos. To minimize stress on the mother, a maximum of five are implanted, one extra in case one doesn't take, which is quite often. So, Wilhelmina had been implanted and she had given birth to four perfectly healthy cheetah babies. I remember what gave me the idea to use her, and how I knew she was volunteering to be a mother to cheetahs. She and I had been lovers for a long time before this incident, even before I had received my first cheetah. She's a classic Rott, with the fierce look and muscular build, and a nature that is as persistently affectionate as any animal I have ever known. When she offered herself to me during her first heat, I couldn't do anything but accept her offer, and we enjoyed each other greatly that day. She got very used to me being inside her, and would solicit my affections any time, any day. The only difference when she was in heat was that she would solicit me with even more fervor, and would offer herself to any male. That day, I had let her out to play in the fenced enclosure with the rest of the animals. The goats were tending their own business as usual, strangely unafraid of the large predators playing near them. Mina frisked with the cheetahs, even friskier because she was in heat. Every touch was heaven to her. I had neglected contact with Charlie and the others because Mina had demanded and received all my time that day. I never thought or would have believed what she did. After she had tumbled with Charlie, mock fighting and pretending rather convincingly to try to [CENSOR] him, she stood up straight and trembled slightly. Charlie rolled and swatted air, then he realized he was no longer being attacked. Disappointed, he stood up and looked around him. There was Mina, with her rear end facing him, looking over her shoulder at him with that pleading look that had become so familiar to me. I watched in fascination, wondering how she would handle herself with him. Charlie took his time licking her. He wasn't experienced with other species then, and I hadn't got him accustomed to the artificial vagina either. He tasted her, made the funniest cat face I had ever seen, then returned to licking her in earnest. I knew what he meant, the first time I had licked a dog I had curled my lips in distaste, but I was soon addicted to the taste and feel of her. He gave his full attention to pleasing Mina, and I could see her flexing her swollen lips, arching her back and pulling her vagina into its mating position, so high it was pushing against her tail. I knew by then she was ready. Was Charlie? Not quite. Charlie kept up his licking until Mina was trembling and whining in anticipation. Either he was very hesitant with his strange new lover, or he knew exactly what he was doing. I know I saw Mina shiver through an orgasm, and she pushed her bottom into his face hard. That cheetah just kept licking her until she couldn't stand it, pushing as much of his tongue as he could get into her. When she finally turned around and tried to lick his penis the way she was used to licking mine, he bounced away from her catlike. He didn't trust her licking him there! She tried again and he stood still that time. He must have been surprised at first, but he could take a chance. She just sniffed and licked the end of his sheath for a minute, then she turned around, pulled her vagina up as high as it would go, and he mounted her right away. His slender penis went into her easily, partly because she was loose from her heat, and partly because she was loose from making love to me. How I envied her! She was underneath this beautiful animal who was humping her madly, and I had not yet won them over enough to have any of them that way. I could tell she was pleased, and excited. She trembled all over, drooled, licked her jowls, then closed her eyes and just let him have at it, backing up to him as hard as she could. It was so strange and so exciting to watch the strange mating of cheetah and dog. The two females got into the game, too. Both were gently rubbing against the wild pair, and gently licking their fur and the place they were connected. Charlie just kept pouring more and more of his cock into her. Cheetahs are probably the one species their size that can cum more than a dog can cum. By the time I got out the door she was already dripping, unable to hold the hot torrent that flooded her womb. I was too excited to contain myself for long. I pushed myself into the group. My clothes had disappeared somewhere along the way, and I rubbed my body against theirs, so hard I was hurting, on edge. They made room for me, and licked me too. I moved to Mina's head and kissed her. She opened her eyes and looked into mine with a tearful ecstasy that turned me on even more. I held her neck and pressed my cheek against hers, feeling her tense in time with the savage stroking from behind her, hearing her moan and whistle near my ear. I was just slightly jealous then, she was a lot more vocal with Charlie than she was for me. Apparently she was as taken with his beauty as I was. An inquisitive mouth licked gently at my cock. I would have been frightened to know that it was one of the cheetahs, but I was too far gone to worry by then. Let them do their worst. Another licked my face, and since I could see Trish's face, I assumed it was Lillian licking me below. Charlie was occupied. I almost automatically opened my mouth. Trish licked the inside of my mouth with fervor, reaching across the panting Mina to do so. I guess Lillian was lying down while she was licking me, I wasn't seeing too well by then. I was seeing spots and lights in front of my eyes. The world was fading out pretty much by then anyway, and I wouldn't be needing it for a while. A tooth grazed my member and I jumped. The mouth pulled back, then it licked out its tongue and swallowed me to the roots! I yelped in surprise and fear, but the action I felt was much too powerful to want to stop! Lillian hadn't known me very long, but already she could read me. She knew I would give her anything to just keep doing what she was doing. After a few minutes of hard sucking I did, too. I unloaded into her mouth one of the best orgasms in my life. She was a bit startled at this. She clamped down, but I fit between her long canine teeth, and her little milk teeth in between barely hurt enough to notice. She sucked and squeezed me until I was milked dry, and didn't let go until I was soft. Then she sweetly licked my whole crotch until it was quite wet, mothering me like a cub. During this whole time, Trish had been tasting my head and neck, loving me up with seductive energy that no human female had ever matched. I wouldn't say she was better than Mina, but she was more energetic and more exotic. Charlie was still pumping hard at the Rottweiler's bottom. Mina was still going through multiple orgasms, not as hard as the first few, enjoying the smaller climaxes she could have so many of after the first hard humpy one. I knew this had to be an intense experience for her. The cheetahs had intensely interested her from the first time she had met them. They were strange and alarming, but so exciting and fun to play with. When they had had sex, before she had always got excited and bounced around, then she would come to me and demand we get into bed. Finally at the peak of her heat she had become horny enough to try Charlie, even if they had not become such good friends. She loved it, I could tell by the way she held herself, the way she panted and drooled, the way she backed on to that little thruster of Charlie's. A puddle was forming on the ground, mostly Charlie's semen, partly Mina's sexual juices. I could just imagine his warm liquids filling her up inside. The thought made me warm all over. As the two female cheetahs returned to stropping themselves all over us, I recovered enough to do some exploration. I rubbed Charlie's shoulders to let him know I was there, as if he cared, then I worked my way down his body. He felt like a dog, but there were differences. The muscle seemed to lay flatter, and knot up harder. The fur was definitely softer, and the skin more flexible and supple. There was also a quality of touch that was just different. He tingled differently. In his sexual fever, he seemed to radiate a warm electricity that made my hand go numb. I pulled it away to absent-mindedly scratch an itch down below, and was surprised to find my hand had carried the warmth with it, to charge my groin with the same warm electricity. I stroked myself for a moment, basking in that warmth, then I went back for more. Charlie's muscular buttocks pumped hard against my hand as I stroked them. I brushed past his tail, and felt his testicles rising and falling. Further underneath, I could feel his wet penis sliding in and out of his sheath, leaving almost no room between his sheath and Mina's pink wetness. It was hot and slippery moist down there. I held my hand underneath the connection, gathering the milky stuff that was dripping so warmly. It smelled good, and I tasted it. Not bad, slightly bitter. My groin was tingling again and I rubbed my cock with the slippery stuff I had gathered, making it hot again. There was a heat in this stuff that warmed me all over when I touched it. I rubbed against the place that was warmest and wettest between the two rutting animals. That made me tingle all over and look for a moist opening. Mina was occupied. Would one of the females have me? Trish bounced away when I put my hand under her tail. When I tried Lillian, she stepped back and sat on her haunches. She lifted her head, looking at me with reproach, then lifted both forelegs up and pawed the air. I didn't understand the gesture, I thought she was scolding me somehow. Her tail betrayed little, it moved slowly, showing relaxed concentration. She was trying to tell me something, but I was too excited to try to understand it. Ok, the girls were out. I could stroke myself off or try to wait until Mina was free. Mina would be willing, I knew, she was insatiable when in heat, and usually great any time. I could wait, and I would help Charlie get off. He and I trusted each other pretty well. He had the same prohibition against genital touching the females did. None of them resented me trying, though. They would just bounce away and turn and look at me funny. I hadn't learned to read their faces well enough then to tell what they were trying to say. After that they would often return to playing with me, offering their heads and bellies to be scratched, and again when I tried touching their genitalia they would do the same thing. It was very confusing. At least I had learned to trust them to tell me what they wanted and when they wanted it. This seemed to be a special case. Charlie was obviously allowing me to participate in a sexual way already. I gently stroked his balls, and he favored me with an encouraging lick. He returned to his business with Mina, and seemed to notice me only to press closer as I stroked him. To relax him and pleasure him, I stroked not just his sensitive parts. I stroked him all over his legs and lower back. I stroked his tail as far as I could reach, which left about a foot untouched. Then I worked on his most erogenous areas again, getting my fingers thoroughly soaked with love juices again, which I thought to rub along his sheath, over his testicles, and under his tail. When I rubbed under his tail, he caught his breath and almost squealed. I didn't think he could have squeezed Mina any harder, but he tensed and made her cough, then relaxed a bit. His tail stood almost straight in the air, then clamped down hard on my hand as I was about to remove it. I had enough juices on my fingers to lubricate them well, so I explored. Two fingers went easily into the flexing muscular canal. I almost couldn't reach past the ring of muscle, it was thick and tight and it was pulling at me hard as he went into a renewed frenzy of humping. He was squirting into Mina very hard again, I could feel it travel beneath the hot skin under my fingers, and run out onto my thighs that were under them. I slowly, gently worked my fingers in and out of the tight opening. Charlie chirred and clicked when I did this, and rumbled deep in his throat. I was in tune with him, I could tell he was extremely pleased with me. This felt so good and he seemed so willing to continue that I decided to push my luck again. I let more of the dripping sex juices coat my cock, then I moved behind him. The females had come back and were brushing against me again. One of them licked at my hand under Charlie's tail and pushed at it with her nose, seeming to try to push it in further. The other licked at my cock, getting it even harder than before. Then they sat back and both looked at me, then at Charlie. Trish moved around behind me and shoved me in the small of my back with her head. Slow as I am on the uptake, I got their message. I massaged Charlie's hole, getting some throaty high-pitched sounds from his other end. He still held on to Mina, but he seemed to be edging toward me. I was ready, I was hot, I was hard, I was going to try it. I raised myself up, squatted behind him, and placed the head of my penis under his tail. That tail was up again, high. A cheetah's tail is very long. Charlie's somehow found its way up my body to my shoulder and the tip of it was slowly tapping against my neck, curling around behind me and tapping my neck and back. I leaned against him very slowly, wanting to enjoy this entry to the maximum. He leaned back as much as he could, clenching down hard then releasing, letting me into him inch by hot inch. He took all of me into him, as easily as if my cock had grown there. I couldn't believe he was letting me do that to him, let alone encouraging me and enjoying the encounter so much. His enjoyment was obvious. He had stopped his wild hunching, but was still holding on to Mina, who was sighing with contentment. He was pushed back against me as hard as Mina had pushed back against him, and he was actually trilling, a high pitched warble that sounded like a pigeon purring. I reached around him and pulled him to me firmly. It seemed just right to press my face into his soft fur and rub my cheek against his neck as I hunched him, slowly at first, then faster as my labored breath seemed to actually push me in and out. A slightly rank scent came from him, strangely heady and sexual. I didn't mind that is was so piquant. In my aroused state a skunk could have gone off between us and I would have enjoyed it. He was that hot and alive. I felt streams of warm life between us. He was flooding Wilhelmina again. My hands felt his wetness pouring out of the dog again, and I lost it completely. I ejaculated so hard my teeth hurt. Pleasantly. I poured so much of my life seed into him I thought he would be running over. If pure emotion had been sperm, he would have been bloated with it. I didn't think I was going to stop cumming. I kept pumping long after I was dry, in agonies of pleasure. The girls were licking me all over with their big cheetah tongues. One of them mounted me for a few seconds, bumping my buttocks with her warm belly and hard pelvis, then disengaged. They went to stroking me more than licking me, passing back and forth, one on each side, rubbing their warm bodies and cheeks against my bare skin. Some time that I was not aware of, Charlie let go of Mina. He stood still against me, pushing back hard and keeping me inside him, even when I was starting to go soft. I mostly laid across him, aware mostly of the warm love in his body and nothing else. He reached back and licked a shoulder, then looked straight ahead and panted some more. As I recovered some of my strength, I felt beneath him. His torrents had reduced to a squirt every few seconds, still an amazing amount of semen. If I could ever get him to use that damned artificial vagina, I would have it made! This experience was giving me some ideas along that line... I finally staggered back to the house with the cats following me. They were much more playful than usual, nipping my calves gently and batting at me with their paws, but at the same time they were very soft and considerate in their attentions. As aggressive as they had been, now they respected my desire to move more slowly. Cheetahs love water, and I didn't have the energy left to deal with a big wet pet, so I locked them out and ran a bath. More than once I'd been awakened in the tub by a sociable cheetah with a toy in his or her mouth! I soaped and rinsed. I didn't let myself fall asleep in the tub because I had a strong desire to lay down on a warm dry bed. When I reached the bed, all the pets except the cat and the goats were there, and they licked me gently until I fell asleep. I think they liked the taste of the soap I used. The animals fell asleep with me, in some strange, but affectionate positions. Charlie had pre-empted Mina's usual position against my belly, spoon fashion. Mina found a way to lie down with her head on my pillow, facing the opposite direction. Trish was between my legs. She licked me there as if I were a cub, then fell asleep. I had noticed that none of the cheetahs or the dog would lick my cock until after I had washed off the smell from my encounter with Charlie. Lillian pressed herself against my back. I woke up ravenous, feeling more energetic, more cheerful than I had in a long while. I had actually had sex with a cheetah! That sex had not been in a way I would have chosen, though it had been great. I had thought of Charlie as too regal a beast, as befitted his full name, Charlemagne. Something so strong, so beautiful, and so male, was not to be covered like a female, or so I had thought. I hadn't tried anything like that with Charlie for those reasons, though as a teenager I had often copulated anally with male dogs. Cheetahs had too much class for that. Supper was on my mind, but I found out Charlie wasn't through for the day. He woke up and stretched, then he started to lick my face and rub himself against me suggestively. I started to reach under his tail again, but he seemed to change his mind and stand up. I was laying on my side still. He turned around, almost stepping on my face, and laid his chin on my thigh. I could feel him sniffing at my crack, then he pawed me, hard, forcibly rolling me over onto my stomach. When he licked at my anus, I had no doubt what he wanted to do. His warm, wet, rough tongue against my sensitive ass made me want it. His licking sent quivering lights up my spine. I began to breath hard. I would be a female for him. After that licking I would do anything for him. Why not? There were potential sanitary problems, but I felt I could clean him well enough, with cooperation, to maintain good hygiene. I hoped so, he was driving me out of my mind with his friendly tongue and I had to have him. I had had dogs before, who had penises that formed large knots in them. Charlie had no such knot, though he did have those hard muscles that could drive him so fast and he seemed to have an unlimited supply of semen. Still, I thought I could handle him. Also, by that time I still had not successfully persuaded him to use the AI device or let me masturbate him. I was wondering if I would ever be able to get sperm for the breeding program. If Charlie wanted from me what I thought he wanted from me, it was worth a shot. I wanted to touch his sheath but couldn't reach it from the face-down position. I really couldn't do much of anything comfortably. Mina woke up and licked my ears. I had kneed Trish in the neck when I rolled over, she had sneezed indignantly and jumped to the floor. By the time Charlie positioned himself over my back, she had recovered from her indignity and was tickling my feet with her tongue. I had to laugh then, and rolled back and forth, wiggling my feet, but enjoying that wonderful tongue down there. Charlie grabbed at me when I moved, playfully but with concentration. He tried to pin me and that tickled me again. He bit my neck, just enough for me to notice the pressure, then he gripped me around the waist, trying to pull me up to his belly. I was quite willing, but had slight difficulties getting lined up with the way the bed sank slightly under my knees. Charlie pulled me to him hard, and hunted for his opening. He curled himself closer, stepping in between my legs, trying to fit his pelvis against my buttocks. The tip of his penis was already finding the warm place he was looking for, hunting up and down the crevice, squirting hot pre-orgasm, pushing when it found wet heat. Finally he had himself firmly lodged in my anus, and he pushed hard. His cock was thicker than the straight part of most dogs shafts, but it had no knot in it. He poured out a lot more hot semen than dogs do, I could feel every squirt warming me in my best places. My attention was entirely on the connection between man and cheetah, his now frantic humping set the rhythm for my breathing and for my emotions. I was being pierced, lovingly I could feel, that just right penis grabbing me in the center of my soul, bumping me back and forth in a rhythm that make lights flash behind my eyes and made me love him for his crazy sexual heat. It took a long time for him to finish, long enough to fill me to overflowing as he had Wilhelmina. I had known cheetahs could squirt a lot, that's why they gave me such large bottles to go with the artificial vagina. I had been told I would have to get the animals to be very comfortable with me to get them to breed, now I knew just how comfortable! I was so wet inside he slipped in and out like an oiled Chihuahua, but the burning passion he poured into me was more like a tiger's, making me hotter and hotter inside with a passion I began to want to share. It was very comfortable, very passionate. Just like a dog, the half-cat half-dog drooled on my back. He had scratched me when he started his impassioned mounting, but now he was just gripping my sides hard enough to feel. His cheek was pressed against my back, only moving to pull himself up closer against me when he would slide back. I wanted him to stay there for a long, long time, not caring who walked in, not caring if the house fell apart, willing to bear him through an ice storm. We were so hot together we would have melted through a frozen lake and boiled all the fish for dinner. I had a lot of time for crazy, passionate thoughts. I think he clung to me for well over an hour, with a passion I would never have believed if I hadn't experienced it first hand. Something had finally clicked between us, and I think it was when I had finally dared to touch him under the tail, something I think he had always wanted me to do, but again would not have believed it of such a regal creature. I had feared to insult him, and I think he understood that, but desire works its own magic, as it had between us. I remembered how I had always felt warmth in my groin when I touched him, and when we had played he had especially liked for me to clasp him from behind and rest my cheek against his fur. I'd never thought he wanted more than that from me. While Charlie seemed to be having the time of his life, the girls were all over us. One of them mounted him for a minute or two, copulating with him from behind, then let him go and licked his balls. He gripped me convulsively when she did this, and I felt even more goo shoot up inside me. Another licked my penis again but did not suck it that time. I almost blew at her touch, and wiggled myself, hoping to entice her to suck on me. She didn't get the message, or pretended not to. Mina took charge of her own pleasure. She straddled my head and rubbed herself on my hair, then changed her mind and presented herself to me for oral action. Charlie's forelegs are so long when he mounts me I can raise up on my hands and knees, and I did, so I could please Mina. I sucked her swollen doggy flesh into my mouth and lightly worried it with my lips. I tasted Charlie on her, not bad at all, slightly bitter but overall a very addictive flavor. Knowing I was licking his cum out of her while he was giving it to me from behind made me even hotter and harder. I sucked as much as I could from her, and finally worried her clitoris until she came herself, humping my face hard and whining and groaning between her teeth. She was very passionate, having been sexed by the cheetah had made her even more horny, as it was doing to me. The hot squirts from behind seemed to fill my cock with lust and sperm. When Mina had had enough she relinquished her spot to one of the cheetahs. Trish must have wanted me to lick her badly, her body really didn't fit in the space between my face and the head of the bed, but she managed to work her butt into my face, and I was more than eager to do her. For the first time I was offered a cheetah's pussy to touch, and I would make the most of it. She tasted much like a cat might, with almost all the rankness removed. Her lips were soft and smooth, very supple, and twitched very rapidly, as fast as a smaller cat might twitch her cunt against a curious fingertip. I worked my tongue and lips into her, and she backed against me as hard as she could, pushing my head up higher to reach her above those long legs. I guess she was squatting a little, because I could reach her. I ate her to her orgasm, a really strong one judging by the way her hips bounced up and down and ground her sensitive flesh into my nose and mouth, almost smothering me but what a way to go! She chirrupped and moaned, and Charlie answered her. I swear he actually pumped me harder when he heard the other cheetah's sounds of passion. Lillian took Trish's place when she was ready, and Trish and Mina rubbed their furry bodies against all of us, Mina acting just like the cheetahs did. I put my mouth on Lillians heat and found her clit even faster. Lillian had birthed a litter before, her lips were spread wider, which gave me even more sweet tasty flesh to lick and suck on. I worked her over the best I could, pouring all the attention I could spare from Charlie into her. When I concentrated from her, somehow the bestial fucking from behind me gave the concentration and energy and a flavor I could pass on to the female cheetah. She could feel it too, and she pushed back against me even harder than Trish, squatting even lower to reach me. My face was wet with her juices as she rubbed herself against me, and when she started her orgasm she gave me short squirts of female juices or urine or something, and I didn't care which. The slightly sour taste was like a tiny sour candy and was gone quickly, leaving the creamier taste of her vaginal lubricating juices. It had to be Mina who started licking me down below. Her tongue is flatter and thinner than the cheetahs tongues, and smoother. By the time I had licked all three female animals, and had been buggered so long by Charlie, I had swollen almost to bursting, wondering how I managed to hold it in at all. Mina had never learned how to really suck, but she gave a creditable try. Her tongue rasped across my cock, and it throbbed, pumping itself harder and fuller. The two cheetahs were cheek-rubbing me and licking me, and just about the time Mina gave me a sharp little nip on the glans, one of them nibbled my ear and licked it, and I finally went off again. I don't think I had ever had such an intense orgasm in my life, even the one I had with Charlie earlier which had cum close to it. The cheetahs and the dog had prepared me for this, and not accidentally. All the delights, all the attention, all the anticipation burst out through my clock and covered Mina's face with my jism, which she licked happily. She loves the taste. I felt then saw the lights and blackness coming, and when the last bit of semen had drained from me, I collapsed on top of Mina, which she only mildly protested to and continued to try to lick me. Charlie lowered himself on me as I slowly collapsed, trying to keep himself inside me, which he did for a few minutes but finally he fell out of me, still dripping on me, still feeling just as good as it had when he started. When I had recovered enough, I rolled on to my side and Charlie was there again, presenting his rear to me. I could not mistake his request, and I managed to work up an erection I could push up under his tail. There was no way I could manage another orgasm that day, but Charlie was content with the contact and he fell asleep pushed against me, me inside him as far as I could go, with my arms around him and my nose buried in his fur, inhaling his heady scent. The ladies fell asleep curled up next to us and we took another nap until I had to get up to tend the goats and eat a late supper. The yard was fenced in and supposedly cheetah-proof, so I just let everyone else decide where they wanted to be. There was a lot of acreage, enough for a small truck farm with a lot of trees, a barn, some outbuilding, even some hills and a stream. The project sponsor had gone all out to create a favorable environment for breeding cheetahs. All the animals bounced back inside when my dinner was ready to beg for scraps and make nuisances of themselves. The cheetahs couldn't have most of my foods, I tended to salt them too much, but I kept dog chews and would toss them to them while I ate. Again I was bemused to see how much they acted like Mina, and that Mina the big dumb Rottweiler acted so much more like an intelligent person around them. She loved to clown around with me before they came, and still did, but I could see that she looked more aware and somehow more relaxed, even more fulfilled. After the loving Charlie had given her I could understand that. Mina had learned more of their behaviors than they had of hers. Sometimes the cheetahs imitated her strangely dignified begging posture. Mina on the other hand would hunt just the way they did, but she would be frustrated because she couldn't hit small animals with her paws as hard as they could. At first she was horrified when the cheetahs would actually eat a rabbit. She hadn't thought of them as food but as some sort of retarded playmates. Soon she would crunch them just as eagerly as the others did. Fortunately all the animals, including myself, had been immunized against any diseases that could be contracted from wild game. It would have been a terrible waste for anyone to come down with rabbit fever, and I was difficult to replace. Not many people wanted to live alone with cheetahs. I thought to try the females again, just to see how they would respond. No way I could have any more serious sex. I reached under tails as they became available, and the cheetahs all rebuffed me as indignantly as they had before that day, which sorely puzzled me. I touched Mina up, and she was fine, but seemed to be far away. I wrote her attitude off to simple fatigue. When they decided they had enough treats and petting, and had pretended enough times to try to get my food from my plate, the cheetahs and the dog went for the open door. I wanted to follow them, but Charlie stopped at the threshold and looked at me funny. I wasn't very good at reading cheetah facial expressions, but I thought he was telling me to stay where I was. So I stayed. I cleaned up carefully and went to bed. The pets had the run of the house when the weather was decent, and if I left any food in the trash or on the table the kitchen would be a mess by the time I woke up. The cheetahs are a fastidious bunch, but they aren't very skilled handling human utensils and they seem to abhor the waste of food. Any dishes left out they would attempt to clean thoroughly, and they would root through fresh garbage, but not through decayed food. Somehow Mina had become that fastidious too. About one or two in the morning I woke up feeling presences in the room. I was used to one or more of them piling into bed with me, even the two milk goats on rare occasion would come to me in there. This time I could feel a difference, an electric tension in the air. No one climbed on the bed. I sat up and turned on a light. Mina, Lillian, Trish, and Charlie all sat there staring at me. Their stares made me nervous, There seemed to be a hunger in their eyes. Lillian did her funny gesture again, the same one she did when she reprimanded me for unwanted sexual advances. This time I felt a strong pull when she did this. I went to her and touched her on the shoulder. She laid a paw on my shoulder and licked my face, then turned toward the door and looked over her shoulder. As she did this, someone bumped me from behind, and I felt something in my hand. Mina, who understood me and my habits the most, had pulled out a blanket and was pushing it into my hand. She did this sometimes when she wanted outdoor sex, but this time I felt a different emotion from her. Trish was the one pushing me from behind, putting her head against the small of my back and shoving me off the bed toward the door. She let me put on a T-shirt, shorts, and shoes, all I needed in the warm summer night, then shoved me again. Charlie rubbed his cheek against the back of my knees and leaned on me, then followed Lillian out the door. Lillian was the leader because she was the largest and probably because she had been a mother before. She was also the oldest of the three. We traveled across the field to a place where the grass grew thick. As we walked the stars seemed to get brighter and become more colorful. The air had a palpable presence, thick but very good. The slight breeze was pleasant against my body, I took off my shirt to enjoy it better. The attitude of the animals was one of concentration, but they were not in a very serious mood. Trish took my shirt away from me and carried it with her head held high, not exactly teasing me but demonstrating a playful mood. "We're going to play, but not quite yet" seemed to be the attitude. I was urged to sit down with them in the thick grass, near trees and facing out on a clear sky with blazing stars. Never mind what part of the Americas we were in, but it was one of the places where air pollution hadn't reached yet, and far from city lights and dusty haze. The one highway nearby was well-tended but the traffic was light.
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