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Heres Part four, ill try to make it the last. If I am doing this wrong please say, like I said its my first time, ThanxSoon Becky, Trisha , and Tabitha were bred to the different studs. All of them seemed pleasured by their studs. This was something that Julie could not understand. None of the owners returned for their dogs. Once the studs had each mated a bitch the process began all over except the boxer, the poor boy had to sit on the sideline until Lorie littered because of the Pedigree agreement. Julie watched as Ginger romped and played out on the grass for more than an hour before letting the English Pointer mount her. Julie still could not believe any of this even after she had resolved her self to the fact that she was now one of these women made dogs. Julie had been a Hu-bitch for eight months now and was amazed that she was in fact feeling better than she ever had in her entire life. She and the others would share their fears and pain and joys. Most of the women enjoyed being pregnant with puppies and tried to explain the process to still unbelieving and scared Julie. She was whispered the day she would be bred by the others in the kennel. The more experienced bitches told her that the breeding was cycled around their first blood. Julie was finding her fear levels very high but her curiosity peaking to and that also scared her. Two days before the day told to her by the other bitches Alison came out of the house and walked up to Julie’s kennel with her leash. The younger woman was smiling and trying to pep up Julie. “ HI! Girl! Want to come out and play! Come on come on good girl!” said Alison Julie was glad to get to go out of the kennel even if it meant playing fetch, she had become use to it at this point and even sort of liked it. Walking out on to the lawn Julie wondered why Alison didn’t take off her leash; so she could run and get the ball. When the Labrador arrived with Doug in tow Julie instantly tried to get away. “Its ok girl, its ok” said Alison in a soothing manner as she tugged on Julie’s collar and had her sit, petting Julie; Alison assured her “it’s just some play time girl”. Alison unclipped Julie’s collar and Doug did the same with the lab. Julie was terrified of what was about to happen but when the happy lab sniffed her and gave her crotch a lick all he wanted to do was play. And so it went for the next two days Julie had fun out of her kennel with the lab and each day Julie had a thermometer in her butt as Alison checked to see when the time was right. On the morning of the day predicted by the bitches Julie awoke with what she assumed was a hot flash, but it didn’t pass and it stayed in her abdomen keeping her almost hot. When Alison had finished her morning chores she once more inserted the thermometer into her former stepmothers anus. This time however Alison grew excited, “Oh, yah! Today is your big day girl you get to become a mommy!” Julie felt butterflies fill her stomach. This was it she was going to lose her virginity to a dog, she was on the verge of tears as Alison went to retrieve her leash. Julie reflected on her life and what this meant to her she was terrified but also glad to be doing what her kennel mates had done. She was lead out onto the warm green grass and Alison got out Julies favorite ball, Julie had an idea but didn’t know for sure about Alison finding out these little things to make their lives better. Finally as Julie sat and waited for Alison to throw the ball again something amazing happened. Alison took the chain and attached to Julies collar and lead her into the woods. When they were out of sight she had her heal and sit. Alison squatted so she was face to face with her stepmother. “Its against the law for me to talk to you this way, but I love you and I want you to know that I still will treat you like any other bitch but I want you to know that this is your time to be happy and now you can have babies and have the other girls as your family” she said wiping away tears of joyful emotion. “besides I am sure from the look on the faces of the other bitches that you’ll like it girl” she said with a sly grin. Julie for her part was shocked but very happy at knowing her stepdaughter still wanted for her to be happy. Both of the women were in tears, as Alison stood up wiping away her tears and with a hardening face said “this is the last we will ever do this girl” Julie knew now why not so much as for her discipline but for Alison’s better being. She had to take care of Julie as an animal and have that littlest bit of separation so she could act as if her stepmother were truly gone yet at peace. With her face relaxing Alison smiled and lead Julie back to the lawn in front of the kennels. They played a little more, and soon Doug brought out the lab. Julie tried to just play with him at first but it was obvious he wasn’t going to let her. She looked at Alison and allowed the stud to lick her. His tongue probed deep into her tight virgin pussy, she would have moaned with pleasure if she could have. His tongue ran up and down from her clit to her asshole as he licked her she became wetter and wetter. While it seemed forever to Julie who had not even remotely masturbated in years, in reality it was a short bit of time until he mounted her. It was a bit of a jolt to her as he pumped his thin wet bone around her labia; the lab was very experienced and quickly found her pussy. Shoving home his dick he grabbed her tighter and began his fast hard thrusts as he bred his bitch. Beginning to feel some pain between his claws and expanding dick Julie squirmed under him. Feeling his breath at her neck her growled and gabbed her neck gently, in fear Julie froze and let him take charge. Being his bitch made Julie feel like a slut and she loved it she came right then and there for the first time in her life. She knew now that this was her destiny and that she would find happiness. He tied tight to her and filled her waiting uterus with his hot cum. Knowing what in meant Julie was the happiest she had ever been. Four months later Julie gave birth to a pair of beautiful puppies, over the coming years she did so again, and even twice in one year. She was were she deserved to be and was very happy, Alison kept her promise and took good care of her but never spoke to her again other than as a dog. When her time came that she had cancer Alison took her to be put down; crying, stroking and petting her the whole time. Julie had lived a good life and came to be the only dog buried at the kennel and is remember each time one of her puppies and their descendants visit’s the kennel. THE END(Well thats it what do you think?)
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