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I really dont think I am ready to get married yet but then this is just a fantasy of mine so I can do in it whatever I want ,can't I? Well it starts out with me being led down the aisle to my waiting groom. Either a big beautiful wolf or a great dane or a St bernard. Im led by a leash by another dog and Im wearing a nice long veil. And yepper thats all. It is in a big public place. Not a church of course. Anyway I get down on all fours beside my intended mate and we have a beautiful ceremony by a gentleman in a top hat and tux. Actually very formal. Only instead of a ring, I get a nice new collar with diamonds on it and It is placed around my neck to show who I belong to. Then at the end of the ceremony, in front of this huge croud of people and a lotta dogs and other animals also watching, the minister announces us as "Dog and his Bitch". Then instead of "you may kiss your bride" He says to my new hubby,"You may mate your bitch". Wow! We hadn't done this in rehearsal. In my almost naked state on my hands and knees in front of a croud of people who are cheering and clapping and hollaring, my new mate comes to my side and with his nose flips the veil from my back, exposing my totally exposed ass and quivering legs. He then shoves his nose and big head between my knees and raises it slowly as he spreads opens my legs. He comes to my front and we share a very long tongue kiss. Our tongues entwine as he licks my face and tongue that I offer him and I lick his tongue and mouth as he explores inside mine. I'm wetting by this time and he moves to my side and laps hungrily at my breasts until my nipples harden and stick out throbbing like they will explode. He licks at my tummy as if to check to see if I'm in shape and ready for a swellybelly. He tongues my navel and down to my well trimmed bush where he picks up my scent. Then he moves quickly behind me and sniffs then licks my backside and pussy. Im really wet now and the people go crazy. Then my lover gets positioned between my legs and mounts me. He is big and has no trouble entering me to the cheers of the onlookers. Anyway we lock up tightly and he cums inside me then he turns ass to ass with me and grins happily to everyone as he continues to pump his seed into me. Panting, pumping and smiling as he breeds me. Im soo embarrassed but still very excited as I cum all over his big tool and open myself and push back onto his puppymaker burried tightly inside me, with his big balls trapped between us as they continue to churn out his little swimmers, then squirt them into my waiting womb. Im in one long hard orgasm now as I thrash about, stuck tightly with my lover to the enjoyment of everyone. Anyway when he is finally done and I settle down as He goes off a little way to lay down and rest some. Im still on my hands and knees resting when the best man (also a big male k9) comes over and sniffs my ass and pussy and it startles me. I look over my shoulder at my new mate and he just looks on kinda disinterestedly. Like he didnt care if his buddy wanted a little of me. Well if he didnt mind I know I dont. Well anyway thats where I leave my fantasy. You can end it or continue it if you like. Tell me if this is hot to any of you.....PLEASE!!! DoggyBred
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